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									                              In The Loop
                                  0510-02 - Week 17 May
                                        allegedly by Hover Ho’

   2010 Annual General Meeting
     Due to some logistical problems, the nominations have reopened and the AGM has been

     Additional nominations can be made at http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43123

Gauteng and Surrounds
   Charity Run from Gauteng to Cape Town
     Proposals for the various charities have been made and these will be announced soon. Keep
     your eyes on the thread for more information and announcement of the details of the trip. This
     is going to be an exciting event and much bigger than just THINK BIKE!


   Think Bike Winter Warmer Run – 20 June
     The second Noob and Social run for the year is around the corner! The run will be to Sun City
     and is a charity run as well – bring a blanket for the needy!

Western and Eastern Cape
    2010 Beeeg Charity Drive – 10 October
      Every year the THINK BIKE members in the Western Cape support Die Herberg home for
      abused and abandoned children. Entry fee is some toiletries for a child.

      http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=42043 AND http://www.charityride.co.za/

    Coffee Shop Challenge
      WILD CHILD is challenging other coffee shops to collect money for Edu Boards for a school for
      handicapped children in Kempton Park.


    Auto Alpina Track Day at Zwartkops – 23 May
      Joy from Auto Alpina managed to secure Zwartkops for a track day on Sunday 23 May. Cost is
      R300 for the entire day and the S1000RR and R1200GSA will be available to test ride.

   BMW Motorcycle Recall

      BMW issues global bike recall

      19/05/2010 07:45

      German luxury auto and motorcycle manufacturer BMW on Tuesday launched a global recall of
      122 000 motorcycles owing to front brake problems.

      R-Series boxer-twins and K1200GT motorcycles, manufactured between August 2006 and May
      2009, are to be recalled over A brake fluid leak issue.

      A BMW spokesman told AFP the company had uncovered a risk of leaks in the braking systems of
      its K 1200 GT motorcycles and other models built on the same base.

      The recall concerns motorcycles built between August 2006 and May 2009, some of which have
      already been checked, the spokesman told AFP.

      "Over time, it emerged that even corrected braking systems did not resolve the problem 100
      percent," he said.
      Vibration generated by the motorcycle's operation were found to cause leaks that affected the
      front brake, the company said, while rear brakes continued to function normally.

      BMW has not heard of accidents linked to the problem but "would gladly have foregone having to
      make another recall," the spokesman said.

      The group is the leading manufacturer of luxury cars in the world and also sold 87 306 of its
      upmarket motorcycles last year.
     http://www.wheels24.co.za/BikesQuads...ecall-20100519 AND

Gauteng and Surrounds
   Parkview Bike Expo – 20-23 May
     Bike clubs all over Gauteng have been invited to start / end their breakfast run at Parkview
     Centre on this Bike Expo weekend. Five hundred free coffee vouchers from five restaurants
     (F.T.V, Rhapsody’s, Maxi’s, Karoo, Ciao Baby) for the exhibitors to hand out from their
     exhibition stand to the exhibition visitors. CMA Pretoria East will be doing an awareness
     campaign at Parkview Centre during this weekend. BMW Rider Academy will do motorcycle
     driving courses and demonstrations in the parking lot on 22 May.

Pavilion Fair – 29 May

                                  Pavilion Fair
                 Saturday, 29 May from 10:00 to 16:00
            Refinery Road, corner Power Street, Germiston.

                               This fun family day is open to all.

          There will be a beer garden, great food, wonderful art and amazing craft.
      The Out of the Box graduates are making the most beautiful ironing board covers,
     computer bags, hand bags, peg bags, doggy and kitty jackets to ban the winter cold.

     The Bedfordview Lions Club will be launching the newly renovated hall which will host
                        training, special celebrations, functions, etc.

     Mr Porra will be serving mouth-watering Portuguese food at very reasonable prices.

      The Sandbox Express will be teaching special soft skills to all the little ones while
                              the parents browse and enjoy.

     The Classic Motorcycle Club will gather astounding vintage motor cycles… if only
           these machines could talk!!! Share their stories and their journeys.

         Have a tour of the Out of the Box Skills Centre and share the experience of
         learning screen-printing, sewing, beading, candle-making, computer literacy,
                 wood-carving, quilting, bag-making, weaving, carpentry, etc.

                        Organised by http://www.outofthebox.org.za/

                       Out of the Box teaches skills to disadvantaged,
                         unskilled and uneducated South Africans.

            We enable them to find sustainable income generating opportunities
            by becoming teachers of skills or starting their own small businesses.

                               Help us to make a difference!!!

