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					            A.I. DU PONT HIGH SCHOOL

                                              NEWSLETTER                                            December 2004
                            The ONLY school in Delaware chosen by NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE as one of "America's Best!"

                                                                                               What's Inside:
                           is the operative word in the AI High Library this year.
                           After five years of successful experience at Dickinson, I
                           elected to change to AI High. I bring twenty-seven years
Extreme Library Makeover

                           of experience in
                           K-12 libraries in Ohio and Delaware, and have witnessed
                           many changes in the world of information over the years.            From The Principal         Pg. 2
                                                                                               The NEW SAT                Pg. 3
                           Since electing to transfer from Dickinson High School, I
                           have undertaken an “extreme makeover” in anticipation               Band Boosters              Pg. 4
                           of our upcoming renovation. With the help of my library             Tiger Boosters             Pg. 6
                           aides, we have updated the physical facility, added
                                                                                               Homecoming Floats          Pg. 8
                           seating space, and removed many outdated materials.
                           We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of several hundred            Swim Team                  Pg. 10
                           new books. An important emphasis of mine is the                     After-Prom                 Pg. 11
                           encouragement of reading for pleasure. One of the best
                           ways to entice students to develop this habit is by                 The Mousetrap              Pg. 12-13
                           providing books that interest them. My motto at                     Reflections Contest        Pg. 7, 14
                           Glasgow and at Dickinson was, “If you build it, they will           Calendar                   Pg. 15
                           come.” Sure enough, our circulation grew and interest in
                           books and reading grew. My goal is to build a dynamic
                           and user-friendly library at AI High.

                           Over the next few months my goals include:
                           1. Working with classes to facilitate research by
                              collaborating with teachers on projects.
                           2. Order new and interesting items with high student
                              appeal: young adult fiction and graphic novels.
                           3. Create a Biography Section of books profiling
                              interesting people.
                           4. Enhance our magazine subscriptions to improve
                              student readership.
                           5. Update our online database (OPAC).

                           With our “open door” policy, we are seeing a rise in
                           usage. Students are welcome to use our resources from
                           7:15 a.m. and throughout the day. On Tuesdays and
                           Thursdays, we offer after-school hours until 4:00 p.m.
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          50 Hillside Road                               Wilmington, DE 19807           
          302-651-2626 Phone                             302-651-2757 Fax         Linda Natali, Editor/E-mail -
 A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                    December 2004                               PAGE 2

                 THE PRINCIPAL                                                           Teacher
                    Over the past few weeks our school has experienced some

                 of the most important moments of public relations in the last
                 ten years. First, The Middle States Accreditation Process took
                 place from November 3rd- 5th and began with a fantastic
                                                                                     Breakfast Donors
                 reception at the Mendenhall Inn. Many staff, students, and
                 parents took time out of their “day off” to welcome the visiting              The following
                 team in style! Our speakers made clear to the team that we
                 are proud of our school and are receptive to their opinions and
                                                                                       merchants graciously donated
                 thoughts. The next two and a half days of visits went every bit     goods to the PTSA Teacher Appre-
                 as well. The visiting team was treated to AIHS class and
                 hospitality as they met with many of us to discuss our school’s
                                                                                     ciation Breakfast held in October:

                    On Friday afternoon, Dr. Kuchar, Chairperson of the visiting
                                                                                            Einstein Bros Bages
                 team, presented an oral report to several of our staff. His
                 remarks were flattering and validate much of what we already
                 know. In fact, at one point he commented, accreditation is not
                                                                                       Bernie Kenny, ShopRite Stores
                 an issue at this school, it’s simply a matter of going from great          Butch McCracken,
                 to greater.” The team was impressed with our students in
                 terms of conduct and how concerned our students were with
                                                                                           Manager Brandywine
                 the well being of the staff!                                               Commons ShopRite
                    Additionally, November 4th’s Choice Open House was
                 equally impressive. In spite of terrible weather, we attracted
                 more than 500 people from our community to “shop” for next
                 year’s high school. Here again, this function served as a
                 validation for us who are proud of what we have and what we
                 offer. The school was clean, teachers were eager to talk about
                 their programs, and we all seemed to be on our A-game. One          The A.I. duPont All-School
                                                                                     Newsletter is published
                 of our counselors commented, “The school is operating at 220
                                                                                     approximately five times yearly
                 volts tonight.” We have much to be proud of — for example,          by a cooperative effort of
                 Saturday morning, as I was coaching my son’s five year old          Band Boosters, Tiger Boosters
                 soccer team, a parent of one of my players remarked to me           and PTSA. Questions, com-
                 that she had attended our Friday night football game and            ments or suggestions may be
                 commented “What a great environment you guys have up                sent to Linda Natali, Editor, at:

                    In closing, report cards were issued November 16th. If you       Articles for publication should
                                                                                     be submitted via e-mail or
                 have general questions or need a consultation, please feel
                                                                                     placed in the PTSA mailbox in
                 free to give me a call.                                             the school office. Approximate
                                                                                     publishing deadlines are as
                   Thanks,                                                           follows:
                   Jeff Lawson
                                                                                             January 14, 2005
                 E-mail:                                     March 15, 2005
                                                                                               June 9, 2005
 A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                                                          December 2004                                     PAGE 3

                                                                                                     The New SAT
                                                                                                     contributed by Jason Wallace, Student Editor

