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					p2            22 July 2011 PLATINUM WEEKLY,               Central Offices - Postma Street,          Fax: 086 628 8304, E-mail:

New era for
                                                                                             Rustenburg: The Rustenburg Rapid         the Rapid Transport buses once the
                                                                                             Transport (RRT), ensuring a better       system is up and running in 2015.
                                                                                             future for Rustenburg and surrounds.     Taking into account that the project
                                                                                             The project was officially launched on   cost amount to R3 billion, whilst the

                                                                                             Thursday 21 July at the Rustenburg       Gautrain project reached R25 billion
                                                                                             Civic Centre.                            (its projected number of passengers
                                                                                                                                      being only 125 000 per day) the RRT
                                                                                             If you thought that 2010 has is a much better deal.
                                                                                             put Rustenburg on the map,
                                                                                             brace yourself for the futuristic Executive Mayor of the Rustenburg
                                                                                             developments we have entered into. Local Municipality, Cllr. Mpho Khunou,
                                                                                             It would be a first for a medium size shared his excitement and reiterated
                                                                                             city like Rustenburg (population just his full commitment to the objectives
                                                                                             over half a million) to receive such a of the RRT project.
                                                                                             futuristic transport system. “This R3
                                                                                             billion transport project is about more “An effective transport system
                                                                                             than just transport, it’s about securing enhances the growth of a city. This
                                                                                             Rustenburg’s development, making futuristic system would lead to the
                                                                                             it safer and more accessible,” said regeneration of our CBD, numerous
                                                                                             Deputy Transport minister Jeremy jobs, it would improve the quality
                                                                                             Cronin during at the official launch of of life of thousands and would also
                                                                                             the project.                             contribute to the protection of our
                                                                                                                                      environment, by reducing carbon
                                                                                             The bold project would see no less emissions” he said.
                                                                                             than 37 stations being built and 100 The Platinum Weekly will keep you
                                                                                             buses operating. Commuters would updated on the developments of the
                                                                                             be using a tag (swipe) system on all the RRT system.
                                                                                             RRT transport systems. An extensive For more info visit our website
                                                                                             feasibility study indicated that about
                                                                                             200 000 people would make use of

                         Izulu Lethu Mining And Training Academy                                                                                  Bodies of
                                                                                                                                                  2 newborn
                                                                 CK Reg. 2010/097802/23
                                     “Division Of Fine Line Mining Projects & Consultants”
                                       Accredited Training Provider. Tel: 014 592 5819                                        Jo
                                                                                                                          Assi bs
                                      Course                        Duration Total Amount Deposit                              stan
                                                                                                                                    ce              babies
                                                                                                                       Acco and
                                    1 Load Haul Dumper (Isigubhu)   2 Months R5500          R1500

