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					Request for Proposal:

Insurance Coverage

March 3, 2005

*This document is confidential and is to be used solely for the
purpose of submitting proposals.
                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                             INSURANCE COVERAGE

1. Overview

2. Proposal Submission

3. Terms and Conditions

4. Evaluation Criteria/Basis of Award

5. Legal

6. Term

7. Costing

8. References/Vendor Information

9. Appendices:

   A.   Automobile (Owned)
   B.   Automobile (Non-owned)
   C.   Boiler & Machinery
   D.   Crime & Dishonesty
   E.   Data Processing System & Equipment
   F.   Fine Arts (Non-owned)
   G.   Fine Arts (Owned)
   H.   Miscellaneous Articles
   I.   Musical Instruments
   J.   Personal Effects
   K.   Travel Accident Insurance
   L.   Sports Accident Insurance
   M.   Laptop Computers & Associated Software
   N.   Boat Policy
   O.   Claims History

1.1   Acadia University (Hereinafter referred to as Acadia) is located in Wolfville, Nova
      Scotia, a town of 3,800 people, located approximately one hundred kilometers northwest
      of Halifax. The university's annual enrolment is approximately 3,700 full-time students.
      It is a member of the Association of Atlantic Universities, of the Association of
      Universities and Colleges of Canada, and of the Association of Commonwealth
      Universities. Acadia is requesting proposals for the provision of insurance coverage
      subject to the Terms and Conditions herein.

1.2   In issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP), Acadia does not commit to purchasing any of
      the Services described herein from any Vendor. Acadia has the right to negotiate with
      the vendor or vendors whose proposal best meets the requirements of the university. The
      lowest or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted. In addition, Acadia reserves the
      right to cancel this RFP, and to not proceed with an award to any vendor.

1.3   Exceptions to, or deviations from any item contained in this RFP must be expressly stated
      in the Vendor’s response.

1.4   It is the Vendor’s responsibility to clarify interpretation of any item of this Request for
      Proposal, before the closing date specified by contacting:

      Primary Contact:       Garry McIver
                             Coordinator, Purchasing Services
                             Business Office
                             University Hall Room 319
                             Acadia University
                             15 University Avenue
                             Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 2R6
                             Telephone: (902) 585-1624
                             Fax:        (902) 585-1079

      Any communications or requests for clarification regarding this RFP must be submitted
      in writing to Acadia. Please note that Garry McIver will be available for questions up to
      March 8th, and March 21st -25th. Acadia University assumes no responsibility for any
      verbal instructions or communications to Vendors. Should the Vendor find discrepancies
      in, or omissions from the specifications, or should the Vendor be in doubt as to their
      meaning, the Vendor shall notify the contact person noted above, who may, if necessary,
      send written addenda to all Vendors.

1.5   The proposals should contain (but not necessarily be limited to):

         Itemized costing of the Services being offered, including the costs where alternative
          configurations are suggested by the vendors;
         Endorsement information;
         A corporate profile of the vendor;
         A management plan on how the Vendor proposes to implement the services being

2.1    The terms and conditions listed herein constitute part of this Request for Proposals and
       the Vendor acknowledges acceptance by signing the Request for Proposals form.

2.2    All proposals must be received in writing marked “Insurance Coverage Proposal”.
       Telephone, e-mails, and facsimile proposals will not be considered. A minimum of
       Four (4) copies of each proposal are to be received not later than 2:00 PM, Atlantic
       Standard Time, on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 by:

       Garry McIver
       Coordinator, Purchasing Services
       Business Office
       University Hall Room 319
       Acadia University
       15 University Avenue
       Wolfville, Nova Scotia
       B4P 2R6

       Proposals that are not received by Acadia University by this date and time will not be

2.3    Proposals will be opened immediately following the deadline indicated above. At the
       time of opening, there will be an acknowledgement, only, of the vendors responding.

2.4    Where further information is requested throughout the Request For Proposals this
       information forms part of the offer and shall be supplied with the Proposal submission.

2.5    The response shall include any brochures, general descriptions or other material provided
       by the Vendor, which will adequately describe the proposed Services.

2.6    Vendors shall provide all information, which will adequately represent the Vendor’s
       obligations for continued support of the Services offered.

2.7    Vendor’s attention is specifically drawn to the fact that Acadia University may refuse to
       consider any Proposal received that does not include the information required in the
       Request For Proposals document.

2.8    All Proposals submitted shall be in enough detail to allow Acadia University to determine
       the Vendor’s position from the documents received. Therefore, every effort should be
       made to include, with your Proposal, complete details of services your firm will provide.
       In this regard, provide details on, and/or explain the Services your firm would be
       prepared to provide, which will assist Acadia in Proposal selection.

2.9    In case of error in extension, unit prices will apply.

2.10   Evaluation, and subsequent award of the Proposal will be within a reasonable time
       following the closing date.
2.11   All Proposals must have the Vendor Questionnaire completed in full, and include any
       information requested. Failure to do so may result in a Proposal being rejected.


3.1    Acadia University reserves the right to cancel the agreement resulting from this RFP, or
       any portion thereof, by giving Sixty (60) days written notice to the successful Vendor, if
       the Services provided by the successful Vendor in respect to the supply and delivery of
       such Services is not satisfactory, in the opinion of the Insurance Committee of Acadia

3.2    If the Vendor does not indicate the services offered are other than those specified herein,
       it will be assumed the Vendor proposes to supply the exact services specified in this
       Request For Proposals.

3.3    In the event a Vendor is in a position to supply a better, proven method or product, taking
       into consideration end use cost, the Vendor is encouraged to submit a Proposal and to
       provide data and references to verify the end cost effectiveness.

