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March Bindura


									                              VIOLENCE and HARASSMENT

                          LINKED TO THE POLLING PROCESS

                                   7TH – 11TH MARCH 2002

The following information is sourced from ZHR Forum violence updates, CFU updates,
direct from interviews with clients and NGOs, and from selected media reports.
Information is included in good faith and may be subjected to correction. Information is
also very partial at this stage and will need to be updated.
Incidents which took place at polling stations or that directly involved targeting of election
officials and observers, are in italics. Other incidents involve violence of civilians that is
political in nature but not within the immediate vicinity of a polling station.

6 March 2002: Gokwe East
      It was reported that an unnamed MDC driver was ferrying MDC literature and food
       supplies for election agents, seals for the ballot boxes and stickers when he was stopped
       by the ZRP and detained without charge. The vehicle and its cargo were impounded.

7 March 2002: Chimanimani
      Six MDC polling agents were assaulted and two party vehicles were impounded. This is
       one of numerous instances of MDC election preparations being interrupted in

7 March 2002: Goromonzi
      AT was assaulted by Zanu-PF members for being MDC and failing to show them some
       of the MDC supporters around the area. He was taken to their base at Goromonzi turn off
       and assaulted using sticks, hose pipes, hands and booted feet. He was burnt on the eyelid
       with a cigarette by one of the assailants.

      CM was assaulted by Zanu-PF supporters for allegedly supporting the wrong party. They
       used hosepipes, sticks, open hands and booted feet. The assailants took the victim at his
       workplace and took him to their base at the Goromonzi turnoff along Mutare road. Was
       assaulted all over the body and burnt on the eyelid with a cigarette.

7 March 2002: Mutasa
      Evelyn Masaiti (MDC MP for Mutasa) was stopped by soldiers at a roadblock en route to
       Mangwana village. Her driver was arrested and Masaiti followed them to Ruda Police
       Station where the soldiers assaulted her until one of them ordered them to stop. Masaiti
       was investigating the arrest of 10 MDC polling agents by Ruda Police.

      Ten MDC polling agents were arrested under POSA at St Martins High School while
       gathered awaiting deployment. They were allegedly tear-gassed in police cells. Mutare
       lawyer Arnold Tsunga was also arrested and detained for two hours at Ruda while
       seeking their release.

8 March 2002: Rushinga
      17 MDC polling agents were arrested under POSA. One of numerous similar reports but
       no further details.

8 March 2002: Shamva
      NK, RC and MK were campaigning for the MDC at Chipole Farm. They were allegedly
       followed by Zanu-PF supporters who threw stones at their campaign truck. The
       perpetrators were in vehicle with the registration number 640-006H. NK sustained
       injuries to his mouth and his left ear which now has reduced hearing.

      PJ was a polling agent deployed in Shamva. He was allegedly attacked by more than 30
       Zanu-PF militia. He was hit with sticks and sustained injuries on the back of his head.

8 March 2002: Chinhoyi
      “Around 20:00 hours at Chemunde School in Chinhoyi, we deployed our MDC polling
       agents. Because we were not familiar with the place we got lost several times and in the
       process we were stopped by Zanu-PF youths. They ordered us to get out of the car and
       dragged us towards their base. There, at the base I was assaulted with clenched fists,
       booted feet, logs and I also had both legs and arms tied with barbed wire. I was assaulted
       on the back with logs and below the feet with logs as well. I was clapped on the face with
       open hands. “

      PM was deploying MDC polling agents when he was stopped by Zanu-PF youths and
       taken to their base. There he was beaten under feet and all over my lower limb with logs.
       He was beaten on his back and buttocks with sjambocks. He was clapped on both eyes
       with hands. He sustained injuries on his right hand, and , injuries on his buttocks. He
       was only released at around 0500hrs the following morning.

