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            MARCH/APRIL 2010
                              St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church
                                      100 Troy-Schenectady Road
                                             P.O. Box 196
                                         Watervliet, NY 12189
                             Phone: (518) 274-3673 ~ Fax: (518) 274-3103

SUNDAY WORSHIP:                                         Morning Services (Matins)                    9:00 a.m.
                                                        Divine Liturgy                              10:00 a.m.

OFFICE HOURS:                                           Monday-Friday                    8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Rev. Fr. Garen Gdanian, Pastor Emeritus                                 Garo Derian
1 Cindy Lee Court                                                       560 Rt. 9W
Latham, NY 12110                 785-4816                               Glenmont, NY 12077                 436-7447
E-mail:                                               E-mail:

John Ekmalian, (Acting) Chair                                           Mary Hartunian
11B Ledgewood Drive                                                     6 Riviera Drive
Albany, NY 12205                   459-1836                             Latham, NY 12110                   785-6073

Arthur Mahserjian, Vice Chair                                           Leon Kaiser
143 Forts Ferry Road                                                    81 Old Coach Road
Latham, NY 12110                   785-4247                             Clifton Park, NY 12065             383-3266
E-mail:                                             E-mail:

Joanne Scaringe, Secretary                                              Yervant Kutchukian
6 Chestnut Hill Road South                                              2003 Brookview Road
Loudonville, NY 12211          463-5004                                 Castleton-on-Hudson, NY 12033     732-7486
E-mail:                                          E-mail:

R. Paul Moroukian, Jr., Treasurer                                       George Mahserjian
9 Kimberly Court                                                        1058 Valerie Drive
Schenectady, NY 12309             785-1766                              Niskayuna, NY 12309                783-8896

Edward A. Belemjian                                                     Robert Meeson
10 Orchard Grove                                                        4 Westview Road
Loudonville, NY 12211              465-3029                             Troy, NY 12182                     237-8435
E-mail:                                            E-mail:

CHURCH ORGANIZATION CONTACTS:                                                         PARISH COUNCIL LIAISON:
     ACYOA Jrs.                 Serena Moroukian . . . . . . . . 785-1766             Yervant Kutchukian
     ACYOA Srs.                 Jonathan Dadekian . . . . . . . 346-1819              Yervant Kutchukian
     Armenian School            Anahid Altounian . . . . . . . . .463-2625            Garo Derian
     Bible Study                Elsie Vozzy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 373-0242        Yervant Kutchukian
     St. Peter Adult Fellowship Philip Natcharian . . . . . . . . .785-8767           Edward Belemjian
     Sunday School              Charles Tutunjian (acting) . .785-9423                Arthur Mahserjian
     Women’s Guild              Virginia Mahserjian . . . . . . 783-8896              John Ekmalian

Church Secretary                      Lori Payette . . . . . . . . . . . . 274-3673
Choir Director                        Dn. Rafi Topalian . . . . . . . . 272-2000
Fellowship Hour                       Lori Payette . . . . . . . . . . . . 274-3673
Loosaper                              Lori Payette . . . . . . . . . . . . 274-3673
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                   Typing and Proofreading           Mon., May 17 - Fri., May 28
                   To Printer                        Friday, May 28
                   Mailing                           Wednesday, June 2

