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November 29_ 2010 - American International School of Johannesburg


									                                              APPROVED MINUTES 101129

                                 Minutes of the Open Board Session of
                           The American International School of Johannesburg
                                  Held at the Johannesburg Campus
                                         On November 29, 2010

Irene Felsman (Chair)
Ansi Harford (Vice-chair)
Fred Glick (Treasurer)
Tiffany Jackson-Zunker (Secretary)
Doron Bard (Ambassador Representative)
Sarah Stuart-Nagle
John Griffith
Carolynn Pettit
Naheed Hassan
Jamie Harper
Andy Page-Smith (Director)

Lucille Steinbrucker (Director’s Personal Assistant)
Willie Rudolph (COO)
Elize Ramsay (Finance Director)

Sonja de Castro – Parent and committee member
Mike Kissack – Teacher
Jon Walker – HS principal
Nathalie Kramer – PTO member
Carrie Soverall – PTO president

Call to order
Mrs. Felsman called the meeting to order at 6:40pm.

Mrs. Felsman welcomed all Board members and guests to the meeting and thanked them for attending. Mrs. Felsman
inquired about the VAT issue and Dr. Page-Smith reported that we have been battling to contact the relevant people.

Approval of Minutes
Motion (Glick/Harford): “To approve the minutes of the meeting held on November 1, 2010.” Motion was approved
unanimously with amendments:


Chair Report
Mrs. Felsman commented that she has continued to use the Board blog set up at AISA which has been very useful. Dr.
Page-Smith commented AAIE have also established a blog which is working well. Issues such as housing are discussed.
Mrs. Felsman commented that Dr. Page-Smith and she meet regularly to discuss such issues. The Executive Board
Committee will meet regarding staff housing, housing for the Director and to discuss options such as to rent or to buy. She
also thanked everyone working on committees.

Director’s Report
Dr. Page-Smith gave a briefing on his written report which was included in the board pack. The topics discussed were the
logo development; Communications Officer appointment (congratulations were extended to Kashmira Baldauf), Activities
Coordinator appointment (congratulations extended to Kris Jettner); the external analysis/audit of IT and the third soccer

                                              APPROVED MINUTES 101129

Dr. Page-Smith had hoped to unveil a new logo at the meeting, but unfortunately a final proof was not ready. Our deadline
is within another week which will be in time for Dr. Page-Smith to take the new logo on recruitment with him. We have
chosen a baobab tree as our new logo. We are hoping to do an unveiling before he goes away. The eagle will remain as
our sporting emblem.

Dr. Page-Smith commented that we are heavily interviewing for key positions. He gave a briefing of the recruitment
procedure currently being used.

The Principals’ Reports and Enrollment Report form part of the Director’s Report and are included in the Board pack.

Mr. Harper asked for an explanation of the Enrollment Report and how the numbers are calculated, Dr. .Page-Smith said
he would look into it

Finance Report
Mrs. Ramsay submitted the Finance Report which included the financial statements for the month of October 2010. She
explained the accounts receivables and mentioned that contact has been made with companies to recoup money

Dr. Page-Smith commented that any suggestions on presenting a model of the cash flow presentation will be welcome.

Motion (Harper/Zunker): “To approve the Statements of account for the month of October 2010 and the Finance Report
as recommended by the Finance and Audit committee.” Motion was approved unanimously.

Committee Reports
Finance and Audit
Mr. Glick submitted the Finance and Audit Report which is included in the board pack. Mrs. Felsman asked why there is
so much confusion regarding the tuition schedule options; Mrs. Ramsay explained that not many families understood why
5% interest is being charged on their payments. Mrs. Pettit questioned if parents are aware that companies are charged
the interest if the payment is not made on time.
Mr. Glick briefed the Board on the financing of the new Pretoria property. The Committee is looking into options of
property loans and other possible financing options available to us. Dr. Page-Smith and Mr. Glick explained the difference
between a fixed loan and a floating loan, of which a floating loan will allow more flexibility. Dr.Page-Smith explained that
we are only charged interest once we access the money. Interest rate sensitivity exercises will be done. In the January
meeting a presentation indicating how our cash flow works will be given.
The Committee met with the audit partners this afternoon; they intend to have the audit papers ready for the January
meeting. Audit results should be available to the community by March.