      JK was at Chemunde School with some colleagues on the 8th of March deploying MDC
       polling agents. JK and his colleagues were stopped by Zanu-PF youths. They ordered
       them out of the car and dragged them towards their base. When they arrived at the base,
       JK clapped on the right eye and beaten with logs on both elbow joints. He was also
       beaten on both lower limbs, his back and his feet with logs. He was only released the next
       morning at around 5:00am. He sustained injuries to his legs which are swollen and
       bruises on his lower back and face.
8 March 2002: Dzivarasekwa
      Tapiwa Matunya and other bus passengers had their IDs confiscated in searches of buses
       commuting into city centre by the police. They were told they would be returned after
       polling on Monday

8 March 2002: Glen View, Harare
      Better Tsandugwa (ZANU-PF Branch Chair) was allegedly attacked and ‘bundled into a
       car belonging to MDC youths. His whereabouts are still unknown.

8 March 2002: Gweru Rural
      A windscreen of Gasela’s car was shattered after ZANU-PF members stoned his car.
       Polling agents fled from the attackers based at the polling station.

8 March 2002: Makoni West

      Agnes Msaza, Mildred Simango (polling officials) and Daniel Maroso (a driver) were
       injured (cuts and bruises) when a lorry carrying 40 polling officials was stoned. The rear
       windscreen of the lorry was shattered. The attackers are suspected MDC supporters
8 March 2002: Marondera East
      An unspecified number of people had their IDs confiscated by a group camped near the
       police station

      FT was assaulted by soldiers on 10 March at 2300 hrs in Mupani Street in Rujeko,
       Dombotombo, as she was returning from a funeral. The soldiers used their hands and
       guns to beat the victim, who sustained a swollen left forearm and bruises to her left
       buttock. The victim was treated at Borrodaile Hospital.

8 March 2002: Hurungwe East
      Godfrey Gumbo and his maid Lucy were allegedly assaulted by a group of about 15
       Zanu-PF and war veterans at his shop premises in Magunje whilst he was briefing civic
       and church leaders on the MDC’s plans for the area. They two were stoned and beaten
       with rods. Another unnamed man was also stoned and received 5 stitches to his head.
       Godfrey’s radio and kitchen utensils were stolen. Gumbo previously witnessed the
       murder of Milton Chambati at the same location.

8 March 2002: Silobela
      Six unnamed MDC polling agents were injured when the Madza B2200 truck belonging
       to Abednigo Malinga (MDC MP, Silobela) carrying polling agents was ambushed and
       torched. The polling agents were stoned and they fled. They did not sleep overnight with
       polling boxes which they were following to Crushers and Broomsgrove School.
9 March 2002: Zengeza
      Unnamed voters were forcibly dispersed and ordered to go home by the Riot Squad after
       ‘some disorder’ at the heavily-queued polling station.

9 March 2002: Zvimba North
      Solomon Chipamawanga and two unnamed MDC polling agents were abducted from a
       polling station after it closed and assaulted at the ZANU-PF office in Raffingora. The
       ballot boxes were left unattended.

9 March 2002, Karoi
      There is reportedly thousands of people who had their IDs stolen or confiscated by
       ZANU-PF, members of ZNLWVA and the youth militia at Hestcheth Park Farm in
       Karoi. These individuals lose their right to vote because of their lack of identification

9 March 2002: Kuwadzana, Harare
      Twelve unnamed voters were injured when the police tried to restore order after anger
       erupted at extremely slow polling and excessively long queues.

      Unnamed assaulted by members of ZNLWVA, and forced to go home before voting.

9 March 2002: Glen View, Harare
      JM was an accredited ZESN observer. After polling on 9 March he was followed by
       Zanu-PF youths who beat him up at Glen View 8 Shopping Centre for supporting the
       MDC. He was beaten with heavy sticks. Some police officers are said to have arrived and
       also joined in with the beating. JM was beaten for about 40 minutes.

9 March 2002: Chimanimani
      Alexander Musiyadziriye (ZANU-PF) had his house torched (value not available) by
       people who are suspected MDC supporters.

