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									                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2001-011501-1001   Joanna Kroll-Wheeler                        The effects of a Web-based Instructional Component on
                                                               Academic Achievement and Motivation Among
                                                               Undergraduate Students Enrolled in a Two- way
                                                               Interactive Television Course.

2001-011501-1002   Dr. Joe Priest                              Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior.
2001-041001-2001   Dr. Mark Littleton                          A Corrrelation study of Teacher Education Screening
                                                               Criteria and Performance on the ExCET.

2001-041001-2002   Dr.Victor Ashe                              Measurement of critical thinking in preservice teachers
                                                               and non-education students.
2001-041001-2003   Dr. Bill LaBauve                            The Relationship of Culture, Gender, SES and Parenting
                                                               Styles to Hyperactivity in Children.
2001-061901-3001   Dr. Linda Duncan                            Fort Worth Area Families Study: Effects of a Brief
                                                               Intervention for Improving Family Relationships.
2001-061901-3002   Rebecca Tabony                              Measuring the Influence of Self-Efficacy, Knowledge of
                                                               Counseling, Fear of Stigma, and Encouragement on
                                                               College Students' Attitudes Toward Psychological
2001-091101-4001   Dr. Rynearson And Dr. Jinkins               An Investigation of Two Types of Word Instruction for
                                                               Beginning Readers.
2001-091101-4002   Ju Yun Chiao                                The Cultural differences between parents and children's
                                                               attitudes toward education.
2001-111301-5002   Dr. Thomas Dougherty- CANCELED              The Impact of Charter School On Children with
2001-111301-5003   Dr. Thomas Dougherty                        Search for significant of self-esteem social support
                                                               systems and coping styles as a determinate of sexual
2001-111301-5004   Dr.Bob Newby                                Relationships between paranormal beliefs and
                                                               reactions to a terrorist attack.
2001-111301-5005   Dr. Bill LaBauve                            A study of how attachment is monifested in the high
                                                               risk behaviors of first time DWI offenders.
2001-111301-5006   Dr. Bill LaBauve                            A study of adults ADHD behaviors in traditional and non-
                                                               traditional college students.
2001-111301-5007   Pati Hendricks                              Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission Variance by
                                                               Precinct: Hood-v-Erath County.*
2001-111301-5008   Dr. Laurie M Hawke                          Professional as defined by teachers and teachers'
                                                               reeasons for continuing in the teaching.*
2001-111301-5009   Dr. Sara Tyler                              A study of Electronic Reading Strategies and
2001-111301-5010   Linda Borchardt                             Educational Administration Program Evaluation.*
2001-111301-5013   Dr. Rynearson And Dr. Jinkins               Reading Instuctional Practices.
2001-111301-5014   Dr. Rynearson                               Achievement in an Online Course.
2001-111301-5015   Sally Lewis                                 Student Research Project.
2001-111301-5016   Patricia Smith                              Effect of Specimen Procssing on Coagulation Studies.

2001-111301-5017   Dr. Karen Murray                            Impact of Age on speciman Collection Criteria for
2001-111301-5018   Dr. Jinkins and Dr. Zellner                 Consequences of High Stakes Testing on the Literacy
                                                               Programs of High-Performing Learning Communities.

2001-111301-5019   Dr.Wendell Sadler                           Training Needs of Adapted Physical Educators for
                                                               Children with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity
2001-111301-5020   Dr. Janet Whitley                           Critical reading and thinking skills Employed by
                                                               Successful Takers of Excet and TAAS
2001-111301-5021   Dr. David Weissenburger                     A comparison of Cultural Adaptaility in Military and
                                                               Nonmilitary Adoleslents

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2002-012902-1001   Angela Myrick                               Thesis Project - The relationship between collective
                                                               teacher efficacy and third-grade mathematics and
                                                               reading TAAS scores in selected Texas public schools.

2002-011002-1001   Dr. Janet Whitley                           Critical Reading and thinking skills employed by
                                                               successful takers of ExCet and TAAS.*
2002-022502-1001   Dr. Kathy Horak Smith                       Developing technology-proficient educators: An
                                                               analysis of professional development needs.*
2002-022502-1002   Dr. Peggy Malone                            Indicators of math rediness of elementary students.*

2002-022502-1003   Becky Tabony                                Influences on sexual decision making.*
2002-030802-1001   Dr. Marcel S. Kerr                          Psychology 3354: research in behavioral sciences-
                                                               individual student projects.*
2002-032502-1001   Dr. Joe Gillespie                           The relationship between health and TAAS scores of 5th
                                                               and 6th grade students.*
2002-040202-1001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        A study of the relationship between recorded crime and
                                                               student experiences and perceptions of crime on the
                                                               Tarleton State University campus.
2002-040202-1002   Dr. Lee Gustafson                           Survey of social services within rural settings.
2002-050702-1001   Dr. Richard Shigley                         Legal knowledge needs survey.*
2002-051602-1001   Kyle McGregor                               The effects of visual teching methods on learning with
                                                               students in agricultural systems management courses.*

2002-101502-1001   Dr. Janet Whitley                           Research on the effectiveness of TSU's teacher
                                                               preparation program.*
2002-110102-1001   Dr. Marcel Kerr and Dr. Kim Rynearson       Predicting student success in online courses: A new
2002-110402-1001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Underage drinking and it's effects in Stephenville, Tx.*

2002-110402-1002   Lara Crutsinger                             Attitudes towards diversity on campus.
2002-110402-1003   Lara Crutsinger                             Student alcohol consumption.
2002-110402-1004   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        When life is too long: A study of society's attitude
                                                               toward euthanasia and assisted suicide.
2002-110402-1005   Lara Crutsinger                             Safety on Tarleton State University campus.
2002-111202-1001   Dr. Gary R. Mauldin                         Why we stay together: An ethnography investigating
                                                               resiliency in human realtionships.
2002-111202-1002   Dr. Robert W. Newby                         Relationships between self-esteem, body image, mood
                                                               and sexual strategies theory.
2002-110102-1001   Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens                  Content analysis of top revenue producing movies for
2002-111502-1001   Dr. Kim Rynearson and Dr. Marcel Kerr       Class size and achievement in online courses*
2002-071202-1001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Medical Record Security within the Erath county
2002-112102-1001   Leah Schultz                                Effect of graphic design on perceived usefulness of
                                                               library web sites.*
2003-012203-1001   Dr. George Eichenberg                       A comparison of JJAEP participants with a control group
                                                               on the four dimensions of Hirschi's Control Theory.

2003-012203-1002   Dr. George Eichenberg                       Patrol Officer Allocation Study; Temple, Texas Police
2003-012203-1003   Dr. Coady Lapierre                          Database Research on Academic Achievement of
                                                               Military Dependents. *

2003-021103-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         Random or sequential alphabet instruction, which
                                                               method significantly impacts pre-kindergarten students'
                                                               acquisition of letter-name knowledge.

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                      IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                             Activity Title
2003-032403-1001   Dr. Marcel Kerr                            Psychology 3354: Research in Behavioral Sciences -
                                                              Individual Student Projects *
2003-032603-1001   Dr. Linda Talley                           Research Class for CIS 5203 Class *
2003-032803-1001   Kyle McGregor                              Effects of Computer Generated Animation Upon
                                                              Cognition of Undergraduates in an Agricultural Power
                                                              Technology Course *
2003-032803-1002   Dr. Thomas Dougherty                       Long Term Effectiveness of the Every 15 Minutes
2003-041503-1001   Dr. Kimberly Rynearson and Dr. Marcel Kerr Using Technology to Address Class-Size Issues and
                                                              Materials Shortages in a High School Chemistry Course:
                                                              A Report of Student Outcomes *

2003-041703-1001   Dr. Bert Little                               Zapotec DNA Collection and Analysis
2003-051203-1001   Dr. Richard Sale                              A Study of Childcare Workers and Job Satisfaction
2003-052803-1001   Dr. Merry Boggs                               Literature Circles: Motivating Adolescent Students to
2003-052903-1001   Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens and Dr. Patricia   From Segregation to Integration in Dallas Independent
                   Zelman                                        School District
2003-061703-1001   Dr. Sally Lewis                               As Coordinator of the Department of Clinical Laboratory
                                                                 Sciences Undergraduate Research, Dr. Lewis requested
                                                                 a blanket exemption for all of the faculty-sponsored
                                                                 projects that meet the following criteria:

                                                                 1. Neither students nor faculty are involved in collection
                                                                 of study samples;

                                                                 2. Samples are not identified with the patients name or
                                                                 other identifying information (age and gender are

                                                                 3. Study samples would have eventually been

                                                                 Other members of the faculty that are sponsoring
                                                                 projects that do not meet these three criteria will
                                                                 submit applications for IRB Review.

2003-061703-1002   Dr. Lynda Gunter                              Prostate Health Education Project
2003-070103-1001   Dr. Coady Lapierre                            Observational Research on How Appearance Affects
                                                                 Behavior *
2003-070103-1002   Dr. Coady Lapierre                            A Look at Personal Space
2003-073003-1001   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                           Teaching Intern Feedback Feedback Summary: Finding
                                                                 the Norm
2003-090503-1001   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                           Effects of Computerized Data Collection and Videotape
                                                                 Self-Evaluation on Intern Teaching Performance

2003-090803-1001   Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens                    Phone Interviews with parents of young children
2003-091203-1001   Dr. Kathy Smith                               Attitudes and Achievement in a Fifth Grade Hispanic
                                                                 Science Classroom.
2003-091603-1001   Rebecca Mounsey and Dr. David                 Preservice and inservice wildlife and recreation
                   Drueckhammer                                  management needs for agricultrual science. *
2003-091603-1002   Dr. Marcel S. Kerr                            Cardiovascular Training Effects on Mood State and Self-
                                                                 Esteem of Disabled Individuals.
2003-101403-1001   Jennifer Harris and Dr. Pam Lindsey           Impact of Reading Recovery on Reading Achievement
                                                                 Scores of At Risk Students.

                                         * Approved Exempt
                                                 IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number             Activity Director                           Activity Title
2003-101403-1002            Marla Henry and Dr. Deborah Jinkins         The Effectiveness of Accelerated Reading Instruction.

2003-101403-1003            Kellie Cude and Dr. Deborah Jinkins         Effect of Daily Writing on Reading Ability.
2003-101503-1001            Dr. Lee Gustafson                           Impace of Transportation of Persons with Disabilities
                                                                        for Employment.
2003-101503-1002            Dr. Lori Anderson                           Research in Field Placement Institution with Supervision
                                                                        and Consent.
2003-102103-1001            Dr. Patti Hendrickson                       Substance Use and its Effects Among Tarleton State
                                                                        University Students.
2003-102403-1001            Dr. Kim Rynearson                           Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom:
                                                                        Using Web Logs as a Reading, Writing and Publishing
2003-111703-1001            Dr. Brad Chilton/Stacy Cox                  CIS Survey
2003-112103-1001            Dr. Brad Chilton/Sean Perry                 Computer Virus Survey
2003-112103-1002            Dr. Brad Chilton/Oscar Gallego              Attitudes Toward Technology
2003-112403-1001            Dr. Brad Chilton/K.C.Steed                  Network Survey
2003-112403-1002            Dr. Brad Chilton/D.J. Abraham               Internet Usage of Tarleton Students
2003-121203-1001            Dr. Brad Chilton/Aaron Moore                Interactive Training-Effectiveness in a Lab Context

2003-121203-1002            Dr. Brad Chilton/Vithaya Soontornviwath     Online Education: Students' Preference of online and
                                                                        face-to-fact classes.
2003-121203-1003            Dr. Brad Chilton/Steven Schronk             Network Services at Tarleton State University.
2003-121203-1004            Dr. Brad Chilton/Mark Davis                 Password Security At Tarleton State University.
2003-121503-1001            Dr. Pam Lindsey                             A Study of the Effectiveness of Tarleton State
                                                                        University's Special Education Teacher Preparation
                                                                        Programs: Tradition and Alternative.
2003-121703-1001            Dr. Coady Lapierre                          Pilot Study on the factors effecting difficulty of military
                                                                        deployment on spouses.
2002-022502-1001(Renewal)   Dr. Kathy Horak Smith                       Developing Technology-Proficient Educators: An
                                                                        Analysis of Professional Development Needs of Current
                                                                        and Future Texas Teachers.
2004-010904-1001            Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Norma O. Picacio        No Child Left Behind: Some Implications To Consider.