       Acadia University recognizes and encourages innovation from Vendors. If a Vendor
       has alternatives that may be of interest, the Vendor is strongly encouraged to provide
       details with the Proposal Submission.

3.4    In submitting a Proposal on services other than those specified, the Vendor should
       provide complete particulars with their Proposal. Failure to do so may result in rejection
       of the Proposal.

3.5    All specifications and levels of coverage provided herein are considered desirable by
       Acadia University. The successful Vendor will be, in part, the Vendor able to provide the
       combination of specified requirements deemed most acceptable to Acadia University.

3.6    In addition to proposing costs for the level of coverage specified herein, vendors are
       asked to propose costs on a recommended level of coverage for Acadia University.

3.7    Proposals will remain the property of Acadia University and will be treated in strict
       confidence. Any costs incurred by a vendor in the preparation of a proposal will be the
       responsibility of the vendor.

3.8    Policies are requested on an annual basis.

3.9    All submissions must include a list of Committed Insurers, together with applicable
       percentages, sufficient to satisfy one hundred percent (100%) placement.

4.1    Consideration will be given to Proposals on alternative services as may be, by the sole
       discretion of Acadia University, determined to be in the best interests of Acadia

4.2    Acadia University shall form an evaluation committee to evaluate all valid Proposals and
       select the Proposal(s) most attractive to Acadia University and, by Acadia University’s
       sole discretion, are deemed to be in the best interest of Acadia University.

4.3    Acadia University reserves the right to meet with a qualified Vendor to modify a
       Proposal to best suit the requirements of Acadia University.

4.4    The successful Vendor(s) will be deemed to be the company (ies) best able to meet the
       criteria established throughout the Proposal document.

4.5    The following criteria, in general, will be used to evaluate Proposals:

4.5.1 The compliance of the Proposal's response to specifications.
4.5.2 The Vendor's organization and technical capabilities to provide service.
4.5.3 The proposed Service ability to meet the present and future requirements for which it is
4.5.4 The Vendor's performance and experience on similar projects.
4.5.5 The Vendor's ability to provide a management proposal for the proposed Service within
      specified time frames and without significant interference to operations.
4.5.6 Superior Service features which are advantageous to ISI and the Universities.
4.5.7 The economic evaluation of all present and future costs.
4.5.8 Overall cost/benefit to Acadia University.

4.6    Vendor's performance on current agreements will be monitored and evaluated. This
       information shall be taken into consideration in future Proposal awards, as may be in the
       best interest of Acadia University.
5.     LEGAL

5.1    Acadia University may refuse to award an agreement to a Vendor who has not complied
       with existing Municipal, Provincial or Federal licensing regulations.

5.2    It is the responsibility of the Vendor to ensure that no representative of the Vendor will
       extend entertainment, gifts, gratuities, discounts or special services, regardless of value,
       to an employee of Acadia University. Vendors shall report to Acadia University any
       attempt by Acadia University employees to obtain such favors.

5.3    The Vendor declares that the Proposal is not made in connection with any other Vendor
       submitting a Proposal for the same services and is in all respects fair and without
       collusion or fraud.

5.4    Vendors warrant their services offered comply in all respects with existing Provincial and
       Federal legislation, and failure to comply with this condition shall be considered a breach
       of agreement.

5.5    Vendors are advised that no commitment shall exist under this RFP until such time as the
       successful Vendor receives official written confirmation from Acadia University.

5.6    The agreement resulting from this RFP may not be assigned or transferred in any manner
       whatsoever without the prior written approval of Acadia University.

5.7    The agreement resulting from this RFP, between the parties shall ensure to the benefit of
       and be binding upon them and their successors, executors and administrators.

5.8    The agreement resulting from this RFP will be a Nova Scotia, Canada Agreement, and
       will be governed by the laws of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

5.9    The submission of a Proposal shall be deemed proof that the Vendor is satisfied as to all
       provisions of the Request For Proposals. Acadia University will not entertain any claims
       based on any assertion by the Vendor that it was uninformed or unaware of the
       provisions, terms or conditions of the Request For Proposals.

5.10   Should there be any approved variation in any tax or duty imposed by the Federal or
       Provincial Governments which becomes directly applicable to the services during the
       term of the agreement resulting from this RFP, the Vendor and Acadia University
       mutually agree to allow the appropriate increase or decrease in the agreement prices as of
       the date they become effective. The onus is on the Supplier to bring to Acadia
       University’s attention, any such tax changes.

5.11   The successful Vendor shall maintain the highest ethical relationship with their clients,
       employees, suppliers, and competitors, and comply with all Federal and Provincial
       legislation relating thereto.

5.12   Agents and/or Brokers submitting proposals must be licensed to provide the services
       offered in Nova Scotia.
5.13   The successful vendor will be required to carry a minimum of five million dollars
       ($5,000,000.00) Insurance Agents/Brokers Errors and Omissions insurance coverage, for
       the term of the agreement. A copy of the vendor’s current policy must accompany the
       vendor’s response to this RFP.

6.     TERM

6.1    The agreement resulting from this RFP shall be for a period of five (5) years from the
       date of award. This agreement may be renewed under the same terms and conditions of
       the original agreement for additional one (1) year periods. The option to renew will be at
       the sole discretion of Acadia University.

6.2    Implementation at Acadia University will take place as existing arrangements expire, or
       are canceled by Acadia University.

6.3    The coverage requested is highlighted in Appendices A – N. Please note the following
       periods of coverage:

       Appendices A-K:
       April 1, 2005 to April 1, 2006

       Appendix L –Sports Accident Insurance:
       September 1, 2005 to September 1, 2006

       Appendix M – Laptop Computers & Associated Software:
       September 6, 2005 to September 6, 2006

7.1   Vendors are to provide a cost schedule for the coverage required for Acadia University.
      This cost schedule will take into account the specific requirements and history of Acadia

7.2   Costing should include current University coverage, as well as any additional coverage
      that may be of interest to the Acadia University.