9 March 2002, Bindura
      RM was allegedly abducted from Mupfumvuti School in Bindura at 5 pm along with two
       others. She was stationed at a polling station at the school as a local observer. RM. was
       detained and harassed for seven hours and later released. During the incident the victim
       lost her spectacles.

9 March 2002: Goromonzi
      SC reported that while he was assessing MDC polling agents at Rusike Business Centre
       in Goromonzi they were attacked by Zanu-PF supporters and beaten up. He, together
       with IM and AM were force marched to Munamba Base and beaten up with iron bars,
       leather straps, heavy sticks, bricks and fists. AM’s car tyres were deflated at Rusike and
       the militia later burnt his car. They also took $28 000, his cell phone and other personal
       items. They were later driven to Murehwa war veterans command centre and interrogated
       under direction of base commander, Katsiru. He was later taken to Murehwa Police

9 March 2002, Budiriro, Harare
      It was reported that ZRP officers visited Status Bar in Budiriro and asked the workers to
       close at 10 pm. There were still customers in the bar. The policemen came back at 12
       midnight and started beating up customers including two workers who were injured .

      Riot police allegedly arrived at Budiriro 1 Primary School polling station and – without
       provocation - started beating up the queuing voters with batons. People fled over walls
       while other were forced to run away. PM was injured on the knee and his eyes were
       affected by the tear gas. He also lost all personal effects, ie. ID, Passport, ATM card as
       well as $1 300.

9 March 2002: Glen Norah, Harare
      A number of voters were dispersed and ordered to go home after frustrated voters broke
       gates in order to enter the polling station. The Presiding Officer, Chatsworth Mabheka
       called in the riot squad.

9 March 2002: Gokwe North
      An MDC polling agent named as Nicchodemus, was reported as having been abducted by
       Zanu-PF supporters.

      ZNA officers providing security at Chomukuyu Polling Station polling station were
       reported as having chased away MDC polling agents for the whole day. As a result MDC
       polling agents failed to observe polling at this station.

9 March 2002: Highfield, Harare
      It was reported that at Kudzanai Primary School Polling Station the police were beating
       up people in the queues in the name of maintaining order. However, the crowd’s
       behaviour did not warrant any violent response from the police. The crowd was
       displaying signs of impatience at the slow voting process.

9 March 2002: Matobo
      A man was ejected from a pub after saying he hadn’t voted. He was offered a lift to a
       polling station and threatened with assault if he didn’t go.

9 March 2002: Shamva
      Thirty unnamed MDC polling agents were assaulted with clubs and broken bottles by
       unknown group of people.

9 March 2002: Chinoyi/ Banket
      There were police searching from farmhouse to farmhouse of farmers on a list of
       resource people in the Election Support Network. A number of families of farmers on the
       list were evacuated when they realised that Police Support Unit were intent arresting
       everyone on the list – this is at least 25 of 50 families.

10 March 2002: Karoi
      MY went to the polling station at Tavoy Farm in Karoi where he was confronted by
       suspected Zanu-PF supporters and was accused of being an MDC supporter because he
       had been brought there by whites. He was beaten all over the body, head and on the soles
       of his feet for over an hour. MY was also urinated on. The militia attempted to drown
       him and burn him before releasing him.MY sustained injuries to his back and soles of his

      AZ was a polling agent for the MDC at Tavoy Farm in Karoi. He was allegedly abducted
       by Zanu-PF youths during his lunch break. AZ was beaten all over his body, head and
       soles of his feet.

      WM was attempting to vote at the polling station at Tavoy Farm in Karoi when he was
       dragged into the bushes by suspected Zanu-PF youths. He was beaten up for over an
       hour for having been brought by a white man to the polls. They beat him all over his
       body, head and soles of his feet and they urinated in his mouth.

10 March 2002: Kadoma West
      IM was the ZESN supervisor for Kadoma West. He was abducted by militia to Patchway
       militia base near Kadoma. He was badly beaten but later managed to escape.

