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					Corporate Fact Sheet                                                                                  2008

Innovative Laser
Pioneer of a revolutionary hybrid laser processing technology — Laser MicroJet® or LMJ — Synova
provides state-of-the-art dicing and cutting solutions, as well as drilling and edge-grinding systems, for
both the front- and back-end sectors of the global semiconductor manufacturing industry. This
breakthrough technology enables the world’s leading chipmakers to benefit from increased accurate
and controlled cutting performance, while at the same time witness other industry-first advantages,
including faster speed, increased flexibility, and enhanced wafer-surface protection — boosting
throughput. Moreover, Synova customers are realizing greater cost-of-ownership benefits than
traditional processing methods deliver – making Synova’s technology even more critical for high-volume

Headquartered in Switzerland, Synova is now also providing its advanced laser-processing solutions to
applications in the electronics, LED, solar cell, flat panel display, tooling, medical and watch industries.

      Founded     1997

 Headquarters     Synova S.A.
                  Chemin de la Dent d’Oche
                  1024 Ecublens (Lausanne)
                  Tel:    +41-21-694-35-00
                  Fax: +41-21-694-35-01

      Web Site

   Employees      75 worldwide

       Global     Synova supports its customers through a
   Operations     comprehensive network of application labs (MMC),
                  subsidiaries and distributors located in the United
                  States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China,
                  Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Israel,
                  Germany and Brazil.

     Customer     Micromachining Centers (MMCs): In addition to its Swiss facility, Synova has MMCs
      Support     located in the United States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Each serves as a competence
                  center for demonstration, sample testing and application development. In addition,
                  these facilities will offer micro-machining services to the local industry.

   Executive          Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen – Chief Executive Officer & President
 Management           Philippe Senn – Chief Operation Officer

      Contacts Inquiries about the company may be directed to:

                  Sales Contact
                                                    Media / Marketing             MCA Public Relations
                                                    Arnaud Brulé                  Karen Do
                                                    Tel: +41-21-694-35-00         Tel: +1-650-968-8900
                  USA: kling@synova-

SYNOVA 2008                                                                                                    1
 Technology    Laser MicroJet® is an innovative hybrid method
               combining a laser beam with a low-pressure
               water jet, which cools the cutting and offers
               extreme precision debris removal.

               The low-pressure water jet, emitted from the
               nozzle, guides the laser beam by means of total
               internal reflection at the water/air interface, in a
               manner similar to conventional glass fibers. It is
               therefore a “cold and clean laser” preventing all
               the known problems associated with dry lasers
               such as thermal damages, non-uniform
               deposition and lack of accuracy.

 Technology        No limitation in work piece thickness               High cutting speed
    Benefits       No mechanical stress; force free                    Consistently high cutting quality
                   No chipping                                         Parallel cut walls
                   No thermal damage or material                       High fracture strength
                   change, no HAZ, no burrs                            Omni-directional cutting
                   No deposition or contamination                      Low running costs; no tool wear and
                   No protection layer needed on wafer                 very few consumables
                   surface                                             Higher throughput for increased
                                                                       productivity and better ROI

    Markets        Semiconductors:          Silicon, gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium (Ge), indium
                   incl. LED:               phosphide (InP), silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN),
                                            gallium phosphide or low-k wafers

                   Solar Energy:            Solar photovoltaic cells

                   Electronics:             Metal masks (such as stencils for PCB, wafer bump stencils,
                                            or screen for flat panel display); ferrite core or ferromagnetic
                                            ceramic materials

                   Tooling:                 Super hard material, such as cubic boron nitride (CBN),
                                            polycrystalline diamond (PCD), polycrystalline cubic boron
                                            nitride (PCBN) or silicon nitride

                   Medical:                 Medical devices such as stents, needles or implants

                   Automobile:              Catalytic converters, fuel injection nozzles

                   Watch making:            Watch hands and other precision metal parts

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   Products                    The LDS is primarily designed for
                 LDS 300       semiconductor back-end processing.
                Laser Dicing   Application processes include dicing, edge
                  System       grinding, thinning, hole drilling, slotting,
                               grooving, inking, isolating and marking.

                               The Laser Edge-Grinding System has been
                               developed to grind the edge of thin wafers in
                LGS 200
                               order to remove micro cracks. This advanced
              Laser Grinding
                               process reduces wafer breakage, facilitates
                               wafer handling, and enhances wafer fracture

                 LCS 300       The LCS is a versatile tool conceived for
               Laser Cutting   micro-cutting applications in a variety of
                 System        applications and industrial sectors.

                               The LSS is primarily designed for the cutting
                 LSS 800
                               of stencils or metal masks used in the
               Laser Stencil
                               electronic industry and in the flat panel display
                               sector in particular.

                               The HLS is combines two dicing methods:
                HLS 300
                               diamond saw and Laser MicroJet®. The tool is
               Hybrid Laser
                               optimizing both processes for combining
                               manufacturing throughput and cut quality.

                               Synova now also offers core components of its
                               Laser MicroJet® systems, allowing
                               manufacturing companies to integrate modules
                               directly into their own production lines

Recent News   July 2008        Synova receives multi-system order from European solar cell

              February 2008    Synova teams with Fraunhofer ISE and photovoltaic
                               manufacturing leaders in European solar research alliance

              June 2007        Synova and Disco to co-develop hybrid dicing tool

              April 2007       Manz Automation and Synova combine technology expertise to
                               deliver more cost-effective photovoltaic manufacturing solutions
              February 2007    Synova to license Laser MicroJet® technology to end users and
                               select equipment manufacturers

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