  Read more here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43170

Gauteng Motor Show at Zwartkops – 5-6 June
  Bikes, Trucks, Cars, 4x4 Track, Boats and Accessories, Caravans and Trailers, Entertainment
  and food stalls and much, much more! THINK BIKE will have a stand there again and volunteers
  are required.

 Bikers’ Youth Day at Kyalami – 16 June
   To note in your diary. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

 1000 Bike Show at Germiston High School – 3-4 July
   To note in your diary. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

                                    Diary Dates
                                Parkview Bike Expo – 20-23 May
                                 Craig H at Liedjieboer – 27 May
                                     Paradise Rally – 28 May
                                     KZN Track Day – 29 May
                                      Pavilion Fair – 29 May
                                MotoGP Mugello Italy – 30 May
                       SBK Millar Motorsports United States – 31 May
                         Defensive Road Riding Skills Course – 4 June
                                Gauteng Motor Show – 5-6 June
                                  Moon Dogs Day Jol – 5 June
                          MotoGP Silverstone Great Brittain – 6 June
                                   Bikers’ Youth Day – 16 June
                             MotoGP Assen Netherlands – 26 June
                      SBK Misano Adriatico San Marino Rep. – 27 June
                                    1000 Bike Show – 3-4 July
                                     Frozen Butt Run – 3 July
                        Aprilia Caponord Owner’s Meeting – 27 August
               Flowers in Namakwaland – End of August/ Beginning September
                            2010 Beeeg Charity Drive – 10 October

 Golf Rally on a Lion Farm – 8-9 May
   ARAJENG hosted a run to this golf course with a difference. Great fun was had by all!

   Read more here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=42365

 Midrand SPCA Run – 8 May
   This run was organised at very short notice but quite a lot of goodies were collected. A big run
   is being planned for September / October, so keep your eyes peeled! Apart from the normal
   blankets, bowls and food, the Midrand SPCA also needs handymen, paint, building material etc.
   If you can help, please contact Bev Jane at the SPCA on 082 332 8912.

   The Midrand SPCA’s website is http://www.midrandspca.co.za/ or read more here:
 SBK at Kyalami – 14-16 May
   Kyalami hosted a plethora of international riders for a few days. Hopefully it won’t be the last
   time the guys will race here, so keep your fingers crossed! As usual, THINK BIKE had a stand at
   Kyalami, manned by a number of volunteers.

         Race 1 Results                             Race 2 Results
         1st – L Haslam – Suzuki                    1st – M Fabrizio – Ducati
         2nd – J Rea – Honda                        2nd – C Checa – Ducati
         3rd – M Biaggi – Aprilia                   3rd – L Haslam – Suzuki
         4th – C Crutchlow – Yamaha                 4th – M Biaggi – Aprilia
         5th - C Checa – Ducati                     5th – J Rea – Honda
         6th - J Toseland – Yamaha                  6th – L Camier – Aprilia
         7th - T Corser – BMW                       7th – J Toseland – Yamaha
         8th - M Fabrizio – Ducati                  8th – C Crutchlow – Yamaha
         9th - J Smrz – Ducati                      9th – J Smrz – Ducati
         10th - N Haga - Ducati                     10th – S Guintoli – Suzuki

         Rider Standings                            Manufacturer Standings
         L Haslam – 197                             Aprilia – 197
         M Biaggi – 191                             Suzuki – 197
         C Checa – 130                              Ducati – 174
         J Rea – 121                                Honda – 130
         J Toseland – 115                           Yamaha – 122
         N Haga – 100                               BMW – 99
         T Corser – 96                              Kawasaki – 37
         M Fabrizio – 87
         L Camier – 82
         S Guintoli – 76

   From: http://www.worldsbk.com/en/season.html

   In a previous edition of In The Loop we reported about Keanu’s condition and how we as the
   THINK BIKE family can help out. All help will be appreciated, whether it’s money or goods that
   can be donated to assist in caring for him.

   Read his whole story here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?p=652126

 Craig H – 27 May
   In the previous edition (also a bit later in this one) we reported on Craig’s accident and his
   progress. There will be a music night at Liedjieboer in Midrand to collect money for Craig.

   Directions to Liedjieboer and more information can be found at:

                                                      e-mail: bikes@tib.co.za
                                                      phone: 011 391 0300
      REYELS’ Suzuki RGV250 Project Bike
      Stolen in Bloemfontein, chassis nr: vj21a-120673. Its still in project form and was taken without
      the fairings.


      How many times have you travelled somewhere and when you arrived, couldn’t remember the
      journey? This happens often when you travel a route that is well known to you – where every
      stop sign, school crossing and concealed driveway is mapped in your brain. When you get to
      your destination, you cannot remember any detail or unusual objects along your route.