10 March 2002: Kuwadzana
      CC was a local observer. He was allegedly assaulted with baton sticks by riot police at
       Kuwadzana District Office. CC sustained multiple injuries and was vomiting blood. He
       also had bruises all over his body.

10 March 2002: Harare East
      DM was cycling in Borrowdale Road at around 8 am in the morning. She was allegedly
       stopped by presidential guards and asked why using she was using that road. They then
       asked to sit in water and the to roll in it. The perpetrators were two presidential guards, a
       soldier and two policemen. She was made to carry her bike on her head for about 300
       metres. One of the soldiers loaded his gun and pointed it at DM. A man driving past was
       told not to look and the gun was pointed at him. One of the soldiers saw a police car
       coming and warned the others to stop.

10 March 2002: Gokwe North
      The polling station in Kasawanga Village was reported to have been set up at the
       headman’s homestead. The headman is said to have called people’s names from his
       village register. The police did not provide security but instead by youths from the Border
       Gezi National Service Youth Service Training Centre fully clad in their green uniforms.

10 March 2002: Harare Central
      AC was an accredited local observer with ZESN. He was accosted at the polling station
       at Admiral Tait School and taken to the Zanu-PF provincial headquarters in 4th Street.
       He suspects that his abductors were CIO agents. He was beaten and then had all his
       documents taken away before they let him go. At the polling station he was told that all
       local observers were barred from the polling station.

      Suspected CIO agents are alleged to have abducted CG from Admiral Tait Polling
       station. He was taken to the Zanu-PF provincial offices in 4th Street. He was beaten with
       booted feet, slaps and fists. The victim had $250 and an electric test metre taken from him
       before he was let go.

10 March 2002: Makoni East
      Persuade Jonasi, was attacked Vengere 602 hall polling station while on duty as CIO
       security agent. He was left for dead and admitted to Rusape Hospital overnight.

      Mark Egen and Amos Kutiya, of the MDC, were attacked at Vengere 602 Hall polling
       station. They had their car stoned less than 500 m from the polling station while taking
       food to polling agents on duty.

10 March 2002: Marondera

      A 32 year old male clerk was returning home at night from a funeral and was accosted by
       soldiers who beat him with their guns.

10 March 2002, Chimanimani

      Charleswood Estate, Chimanimani. Whilst at the Chipinge Club having lunch, the owner
       was confronted by 38 policeman and 17 army personnel, who accused him of having 12
       bars of soap, which they claim he could use to wash the dye off people’s hands so they
       could vote again. They confiscated the soap and searched the club.

10 March 2002, Marondera West and East
      Following the setting up of a polling station at Chakadenga, ZANU (PF) supporters
       trashed the polling station and farm village and a truck belonging to the owner of the
       farm was stolen. The assailants attacked farm labour, who were either dispersed into the
       bush or forced to go to the nearby "war vet" base camp at Chop Chop Store. The
       attackers abducted the security guard from the homestead, saying they were taking him to
       their torture chamber. Police were contacted but no definite response was given.

      On Arcadia, Marondera East Constituency, two ZANU (PF) settler leaders from
       neighbouring Wenimbe Farm, forced labour to go en masse under their supervision to
       vote at Wenimbi School.
10 March 2002, Hwedza
      Lifton, Hwedza Constituency, reported the same assailants responsible for the attack at
       Chakadenga in Marondera West Constituency, entered the farm village and beat up
       workers, some so severely they were unable to walk.

      On Bristol/ Fels, Hwedza Constituency, all labour from both farms were rounded up by
       Zanu (PF) youths and told to vote at Numwa polling station, where severe intimidation
       was taking place. Many of the labourers had previously been beaten and were not able to
       walk that far.

10 March 2002, Chinoyi
      In Chinhoyi, Hillpass Farm was visited a second time last night, 11.03.02, and the owner
       fired shots in the air to disperse the intruders.