2004-012004-1001            Leah Schultz                                Study of Indexing Terms Supplied for Digital Images by
                                                                        African-American and Caucasian Students.*

2004-012204-1001            Dr. Marcel S. Kerr                          Offering Professional Development Curriculum Online:
                                                                        Pre-service Teacher Outcomes.
2004-021004-1001            Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Sexual Behaviors and Their Effects Among Tarleton
                                                                        State University Students.
2004-021004-1002            Dr. Dennis G. Jones                         A Study of the Current Availability, Use, and Quality of
                                                                        Distance Learning Courses in Texas Secondary Schools.*

2004-021304-1001            Dr. Jimi S. Leopold/Jennifer Gibson         Body Image and Personality: Is there a trait that links
                                                                        the two?
2004-021304-1002            Dr. Merry Boggs/Deborah Crowder             Thesis: Relationship between the beliefs of parents,
                                                                        teachers and students, regarding the student's reading
                                                                        ability, and the student's performance on the fourth
                                                                        grade reading TAKS.
2004-021604-1001            Dr. Pamela Lindsey                          "A Study of Arthmetic Subtest Score on the WISC-III as a
                                                                        Predictor of Mathematic Achievement of High School
2004-030104-1001            Dr. Jill Burk/Betty C. Reily                The Criteria Used to Refer Students to a Reading
2004-030204-1001            Dr. Patti Hendrickson/Cody Martin           Alcohol and it's Effects on Vandalism in the Residence

                                                    * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2004-030304-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         Establishing and Maintaining Literacy Knowledge and
                                                               Competence in In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers in
                                                               Collaborative Field-Based Contexts.
2004-030404-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         Developing the Transitional Reader Through Award
                                                               Winning Literature, Web Logs, Video-Conferences and
                                                               University Pre-Service Teacher Partners: A School-
                                                               University Partnership.
2004-030404-1002   Dr. Lewis Gambill/ Al Gonzalez              A Study of Classroom Performance Systems.
2004-031104-1001   Dr. Jill Burk                               Three Case Studies: Examples in Diversifying Reading
2004-031104-1002   Dr. Andria Schwegler                        Psychology 3354: Research Methods in the Behavioral
                                                               Sciences - Individual Student Projects.
2004-031204-1001   Dr. Marcel S. Kerr                          Psychology 3354: Research in Behavioral Sciences -
                                                               Individual Student Projects 2004.
2004-031204-1002   Dr. Peggy Malone                            Impact of Advanced Placement, International
                                                               Baccalaureate, and Dual Credit Courses on Student
                                                               Success in a Texas Institution of Higher Learning.

2004-040204-1001   Dr. Roger Wittie/Lucinda Tomlin             Research Methods (Agri 5603) Independent Project

2004-040204-1002   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Behavior and Conformity Among Tarleton State
                                                               University Students
2004-040204-1003   Sue Plattsmier                              Focus Groups for the Mayor's Taskforce for the
                                                               Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
2004-040204-1003   Dr. Pati Hendrickson/Stacy Kolar            A Study of the characteristics of juvenile shoplifters in
                                                               the retail setting.*
2004-040904-1001   Dr. Richard Sale                            Married and Gay: Male Homosexuals' Perceptions of
                                                               Their Interactions with Spouses, Ex-Spouses and
2004-040904-1002   Dr. Coady Lapierre                          Program Evaluation of Iron Horse University.
2004-040904-1003   Dr. Macel Kerr/Amanda L. Cobb               The Effect of Caffeinated Soda on the Behavior of
2004-041904-1001   Dr. Laurie Hawke/Alejandro Mojica           The Relationship between Community Service Learning
                                                               and Ninth Graders' Self-Concept and Attitude toward
2004-042904-1001   Dr. Douglas Dyer                            Social Studies Education Survey.*
2004-051004-1001   Dr. Jill Burk/Mari Garner                   Teachers' Opinions on Reading Assessment at the
                                                               Primary Level.
2004-051004-1002   Dr. Pati Hendrickson/David E. Walker        Proposal for Research CJ 5983.
2004-051004-1003   Dr. Deborah Jenkins/Donna Elaine Healey     Family Literacy and the Emergent Reader.

2004-052104-1001   Dr. Carol Key                               Cayes, Coral Tourism and Ethnicity in Belize, Central
                                                               America: Phase II.
2004-052104-1002   Dr. Jimmy Byrd                              Evaluating Educator Preparation Programs: A Value-
2004-060704-1001   Dr. Merry Boggs/Charla Jones                The Effectiveness of a Proven Research-Based Reading
                                                               Intervention on an Elementary Population.*

2004-061604-1001   Dr. Randy B. McCamey                        What do people want from their jobs? Worker
                                                               motivation between individuals in Thailand and the
2004-061804-1001   Dr. Laurie Hawke                            Teachers beliefs about teaching Bioethics in Northe
                                                               Central Texas.*
2004-062104-1001   Dr. Bill LaBauve                            A study of self-esteem and life satisfaction in TAG kids.

2004-062304-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Tamantha Brooks             The Impact of High Stakes Assessment on Students with
2004-062304-1002   Dr. Steve SteedAmy Riordan                  The use of graphing calculators in the classroom.

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2004-062504-1002   Dr. Patty Hendrickson/George Day             The effects of faith and attendance of religious services
                                                                on self-control in individuals.*
2004-062804-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Dana Johnson                 Correlational Study: Is There a Correlation Between the
                                                                DAS Verbal Ability Score and the WISC-IV Verbal
                                                                Comprehension Index Score?
2004-062804-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Amy McClain                  Teacher Perceptions of high-stakes testing on stress
                                                                levels of young readers.
2004-070804-1001   Dr. Annette Albrecht/Dr. Linda Castillo      Impact of Multicultural Training on Counselor Cultural
2004-072004-1001   Leah Schultz                                 Image manipulation and assignment of indexing terms.*

2004-081804-1001   Dr. Lewis Gambill/Credence Baker             Learning Style Assessment in the Online Environment at
                                                                Tarleton State University.*
2004-082404-1001   Dr. Andria Schwegler                         Writing Intervention on Postraumatic Stress Symptoms
                                                                and Depressive Symptoms in Soldiers Returning from
                                                                Combat Operations in Iraq.
2004-082704-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkens/Stephanie Seigel         Learning Styles of Early Readers.
2004-082704-1002   Dr. Claudia Rappaport                        Use of a Survey with New Social Work Students.
2004-090904-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey                              The Investigation of TAKSRemediation*
2004-100804-1001   Dr. Deborah Jenkins/Kathryn Fisher           Helping Children Reach Reading Potentials Through
                                                                Early Acquisition of Literacy Skills.*
2004-100804-1002   Dr. Kimberly Rynearson/Brandy Hart           Self-Regulated Strategy Use in Online and Traditional
                                                                Classrooms with and without Strategy Instruction.*

2004-101904-1001   Dr. Brad Chilton                             National Survey of Student Engagement*
2004-101904-1002   Dr. Raja Iyer/Gayla Wright                   Doctoral Practicum Research*
2004-101904-1003   Dr. Ann Calahan/George Robinson              Relating Reading Comprehension and Mathematics on
                                                                the Third-Grade TAKS Assessment. *

2004-101904-1004   Dr. David Drueckhammer/T. Grady Roberts      A Longitudinal Study of Student Teach Perceptions of
                                                                the Important Characteristics of Cooperating Teachers.*

2004-102004-1001   Dr. Brad Chilton                             Faculty Survey of Student Engagement.*
2004-110904-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Stephanie L. George          Evaluation and Improvement of Knowledge of Dyslexia
                                                                Among Educational Professionals.
2004-110904-1002   Dr. Lori Anderson                            Political Orientation Among Tarleton State University
                                                                Students and Correlating Stances on Social Issues.*

2004-110904-1003   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Factors Affecting Bathroom Graffiti on the Tarleton
                                                                State University Campus.*
2004-120204-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Mary Young                   Impact of the Prereferral Process.
2005-010605-1001   Dr. Lewis Gambill/Traci VanZandt             Graduate Project - College of Education *
2005-011805-1001   Dr. David C. Weindorf                        Survey of Demographics and Student Perceptions in Soil
2005-012005-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Ruth Lake                Educators' Perceptions of the Impact of High-Stakes
                                                                Testing on Instruction*
2005-012805-1001   Dr. Kathy Horak Smith/Laura Carden           Preschool Children's Number Development *
2005-013105-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Pamela Beasley               The Effect of Guided Oral Reading on Reading Fluency
                                                                and Reading Comprehension.
2005-020205-1001   Dr. Sally Lewis                              Immediate Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative
                                                                Treatment on Immune Function in a Healty Population:
                                                                A Pilot Study.
2005-020205-1002   Dr. Bill J. LaBauve                          Tropic Lightning Academy: An ealuation of soldier
2005-022405-1001   Dr. Mary Ann Calahan/Mattie Ruth Garrett     Teaching of a Novel with Traditional Method vs.
                                                                Cooperative Leanring.

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2005-022405-1002   Dr. David Drueckhammer/Crystal Salinas       The Effects of Visual Animation as a Study Tool for
                                                                Undergraduate Students in an Agriculture Power
2005-022405-1003   Dr. Mark Littleton                           The Superintendent's Role in Supporting Principals to
                                                                Become Leaders of Leaders.*
2005-022405-1004   Dr David/Drueckhammer/Linsey Fowler          The Effects of Dairy in the 21st Century. - A Dairy
                                                                Industry Curriculum CD. - Upon Texas Agriscience
                                                                Students - An Impact Study. *
2005-022405-1004   Dr. Richard Sale                             Married and Gay: Male Homosexuals' Perceptions of
                                                                Their Interactions with Spouses, Ex-Spouses and
2005-030905-1001   Dr. Andria Schwegler                         Psychology 335(110) Research Methods in the
                                                                Behavioral Sciences - Individual Student Projects. *

2005-030905-1002   Dr. Randy B. McCamey                         Relationships among spirituality, leadership, and
                                                                organizational commitment.*
2005-032805-1001   Dr. Dena Johnson/Shweta Agarwal              Survey (Gaming Technology as a source of
                                                                entertainment among college students).
2005-032905-1001   Dr. Dena Johnson/Kulmeet Kaur                Research Survey (Organizations and students-
                                                                membership v/s participation).
2005-032905-1002   Dr. Dena Johnson/Joseph Young                Survey on factors that keep faculty from publishing
                                                                personal web sites.
2005-041805-1001   Dr. Pam Winn/Angie Ballard                   TSU Leadership Development for Student Success
                                                                Iniative School Leadership Grant.*
2005-051605-1001   Dr. Janet Whitley/Tracy Carter               Teacher intervention Habits Concerning Bullying Among
2005-052705-1001   Dr. Merry Boggs/Sandra Long                  Assisted Taped Readings For Increased Fluency: A First
                                                                Grade Class Study.*
2005-060705-1001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Factors Affecting Tarleton State University Student
2005-062305-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Julie Workman                Research project for Seminar 1 - Curriculum and
2005-071405-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Amy Garza                    Cognitive Measures to Identify Students with Learning
2005-071405-1002   Dr. Kyle McGregor                            The Effects of Computer Generated Animation vs. Still
                                                                Pictures on Learning Effects in Students enrolled in
                                                                Secondary Agriscience Courses.*
2005-071405-1003   Dr. Kyle W. McGregor                         An Examination of Textbook Adoption Decisions and
                                                                utilization Plans in Selected AgriScience Programs.*

2005-071505-1001   Dr. Janis Petronis                           Short and Long Term Impact of Study Abroad on
                                                                Student Participants.
2005-072905-1001   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Candace King                 Agreement in Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
2005-080505-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Sharon Handy                 The Effects of Time Differences on At-Risk Readers*

2005-090705-1001   Dr. Merry Boggs/Kelly Posey                  Systematic Phonics Instructions: Which Program is best
                                                                for teaching Phonics?
2005-090705-1002   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Karen Schasteen              Factors Related to Learning Disabilities*
2005-092805-1001   Dr. Lewis Gambill/Theodore C. Andreas, Jr.   A Self-Assessment of Comput Knowledge and Skills by
                                                                Elementary Classroom Teachers.
2005-102405-1001   Dr. Marilyn Duran                            A Survey of College Students Attitudes and Beliefs
                                                                about Smoking. *
2005-102405-1002   Dr. Kyle McGregor                            A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation & Application of
2005-102405-1003   Dr. Marilyn Duran                            A Survey to Describe the effects of Breathing Difficulty
                                                                and Gender Differences.*

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                       IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2005-102405-1004   Dr. Robert Newby                            The Relationship Between Perceived Nationalism,
                                                               Patriotism, and Self Reports of Religiousness and
2005-110105-1001   Dr. Janet Whitley                           Keeping the Swords Sharpened in King Arthur's Court:
                                                               Making the multiplication facts accessible for the long
2005-110705-1001   Leah Schultz                                Image Manipulation and User-Supplied Index Terms.*

2005-111405-1001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        The Relationship between Texas alcohol laws and the
                                                               means of obtaining alcohol among Tarleton State
                                                               Universtiy students.*
2005-111405-1002   Dr. Robert Newby/Janelle Stambaugh          Gener Based Assessment of Multicultural Relational
                                                               Differentials Between Foot Size and Self-Esteem.