      Riding a bike requires total and full-time concentration, especially when riding in traffic and on
      strange roads. We read about preventable accidents on a daily basis and it becomes clear that
      we are far too wrapped up in our daily chores and routines to properly keep ourselves safe. We
      think about that project we have to finish, the kids’ homework, this weekend’s social
      engagements, try to remember if it’s somebody’s birthday – all this while trying to arrive home

      Next time you ride, try the following exercises:
          Getting dressed – note the order in which you put your clothes on – right leg or left leg first
          into the pants? Which boot is pulled on first? Which shirt do you choose and why? Left or
          right arm first into your jacket? Do you do the Velcro or clip on the sleeve up before you
          get to the bike or while you’re there? Which glove do you put on first?

          Then, getting on your bike – do you check the controls? Do you know if your tyres are in
          good order? Are all the straps or bolts on your luggage fastened properly?

          In the traffic, can you immediately tell which gear you’re in? Do you take note of unusual
          objects, such as a broken down car, or household furniture on the pavement? Will you be
          able to recall the number of cars with THINK BIKE stickers?

      Once you start exercising your observation skills you will also notice that you are an increasingly
      safer rider, which can only be a benefit!
Wellesley’s Wanderings
    Tales of Daring-Do of a Canadian Russ Bear
      Wells’ current foster family has finally revealed what they have been up to the past few weeks.
      Judging by their activities, it is no wonder that they didn’t want to share with the rest of the
      family! But the good news is that he will probably be travelling to Gauteng really soon so that
      his morals can be sorted out.

      Follow his travels and shocking education on http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=41707

Gauteng and Surrounds
    Paradise Rally in Graskop – 28 May
      MARIUS1 is organising a group ride from Pretoria, with backup vehicle for luggage and a trailer.
      Contact Capie of the Tomahawks to join the fun!

      Read more here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43162

    Frozen Butt Run – 3 July
      The Frozen Butt Run is being planned for 3 July, so get your winter woollies out and get ready
      for some of the most fun you can have in winter!

      Read more here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43103
 Flowers in Namakwaland – End of August
   A great opportunity for the Think Bikers to meet up and view one of South Africa’s wonders of
   nature. Best time to go is around the end of August or beginning of September, all depending
   on the rains in that area. Start saving up and keep your eyes on this thread –

     Della Crewe
     Her snowy motorcycle adventure in 1915
     From the archives of Harley-Davidson Motor Company

     In the first few decades of the Twentieth Century, the roads made motorcycle touring a
     rugged sport. Before concrete interstates and blacktop secondary roads, most roads were
     dirt or gravel trails. Venturing far outside the city required a flair for adventure, a lot of
     stamina and a rugged machine. The fact that men ventured forth under those conditions was
     unquestioned, but for the women to do the same caused a great deal of attention, because of
     their presumably passive role.

      Photograph courtesy of Harley-Davidson Motor Company Archives. Copyright Harley-Davidson.
     Even among these exceptional female motorcycle pioneers, some stood out... like a Waco,
     Texas, woman named Della Crewe. On June 24, 1915, she set out to see America by
     motorcycle, after rejecting both the train and steamship as being not only too expensive but
     also uninteresting. With only 10 days of riding experience on her 1914 Harley-Davidson V-
     twin, she filled her sidecar with 125 pounds of baggage, including her dog, appropriately
     named Trouble, and began her tour. Despite warnings from friends that she would get held
     up by hobos or kill herself in an accident, she wanted the freedom and mobility offered only
     by a motorcycle.

     Her first destination was the July 3 motorcycle races in Dodge City, Kansas. With today's
     modern roads it would be a one or two-day trip but things were different in 1915. An
     extremely wet winter and spring made roads across Texas and Oklahoma badly rutted
     mires of mud and sand. And if that weren't enough, there was the added danger of hidden
     stumps, logs and rocks in the so-called roads. All those miles of sand beds and rugged hills
     took their toll on both the rider and the motorcycle.

     Despite a collision with a stump which knocked her sidecar out of line, Della made it to the
     paved streets of Oklahoma City without a major mishap. The 75 miles of macadam in the city
     were a welcome relief to Della, but upon entering Kansas, heavy rains made the roads such
        a quagmire she had to install tire chains. Finally, even chains couldn't provide enough
        traction and with Trouble in the sidecar, Della struck out through four miles of Kansas
        wheatfields before finding a usable road. She made it to Dodge City in time for the race, one
        of the premier motorcycle events of the time.