The Loosaper constitutes a vital and an historical record of the life of the St. Peter Church Community.
Therefore, it is important to make every effort to preserve and maintain the continuity of this
publication. In order to do this, we need help. Any parishioner interested in being a reporter or
assisting the editorial staff with this publication should call the church office.
Church Secretary, Lori Payette, is responsible for compiling and typing this issue. A volunteer group
performs editorial tasks such as: proofreading, layout, writing and editing of articles. All materials
submitted are subject to editing by the Editorial Staff. The mailing of the Loosaper is also handled
by volunteers.
If you find errors in this edition of the Loosaper, please understand that, while perfection is always our
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                            Sona Hachigian            Joyce Kenosian
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Additional Comments:
                                      Easter Message
                                  from Dn. Yervant Kutchukian
In the early morning, a woman went to a tomb to look for the Lord she loved so dearly. She
expected to find His dead and lifeless body where it had been laid two days before and to
embalm it with spices in accordance with Jewish practice. Instead, she arrived to find what
appeared to be a ransacked tomb—the stone was rolled away and no body was to be found.
Already overcome with grief at the gruesome death of this Lord she loved so much in life, the
anguish that must have washed over her at the thought that someone had desecrated His grave
and body must have been unbearable. She went to fetch His friends so that they too could
witness this travesty. They came and saw the empty tomb and went on their ways disheartened.
But this woman, Mary Magdelene, tarried a little while longer. As she peered into the tomb
again, she saw two angels who asked her why she wept. Startled, she turned around and saw a
man she did not recognize but thought was the gardener, demanding to know from him where
he had taken the body that had been in this tomb. And then, all in a moment, her world changed
forever. This man she took for the gardener uttered her name, “Mary”, and all at once she
recognized the one she was looking for, her Lord whose lifeless body had been laid in the tomb
just three days before was now standing before her, radiant and full of life!
In her grief and longing for answers, Mary represents each of us in our human condition when
we seek our Lord in the midst of pain and difficulties. She sought His lifeless body and we
seek to hear His voice somehow in the midst of the challenges we meet in the course of our
lives. Mary’s search did not go unmet, for the Lord she sought met her in a way she was not at
all expecting, surpassing her wildest dreams. There He stood before her, the beloved teacher
and Lord who understood her like no other human being. And so too with us, if we are able to
get past that initial disappointment of not finding God where we would expect or not receiving
an answer as to why some tragedy has befallen us or our loved one, we too have the opportunity
to meet Christ face to face, though like Mary we may not recognize the presence of our Lord in
front of us. Following His resurrection Christ spoke words of blessing to His disciples that are
perhaps more for our ears than anyone else’s: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet
have come to believe.” (John 20:29)
Our risen Savior speaks to us today every bit as much
as He spoke to Mary two thousand years ago that early
morning when she was beside herself with grief at not
finding her Lord where she thought He would be.
May we, like Mary, have the eyes of our hearts opened
to see our Lord when He seeks to meet us that we too
may hear what He longs to say to each of us wherever
we find ourselves in life. May the knowledge that
Christ is present in every moment of our life
experience, both in moments of celebration and in
moments where words cannot express the depth of our
pain, fill us with the same peace that must have
washed over Mary in recognizing her Lord in front of
her. And may the knowledge that Christ does not lie
lifeless in a tomb, but has risen from the dead, instill in
us hope for our own resurrection made possible
through His loving sacrifice for humankind. May we
say together with even greater conviction, “Blessed is
the resurrection of Christ!”
Message from the Parish Council
Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Annual Parish Assembly on Sunday,
March 7. The proposed revenue and expenditures budget for 2010 was unanimously passed.
Also passed was the request for the expenditure of up to $18,000 for much needed roof repairs.
We were happy to be able to announce at the Assembly that Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian is
interested in returning to St. Peter Armenian Church as our parish priest and we hope that this
will take place in September. With the results of the elections, we welcome Gilbert Chorbajian
and Ron Kaiser as the newest members of the Parish Council as we say goodbye to Mary
Hartunian, Richard Hartunian and Joanne Scaringe with gratitude for their years of service. We
are also pleased that Arthur Mahserjian was re-elected and will be serving another term.
The 2010 budget that was passed at the Parish Assembly also contained money for two types of
scholarships for young people of St. Peter Church. The St. Nersess / St. Vartan Camp
Scholarships are five scholarships of $50 per camper for young people interested in attending
either the St. Nersess 2010 Summer Conferences or Saint Vartan Camp 2010. Those wishing to
apply for one of the available scholarships should send a letter of interest indicating the session
they intend to register for to the St. Peter Church office as soon as possible. [Note: Information
on Saint Vartan Camp 2010 is available at and for St.
Nersess 2010 Summer Conferences at]
There also is the St. Peter Church Scholarship Fund. High school students entering a two-year
or four-year accredited college or university in the 2010-2011 academic year may apply for a
$250 scholarship. The student also must be the child of a dues-paying member of St. Peter
Armenian Church and must also submit a 500-word essay on the topic “How has your
Armenian-Christian identity impacted your life and how has your faith developed over the
years?” These essays will be reviewed by a panel of three members of the church community.
For more information on how to apply, contact the church office.
Thank you to all the hardworking members of the Women’s Guild and the others who helped
bake the dozens and dozens of tahin bread on Saturday, March 6, and those who prepared and
served the Mid-Lenten Dinner to the St. Peter Church community on March 10. This was a
successful event and a wonderful annual tradition.
I joined in on one of the Armenian Dance classes for adults and young adults that were being
led by Garo & Maria Derian. Those classes were a lot of fun and a great way to get some
exercise. We are grateful to Garo & Maria for offering their services to benefit the St. Peter
Church Building Fund. If you didn’t make it to any of the classes in this series of lessons and
they decide to offer it again (we hope) — don’t miss out!
We hope that as many people as possible will participate in the special events that are scheduled
to be held at St. Peter Church during the weekend of Friday-Sunday, April 16-18. There will be
the St. Nersess Mission, a series of events and activities that weekend presented by Fr. Stepanos
Doudoukjian, as Director of Youth and Vocations, along with young people from St. Nersess,
and a joint commemoration of the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the St. Peter
and Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Churches on that Sunday, April 18. (See flyers in this
issue for more information or contact the St. Peter Church office).
Start spreading the word! This year’s Annual Armenian Festival will again be a two-day event:
on Saturday, June 12, 4:00-8:00 p.m., and Sunday, June 13, 12:00 noon-4:00 p.m. Preparations
have begun and volunteers are needed. The two-day event last year was very successful and we
hope to make it even better this year. Please plan to volunteer and assist with the many tasks
required to accomplish this BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR! Watch for upcoming
announcements for more information or contact the church office. We hope to see all of you
                                                            John “Frenchie” Ekmalian, Acting Chairman
The following is a list of participants to date in our 2010 Membership/Stewardship Pledge program. At the
end of each year, a Membership Dues/Stewardship Pledge Form is mailed to all parishioners requesting
their annual Dues/Pledge commitment for the following year. This list represents those who have made that
commitment for 2010; please accept our thanks. If your name does not appear in the list, please consider
making that commitment now by completing the form on the following page or by contacting the church

           2010 Membership/Stewardship Participants
Joseph & Effie Akullian             Phyllis Jevanian                     Charlotte Sevazlian
Harry & Rosemary Ammian             Natalie Kachougian                   Farid F. Shafik (CT)
Winifred Ammian                     Donald Kaiser                        Lucille Shamlian
Helga Apkarian                      Leon & Susan Kaiser                  Toros Shamlian, Jr.
Alexander & Marion Arghnian         Ronald P. Kaiser                     Mrs. Mary Shanks
Beatrice Arzoumanian                Grace Karian                         Leo G. Sogoian
Gerald Arzoumanian                  Edward & Bertha Kazanjian            Lucille Sogoian
Steve & Pamela Azarian              Linda Kazanjian                      Susan Sogoian
Nazar Bakerian                      Martin & Joyce Kenosian              Josephine Speanburg
Ara Baligian                        Karen Khachadourian                  Fay Talarico
Linda Bedian                        Russell & Sandra Kilidjian           Rafi & Marianne Topalian
Robert & Sandy Bedian               Harry & Marion Koshgarian            Kevork & Seta Torossian
George & Elsie Bedrosian            Michael & Dyanne Koshgarian          Charles & Carol Tutunjian
Alyson Buff                         Peter Koshgarian                     Nazar & Joan Tutunjian
Cecilia Burgess                     Isabel Krempa                        Daniel Vartigian
Charles & Alice Chorbajian          Charles & Patrician Krikorian        Ralph Vartigian
Robert & Holly Dadekian             Lucy Krikorian                       Elsie Vozzy
Isabel Derian                       Yervant Kutchukian                   Alice Wildman
Paul & Melissa DerOhannesian        George & Virginia Mahserjian
Suzanne Dickinson                   Nellie Marderosian
Marguerite Djehizian                Sean & Alice McMullan
John & Debbie Ekmalian              Robert & Sheila Meeson
Ralph & Elizabeth Enokian           H. Khachik & Mary Minassian
Arpy Ernest                         David & Tara Mooradian
Sarkis Garabedian
Valery Gaston
                                    R. Mihran & Ovsanna Mooradian
                                    Sarah Moroukian
                                                                             Have you
Fr. Garen & Yn. Zabelle Gdanian     Lucy Morton
Sonia Hachigian
Joanne C. Hartunian
                                    Philip J. Natcharian
                                    Gregory & Marjorie Nazarian              made your
Mary Hartunian                      Lenore M. Nevins
Richard & Beth Hartunian            Joseph & Patricia O’Keefe
Najib Himidian
Barbara Hrachian
                                    George & Elizabeth Osganian
                                    Mary Panjarjian
                                                                            2010 Pledge
Seren Hrachian                      Helen Paparian
Suren & Sarah Hrachian
Karnick Jabian
                                    David & Breann Parseghian
                                    Anna Pascazio
Mary Jaffarian                      Margaret Sakalian
Hripsime Jevanian                   George & Joanne Scaringe

                                             St. Nersess 2nd Annual 3K Walk for Faith

                                                Sunday, April 11, 1:00 p.m.
                                                       (following Badarak and a light lunch)

                                               This walk is a fun, healthy and spiritual way to raise
                                              money to support the mission of St. Nersess Armenian
                                             Seminary. Consider participating or support the event by
                                               making a donation. Visit
                                                   for more information and to support online.
              2010 Membership Dues/Stewardship Pledge Form

                                         Please list name(s) of all committed givers.