2005-111405-1003   Dr. Stephen Anderson/Kelvin J. Page         The Educational Gap.
2005-111405-1004   Dr. Brad Chilton/Mark Durbin                Research Survey.
2005-113005-1001   Dr. Stuart H. Warnock                       Level of Acculturation and the academic performance
                                                               and satisfaction of international MBA students.*

2005-112805-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Sara Ann Parsons            An Examination of Anxiety Levels in Association with
                                                               High Stakes Testing Among Third Grade Students. *

2005-121205-1001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Sherry Palousek         Middle School Inclusion Programs, Teacher Perceptions,
                                                               and Student Achievement.
2005-121205-1002   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Lisa McCray             Impact of Handheld Computers on Student Writing in
                                                               an Elementary Classroom.*
2005-121205-1003   Dr. Ann Calahan/Peggy S. Rogers             Field Based Experience in an Alternative Certiication
2005-121205-1004   Dr. Ann Calahan/Shelly Anderson-Alcoser     Accelerated Instruction for Student Success: Teaching
                                                               Struggling Writer's at the end of their Public Education
2005-122005-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Rhonda Roberts              Determining the Effects of Scheduling on Student
                                                               Achievement in Reading.
2005-122005-1002   Dr. Ann Calahan/Terry Crosby                Instructional Practices that promote student
                                                               achievement in spelling and interest in reading for the
                                                               first grade classroom.
2005-122205-1001   Dr. Ann Calahan/Sheila Whitehead            Effect of Presentation Mode on Reading
2006-012706-6001   Dr. Janet Whitley/Laura Calhoun             The Relationship of Science Collaborative Involvement
                                                               to the instructional Methods Demonstrated in the
2006-012706-6002   Dr. Patti Hendrickson                       Norman Triplett's Cyclists: Social Facilitation in the 21st
2006-012706-6003   Dr. Yuejin Xu                               Administering Defining Issues Test Online: Do Response
                                                               Modes Matter?
2006-020106-6004   Dr. Ann Calahan/Sherry Palousek             Middle School Inclusion Programs and Student
2006-021006-6005   Dr. Ann Calahan/Karen Weil                  High Stakes Testing and Student Learning Outcomes.*

2006-021006-6006   Dr. Ann Calahan/Rochelle Oldham             What Effect Does Guided Independent Reading Have on
                                                               Vocabulary Development. *
2006-012006-6007   Dr. Ann Calahan/Marc Curliss                The Effects of Mentoring Support on Teacher Staff
                                                               Development. *
2006-021006-6008   Dr. Ann Calahan/Marlaina Brooks             Effective Reading Strategies for Older Students.
2006-021606-6009   Dr. Yuejin Xu                               Using TIMSS 2003 for Teaching an Undergraduate
                                                               Research Methods Course in Psychology.
2006-021606-6010   Dr. Kim Rynearson                           Verbal Immediacy in the Online Classroom: Effects on
                                                               interaction and Achievement. *

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                       IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title
2006-030306-6011   Kyle McGregor                              Survey of Adult Participants Viewing the Southwest
                                                              Dairy Farmers' Mobile Dairy Classroom Presentations.*

2006-031305-6012   Dr. Ann Calahan,Stacey Gibson              Teacher Perceptions of Balanced Literacy in the
2006-032406-6013   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Trena Parker                 Post traumatic Stress Disorder*
2006-032406-6014   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Deborah McKeen-McGuire       Workplace Stress Suvey*

2006-032406-6015   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Laura Major                  Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse in the School
2006-032406-6016   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Jsanean R. Mark              A Cultural and Social Perspective on Pre-Marital
2006-032406-6017   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Diane Masullo                Codependency Inventory*
2006-032406-6018   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Kristin L. Tindell           Constructing a Measurement Instrument for Autism
                                                              Spectrum Disorders: Knowledge and Awareness.*

2006-032406-6019   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Kristina V. Spencer          Construction of Attitudes Survey*
2006-032406-6020   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Bobbi B. White               Attitudes of Adults towards Children*
2006-032406-6021   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Carrie Kirk                  Continuing Education Interest Survey*
2006-032406-6022   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Amy McKelvain                Counseling Attitude Awareness Survey *
2006-032506-6023   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Casey Kirk                   Psychometric Assessment of Stress
2006-032506-6024   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Candy Whyman                 Student Stress Survey*
2006-032506-6025   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Laura Hammack                Influences on Health Care Choices*
2006-032606-6026   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Lynda Kendziorski            What are people's attitudes toward special needs? *

2006-032606-6027   Dr. Yuejin Xu/Shelly Moore                 Inventory of Identifying the Audio, Visual, and
                                                              Independent Learner. *
2006-032906-6028   Dr. Randy McCamey                          What do people want from their jobs? Worker
                                                              motivation between individuals in the Ukraine and the
2006-033106-6029   Dr. Lewis Gambill                          Effects on the Temple ISD Technology Benchmark.

2006-040706-6030   Dr. Peter White/Garrett Hicks              Heart Rate Variability in Aerobic and Anaerobic
2006-041906-6031   Dr. Ann Calahan/Chong Chanthraboutda       The Effectiveness of Accelerated Reading Instruction on
                                                              Rigby Reading Test.
2006-050106-6032   Dr. Ann Calahan/Adelaide Anokye            The Effect of Computer Assited Instruction on the
                                                              Achievement of 3rd Grade Students in a Mathematics
                                                              Resource Class.
2006-050306-6033   Dr. Holly L. Johnson                       Grand Central Station, Intensive Academic Interventions
                                                              for the Struggling Learner.*

2006-050806-6034   Dr. Robert Newby/Juanita Reyes             An investigation of the Construct Validity of the Spanish
                                                              Version of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and
                                                              Skills Exam.*
2006-051006-6035   Dr. Steve Crews                            Childhood Obesity in Rural Texas
2006-051006-6036   Dr. Ashley Lovell                          Entrepreneurship Development*
2006-051506-6037   Dr. Merry Boggs/Mary Van Etten             Reconceptualizing Educators' Perceptions and Practices
                                                              to Promote Literacy Learning.*
2006-052406-6038   Dr. Ann Calahan/Carrie Patrick             Parent Involvement: Hispanic Special Education -
2006-052506-6039   Dr. Mark Littleton/Charla Trejo            The Impact of Inclusion Programs on the Academic
                                                              Achievement of Non-Disabled Learners in Slected Texas
                                                              Elementary Schools.
2006-053106-6040   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Jeanne Ailshie             The Impact of Foster Care on Academic Achievement.

2006-060806-6041   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                        Professionalism and Student Teachers. *

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                      IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title

2006-060806-6042   Dr. Janet Whitley/Meredith Perry           Responding to Accountability Issues through Literature -
                                                              Based Instruction and Cook Clubs.*
2006-060906-6043   Dr. LoriAnderson/Dr. Pati Hendrickson      Clara Harris: In Her Own Words.
2006-061506-6044   Dr. Jill Burk/Dr. Dale Johnson             Development of a Model of Teaching Effectiveness.*

2006-061506-6045   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Matt J. Stephen          Doctoral Study: An Examination of Servant Leadership
                                                              as a Successful Leadership Style for Public School
2006-061506-6046   Dr. Stuart H. Warnock/Wei-Chih Tung        Measuring User Satisfaction with the Smart Board
                                                              Technology System *
2006-061506-6047   Dr. Pam Lindsey-Glenn                      What Attitudes Do Sixth Grade Students With Learning
                                                              Disabilities Have Toward AR Reading?
2006-070306-6048   Dr. Annette Albrecht/Jennifer Titus        Self-Harm Research Study
2006-070306-6049   Dr. Marilyn Duran                          A survey to describe gender differences in health
                                                              impairments in individuals with Chronic Obstructive
                                                              Pulmonary Disease (COPD)*
2006-070706-6050   Dr. Pam Lindsey                            What Do Professional Educators Know About Visual
                                                              Tracking Difficulties and Interventions?
2006-070706-6051   Dr. Robert Newby/Cynthia A. Edwards        A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship of
                                                              Superintendent Instructional Leadership Behaviors and
                                                              District Performance Outcomes.
2006-072506-6052   Dr. Thomas M. Dougherty                    Speed of Information Processing: Bridging the Gap
                                                              Between Infants and Older Children.
2006-081006-6053   Dr. Laurie Hawke/Cheryl Schneider          Environmentalism Pervading the TEKS and TAKS.
2006-081506-6054   Leah Schultz                               Impact of Class Durations on Performance and Student
                                                              Learning Outcomes.
2006-090606-6055   Dr. Pati Hendrickson/Dr. Lori Anderson     Trump Status
2006-092006-6056   Patricia Thomas/Khallid Shabazz            Demographic, Self Efficacy, Locus of Control, and Self
                                                              Esteem Surveys.
2006-092006-6057   Dr. Randy Harp/Dustin Warren               An Examination of reasoning for university choice
                                                              among Tarleton students.*
2006-092506-6058   Dr. Don Henneke                            Survey of Tarleton Students Actively Involved in the
                                                              Horse Industry at College.*
2006-101006-6059   Dr. Wanda Sneed                            Student Self Assessment Survey of Risk for HIV and
                                                              Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.*
2006-101906-6060   Dr Brad Chilton                            National Survey of Student Engagement
2006-101906-6061   Dr. Brad Chilton                           Faculty Survey of Student Engagement
2006-102006-6062   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          A ED 598 - Social Science Visualization Experiment *

2006-102006-6063   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          A ED 598- Philosophy, Interpretation & Application of
                                                              Research (Correlational Research Projects)*

2006-102006-6064   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          A ED 598- Philosphy, Interpretation and Application of
                                                              Research (Descriptive Research Projects)*

2006-112006-6065   Dr. Jeanelle Barrett                       Case Study for M.A. Theses: ESL Program Teacher
2006-112806-6066   Dr. James Gentry                           Investigation of the Corelation Between Textbook
                                                              Reading Attitude, Reading Achievement, and Grade
                                                              Point Average.*
2006-120406-6067   Dr. James Gentry                           The Impact of the Individualized Directed Assistive
                                                              Technological Vocabulary Discovery Method on
                                                              Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities, mental
                                                              Retardation and Limited English Proficiency: A Case
                                                              Study Comparison Analysis.

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2006-120806-6068   Dr. David Weissenburger                      Does Sign Matter? The Relationship Between
                                                                Personality Traits and Astrological Signs.*
2007-011107-7001   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Six Degrees of Separation
2007-011107-7002   Dr. Jane B. Dennis                           Filling the Gaps: Promoting Child Life Specialist
                                                                Awareness *
2007-011107-7003   Dr. Diane Sopko                              Reading Interventions in Low-Performing Third Grade
2007-011807-7004   Dr. Kyle McGregor/James C. Haynes            Relationships between student participation in the state
                                                                agriculture science record keeping system and success
                                                                in the TAKS. *
2007-012907-7005   Dr. Randy McCamey/Frank W. Kellner IV        The relationship between Span of Control and the Big
                                                                Five Personality Factors within the manufacturing
                                                                industry in Stephenville, Texas.*
2007-012907-7006   Dr. Randy McCamey                            Customer Satisfaction Relating to Golf Course
2007-013007-7007   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Jenny Stephen            The Effects of Readers Theater on Students' Reading
2007-013007-7008   Dr. David Drueckhammer/James C. Haynes       Defining utilization of the Texas agricultural science
                                                                record keeping system according to stakeholder insight:
                                                                A Delphi study.*
2007-013107-7009   Dr. Susan Erwin/Emelia Gidney                Graduate Research Proposal: The Effects of
                                                                Conversation on Literacy Skills.
2007-020107-7010   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Individual Student Research Projects for: PSY 335-110
                                                                Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences*

2007-020707-7011   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Casey Alford             Critical Thinking and newspapers.
2007-020707-7012   Dr. Teresa Davidian/Vicky Boucher            The Finale Influence on College Student Meolody
2007-021307-7013   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Susan Reily              Reading Interventions for Students in Grades 4 and 5.