7.3   If a Proposal is accepted, the successful Vendor may make no variation of any quoted
      prices, excepting changes requested by Acadia University in the level of services to be
      provided. Any changes must be approved by Acadia University.

7.4   All prices quoted must be in Canadian Funds.

7.5   All prices quoted shall be Tax extra, where applicable. The successful Vendor shall
      provide their GST/HST Registration Number on all invoices.

7.6   Prices will be firm for a period of ninety (90) days from the Proposal closing date.

7.7   Discounts offered for prompt payment will be considered as may be in the best interests
      of Acadia University.

7.8   Terms shall be Net 30 Days. Vendors are to indicate the percentage of cash discounts
      available for early payment terms, if applicable.

7.9   The date and amount of cash discounts shall be established by receipt of correct invoice
      or correct material according to terms of the agreement, whichever is later.

8.1    The Vendor must include at least three references of customers where similar Services
       have been provided. Each reference should include the reference name, address, and
       phone number, as well as the name and position of a person Acadia University may
       contact. Acadia University reserves the right to contact references without prior
       notification to the Vendor.


Please type or print clearly. This completed questionnaire must accompany your Proposal.
Failure to fully complete this questionnaire may result in your Proposal/RFP not being

       Company Name          ________________________________________________

       Address               _______________________________________________




       Phone/FAX      _______________________/__________________________

       Names of the Account Executive(s) to be assigned, including their experience and
       professional qualifications. Use additional sheets, if required.






       Names of firm's marketing staff (if different from Account Executive), claims staff,
       safety staff and other technical staff that will be assigned to Interuniversity Services'
       account. Include their experience and professional qualifications. Use additional sheets,
       if required.



       Percentage of personnel turnover (annually) ________%
        Annual sales, last fiscal year $__________________________

        Describe the specific techniques and procedures that you will employ to assist Acadia in
        the following areas:

        a)    Exposure identification, analysis and measurement.
        b)    Claims review and control activities.
        c)    Risk data accumulation, analysis and reporting.
        d)    Risk/cost projections, loss frequency/severity forecasting, loss
              development and trending analysis.

        Describe in detail the service capabilities demonstrated by your firm which are unique,
        and which may of interest to Acadia University.

8.3     Vendors should submit along with their proposal a statement describing the following:

        (a)   Organizational structure
        (b)   The nature and scope of the business operation
        (c)   Number of years in business
        (d)   Names of its owners, directors and/or officers

Authorized        __________________________________________________

Name (Print) __________________________________________________

Title             __________________________________________________

Date:             __________________________________________________
                                                 APPENDIX A

                                AUTOMOBILE POLICY (OWNED)
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                Limits
Third Party Liability Limit                                            $10,000,000
Accidental Benefits as per Provincial Statute
Uninsured Automobile Coverage
Deductible - Collision      *(details see below)                               $500
Deductible - Comprehensive *(details see below)                                $500
Deductible exceptions:               Case Tractor                      $3,000/$3,000
                                      Toyota Forklift                  $1,000/$1,000

Endorsements:                Blanket Basic Fleet
                                     School Bus
                                     Excluding Operation of Attached Machinery
                                     Fire and Theft Deductible

                                             All Perils
Description                                  Deductible   SEF#

1972 - Utility Trailer
1977 - Utility Trailer
1977 - Wisconsin Boat Trailer
1977 - Yarn Canoe Trailer
1995 - Homemade Trailer
1980 - Ford Canoe Trailer

1989 -Toyota Forklift                    *       $1,000   30/40
1990 - International 3 Ton               *       $2,500
1990 - Utility Trailer
1991 - Case Tractor                      *       $3,000   30/40

1993 - Dodge W150 Pickup                 *        $500    30/40

1995 - Dodge B2500 Cargovan           */**        $500    5/30

1999 - Halls Utility Trailer    *
2001 - Ford Cube Van E450    *                    $500
2003 Ford E150 Cargo Van *                         $500
2003 - Chev Avalanche             **                500   5/43R
2004 – Ford F Series 470 *                          500     43R
2002 - Dodge Caravan          ***                  $500      5
2002 – Dodge Caravan          ***                  $500      5

*        Indicates vehicles which are owned by Acadia University but are operated by employees of
         Sodexho Corporation
**       Lessor: General Motors, 1908 Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 8T7
***      Lessor: Chrysler Credit Canada Ltd., P.O. Box 325, STN. A., Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 9Z9
                                                APPENDIX B

                           AUTOMOBILE POLICY (NON-OWNED)
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                                              Limits
Non-Owned Automobile Insurance Limit of liability:                                                     $10,000,000
Deductible - All Perils Physical Damage                                                                        500

SEF #94            Legal Liability for damage to hired automobiles (private passenger / light commercial / vans up to
                   15 passengers / buses over 15 passengers)

The automobiles in respect of which insurance is to be provided are those not owned in whole or in part by, nor
licensed in the name of the Applicant, used in the Applicant’s business of University.

