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      1806 Novato Blvd., Novato, CA 94947
                                  Established 1892

                                                         Mass Times
                                                     Weekdays 9:00 am
                                              Saturday 5:00 pm (Vigil Mass)
                                                   Sunday 7:30, 9, 10:30,
                                                     12 noon (Spanish)
                                                    Eucharistic Adoration
                                              Every Friday 9:30am-5:00 pm
                                             First Friday - All Night Adoration
                                                9:30am Fri to 9am Saturday
                                                Sacrament of Reconciliation
                                                     Saturday 3:30-4:30
                                                 Please contact the Rectory
                                                    Catechesis Required
                                           Please contact the Rectory at least 6
                                                     months in advance

            Pastor                                       Parish Offices
 Rev. William H. McCain,            STL
(On Sabbatical July 2011 - January 2012)
                                                      FAX 415-897-8251
       Administrator                       Office Hours Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
  Rev. Edward Inyanwachi                               Friday 9am - 4pm
                                           Closed every other Friday. See bulletin for this week’s schedule
     Pastoral Associate
                                                  Our Lady of Loretto School
 Sr. Jeanette Lombardi osu                 Mrs. Annette Bonanno-Ollinger, Principal
                                                    1811 Virginia Avenue
       Visiting Priest                                Novato, CA 94945
   Rev. Hugo Esparza, CP                                415-892-8621

        Parish Manager                              School of Religious Education
        Patrick Reeder                                 Amy Bjorklund Reeder
                                                           Kathleen Pitti
         Office Staff                                      415-897-6714
       Mary Ann Varner
                                                               Youth Minister
          Erin Troy
                                                                Perrin Brady
        Allen Shirley                                            897-2171
“Empowered by the Spirit of God we celebrate Jesus’ presence in Prayer, Liturgy,
                           Sacrament and Service”
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                  August 14, 2011

The Gloria / Glory to God                                                   THIS WEEK AT OLL
Throughout the Christmas season we hear or sing                           August 14 - August 21
the familiar carol: “Angels we have heard on High
sweetly singing o’er the plains…” When we gather            Sun.      20th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
to celebrate the Eucharist on most Sundays and              Mon.      SVDP - Library - 7pm
feasts, we echo the same song of the angels refer-          Tue.      Al-Anon/Alateen - Convent - 7:30pm
                                                            Wed.      Our Lady’s Prayer Group -Chapel-7:30pm
enced in this Christmas carol when we sing or re-
cite together
                                                            Fri.       OFFICE CLOSED
the Gloria (Glory to God).
                                                                       Adoration - Chapel - 9:30 am- 5pm
The Gloria has
                                                            Sat.       Cenacle - Chapel - 9:30am
often been called       SPOTLIGHT                           Sun.       21th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
t h e “A n g e l i c    on the *GIRM
Hymn” because it        “The Gloria is an ancient                  Join us for the recitation of Rosary Monday-
opens with these        hymn in which the                          Thursday after the 9am Mass and at 5:30pm,
words which,            Church, assembled in                       Friday after the 9am Mass and at 5pm and Sun-
according to the        the Holy Spirit, praises                   day at 3pm .
Gospel of Luke, the and entreats the Father
angels sang at          and the Lamb.”                                 Young At Heart Senior Group at
Bethlehem on the        *General Instruction                              St. Sebastian’s, Kentfield
                        of the Roman Missal, n. 31.         We invite all who are 55 and older to join us on Tuesday ,
night of Christ’s                                           Sept 6, to hear a delightful talk and enjoy a photo “ride” on the
birth. It is one of                                         old railroad systems of Marin. The Young at Heart meet the
the oldest Christian                                        first Tuesday of every month for lunch & planned entertain-
hymns, modeled                                              ment. We take 2-3 days trips a year. Members dues are $15 a
after the psalms and canticles of the Old Testa-            year. Luncheon is a choice of sandwiches & salads, drink and &
                                                            dessert for $6. Guests are always welcome!(for $7.50 a person).
ment. The ecstatic joy which the Gloria proclaims           Members come from Marin, Southern Sonoma, the East Bay &
makes it suitable for all Sundays outside of the            San Francisco.
seasons of Advent and Lent and for all solemnities          For more information, contact president Denise Carrade 461-
and feasts. The Gloria follows the Act of Peni-             0698 or Donna Boyd 453-3383.
tence, when the assembly proclaims its faith in
                                                            Fr. McCain is currently in South Africa and has updated his
God who is loving and kind and the source of rec-           webpage with pictures and news from abroad. Check it out at
onciliation and healing. It is a fitting moment to under the Spiritual Growth menu and scroll
turn to God to offer this ancient hymn of thanks            to Fr. McCain’s Page.
and praise.
Question of the Week                                                PARISH SCHOOL OF RELIGION
Why and for what reason does your community sing                  NOW ENROLLING FOR FALL
praise to God?
                                                             The Parish School of Religion is now ac-
Our Lady of Loretto SVDP collection last month was            cepting registrations for the upcoming
$4,078. Thank you for your continued support.                      year. Please visit our website
                                                     and click on Parish
                                                                Ministries, then click again on Parish
   St. Vincent de Paul Car Donation Program                    School of Religion (CCD) to view a de-
                                                             scription of our programs and print reg-
If you have a car you can donate to SVDP please call Bill     istration forms. For your convenience,
    Eberhart at 258-5226. Your gift financially aid the       you will also find registration forms at
SVDP Free Dining Room in San Rafael which serves 300         the entrances to the Church If you have
    hot lunches daily in addition to breakfasts and bag      any questions, please contact the office
 lunches for dinner. Many of our diners can’t make ends      at (415) 897-6714 and Kathleen or Amy
   meet; others sleep outside and eat at the dining room.
                                                                     will be happy to assist you.
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                           August 14, 2011