 Address:                                                                      Phone:

 City, State and Zip:


                                  “. . . for God loves a cheerful giver.”
                                                                                             (2 Cor 9:7)

                           St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church
               Membership Dues and Stewardship Pledge Form — Giving 2010
There are two categories listed below. Membership Dues are necessary for St. Peter Church to pay
to the Diocese in New York City. Stewardship pledge is an individual commitment to the needs of
our own St. Peter Church parish.

A)     Membership Dues for 2010*...............................................….....................….$___________
       ($150 times the number of each dues-paying member in household.)
       Dues-paying members of St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church must be at least 18 years of age and pay the
       annual dues of $150 in order to be in good standing. Only dues-paying members in good standing
       may vote at Parish Assembly Meetings or hold elective offices.

B)     Stewardship Pledge for 2010............................................…...........................$___________
       (Total for all persons listed above.)
       A pledge is a personal commitment, in addition to or besides Membership Dues, to support the
       mission and goal of St. Peter Armenian Church.

C)     Total Contribution for 2010............................……........…...................………….$___________
       (Add Line A and Line B)

SIGNATURE:__________________________________________________________________________ DATE:_____________________

Please return this completed form to the church office as soon as possible to activate your 2010 Dues/Pledge
account. No payment is necessary to submit a Pledge Form. It is asked that Dues/Pledge monies be paid by
the end of the 2010 calendar year.* If you have any questions on how to fill out this form, please call the
church office at 274-3673. Once this form has been submitted, you will be assigned an account number and
offering envelopes (if you choose to use them) can be picked up the following week at the church office.

              *According to Diocesan by-laws, Dues must be paid in full prior to end of the calendar year.

                + Yes, offeringissue me a box of
                                                                    + No, a box ofbe needed.
                                                                          will not
                                                                                   offering envelopes
Building Fund Report
Pledges and payments for our 2009-2012 campaign have been disappointing. It is our hope to
pay the loan balance to Pioneer Bank by the end of this three-year campaign (September 30,
2012). In order to accomplish this, we need additional new pledges totaling approximately
$190,000 for this campaign. If we do not pay the loan balance by September 30, 2012, we will
continue to need additional pledges because of the added interest cost we will incur. If you have
not yet pledged, please do so as soon as possible. Pledge forms are available at the desk in the
vestibule of the church or by contacting the church office at (518) 274-3673.

                             Memorials & Naming Opportunities
Only two items remain available for this purpose. They are the roadway around the rear of the
church and the priest's office. If you are interested and would like more information, contact
the church office at (518) 274-3673 or Toros Shamlian, Building Fund Treasurer, at (518) 326-

                            Building Fund Financial Information
                                January 1 to February 28, 2010

                          Cash Receipts, Disbursements and Balances
Cash balance—January 1, 2010                                                        $      65.28
       Payments on pledges: 2006-2009                       $ 1,000.00
       Payments on pledges: 2009-2012                         17,210.00
       Advance payments for Memorials                         10,000.00
                Total receipts                                                        28,210.00
Total available                                                                     $ 28,275.28
       Payments of loan principal (net)                     $ 22,100.00
       Interest expense                                        2,557.37
                Total disbursements                                                 $ 24,657.37
Cash balance—February 28, 2010                                                      $ 3,617.91

                                      Pledges Receivable

                                             2006-2009          2009-2012
                                             Campaign           Campaign             Combined
Balance of pledges—January 1, 2010          $ 12,975.65        $ 29,975.00          $ 42,950.65
Additional pledges (increases/decreases)     ( 3,200.00)         21,210.00            18,010.00
              Total                             9,775.65       $ 51,185.00          $ 60,960.65
Payments on pledges                             1,000.00         17,210.00            18,210.00
Balance of pledges—February 28, 2010        $ 8,775.65         $ 33,975.00          $ 42,750.65

                                Loan Payable to Pioneer Bank
Balance of loan payable—January 1, 2010                                             $268,800.00
Payments of loan principal (net)                                                      22,100.00
Balance of loan payable—February 28, 2010                                           $246,700.00
                                                                                   Toros Shamlian
Church Organization News
Sunday School
The Sunday School students are busy preparing for their special project for the year. On
Sunday, April 18, during the Armenian Genocide commemoration that will be held at our
church, each of our students will be presenting a very brief summary of their family’s
experiences during the genocide of 1915. Students are interviewing their parents, grandparents
and relatives to learn about their family history. They are researching to find out the village
from which their family came, where to and how they escaped, and some other details of their
survival. This project is both a learning experience for the students as well as their parents.
Following the commemoration program, the students will be honoring their ancestors who
perished during the genocide with a special memorial dedication on the church grounds. We
hope all our parishioners will be in attendance for this special event to learn from our students
and honor our ancestors who gave their lives for our homeland and Christian faith.
                                                                                           Charles Tutunjian
                                                                                        Acting Superintendent

Adult Bible Study
The St. Peter Armenian Church Adult Bible Study Group is planning a trip to St. Nersess
Seminary this spring. We are inviting everyone to join us for a memorable day of fun
fellowship and inspirational teaching. We are so blessed to have an Armenian Seminary so
close to home. It will be a great show of support for the Seminary whose staff is already
preparing a special day for us and looking forward to our arrival. Our very own Der Stepanos
will be our host and guide. Please consider signing up for this day trip. It promises to be a
blessing. If you are interested, please contact Martin Kenosian at 785-3140 or Elsie Vozzy at
373-0242 to express your interest in attending. Based on interest, date and cost will be
announced in the near
                                                                                     Elsie Vozzy

          Participants of the Adult Bible Study group (above), June 2009. Other members, not in
          the photo, include: Ed & Bertha Kazanjian, Carol & Peter Duro, Lucy Morton, Martin
          & Joyce Kenosian, and Josephine Speanburg.
Women’s Guild
Mid-Lenten Dinner & Tahin Bread Sale: The Women’s Guild Mid-Lenten Dinner and tahin
bread sale held on March 10 was very successful. One hundred seven (107) dinners were
served that evening. Special thanks go Alice Chorbajian, Sona Hachigian, Holly Dadekian and
John Ekmalian for arriving at 7:00 a.m on Saturday morning, March 6, to prepare the dough
mixture for the tahin bread. Thank you also to Isabel Krempa for taking the orders and to the
25 others who helped make the tahin bread and to all those who helped with the dinner. God
bless all of you for volunteering your time to make this year’s event another success.