Number of regular users of non-owned automobiles:                                  75
Number of occasional users of non-owned automobiles:                              190
Number of agents using non-owned automobiles:                                      10

Hired Automobiles:
Total cost of hire for private passenger type                                    $40,000
Total cost of hire for vans up to 15 passenger                                   $35,000
Total cost of hire for van/buses over 15 passenger                               $35,000

Automobiles Operated Under Contract:
Total cost of hire for all types of vehicles                                      $5,000 Est.
                                                APPENDIX C

                                      BOILER & MACHINERY
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                             Limit of Liability              Deductible
Location: Premises of the Insured
Property Damage                                            $20,000,000                      $2,500
Business Interruption – Loss of Profits                      4,600,000
Business Interruption – Gross Rent & Rental                    910,000
Extra Expense
Other Coverages /Limits
Automatic Coverages /Limits                                       250,000
Demolition and Increased Cost of Construction                     250,000
Hazardous Substances                                               50,000
Water Damage                                                       50,000
Ammonia Contamination                                              50,000
Professional Fees                                                  50,000
Data and Media                                                     10,000

Subject to:                 Standard Comprehensive Form
                            Repair or Replacement
                            Misinterpretation of Date Exclusion

 Acadia University


                  August 25, 2004

 BLDG.                                                                GROSS SQ.          YEAR           YEAR
 CODE           BLDG. NAME                      ADDRESS                 FEET             BUILT       RENOVATED   PRIMARY USE
  101     Carnegie Hall                 27 University Avenue                 27,566      1909          1982      Schools
  102     Rhodes Hall                   21 University Avenue                 11,765      1912          1974      School
                                                                                                                 School of
  103     Emmerson                      31 University Avenue                  9,120      1913          1996      Education
          War Memorial                                                                                           Complex/
  104     Gymnasium                        550 Main Street                  123,053      1919          1988      Offices
  105     University Hall               15 University Avenue                 50,744      1924          1967      Offices
                                                                                                                 Theatre &
  106     Festival Theater                 504 Main Street                   32,033      1927          1995      Admin Offices
107   Patterson Hall          24 University Avenue    43,028   1928    1982   Building
                                                                              Green House/
108   Patterson Greenhouse     University Avenue       1,386   1928           Biology
109   Elliott Hall            6 University Avenue     34,850   1960    1989   Building
110   Manning Chapel            45 Acadia Street      10,818   1963    2004   Chapel
111   Vaughan Library           30 Acadia Street     102,330   1965    1988   Library
                                                                              Science Labs/
112   Huggins Science Hall    12 University Avenue   103,128   1969    1993   Offices
                                                                              School of
                                                                              Music/ Drama
113   Denton Hall              12 Horton Avenue       40,281   1970           Theater
115   Beveridge Arts Centre   10 Highland Avenue     103,160   1977           Offices
116   Acadia Arena              550 Main Street       78,314   1988           Ice Hockey
117   Horton Hall             18 University Avenue    20,752   1915    1993   Dept.
                                                                              Offices, Labs,
                                                                              and public
118   K.C.Irving Centre       32 University Avenue    59,920   2002           assembly
      Gardens Service                                                         Garden
119   Building                50 University Avenue     1,536   2002           service shed
                                                                              School of
201   Seminary                  49 Acadia Street      51,066   1879    1996   Education
                                                               1919,          Student
202   Whitman House             18 Crowell Drive      33,302   1926    2001   Residence
                                                                              closed 1997
203   Willett House             38 Crowell Drive      14,431   1914    1964   Offices
205   Raymond House             23 Crowell Drive       4,320   1927           Print Shop
                                 23 Westwood                                  Residence/
206   War Memorial House            Avenue            44,440   1943    1993   Biology
207   Chipman House             35 Crowell Drive      34,465   1960    2002   Residence
208   Dennis House             22 Horton Avenue       36,552   1962    2002   Residence
209   Eaton House             43 University Avenue    25,084   1965    2001   Residence
210   Chase Court              24 Horton Avenue       82,057   1968    2003   Residence
211   Crowell Tower             60 Highland Avenue     79,600     1970              Residence
212   Cutten House              55 University Avenue   85,100     1975              Residence
                                                                  1965              Student
213   Christofor House          41 University Avenue   19,908    (Eaton)    2001    Residence
214   Roy Jodrey Hall           39 University Avenue   38,294     2003              Residence
215   Clark Commons Bldg        37 University Avenue    5,270     2004              Ancillary
                                                                                    Dinning Hall
                                                                                    (closed 1999)
301   McConnell Dining Hall       26 Crowell Drive     26,690     1926      1967    Bookstore
                                                                                    Steam Boilers
      Central Heating Plant &                                                       & Arena Ice
302   Tank Farm                   552 Main Street       6,134     1949      1988    Plant
                                  15 & 21 Horton                                    Student
303   Student's Centre                Avenue           63,242     1949      1991    Centre
304   Wheelock Dining Hall       28 Horton Avenue      35,414     1965      1999    Dinning Hall
                                                                                    Physical Plant
305   R. Roscoe Service Bldg.   61 University Avenue   23,467     1968              Shops
306   Service Bldg. Garage      67 University Avenue    4,980     1968              Storage
                                                                Purchased           Storage - see
307   Dewolfe Warehouse           24 Elm Avenue        22,640     2001              note
403   Alumni Hall                 512 Main Street       7,790   Purchased   1994    Admin Offices
406   Bancroft House              7 Horton Avenue       4,536   Purchased   1994    Admin Offices
                                    17 Westwood                                     University
409   University Club                  Avenue           3,959     1912              Club
415   Godfrey House               3 Horton Avenue       2,907   Purchased   1995    Centre
513   58 University Ave         58 University Avenue    2,324   Purchased           Rental
515   56 University Ave         56 University Avenue    1,941   Purchased           Rental
519   24 Highland               24 Highland Avenue      3,050   Purchased           Admin Offices
520   48 Highland               48 Highland Avenue      2,090   Purchased           Recreation
521   Hayward House              31 Acadia Street       4,370   Purchased           Admin Offices
                                                                                    slated for
526   285 Main St.                507 Main Street       2,938   Purchased           demolition
                                   11 Westwood                  Purchased           Academic
528   11 Westwood                     Avenue            1,822     1995      1995    Offices
      Wong International                                        Purchased   Moved   International
529   Centre                    52 University Avenue    5,020     1996      1999    House
530   Simms House                 27 Acadia Street      3,288     1998      1999    Admin Offices
                                                                Purchased           President's
531   54 Westwood - Smith          54 Westwood          3,714     1999              Residence
532   Parker House                 6 Park Street        3,428     1999              Rental
                                                                                    Leased to
                                                                                    Wolf Child
533   17 Earnscliff Avenue      17 Earnscliff Avenue    4,400    Leased             Centre
                                  1060 Ridge Road                   Acquired          VPA
534    1060 Ridge Road             Wolfville Ridge                   1998             Residence
535    50 Westwood Avenue              50 Westwood                   2002             Rental
536    36 Westwood Avenue              36 Westwood                   2002             Rental
537    20 Westwood Avenue              20 Westwood                   2003             Rental
538    26 Westwood Avenue              26 Westwood                   2004             Rental
539    12 Westwood                     12 Westwood                   2004
540    503/505 Main St           503/505 Main Street                 2004             Rental

