The Importance of Communication

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    Why We Communicate
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    People  don’t get along because
     they fear each other.
      People fear each other because
     they don’t know each other.
      They don’t know each other
     because they have not
     with each other.
    Communication according to
       Communication is the process by which an individual (the
        communicator) transmits stimuli (usually verbal) to modify
        the behavior of other individuals (the audience)

       Communication is all of the procedures by which one mind
        can affect the other

       Communication is the art of transmitting information, ideas,
        and attitudes from one person to another

       Communication is social interaction through symbols and
        message systems
    What is Communication?

       Communication is a process- it is continuous and moving. It
        has no beginning or end or a fixed sequence of events.
           Not linear
           Complex
           “There is clearly not a single correct lens through which
            communication phenomenon can be viewed”

       Communication is transactional
           Action and interaction

       Communication is a social activity
           Relationships are necessary vs. Intrapersonal communication
    Why do we Communicate?

       Physical Needs
            Holocaust

            People who lack strong relationships have two to three
            times the risk of early death, regardless of whether they
            smoke, drink alcohol or exercise regularly.

    Terminal cancer strikes socially isolated people more
    often than those who have close personal relationships.

                     Socially isolated people are four times more susceptible
                     to the common cold than those who have active social
    Why do we Communicate?

       Identity Needs
           Wild Boy of Aveyron
           Genie

        We have to learn who we are!
    Why do we Communicate?

       Social Needs
           Baby study by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor in 1200’s

    Relationships!! There is a strong
    link between the quality of
    communication and the success of
    Why do we Communicate?

       Practical Needs
           It’s necessary!
           “Communication is the tool that lets us tell the hairstylist to take
            just a little off the sides, direct the doctor to where it hurts, and
            inform the plumber that the broken pipe needs attention now!”
           Most important factors in helping graduates get jobs?

                              More important than
                              prior job experience…        More important than

                                  COMMUNICATION SKILLS!!
                                        Specifically: ability to speak and ability
                                  to listen
    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs





    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

           Self-Actualization: the desire to develop our
           potential to the maximum; to be the best
           person we can be.

           Self-Esteem: the desire to believe that we are
           worthwhile, valuable people

           Social: you want to feel like you

           Safety: you want to feel like you
           are not in danger

          Physical: you need to survive
            Air, water, shelter, food, rest

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