10 March 2002, Norton
      On Sherwood, Norton, it transpired "voter training" took place in the Mhondoro
       communal area where labourers had to put their ballot papers in a ballot box and were
       given ZW$ 1000.00 to vote for ZANU (PF).

10 March 2002, Chakari
      Chakari - Occupying "war vets" from seven farms amassed labour early on the morning
       of 09.03.02, and frog marched them to the polling station. Most of them were taken to
       Tawstock where the local M.P. Mr Ziyambi has taken up residence in the owner’s guest

10 March 2002, Guruve, Mash Central.

      One MDC election agent and 15 logistics support personnel (one is a farmer) were
       detained on pretext of possessing unlicensed radios, which interfere with ZRP
       frequencies. The group was visited today in Mahuwe by ZRP ex Bindura in Land Rover
       registration ZRP152X during course of 10 March checking all radio serial numbers and

      Purported CIO members then visited logistics base camp near Mahuwe at 23.30hrs 10
       March in very threatening manner but upon sight of cameras in hands of logistics
       personnel they rapidly dispersed. Members of the logistics team avow that these visitors
       were not bona fide CIO personnel but various militia, women and graduates of the Border
       Gezi camp.

      Then before 0700hrs today, 11 March, ZRP arrived and confiscated all radios thus
       preventing logistics support for team assisting MDC election agents in Guruve North
       district with food etc. ZRP then escorted members of the logistics team to Guruve police
       camp. where (because one member of the team was able to hold down the open button on
       his radio) the whole process was listened to by outside members of the team who had
       escaped being rounded up.
      One member of the detained team was assaulted by a ZRP officer and can be verified by
       those listening. Later all radios were switched off and locked away by ZRP.

      16 personnel in detention for 48-hour period according to ZRP member in charge.
       Detention of the electoral agent means that he was effectively neutralized from
       observation of the ballot boxes from Guruve North polling stations between their closing
       and start of ballot counting at 0700hrs tomorrow a.m.12 March.

11 March 2002: Hwange East

      31 villagers were allegedly assaulted by suspected Zanu-PF youths at Ndimakute Primary
       School. Three of them were seriously injured and taken to Victoria Falls hospital. The
       youths have since been arrested by the police.

11 March 2002: Glen Norah, Harare
      CC reported that at Zuvarabuda Primary School people waiting to vote were arrested
       and taken to Glen Norah police station for trying to vote twice even though they had not
       been tested for the ink.

11 March 2002: Guruve North
      A.M., an election agent and part of the vehicle support unit reported that on, a lorry
       carrying the ballot boxes from Katchuta polling station at left 5.30am instead of the
       agreed 7.00am. A.M. rediscovered the lorry as it drove through Guruve three hours later
       (note – the lorry took two hours longer than it should have on the journey). A.M. went to
       Guruve police station to try and find out what the situation was with other polling agents
       in the area.

       He received no information at the police station but as he was leaving heard a police
       radio message ordering the arrest of polling agents in the Mavuradonha mountains. He
       alerted the Commonwealth observers hoping for intervention but received no help there.
       At 11.00am, A.M. returned to the police station in Guruve. He was apprehended by
       Inspector N. He and another group of people at the station were informed that they were
       under arrest and would be charged under the POSA for assaulting a police officer and
       using a radio with out a licence.

       The group were not allowed to make any calls and were detained at Guruve police station
       for the night. Conditions were described by A.M. as cramped and unsanitary. Thirty-one
       prisoners were kept in a room measuring 6m x 5m, with a hole in the corner for a toilet.
       There was little fresh oxygen in the cell, and the concrete floor was covered with thin
       blankets. Food was scarce, either a little porridge or a bread roll. Later on, the group was
       transferred to Bindura police station, where they were told that they would be beaten up.
       Upon arrival at Bindura police station, they were told that they would have to give
       statements to the police. At this point the lawyer for the group interceded with the police
       who said that they would drop the charges under POSA and keep the men in for the radio
       charge. A.M. declined to accept the offer and was detained for a second night at Bindura
       police station, along with the remainder of the group. He describes the cell conditions as
       being similar to Guruve but with less oxygen circulating around the cell. On the morning
       of 13 March, the men signed an admission of guilt statement, and they were released with
       bail that afternoon.

