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                                          VOL.67              NO.2                                                                SPRING 1990

SPRING SALE                                      About the Cover
                                              Spring/ and farm equipment in the
                                          fields is the groundworkfor a bountiful
                                           harvest Similarly, Farm Bureau mem-
   REDUCED PRICES!                         bers in Washington, D.C., March 27-
                                           30, will be performing important
 Red Tart Pitted Cherries                  groundwork for the new 1990 farm bill
       Blueberries                           Cover design and original art by Ray
                                          Hilton, Hilton Graphics, Lansing

                                                                        Of Special Interest
    Michigan's Prellliulll
  FRESH ASPARAGUS                            Building on a Policy of Competitiveness Keep
                                          agriculture moving toward a competitive market orienta-
        lIb. Bundles                      tion say the farmer members of Farm Bureau. Read
10 lb. and 20 lb. Bulk Boxes              about the FB stand on ag budget cuts, payment limita-
                                          tions, flexibility for program and non -program crops in
     Florida's Best                       the 1990 farm bill...Page 5
 FRESH SWEET CORN                           Farm Bill Tops Legislative Leaders Priority List
                                          Policy in action! That's the FB Washington Legislative
                                          Seminar where farmers and politicians meet to discuss
                                          key FB issues from future farm bill legislation to health
             May 2
                                          insurance deductions for the self-employed...Page 10
           May 21-25
                                               Go to the Source ... Learn how rules regulating un-
    For more information    and full      derground storage tanks (USTs)may affect your farm or
     listing of products available,       business. This article helps put you in touch with sour-
  contact your county Farm Bureau
   or call1-BOO-292-26BO    ext. 2305
                                          ces for EPA-USTrules information ...Page 11

                                               Rural Living Is Published Quarterly: on the first day of October, January, April and July by the
                                           Michigan Fann Bureau Infonnatlon and Public Relations Division. Publication and editorial offices at 7373
                                           West Saginaw Highway, Lanstng. Michigan 48917, Post Office Box 30960 (ztp 48909): phone 1-517-323-7000,
                                           extension 6585.

                                               Subscriptions: $1.50 per year to members, tncluded tn annual dues. $3 per year non-members tn
                                           Michigan, $5 per year non-members out of state. Publication No. 345040. Established Jan. 13, 1923, as
                                           Michigan Fann News, name changed to Michigan Farm News Rural Uvtng Dec. I, 1981. Third-class postage
                                           paid at Lanstng. Michigan, and at additional maIltng offices.

                                                Editorial:    Connie Turbtn, Editor and Bustness   Manager. KImberly Marshell Neumann,   Assoctate Editor
                                            and Production   Manager.

                                                  Officers: Michigan Farm Bureau President, Jack Laurie, Cass City; Vice President Wayne Wood, Mar-
                                            lette: Admtnlstratlve Director, Charles Burkett; 1reasurer and ChlefFtnancta1 Officer, Tom Parker; Secretary.
                                            William S. Wilkinson.

 lelfJI mICHIGan'S
                                                 Director&: DIstrict I, Marlin Outman, Constantine; District 2, Blaine VanSickle, Marshall; District 3,
                                            Diane Horntng. Manchester; District 4, Tom Guthrie, Delton; DIstrict 5, Mark Smuts, Charlotte; DIstrict 6,
                                            Wayne Wood, Marlette; District 7, Lany Snider, Hart; DIstrict 8, Lyle LeCronler, Freeland: DIstrict 9, Joshua
                                            Wunsch, Traverse CIty; District 10, Margaret Kartes, West Branch: DIstrict II, Robert Wahmhoff, Baraga. At-

  l(11 FaRm BeST                            Large: David Conkltn, Corunna; Jack Laurie, Cass City; Faye Adam. Snover; Richard Leach, Saginaw. Promo-
                                            tion and Education, Holly Porter, Manchester. Young Farmers, Karen Stoneman, Ithaca.
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The Food Security Act of 1990