Saintly Women’s Day: Commemoration of Saintly Women’s Day was held on Sunday, March
14, honoring Tamar Mogatski of Mogk, a Christian wife and mother who valued her faith above
everything else. During services that day, Sona Hachigian read the account of Tamar’s life who
was not only a “jewel” by name, but became the true gem of God. Thanks to Phyllis Jevanian
for chairing the event and to the members for contributing refreshments for the coffee hour that
followed services. Thank you also to all those who made donations totaling $213 in a special
plate collection that was taken and contributed to the Women’s Guild Central Council.

Holy Thursday Breakfast: On Thursday, April 1, the Women’s Guild hosted the annual Holy
Thursday Breakfast immediately following services that morning. The traditional Armenian
breakfast of cheoreg, eggs, cheese, olives and coffee was enjoyed by all who attended. Thank
you to Rhonda Boyajian for chairing the breakfast and those who volunteered their help.

Madagh Luncheon: On Sunday, April 18, the Women’s Guild of St. Peter Armenian Church
and the Ladies Aid of Holy Cross Armenian Church will work together to prepare and serve a
madagh meal following a special program to be held at St. Peter Church in commemoration of
the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. There will be no charge for the meal;
however, donations will be graciously accepted. (See flyer in this issue for more information.)

Mother’s Day Celebration: The St. Peter Women’s Guild will sponsor their annual Mother’s
Day Luncheon and Celebration on Sunday, May 8, at the Filet 7 West Restaurant in Latham.
This is always a special occasion and not only mothers and daughters but all women of the
parish are invited and encouraged to attend. (See flyer in this issue for details.)
                                                                               Virginia Mahserjian


                                              Blood Drive
                                              Saturday, April 24
                                              9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
             The St. Peter ACYOA Juniors and the American Red Cross will team up to
             sponsor a Blood Drive to be held at St. Peter Armenian Church, Gdanian
             Auditorium. This blood drive is in commemoration of the victims of the
Armenian Genocide and the 1988 earthquake in Armenia.
It is preferred that appointments are made by April 10; however, walk-ins will also be welcome.
A minimum of 40 donors are needed; therefore, please contact Lena Guleserian-Hoglund at or (518) 221-5362 as soon as possible. For questions on donating
blood, visit
Adult Fellowship
Our first monthly luncheon meeting in 2010 was held on Wednesday, March 3, in the Gdanian
Auditorium. This was our traditional Lenten potluck meal with a variety of non-meat dishes
prepared by our members. As usual, there was an array of appetizing foods for all to enjoy.
Our thanks to Lucy Krikorian for again coordinating this luncheon for us
Our monthly luncheon meetings are usually scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month.
The next meeting on April 7 will be a belated salute to St. Patrick’s Day with a corn beef and
cabbage meal and the meeting on May 5 will be a picnic-style meal, either indoor or outdoor
depending on the weather.
The Executive Committee is considering several possibilities for future special activities for the
club. One of these is a visit to St. Nersess Seminary along with the Bible Study group one day
this spring. Please contact Martin Kenosian at 785-3140 for more information if you are
We have scheduled our annual trip to the Mac-Haydn Theater in Chatham for August 19 to
attend the matinee performance of the musical Showboat by Jerome Kern and Oscar
Hammerstein. Instead of our usual luncheon before the theater performance, we may plan on
having dinner together at an area restaurant afterwards. Anyone interested should contact
Martin Kenosian at 785-3140.
On a sad note, the club lost a longtime valued member with the death of Marion Tashjian
Quiroga in February. She was a hardworking and devoted member of our group participating in
all phases of the club’s activities. She had served as a cochair, was on the Executive Committee
for many years, made arrangements for many interesting programs as well as actively working
on the table setups and decorations for each meeting.. She will be missed by all of us.
                                                                           Martin Kenosian, Secretary
Armenian Dance Group
A series of Armenian dance classes for adults led by Garo & Maria Derian have been held at St.
Peter Armenian Church since January. The final class in this first six-week series will be held
in the Gdanian Auditorium on Friday, April 9, at 6:30 p.m. Some people joined for the entire
series, while others joined in from time-to-time for an individual class or two. Each week, the
group averaged about 10-12 participants. The total proceeds of $470 from the classes were
contributed to the St. Peter Church Building Fund. Garo & Maria have graciously offered to
continue the dance lessons for those who are interested. Please let them know by contacting
them at (518) 436-7447 or
Photo Gallery . . .

Women’s Guild
Tahin Bread Baking Day
March 6, 2010

L-R: Holly Dadekian, John “Frenchie” Ekmalian, Ginny
Mahserjian, Alice Chorbjaian, and Sona Hachigian.