       Transformer Site/                                                              Distribution
       Electrical Distribution                           N/A                   1995   system
       Service Tunnels                                   N/A                          system

Note: Warehouse area to be confirmed
                                               APPENDIX D

                               CRIME & DISHONESTY POLICY
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                   Deductible                      Limit
Comprehensive Dishonesty, Disappearance,
 Destruction and Forgery - Aggregate                                                   $2,000,000
                          - Per Employee                        $1,000                    100,000

Broad Form Money and Securities:
Loss Inside the Premises Coverage - Broad Form                   1,000                     20,000
Loss Outside the Premises Coverage - Broad Form                  1,000                     20,000

It is hereby agreed and accepted that Broad Form Money & Securities limits are increased from $20,000 each to
$75,000 each for the periods of September 1st to October 31st and for three weeks in January commencing on the
first official day of registration. Form GE0001

It is hereby understood and agreed that with respect to Agreement 1.B Employee Dishonesty Coverage – form B
(Blanket Position Bond) a limit of $100,000 – per Employee applies subject to an aggregate limit of $2,000,000.
Form GE0002

Definition of Dishonesty:
1. Dishonest or fraudulent acts shall mean only dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by such Employee with
     the manifest intent:
     a) to cause the Insured to sustain such loss; and
     b) to obtain financial benefit for the Employee, or for any other person or organization intended by the
           Employee to receive such benefit, other than salaries, commissions, fees, bonuses, promotions, awards,
           profit sharing, pensions or other employee benefits earned in the normal course of employment.

Rating Data
Total number of employees                                                                     580

1.   All Class A employees who handle, have custody or maintain
     records of money, securities or other property, including in
     any event those holding any position listed below                                         35

2.   One percent of all others (excluding Special Class   Employees) 5

3.   All Special Class Employees                                                              118
     a) Accountants and Assistant Accountants                                                   4
     b) Administrators and Assistant Administrators                                            36
     c) Buyers and Assistant Buyers                                                             2
     d) Cashiers and Assistant Cashiers                                                         9
     e) Comptrollers and Assistant Comptrollers                                                 1
     f)   Computer Programmers, Network Analysts & Systems Operator                            17
     g) Managers and Assistant Managers                                                        20
     h) Paymasters and Assistant Paymasters                                                     3
     I) Professors, having custody of money and securities                                     14
     j)   Security Guards                                                                      10
     k) Shipping Clerks                                                                         1
     l)   Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors                                                 1
                                               APPENDIX E

Renewal Date: April 1, 2005
                                                                                                         Limit of
Coverage:                                          Deductible      Perils       Valuation              Insurance
a) Systems Hardware                                   $2,500       Broad        Replacement            $4,852,866
b) Data, Media                                          $2,500     Broad        Replacement              $150,000
c) Extra Expenses                                                  Broad                                 $150,000
   Breakdown Deductible                                 $2,500     Broad        Actual Cash
Subject to:               90% Co-Insurance

System breakdown coverage is included if the insured has qualified technicians on staff to provide regular
maintenance and service to the Data Processing Equipment.

$10,000 coverage on any one loss to electronic data processing rider applies to any location in Canada and
Continental United States.
                                                 APPENDIX F

                                       FINE ARTS (Non-Owned)
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                            Limit               Deductible
All risks of direct physical loss or damage, blanket
coverage of all exhibits                                                         $150,000                      $500

Various works of art, not owned by the insured but for which they are responsible or may be held liable, while on

Occasionally, coverage may need to be increased to cover large exhibits in the range of, but not limited to,
$2,500,000. Additional coverage will be requested as required.
                                             APPENDIX G

                                           FINE ARTS (Owned)
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005
                                                                                                       Limit of
Coverage:                                      Deductible     Perils         Valuation               Insurance
Fine Art - All risks, including Breakage            $500      Broad          Actual Cash             $1,667,030
Subject to: 90% Co-insurance

Item #1                      $1,463,290              on various works of art owned by Acadia

                                 $10,000             coverage while in transit or on exhibition in
                                                     Canada or Continental USA.

Item #2                           $3,000             on painting, on loan to the University,
                                                     Title - The Dutch Family Artist - VanVelde

Item #3                        $140,000              on Inuit Art Collection, as per list on file.