I recently was afforded the oppor-

                                           THE NEW SAT ~ the new sat ~ THE NEW SAT~ the new sat
                                                                                                        The SAT has undergone major revisions in the
tunity to produce material relat-
                                                                                                     past year. The “new” SAT replaces the “old” SAT
ing to our high school and its
"community."                                                                                         beginning in March 2005. The new exam is different
                                                                                                     in several significant ways, including the content
At first I thought that community                                                                    tested, the types of questions asked, and the way it
referred to the physical presence                                                                    is scored. The purpose of this article is to explain
inside and outside of the high school                                                                these important changes.
building. How would I manage to
convey that concept? Thankfully, a                                                                      The biggest change in the new SAT is the
friendly teacher-parent, enlightened                                                                 inclusion of a writing section, which is comprised of
me as to the real meaning of com-                                                                    multiple-choice questions as well as a written essay.
                                                                                                     The multiple-choice questions test the student’s
My report reflected the community                                                                    ability to identify sentence errors and make
of A. I. High School with emphasis on                                                                improvements in sentences and paragraphs. The
parent involvement. Almost everyone                                                                  essay prompt tests the student’s ability to write a
has heard of Band Boosters, PTSA, and                                                                short, cohesive essay on a general topic.
Tiger Boosters. (listed alphabetically
for political correctness.) These                                                                       Another change is that the verbal section is not
three groups are run by volunteer                                                                    called the verbal section anymore. Its new name is
parents, many of whom are active in                                                                  the critical reading section. The analogy questions
all three groups and more.
                                                                                                     have been taken out and have been replaced by
Nowadays everyone has a schedule                                                                     short reading passages with the same kinds of
that runs from here to tomorrow.                                                                     comprehension questions administered with the
And yes, there are evenings and                                                                      longer reading passages. The sentence completion
days I admit to pondering the                                                                        questions from the “old” SAT remain.
thought of "skipping" that meeting or
event and taking a break. But for                                                                       The math section has also been changed with the
me at least, I take a step back and                                                                  addition of some more difficult questions. These
consider the fact that most of the                                                                   questions will cover math concepts typically taught
parents who are counting on me to
                                                                                                     in algebra 2 classes. Also, the old quantitative
"do my part" are the backbone of
this wonderful community at A. I.                                                                    comparison questions, which required a comparison
duPont High School whose faces you                                                                   of a quantity in column A to a quantity in column B,
see day and night at the school.                                                                     have been eliminated. They have been replaced
They help keep our school function-                                                                  by -- you guessed it -- harder multiple choice and
ing in many ways.                                                                                    grid-in questions.

Community not only means those                                                                          The scoring of the “new” SAT has also changed.
around us, more importantly, it                                                                      The new writing section is scored on a scale of 200-
means those within! Thanks to
                                                                                                     800. The math and critical reading sections are
everyone in OUR community who
keeps our school functioning at its
                                                                                                     also each scored on a scale of 200-800. Therefore,
best 24/7!                                                                                           the composite scores on the new test are 600-2400,
                                                                                                     instead of the 400-1600 on the old SAT. A 1600 is
Linda Natali                                                                                         no longer a perfect score, a 2400 is!
                                                                                                     Visit them on the web at
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER              December 2004                                   PAGE 4
                                                                          EYE OF THE TIGER CLUB (100+)
                                                                          Mike and Julie Hazuda
                                                                          Pam and Michael Brown
                                                                          Cheri Abernethy
                                                                          Lori Ann Johnson Ford
                                                                          Joe Lenoir
Greetings fellow Band Boosters;
                                                                          Steve and Natalie Bomberger
                                                                          Maxine and Dick L’Abbee
It’s hard to believe that the school year, and especially the             Mack and Nancy Wathen
Marching Band season are disappearing so quickly. I’m pleased to          Enzo and Linda Natali
tell you that the year is going well for the Band Boosters, and for       Bob and Sandy Ashby
that we owe thanks to many. First, my thanks to you. We have 110          Hoopes Fire Prevention Co.
families who are members of the Band Boosters. This is the
second year that we’ve had over 100 families join! As great as            TIGER PAWS CLUB ($50+)
those membership numbers are, there are still 167 families who            Harley and Lorna Stein
have not yet joined, and I take that as a challenge. Membership in        Marta Blackhurst
Band Boosters is so important because it provides a basic level of        Jeff and Debbie Fetterman
                                                                          Tom and Cathi Thomides
financial support that we use to meet the needs of the band and
                                                                          David and Connie Beattie
the kids. If you haven’t yet joined us, please take the opportunity       Todd and Karen Toulson
to do so. We appreciate Debbie Kenaley’s leadership of our                Bob and Janice Wright
membership efforts.                                                       Bob and Kathy Andrzejewski
                                                                          Peter Wlock and Mary Rappel-Wlock
Most of you have had the thrill of seeing the Marching Band’s field       Dennis and Elizabeth Nollen
show this year. Band Boosters thanks Hoopes Fire Prevention
                                                      Prev                Craig and Sue Stephenson
Company for their support in making the Chattanooga Choo Choo
    pany                                                                  Pete and Liz Schiffer
come to life. Hoopes has generously provided fire extinguishers           Bo and Vera Cornish-Palmatary
and refills of CO2 to put that extra touch in the show.                   Willis-Edgerton Family
                                                                          Brett and Holly Davis
                                                                          Jim and Susan Woods
Gift wrap season is here. This is the largest single fundraiser that      Kathy and Matt Drysdale
we do each year and it’s a big effort that requires us all to pitch in.   Barry and Martha Bogdan
We really need your help. If you haven’t yet signed up to do one or
more shifts at the gift wrapping booth at Concord Mall, please call       PATRON MEMBERS ($30)
Pam Willis (998-1212) and sign up now. I will be out there several        Diana Earnest
shifts this year, and Mr. Parets even joins us. If Mr. Parets and I       Jim and Eileen Malin
can wrap gifts well enough that people will contribute money to the       Bart and Sara Ruiter
band for it, then anyone can do it!                                       Mimi Boudart and Don Callendar
                                                                          Dan Hopkins
                                                                          Terri and Don Pippins
I also want to thank the Griffin family for making the trek to            Kristin DeMesse
Montreal to retrieve the gong that was left behind after the              Judy Baldino
competition last spring. The gong would have been extremely               Dee and Steve Burnett
expensive to replace.                                                     Mitchell and Kate Kuhns
                                                                          Rob and Leslie Wagner
Finally, there are 302 students enrolled in the band program this
year! This includes marching, senior, jazz and freshman bands.            PATRON MEMBERS (continued))
                                                                          Jessica and Dave Rollins
Any way you can help the Band Boosters serve the needs of the
                                                                          Roger and Kay Jolly
band would be greatly appreciated.
                                                                                           Continued on page 5
                             Mack Wathen
                             Band Boosters President
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER          December 2004                           PAGE 5