11 March 2002: Binga
      EM, an observer for ZESN, was arrested at female Pashu Polling Station for filling in a
       form with details and observations of voting for the day.

11 March 2002; Chipinge
      AM reported that around 50 people at the end of a voters queue were rounded up by the
       police and arrested for trying to vote twice towards. Their hands were not actually
       checked for ink. The group was allegedly lumped into one cell and spent the night at
       Warren Park police station.


There have been massive numbers of displaced people internally, in the wake of the election.
Some estimates place the number at between 10,000 and 30,000 people nationwide, who have
fled from rural areas of persecution to the cities, mainly Harare. Those on the run are those
accused of having voted from the MDC.
There is variation in the level of reprisals from one area to another, with Mashonaland
provinces, Midlands, Masvingo and Manicaland all reporting high levels of reprisals.
Matabeleland remains tense but comparatively calm, with people in these areas now tangibly
facing starvation and queuing for days without relief, hoping for maize. Unconfirmed reports of
two deaths from starvation have recently been received, from Tsholotsho.

12 March 2002: Buhera North/ South
      Two huts belonging to an Zanu-PF supporter were torched, damaging property worth
       Z$33 000.

12 March 2002: Kuwadzana, Harare
      SC was allegedly attacked by Zanu-PF supporters. He was later detained by the police at
       Kuwadzana Police Station from 6 pm until 12 midnight. SC was then taken to
       Parirenyatwa Hospital for treatment. He has chest and shoulder pains and also sustained
       head injuries.
12 March 2002: Glen Norah, Harare
       BC was allegedly beaten up by Zanu-PF youths. The youths then called in the police who
        took him to Glen Norah police station where he was detained overnight. He was released
        on 13 March 2002.

12-15 March: commercial farming incidents

   The Nyamazaan manager, Featherstone, returned briefly on 11.03.02 to collect a few
    possessions from his home, but was unable to leave as he was barricaded in by a mob.
    Demands were made he pay the workers’ retrenchment packages and he could then reclaim
    the money from the owner. The situation was defused.
    Wenimbi Valley - On the morning of 13.03.02, as it became clear which way the election
    result would go, a mob of "war vets"/youths/settlers arrived at the homestead on Spes Bona
    farm, confronting the owner. He was given six hours to get off the farm. The mob took a
    tractor and entered a shed where some maize was stored, which they stole. The group then
    proceeded to Ruware, where again the owner was given six hours to go, and told his
    possessions were now theirs to share out amongst themselves. Police response has been
   Braeside Farm, Banket, was looted 1630 hr on 12.03.02. The group of 33 damaged the
    outhouses then moved down to the farm village. Both police and Support Unit reacted,
    arresting 12 people. Meryl Harrison of the National SPCA conducted an animal rescue on
    the farm.
   Chakari - ZANU (PF) youths on the celebration night after the election result came out, beat
    up two people on Mopani Park. They then went to Deweras and burnt three houses as well
    as a beer hall and a kitchen in the farm village at approximately 2030 hr. Police did respond
    but the group went on to Chevy Chase Farm and burnt 21 kitchens outside the houses of all
    the work force. Police appear to be responding and making arrests.
    At Umjanjele Ranch, Masvingo, the owner was told that now ZANU PF has won the
    election he had better sort the grinding mill out and have electricity connected for its use.
13 March 2002: Gokwe East
       Seventeen MDC polling agents were assaulted and had their homes torched. They then
        fled the area.

13 March 2002: Gokwe West
       Seven unnamed MDC polling agents, were assaulted and had their homes burnt down.
        They then fled the area.