Item #4                           $8,700             Alex Colville Woman, Dog and canoe (1982)

Item #5                          $12,800              32 Original cartoons by Robert Chambers

Item # 6                         $28,895              121 ceramic mushrooms by Ernst and Alma

Item # 7                            $345               Mary Annis, The Horizon’s Gone – Infinity
Looms (1993) graphite on paper
                                             APPENDIX H

                                 MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES

Renewal Date: April 1, 2005
                                                                                                 Limit of
Coverage:                                       Deductible     Perils        Valuation         Insurance
Miscellaneous Articles - All Risks                   $500      Broad         Actual Cash         $19,100
Subject to: - 90% Co-Insurance

Details:                                                                         Sum Insured
Item #1                   4 Canoes - Voyagers (@ $600 each)                           $2,400
Item #2                   2 Canoes - Gilles Fibreglass (@ $800 each)                   1,600
Item #3                   4 Canoes - Mad River ABS (@ $1,300 each)                     5,200
Item #4                   2 Canoes - Chestnut Fibreglass (@ $900 each)                 1,800
Item #5                   1 Canoe - Cumberland Fibreglass                                700
Item #6                   2 Canoes - Chestnut Canvas Cedar (@ $1,200 each)             2,400
Item #7                   1 Canoe - Harold Gates Canvas Cedar                          1,700
Item #8                   1 Canoe Trailer for Items 1-6                                1,500
Item #9                   1 Canoe Trailer for Items 1-8                                1,800
                                            APPENDIX I

                                  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005
                                                                                    Limit of
Coverage:                                     Deductible   Perils   Valuation     Insurance
Musical Instruments - All Risks                    $500    Broad    Actual Cash    $151,242
Subject to: 90% Co-Insurance

Details:                                                             Value
Steinway Grand Piano S/N 320203                                     $28,000
Yamaha Concert Grand - 9 ft. S/N 4638400                            $36,242
Steinway Grand Piano S/N 355174                                     $25,000
Disklavier PRO Series Polished Ebony S/N 595980                     $62,000
                                               APPENDIX J

                                  PERSONAL EFFECT POLICY
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                      Deductible                 Limits
Personal Effects                                                                 $500                   $500,000

Personal effects of every description belonging to faculty members and employees of the insured, only while located
on the campus of Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Subject to:        Maximum Limit of $5,000 per employee or faculty member.
                   Co-Insurance 80%
                   Replacement Cost Coverage.
                   Commercial Building and Contents Fire and Extended Coverage.
                                                APPENDIX K

                                  TRAVEL ACCIDENT POLICY
Renewal Date: April 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                   Limits
1.     Specific Loss Accident Indemnity                                     $ 200,000 principal sum
                                                                            $2,500,000 aggregate
         For Loss of life, loss or loss of use of sight, speech, hearing or limbs

2.       Repatriation Benefit                                            $10,000
3.       Rehabilitation Benefit                                          $10,000
4.       Occupational Training Benefit                                   $10,000

Insured Persons - All active full time and part time salaried employees and all coaches of the athletic department of
the insured who are under the age of 70.

a)       Total number of persons eligible to the insurance                             580
b)       Number of persons who travel on company business 75%                          435
c)       Number of persons who have travelled 50 days or more 5%                        22
d)       Number of persons who have travelled less than 50 days                        413
e)       Average Number of days travelled by persons in (d)                            5-7
                                                 APPENDIX L

                               SPORTS ACCIDENT INSURANCE
Renewal Date: September 1, 2005

Coverage:                                                                                 Limits
Principal Sum                                                                               $12,000
Blanket Accident Expense Reimbursement                                                       10,000
Aggregate Dental Expense                                                                      5,000
Aggregate Limit                                                                           1,000,000

Any one accident                                                                              $100
1. The definition of Insured includes only those students of the Insured who participate in the following varsity
   and club sports and all coaches, managers and athletic therapists associated with said sports:

                                                                                            Athletic        Max
 Varsity -Team                 Tryouts        Make         Assistants      Managers        Therapists       Trips

 Football (male)                 125           68              8               3              5-6             8

 Soccer (female)                45-50          22              2              1-2             1-2             9

 Hockey (male)                  45-50          26              2               2              2-3            25

 Rugby (female)                 45-50          33              2               1               1              6

 Basketball (male)              25-50          15              2              2-3             1-2            15

 Basketball (female)            25-50          14             1-2             1-2             1-2            15

 Volleyball (female)            25-50          12             1-2             1-2             1-2            14

 Varsity -Volleyball            25-50          12             1-2             1-2             1-2            14

 Club Teams

 Baseball (men)                                15                              1
 Power Cheerleading
 (men & women)

 Hockey (women)                                20             1-2              1

 Rugby (men)                                   50

 Track & Field (men &                          12                              2

 Volleyball (men)                              12                              1

2.   Definitions - Accident is extended to include the following:

     Travelling outside the town limits of Wolfville with other insured persons on a trip for the purpose of
     participating in a scheduled game, competition or tournament of the Sport for which coverage is indicated
     above. Such trip shall be deemed to have commenced when the Insured Persons leave the point of group
     departure for the purpose of going on such trip and shall continue until such time as the Insured Persons return
     as a group to the point of group departure. It is specifically agreed that coverage ceases during personal
     deviation from the trip by individual Insured Persons.