   Continued from page 4                                           Library Makeover Continued from page 1
                                  Diane Kukich
Dale and John Sarapulski          Tom and Diana Ralston
                                  Alice DiStasio                 Students may also access the
Bill and Mary Hutchins
                                  Heidi and Mike Riesenberger    library during their lunchtime as
Susan Goff
                                  Diane and Andy Perrella        well as during study halls.
Carol and Stephen DiSabatino
                                  Dave and Robin Haack           Please feel free to contact me if
Terri Lamborn Manning and Chuck                                  you have any questions.
Manning                           Cathy Donovan
Mark and Lynette Russell          Hugh and Kim Flanagan
                                  Hiro and Pat Kizuka            Suzanne Smith
Debbie Bermingham                                      
                                  Jane Buddenbohn
Steve and Elizabeth Griffin                                      651-2626
                                  Margie and Bob Stewart
Donna Benge                       Ann Exline-Starr
Joe and Tammy Daley               Monica Anderson                Home Computers:
Karen Egeberg                     Sheila Wilson                  Trouble Saving/Printing?
The Condie Family                 Rebecca Tome
Cheryl Burns                      Dorothy Hutt                   If your student has a paper due and your
Rosemary and Mike Ginzberg        Bruce and Lorna Boyd           printer suddenly runs out of ink, jams, or
John Hoffman                      Rosella Porro                  decides to be obstinate, do not panic!
Diane Goodman                                                    One easy solution is to have the student
                                                                 e-mail it to him/herself as an attachment.
Mike and Sharon Hilgart           ALUMNAE & GRANDPARENTS         Once at the school library, he/she can ask
Scott and Kay McLean              A. I. Burridge                 for permission to access the e-mail
Denise and Robin Waters           Ben Rollins                    message and print the document.
Kevin and Debra Kenaley           Bob and Ruth Ann Chynoweth
Linda and Dave Reifschneider      Ray and Ellie Daley            We have Microsoft Word on all of our
                                                                 computers. If your home computer has a
                                                                 different word processing program, please
FAMILY MEMBERS ($10+)                                            help your student save the document as a
Ed and Bonnie Wise                                               Word or text file. These will translate
Linda and Mike Fordham                                           here, others will not.
Alan Davidson                                                    Another important point to emphasize is
Ginny Will                                                       not waiting until the last minute. If the
Jim and Paulette Kugler                                          project is completed a day or so before
Eileen and Keith Dawson                                          the deadline, we can address and solve
Fred and Gayle Gshweng                                           any technology issues and avoid any
                                                                 trauma and late penalties.
Mary O’Donnell
Maureen Cullen
Jim and Debbie Englehart
The Bonsall Family
Cindie Stilwell
Darryl and Kate Lorenz
Laura and Michael Whalen
Kent and Michelle Jordan
Mark and Kim Stump
Sharon and Steven Scotolati
Jon and Susan McPheeters
Michael and Cindy Funk
Betty McCarron
Mary Winchester Vollendorf
Steve Vollendorf
Sharon Cunningham
Robert and Joyce Kane
Erv and Kathy Francis
 A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                     December 2004                               PAGE 6