                                                                John “Frenchie” Ekmalian

Sharon & Bill Foley

L-R: Lucy Topalian, Lynn Roberts, Alice Wildman, and
Sue Dickinson.                                         Joyce Dadekian & Serena Moroukian
Parish Community News
Sacraments and Rites
Funerals            Marion T. Quiroga entered her eternal rest on February 4, 2010. She is
                    survived by a daughter, Leslie Peppin and a son-in-law, Kim Peppin;
                    three grandchildren, Lora, Jason & Philip Peppin; six great-
                    grandchildren; as well as many dear relatives in NJ, MA and CA. Fr.
                    Stepanos Doudoukjian conducted the funeral service on February 8.
Karasoonk (40-Day Memorial)
January 24, 2010 Sarkis Khanjian - requested by Sarkis & Heidi Guleserian & Family;
                 Timothy & Lena Guleserian-Hoglund; Hagop & Ani Khanjian & Family;
                 Levon & Zovig Kayserian & Family; Ms. Maral Khanjian (FL); Mrs.
                 Melanie Kalandjian (FL); Sarkis & Tracey Kalandjian & Family (FL);
                 Steve & Seta Alexis & Family (FL); Ohan & Rita Ohanian; Mary & Ara
                 Panjarjian; George & Virginia Mahserjian; Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Bilanian
                 & Family (MA); Mr. & Mrs. Sarkis Khatcherian & Family (FL); Hrant &
                 Alice Bardakjian; Peter & Rebecca Massmanian (MA); Mrs. Anahid
                 Minassian; Mr. & Mrs. Nercess Minassian; Mr. & Mrs. Sarkis
                 Minassian; Mr. & Mrs. Greg Karian; Levon & Karen Khachadourian &
                 Family; Moe & Sonia Sukljian; Leon & Rita Dekermendjian; David &
                 Haygouhie Shamlian & Family (MA); Mrs. Pauline Nakashian (MA);
                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Douglas & Family (MA); Mr. & Mrs. Alan
                 Nakashian-Holsberg (MA); David & Nadine Bournazian; Akoghlanian
                 Family (MA); Mr. & Mrs. Steve Karageozian; Mrs. Lousin Karageozian;
                 Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Karageozian; Mr. & Mrs. John Khachadourian;
                 Hagop & Nectar Derian; Garo & Maria Derian; Raffi & Aline
                 Jamgotchian (NJ); Garen & Varty Apanosian (NJ); Mr. & Mrs. Robert
                 Kalantar & Family; Mr. & Mrs. Mardarosian; Yervant & Chake
                 Kazandjian; John Karian; Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kazanjian); Mr. & Mrs.
                 Kevork Parseghian.
February 7, 2010    Anna Chorbajian - requested by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Chorbajian;
                    Gilbert & Bridgette Chorbajian; Geoffrey & Shaily Chorbajian; John &
                    Alyson Buff; Andrea Chorbajian; Toros Shamlian, Jr.; Mr. & Mrs.
                    George Mahserjian & Family; Charles & Alice Chorbajian; John &
                    Debbie Ekmalian; Sarah Moroukian; Anne Moroukian; Linda Kazanjian;
                    Mr. & Mrs. Hrant Bardakjian; Mary Panjarjian.
February 28, 2010   Rev. Fr. Vahram Hazarian - requested by His Eminence Archbishop
                    Khajag Barsamian, Primate, Diocese of the Armenian Church of America
Dareleetz (First Anniversary)
March 14, 2010      Helen Poladian - requested by Hagop Poladian; Richard & Rachel
                    Poladian & Family; Joanne Queen & Family; Pauline Poladian; John &
                    Helen Bezjian.
January 24, 2010    Leo Buchakjian, Margaret Buchakjian Wilsey; Paul Wilsey -
                    requested by Mary Sobo; Leonard Buchakjian; Leo Buchakjian, Jr.;
                    Christine McCarthy.
                    F. Donald Burgess (Seventh Anniversary); Jimmie B. Shanks;
                    Azadian Family - requested by Cecilia Burgess.
January 24, 2010    Jack Koloian (Sixth Anniversary) - requested by Ed & Adrina
                    Margaret Spiezio; Armen Parseghian - requested by Mrs. Valery
                    Harry Vartigian (Fourth Anniversary) - requested by Rosemary
                    Wieczorek (WI).
February 7, 2010    Julia Jabian (Seventh Anniversary) - requested by Karnick Jabian;
                    Aghavni Jabian; Rev. & Mrs. Garen Gdanian.
                    Polly & Vahe Moroukian; Rose Moroukian; Vartanoush Uzar -
                    requested by Charles & Alice Chorbajian & Family; Mr. & Mrs. George
                    Mahserjian & Family; Sarah Moroukian; Anne Moroukian.
                    Charlotte & Carney Postoian - requested by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert
                    Chorbajian; Gilbert & Bridgette Chorbajian; Geoffrey & Shaily
                    Chorbajian; John & Alyson Buff; Andrea Chorbajian; Toros Shamlian,
                    Philip Zadigian - requested by Cecilia Burgess.
February 14, 2010   Leo Ammian (Fifth Anniversary) - requested by Winifred Ammian; Mr.
                    & Mrs. Michael Egan & Family; Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hansen & Family;
                    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Quackenbush & Family; Harry & Rosemary
                    Ammian; Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ammian (FL).
                    Ammian, Tabakian, Minasian, Kazanjian, Kalmbach, Vallee,
                    Thomas & Speanburg Families—requested by Ammian Families;
                    Josephine Speanburg.
                    Kevork & Siranoush Gdanian; Khoren & Ovsanna Kludjian;
                    Beatrice Kludjian Watson; Hagop & Puzant Gdanian; Sarkis &
                    Azniv Parseghian; Hagop & Marie Nersoyan; Marie Ernest -
                    requested by Rev. & Mrs. Garen Gdanian & Family.
                    Leo Kazanjian - requested by Edward & Bertha Kazanjian; Ara &
                    Nancy Balian (MA); Lisa & Donald Harootunian (RI); Marguerite
                    AnnVartigian (Third Anniversary) - requested by Ralph Vartigian; Mr.
                    & Mrs. Curt Erlandson & Family (NJ); Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Vartigian &
                    Family; Charleen Akullian; Edward & Bertha Kazanjian; Ara & Nancy
                    Balian (MA); Lisa & Donald Harootunian (RI); Harry & Rosemary
                    Ammian; George Osganian & Family; Richard Osganian & Family; Mr.
                    & Mrs. William T. Nevins, Sr.; James & Mary Kalteux; Martin & Doris
                    (Kasarjian) Kavoukian (CA).
February 28, 2010   Rose Kasparian Arnone - requested by Dr. A. Nancy Avakian &
                    Family; Mr. & Mrs. William T. Nevins, Jr. & Family.
                    John Jevanian; Martin & Alice Jevanian; Stepan Siekertzian; Lily
                    Badishkanian - requested by Hrepsime Jevanian; Phyllis Jevanian; Mr.
                    & Mrs. Sean McMullan; Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tutunjian.
                    Haroutiun & Araxie Tutunjian; Alice Karageozian - requested by Mr.
                    & Mrs. Nazar Tutunjian; Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tutunjian; Mr. & Mrs.
                    Harry Tutunjian.
March 14, 2010      Vergine Ohanesian (Fifth Anniversary) - requested by Ohanesian
March 14, 2010         Michael & Mary Koshgarian; George & Rosemary Koshgarian;
                       Khachig & Sadie Koshgarian; Krikor & Zechia Kerkunian -
                       requested by Arthur Koshkorian (VA).
                       Raymond Gaston (Fifth Anniversary); Ruth Paparian (Eleventh
                       Anniversary); Alexander Gaston—requested by Mrs. Valery M. Gaston;
                       Richard & Valerie Buchakjian & Family; Dakes P. & Linda Gaston &
                       Family; Raymond P. & Laura Gaston & Family; Mr. & Mrs. Albert V.
                       Paparian & Family; Nora Paparian; Natalie Kachougian & Family;
                       Margaret Muraski & Family.