2007-022207-7014   Dr. Lori Anderson/Joellyn Mims/Francine      Glen Rose Citizen Survey*
                   Esposito Pratt
2007-022207-7015   Susan Erwin/Lorrie Butts                     Graduate Researach Proposal Improving Reading
2007-022307-7016   Dr. Betty Monk/Celia A. Drews                Resource Allocation and Student Achievement Over
2007-022607-7017   Irma Harrington/Francine Esposito Pratt      Citizen Survey on Stephenville Pet Adoption Options*

2007-022807-7018   Dr. Pam Lindsay/Cindy Allman                 A Comparison Between a Student with Learning
                                                                Disabilities Learning Style and Index Score.
2007-030107-7019   Dr. Wanda Sneed                              Student Self-assessment Survey of Risk for HIB and
                                                                other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.*
2007-030507-7020   Dr. Janet Whitley                            The Relationship Between Teacher Stress and Efficacy in
                                                                a Testing and Non-testing Grade.*
2007-030507-7021   Dr. Janet Whitley                            Investigating the Process of Teaching Phonemic
                                                                Awareness at a Rural School.
2007-030807-7022   Dr. Walter Kendall/Norma Richardson          Non-Experimental Voluntary Researach Questionnaire *

2007-030707-7023   Dr. Bill Larmer/J.Gavin Dickson              2006 High School Graduate Success in College.
2007-031907-7024   Dr. Ann Calahan/Kelli D. Mills               From Reader's Theater to Fluency.
2007-031907-7025   Dr. Danna M. Beaty                           Mentoring: Essential to the Advancement of Women's
                                                                Administrative Career Goals in Academia?

2007-031907-7026   Dr. Janis Petronis                           Needs Analysis - Business and international Education
2007-032107-0727   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Sarah Williams & Sonya      The Effects of Age and Gender on Choosing a Mate*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                     IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                              Activity Title
2007-032107-7028   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Dolores Groves, Windley       Relationship of Sexual Assult and Depression *
                   Laborte, Karen Mullings
2007-032107-7029   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Francine Hoffman          Barriers and Facilitators to Safe-Ride Programs:
                                                              Understanding College Students' Perceptions to
                                                              Increase Safe-Ride Use*
2007-032107-7030   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Amanda W. Loomis & Shahla The Effects of Television Exposure on Women's Body
                   Tomlinson                                  Image*
2007-032107-7031   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Jacob Parks, Oscar Farias Gender Preferences and Bias in cCompetency of Public
2007-032107-7032   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Patricia Barton & Bianca  Additional Study Time on an Individual's Academic
                   Robinson                                   Achievement*
2007-032107-7033   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Melanie Bauguess-         Gambling Addiction*
                   Munusami, Cristina Donohoe
2007-032107-7034   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Robert Basquez, Rita Hotz Survey Students at TSU-CT

2007-032107-7035   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Sara Mossman & Nicole         Personality and Its Effects on Coping Mechanisms*
2007-032107-7036   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Vivian Dennison and Kendra    Study of Online Fandom Involvement of Adult Harry
                   Beck                                           Potter Fans*
2007-032107-7037   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk/Jennifer Cochran and Sylvia   Relationship Between Mobility and High School
                   Pama                                           Graduation Requirements*
2007-032707-7038   Dr. Janet Whitley                              A Comparison of Reading Strategies taught by Middle
                                                                  School Content Area Teachers and Best Practices.*

2007-032807-7039   Dr. Walter Kendall                             Survey - What do women want in a fitness facility?

2007-032807-7040   Dr. Walter Kendall                             College Students Status and Attitudes of Health
2007-040207-7041   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Cassie M. Bradford             Inclusion: Texas Teachers' Attitudes and Perceptions*

2007-040407-7042   Dr. Stuart H. Warnock/Wei-Chih Tung            Measuring Student Satisfaction with the Smart Board
                                                                  Technology System*
2007-040907-7043   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Kyra Krause                    Transition Services for Special Education Students

2007-040907-7044   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                           Academic integrity Among Students in the Tarleton
                                                                  State University College of Liberal and Fine Arts*

2007-041007-7045   Dr. Bill Larmer/Amy Hattox-Hoag                An Examination of Reading Achievement of
                                                                  kindergarten Students in RElation to Household Type.

2007-042007-7046   Irma Harrington                                The Status of International Social Work Education*

2007-042007-7047   Dr. Betty Monk/Christine Parks                 A Relational Study of Performance on the Texas Primary
                                                                  Reading Inventory and the Texas Assessment of
                                                                  knowledge and Skills.

2007-042007-7048   Dr. Betty Monk/David Belding                   A Comparative Study of a Tradtiional Principal
                                                                  Preparation Program.
2007-042007-7049   Dr. Ann Calahan/Kim Smith                      Character Education: The Answer to 21st Century
2007-042007-7050   Dr. Ann Calahan/Trish McKeel                   Title of Research Project - The Homework Debate.

2007-042007-7051   Dr. Ann Calahan/Christine Slocum               Dress Code
2007-050707-7052   Dr. Kimberly Bellah                            Agricultural Communication Student's Perceptions of
                                                                  Degree Course Work Changes*

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2007-050807-7053   Dr. Janis Petronis                          Analysis of the Internationalization of the Business
                                                               Curriculum of Member Institutions of the Association of
                                                               Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)*

2007-051007-7054   Dr. Ann Calahan/Gabriela Gonzalez-          Effects of Bilingual Education on the Development of
                   Orbegoso                                    Young Learners' First Language.
2007-060107-7055   Dr. Randall Ford/Saul Ruiz                  Preparedness of Bilingual Teachers in Diversifying
2007-060107-7056   Dr. Susan Erwin/Thomas Fulenwider           Alternative Assessments.
2007-060107-7057   Dr. Susan Erwin/Kelly Magin                 Do parents knowledgeable of Kindergarten
                                                               expectations yield more prepared Kindergarteners?*

2007-060107-7058   Dr. Danna Beaty/Susan Ayres                 School leaders' perception of doctoral programs:
                                                               Content delivery, application and trasfer of
2007-060107-7059   Dr. Diane Sopko/Crystal Waggoner            Second language acquisition techniques: Comparison of
                                                               rote memorization, the keyword method, and
2007-060107-7060   Dr. Randy Ford/Whitney Simpson              Graphic organizer use for students with learning
2007-060507-7061   Dr. Randy Ford/Amanda Jones-Bradley         Adolescents' Motivations to Read for Pleasure.
2007-060707-7062   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Karen A. Morgan           Teachers' Sense of Efficacy Survey for Teachers of ELLs.

2007-070307-7063   Dr. Diane Sopko/Karen Butler                Inclusion: Understanding Educators' Concerns*
2007-071007-7064   Dr. Marilyn Duran/Dr. Barbara Mueller       Healthcare Utilization among rural Hispanics residing in
                                                               Erath, Somervell and Comanche counties.*

2007-071007-7065   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Wei-Chih Tung             Texas Educators of Adult Learning Environment
2007-071207-7066   Dr. Diane Sopko                             Parental Involvement with Kindergarten Students.

2007-071207-7067   Dr. Sally Lewis                             As Coordinator of the Department of Clinical Laboratory
                                                               Sciences Undergraduate Research Projects, I am
                                                               requesting a blanket exemption for all of the faculty-
                                                               sponsored projects (for July 10, 2007 to August 31,
                                                               2008) that meet the following criteria:

                                                               1. Neither students nor faculty are involved in collection
                                                               of study samples;

                                                               2. Samples are not identified with the patients name or
                                                               other identifying information (age and gender are

                                                               3. Study samples would have eventually been discarded

                                                               Other members of the faculty that are sponsoring
                                                               projects that do not meet these three criteria will
                                                               submit applications for IRB Review.
2007-071707-7068   Dr. Thomas M. Dougherty                     Early brain development: Relations between speed of
                                                               information processing and intelligence in children age
                                                               4 to 6.

2007-072707-7069   Dr. David Weissenburger                     Physical attractiveness and stereotypes of the socially

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                      IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                         Activity Title
2007-072707-7070   Dr. Randal Ford/Lisha A. Johnson          Strategically Motivating Students to Larn: Intrinsic,
                                                             Extrinsic, and Other Variables.
2007-072707-7071   Dr. Kyle McGregor/Roger Trotter           Teaching and Learning Styles of Texas Cooperative
                                                             Extension Agents.*
2007-072707-7072   Dr. Susan Erwin                           What is the impact of small group instruction on third
                                                             grade math scores?
2007-073107-7073   Francine Esposito Pratt                   Content on social work field supervision questionaire.*

2007-080107-7074   Dr. Diane Sopko/Shana Ellason             Closing the Achievement Gap.
2007-080107-7075   Dr. Diane Sopko                           The Important Transition of the ninth Grade Yar and Its
                                                             Impact on Dropping Out.
2007-080207-7076   Dr. Susan Erwin                           Mentoring new Teachers.
2007-080707-7077   Dr. Randall Ford/Lisa McDavid             The Effectiveness of computer-based instruction in
                                                             learning grocery sight words for students with mild to
                                                             moderate developmental disabilities.
2007-082807-7078   Dr. Susan Erwin/Daniel Burbach            School Truancy: Causes and Consequences
2007-082807-7079   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Antje Gohdes          The Effectiveness of Repeated Reading for Elementary
                                                             Students with Dyslexia.
2007-090507-7080   Dr. Diane Sopko/Leslie Mendoza            Effect of WebQuest Technology on Reading Motivation.

2007-090507-7081   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                       Language Acquisition Among Elementary, Middle and
                                                             Secondary ESL Students.
2007-091007-7082   Dr. George Eichenberg                     An Analysis of County Level Alcohol Prohibition and
                                                             DWI Arrests.*
2007-091907-7083   Dr. Pam Lindsey                           Teacher Perception and Attitudes Regarding the
                                                             Implementation of Inclusion*
2007-092607-7084   Dr. Dale Johnson                          Homework and Student Achievement: An Examination
                                                             of the Relationship between Homework Policies and
                                                             Practices and 3rd Grade TAKS Mathematics Results.

2007-100307-7085   Dr. Jill Burk                             Student Survey for the Special Education Recruitment
                                                             and Retention Grant *
2007-101207-7086   Dr. Dale Johnson/Melissa Haubrich         An Examination of the Relationship between Language-
                                                             Based Instructional Strategies and Academic
2007-101207-7087   Dr. Kyle McGregor                         Impact of SAE Professional Development on Rate of
                                                             New SAE Adoption in Secondary Agricultural
2007-101207-7088   Dr. Kyle McGregor                         A Ed 598-Philosophy, Interpretation, and Application of
                                                             Research (Experimental Researach Projects).*

2007-101207-7089   Dr. Pam Lindsey                           The Status of RTI ina Selected Group of Schools.
2007-101707-7090   Dr. Susan Erwin/Dr. James Gentry          The Halcyon Effect
2007-101507-7091   Dr. Marilyn Duran                         Wellness Survey*
2007-110107-7092   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                      Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-010
                                                             Methods of Criminal Justice Research *
2007-110107-7093   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Jan Hungate             An Analysis of the Relationship of District Performance
                                                             Outcomes and the Consistency, Correspondence, and
                                                             Congruence of School Board Training.

2007-120607-7094   Dr. Ann Calahan                           The Influence of Family Structure on Academic
2007-120607-7095   Dr. Ann Calahan                           Comparison of Reader's Theater and Oral Poetry
                                                             Reading on the Fluency Development of Third Grade

                                         * Approved Exempt
                                       IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title
2007-120607-7096   Dr. Jennifer Edwards                       Supports for and Barriers to On-Time Graduation as
                                                              Perceived by African American Undergraduate Students
                                                              Attending Historically Black Colleges and universities
                                                              and Historically White Colleges and Universities.*

2007-120607-7097   Dr. Jennifer Edwards                       Supports for and Barriers toOn-Time Graduation as
                                                              Perceived by African American Undergraduate Students
                                                              Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities
                                                              and Historically White Colleges and Universities.*

2007-120607-7098   Dr. Jennifer Edwards                       Perspectives of Racial Integration as Perceived by
                                                              Historically White Sorority Members and Historically
                                                              Black Sorority Members.*
2007-120607-7099   Dr. Jennifer Edwards                       Millennial Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of
                                                              Human Communication-Based Concepts and Ideas.*

2007-120607-7100   Dr. Linda Duncan                           Self-Reported Comfort of Master's Level Counselors-In-
                                                              Training: An Investigation of Sex Role Attitudes and
                                                              Personal Domestic Violence Experience.