                                      Thank You, Involved                                      Wanted:
                                      Parent!                                           The Special Education
                                          From the Tiger Athletic Boosters
                                                                                       Department is in need of a
                                      Thanks for making our concessions run so           replacement copy of
                                      smoothly. We have been doing very well            "Hooked on Phonics."
                                      with your participation, and I hope you
                                      enjoyed your part in helping our student-
                                      athletes succeed and have met some nice              If anyone wishes to
                                      people along the way.
                                                                                              donate the box,
                                      On behalf of our board members I wish to          old-fashioned version of
                                      extend our appreciation for your time and          "Hooked on Phonics,"
                                      involvement in our athletic events.
                                                                                         please contact Nancy
Our last concession for Fall will be on November 27th when we host the New                        Surma.
Castle County Football League championships.
                                                                                                Thank you!
We would like to extend an invitation for all parents and students to participate in
this Winters Tiger Classic for Wrestling here at A.I. We will be using the   
cafeteria to provide refreshments to the athletes and their fans. This will prove to
be the largest indoor athletic event that A.I. has ever had, and your help will
ensure that it is successful. This event takes place December 27-28, 2004 with
matches starting at 9:00am and running into the evening. With most parents             PARENTS: DID YOU KNOW ?
traveling with the band to London, we surely need your support. Contact one of
the Tiger Athletic Booster board members to find out how you can help.
                                                                                       STUDENT DUES ARE
Also, many thanks to those who participated in the landscaping around our              COLLECTED BY EACH
new sign.                                                                              CLASS --
Our board members this school year are as follows:
                                                                                           FRESHMEN $5
Jim Keena - President - (302) 633-6068;                     SOPHOMORES $10
Mike Christopher - VP of Fields                                                            JUNIORS    $15
Joe Daley - VP Administration
Dee Burnett - VP of Concessions
                                                                                           SENIORS    $20
Bob Stuart - Treasurer
Buckley Condie - Secretary                                                             TOTAL             $50
We are very proud of A.I.’s student athletes.
                                                                                       DUES PAY FOR EXPENSES
Girls Volleyball (20-4) does it again with their Flight A and Blue Hen                 AND ADD TO THE CLASS
Conference Titles! Ranked and seeded 6th in the state, they have made it past          TREASURY TO DEFRAY
the first round of the State tournament vs St. Thomas More. Congratulations
Lady Tigers!                                                                           COSTS FOR PROM IN
                                                                                       JUNIOR AND SENIOR
Girl’s Cross Country ends it season (8-2) ranked 7th in the state with Jackie          YEARS.
Reifschneider (2005) placing 5th at the Lums Pond State Park run in a time of
                                                                                       STUDENTS MAY PAY DUES
Boy’s Cross Country ends it’s season (5-4) ranked 9th in the state with Andy           TO THEIR CLASS TREASURER
Riesenberger (2006) consistently coming in with the top five runners.                  AND CAN PAY FOR
He came in 4th at the Bellevue State Park run with a time of 16:26,
3rd at the Brandywine Creek State Park run in 17:37,                                   ALL FOUR YEARS AT ONCE,
                                                        Continued on page 7
                                                                                       WHICH WOULD AMOUNT
                                                                                       TO A $50 PAYMENT.
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                  December 2004                            PAGE 7
   Continued from page 6
1st at the Lums Pond State Park run in 17:26,
and 5th in the White Clay Creek State Park run with a time of 17:35

Boy’s Soccer (8-7-1) ends with another winning season!
Field Hockey (7-7-2) turns in a winning season with a relatively young team.
Cheerleading with it’s largest team this century (17 ladies) will be sending
Margie Sterner (2008) to the Thanksgiving Day parade. She was selected by
a panel of judges as one of our best to represent A.I. during their stay at the
West Chester University Cheerleading camp.

Football (5-5) Turns in its best season since 1996 and ends off on winning

Website Updates on
                                                                                           2005 is not just a sports scheduling website anymore. In
conjunction with PTSA, Band Boosters and A.I. Administration, Tiger Athletic         REFLECTIONS
Boosters (by the efforts of Bob Stuart (our Treasurer)) has updated our website
to include events for other school events including, Band Trips, School Plays,
PSAT schedules, and more. We are working smarter and together to make the
most of our volunteer time while helping the school and keeping people
informed up to the minute. We hope you visit it often.                              "A Different
I plan on publishing our Mission statement and Bylaws and All Conference and
All-State athletes since 2000, and Where are they now?, very soon. Our Links       Kind of Hero"
section is updated with some of our team websites, like Wrestling, Girls
Basketball, and Football, as well as other useful school related websites. We
hope to have Band Trip information up to date for Flight Departures/Arrivals.     Arts areas:
This an additional way to keep one another informed.
Softball Boosters                                                                 Musical Composition
Congratulations to the parents of Softball for organizing their own booster       Photography
organization. If you have a daughter that plays softball and would like to help
out, contact Steve Burnett @                                    VisualArts

Offer still stands!
If you would like to use your professional expertise to help Tiger Athletic
Boosters meet it goals or would like to help in some of upcoming fundraising      Participation in the
activities like Gift Wrapping at the Concord Mall, please contact any of our      Reflections Program is
board members. There are several project’s that we would like to complete.
Dugouts for Softball, Weight Room and Equipment, and lights for the Baseball
                                                                                  organized by school grade.
field.                                                                            Student works are critiqued
                                                                                  against others in the same
Membership is good, but has reached an all-time low for A.I.. Please consider     grade division. This allows
joining, we will be sure to invest your dues back to the student-athletes!        recognition and judging of
As Fall Sports come to a close we would like to encourage you to support our
                                                                                  artworks by appropriate
Winter Sports programs and attend as much as you and your family can. It          developmental age and skill
helps.                                                                            levels.
Again, many thanks to you (the involved parent) for making the choice to
support our student-athletes.
                                                                                  Entries are due by January
                                                                                  10th. An application form is
Kindest Regards,                                                                  on page 14.
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER   December 2004                PAGE 8

                                                          Junior Class Float
                                                          2nd Place Winner

                                                          HOMECOMING 2004
Freshman Class Float
3rd Place Winner

                                                           Senior Class Float
                                                            4th Place Winner
 A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                 December 2004                                 PAGE 9