                  Golf Tournament


             20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 “Observe what is right, do what is just; for my salvation
is about to come, my justice, about to be revealed.”
~Isaiah 56:1


        A grief support group for anyone impacted by
loss, through death of a loved one will be offered at
Our Lady of Loretto Parish. This support group af-
fords a “safe” environment to explore and articulate
feelings, expand support network, and facilitate the
process of healing and growth.

         A series of eight consecutive meetings on
Wednesday’s from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, will begin
September 7th, for anyone grieving the loss of a
loved one. There are some flyers at the Church ex-
its. For more information, those interested may call               NURTURING THE FAITH AS A PARISH COMMUNITY, ONE CHILD AT A TIME

Sr. Jeanette at 897-2171, ext. 226 for an interview
prior to attendance.                                          Invest in the future of our Church and our
                                                                parish school; invest in the OLL School
                                                                      Adopt-A-Student program.
           St. Vincent DePaul Society
The OLL pantry is in need of the following items:                                 You can answer
paper towels, Kleenex, face soap, dish soap, spa-                                the prayer today.
ghetti, pasta and sauce, tuna fish, jelly, mayo,
and macaroni and cheese. We appreciate your                       See the vestibule for a brochure or visit
donations and thank you!!

   Nazareth House Retirement Community                       Summer is here and we pray everyone has a rest-
                                                             ful and enjoyable season. Please remember your
  San Rafael, providing Residential care & assisted
                                                             weekly donation when you are on vacation and
      Living by the Sisters of Nazareth since 1962.
                                                             not attending Mass at OLL; for it is through your
 The Sisters provide a range of services including daily     ongoing generosity that we are able to spread the
 Mass, diverse activity programs, large landscape gar-       word of God to all those who wish to hear. Con-
 dens, various sized accommodations, & nurse on duty         sider the OLL Monthly Giving Program as an easy
 24 hours a day. There are currently some vacancies &        way to make your contributions. Take a brochure
 the sisters would like to invite you to come visit their    from the vestibule or download the form at
 facility. Call Carol at 479-8282 to make a reservation God Bless!
 for lunch & a tour! Visit sanrafaelsistersofnaza- for more information.
       Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
            August 15 - August 20

Mon. 9am         Guerino E. Giuseppe Mellevoi

Tues. 9am        Jessica Iacovetto

Wed. 9am        Marie Salmina

Thurs. 9am      Lena Massucco

Fri.     9am     Marty & Claire Troy (L)
                  (50th Anniversary)

Sat.     9am    John Bacha

       Please pray for the sick of our parish and
        those we have been asked to pray for:

  Terry Allison, Michael Baczynski, Ursula
  Becker, Yvette Bellan, Glenn Cheetham, Zach-
  ary Collins, Daniel Coudray, Nicholas de
  Oliveira Creswell, Eric Cavalli, Chris D’Asaro,
  Buzz DeMartini, Ed Dias, Felix Elu, Ralph
  Grossi, Muriel Hawkins, Florence Highland,
  Augie Hoth, Karla and Jeff, Ingrid Iacovetto,
  Francis Inyanwachi, Jackie Javier, Janet
  Johnk, Ali Khalighi, Barbara Koch, Msgr. Rich-
  ard Knapp, Eleanora Lafranchi, Diane Lang,
  Vincent Liptrot, Miriam Lorditch, John D. Mac-
  chello, Matt Maloney, Al Marchi, The Marilyn
  McCarthy Family, Beth McDaniel, Patrick
  McDonald, Esther Mears, Jim Murphy, Alexan-
  dra Myers, Estelle Neiff, Mary Nunes, Michael
  Paris, Fr. Paul Perry, Joanie Pick, Howard Pier-
  son, Andrew Priolo, Ed Robertson, Halloran
  Ross, Sergio Sampress, Yvonne Sanella,
  Chuck Silva, Nicholas Sorensen, Geri Tevini,
  Diane Thrailkill, Jeff Towns

                     May our deceased
                   Parishioners rest in the
               loving arms of God especially,

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