        Deciding to head to New York and see the country along the way, the pair headed north
        through the beautiful scenery of Missouri. With good weather and fine roads, they made
        good time as they raced up one hill and down another. After a 15-cent ferry ride across the
        Mississippi River, they were into Illinois and more hills. The trip to Chicago and then to the
        Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee was comparatively quick and uneventful.

                                                                                          To be continued…

      CRAIGH has moved from High Care back home, all within a week! Well done on the fast
      progress Craig, keep it up!

      Read more here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=42639

Aprilia Mana
      I managed to very quickly get my hands on a Mana and I took it for a spin around the block. It
      has an 850cc (839cc actually) engine and has several gear settings – manual with seven gear
      ratios, three automatic gear settings (touring, sport and rain) and the rider can switch gear
      modes without stopping. Manual is actually semi-automatic which means that you gear up but it
      changes down automatically. Gears can be changed with a thumb paddle on the left handlebar
      or with the normal foot gear lever. I wanted to have fun and used the paddle, which takes a
      few minutes to get used to but once you have the hang of it, it’s a huge amount of fun. Gear
      changes in both automatic and semi-automatic were smooth without any jerking on the
      I was happy with the distance the paddle was set from the normal hand position – not too deep
      so that I had to move my hand across to reach the paddle. It also has a lot to do with not
      having a clutch lever and I have an ongoing problem with the indicator switch on bikes – not
      easy to reach if you’re a woman with shorter fingers!

      The standard pipe is very quiet and I surprised quite a few motorists by suddenly appearing
      next to them! I rode around the suburbs for about half an hour and had to shuffle around on
      the seat until I could get comfortable – the handlebars are set quite high and I could move a
      little further back on the seat without losing control or feeling uncomfortable. It’s a short bike
      (2 080mm) and very nippy, perfect for commuting with the automatic setting, no need to ride
      the clutch in heavy traffic. The first time the gears changed down as I was slowing down, it
      went into neutral, or what felt like neutral, and I got a little panic attack as I felt that I was
      losing control, but it reacts very quickly and had no lag when I twisted the throttle again and it
      smoothly went into gear again. The next time I slowed down I expected the “neutral” change-
      down so it wasn’t a problem anymore.

      It isn’t a big looking bike, despite it being an 850cc V-twin and the model I rode was the naked
      version. Even with this size engine I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a beginner bike,
      simply because it is non-aggressive, quiet, light and very easy to handle. Seat height is only
      800mm, which makes it perfect for female riders or those vertically challenged among us.

Blackie and Helen
      BLACKIE and HELEN got married on the 8th May. We wish you many happy years together!

Additions to the Family
      ACKS was adopted by two furries. He’s now looking for some ATGATT for them and will
      appreciate any information on where he can have them kitted out.

                                             … and Skittles

             Meet Rascal…..

      More here: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43158

New Forum Members
      Every now and again we see an upsurge in the number of new Forum registrations. Welcome to
      THINK BIKE and we hope you enjoy your stay with us. Why not think of becoming a fully
      fledged THINK BIKE Member? To find out how, go to http://www.thinkbike.co.za/join

    What a strange thing testosterone is! Why is it that when a woman rides a big bike it is an
    automatic invitation for a male to challenge her to a race? They would never dream of doing it
    when she’s on a smaller or less mean looking bike but, somehow, a big machine gives them the
    right to change character. This became clear when I was riding a black Triumph Sprint (1 050cc)
    and had to contend with a number of wannabe Hamiltons. This seldom happens while riding my
    CS and although also black, is not as big and mean looking as the Triumph, therefore no real
    challengers. Most drivers don’t realise that even a small bike is much quicker off the mark than a
    car but somehow a big bike with a woman on top changes all reasoning. I find it quite amusing!
 Senior Technical Tester                                           SQL Developer 6 month Contract
 Position available in Melrose Arch for a Senior Technical         Six month contract available in Melrose Arch for an SQL
 Tester. Please contact angie@recruitmintlink.co.za for more       Developer. Please contact angie@recruitmintlink.co.za for
 information                                                       more information
 http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43113               http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43112

                            SQL Developer six month contract
                            My client is currently seeking an Accountant / Financial Manager
                            that is available immediately. Suitable candidates will have no less
                            than three years experience in the FMCG environment with
                            extensive experience in Pastel Partner. The Accountant / Financial
                            Manager will be responsible for the entire companies books.
                            Please contact angie@recruitmintlink.co.za for more information.

Things to sell, buy, swap or give away as advertised on the THINK BIKE Forum.