Note: In the January/February Loosaper, the Hokehankist on December 6, 2009 requested by
Martin & Joyce Kenosian should have read: Asadoor & Sarah Kenosian; Ernest &
Margaret Kenosian; Dorothy & Grace Kenosian; Henry & Anna Kaiser. We regret that
Henry Kaiser’s name was inadvertently omitted.
Altar Flowers
February 7, 2010       Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Chorbajian & Family in memory of loved ones.
February 14, 2010      Eric, Michael & Mark Osganian & Families in memory of their Aunt
                       Ann Vartigian.
Altar Candles
January 24, 2010       Sharon & Doug Pauley, Eleanor Meeson, and Robert Meeson, Jr. &
                       Family in memory of Robert Meeson, Sr.; Sharon & Doug Pauley in
                       honor of Fr. Garen Gdanian’s birthday (on February 1).
January 31, 2010       Sonia Hachigian in memory of Sarkis Hachigian and in honor of Fr.
                       Garen Gdanian for their Name Day.
February 7, 2010       Rosine Kazanjian in memory of Leo Kazanjian; the Chorbajian Family
                       in memory of Ghevont Chorbajian.
February 14, 2010      Winifred Ammian & Family in memory of Leo Ammian; Mrs. Valery
                       Gaston in memory of Raymond Gaston.
March 14, 2010         Mrs. Valery M. Gaston in memory of loves ones; Arthur Koshkorian
                       (VA) in memory of loved ones; Ohanesian Family in memory of
                       Vergine Ohanesian.
Fellowship Hour
To maintain a regular schedule of coffee hours, the Parish Council is asking that church
auxiliaries/schools and individuals/families select dates to host a coffee hour. Please contact
the church office to make the necessary arrangements and to reserve the date of your choice.
Refreshments for the Fellowship Hour after Church Services were donated as follows:
                    January 24      Khanjian, Guleserian & Kayserian Families
                                            in memory of Sarkis Khanjian
                    January 31      St. Peter Church Sunday School
                    February 7      Chorbajian Families
                                            in memory of Anna Chorbajian
                    February 28     Jevanian, Tutunjian & McMullan Families
                                            in memory of loved ones
                    March 14        St. Peter Women’s Guild
                                            in commemoration of Saintly Women’s Day
Visiting Guest Clergy
We are grateful to the following visiting clergy who came to conduct services on Sundays on
the following dates: January 24, Fr. Garen Gdanian; January 31, Fr. Sahak Kaishian; February
7, Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian; February 14, February 28 and March 7, Fr. Garen Gdanian;
March 14, Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian; and March 28, Fr. Garen Gdanian. We are also grateful
to Yervant Kutchukian and our deacons who conducted services on the following Sunday dates:
January 3, January 17, February 21, and March 21; as well as the Wednesday evening Vespers
Services held during the Lenten period.
Words of Thanks
Dear St. Peter Armenian Church Parish Council and Parishioners,
        Thank you for your expression of sympathy shown to us on the death of our father and
grandfather, John J. McNulty, Jr. Your kindness and generosity are sincerely appreciated and
gratefully acknowledged. We hope that in your time of need you will be blessed, as our family
has been, to have friends like you.
                                                     Jack III, Mike, Mary & Ellen McNulty and families
To the Parish Council,
        We want to say thank you for all the big and little things you do to serve our St. Peter
Church community. We truly appreciate all the time and sacrifice of your service. We
nominated you, we elected you, and we are proud of you. May God richly bless you and your
                                                                                   Sincerely, Elsie Vozzy
                                                               and the St. Peter Adult Bible Study Group
Dear Parishioners,
        Thank you for your generous donation of $1,050 in our effort to aid the victims of the
earthquake in Haiti. On behalf of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, I
extend my deep gratitude for your generosity.
        Please note that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the relief effort in Haiti, to be
distributed through Church World Service, the humanitarian aid arm of the National Council of
Churches of Christ in the USA.
        Most of all, in times of tragedy, it is our calling to stand beside the afflicted, offer our
prayers, and lend our spiritual and material support. May our Lord remember all those who
lost their lives in this disaster; may He watch over the victims whose lives have been
devastated; and may His hand guide the rebuilding of communities, homes, and churches in
                                                                                            With prayers,
                                                                  Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Dadekian and Mr. & Mrs. Vachik Mirzoyan of Atlanta, GA, are happy to
announce the engagement of their children, Jonathan Dadekian to Violet Mirzoyan. May the
Lord bless them as they begin their lives together.
Special Donations
General donations were received from the following: Anonymous ($20); Mr. & Mrs. William
T. Nevins Sr. ($20).
Donations to the General Fund were received from the following church organizations: St. Peter
Armenian Fellowship ($1,000); St. Peter Women’s Guild ($3,000).
Donations totaling $1,050 were received in a special plate collection taken on January 17 for
the victims of the Haitian Earthquake. Monies collected were sent to the Diocesan
humanitarian aid organization, the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), which is contributing to
the effort to assist the earthquake victims, working through the National Council of Churches.
                              In Lieu of Flowers Donations
                                     IN MEMORY OF MARION T. QUIROGA
  $ 200 Verjin Arpiarian
    100 Mr/Mrs Philip Arpiarian (NJ)        Sona Kludjian
     50 Helen H. Bryce                      DerOhannesian Families      Mr/Mrs Ralph Enokian
        Matilde & Armen Kalbian (NJ)        Mr/Mrs Martin Kenosian      Grace Koshgarian
        Debra Merchant                      Haigoohi M. Smith           Catherine T. Spataro
        Mr/Mrs Kevork Torossian
     40 Albert & Linda Simidian
     35 Claudia Engelhardt                  Mary Jaffarian
     30 Ron Kaiser & Family                 Ed Kababjian                Mr/Mrs George Mahserjian
     25 Beatrice Arzoumanian                Camille Avakian             Mr/Mrs Charles Chorbajian
        Alyce Garabedian                    Rev/Mrs Garen Gdanian       Sonia Hachigian
        Linda Jaffarian                     Grace Karian                Martha Leckonby
        Diana R. Malkonian                  Carol Mattozza              Mr/Mrs Edward Nakashian (NJ)
        Philip J. Natcharian                Virginia & Edward Noga      Clare Schisa
        Lucille Shamlian                    Mary Tashjian
     20 Ara & Rachel Altounian              Joseph & Debra Crounse      Hagop & Nectar Derian
        Mary Hartunian                      Barbara Hrachian            Mr/Mrs Edward Kazanjian
        Isabel Krempa                       Edward & Adrina Tutunjian
     15 Elizabeth E. Avakian (MN)           Ara & Joan Baligian         Mr/Mrs Edward T. Canniff (MA)
        Vartan Vartanian, Jr.               Ralph Vartigian
     10 Arra & Alice Derderian (MA)         Lucy Morton                 Anna Pascazio
        Sharon & Doug Pauley                Susan Sogoian               Josephine Speanburg
        Fay Talarico
                                                                                               Total: $1,830