           Forklift (R5500)
                                    2 Drill Rig (Tamrock)
                                    3 Fork Lift
                                                                    2 Months
                                                                    2 Months
                                                                                                                         Avai dation
                                                                                                                                                   found in
                                    4 Excavator                     2 Months R6500          R1500
                                    5 Truck Loader Back Hoe (TLB)   2 Months R6500          R1500
                                    6 Dover Testing                 2 Days   R1500          R1500
                                    7 First Aid                     4 Weeks  R1000          R500                                                Rustenburg/ Tlhabane – The police
                                    8 Utility Vehicle (U.V)         2 Months R5500          R1500                                               are appealing to the community to come
                                    9 Boiler Maker                  6 Months R10 500        R1500                                               forward with any information which may
                                   10 Front End Loader              2 Months R6500          R1500                                               lead to the arrest of the mothers involved
       Front End Loader (R6500)    11 On-Setter                     2 Months R9500          R1500                                               in abandoning their babies (particulars
                                   12 Competent B                   2 Months R3500          R1500                     First Aid (R750)          of birth unknown).A woman abandoned
                                   13 Electrical                    6 Months R10 500        R1500                                               her (dead/stillborn?) baby at Oukasie in
                                   14 Fire Fighter                  2 Months R5500          R1500                                               Tlhabane (20 July 2011). This gruesome
                                   15 Diesel Mechanic               8 Months R10500         R1500                                               discovery was made by children playing in
                                   16 Fitting & Turning             8 Months R10500         R1500                                               Sechele Street on Tuesday afternoon.
                                   17 Blasting                      12 MonthsR10500         R1500                                               According to the police reports, the children
         Dump Truck (R6500)                                                                                                                     first saw an umbilical cord outside a black
                                   18 Winch Operator                2 Months R5500          R1500
                                                                                                                     Fire Fighter (R5500)       refuse bag. Upon further examination
                                   19 Rock Drill Operator           2 Months R5500          R1500
                                   20 Mobile Crane                  2 Months R9500          R1500                                               they discovered a what appears to be a
                                   21 Tower Crane                   2 Months R7500          R1500                                               dead baby lying next to the bag. Within
                                   22 Safety Lifting/ Rigging       2 Months R7500          R1500                                               minutes they alerted their parents who
                                   FREE LEARNER DRIVERS             LICENCE OR DOVER TESTING                                                    then contacted the police.
                                      Rustenburg Branch (Opposite Post Office) (Tel: 014 592 5819)                                              Another baby was found abandoned
          Excavator (R6500)                                                                                                                     near a shopping complex at Oukasie in
                                         No.57 Loop Str, Office 18, Mosque Plaza, Rustenburg                       Tower Crane (R7500)
                                       Klerksdorp Branch (Opposite FNB) Tel/Fax: 018 462 3681                                                   Tlhabane.
                                          31 Boom Street, Office 314-317, Vannel building,                                                      On Thursday, 21 July 2011, at about 09:00,
                                         Witbank Branch (Opposite NG Kerk) Maria: 083 574 7509                                                  a municipal employee was busy collecting
                                  Corner Haig & Kruger Street, Suite 6, Flomia Building, Witbank 1035                                           refuse in the area when she stumbled
                                               Bloemfontein Branch Tel/Fax: 051 430 6142                                                        upon a box containing a black plastic bag.
                                       No.22 East Burger Str, Old Market Building, Bloemfontein                                                 According to the police reports, the
         Contact Us...
                                   Pretoria Branch *Opening Soon (181 Proes str, Pretoria central off: 401)                                     48-year-old woman had tried to remove
                                   (Trust: 074 202 9448 Lerato: 073 572 0741/ Mamose:073 347 0185)                  Mobile Crane (R9500)        the plastic but found it a little heavy. She
                                                                                                                                                only became worried when she saw blood
Contact Us on: Trust: 074 202 9448 | Lerato: 073 572 0741 | Web: | E-mail:                        oozing out of the plastic. On further
                                                                                                                                                examination, she saw a stillborn with the
 Izululethu FET College                                                     Izululethu Driving School                                           placenta on top of it. She quickly raised
                                                                                                                                                the alarm and alerted the police. Police
                                                                       Qualified Instructors                                                    recovered a grey tracksuit on scene.
                                                                                                                            Code 8: R120
 Matric Rewrite Classes                                                Best Service Providers
                                                                        Learners Licence R250.00
                                                                                                                            Per Hour (Lesson)   Anyone with any information that can
l Old Syllabus (All Subjects)                                                                                                                   assist the police in apprehending the
                                                                                                                            Code10: R150        suspect, should contact D/Const Karabo
l New Syllabus (All Subjects)                                           Truck Hire R350.00 Car Hire R300.00                 Per Hour (Lesson)
Duration: 12Months - Deposit: R900                                      Truck Hire Code14 R1500.00                                              Lekgoale of Tlhabane Detectives on 014
                                                                                                                            Code 14: R300       565 8500 or the CrimeStop number 086
    Monthly: R800 - Max 4 Subjects                                                                                          Per Hour (Lesson)

                                                                           8                 10
                                                                                                                                                001 011. Police are investigating cases of
                                                                                                                                                concealment of birth.
    Intensive Exam Coaching                                            146 President Mbeki Drv, Boekenhout Building, Office 45, Rustenburg

        AMBULANCE: 0861 789 911 - POLICE (Rtb): 014-590 4111 - FIRE DEPARTMENT: 014-590 3333

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