13 March 2002: Kwekwe
       Funny Mahuni was killed en route to work (for a night shift) in Mbizo, Kwekwe. His
        abdomen was slit open. Mahuni had refused to allow his two daughters to attend Zanu-PF
       pungwe’s in Mbizo. The leader of Mbizo base told him he would be killed for refusing to
       obey Zanu-PF orders.

13 March 2002: Mabvuku
      Margaret Takaendesa, the Zanu-PF chair for the district, had her house stoned and
       windows broken. The durawall was also damaged with the total damage valued at Z$120
       000. Four persons were arrested, detained, charged with malicious damage to property
       over the incident.

13 March 2002: Gokwe East

      James Nevana, aged 32, an MDC polling agent, is abducted and tortured at a militia
       camp. He has bicycle spokes poked through his genitals, rupturing one testicle, and is
       forced to drink poison that gives him stomach pains.

      Wallace Humana, 26, the MDC chairperson for Gokwe East claims that seven
       people died in his constituency in the pre-election period, some instantly and some
       after torture.

14 March 2002: Norton
      The farmer owners of Windsor Farm in Norton were held hostage from 9.30pm until
       midnight by a group of about 87 settlers from the farm. They were slapped and poked
       with sticks. Some personal items including radios were stolen from them. The couple was
       rescued by neighbours.

15 March 2002: Marondera East/West
      Darlington Vikaveka, an MDC supporter and a farmworker at Offshoot / Oxford Farm,
       was severely assaulted on accusations that he sympathised with the MDC. The assault
       took place in the early morning in the presence of Constable Chikowe of the ZRP and
       Obert Makiwa, a Zanu-PF supporter. Farm owner John Rutherford, was also assaulted
       after he was accused of ordering the destruction of farm occupiers’ housing on the farm
       and giving a cellphone to his worker so that he could tell the MDC about illegal settlers.
       Darlington later died en route to Marondera Hospital while Rutherford was admitted
       to Marondera Hospital where condition was stabilised.

15 March 2002: Chipinge South
      Eight teachers including James Moyana and Chikukwa were severely assaulted with
       knobkerries, iron bars, chains, sticks by Zanu-PF supporters in Checheche for their
       support of the MDC.

15 March 2002: Marondera

      A security guard accused of burning a ZANU PF truck was told to report three times a
       week to the police station. After reporting on Friday 15 March he was taken to the ZANU
       PF offices where he was severely beaten.
17 March 2002: Shamva

       30 year old mine worker was assaulted on 17 March. He fled and on returning home on
        the 22 March had his house partially destroyed. He fled to Harare.

18 March 2002: Norton
       Mashonaland West (South) - Norton – Norton farmer, Terry Ford of Gowrie
        Farm, who was in his mid fifties was bludgeoned to death sometime in the early
        hours of the morning on Monday 18th March,2002. Just before midnight, a group of
        about twenty, suspected to consist of settlers and war veterans, approached the homestead
        area. Mr Ford, who was alone in the house, immediately made a report to the Norton
        police station and alerted a neighbouring farmer. At 02.15hrs, Mr Ford contacted the
        neighbour to say that there still had been no police response and that he would remain
        vigilant and call for assistance if necessary. Mr Ford’s battered body was found in the
        early hours of the morning