     For Sale
         DVADER – BMW R1100 S
         Blue, 32 000km, R60 000, Mint condition.                          PROTON – Honda CG125 Titan R6500
         http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=42691               2nd owner, excellent condition; 9 500km on clock;
                                                                           full set spare keys; original booklet and pouch; log
         JOLIEM – Wedding Dress                                            book (with all fuel consumption, avg of 28km/l); valve
         Size 34 – 36; I bought my dress for R8 000, selling it            clearances just set and serviced (including oils and
         for R5 000 (negotiable). Please contact me for more               plug); Including large top box; starts first time every
         photos or to come have a look yourself.                           time and runs like day one!
         michelle@mcpharma.co.za                                           http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=43079

                     TJOM – SV 1000 Pillion foot pegs
                     Looking for the left-foot peg and willing to pay
                     postage to Cape Town.

                                               SUPERFLYSA – Home wanted for his dog
                                               Three-year-old Alaskan Malamute, not good with
                                               children but needs a big yard.

          Friday                             Saturday                      Sunday
          30                                 1                             2
          Amid 2010                          Amid 2010                     Amid 2010
                                             Bikers Against Crime
                                             Club 100-Cradle; Cycle Lab
          7                                  8                             9
                                             Club 100-Midrand; Cycle Lab
          14                                 15                            16
                                             Club 100-Midrand; Cycle Lab
                                             WP Championship
          21                                 22                            23
                                             Club 100-Midrand; Cycle Lab
          28                                 29                            30
                                             Club 100-Cradle; Cycle Lab    Interclub – New Horizons

      Red = Gauteng and Surrounds                                                      Blue = Western Cape


               Saturday                                        Sunday
               5                                               6
               Club 100-Cradle; Cycle Lab
               12                                              13
               Club 100-Midrand; Cycle Lab
               19                                              20
               Club 100-Midrand; Cycle Lab
               26                                              27
               Club 100-Cradle; Cycle Lab

      Red = Gauteng and Surrounds                                                      Blue = Western Cape

      Interclub Races – Gauteng
         16 May – New Horizons (Cradle Route) – Please note, this has changed to the 30th May
         1 August – Germiston Wheelers (John Boscoe Circuit)
         28 August – Club 100 (John Boscoe Circuit)
         3 October – Cycle Boys (Kempton park)
         31 October – New Image (Kempton Park)

Friday mornings are for coffee and talking nonsense with your fellow bikers! We have a number of coffee shops
right across Gauteng and at least one in the Western Cape. Do you want to start your own coffee stop? Follow
these steps:
1. Find a biker friendly venue that opens early, preferably 6:00 to 6:30 (people need to get to work)
2. Ask your fellow coffee addicts if it will be a viable venue (close to home or work or en-route)
3. Advertise the new venue with directions, opening times and prices!
Western Cape
      Northern Suburbs Breakfast – Western Cape
         Every last and second Friday of the month at Starlite Diner in Bellville (021 949 6864) from 6am onwards.


      Kopdood Coffee – Rivonia
         The original Friday morning coffee stop. Still the best coffee around! Nescafé Café in Sunninghill, just off
         the highway.
         See: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=8472&page=67

      Bikers’ Brew – Pretoria
         Bikers’ Brew in Pretoria has bottomless coffee for R13.

         Mugg & Bean, Cherry Lane (cnr Fehrsen and Middel) – opposite Brooklyn Mall – can serve coffee from
         6:45 and Brekkie from 7:00. Right next to the Brooklyn traffic circle, opposite Brooklyn Mall.

         See: http://forum.thinkbike.co.za/showthread.php?t=28877

      Kickstart – Edenvale
         Windmill on Van Riebeck Ave, Edenvale. Midway between The Doors Nightclub and Full Throttle.

         Every Friday from 6:30 till whenever you have to be at graft or go home. Best coffee stop; worth the ride
         from outlying areas.

      Halfway Cup’a – Midrand
         GPS Co-ordinates: S 25deg 56’ 54.5”; E 28deg 08’ 26.9”

      WesKOPPIES Koffie – West Rand
         Upstairs from Tank Girls – Skinny’s shop.

      Renegades Coffee – Randburg
         Renegades Coffee, Da Francesca’s, Valley Centre, Jan Smuts Avenue, Randburg. From 6:30 until last
         person leaves.

         All Randburgers and friends welcome, coffee R9 a cup. Best Italian coffee this side of anywhere (for
         those that can drink coffee). Breakfast Panino (bacon, egg roll sarmie thing) R20.

We plan on distributing I N T HE L OOP on a Tuesday or Wednesday so that you can plan your activities well in

Any contributions or feedback, constructive or not, please send to InTheLoop@ThinkBike.co.za. Contributions need
to reach us by no later than the Friday before the publication.

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