                               IN MEMORY OF ANNA BEDIAN CHORBAJIAN
  $ 125 Henry & Donata Klersy
    100 John & Alyson Buff & Family         Andrea Chorbajian           Gil & Bridgette Chorbajian & Family
        Geoffrey Chorbajian                 Jack & Lucille Dolab        E. Steward Jones, Jr.
          & Shaily Rahman                     & Family (CA)
     50 Martin & Doris (Kasarjian)
         Kavoukian (CA)
     25 Mr/Mrs Paul J. Andonian             Sonia Garabedian (MA)
         & Diane (MA)
     20 Lucy Krikorian
     10 Anna Gabaldon                       Josephine Speanburg
                                                                                          New Total: $8,375

Sincere appreciation and acknowledgment is extended to the above-named individuals for their generous
memorial donations.
Armenian Church Endowment Fund
The following information was contained in a letter dated March 16, 2010, from Bruce Ballard,
the Treasurer of the Armenian Church Endowment Fund (ACEF):
         “The Armenian Church Endowment Fund (ACEF) is pleased to report that we are able to make
distributions this year to the beneficiaries of the funds we manage in amounts consistent with our current
distribution policy of 4.5% of the average market value of the Fund during the prior twelve quarter
period due to the fund’s appreciation of 16.7% during 2009. Accordingly, enclosed are checks totaling
$27,789.82, representing the total of the 2009 distribution from the endowed fund(s) within the ACEF
benefiting your church.
         “Clearly, the discipline of our investment policies has been beneficial in preventing wide
fluctuations within the Fund. Moreover, ACEF took significant steps to enhance the Fund’s liquidity
and avoid some of the traps other endowment funds now find themselves in. However, when the 2010
distribution is calculated in 2011, it will include in its calculation a much longer period of depressed
market values and consequently will result in much smaller distribution amounts.
         “The asset value of the Fund for the calendar year ending December 31, 2009 was $71.6 million,
a 16.7% increase from 2008. While we fully expect the resilience of the American economy to rebound
further, and for the Fund to grow even further, make no mistake that the next year distribution will be
less. Due to our principle of averaging market values for the last twelve quarters, the quarters for
March, June, September and December 2007 were at historic highs of $80-$90 million within the 2009
distribution. Expect the Fund’s market values for quarter ends of March, June, September and
December of 2010 to be in the $70-$75 million range, barring any large market volatility, thereby
reducing the average market value over the last 12 quarters. It will be ACEF’s responsibility, applying
the expertise and varied disciplines of its Board members in a prudent, responsible and focused manner,
to obtain reasonable returns while maintaining low risk.”
The names of our benefactors and the amount earned by each endowment are listed below:
                       EARNINGS AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2009

DONOR                                                                 2009 EARNINGS
J. Albert & Alice Barsamian Endowment Fund                                  $     29.81
Rev. Fr. Garen & Yn. Zabelle Gdanian Fund                                        501.76
Martin & Joyce Kenosian Endowment Fund                                           974.18
St. Peter Armenian Church Endowment Fund                                      26,013.00
Bishop Papken Varjabedian Endowment Fund                                         271.07
                             TOTAL                                         $ 27,789.82
These interest earnings from the ACEF for 2009 have been deposited into the St. Peter Armenian Church General
Contributions made in 2009 to the St. Peter Armenian Church Endowment Funds were as
 $5,000 to the Toros Shamlian End. Fund
 $2,000 to the V & B and L & M Buchakjian End. Fund
   $500 to the Asador & Sarah Kenosian End. Fund
   $500 to the Grace & Dorothy Kenosian End. Fund
   $500 to the Henry & Anna Kaiser End. Fund
   $300 to the Virginia C. Belemjian End. Fund
   $300 to the Kenneth Chorbajian End. Fund

               2010 GRADUATES: We ask all who are to graduate from High
               School, College or a University this spring to kindly send their names
               to the church office by Monday, May 17, for publication in the May/
               June issue of Loosaper. Please include the name of the school, the
               degree which you will receive and your future plans.
Der Garen’s Column
Community News
This documentary about the Armenian Church has been nominated for a 2010 Emmy Award.
The film details the history and spiritual heritage of the Armenian Church, with a particular
focus on the efforts of the modern Armenian Church to foster Christian unity and interfaith
dialogue. It was produced under the leadership of the Eastern Diocese and the National Council
of Churches.

US POSTAL SERVICE UNVEILS GORKY STAMP: Armenian-American artist Arshile
Gorky's 1944 painting "The Liver in a Cock's Comb," was the first of a series of stamps
unveiled on March 11 by the US Postal Service honoring 10 abstract expressionists, a group of
artists who revolutionized art during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

riveting drama depicting the lives and deaths of ordinary people. Director Richard Montez
portrays a powerful message that has caused thousands around the world to find true purpose in
life. Spiritual yet practical, this drama is thought-provoking, soul-searching, humorous and
entertaining. The play is performed and produced by Capital Region volunteers and will be
presented at The Egg, Empire State Plaza, Albany, on April 29 & 30. Cost is $10 for 11:00 a.m.
matinee and $20 for 7:00 p.m. showing. Group rates are available. A limited number of tickets
are available through the St. Peter Church office and can be obtained by contacting Lori at
(518) 274-3673. For further information, call (518) 459-3152 or (518) 426-0751. The
production group is still seeking volunteer actors -- no experience necessary. If interested,
contact event coordinator, Sylvia Kutchukian at 459-3152 or