 Building on a Policy of Competitiveness

The Food Security Act of 1985
is scheduled to expire this year.
To reauthoIize or modify the            FBPosition
farm bill programs, Congress
must approve a new farm bill.
Agricultural price and income              The 1990 farm bill should continue to set loan rates accord-
support programs are key fea-           ing to the loan rate formulas provided in the 1985 law. Target
tures of the law, which also in-        prices should be frozen at the 1990 level for the duration of new
clude provisions regarding              farm policy. Production adjustment programs should be trig-
conservation,. commodity supply         gered by levels of canyover stocks for the commodity in ques-
control, agricultural trade, re-        tion. However, current trigger levels may need to be modified so
search, credit, food stamps, and        they are tied to a measure of use, rather than a set quantity.
various other programs.                 Commodity programs for the following crops have worked well
   Farm Bureau has a vital inter-       and should be essentially continued: wheat, feed grains, cotton,
est in supporting a new farm bill       rice, sugar, wool, honey and peanuts.
that continues to promote com-
petitiveness of our products,              On budget cuts: Agricultural programs must not continue to
provides market orientation in          bear a disproportionate share of federal budget cuts. Agricul-
the use of resources and in allow-      tural program spending has been reduced by more than half of
ing producers to make marketing         its 1986 levels and currently stands at about I percent of the
and production decisions, re-           total federal budget outlays, which is near average levels in an
quires minimal government               historical context.
stock levels and protects farm in-
come. FB believes new farm                 On payment limitations: FB opposes attempts to lower the
policy should continue to move          current $50,000 payment limitation and attempts to deny pro-
in the general direction set by         gram benefits to farmers who exceed an arbitrarily determined
the 1985 farm bill with certain         level of income, gross annual sales or net worth.
modifications and improvements.

Background                            planted the acreage to other com-   commodities for which domestic
                                      modities. As a result, farmers      and international market oppor-
                                      have been discouraged from          tunities exist. The United States
   One of the concerns raised in                                          has lost its ability to compete for
the 1990 farm bill debate is how      rotating acreage among various
to give farmers more flexibility in   crops. Farmers have been penal-     growing markets to which other
making decisions about what           ized for attempting to respond to   nations have been able to
                                      market signals that indicate the    respond. In addition, farmers
crops to plant and harvest. The
                                      demand for commodities other        have been restricted in making
 1985 farm bill strictly assigned
                                      than those for which base acres     planting decisions in response to
producers crop acreage bases ac-
cording to historical production      have been assigned.
patterns. A farmer would forfeit         As a result, the United States
                                      has not been able to respond to                   (continued on page 7)
one-fifth of his base each year he
                                      demand for oilseeds and other
SPRING 1990, RURAL UVING                                                                                        5
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Food Security Act                        Each of these proposals has       other commodities are actually
                                      advantages. If payments are dis-     grown on the farm, producers
(continued from page 5)               continued on acreage shifted to      will not be discouraged from
                                      alternative crops, producers of      growing a particular commodity
market opportunities, conseIVa-       non-program crops are protected      because of the potential loss of
                                      from competing against farm pro-     deficiency payments. Therefore,
 tion objectives and agronomic        gram crop base holders who           the producer would supposedly
 considerations.                      would use deficiency payments        make planting decisions based
    There is a broad consensus        as an income supplement to           on the attractiveness of market
that farmers should have greater      produce non-program crops. Dis-      prices for each crop he is con-
flexibility in making planting        continuing payments on shifted       sidering. Under this approach,
 decisions, however, the manner.
 of providing that freedom is the     acreage avoids inequities and dis-   production of an oilseed crop
                                      tortions among producers in dif-     would not have to compete
 subject of extensive debate. In-     ferent circumstances and among       against the target price for a pro-
 dividual farmers will be affected    regions of the country.              gram crop.
by easing planting restrictions in       However, if payments are
 unique ways based on the com-        made on base acres even though
modities they produce, the alter-
 natives they have, the extent of
freedom they are given and the
 effect the program flexibility has
 on their income. Each proposal
would mean some winners and             FBPosition
 some losers as agriculture ad-
justs more rapidly to oppor-
tunities that may arise.                  Producers should be allowed to interchange the
                                        base acreage among program crops and approved
                                        non-program crops provided that total deficiency pay-
                                        ments and total crop base acreage on the farm do
There is a                              not increase. Deficiency payments should be made
                                        only on the permitted acreages planted to the pro-
broad consen-                           gram crop on an established crop acreage base for
                                        the individual farm.
sus that farm-
                                           We must emphasize the need for flexibility that
ers should have                         does not lead to inequitable treatment of producers.
                                        It must be impressed upon Congress that agricul-
greater flexi-                          tural commodities are interrelated. Program
                                        flexibility that comes at the expense of non-program
bility in making                        crop producers is unfair and inequitable.

