Parallel Lines and Real Life by yaofenjin

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									Parallel Lines
□ Task: Today you will identify parallel
  lines in real life images. You will also
  identify a transversal and a set of
  alternate interior angles.

□ To prove the lines are parallel, you will
  use Geometer’s Sketch pad to
  measure the alternate interior angles.
         For today’s lesson, you
         must find a pair of
         alternate interior angles
         to prove that the lines
         are parallel.

         In this diagram, name a
         set of alternate interior
Can you find
a set of
parallel lines
in this
<1   <2

           Drag these two angles
          onto the picture to show
             alternate angles.
□ These lines
  appear to
  be parallel.

                 <2   <1
□ There are 10 slides for you to choose
  from. You must complete 6 slides out
  of the 10. Use the line tools to draw
  parallel lines and a transversal on the
  images. Then, label one pair of special
  angles. Each slide will give you the
  type of angles to identify.
            Save your work!
□ Now that you are done, save your work in
  your I drive. Save as Lastname_parallel
□ The next step is to measure the angles to
  check to see if they are congruent.
□ Paste 1 of your images in Geometer’s Sketch
  pad and measure the two angles for
  congruency. You should save your
  sketchpad image to your I drive as
□ Make sure a copy is placed in my drop
  folder when complete.
Category            4                3              2              1
 Image       Personal image                                       Used
                  used                                        directly from
                                                              the teacher

Sketchpad       Drew and           Drew        Some parts      Incorrect
                 labeled          parallel      of parallel    drawing.
              parallel lines,       lines,         lines,
               transversal,     transversal,   transversal,
              and a pair of     and a pair      and a pair
             special angles.     of special     of special
                                  angles.       angles are
 Proving        Detailed        Explanation        Weak        No
 the lines   explanation of      of why the    explanation explanation.
 parallel.    why the lines     lines are or    of why the
             are or are not        are not     lines are or
                parallel.         parallel.       are not
                Includes        Geometric      parallel. No
               geometric        terms used.    Geometric
               terms and                       terms used.

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