2007-120607-7101   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          Survey of Delta Conference Participants.*
2007-120607-7102   Dr. Diane Sopko                            Bilingual Education and Characteristics for Success.

2007-120707-7102   Dr. Ann Calahan                            Can frequent Breaks improve students' academic
2007-121207-7103   Dr. Dale Johnson                           A Multivariate Analysis of the Impact of Demographic
                                                              and Structural Components on Mathematics
2007-121207-7104   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                          The Impact of Induction on the organization
                                                              Socialization of First-Time Principals in Texas.*
2007-121207-7105   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The Influence of Family Structure on Academic
2007-121107-7106   Dr. Laura Matherly                         Tarleton Central Texas Survey for Business Research
                                                              Methods 598.
2007-12207-7107    Dr. Don Beach                              Technology and Instructional Leadership: How High
                                                              School Principals use Technology to Improve Learning.

2007-122007-7108   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                        Improvement of English Language Learners' Scores on
                                                              Texas Assessments of Knowledge and Skills at Acton
                                                              Middle School.
2007-122007-7109   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Comparison of Reader's Theater and Oral Poetry
                                                              Reading on the Fluency Development of Third Grade
2007-122007-7110   Dr. Pam Lindsey                            A Survey of Technology Use and Perceptions as
                                                              Reported by TSU's Effective Project Schools' Technology
2007-122007-7111   Dr. Stephen Anderson                       The Effect the Growing Advanced Placement program is
                                                              having on the Enrollment of the Talented and Gifted
2007-120607-7112   Dr. Ann Calahan                            A Study on the Effectiveness of the Waterfall and Agile
                                                              System Development Methodologies.
2008-10808-8001    Dr. Deborah Jinkins                        A Study of the Readability of the Fifth Grade
                                                              Mathematics TAKS*
2008-010808-8002   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                          The effects of the implementation of a response to
                                                              intervention model on student achievement and special
                                                              education referrals.

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2008-011408-8003   Dr. Dale Johnson                             An Analysis of the Relationship of Level of
                                                                Implementation of Educational Technology and Student
2008-012808-8004   Dr. Loyd Kegans                              The relationship between work ethic and organizational
2008-012808-8005   Dr. Kimberly Bellah                          Agricultural Communication Students' Perceptions of
                                                                Degree Course Work Changes.
2008-012808-8006   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Individual Student research Projects for: PSY 335-110
                                                                Principles of Researach for the Behavioral Sciences.*

2008-012808-8007   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Investigating Student Anxiety in Statistics and
                                                                Psychology Research Methods Classes.*
2008-021208-8008   Dr. Pam Lindsey                              A Description of Students with Special Needs
                                                                Performance on TAKS-M & SDAA.
2008-021208-8009   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                            Dissertaion: Effects of Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment on
                                                                Future School Success.*
2008-021208-8010   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          Dramatic Play as an Effective Curriculum Strategy for
                                                                Teaching Cultural Awareness in the Pre-operational
2008-021208-8011   Elizabeth Wallace                            Administering an online survey. Title: Assessing
                                                                "Thriving" in College Students.
2008-021508-8012   Dr. Don Beach/Laura Estes                    An Analysis of the Relationship of High School
                                                                Organizational Components and Student Achievement.*

2008-021208-8013   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Santiage D. Udayar         Influence of Character Education on Student Behavior
                                                                and Student Academic Achievement in Texas Character
                                                                Plus Middle Schools.*
2008-021908-8014   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Lisa Streckert               The Influence of Parental Involvement on the Reading
                                                                Achievement of First Grade Students.
2008-030508-8015   Dr. Mark Littleton                           A Comparison of Teaching Models that Promote
                                                                Academic Achievement within an Inclusive Secondary
2008-030508-8016   Dr. Danna Beaty                              An Analysis of High School Principal's Perception of
                                                                Teacher Leadership and Student Achievement.
2008-030508-8017   Dr. Max Sanderford/Dr. Joe Priest            Relationship of Fitness and Heart Rate Variability in
                                                                Prepubescent Children.
2008-030508-8018   Dr. Mark Littleton                           Doctoral Dissertation Researach: Survey of Texas Public
                                                                School Administrators with a Doctorate (STPSAD) *

2008-030608-8019   Dr. Kyle McGregor                            Effects of Delta conference Participation on Agricultural
                                                                Educator Lesson Design and Student Learning. *

2008-032408-8020   Dr. Pam Winn                                 The Impact of Student Self-Assessment on Student
                                                                Achievement in Mathematics as measured by the TAKS
                                                                Mathematics Tests.
2008-032408-8021   Dr. Randal Ford/Erica N. Buffington          What are Teach Attitudes Toward Inclusion and what
                                                                Factors Affect Them?
2008-032408-8022   Dr. Janis Petronis                           An analysis of international differences in career search
                                                                support and preparation available to college women.*

2008-032408-8023   Dr. Amanda Allen                             Retention of Alternatively Certified Special Educators.

2008-032408-8024   Dr. Randal Ford/Tayvia J. Williams           Parent's Perceptions about Inclusion and the Factors
                                                                that Influence Those Impressions.
2008-032508-8025   Dr. Jeffery Kirk                             Stroop Effect and Interference.
2008-032608-8026   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Robin Ann Champagne        The Impact of Student Mobility on Texas Public School
                                                                Accountability Ratings.*
2008-032608-8027   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                             ESP and the Zener Card Method.*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                      IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title
2008-032608-8028   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Effects of Environmental Space on Personal Space.*

2008-032608-8029   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Gender Recall: Who is More Aware of Their
2008-032608-8030   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Analyzing False Recognition under Time Restraints.*

2008-032608-8031   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Metal Versus Mozart: Spatial Ability with Different
                                                              Beats, are the Results the Same.
2008-032608-8032   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Stroop Task.*
2008-032608-8033   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Effects of Live Music on Visual-spatial Processing Task
2008-032508-8034   Dr. Jeffrey Kirk                           Effects of Visual Stimuli on Performance.*
2008-040208-8035   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                       Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-010
                                                              Methods of Criminal Justice Research.*
2008-040208-8036   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                       Individual Student research Projects for SOC 4026-010
                                                              Methods of Social Research.*
2008-040208-8037   Dr. Javier Garza/Kimberly Morris           Modifying Prosodic and Segmental Features of Indian
                                                              English Speech Signals Using Fourier and Wavelet
2008-040208-8038   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Influences affecting decisions of adolescent girls to take
                                                              technology related courses in high school and to pursue
                                                              technology related careers.
2008-040208-8039   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Effects of a character-education based discipline
                                                              program on academic success.
2008-040208-8040   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The Effect of students education about diversity
                                                              through dance (SEDD) on potential Latino dropouts.

2008-040208-8041   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Teacher attitudes regarding Latino student academic
2008-040208-8042   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Effects of Writers' Workshop on sixth Grade Student
                                                              Attitudes and Writing Performance at a low Income
                                                              Rural Middle School.
2008-040808-8043   Dr. Laurie Hawke                           The Relationship Between the Number of Online
                                                              Courses Taken and Medical Laboratory Certification
2008-040908-8044   Dr. Wanda Sneed                            Human papillomavirus and Gardasil: Biomedical and
                                                              Sociologicaal Implications.*
2008-042108-8045   Dr. Mark Shipman                           Questionaire for Tech Writing Paper
2008-042108-8046   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Rhona Howg             Past Experiences of Self-Contained Teachers.
2008-042308-8047   Dr. Kim Rynearson                          Lifelong Learning, Resilience, and Academic Success.

2008-042308-8048   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The effect of the love and logic program on the
                                                              academic achievement and behavior of urban fifth
                                                              grande students.
2008-050108-8049   Dr. Patricia Hendrickson                   The relationship between minority police recruits and
                                                              the (TCLEOSE) state examination scores.*

2008-050108-8050   Dr. Laura Matherly                         University Retention Causal Path Model.*
2008-050108-8051   Dr. Pam Winn                               Effectiveness of the Internal Control Index (ICI) in the
                                                              Identifying Teachers Who Successfully Instruct Students
                                                              Exhibiting Behavior Problems.
2008-050508-8052   Dr. Deborah Jinkins/Jamison Seel           The Impact of Fine Arts on Learning .
2008-051308-8053   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Beth Dalton              Correlation of teacher coaching interactions and
                                                              student achievement in FWISD Lead Content Teacher

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                      IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title
2008-052008-8054   Dr. Pam Winn                               An Analysis of Principal Assessment Data Collected
                                                              Through Tarleton Assessment of Principals (TAP) and
                                                              Principal Assessment for Student Success (PASS).

2008-060508-8055   George Mollick                             Instructor Immediacy and presence in the Online
                                                              Learning Environment: An Investigation of Relationships
                                                              with Student Motivation, Affective Learning and
2008-060508-8056   Dr. James E. Gentry                        The Impact of Research Based Intervention Strategies
                                                              on Phonemic Awareness and Alphabetic Principle on
                                                              First Grade Students Who Were Referred by Their
                                                              Teachers for Intervention.

2008-060508-8057   Dr. Jill Burk                              Summer Accelerated Learning Time (SALT) Intervention
2008-061308-8058   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The Effects of Writing on the Retention of
                                                              Mathematical Concepts in the Elementary
                                                              Mathemataics Classroom.
2008-061308-8059   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The Effect Using Word Prompt Templates and Spell and
                                                              Grammar Checks on the Writing Development of
                                                              Middle School Females With Writing Disabilities.

2008-061308-8060   Dr. Pamela Lindsey                         Interviewing Special Education Directors.
2008-063008-8061   Dr. Thomas Burdenski                       Effects of Reality Theraphy/Choice Theory on Self-
                                                              Reported Procrastination Levels Among Graduate
                                                              Counseling Students.
2008-070308-8062   Dr. Susan Erwin                            The effects of fluency instruction with struggling
2008-070308-8063   Dr.Stephen Anderson                        An Empirical Study of Functional Neurology as an
                                                              affective treatment of school children with Attention
                                                              Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.*
2008-070308-8064   Dr. Diane Taylor                           Teacher's Knowledge and Understanding Levels of
                                                              Response to Intervention in a Rural District.*
2008-070308-8065   Dr. Jason Lyons                            Factors affecting the changes in a romantic partner's
2008-070308-8066   Dr. Melissa Becker                         Effective Strategies Teachers Use to Educate Students
                                                              with Behavior Problems.
2008-070308-8067   Dr. Susan Erwin                            Gifted and Talented Programs: Meeting the Needs of
                                                              Gifted Students.
2008-070308-8068   Dr. Stephen Anderson                       Mainstream Teachers' Attitudes toward Inclusion of
                                                              English Language Learners.
2008-070808-8069   Dr. Bill Larmer                            The Impact of Cooperative Learning on Student
                                                              Achievement in High School Algebra I.
2008-071108-8070   Dr. Randal Ford                            The Effectiveness of a Service Learning Activity in
                                                              Reducing Editing Errors and Increasing Descriptive
                                                              Words Used in Sixth Grade Writing Samples.

2008-071108-8071   Dr. Randal Ford                            Teacher usage patterns of the activities based
                                                              curriculum for students with profound and multiple
2008-071108-8072   Dr. Randal Ford                            Attitude and the Achievement Gap: The Role of Poverty,
                                                              Linguistic Differences and Gender Perceptions in
                                                              reading Achievement.
2008-071108-8073   Dr. Randal Ford                            Teachers' perceptions of instructional preparedness,
                                                              student academic achievement and the anticipated
                                                              needs of students with disabilities in a general
                                                              education classroom.

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                       IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                          Activity Title
2008-071108-8074   Dr. Thomas Burdenski                       Effects of student ratings of counseling sessions and
                                                              overall counseling outcomes on resolution of
                                                              presenting concerns among college students seeking
                                                              counseling services.
2008-071408-8075   Dr. Thomas Burdenski                       Effects of reality therapy/choice theory on self-reported
                                                              need satisfaction among first-semester advise/admit
2008-072108-8076   Dr. Lori Anderson                          A content analysis of the Moment of Truth television
2008-082608-8077   Dr. Suzanne Carroll                        Musical Minds: An In-Depth Inquiry into the Lives of
                                                              Austin, Tx Musicians.
2008-082608-8078   Dr. Diane Sopki                            The Prevalence of Bullying at a North Texas Middle
                                                              School, the Affects it has on Race and Gender, and
                                                              Students' Opinions on the Effectiveness of the School's
                                                              Current Anti-Bulling Program.

2008-082608-8079   Dr. Randy Ford                             Academic Achievement and Time Perspective in Gifted
                                                              Middle School Students.
2008-082608-8080   Dr. Laurie Hawke                           Improving phonemic awaremess in first grade ELL.