   Tigers Swim Team To Create a Big Splash!
    iger                 eate
               Team To Crea
                   As the fall sports      leagues, or those who simply enjoy they work hard in the pool, they play
                  season comes to          the water. Six of our girls qualified equally hard when they’re finished!!”
                  an end, let’s not        for individual events in states last
                  forget that at A I,      year.                                   This year the Tigers welcome back
                  swimming is as                                                                      A s h l e y
                  much fun in the          On the boys side, senior captain                           Hendrickson as
winter as it can be during summer          Steve Hilk looks to take command in                        an Asst Coach,
vacation!! But, because we always          backstroke this year, with juniors                         who worked with
practice and compete at locations          Ryan Malin & Mike Seabold leading                          Mrs. D. a few
away from A I, many times in the           the sprinters. At Delaware States last                     years ago, but left
world of basketball, wrestling, and        year, Steve finished 7th in Backstroke                     to pursue her
winter track, our swimmers and             and 4th in 500 yard freestyle, and is Masters Degree. Joining her is our
divers are forgotten!!                     looking to improve those spots in very own Joe Manlove, who will help
                                           February! The addition of some round out a great coaching staff.
A I Tiger swimmers and divers are          talented swimmers this year will help
already practicing and anxiously           round out the tiger relays and make So, if you like the water, Charter pool
await their first meet on December         them even more competitive.             is where you should go. That’s where
4th, this year against Caesar Rodney.                                              the team trains, and they’ll welcome
A team that was looking for                The Tigers are still looking for you with open fins. If you’re not a
swimmers a few years ago, has              divers…especially guys…WE CAN swimmer, try going to a swim meet
grown to a mighty force of over 75         TEACH YOU…no experience (McKean’s our home pool) to
athletes this year, creating a different   necessary!! Any gymnasts out support your classmates…you may
challenge - having enough room in          there????                               be surprised how much fun they can
the pool to practice!!!                                                            be to watch! Find a captain and get
                                           Kathy Drysdale, more commonly some more information.
At Delaware State Championships            known as Mrs. “D,” is beginning her
last February, we saw some                 7th year as Head Coach, and is very Girls Captains: Danielle Cannata,
outstanding performances from our          proud of her swimmers and divers. Anne Loeslein, Katie Swain
swimmers and divers alike. For the         “We have an awesome group of
girls team, current senior Sarah           athletes, each offering something Boys Captains: Steve Hilk, Ryan
Horstmann, and captain of our              special to our team. We have grown Malin, Grant Russell
divers, finished an impressive first in    tremendously over the last few years,
the state. On the swimming end,            in large to kids who have learned how Diving Captain: Sarah Horstmann
junior Kristine Drysdale led the Lady      to “race” just since beginning high
Tigers with 3rd and 6th place finishes     school! We have many new faces this
in the 200 yard Individual Medley &        year, and I’m looking forward to
100 yard Backstroke respectively.          getting to know all of them better.
Both Sarah and Kristine train year         The swim team is a very social
round, Sarah at Westchester                group…the boys and girls teams train
University and Kristine with Delaware      together, have meets together and
Swim Team. Although they train year        socialize together.          Saturday
round, that is not the norm. Most of       brunches is a common sight, a game
A I’s team is comprised of athletes        of water polo, a holiday dinner, or the
                                           Superbowl party…and I can’t forget
who have only swum in summer
                                           Wednesday wings at McGlynn’s…if
                                                                                      Let's Join!
    A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                           December 2004                                              PAGE 10

                                       What is the               After Prom?
    AfterProm \‘af-tYr‘präm\ n: 1. a party held at A.I. following the prom for Juniors and Seniors
    2. a drug and alcohol-free event sponsored by the PTSA.

      By definition alone, you’d never know that the AfterProm is the most eagerly anticipated event of the year for A.I.’s Juniors and Seniors.

                          T his is no ordinary party!
•    Picture walking into the school where the gym lobby has been transformed into a scene out of Disney World
•    Imagine a gigantic inflatable obstacle course and a mechanical bull filling the gym, inviting you to challenge your friends
•    Dream of a crowd of your best pals cheering you on while you belt out your favorite tunes on the Karoke machine
•    Envision a diner, complete with a counter and red vinyl barstools, and moms dressed up like waitresses serving you scrumptious
•    Take a crack at the games in the “casino” – and come away with a prize
•    Pose with your sweetheart or friends at the fabulous photo op
•    Battle your buddies in a game of pool, air hockey or skeeball – even get a group together for a game of volleyball!

All of this and more takes place at the A.I. Afterprom. As a parent, one of the most important things you should know is that this is an
excellent solution to prevent drinking and driving after the prom - the kids are in a safe, chaperoned, fun environment with their friends.
This year’s Prom and AfterProm will be held on Saturday, May 14. The best part is you can help throw the party without even cooking,
cleaning, or chaperoning!

How? Make a contribution – all of this fun for your kids costs them less than a night at the movies, and once they’re in, everything is
included – no extra out-of-pocket money is needed! But we need your support to put it all together! Your donation will be gratefully
acknowledged in the PTSA newsletter and displayed prominently at our “Wall of Honor."

Thank you in advance for your support! Questions? Feel free to call one of the Steering Committee members:

         Terri Pippins: 239-8553                Heidi Riesenberger: 235-0323                     Julie Hazuda: 239-5221
         Sandy Ashby: 234-4570                  Debbie Kenaley: 234-0159                         Jessica Rollins: 239-9562

Yes!   I will support the AfterProm with my tax-free donation in the amount of:

         ! $15-$24                  ! $24-$49                 ! $50-$99                   ! $100-$249                   ! $250 +
               Friends of Tigers         Tiger Paw Patron         Tiger Spirit Patron        Eye of the Tiger Patron    Blue/Gold Patron

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Checks should be made payable to A.I. DuPont PTSA AfterProm and addressed to:
        A.I. duPont AfterProm Committee, c/o Julie Hazuda, 1626 Snuff Mill Rd., Hockessin, DE 19707

Please call me to help work on the AfterProm!