                            By D. Edward Kebabjian
Siena College in Loudonville, NY, and the Capital District Armenian Genocide Committee
jointly hosted a lecture by Dr. Peter Balakian, the eminent Armenian author and professor, on
the evening of March 25, 2010, at Siena College.
Dr. Balakian is the author of several books covering the Armenian Genocide including Black
Dog of Fate, The Burning Tigris, and most recently, Armenian Golgotha, the memoirs of his
great-great uncle Grigoris Balakian translated from Armenian into English. Dr. Balakian has
also written several books of poetry.
There was a booksigning at a local bookstore in the
afternoon and the lecture in the evening attended by over
400 persons, many of whom were Siena College students.
Dr. Balakian began the lecture by defining modern-day
genocide. Then he turned to discussing his great-great
uncle and gave us some insight as to who this man was; a
man who had survived the horrors of the Armenian
Genocide and not only lived to tell about it, but wrote out
in detail the things he had heard and seen, and the
experiences he endured. In ending, Dr. Balakian quoted
some passages from Armenian Golgotha and went on to
explain the circumstances under which those were written.
The lecture was inspiring and held everyone’s attention. It
was a special pleasure to have had Dr. Balakian among us
in our community.
            Capital District Genocide Commemoration Events
Thursday, April 15 ~ Jarod Kearney, curator of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and
Museum in Staunton, VA, will be the featured speaker for the 2010 Armenian Lecture Series to be
held at 7:30 p.m. at The Sage Colleges, Bush Memorial Hall, Troy (corner of First & Congress
Streets). The topic of Mr. Kearney’s lecture will be “The Pursuit of Self Determination and
Perpetual Peace: President Wilson and Armenia.” For more information, contact Steven Leibo at or (518) 244-2330.
Sunday, April 18 ~ In a joint venture, Holy Cross Armenian Church (Troy, NY) and St. Peter
Armenian Church will come together in worship and in solemn remembrance of the victims of the
Armenian Genocide of 1915. On Sunday, April 18, both communities are invited to attend church
services and a commemorative program and special requiem to be held at St. Peter Armenian
Church beginning at 10:00 a.m. Following services and the program, a madagh lunch will be
served in the Gdanian Auditorium prepared by the St. Peter Women’s Guild and Holy Cross Ladies
Aid. See flyer in this issue for more information. Next year, the St. Peter Church community will
attend church services and commemorative program to be held at Holy Cross Armenian Church.
Thursday, April 22 ~ Ralph Enokian will be speaking on the Armenian Genocide at the American
Italian Museum and Cultural Center (1227 Central Avenue, Albany) at 7:30 p.m. A social hour
with refreshments will follow the presentation.
Saturday, April 24 ~ In conjunction with the American Red Cross, the St. Peter ACYOA Juniors
will sponsor a Blood Drive on Saturday, April 24, in the Gdanian Auditorium from 9:00 a.m. to
2:00 p.m. This blood drive is in commemoration of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and the
1988 earthquake in Armenia. It is preferred that appointments are made by April 10; however,
walk-ins will also be welcome. A minimum of 40 donors is needed; therefore, please contact Lena
Guleserian-Hoglund at or (518) 221-5362 as soon as possible. For
questions on donating blood, visit
Saturday, April 24 ~ The Armenian National Committee of Albany and Homenetment of Albany
will sponsor a march ~ A March for Justice! A March with Pride! A March to Recognize the
Armenian Genocide! The event will begin at 3:00 p.m. with a commemoration program at Old
Troy City Hall, 1 Monument Square, Troy. The March will begin there at 4:00 p.m. and conclude
at the Armenian American Community Center, 1627 3rd Avenue, Watervliet. A madagh dinner
will be served at the Community Center at 5:30 p.m. E-mail or call
(518) 331-8559 for more information.
Sunday, April 25 ~ On Sunday, April 25, at 2:00 p.m., the Knights & Daughters of Vartan, along
with several other co-sponsors, will commemorate the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
with a mass demonstration in Times Square, 43rd Street & Broadway. Free bus transportation is
being offering to and from Times Square and can be arranged by contacting John at (718) 631-
2247 or Rouben at (917) 992-8501. For more information on the event, visit www.knightsofvartan.
org, click on “April 24.”
Friday-Sunday, April 30-May 2 ~ The New York State Theatre Institute presents Lorraine
Serabian in a staged reading of “Silence in a Circular Rainbow,” a play with an Armenian theme
written by Dr. Herand Markarian of New Jersey. Armenians Shooshan and her husband Dr. Hagop
live a happy life together as they expect their second child on the eve of World War I. But with the
outbreak of war, the Ottoman Empire begins to systematically oppress the Armenians who live
within its borders and Shooshan and Hagop must scramble as they react to the injustices heaped
upon them and their people. Recommended for ages 14 and up. There will be three performances
at the James L. Meader Little Theatre, First & Division Streets, McKinstry Courtyard, Russell Sage
College, Troy: on Friday, April 30, at 10:00 a.m. and Saturday, May 1, and Sunday, May 2, at 2:00
p.m. All tickets are $10 each. Contact the theatre box office at 274-3256 or
for ticket information.
    St. Peter Armenian Church
    100 Troy Schenectady Road, Watervliet, NY

       Saturday, June 12
            4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
        Sunday, June 13
       12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m.
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Free Parking, Free Admission, Rain or Shine
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Saturday Night Tavloo Tournament
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Store Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10:00 a.m.—6:00 p.m.                        Locally Owned and Operated
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             Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.   St. Peter Armenian School
             Sundays at 10:30 a.m.     St. Peter Church Sunday School
             Wednesday, April 7        Adult Fellowship Luncheon Meeting: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 12:30 p.m.
             Friday, April 9           Adult Dance Class: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 6:30 p.m.
             Sunday, April 11          Visiting Guest Clergy: Fr. Garen Gdanian
                                                Matins ~ 9:00 a.m.; Liturgy ~ 10:00 a.m.
                                       Fellowship Hour hosted by Nalbandian Family:
                                               Gdanian Auditorium following services
                                               in celebration of the 13th birthdays of Nazareth, Melanie & Hrant
             Monday, April 12          Parish Council Incoming/Outgoing Dinner Meeting:
                                               The Barnsider ~ 6:30 p.m.
             Friday, April 16          Adult Bible Study Class: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 10:15 a.m.
             Fri-Sun, April 16-18      St. Nersess Mission: An Opportunity to Serve:
                                               Weekend program of events and activities for St. Peter Church
                                                community led by Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian
             Sunday, April 18          Visiting Guest Clergy: Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian & Fr. Bedros Shetilian
                                                Matins ~ 9:00 a.m.; Liturgy ~ 10:00 a.m.
                                       Armenian Genocide Anniversary Commemoration Service & Program
                                       Madagh Meal: Gdanian Auditoriuam following services
             Saturday, April 24        ACYOA Blood Drive: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
             Friday, April 30          Adult Bible Study Class: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 10:15 a.m.
             Saturday, May 8           Women’s Guild Mother’s Day Luncheon:
                                             Filet 7 West, Latham ~ 11: 30 a.m.
             Friday, May 14            Adult Bible Study Class: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 10:15 a.m.
             Friday, May 28            Adult Bible Study Class: Gdanian Auditorium ~ 10:15 a.m.
             Saturday, June 12         ARMENIAN FESTIVAL ~ DAY 1: 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
             Sunday, June 13           ARMENIAN FESTIVAL ~ DAY 2: 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m.

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