2008-082608-8081   Dr. Ann Calahan                            The effects of classroom meetings on the elementary
                                                              clasroom containing students with an emotional
2008-090408-8082   Dr. James E. Gentry                        Long Term Effects of College Students' Literacy
                                                              Experiences on Current College Textbook Reading
                                                              Attitudes and Achievement.
2008-091208-8083   Dr. Ann Calahan                            Effects of Read Alouds Using Trade Books on Content
                                                              Area Instruction and Acquisition of Knowledge.

2008-091208-8084   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                        What is the impact of vocabulary instruction in Science
                                                              on students from a low socioeconomic status
                                                              vocabulary development?
2008-091208-8085   Dr. Pati Hendrickson/Maygan Jones          Norm violations: A Replication of the Asch Line Test.

2008-091308-8086   Dr. Pati Hendrickson/James Adams           Pupils at the Polls.
2008-091208-8087   Dr. Charles Howard                         Texan Poll
2008-092608-8088   Dr. Robert Newby/Tiffany Littleton         Attractiveness of Opposite-sex others on judgments of
                                                              sexual and romantic desirability.
2008-093008-8089   Dr. Robert Newby                           Relationships between sexism, authoritarianism, and
                                                              social dominance: Are sexist socially dominant and
2008-101008-8090   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          Correlation Class Study for AED 598*
2008-101008-8091   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                          An Analysis of the Relationship of Reading Fluency,
                                                              Comprehension, and Word Recognition to Student
2008-101008-8092   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          Descriptive Class Study for AED 598.*
2008-101008-8093   Dr. Kyle McGregor                          Experimental Class Study for A ED 598.*
2008-101008-8094   Dr. James Vardalis                         Research & Publication Survey.
2008-101308-8095   Dr. James Vardalis                         Research & Publication Survey
2008-101408-8096   Heidi Strickler                            Academic Focus group*
2008-110408-8097   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                        Individual Student Research Projects for: PSY 335-220
                                                              Principles of Research for the behavioral Sciences*

2008-110508-8098   Wilmara Harder                             Determining the effectiveness of on-line videos in
                                                              modifying students' perceptions and knowledge on
                                                              study abroad activities.*
2008-110308-8099   Dr. Danna M. Beaty                         Using Feminist Phase Theory to Portray Women in the
                                                              Principalship Across Generations.*

                                          * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2008-110308-8100   Dr. Ann Calahan                              The Effects of Naps on Kindergarten Students.
2008-110608-8101   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-030
                                                                Methods of Criminal Justice Research.*
2008-110608-8102   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-010
                                                                Methods of Criminal Justice Research.*
2008-110608-8103   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Reenlistment Motivations: An analysis of continued
                                                                service among enlisted active duty army soldiers
                                                                stationed in Texas. *
2008-110608-8104   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Animal Liberation Front, Terrorist Group Influence on
2008-110608-8105   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                         Analyzing the Correctional Philosophy of Juvenile
                                                                Probation Officers.*
2008-111408-8106   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Stroop Effect and Age Difference*
2008-111408-8107   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Attention to Detail in Gender*
2008-111408-8108   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Innate Visual Recall Ability Testing*
2008-111408-8109   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Visual Memory*
2008-111408-8110   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Passing Encounters*
2008-111408-8111   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Personal Space Differences between Genders and
                                                                Vertical Spaces*
2008-11408-8112    Dr. Jeff Kirk                                The Effects of Visual Interference on Stroop Tasks*

2008-111408-8113   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                The effects of auditroy distraction on memory*
2008-111408-8114   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Impact of Color on Stroop*
2008-111408-8115   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Passing Encounters*
2008-111208-8116   Dr. Susan Erwin                              Factors Affecting Hispanic Parent Involvement in Middle
                                                                School Activities.
2008-111208-8117   Dr. Susan Erwin                              Factors Influencing Female Student Interest in Higher
2008-111708-8118   Jennifer T. Edwards                          Undergraduate Millennial Students' Perceptions of
                                                                Privacy and Social Networking.*
2008-111208-8119   Dr. Jeff Kirk                                Personality types effect on portion size *
2008-111408-8120   Dr. Mark Littleton                           Impact of 4x4 on Texas Public Schools.
2008-111408-8121   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                      Millennial Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of
                                                                Mentor-Based Service Learning at a Rural University.*

2008-120108-8122   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Investigating Student Anxiety in Statistics and
                                                                Psychology Research Methods Classes (cont).*
2008-120108-8123   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Individual Student Research Projects for: PSY 335-220
                                                                Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences
                                                                (Spring 2009)*
2008-120108-8124   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                            A Multi-Year Analysis of Reading Achievement
2008-120408-8125   Dr. Danna Beaty                              Espoused Values and Demonstrated Behaviors of
                                                                School Leaders.
2008-120908-8126   Dr. Bill Larmer                              Supervision and Mentoring of Alternative Certification
                                                                Interns in Texas.
2008-121008-8127   Dr. Laurie Hawke                             Student Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of
                                                                Reflection Based on Mentor Teacher Feedback.

2009-011509-9001   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          Voluntary Reading Habits and Reading Achievement on
                                                                Standardized tests.
2009-011509-9002   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          The Effects of Brain gym on Improving Comprehension
                                                                in Students with Reading Difficulties.

2009-011509-9003   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          General Reading Ability and External Proximal Rewards:
                                                                A Study of First Grade Readers.
2009-011509-9004   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          Effectiveness of the Take Flight Dyslexia Program.*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2009-012009-9005   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         The Effects of Brain Gym on Word Recognition in
                                                               Elementary Students with Dyslexia.
2009-012609-9006   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Halcyon Effect: Teacher and Parent Identification
2009-020909-9007   Dr. Pam Lindsey/Helen Fritz                 Supports and Practices Necessary for a Successful
                                                               Inclusive Classroom as Perceived by Middle School
                                                               Language Arts Teachers.*
2009-020909-9008   Dr. James Vardalis                          Texas Sheriff's Opinions Concerning Domestic
                                                               Terrorism: Training, Equipment, Funding and
                                                               Perceptions regarding Probability of Attacks.
2009-020909-9010   Dr. Dale Johnson/Cheryl Floyd               Survey on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors impacting
                                                               superintendent job satisfaction.*
2009-021009-9011   Dr. Joe Priest                              Laser determination of agility and in athletes.*
2009-021009-9012   Wayne Atchley                               National Survey of Student Engagement
2009-021009-9013   Wayne Atchley                               Faculty Survey of Student Engagement
2009-021109-9014   Dr. Randy Ford/Meagan Crocker               The Efect of Naps on Kindergarten Students
2009-021109-9015   Dr. Janis Petronis                          Association of Collegiate Business Schools and
                                                               Programs Global Ed Survey*
2009-021909-9016   Dr. Don Beach                               The impact of Alternative Certification Programs on
                                                               Teacher Retention Rates in Texas Public Schools

2009-021709-9017   Dr. Don Beach                               The Impact of Structure on Academic Learning Time in
                                                               Traditional Calendar Schools and Year-round Calendar
                                                               Schools in Texas.
2009-021909-9018   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Effectiveness of Co-teaching on the Academic
                                                               Achievement of Urban Eighth Grade Science Students

2009-021909-9019   Dr. Don Beach                               A Descriptive Study of Student Achievement in Science
                                                               and Mathematics on Campuses That Have Implemented
                                                               CSCOPE Curriculum.*
2009-022409-9020   Dr. Pam Lindsey                             General Education Teachers' Perceptions of Learning
2009-022709-9021   Dr. Susan Erwin                             A comparison of the effects of computer-based
                                                               instruction and traditional classroom instruction on the
                                                               mathematic achievement of English Language Learners.

2009-033709-9022   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Effects of absenteeism on suburban elementary
                                                               students' academic achievement.
2009-030609-9023   Dr. James E. Gentry                         Accommodation Plan Survey for Tarleton Faculty and
                                                               Students with Disabilities.
2009-030609-9024   Dr. Pam Lindsey                             Transition Planning: Teachers' knowledge and
                                                               perceptions about the effectiveness of individual
                                                               transitional planning.
2009-030609-9025   Dr. James Vardalis                          Texas State Representatives Opinions Concerning
                                                               Domestic Terrorism: Funding and Perceptions.

2009-031709-9026   Dr. Jennifer Blevins-McNaughton             What is the effect of a core fitness and wellness course
                                                               on long-term retention of healty lifestyle habits in
                                                               college age students.
2009-031709-9027   Dr. Rusty Freed/Joanna Shaw                 A Study of Student perception of Blended Learning
                                                               Environments at a State Supported Regional Institution.

2009-032009-9028   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 46-020,
                                                               methods of Criminal Justice Research.*
2009-032009-9029   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-010,
                                                               Methods of Criminal justice Research & SOC 402:010,
                                                               methods of Social Research.*
2009-032409-9030   Dr. Steve Crews                             Motivated to Move: The Marketing Impact of J.T.

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                            Activity Title
2009-032409-9031   Dr. Ann Calahan                              How do classroom accommodations impact high stakes
2009-032709-9032   Dr. Kim Rynearson                            PSY 335 Student research Projects*
2009-040109-9033   Dr. Pam Lindsey                              Teacher Dyslexia Survey*
2009-040209-9034   Dr. Roger Wittie/Stacey Bandoni              A study of the relationship between a dairy farmer's
                                                                knowledge of the carbon credit market and their
                                                                willingness to reduce green house gas through the
                                                                installation of ananaerobic manure digester, conversion
                                                                of annual cropping practices or dietary modifications in
                                                                dairy cattle.*
2009-040709-9035   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          English Language Effective Instructional Strategies
                                                                Implemented to Develop Literacy.
2009-040809-9036   Dr. Amanda Allen                             Special Education and Student's Achievement: How Do
                                                                Sociological Characteristics Impact Academic
                                                                Achievement of Students in Low-Socioeconomic
2009-042409-9037   Dr. Diane Sopko                              Effectiveness of an International Newcomer Academy's
                                                                Program in Meeting the Needs of Students with Limited
                                                                Formal Schooling.*
2009-042409-9038   Dr. Kayla Peak                               The Relationship of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and
                                                                Emission of Sound Pressure from Scoreboards.*

2009-042409-9039   Dr. Janis Petronis                           International Study Activities of TSU Undergraduate
2009-050409-9040   Dr. Laurie Hawke                             Student Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of
                                                                Reflection Based on Mentor Teacher Feedback.*

2009-050409-9041   Diane Sopko                                  Online Learning Using WebQuest
2009-050409-9042   Dr. Pamela Lindsey-Glenn                     Discrepancy Versus Regression*
2009-050409-9043   Dr. James Vardalis                           Military Police & Higher Education*
2009-050409-9044   Dr. Marilyn Duran                            Healthcare Utilization among residents in Erath
2009-050409-9045   Dr. Jeffery L. Kirk                          Individual Student Research Projects for: PSY 335-110
                                                                Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences
                                                                (Summer 2009)*
2009-050509-9046   Dr. Kimberly Bellah                          postsecondary agricultural education and instructional
                                                                delivery methods in a Chinese university: A case study.