planting                                  Flexibility: FB's flexibility plan would allow farmers
                                        to move out of continuous cropping without sacrific-
decisions.                              ing base acreage. Currently, farmers who may wish
                                        to grow a crop other than the program crop for any
                                        reason may not do so without reducing his future
   There are two separate forms
in which planting flexibility           base acreage.
policies may be constructed.
Producers may be permitted to             Equity: The plan does not unfairly subsidize either
grow alternative crops on farm          the non-program crops or the other program crops
program base acres with their           that producers may grow on crop acreage base.
base history preseIVed but
receive no payments for acreage
devoted to the alternative produc-         Simplicity: The plan is simple and straightforward.
tion. Or, producers could receive       It will save the government money, because it will
payments based upon historical          lower the farm program costs each time a producer
crop acreage bases regardless of        decides to grow a crop other than the designated pro-
whether they continued to plant
the original farm program crop          gram crop on his base acreage.
or not.

         l'v1ichigan Farm Bureau
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     1990 Farm Bill Tops Legislative Leaders' Priority List

By Donna Wilber                       toward greater market orienta-         for legislation to continue the 25
                                      tion by setting price supports at      percent tax deduction for health
A delegation of 125 Michigan
farmers, led by Michigan Farm
                                      levels that allow our products to
                                      compete in domestic and interna-
                                                                             insurance costs for self-
                                                                             employed people. The deduction
Bureau President Jack ~urie,          tional markets. For the 1990           expires Sept. 30, 1990. FB sup-
will fly to Washington, D.C., on      farm bill, we reaffrrm our conrmit-    ports a permanent, 100 percent
March 27 for three days of grass      ment to competitiveness. We            tax deduction.
roots lobbying on national issues     want the new law to ensure the            'We are concerned that many
of concern to the state's agricul-    opportunity for an adequate level     farmers are reducing their
tural conrmunity.                     of farm income, and maximize           coverage or dropping it entirely
   Legislative leaders and legisla-   the freedom for farmers to            because they cannot afford it,"
tive assistants participating in      respond to market conditions."        Laurie said. "Ata time when the
the organization's 30th annual           Pesticides and food safety will    nation is growing more aware of
Washington Legislative Seminar        also be a topic of discussion. The    the burdens of costly insurance
will represent 49 county FBs          farmers will encourage their con-      and the needs of the uninsured.
and MFB.                              gressmen to oppose the Wax-           the tax code can provide an in-
   In addition to individual legis-   man/Kennedy "FoodSafety               centive for the self-employed to
latlve contacts, the farmers will     Amendments of 1989" and sup-          provide for their own insurance
have a group breakfast with           port the de la Garza/Madigan          needs."
their U.S. representatives on         bill, H.R 3292. Both bills replace       Also on the farmers' priority
March 28, and with u.S.               the zero risk Delaney Clause          list is urging Michigan con-
Senators Don Riegle and Carl          with a negligible risk standard.      gressmen to introduce legislation
Levin on March 29. Also on their      The Waxman/Kennedy proposal           to repeal mandatory federal tax
agenda is a meeting with u.S.         defines "negligiblerisk" rigidly at   withholding on farmworkers.
Department ofAgriculture offi-        1 per million risk with no excep-     The mandatory withholding be-
cials, and a visit to the British     tions. FB believes the Environ-       came effectiveon Jan. I, 1990.
Embassy.                              mental Protection Agency should           'We estimate that about half
   The 1990 farm bill will top the    have the discretion to determine      of all farmers are employers,"
list of priority issues the farmers   what is negligible risk based on a    Laurie said. "Many of these hire
will discuss with their national      weighing of risks and benefits,       seasonal and temporary workers
legislators.                          and that many vital chemical          who may have a number of farm
   "Farm Bureau supports con-         tools would be lost if the benefits   jobs and employers throughout
tinuing the general direction set     of a pesticide were not allowed to    the year. and do not work for
by the 1985 farm bill," President     be considered beyond the 1 per        anyone farmer for a significant
Laurie said. ''The policies con-      million level.                        length of time. The required
tained in that legislation have          Another priority issue for the     recordkeeping will be burden-
helped to move agriculture            farmers is seeking cosponsors         some for farm employers.     II

                                                                                            RURAL UVlNG, SPRING 1990
Underground Storage Tank Standards

                       Go to the Source ...

