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									      Reaching Your Market:
the Public, Law Firms, and Students
       A Program by

Amy Hale Janeke, JD, MLS
Reference Librarian / Media Coordinator
San Diego County Public Law Library

How Do You Reach Your
   Target Market?
Three Most Common Ways
 to Get a Message Across
 • Face to Face verbal communication
 • Written
 • Auditory (hearing)
Face to Face
• Most effective
• Most time-consuming
• Most expensive
• Effective
• Inexpensive
• Least time consuming
• Least effective – 3 times rule
• Expensive
• Difficult for listener to verify
  information easily
Most Efficient Approach
• Use written or auditory methods to
  entice person into a f2f setting
  – Newsletters
  – Flyers
  – Radio ads or shows
     What Works?

• Info that is timely
• Info that is interesting
• Info delivered in a format pleasing to
    Print Newsletters
• Expensive
  – ($2,000 per issue in printing/mailing
• Ineffective
  – Less than 10% of members read it
• Inefficient
  – 3 month delay
    PDF Newsletters
• Difficult to navigate
• Takes time to load
• Need special program (Adobe) to
  open the documents
• Cheaper
  – Saving $3500 in first year of use
     • And $5000 a year every year thereafter
• More efficient
  – Send info out once a month
  – Pops up in readers e-mail- no downloading
• Effective
  – Readership increased by 40-45%
• Print newsletter- $8,000 / year
  – Printing
  – Postage
  – Staff time to assemble
• E-newsletter-
  – Initial set up fee of $1500
  – Monthly fee of about $250
• Saves us
  – $3500 in first year of use
  – And $5000 a year every year thereafter
         How Can I do an
• Easy even if you don’t know HTML
  –   Write content
  –   Add graphics
  –   Get e-mails
  –   Send!
    Getting Started
• Type information into Word or
• Get some clip art
  – CDs or
  – ($99/ year)
• Subscribe to a vendor
  – Blue Hornet
1. Type up information
2. Get clip art
3. Subscribe to vendor
   What to Look for in an
   E-Newsletter Vendor
• Can I archive the materials for free?
• What is the monthly cost?
• How many addresses will that get
• What kind of statistics will I be able
  to see?
• Length of contract
Once you get all your text and graphics
 into the system and have created all
 the story files you need, you are
 ready to put the e- newsletter
How Do You Collect E-mails?
• Use membership list
• Use web sign-up
  – “We respect your privacy and do not sell
    personal information.”
• Use sign-up sheets at desk
• Readership is up from 10% to 40%
• Comments like this:
  – "Outstanding and informative newsletter."
  – "I just read your newsletter online and wanted to let you
    know how impressed was with it. It is brief, but quite
  – "Thanks for sending the newsletter--I love it. It's
    interesting and I'm sure very useful to recipients."
  – "Thank you very much for the e mail. I look forward to
    the next one!"
  – "Thank you very much for the heads up on the changes in
    the civil code."
• Patrons come in and ask for books
  featured in newsletter
• Patrons perceive the law librarians as
  information professionals, not clerks
• Patrons recognize the value of the
  law library and its staff
Unexpected Benefit
• When a patron calls in or e-mails us
  with a question, sometimes we have
  already addressed the question in one
  of our newsletters. So we can direct
  the patron to our web page so they
  can see our newsletter. They get the
  info and we get to raise their
  awareness of our web page.
• E-newsletters are a great way to
  connect with your target market
  – Cost efficient
  – Easy to do
  – Excellent response (lots of people see
    Thanks for Coming!

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