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Jumbo in Cutting… Not in Size
A Cutter Mechanism for Heavy Duty Applications

                                                               •   Low profile

                                                               •   60-500 mm cutting widths

                                                               •   High performance

                                                               •   Self-Sharpening

                                                               •   Electronic output permits paper jam
                                                                   detection and maximizes throughput

HECON® Jumbo Cutter                                           •    Long-Service life

The G0685.56 Series of Jumbo Cutters are just the right choice for your Jumbo cutting applications. Utilizing a unique,
self-sharpening rotary knife, combined with a powerful DC motor with reduction gearing, provides a high-torque cut with
low power consumption. Cutting is initiated via an external switch or an electronic signal. Internal circuits monitor the cutting
cycle and home position and provide an output signal while the cutter is operating. This signal can be used to maximize
throughput and detect paper jams. This is the ideal cutter mechanism for cutting heavy stock. JUMBO, the Standard for High
Torque Cutting.

Additional Features
•   Heaviest-Duty model
•   Electronic input circuit allows direct control of cutter via logic level chips
•   Flexible mounting system simplifies installation
•   Electronic output signal can detect jams and increase throughput
•   Screw terminals simplify electrical connection

                                    OEM Printer and Cutter Solutions
Dimensional Drawings

                                                                                                            All dimensions in mm

Cutting Widths                  60 - 500 mm
Paper Weights                   60-120 mm: 400 g/m2           220-500 mm: 250 g/m2
Operating Voltage               24 VDC
Current Consumption
    Starting          2.2 A
    During Operation  1.0 A
    Standby Current   8.5 mA
Start Pulse           Contact                          Electronic Signal
Pulse Duration        Min. 35 ms, max. ∞               Min. 35 ms, max. ∞
Switching Level       +5… +30 VDC                      Low: ≤ 2 VDC, High: ≥ 5 VDC, Maximum: 30 VDC
Input Impedance       8 kΩ                             8 kΩ
Output Circuit        NPN transistor, open collector, max. 30 VDC, 10mA
                      The output signal is active during cut cycle. It can be utilized to maximize cutting
                        throughput by verification of cut cycle completion, as well as to monitor for paper jams.
Maximum Cycle Time 800 ms
Operating Temperature -10ºC to +60ºC
Storage Temperature   -20ºC to +70ºC
Service Life          500,000 cuts at paper weights specified above
MTBF                  1,000,000 cycles

    It is recommended that customers verify cutting performance by testing the cutter with the stock they intend to cut.

Connection Diagram                                                                   Ordering Information
                                                                                     Operating   Paper   Paper
(Sink - 30 VDC/10 mA Max.)         OUTPUT                                             Voltage    Width   Weight       Part
                                                      4                                VDC       (mm)     g/m 2      Number

                 Operating Voltage (VDC)                                                24         60     400       G0 685 560
                                                                                        24        120     400       G0 685 561
   (Pos. Edge / + 35 ms)   ➚    SW. INPUT                                               24        220     250       G0 685 562
                                                      2                                 24        265     250       G0 685 563
                               DC GND (0V)                                              24        320     250       G0 685 564
                                                                                        24        500     250       G0 685 565

                                                                                                                             June 2001

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