Mrs. Harford submitted the Trustees Report which is included in the Board pack and gave a briefing of her report. She
explained the sub-committees created within the committee: Board Process Team and Board Structure Team. Further
discussions will be held in the Executive Session.

Mr. Griffith submitted the Facilities Report which is included in the Board pack. The minutes from the meeting were
included in the board pack and are self-explanatory. He made reference to the Terms of Reference and asked for
approval from the Board. Dr. Page-Smith and Mrs. Pettit are assembling packages to send out to the architects. Mr.
Griffith asked for a sense from the Board to employ an architect for the renovations of the Pretoria campus. They will be
having a walk-through of the Pretoria campus tomorrow with the new committee members. Next year a walk-through of
the Joburg campus will be done and Dr. Page-Smith will give indications of what he envisions for the campus.
Dr.Page-Smith, Mr. Rudolph and Mr. Weinberg have held discussion regarding the classroom sizes of the new Pretoria
campus and how to combine them to make bigger classrooms. They are receiving quotes to get an idea of costing. Dr.
Page-Smith expects by January to have a much clearer concept of costs to present to the Board. They will also get an
idea of a timeframe from the builders tomorrow.

Dr. Page-Smith complimented the work, leadership and organization of the committees. Well done.

                                             APPROVED MINUTES 101129

Mrs. Jackson-Zunker submitted the Policy Report which is included in the Board pack. Two policies will go up for approval
this evening.
The Standards of Practice were signed by all members of the Board at the meeting.
The policy manual is under review and a lot of work is being done to bring the manual up to date and make it more
readable. The committee will be meeting on December 14.

Approval from the Board to accept the committee reports was unanimous.

Other Reports
PTO Report
No PTO report was submitted.
Dr. Page-Smith congratulated the PTO on the success of the food festival and craft fair and commented that a better
vetting process at the craft fair will be established for future fairs.

Calendar 2011-2012
Dr. Page-Smith submitted a report explaining the background of the calendar and action steps. A copy of the calendar
was included in the board pack. He also made mention of a few changes. The draft agreement will go out before the
December holiday. The question of starting date in August was raised. Dr. Page-Smith explained that the IB exams and
courses are the driving force behind the starting date. Mrs. Harford asked what the Board’s commitment to the hosting of
AISA would be. Dr. Page-Smith commented that he would like to see the board running some workshops and board
related events.

Second Reading of Policy on Scholarship Students at AISJ
Motion (Glick/Harper): “To approve the new policy text on Scholarship Students at AISJ”. Motion was approved
Mr. Walker and Dr. Page-Smith are working the procedures and will present to the Board in January.

Second Reading of Policy on Role of PTO
Motion (Glick/Griffith): “To approve the revised policy of the Role of the PTO”. Motion was approved unanimously.
One comment received. Mrs. Jackson-Zunker read out the comments made and small grammar changes will be made to
the policy.
Future of Pretoria Campus - Move to establish PreK-8 Grade school starting 2011-12
Dr. Page-Smith submitted a report regarding the move to establish the Pretoria campus as a PreK-8 grade school. We
want to suggest the formation of a PreK-8 grade school and it is a short and long term plan and set up understanding that
it will be ONLY be a PreK-8 grade school and we will not look at the option of high school.
Motion (Harper/Glick): “Move to establish PreK-8 Grade School starting 2011-2012”. Motion was approved

Action List
Review and revise action list
The action list submitted by Mrs. Harford and is included in the Board pack. The Board revised and updated the list.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:09pm and was followed by the closed executive session.


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