Since the Environmental               Registration                         spill protection, corrosion protec-
Protection Agency published           Requirements                         tion and recordkeeping. In the fu-
technical standards regulating                                             ture, there will be a registration
underground storage tanks                                                  fee of $100 per tank.
(USTs),many tank owners are              The state of Michigan has had        Currently, the State Police Fire
seeking information about how         rules regulating fuel tanks above    Marshal's Officeis expanding to
their business or farm operation      and below ground for many            handle enforcement of the rules
is affected. For the best informa-    years. The current Michigan          and will be training at least 100
tion, go directly to the source or    rules on underground storage         local inspectors. In the near fu-
contact enforcement agencies.         tanks parallel the federal stand-    ture, UST tanks that come under
    That's the advice from Wayne      ards and the state monitors com-     the rules will be required to have
Gay, environmental and safety         pliance and conformance.             a current registration tag.
manager for Farmers Petroleum            If the EPA rules apply to your    Without the tag, fuel delivery
Cooperative. "EPAguidelines and       tank(s), federal law requires that   companies will be prevented by
information will help you to          the tank(s) be registered with the   law from filling the tank. Tanks
determine whether you are re-         designated state agency. In          may still be registered with the
quired to comply with the rules       Michigan, this agency is the         Fire Marshal and should be if
and what steps, if any, you           State Police Fire Marshal's Of-      they are to remain in the ground.
should take against the pos-          fice. Registered tanks are also
sibility of leaks, corrosion, over-   subject to rules requiring leak
                                      protection, overfill protection,                 (continued on page 12)
fill and spills," said Gay. He
suggests requesting the EPApub-
lication Musts for USTs from the
EPA Officeof Underground
Storage Tanks, P.O. Box 6044,
Rockville, Md. 20850. Telephone
information sources are the
State Police Fire Marshal's toll-
free hoUine (1-800-MICHUST)
and the Michigan Department of
Natural Resources Environmen-
tal Response Division District Of-
fice (check the state of Michigan
telephone directory listings for
your area).
    More information is available
in past issues of the UST News, .
published by the State Fire
Marshal's Office. Copies are avail-
able upon request by writing
Rural Uving - UST Information,
Michigan Farm Bureau, P.O. Box
30960, Lansing, Mich. 48909.