3.   All indemnities payable under this policy are payable to or under the direction of the Insured.

4.   The schedule of losses under Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits are as follows:

     Loss of Life                                                $12,000
     Loss of Both Hands or Both Feet
      or Entire Sight of Both Eyes                               $50,000
     Loss of One Hand and One Foot                               $50,000
     Loss of One Hand and the Entire
      Sight of one Eye                                           $50,000
     Loss of One Foot and the Entire
      Sight of One Eye                                           $50,000
     Loss of One Arm or One Leg                                  $25,000
     Loss of One Hand or One Foot
      or the Entire Sight of One Eye                             $10,000
     Loss of Thumb and Index Finger or
      at Least Four Fingers of One Hand                           $3,000
     Loss of All Toes of One Foot                                 $2,000
     Loss of Speech and Hearing in Both Ears                     $50,000
     Loss of Speech or Hearing in Both Ears                      $25,000
     Loss of Hearing in One Ear                                   $5,000
     Quadriplegia (total paralysis of both
      upper and lower limbs)                                     $50,000
     Paraplegia (total paralysis or both
      lower limbs)                                               $50,000
     Hemiplegia (total paralysis of upper
      and lower limbs of one side of the body)$50,000
     Loss of Both Hands, Both Arms, or
      Both Legs                                                  $50,000
     Loss of Use of One Arm                                      $25,000
     Loss of Use of One Leg                                      $25,000
     Loss of Use of One Hand or One Foot                         $20,000

     Loss as above used with reference to hand or foot means complete severance through or above the wrist or
     ankle joint, but below the elbow or knee joint; as used with reference to arm or leg means complete severance
     through or above the elbow or knee joint; as used with reference to thumb means the complete loss of one entire
     phalanx of the thumb; as used with reference to finger means the complete loss of two entire phalanges of the
     finger; as used with reference to toe means the complete loss of one entire phalanx of the big toe and all
     phalanges of the other toes; and as used with reference to eye means the irrecoverable loss of the entire sight

     Loss      as above used with reference to speech means complete and irrecoverable loss of the ability to utter
     intelligible sounds; as used with reference to hearing means complete and irrecoverable loss of hearing.

     Loss as above used with references to quadriplegia, paraplegia and hemiplegia means the complete and
     irreversible paralysis of such limbs.

     Loss       as above used with reference to loss of use means the total and irrecoverable loss of use provided the
     loss is continuous for twelve consecutive months and such loss of use is determined to be permanent at the end
     of such period.

     Indemnity provided under this part for all losses sustained by any one Insured Person as the result of any one
     accident shall not exceed $50,000.
5.   It is further understood and agreed between the Insured and the Insurer that Blanket Medical Expense
     Reimbursement is amended to include the following with respect to students not eligible to any government
     hospital or medical plans:

     a)   treatment or service by a legally qualified physician or surgeon, other than him/herself, not to exceed the
          amount payable under the Health Insurance Board Schedule of Fees of the province in which such expenses
          are incurred;

     b) laboratory or X-ray examination for diagnosis, not to exceed $200.00 during the policy term and during any
        one period of disability, provided the Insured Person is not confined within a hospital as a resident patient
        charged for room and board during the time such expenses are incurred;

     c)   anaesthetics, not to exceed amount payable under the Health Insurance Board Schedule of Fees of the
          province in which such expenses are incurred;

     d) confinement within an incorporated or licensed hospital, not to exceed $600.00 per day.

It is further understood and agreed that Limitation and Exclusions is deleted in its entirety with respect to students
not eligible to any government hospital or medical plans. This policy shall apply to any student described above
whether or not they are enrolled in a Government Health Insurance Plan.

6.   Supplementary Benefits                                               Maximum Amount Payable
                                                                                Any One Accident
     Prosthetic Appliances                                                  $3,000 any one insured
     Blanket Medical Expense reimbursement                                 $10,000 any one insured
     Rehabilitation Benefit                                                 $3,000 any one insured
     Tuition Benefit                                                        $2,000 any one insured
     Special Treatment Travel Expense Benefit                               $1,000 any one insured
     Out of Province - Excess Surgical and Medical
       Accident Benefits (Applicable only within Canada)                $10,000 any one insured
     Emergency Transportation Benefit                                       $50 any one insured
     Eyeglasses & Contact Lens Expense                                     $100 any one insured
     Blanket Dental Accident Reimbursement                               $5,000 any one insured
     Dentures, Hearing Aids and Removable
       Teeth Expense                                                       $200 any one insured
     Fracture or Dislocation Benefit
     (Including Greenstick Type Fracture)
     - of the skull (depressed)                                            $500 any one insured
     - of the skull (not depressed)                                        $500 any one insured
     - of the spine (one or more vertebrae)                                $250 any one insured
     - of the lower jaw (alveolar process accepted) $75 any one insured
     - of the upper jaw                                                     $75 any one insured
     - of the shoulder (dislocation)                                        $50 any one insured
     - of the clavicle (collar bone)                                        $75 any one insured
     - of the scapula (shoulder bone)                                       $75 any one insured
     - of the elbow                                                         $50 any one insured
     - of the hip                                                          $125 any one insured
     - of the pelvis                                                       $125 any one insured
     - of the thigh (femur)                                                $125 any one insured
     - of the knee cap                                                     $100 any one insured
     - of the sacrum or coccyx                                             $100 any one insured
     - of the sternum                                                       $50 any one insured
     - of the leg (tibia or fibula)                                        $100 any one insured
     - of the upper arm (humerus)                                          $100 any one insured
- of the forearm (radius or ulna)               $100 any one insured
- of the hand or wrist (other than phalanges)   $100 any one insured
- of the foot (other than phalanges)            $100 any one insured
- of the ankle                                   $50 any one insured
                                                  APPENDIX M

Renewal Date: September 6, 2005

Coverage:                                                Deductible     Perils         Valuation               Limits
Electronic Data Processing Systems
a) Systems Hardware                                      $1 ,000      Broad          Replacement            $6,000,000
b) Data, Media                                           $1,000       Broad          Replacement              Included
c) Extra Expense                                         $1,000       Broad                                  $ 100,000
   Breakdown Deductible                                  $1,000       Broad          Actual Cash

Subject to:                                              90% Co-Insurance

Blanket amount of portable laptop computers while located anywhere in the world and while in transit anywhere in
the world.

Extra expense, with a period of indemnity not to exceed 120 days, applicable solely to the portable laptop computers
described above. Coverage is applicable to losses to the laptops while held by Acadia prior to distribution to
students, faculty and/or staff.
Does not insure against loss, damage or expense caused directly or indirectly by mysterious disappearance, theft,
robbery, burglary or accidental breakage.

