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  Freedom from                                                                                        If your life, or that of your relatives/forefathers, has been influenced by
                                                                                                      freemasonry, we would recommend strongly that you attend. Then you
  Freemasonry                                                                                         can be assured that you and your descendants enjoy the blessing of God’s
                                                                                                      freedom achieved through repentance and deliverance.
 Other brotherhoods & spiritual strongholds                                                           Freemasonry needs specific prayers of authority as it has deep links to
                                                                                                      witchcraft which many masons don’t even know about! Ministry needs
   September 25th - 27th                                                                              to be specific & comprehensive. If you still see things going wrong in your
    Residential Conference                                                                            life or the lives of loved ones please seriously consider booking.
     King’s Park, Northants                                                                                                                                             Booking forms available

                                              Abundant                                                              Would you love to be able to say you’re
     Abundant                                 Wholeness                                                      Abundantly Whole! Does that sound like a bridge too far?
                                                                                                              It really isn’t! Come & let God show you how, no matter
     Wholeness                                                                                                               what has happened in your life.
                                                                                                         Sometimes we let the past continue to affect us, or day-to-day issues
                                                                                                         build-up unattended. Be divinely refreshed & deal with those things.
 Saturday, 10th October                                                                                A personal time for you to come aside & be renewed, leaving with a fresh
                                                 Saturday, October 10th                               foundation for living. What a lovely opportunity through teaching, ministry &
         Day Conference                                                       9.30am until 5pm
                                                    Richard Cary, Becky Penberthy-Smith & team
                                                                      Sozo Ministries International
                                                                                                          personal counsel to be given GOD’S ABUNDANT WHOLENESS!
       Sozo House, Romsey                                                      Day Conference at
                                                                   Sozo House, Romsey, Hampshire

                                                                                                                                                                       Booking forms available

                                                                                                      We cannot over stress the significance of this ministry for Jews as well as
         Jewish                                                                                       others from persecuted backgrounds. Do ring us if you’re unsure why.
                                                                                                      Has there been a unhelpful silence over your life covering deep pain?
         Roots                                                                                        Our Father has shown Pastor Marion many profound truths in His Word to
                                                                                                      see you set free, and emotionally healed, from the present & the past.
Thursday, 12th November                       Jewish Roots                                            Includes ministry over:- Offence: Persecution: Oppression: Isolation:
                                              Thursday, November 12th 2009                            Being misunderstood: Being hidden: Feeling an odd-one-out: Outcast:
                                                                              9.30am until 5pm
                                                                                                      Poverty of soul. A day of profound healing & deliverance.
         Day Conference                                     Marion Daniel & team
                                                                      Sozo Ministries International
                                                                               Day Conference at
                                                                                                                                                                        Booking forms available
       Sozo House, Romsey                                          Sozo House, Romsey, Hampshire

 Take Hope - An Incredible Change!
                                                                                                                                         Full list of 2010 dates on our Website!
   Here is an extract taken from a very long testimony sent into the
office describing major areas where God has brought this person out
 of the pit & back into His purposes. The transformation is thrilling.                                              SUND                   Counsel & Refreshments Available

     Let God give you hope, if you need it, through this summary.
    “Briefly, past abuse caused me for 20 years to turn on myself.                                                  Next Sozo:           Sunday August 9th                          Welc l
                                                                                                                                                                                        om          e
  I was even sectioned in hospital due to severe anorexia. I nearly                                                 Venue:       Lantern Theatre , Mountbatten School
   destroyed my life & was living a nightmare. I hated myself and
                     what I had allowed to happen.
                                                                                                                    Fruitful & Free Part 2               More Keys
         Since I attended your last September’s Freedom from
       freemasonry Conference I’ve noticed so many changes:-                                                        This meeting & possibly the next one will be in the building just
                                                                                                                    beyond the tennis courts as you first pull into the school. You
     God has healed me from controlling curses & conditional love.                                                  can park on the tennis courts or in the usual parking places.
  I ‘know’ something has happened in me and I have an inner peace                                                   Look out for our signs.
                      that I have never known before.
 I am no longer afraid of my father and no longer feel I need to ‘earn’
his or others love. I had always felt I wasn’t good enough. I can now                                               Lighten the Load                        Sunday, August 30th
tell him I love him. I no longer feel the need to reach out for ‘earthly’                                           ‘Throw away the baggage!’            Possibly in the Lantern Theatre
  love like I used to. I can also now tell my mother I love her. I will no
 longer allow her to manipulate me or use emotional blackmail. I am
                             now free to be ‘me’.                                                                   Pulling Down Strongholds Sunday, Sept 20th
          I can stand strong spiritually and emotionally in a way I
       never have before. Also, I’m recognizing when the enemy is
      ‘having a go’, & with God’s strength in me, more able to stand                                               TODAY: Fruitful & Free!
                                against him.
                                                                                                                                                             This message will be available after
     I’m now in a place I had only dreamt of or tried to imagine in                                                Sunday, July 19th                         the meeting on DVD, CD, Cassette
           the past. Praise the Lord and thank you!” Anon
Guest Fellowship Nights at Awbridge Pavilion
Tuesdays at 7.30pm - All welcome
                                                                 RICHARD HARVEY                      The Resource Centre of Sozo Ministries International
Throughout the summer weeks we meet at Awbridge Pavilion for fun &
fellowship. (S051 0HG for Sat Navs) Guests are invited to join us
during August. You can arrive from 5.00pm if you’d like to bring a
picnic tea & relax with others, please do - we’d love to see you.                                  Eat This & LIVE!
SPECIAL GUEST - DON’T MISS THIS MAN!                                                               By Don Colbert
Richard Harvey, a Messianic Jew, Tutor & Director of Training for Missions at ‘All                 How to make simple food
Nations Christian College’ is joining us on the 18th & 25th August.                                choices. Feel better, look
He will be sharing on the timely & very important issue of:-                                       younger, live longer!
“Getting the balance between Torah and Life in Christ.”
                                                                                                   We have an abundance
Many of you will have met him when he came and shared on Passover.                                 of options but all foods
A lovely evening! It is our privilege to have him with us again.                                   are not created equal.
                                                                                                   In fact some food should
N.B. If you don’t normally attend Tuesday nights and you plan to come
on these dates please let us know a.s.a.p. so we can keep an eye on
                                                                                                   not even be labelled food           NEW
                                                                                                   but rather ‘consumable
numbers. Seats will be limited! Get your names down quickly.
                                                                                                   product’ or ‘edible, but void of nourishment.’
                                                                                                   Based on key principles for healthy eating this
                                                                                                   practical guidebook to food includes his
  In the Beginning...                                                                              ‘approved foods’, restaurant menu choices,