2009-051409-9047   Dr. Kimberly Bellah                          Agricultural Communication Students' Perceptions of
                                                                Degree Course Work Changes.*
2009-051409-9048   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                      Support for and Barriers to One-Time Graduation as
                                                                Perceived by African American Undergraduate Students
                                                                Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities
                                                                and Historically White Colleges and Universities.*

2009-051409-9049   Dr. Dale M. Johnson                          School Leadership Personality and Student
2009-052709-9050   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                          Parent Involvement and Student Success Levels on High-
                                                                Stakes Testing.*
2009-052709-9051   Dr. Malcolm Cross/Andrew Johnson             Survey of the Attitudes of Appointed Municipal Leaders
                                                                Toward Terrorism*
2009-052709-9052   Dr. Floyd Berry                              Assessing Staff Readiness and Support for
                                                                Organizational Change: The Case of Travis County CSCD
                                                                and their Evidence-based Practices Model*
2009-060209-9053   Dr. Mark Littleton                           The Development and Evaluation of a Technology-
                                                                Based School law Training Program for Educators.*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2009-062909-9054   Dr.Amanda Allen                             Teacher Attitudes Toward Inclusion: How Co-teaching
                                                               Affects Inclusive Practices.
2009-063009-9055   Dr. Mark Littleton                          Special education Hearings in Texas: A Descriptive Study
                                                               of Trends and Decisions from 2006-2008.*

2009-072609-9056   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         The Effect of co-teaching on the Achievement of
                                                               Students with Disabilities.
2009-071909-9057   Dr. Deborah Jinkins                         The Relationship Between the Running Record and the
                                                               Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.*

2009-071609-9058   Dr. James Vardalis                          Texas Constables*
2009-071909-9059   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               Stroop Effect: The Inhibiting of an Automatic Response*

2009-071909-9060   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               Relationship between the Mozart effect and completing
                                                               a simple coloring task*
2009-071909-9061   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               Effects of Distractions on memory Recollections*
2009-071909-9062   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               Evaluating non-verbal communication between
                                                               cultures, gender, and professional status*
2009-071909-9063   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               Stroop Effect: The Effects of Selective Attention on
                                                               Reaction Time*
2009-071909-9064   Dr. Jeff Kirk                               The Relationship of Personal Space Boundaries and
                                                               Personality from Early Adulthood to Middle Adulthood*

2009-072309-9065   Dr. Bill Larmer                            Motivations for Calculator Use Among Algebra I
2009-080809-9066   Dr. Robert Newby/Jenny Davis               Does completing the accounting ethics course as
                                                              required by the Texas State Board of Public
                                                              Accountancy for CPA exam candidates increase the
                                                              moral development of the student?*
2009-080409-9067   Dr. David Weissenburger/Dr. Richard Yeager Individual Student Research Projects for: PSY 335-220
                                                              Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences (Fall
2009-080409-9068   Dr. James Vardalis/Floyd Berry             Assessing Evidence-Based Practices through Client
                                                              Survey: The Case of Travis County CSCD.*
2009-082109-9069   Dr. Don M. Beach                           A Quantitative Study of Campus Interventions on
                                                              Completion 1 Rate of hispanic Students in High School.*

2009-082109-9070   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                         Effectiveness of the Socratic Method in Math
2009-082109-9071   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                         The Relationship of Instrumental Music Study and
                                                               Measures ofAcademic Aptitude and Achievement.*

2009-082109-9072   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                         the Identification of Success Factors of Texas College
                                                               Students in History 201 Core Requirement Curriculum
                                                               Courses. *
2009-082109-9073   Dr. Rebecca Miller/Dr. James Gentry         Effects of a School based Vocabulary Development
                                                               Intervention on bilingual kindergarten student literacy.

2009-082109-9074   Dr. Don M. Beach                            Instructional Supervision: Principals of the Past,
                                                               Superintendents of the Future.
2009-082109-9075   Dr. James E. Gentry                         The Impact of Smart Board and Digital Storytelling
                                                               Assistive Technologies while utilizing the language
                                                               experience approach on elementary students with
                                                               autism spectrum disorder.

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                        IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number    Activity Director                           Activity Title
2009-082109-9076   Dr. Teresa Davidian/Vicky Johnson           A Study of the Relevance of music Theory Concepts and
                                                               Skills as Perceived by College Music Theory Students
                                                               and In-service Music Educators. *

2009-082409-9077   Dr. Mark Littleton                          Instructional Effectiveness Assessment for School
2009-090209-9078   David Carrothers                            In the Court of Public Opinion: Americans' Perception of
                                                               Fairness in the Court System.*
2009-091709-9079   Alana Hefner                                National Internship and Co-op Study.
2009-092109-9080   Dr. Susan Erwin                             The Effects of interdisciplinary Instruction on Students'
                                                               Academic Achievement and Motivation.

2009-100509-9081   Dr. Lori Anderson                           One Girl-One Boy: a Case Study of Transsexual
2009-102009-9082   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Individual Student Research Projects for: SOC 402-010,
                                                               Methods of Social Research And CJ 416-010, Methods
                                                               of Criminal Justice Research.*
2009-102009-9083   Dr. Joe Priest                              Heart Rate Variability in Contract vs Non-Contract
2009-102109-9084   Dr. Diane L. Taylor/Shelly Green            Meaningful education for students with emotional
                                                               disturbance and their teachers.*
2009-102709-9085   Dr. Chet Martin/Dr. Kayla Peak              Player Position as it Affects Batting Averages in
2009-102709-9086   Dr. William Larmer                          Evaluation of Incorporating Creative Dance into Ballet
2009-102709-9087   Dr. Randal Ford                             No boy left behind: Investigating differences in primary
                                                               and middle school educators' gender knowledge.*

2009-110309-9088   Jennifer McNaughton/Joe Sillivent           The effect of a caffeine energy drink on cardiovascular
                                                               responses during intense exercise.

2009-110509-9089   Dr. Diane Sopko                             The Effect of Writing in the Mathematics Classroom on
                                                               Conceptual Understanding
2009-110509-9091   Dokagari Woods                              Predictors of Early Retention in Rural Baccalaureate
                                                               Nursing Programs.
2009-110509-9092   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Human
                                                               Communication-Based Concepts and ideas.*
2009-110509-9093   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Post-Recession College Graduates' Perceptions of their
                                                               Job Search/Attainment Experiences.*
2009-112309-9094   Dr. Barry Price                             CJ416/Pol 485 Practicum in Research Methods.*
2009-112309-9095   Dr. Rebecca Miller                          Teachers' Perceived Knowledge of Dyslexia on
                                                               Recognition of Dyslexia Characteristics in 5th and 6th
                                                               Grade Students.
2009-112309-9096   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Academic Achievement of Native Spanish Speakers in
                                                               dual-language Programs Compared to Their Peers in
                                                               English-Only Classroom.
2009-112409-9097   Dr. James Gentry                            Implementation of Behavior Components of Response
                                                               to Intervention and its Effect on Behavior Referrals in
                                                               Rural North Texas Elementary Schools.

2009-112409-9098   Dr. Kyle McGregor                           Measuring Student Motivation to Visit a Website - A ED
                                                               598 Experimental Project.*
2009-120209-9099   Dr. Randal Ford                             Attitudes of teachers and special education.*
2009-120409-9100   Dr. Steven A. Harris                        The acculturation of western professors in Dubai:
                                                               Ethnographic perspectives.*
2009-120809-9101   Dr. Kimberly Bellah/Julie Vrazel            Social Media Network Use for Breed Publications: An
                                                               Evaluation of breed publications use of Social Media.*

                                           * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                           Activity Title
2010-011210-10001   Dr. Pam Lindsey-Glenn                       Implications of English Language Proficience and Scores
                                                                on High-Stakes Mathematics Assessments.

2010-011210-10002   Dr. Gilbert Hinga                           Assessment of Tarleton State University Student
2010-011310-10003   Dr. David Weissenburger/Amber Harris        The Effects of Handedness on the Cerebral
                                                                Lateralization of Encoding Nameable Objects.
2010-011310-10004   Dr. Dale Johnson                            Teacher Selection, Assignment and Classroom
2010-011510-10005   Alice Newsome                               Tarleton State University Writing Center Utilization
2010-020410-10006   Koy Floyd/Alisa Carter                       Area high school counselors interviews for a features
                                                                tory for the journal of the Effective Schools Project.*

2010-020410-10007   Dr. James E. Gentry                         Determining post-secondary success in a small, rural
                                                                community and identifying factors that influence
                                                                academic achievement.*
2010-020410-10008   Dr. Kyle McGregor/Shayla Boles              Survey of Freshman students at Tarleton State
                                                                University about the professional dress of their
2010-021710-10009   Dr. Marilyn Duran                           Survey of Child Health in Rural Texas.
2010-022510-10010   Dr. Dale Johnson                            Dissertation: An investigation of the relationship
                                                                between professional development expenditures and
                                                                high school EXIT level TAKS scores.*

2010-022510-10011   Dr. David Kattes                            Tick Survey*
2010-022510-10012   Dr. Lori Anderson/Rachael Mayfield          A Survey on the Usage of Internet Health Information. *

2010-022510-10013   Dr. Barry Price                             Dual Credit Courses: A First Look.*
2010-022510-10014   Dr. Kyle McGregor/Spenser Adams             The Social Behavior of an Autistic Student in an
                                                                Agricultural Education Classroom.*
2010-030510-10015   Dr. Betty Jo Monk/Laurie McAdams            Congruence between Members of Early College High
                                                                School Leadership Teams Regarding the Core Principles.

2010-030510-10016   Dr. James Gentry/Mellanie Ferguson          Induction: Is it worth it?*
2010-030510-10017   Dr. Laurie M. Hawke                         Factors Contributing to successful completion of a
                                                                traditional university based teach preparation program.

2010-032310-10018   Dr. Leah Schultz                            Selection of Teaching Tool and Student Perception of
                                                                Effectiveness in Programming Logic Courses.*

2010-032310-10019   Dr. Janis Petronis                          Study Abroad: A Study of Faculty Responsibility and
2010-032310-10020   Dr. Pam Lindsey                             Response-to-Intervention and the Cross-Battery
                                                                Approach: New Ways to Look at Learning Disabilities.

2010-033010-10021   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Consumer Purchasing Decisions on Gaming Systems.*

2010-033010-10022   Dr Kayla Peak                               Heart Rate Response to the ninetendo Wii Boxing
2010-030910-10023   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                           A Closer Look at the Effects of School Size and
                                                                Socieconomics on Texas High School Academic
2010-040210-10024   Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens                  Farmers' Interest in Growing Feedstock for Biofuel.*

2010-040210-10025   Dr. Pati Hendrickson                        Individual Student Research Projects for CJ 416-010
                                                                Methods of Criminal Justice Research.*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                           Activity Title
2010-040510-10026   Dr. James E. Gentry                         The Effectiveness of Homework on Academic
2010-040510-10027   Dr. Kim Rynearson                           Blanket approval for PSY 335-040 IRB proposals*
2010-040510-10028   Dr. Kim Rynearson                           Blanket approval for PSY 335-530 IRB proposals*
2010-040510-10029   Dr. Walter Kendall                          Marketing 415: Marketing Research, Class Research
2010-040710-10030   Dr. James Vardalis                          Local Politics and Police.*
2010-041210-10031   Dr. Robert Newby                            Does success influence attractiveness? A project on the
                                                                influence of success on attractiveness.
2010-041310-10032   Dr. Barry Price                             Survey of Voter Habits in Local Elections.
2010-041410-10033   Dr. Koy M. Floyd                            An Analysis of Level University President's
                                                                Characteristics and Fundraising Success.
2010-041410-10034   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     A Study of Undergraduate and Graduate Students'
                                                                Perceptions and Levels of Anxiety towards Cloud
2010-042110-10035   Dr. Don Beach/Nathan McClanahan             An analysis of students' perceived advanced placement
                                                                program characteristics with success in the program.*

2010-042310-10036   Ms. Alice Newsome                           Tarleton State University Writing Center Continuation
                                                                Utilization Study.*
2010-042310-10037   Dr. Loyd Kegans                             The relationship between work ethic and organizational
2010-042310-10038   Dr. Betty Monk/David Edison                 Relationship of high School Principal Organizational
                                                                Commitment and Campus Productivity.*

2010-042310-10039   Dr. R. Michael Haynes                       The impact of summer off-campus orientation camps
                                                                on first-time student engagement.*
2010-042710-10040   Gayla Wright                                A Study of the Relationship Between Online Courses
                                                                and Learning Communities.*
2010-042710-10041   Dr. Max Sanderford/Dr. Joe Priest           Heart Rate Variability and Orthostatic challenge in
                                                                Prepubescent children.*
2010-051010-10042   Dr. Pam Lindsey                             Instructional methods: What works in the classroom?*

2010-051010-10043   Dr. Diane Taylor                            Teacher Certification Survey*
2010-051010-10044   Dr. Roger Wittie/Rebecca Hackney            Landowner survey of herbicide knowledge, use and
                                                                application practices.*
2010-052410-10045   Dr. Thomas Burdenski                        Effects of Reality Theraphy/Choice Theory on Self-
                                                                Reported Need Satisfaction, Academic Performance and
                                                                Retention Among First-Time Freshmen During a
                                                                Summer Residential Program.*

2010-060210-10046   Dr. James Mueller/Amy Stevens               Self-report survey for the description of the impacts of
                                                                the TCTWS Wildlife Conservation Camp.*

2010-061610-10047   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                           Single-gender versus Coeducation: A Study of Two
                                                                Models of Educating Females.*
2010-062010-10048   Dr. Annette Albrecht                        School Counselor/Counseling Program Evaluation.*

2010-070610-10049   Nancy Gaither                               Research Proposal: Why Do Students Choose Nursing?*

2010-070610-10050   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     A study of undergraduate students' perceptions of
                                                                teaching presence an online course that utilizes
                                                                instructor/sudent/ collaboration via web 2.0 tools.*

2010-081810-10051   Dr. Don Beach                               Doctoral Dissertation .
2010-090110-10052   Dr. Tony Vrba                               Study Abroad Participant Behaviors*
2010-090110-10053   Dr. Paige Worrell                           The Effect of Technology-Based Programs on TAKS
                                                                Scores and Graduation Rates.*

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                           Activity Title
2010-090110-10054   Dr. Credence Baker                          Teacher competencies for Web 2.0 instruction.*
2010-090110-10055   Dr. Laurie A. McAdams                       Texas Master Reading Teachers: Exploring the Effect of
                                                                Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities on Student
2010-090710-10056   Dr. M. George Eichenberg                    Victimization as Correlate of choosing Criminal Justice
                                                                as College Major.*
2010-090710-10057   Dr. Joe Gillespie                           Longitudinal Analysis of childhood Overweight and
                                                                Obesity in Rural Texas.*
2010-090710-10058   Dr. Diana Valdez                            Effects of biofeedback vs. hypnosis on stress levels of
                                                                military spouses.
2010-091410-10059   Dr. Diane Sopko                             How Does Communication Between Teachers and
                                                                Administrators Affect Staff Morale?
2010-091610-10060   Dr. Kyle McGregor                           A ED 598 Student Mock Studies/Engagement Projects -
                                                                Descriptive, Correlation & Experimental.*

2010-091610-10061   Dr. Ingrid S. Graves                        Microblogging with University Students 24/7: Twitter
                                                                Comes of Age.
2010-092410-10062   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Undergraduate Students' Perceptions and
                                                                Communication with Diverse Cultures.*
2010-100510-10063   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Relationship Between Accelerated Math Objectives
                                                                Mastery and 5th Grade Math TAKS Scores.