Phone and/or email address: ____________________________________________________________
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                    December 2004                                 PAGE 11

Great Reads for Teens                                                              Gossip Girls – Cecily von Zeigesar
                                                                                   A series of now 6 books are catty,
With the Holidays approaching, a book is a gift that your student can open         backbiting, and exaggerated, and also
again and again. Here are a few suggestions from the AI Library Staff. A gift      candid.
card to a favorite bookstore is another welcome option!
                                                                                   For those who like to look at Life
For the Sports Fan:
                                                                                   in a different way:
Beyond the Game: The Collected Sportswriting of Gary Smith — Gary
                                                                                   The Things They Carried – Tim O’Brien
                                                                                   Powerful stories of the experiences
This Dickinson High grad is an award-winning writer for Sports Illustrated.        the men of Alpha Company endure
                                                                                   during their tour in Vietnam.
Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream – H.G. Bissinger
A portrait of high school football mania in Odessa, Texas. Now a major film.       Life of Pi — Yann Martel
                                                                                   The story of a 16-year-old, a 450-
It’s Not about the Game: My Journey Back to Life – Lance Armstrong                 pound Bengal tiger and the boy’s
Cycling phemon writes powerfully about life, death, family, setbacks and           adventure, survival, and ultimately,
triumphs.                                                                          faith.

Never Die Easy: The Autobiography of Walter Payton – Walter Payton                 The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold
                                                                                   A story of seemingly unbearable
The voices of “Sweetness”, his family and many fellow football players combine
                                                                                   tragedy is transformed into a
in a heartfelt portrayal of an inspirational man.                                  suspenseful, touching, even funny
                                                                                   novel about family, memory, love,
For the Sci Fi/Fantasy Fan:
            Fi/Fantasy Fan                                                         heaven, and living.

The Further Chronicles of Conan- Robert Jordan
Three Conan stories detail adventures of the problematic hero and his quest
for good to vanquish evil.                                                                  SENIOR DATES
Return Engagement (Settling Accounts Trilogy, Vol. 1) – Harry                        November 24 - deadline for cap
                                                                                     Nov        24
Turtledove                                                                           and gown orders (After this date
In this volume of alternative history, the author combines elements of the Civil     the cost will be $30)
War and World War II with disturbing results.
                                                                                     December 21 - no more cap and
Sandman: The Dream Hunters – Neil Gaiman                                             gown orders will be accepted
Graphic novel which retells a haunting Japanese trickster tale. Check out other
Gaiman works of fiction (Neverwhere) and graphic novels.                             February 12 - Senior Ball at the
                                                                                      ebruary 12
                                                                                     Hotel du Pont
The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adam
All five of the novels in one volume follow the hilarious adventures of Arthur       March - Senior Pictures taken in
Dent as he hurtles through the galaxy and tries to save Earth.                       the gym

                                                                                     May 13 - all correspondence work
                                                                                     May 13
Some essential Chick-Lit:                                                            must be handed into the guidance
Durable Goods/Joy School/ True to Form—Elizabeth Berg
This trilogy tells Katie’s coming of age story and includes the death of her         May 19,20,23 - Senior exams
mother, a distant father, a first romance, and the power and pain of
friendships.                                                                         May 25 - Exam makeup day

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants/ Second Summer of the                          May 26 - Senior Banquet at the
Sisterhood / Girls in Pants – Ann Brashares                                          Hockessin Firehall
Four friends share a pair of jeans that represents their friendship, struggles,
and personal triumphs.                                                               May 27- Graduation rehearsal in
                                                                                     May 27-
                                                                                     the high school auditorium
                                                                                     June 4 graduation (Saturday) at
                                                                                     3:00 PM - Bob Carpenter Center
   A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER                     December 2004                                           PAGE 12

                                                  MOUSETRAP: The Interview
                                                     Mike Woods recently interviewed A. I. High graduate
                                                     Lindsey Taylor who is directing "The Mousetrap"
                                                     Mark your calendar to attend on December 11th & 12th

                                                  What is it like to return to A.I. as director after being a
Deadline                                           It’s great. It feels like a very natural thing to do for me. People used to always
All ads should be turned in by                    joke that I would be back eventually. It feels like coming home after a long trip.
December 17th! All ads submitted
after then must include a late fee:               How long have you been involved in drama and what are
                                                  your experiences?
No baby ads will be accepted after                I first started professional theatre when I was 10. But it’s always been a passion
January 7, 2005.                                  of mine. I started directing 6 years ago. It’s tough to just name a few experiences,
                                                  but my best experience would probably be this past summer. I was in Madrid,
                                                  Spain for a month on a theatre program over there. It was the most fun I’d had in
                                                  theatre in a long time, plus it was all in Spanish.
Full Page (9½” x 7¾”)
Half Page (4¾” x 7 7/8”)
                                                  How is your perspective different now that you are in an
Quarter Page (4 ¾ ” x 3 7/8”)
                                                  authority position at AI instead of a student?
Make Checks payable to A.I. YEAR-                 Well now I get to see things from a different point of view. When I was in high
                                                  school and directing, I didn’t get into the administrative side. Now I see things
BOOK and please put your child’s                  that I wouldn’t have even thought of as a student. Plus it’s fun watching the cast
name on the check. Send ads and                   have a blast and explore new techniques in acting. It’s just a role reversal in a
payment to:                                       manner of speaking.

