How to Organize Your Notebook by hedongchenchen


									                    HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR PORTFOLIO
Name:___________________________                                                        Chemistry
Period:                 #:                                                              Ms. Fregeau

TAB #1:        Label: “COURSE V.I.P.”
               Have each of the following very important papers in the following order:
                      1.       How to be Successful - Course Expectations
                      2.       THIS PAPER!!!!
                      3.       CA Chemistry Standards Handout
                      4.       Safety Regulations

TAB #2:        Label: “WARM UPS”
               A good pinch of notebook paper should be stored here for all warm up activities and
               homework assignments. This section will be graded periodically.

TAB #3:        Label: “LAB”
               This section will include all lab sheets including data and procedures. This should be
               kept for the SEMESTER. You will follow the format given to you by Ms. Fregeau.
               Labs will be collected and graded shortly after completion.

TAB #4:        Label: “HANDOUTS & NOTES”
               This section will contain all science handouts given to you in class. These include:
               graphs, diagrams, charts, graphic organizers, and note outlines. These can also be
               used on tests. Keep the WHOLE YEAR.

TAB #5:        Label: “HOMEWORK”
               This section should contain all homework stamped and not stamped. Homework
               stamp sheets are collected at the end of each unit on the day of the unit test.
               Homework should be kept for a SEMESTER.

Grading Criteria:
                    All papers should have your name, date, period and class number. It must be
                     legible! If I cannot read your name I cannot grade it. Pen colors: blue, black,
                     purple, and green only!

                    All science materials should be included in the portfolio at the time of grading in
                     some kind of order. A disorganized mess will result in a low portfolio grade.

                    Paper is to be college-ruled, loose leaf, and kept in your portfolio.

                    Neatness, labeled tabs, in a 1 – 2 inch binder is a must.

       Lab or Study Buddy: ________________________________Phone# (                     )

                                       Portfolio Check: Total 200 points

DUE DATES FOR THE YEAR:                               st
                                                     1 Quarter
                                                                                  2 Quarter
1st Quarter Due: Oct. 28, 2003
2nd Quarter Due:
3rd Quarter Due:
4th Quarter Due:

                                                      rd                           th
                                                     3 Quarter                    4 Quarter

 Must be neat and legible. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it!!! Try typing if your
  penmanship is less-than-legible.
 Must be out with stamp sheet, ready to be stamped the day that it is due. If I come
  around to stamp and your homework is not out, then I will not stamp it! I will not stamp
  it once I have reviewed the answers.
 Keep all homework for the unit in your portfolio until the homework stamp sheet is due
  on the day of the unit test. YOU MUST BE ORGANIZED!
 If you did not complete your homework on time and did not get a stamp, it is still worth
  half-credit if it is turned in complete at the time the homework stamp sheet is due.

Warm - Ups:
 Must be neat and legible. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it!!!
 Must include date, the question and the answer to receive points (stamp = 3 points).
  Collected each quarter for a grade.
 If you are absent or tardy, it is your responsibility to make up the warm-up.
 Warm-ups will be collected at the end of each unit for a grade.

Make-Up Procedures When Absent
 It is YOUR responsibility to make-up any assignments that you missed while you were
  absent. Make-ups must be done on your time, not class time. All extra handouts from
  the past week are found in the Student’s Folder near the door in the classroom, organized
  by day. Also, check the website while you are out to keep up to date.
 Tests and quizzes must be made up within a week. If you have been sick or out of town
  for more than a week, please speak with me so we can work something out.
 I am available during lunch for make-ups and/or tutoring. I am also available after
  school by appointment. Please let me know if you need to come in.
 Some labs cannot be made-up. Class presentations cannot be made-up. Work missed
  during an unexcused absence cannot be made-up.

 Every week you have the opportunity to tell your parents what you learned in science for
   extra credit. YOUR PARENTS MUST FILL OUT THE FORM (even if it is in another
   language). You can turn in the form every Friday for 3 extra credit points. Forms are
   available in the bin near the door of the classroom.
 Bathroom passes are also worth extra credit at the end of the semester. If you do not use
   them, turn them in for points (5 points each). If you do not use any of them, turn them in
   for double points (40 points!)
 Opportunities for extra credit may pop up sporadically throughout the year. Take
   advantage of them!!
 If you are failing miserably, extra credit will not help very much. It is what you do all
   year long that reflects your grade.

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