                       “Recently I had a
                   discussion with my Aunt
                                                     Sozo in the                                   along with helpful tips, charts, & nutrition
                                                                                                   Now is the time to build the rest of your life
                    about evolution. I read
                  to her Genesis chapter 1
                     on how God created
                                                           Wirral!                                 on this wonderful pillar of health - living food!
                                                                                                   £10.99 + £2.70 p&p

                   things at different times,
                    we then read verse 27.
 “So God created man in his own image,                                                             Walking with the Saviour
   in the image of God created he him;
                                                                                                   Published by People’s Gospel Hour
    male and female created he them.”
The effect of God’s Word was amazing.
                                                   October 22nd-24th                                A collection of timely articles
A lie was exposed that she had believed                    Details out soon                         for Christian Young People.
having watched a television programme.
She received the truth of His Word in her                                                          One page for each article - an excellent, easy to
    heart, praise the Lord!” DC Hants                Although details of teaching content &        read & relevant mini-magazine.
                                                  venue remain inconclusive there is a leaflet
                                                 on the literature table today you could send to   * True Religion
                                                  those who may be interested in the issues        * False Religion
   As Time Passes..                               that will possibly be covered. Let us know       * Walking with the Saviour
                                                  if you would like further details when plans     * God’s Recipe for Love &
God’s Work is Revealed!                                         are more concrete.                   Marriage

                                                                                                   * Sports & Physical Exercise

“Back in 2005 I attended a Freedom from                                                            * Drive to Survive
                       Freemasonry                                                                 * Why Do Bad Things Happen?
                        conference.                                                                * The Christian & Sickness                   N EW
                  It was an amazing time.                                                          * Please remember Your manners
                    I was gradually healed                                                         * Wash Your Mouth
                       of extremely bad                                                            * Who Gets The Glory
                    allergic rhinitis, but the                                                     * Tattoos & Body Piercing
                                                       For 4-13yr
                    best has been that the                                                         * Gambling, There Are No Winners
  Lord started revealing that Mormonism                                                            * Victory Over Sin
                                                      Fun, songs,
(covered on the conference) was holding my                                                         Also lists tips using S.U.C.C.E.S.S. as an
          non-Christian husband.                                                                   acronym for making a success of your
                                                       activities &
I had some prayer for him & he has since                                                           Christian Life. 30p + 55p p&p
   been to a marriage course with me at              challenges are
    Church and had some counselling.                      back.
   We also completed an Alpha Course
             together last year.                                                                   Lord, Help My Unbelief
We have become grandparents, which is                 THURSDAY & FRIDAY,                           “Does having faith mean you are a super-
wonderful as miscarriage USED to run in
 the family.... The good fruit just keeps
 coming. Thank you so much for your
                                                       AUGUST 6th & 7th                            spiritual giant or is it deeper than that?
                                                                                                   More to this message than meets the eye!
             ministry.” Anon                                 (Sozo Sunday on 9th)
                                                                                                   Last Sozo Sunday’s message by Marion
                                                        Booking Forms Available
                                                        to be in early this week!                  On DVD, CD & Tape                           NEW
                       B IR T H D Y
   PP Y                                                       News Sheet 229: 2009 Published by: Sozo Ministries International
                           G R AC I E
                                                                     Sozo House, Alma Road, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 8ED
                                                                                            Tel: 01794 522511 Fax: 01794 522577
 Gracie Daniel will be two years old                                            Web site at E-mail:
 on 5th August.                                               Registered Charity No: 111 1647 Registered in England Company No 0554 7814

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