            Yearbook Baby Ad
                       Baby Ad                    What made you decide to come back to A.I?
            c/o Cathy Phillips,                   Well really, it was Jeff Lott. He called me and asked me if I would be interested in
         A.I. duPont High School                  directing this year’s fall play.
             50 Hillside Road
         Wilmington         9807
         Wilmington DE 19807                      Tell us a little about The Mousetrap?
                                                  Well, it’s a murder mystery. There is a couple who own a guest house and on their
                                                  grand opening there is a murder in London, and the murderer is on the loose. I
                                                  can’t tell you what happens, you’ll have to come see the show for that!
Please make sure to include the following
                                                  Tell us about yourself and what else you are doing in your
- Pictures that are not cut out or damaged with
  your child’s name or address on back.           life?
- Message and any other writing you want.         Right now I’m finishing up my last semester at the University of Delaware. My
- Check written to A.I. Yearbook in the proper    majors are Spanish and Theatre Production. In January I’ll be moving to London
  amount with your child’s name on it.            to get my master’s degree in theatre education. After that, who knows!
- Brief diagram or suggested layout (optional)
- Send your ad in on a CD or disk formatted for
A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER      December 2004                           PAGE 14

             REFLECTIONS CONTEST APPLICATION FORM - Due January 10, 2005

           Submit entries to Susan Woods, PTSA Mailbox (e-mail
   Calendar of Events                                 (For sports dates & times visit

                                                                                   Band Uniform Wear & Care
11/15   Mon Newsletter Deadline
11/18   Thur Band Boosters Meeting 7:30 PM                                         √        Band Uniforms must be profes-
11/24   Wed Band Trip to Phila Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade                    sionally dry cleaned. No part of this
11/25   Thur Thanksgiving (No School) Boscov’s Parade                              uniform (except gloves and suspenders)
11/26   Fri Thanksgiving (No School) / Concord Mall Parade rept. 8:30 AM           can be placed in a home washing
12/4    Sat SAT Test Date (registration due 10/29)                                 machine or dryer.
12/6    Mon Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM
12/8    Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM                                                   √         Never make any alteration on
12/9    Thur In Service Pre K-12 (No School)                                       your uniform. Band Boosters has a
12/10   Fri In Service Pre K-12 (No School)                                        comittee which will do this on your
12/16   Thur Band Winter Concert 8 PM                                              instructions. Use new safety pins for a
12/24   Fri Winter Vacation                                                        "quick fix" or emergency.
12/26   Sun Band leaves for London                  Publishing deadlines for the
12/27   Mon Winter Vacation                         2004/2005 school year are as   √        Whether wet or dry, uniforms
12/28   Tue Winter Vacation                                                        must be hung on molded hangers immedi-
                                                    follows:                       ately after use. Do not fold or "dump" it
12/29   Wed Winter Vacation
12/30   Thur Winter Vacation                                                       in a trunk or car seat.
12/31   Fri Winter Vacation                         January 14, 2005
1/2     Sun Band returns from London                                               √        Never put your bare hand on the
                                                    March 15, 2005                 feather plume; carry it by the wire clip.
1/3     Mon School Reopens
             Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM          June 9, 2005                   Return plume to the plume box after
1/12    Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM                                                   every event.
1/14    Fri Newsletter Deadline
1/17    Mon Martin Luther King Day (No School)                                     √       Uniform pants are not Levis.
1/18    Tue PIP (No School)                                                        They are designed to fit very high on the
1/20    Thur Band Boosters Meeting 7:30 PM                                         waist. Do not let them ride on the hips.
1/22    Sat SAT Test Date (registration due 12/20)                                 The pant cuff DOES NOT touch the shoe.
2/7     Mon Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM
2/9     Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM                                                   √         Do not wear long pants under
2/17    Thur Band Boosters Meeting 7:30 PM                                         your trousers and do not wear a printed
2/21    Mon Presidents’ Day (No School)                                            t-shirt under your jacket, unless the
3/7     Mon Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM                                          design is turned inside. White t-shirts
3/9     Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM                                                   only!
3/12    Sat SAT Test Date (New Test) registration due 2/7/05
3/15    Tue Newsletter Deadline                                                    √       Never leave any part of the
3/17    Thur Band Boosters Meeting 7:30 PM                                         uniform laying around -- especially the
3/18    Fri Spring Musical                                                         hat and plume. These can and will be
3/19    Sat Spring Musical                                                         taken when you are not paying attention.
3/25    Fri Spring Vacation through 4/1/05
4/4     Mon School Reopens                                                         √        The value of the uniform is
             Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM                                         $465. You are responsible for its safe
4/13    Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM                                                   return, dry cleaned at the end of the
4/21    Thur Band Boosters Meeting 7:30 PM                                         year.
4/22    Fri In Service Pre K-12 (No School)
5/2     Mon Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM
5/7     Sat SAT Test Date (New Test) registration due 3/25/05
5/11    Wed PTSA Meeting 7:00 PM
5/12    Thur Band Spring Concert 8 PM
5/30    Mon Memorial Holiday (No School)
6/4     Sat Sat Test Date (New Test) registration due 4/29/05
6/5     Mon Tiger Booster Meeting 7:00 PM
6/9     Thur Newsletter Deadline
             Last Pupil Day
6/10    Fri Last teacher day
6/13    Mon Weather Contingency
6/14    Tue Weather Contingency
        Have a nice summer !
 A.I. DUPONT HIGH SCHOOL PTSA NEWSLETTER          December 2004                          PAGE 16

                                           The FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Lead-
                                                       (Family Career,
Coat                                       ers
                                           ers of America) organization will be conducting
                                                                   blanke drive
                                           their annual coat and blanket drive beginning
and                                                        through                  Ministry
                                           December 1st through the 20th. The Ministry of
                                                       distribute               to
                                           Caring will distribute all donations to the needy in
                                           Wilmington. The drive is being organizaed by club
                                           Wilmington.        drive                      by
Clothing                                                      Francis.
                                           president Megan Francis.

Drive                                      Tax receipts will be available. Please bring all
                                                      to room 133.
                                           donations to room 133.