2010-101410-10064   Dr. Rebecca Miller                          Maintaining the Boundaries: Teacher Education
                                                                Program Admission Criteria for Screening Quality
2010-101410-10065   Dr. Kimberly Bellah                         Experimential learning, environmental education and
                                                                teacher centered activity within agricultural content.*

2010-101410-10066   Dr. Katherine Horak Smith                   Math/Science/Language Camp: Investigating the
                                                                interaction of the acquisition math and science content
                                                                and skills with the acquisition of English language in
                                                                recent immigrants of elementary age.*

2010-102210-10067   Dr. Diane Sopko                             Effect of Peer Interaction on Social Skill Development.

2010-110110-10068   Dr. Don Beach                               A study of the impact of racial congruence of teacher
                                                                and student on student achievement.*
2010-110110-10069   Dr. Don Beach/Sandra Franklin               An analysis of the influence of educational
                                                                opportunities on the rate of learning outcomes
                                                                attributed to college ready graduates.*
2010-110110-10070   Dr. Kayla Peak                              Survey of Rock the Gym participants.*
2010-110110-10071   Dr. Janis Petronis                          Global education at Tarleton.*
2010-110110-10072   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Prevalence of health literacy in adult literacy
2010-110410-10073   Dr. Kyle McGregor                           Secondary Agricultural Educator Coaching Habits in
                                                                Leadership Development Event Teams - A Descriptive
2010-110310-10074   Dr. Susan Erwin                             The Effect of Individual Work Systems on Independent
                                                                Learning Skills of Students with Autism in General
                                                                Education Classrooms.
2010-111610-10075   Dr. Jason LaTouche                          Student Research Projects for Sociology 402 (Methods
                                                                of Social Research).*
2010-111610-10076   Dr. Susan Erwin                             Effect of Ability Grouping on Reading Achievement and
2010-111610-10077   Dr. Jeff Justice                            Texan Poll*
2010-111210-10078   Dr. Paige Worrell                           The Effect of 1-to-1 Initiatives in High School Science

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                         IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                           Activity Title
2010-111210-10079   Dr. Diane Taylor                            Effectiveness of Tier Intervention Programs in
2010-120310-10080   Dr. Jesse Crawford                          Logistic Regression Models for Effective Course
                                                                Placement: Determining which Factors Influence
                                                                Success Rates in Freshman Undergraduate Courses*

2010-120310-10081   Dr. Diane Sopko                             Writing in Science to Increase Critical Thinking.
2010-120310-10082   Dr. Diane Sopko                             Effects of Pre-teaching Math Skills on Low Performing
                                                                Elementary Students.
2010-120310-10083   Dr. Randal Ford                             Substitute Teachers: Problem and Opportunity.
2010-120710-10084   Dr. Lori Anderson/Alisha Cole               The relationship between children's literature and its
                                                                depictions among people in Texas and Michigan in the
                                                                fall of 2010.
2010-121410-10085   Dr. Cara Pollard                            Music Survey for Parents of Young children.
2010-121410-10086   Dr. Jennifer McNaughton/Will Kaing          The effects of Tribulus Terrestris on muscular Strength
                                                                & Cholesterol.
2010-122010-10087   Dr. Randal Ford                             Teaching Using the letter Sound Chart: Is it a useful
                                                                instructional strategy.
2011-011811-11001   Dr. Laurie Hawke                            The Effect of Prewriting Strategies on Writing Anxiety.*

2011-011811-11002   Dr. Pam Lindsey                             Teacher's Perceptions Regarding the Benefits and
                                                                Drawbacks of Inclusive Education.*
2011-011811-11003   Dr. Pam lindsey                             Inclusion: Are Our Teachers Prepared and How Can A
                                                                Successful Inclusion Program Be Implemented?*

2011-011811-11004   Dr. Randy Ford                              The Relationship of Parent Education Levels and
                                                                Engagement in the Classroom.*
2011-011811-11005   Dr. Don Beach                               A comparison of academic achievement for seventh and
                                                                eighth grade students from Montessori and non-
                                                                Montessori school programs.*

2011-011811-11006   Dr. Gilbert Hinga                           Assessment of Tarleton State University Student
                                                                Wellness.* Renewal
2011-021111-11007   Dr. Mike Hawke                              Classroom Teacher Essential Skills Survey.
2011-021111-11008   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                           A Study of the Relationship between Instructional
                                                                Practices and Academic Achievement in Small High
2011-021111-11009   Dr. Mark Littleton                          A validation of the Effective Learning Environments
2011-021111-11010   Dr. Betty Jo Monk                           Relationship of Organizational Commitment and
                                                                Superintendent Job Satisfaction.
2011-021611-11011   Dr. Dale Johnson                            Analysis of Technology Expenditure and Achievement of
                                                                At-Risk Students*
2011-022511-11012   Shannon Hankhouse                           Survey of the Experiences of College Students with
                                                                Campus Violence in Central Texas*
2011-022511-11013   Dr. Laurie Hawke                            Reasons for Absences of College Preparatory School
2011-030111-11014   Dr. Roger Wittie                            Entomophobia Trends: A survey of Tarleton State
                                                                University Students.*
2011-030111-11015   Ms. Man'Dee Mason                           Traditional College Students' GPS and Its Relation to
                                                                Motivation, Stress and Self-Efficacy at Tarleton State
2011-030911-11016   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Undergraduate Millennial Students' Perceptions of
                                                                Communication in the Workplace.
2011-030911-11017   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Technology
                                                                and Interpersonal Relationships.
2011-030911-11018   Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards                     Online Dating Website Users' Perceptions of
                                                                Technology and Interpersonal Relationships.

                                            * Approved Exempt
                                          IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                            Activity Title
2011-032211-11019   Dr. James J. Vardalis                        Law Enforcement Agency Consolidation in Texas*
2011-033011-11020   Dr. Kathy Smith                              Using Word Walls in academic Classrooms: A Survey of
                                                                 Teacher's teaching of Academic Vocabulary in Middle
                                                                 School Mathematics and Science Classrooms.*

2011-040411-11021   Dr. Wittie/Bailee Switzer                    The activity level of men and women*
2011-040611-11022   Dr. Dale Johnson                             Relationship between teacher hiring practice
                                                                 information, teacher job satisfaction, and student
                                                                 academic performance.*
2011-041111-11023   Dr. Randal Ford                              Effects of Single Parenting on Elementary Students
2011-041311-11024   Joanna Shaw                                  A Longitudinal Study of Students' Perceptions of
                                                                 Blended Learning Environments at a State-Supported
                                                                 Post-Secondary Institution.*
2011-041311-11025   Dr. Randal Ford/Cynthia Ford                 Perceived Parental Involvement: Parents Promoting
                                                                 Academic Success.*
2011-041311-11026   Dr. Mark Littleton                           The Effects of Principal and Teacher Trust on
2011-041411-11027   Dr. Jeff W. Justice                          Texan Poll*
2011-042611-11028   Dr. Leah Schultz                             Accuracy and Appropriateness on the Acceptance of
                                                                 Computer-Based Monitoring by Computer Users. *

2011-042611-11029   Dr. Mark Littleton/Frankie Bryson            The relationship between principal facility perceptions
                                                                 and student achievement.*
2011-042711-11030   Dr. Diane Sopko                              The Effectiveness of Video Modeling Strategies on
                                                                 Teaching Social Skills to Elementary Students with
                                                                 intellectual Disabilities.
2011-042711-11031   Dr. Danna Beaty/Sandra Talbert               Dissertation for Tarleton State University.
2011-042811-11032   Dr. Roger Wittie/Christina Dvorak            Texting: Does Age & Gender Make A Difference?*

2011-050311-11033   Dr. Roger Witte/James A Reed                 Evaluation of Agriculture Contest Recruitment at
                                                                 Tarleton State University.*
2011-050411-11034   Dr. Kimberly Bellah/Tara Smesny              Best Practices for teaching equine reproduction in an
                                                                 online learning environment.*
2011-051011-11035   Dr. Roger Witte/Roshan Kumar Nayak           Perception on Tole of ICTs in Agricultural Extension
                                                                 among Agricultural Graduate Students.*

2011-051211-11036   Dr. Don Beach/Kerry Schindler                An Analysis of the Relationship Between Principal
                                                                 Leadership Behaviors and Student Academic
2011-061311-11037   Dr. Susan Erwin                              Comparison of Peer and Teacher Tutoring on 5th grade
                                                                 Math Achievement.
29110961311-11038   Dr. Diane Sopko                              Comparison of Reading Achievement Scores of
                                                                 Elementary Students With and Without ADHD.
2011-061311-11039   Dr. William G. Larmer                        Promoting Inclusion.*
2011-061311-11040   Dr. William G. Larmer                        The effect of the Implementation of CSCOPE Science
                                                                 Curriculum in a 5th grade classroom.*
2011-061511-11041   Dr. Susan Erwin                              Effect of intensive Reading Intervention on Fifth Grade
                                                                 Reading Achievement.*
2011-061511-11042   Dr. Randal Ford                              Factors that Motivate Middle School Science Students
                                                                 to Excel.
2011-062211-11043   Cristi Horton                                The Trinity River: User Groups' Perspectives about
                                                                 Water Conservation.*
2011-070711-11044   Dr. Sally Lewis                              Medical Laboratory Science Student Participation in the
                                                                 VA Clopidogrel Response in Drug Eluting Stent
                                                                 Recipients with Cytochrome P-450 2C19*2
                                                                 Polymophism Trial (CREST)

                                             * Approved Exempt
                                       IRB PROPOSALS APPROVED

Approval Number     Activity Director                         Activity Title
2011-071111-11045   Dr. Susan Erwin                           Relationship Between Fourth Graders' Fluency and
                                                              Repeated Reading Intervention.*
2011-071111-11046   Dr. Diane Taylor                          Self Determination of Students with Disabilities and the
                                                              individual Transition Planning Process.*
2011-071111-11047   Dr. Diane Sopko                           The Effectiveness of the Three Tier Assessment and
                                                              Intervention Model on Urban Fifth Grade Math
2011-071911-11048   Dr. William Larmer                        Heritage Speakers in the Foreign Language Classroom *

2011-071911-11049   Dr. William Larmer                        Perceptions of Revisions in an English IV Dual Credit *

2011-071911-11050   Dr. William Larmer                        Perceptions and Implementation Levels of Participants
                                                              in the TRC: How Useful is it really?*
2011-071911-11051   Dr. Mellissa Becker                       Differentiated Instructions's Role in Small Rural North
                                                              Texas School*
2011-072211-11052   Dr. Randal Ford                           Questionnaire for Daniel's Audi research*
2011-072711-11053   Dr. Dwayne Snider/Daniel L. Murphy        College Students Take State of Texas Assessments of
                                                              Academic Readiness (STAAR).*

                                          * Approved Exempt

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