$1,000 - For each loss to the property insured while held by Acadia University prior to distribution to students,
faculty and/or staff and for loss or damage caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown.

$500 - Per unit for all other losses while the units are in possession of students, faculty and/or staff.
                                            APPENDIX N

                                          BOAT POLICY
Renewal Date: September 8, 2005

Boat #1
Coverage:                                                Deductible                            Insurance
Hull Insurance - Yacht                                       $1,000                              $25,000
Hull Insurance - Electronic Equipment        300     Included above
Hull Insurance - Underwater Machinery     1, 000     Included above
Hull Insurance - Tender & Outboard Motor(s)                     100                                3,000

Manufacturer & Model:                              1988 Etheran Goreham - Cape Islander Boat
Licence/Registration No.:                          11A11748
Length:                                            21 Feet
Vessel Type:                                       Motor
Method of Propulsion:                              Inboard/Outboard
Hull Material:                                     Fibreglass
Other Description:                                 Cape Island Utility Boat W. Closed Forecab & Wheelhouse,
                                                   Open Afterdeck
Engine:                                            1998 Mercruiser - 180 HP;
Serial Number:                                     GM12552422
Outboard Motor:                                    1995 Yamaha - 20 HP
Tender:                                            1995 Etheran Goreham - 16 Feet
Radar - Value:                                     $2,000
Fathometer or Depth Sounder:                       $200
C.B. Radio/V.H.F.                                  $350
GPS                                                $600
Auto Bilge Pumps:                                  Yes
Mooring Berth:                                     Shag Harbour, NS - Outside/Afloat
Winter Lay-up:                                     Shag Harbour, NS - Outside/Ashore
Lay-Up Period:                                     November 15 to March 31
Waters Navigated:                                  Local to Yarmouth & Liverpool,
                                                   General Shag Harbour Area
Uses:                                              Service boat for Biology field students and limited visitors.
                                                   Not used commercially or chartered or for water
                                                   skiing/tubing/knee boarding/racing
Passenger capacity:                                Ten
Boat #2
Coverage:                                           Deductible                           Insurance
Hull Insurance - Yacht                                    $500                              $4,824
Hull Insurance - Electronic Equipment   500     Included above
Hull Insurance - Underwater Machinery   500     Included above
Trailer Insurance                                      100 $ 920

Manufacturer & Model:                         2004 Princecraft Unagva
Licence/Registration No.:
Length:                                       12 Feet
Vessel Type:                                  Motor
Method of Propulsion:                         Outboard
Hull Material:                                Aluminium
Other Description:                            12 ‘ Runabout / Fishing Boat
Outboard Motor:                               1994 Mercruy – 9.9 HP;
Serial Number:                                OT911614
Winter Lay-up:                                Acadia University: On trailer, Locked in secure area
Lay-Up Period:                                November 15 to March 31
Waters Navigated:                             Local to Yarmouth & Liverpool,
                                              General Shag Harbour Area
Uses:                                         Service boat for Environmental Science (Dr. John Roff). Not
                                              used commercially or chartered.
Passenger capacity:                           Four
                                 APPENDIX O

                             CLAIMS HISTORY

                              Governors of Acadia University Claims List
 Loss Date         Claim Payment                               Loss Description
                                        Acadia research assistant had their laptop stolen from an office
 Jan 11/03            3,434.40          Dalhouse University. Laptop is owned by Acadia University
                                          Theft of data projector and remote control from Wheelock Hall.
                                          S/N 8004377H
 Aug 14/02            3,329.75            cost $4,030.75 incl. Tax. $287.50 remote.
 Jul 31/02     $              753.00      Collision to 2001 Chrysler Sebring
 Mar 7/02      $           13,271.65      Vehicle went off shoulder of road and collided
                                          Date of loss estimated. Occurred over Labour Day Weekend.
                                          Sound equipment
  Feb 9/01     $                    -     damage by water from unknown source.
                                          Lightning struck Raymond House building causing damage to
  Apr 6/01     $             2,618.50     photocopiers.
                                          Piece of equipment (BR-8) stolen from Medi-Lab between Mar.
                                          2001 and
 Mar 29/01     $              439.75      April 1, 2001. Replacement cost $995.00.
                                          Theft of 2 Nec MT Series Data Projectors. One stolen from the
                                          Denton Hall
 Mar 27/01     $             9,741.28     Building and the other from the B.A.C. Building
                                          Date of loss estimated to be between Mar 16 to Mar 18/01.
                                          Equipment stolen
                                          from Medi Lab. Equipment described as SP-808EX, replaceme
 Mar 16/01     $             1,801.75     value $2595
  Jan 3/01     $             5,435.27     Theft of Data Projector.
 Jan 30/01     $             2,262.71     Insured pulled away form loading zone and hit T/P
 Jan 15/01     $             9,741.28     Theft of Data Projectors
                                          Insured pulling out of Roscoe Drive in Kentville, onto Hwy#1
                                          turning West.
 Sep 28/00     $             3,155.97     Collided with third party traveling East on Hwy#1
                                          Biology Dept had vehicle on short term rental and there was
                                          damage done. Discount Rental charged the damages back to
 Sep 10/00     $              824.21      Acadia
                                          T/P claimed Acadia damaged a piece of artwork while in its
  Sep 1/00     $                    -     possession
                                          Laptop was damaged by water while in storage at Acadia
 Jun 15/00     $            1,625.00      University
 May 15/00     $              993.57      Insured hit parked third party vehicle
 Mar 29/00     $           18,941.00      Three data projectors stolen

Sport Accidents Claims over the last five year period $18,267.66

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