      Elected Officers for                      Year:
FCCLA Elected Officers for the 2004-2005 School Year:

President                Francis
                 Megan Francis
Vice President             Ta
                 Charlene Taylor
Secretar y               ompa
                 Vicky Pompa
Treasurer                   odrdiguez
                 Christina Rodrdiguez
Historian        Ruthy Sepulveda
                  uthy Sepulveda

Congratulations to Winners of PTSA Open
House Door Prizes

Gift Certificate to McGlynn's Pub
    Rebecca Tome

Gift Certificate to Brandywine Brewing Co.
    Michael Marinelli
                                  AI PTSA                   Name

                                  Membership                Address

                                  $ 10.00 per family        City                                                 Zip Code


                                                            Student Name                            Homeroom #          Teacher

                                                            Student Name                            Homeroom #              Teacher

                                  ____ HOW MANY             A portion of membership goes to National PTA. Bring this form to
                                                            open house or clip and mail it with a check to the address on the bottom
                                  Clip and return this      left-hand side of the form.
                                  card to:

                                  By Mail:                    Additional donations accepted.
                                  A.I. duPont PTSA            100% of your donation stays at A. I. High School.
                                  A.I. duPont High School
                                  50 Hillside Road
                                  Wilmington, DE 19807        Additional Donation: _______________________

                                    For the latest news and sports
                                   information available, check out
                                The official, “unofficial” website of A. I.
                                          duPont High School!

Don't forget to Join!

                     ers embership
                Booster Member
          Tiger Boosters Membership Application
____ $15 Individual         ____ $30 Family         ____ $50 Tiger Paws
      Membership                  Membership               Membership

Street Address: ____ __________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: ________

Phone: __________________________ E-mail address: _____________________

Students Sport(s):

Will help out with: ___Concession ___Field Maintenance __Gift Wrap __Team Rep.
Return to: Tiger Boosters, A.I. du Pont High School, 50 Hillside Rd., Wilmington, DE 19807
 Thanks, Gift Wrap Volunteers!
  Barbara Litostansky           Janet Parks               Laurie Czajkowski           Nancy Wathen             Taylor Hadley
  Brittany Malooly              Janice Wright             Linda Reifschneider         Natalie Bomberger         erri
                                                                                                               T Lamborn Manning
  Cathy Donovan                 Jann Rodriguez            Linda Natali                natasha Sacharok          erri
                                                                                                               T Pippins
  Cheri Abernathy               Jeane Goodman             Linda Forham                Nicole Frerichs           erry
                                                                                                               T Manning
  Dave Reifschneider            Jessica Rollins           Lindy Condee                Pat Graham                om
                                                                                                               T Ralston
  Dave Rollins                  Jill Malooly              Lisa Sierer                 Paul Parets               om
                                                                                                               T Edgerton
  Debbie Kenaley                Jill Beringer             Lisa Frerichs               Rachel Chiquoine          on
                                                                                                               T Earnest
  Debbie Fetterman              John Sarapulski           Liz Schiffer                Roger Jolly              Vera Cornish Palmatary
  Debbie Englehart              Joseph Case               Lorina Dryden               Rosella Porro            Veronica Dennison
  Denise Waters                 Joyce Kayne               Lynne McIntosh              Sandie Reinicker         Walt Diehl
  Diana Earnest                 Judith Baldino            Mack Wathen                 Sandy Ashby              Walt Chiquoine
  Diane Perrella                Julie Hazuda              Margaret Getz               Sandy Duperon
  Dick L’Abbee’                 Julie Kaeding             Margie Stuart               Sara Ruiter                ADD YOUR
  Donna Ralston                 Kade Lorenz               Marie Sarapulski            Sean Francis
  Donna Hadley                  Karen Govertsen           Martha Bogdan               Sharon Cunningham         NAME TO THE
  Donna Haines                  Karen T  oulson           Mary T ribbett              Sharon Hilgart               LIST BY
  Donna Benge                   Karen Lenow               Mary Campbell               Shaun Snyder
  Doreen Spacht                 Karen Slaugh              Mary Rappel-Wlock           Sheila Wilson            VOLUNTEERING
  Elizabeth Griffin             Kathy Andrejewski         Mary Hutchins               Sheila Wilson            TO GIFT WRAP
  Erv Francis                   Kay Jolly                 MaryAnne Rodriguez          Sheryl Shannon
  Fran Cooke                    Kay McLean                Maureen Arsola              Soula Christopher
                                                                                                                AT CONCORD
  Frederika Jenner              Kevin Duperon             Maxine L’Abbee’             Steve Vollendorf          MALL. CALL
  Gail Schweng
  Geri Swain
                                Kim Stump
                                Kim Graham
                                                          Michelle Jordan
                                                          Mike Christopher
                                                                                      Sue Stephenson
                                                                                      Sue Goff
                                                                                                                 PAM WILLIS
  Ginny Will                    Krista McCarthy           Mike Hilgart                Susan Woods                 998-1212
  Holly Davis                   Kylie Shannon             Mike Litostansky            Susanne Whalen               TODAY!
  Jack Siebold                  Laura Sarapulski          Mike Hazuda                 Tammy Daley
  Jane Buddenbohn               Laura Whalen              Mimi Boudart                Taylor Hadley

The monthly issue of Guidance Highlights is sent home with all junior and senior students and will also be available online as part of
A. I.’s webpage at Copies of the current issue are always available to any student or parent in the guidance
office. The guidance highlights include: guidance resources available to students and parents; important dates to remember for such
things as financial aid deadlines and scholarship information; S.A.T. registration deadlines; scheduled college visitations and much
more. The phone number for the guidance office is: 651-2631.

A.I. duPont High School
                                                                                                            NON-PROFIT ORG.
50 Hillside Road                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Wilmington, DE 19807                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 81
302-651-2626 PHONE                                                                                           MONTCHANIN, DE
302-651-2757 FAX

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