18 March 2002, commercial farming incidents
   Manicaland - Chipinge – Farmer on Smithfield Farm, was dipping his cattle when he was
    surrounded by ZANU PF supporters who said he could not leave until he had given them a
    cow, he managed to escape and reported the incident to the police who then dispersed the
    war veterans.
   Mashonaland Central - Bindura - On Benridge Farm, the crop guard and his wife were
    abducted by youths from Ledbury Farm on Friday evening at 6pm. The guard was severely
    beaten and both he and his wife were returned the next morning and ordered to leave the
    farm. The Police responded and managed to defuse the situation.
   Assault in Marondera North - At Oxford farm in Marondera North at 6.00am on Friday
    morning, John-John Rutherford was instructed to hear what the youths on the farm had to
    say. He was taken to a house in the farm village where accusations were leveled at him that
    he had been involved in political activities His wife was forced to go to the farm village, to
    witness her husband being beaten, after which she was told she would be killed. A number of
    individuals, took turns in beating him with a badza handle. He was forced to lie front-down
    whilst being beaten on the buttocks. The other assailants identified by the victim are Obert
    Makiwa, Washington, Jealous Ndaudzwa, Lynn, Constable Chikove, who has been allocated
    a plot on the farm, Joe Nyatsiwe, Aida Mambare and others unnamed. A farm security guard,
    Darlington, had been severely beaten beforehand and was also in the room. He collapsed
    repeatedly, and was taken outside the house and dumped. When it became evident to the
    assailants that the guard’s condition was critical, two of them with the two victims drove to
    Borradaile Hospital in Marondera. The guard died before arrival. John-John is being treated
    at Borradaile Hospital. He has severe bruising on both buttocks, abrasions on his knees and a
    bruise on his left shin.
   MASHONALAND EAST - At Torre Farm at approximately 2200 hrs on 18.03.02, a group
    of people arrived at the gate but dispersed when the guard fired shots. At approx. 0600 hrs on
    19.03.02, when owner went to open his security gate, he was grabbed by militants,
   handcuffed and taken in his truck and left in the bush somewhere near Poltimore. He was
   threatened with an axe and forced to sit in the long grass while militants went back to their
   base camp. Later he was taken back to his farm.
20 March 2002: Gokwe East
      Liah Makoni was beaten by youth militia at the shops, accused of voting MDC and
       supporting Tony Blair and the whites.

20 March 2002: Mberengwa East
      It is reported that 5,000 MDC supporters have fled this district in the face of reprisals,
       and also that ZANU supporters, Lot Chiverewa and Elly Shiri have diverted truckloads of
       maize from Mataga depot to the chiefs’ homesteads. MDC supporters are not allowed to
       purchase the maize, which is being sold to ZANU supporters for Z$ 1 300 per 50 kg.
       Even whole villages are reported as being barred from buying maize.

23 March: Gokwe East

      Women are reported to have been raped and forced to take part in oral sex by soldiers in
       the wake of the elections.

23 March 2002: Chingamire Farm – Marondera

      25 male farm workers sustained injuries after Zanu-PF supporters attacked workers in the
       farm compounds late on Sunday night. All were beaten with sticks and axe handles and
       told to pack their belongings and leave the farm else they would be killed. Six women
       ranging in age from 22 to 53 were also assaulted. One of the women is visibly pregnant
       and was beaten on her stomach.

23 March 2002: Plumtree

      Sikumbuzo Dube, 25, has been charged under the POSA for writing and reciting a poem
       ridiculing President Mugabe, while in prison for being a border jumper in Plumtree.

23 March 2002: Chitungwiza, Plumtree business centre, Murisa village in Manyame district,

      Villagers from all the above places report that maize is being sold only to ZANU-PF
       supporters. These are towns across the country.

24 March 2002: Wedza - Chingamere, Mtemwa, and Hungwe
      Farms in the Ruzawi River Valley, were subjected to attacks by a group of 12 to 16
       during the night of 24.03.02. The mob broke through the homestead security fence at
       Chingmere; the owner declined to meet them on observing their menacing mood. For
       half an hour they stoned the house and vehicles near by. They left to attack the farm
       village at about 2200 hrs, gathering extra people to join the gang on the way. All the
       workers were beaten up - 7 severely, and 6 of those were taken to a neighbouring farm
       and beaten up further. The mob, armed with sticks and other weapons, went on to beat
up other workers at Mtemwa and Hungwe. At Mtemwa, 56 labourers were beaten up
with thick sticks by the now 30-strong gang, led by "war vet" Cde Moyo. Seven bruised,
five hospitalised and the balance very bruised. Of the hospitalised victims, one has lost
hearing and one is a pregnant girl. At Hungwe Farm, the group beat up 60 people in the
farm village, and two women were raped, one being a girl of thirteen years of age.

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