Go to the Source •.•                 Ion UST for your farm motor           Business Community
                                     fuel, they are exempt from the
(conttnuedjrom page 11)              EPA-UST rules since neither           and Insurance In-
                                     tank Is over I, 100 gallons           dustry Allyfor Effec-
   Some basic Information wUl        capaCity. Ij. however, you are        tive Auto Insurance
help tank owners evaluate            operating a commercial trucking
whether or not their tank            business or other commercial          Reform.
facilities come under the EPA-       business jrom one oj thDse tanks.
USTrules. Underground storage        the rules wul apply.
                                        The exclusions listed above         Calling on the state's citlzens
tanks are defined as "any tank                                              to Join the Drive for Lower Auto
whose volume (Including piping)      are about the only exclusions
                                     that apply to USTs for motor           Insurance Rates, members of the
is 10 percent or more beneath                                               business community and state's
the ground." This includes those     fuel. There are no special ex-
                                     clusions for schools, ciUes, other     insurance industIy launched a
tanks that are set on the surface                                           statewide program to support ef-
and then "bermed up." The rules      governmental units or busi-
                                     nesses.                                fective methods of lowering
clearly state thal "tanks used for                                          Michigan's auto insurance costs.
storing heating oU for consump-                                                The Committee for Auto In-
tive use on the premIses where       Financial Assurance                    surance Reform (CAIR)wants to
stored" are excluded from the                                               lower the costs of Michigan's no-
UST rules. Fann and residential         Since the average clean up          fault insurance system. It is wide-
tanks oj 1.100 gallons or less       cost for soil and water con-           ly acclaimed as the best in the
capacity used for sloring molor      tamtnation is $250,000                 countIy but could be made more
fuel for noncommerCial purposes      registered lank owners must pro- affordable. CAIR supports legisla-
are also excluded.                   vide proof of financtal assurance.     tion which would lower in-
                     have a
   For example. If you               Michigan makes coverage avail-         surance premIums by cutting
1.000 gallon usr and a 500 gal-      able to tank owners through the        back on unnecessary law suits,
                                     slale's usr Financial Assurance        controlling medical care costs
                                     Fund, but only for registered          and giving drivers more options
                                     lanks which are in compliance          when purchasing insurance.
                                     with the recordkeeping and                Further premium discounts
     Informaffon                     reporting requirements. An alter- for safe driving records and
     sources ata                     native proof of assurance is pollu- safety features, as well as drunk
                                     Uon insurance which is                 driver penalties are also sup-
     glance ...                      expensive and has become dif-
                                     ficult, if not impossible, to obtain.
                                                                            ported by CAIR
                                                                               The effort represents the first
                                        If you choose to remove your        time business and industry have
     Musts for USTs from the EPA     tank(s), the rules require notify-     come together on auto insurance
     Office of Underground           ing the State Police Fire Marshal      reform. Coalition members are
     Storage Tonks. P.O. Box         30 days prior to removal. A site       the Michigan Insurance Federa-
     6044. Rockville. Md. 20850.     assessment including sampling          tion' which represents 27
                                     and testing for contaminaUon is        Michigan property--casualty in-
     State Police Fire Marshal's     required after removal. (Note:A        surance companies: Michigan
     hotllne 1-800-MICHUST.          suggested procedure for site as-       State Chamber of Commerce.
                                     sessment can be found in the           representing 7,000 Michigan
     Your local Michigan Deport-     USTNews.)                              employers; Michigan Farm
     ment of Natural Resources          The EPA esUmates that over          Bureau with over 104,000 mem-
     Envtronmental Response          50 percent of the drtnklng water       ber fam1lles; and the National
     DMslon District Office (check   in the United States comes from        Federation of Independent Busi-
     the state of MlchJgan           private wells and the UST rules        ness in Michigan representing
     telephone dlrectOfy listings    are designed to ensure proper          23,000 Michigan small business
     tOf your area).                 prevention and clean up                owners.
                                     measures are in place to protect          The goal is to provide
     UST News. published by the      soils and groundwater - and            Michigan motorists with not only
     State Fire Marshal's OffIce.    family health. In fact it would be     the best insurance system in the
     Copies are available upon       a good idea to become familiar         country but also one of the most
     request by wrttlng: Rural       with the protective measures in        affordable by controlling costs
     LM1g - USTInformation.          the EPA-UST rules whether or           that are driving auto insurance
     Michigan Form Bureau. P.O.      not your tank comes under the          rates.
     Box 30960. LansJng. Mich.       rules. After all, on the fann,            Irtfonnation brochures and
     48909.                          whose well is closest to your un-      mail reponse cards supporting
                                     derground storage tank?                the CAlR refonn measures are
                                                                            available from county FB of-
                                                                           fices. Or call the CA1Rtoll:free
                                                                            hotline: 1-800-922-4490.

                                                                                           RURAL UVlNG, SPRING 1990
              Hylmid Pop~
               At '12 P'tiee
   When you need shade in a hurry, we suggest the fast
   growing Hybrid poplar. As shown in the picture - it
   has a handsome     shape and will actually     shade a
   ranch. type home in just 3-5 years! We haven't found
   any better tree that grows like it. It has a spread of
   30-3S' and in just a few years at maturity.  it reaches
             You    'OlU('t   Hewe T D      'Salty
                 TIUa Hyfl'lid 'PDI'f.M.
   It normally lives 30-50 years. It is wind, disease, and
   insect resistant.  And it can take the cold as far north
   as Canada.     This is not the short.lived    Lombardy
   poplar.   This poplar is often used to reforest     after
   forest fires. and to reclaim land after strip mining.
   But. the best use is to provide beauty and quick. cool
   shade for new homes.
     'Pl'lud HyfJ.'lid 'PDf'~          fDll ~
   The screen variety makes an ideal privacy hedge. It
   has a width of about 10' and grows to a dense screen
   usually  in 3 years. Plant for quick windbreaks    on
   farms and for living snow fences. We ship strong. 2-4'
   trees POSTPA 10.

                                                                           HylrJUdP8fJ~                      1m PrUw
                                                                                         SA VE UP TO 65%
   This offer applies only to Hybrid Poplars.        Simply
                                                                                  ON LARGE QUANTITY        ORDERS
   send us any size order on the order form below, and
   we will send you an additional    fast growing HYBRID                   N5246 Shade Variety       N5247 Screen Variety
   POPLAR       TREE FREE OF CHARGE.            We want to                 2 Trees for only.J&:it5   NOW $3.47 {minimum}
   tempt you to try these RAPID GROWING             TREES,                 5 Trees for only J.H;:95 NOW $7.97
   because we know you'll be back for more. We are sure                    10 Trees for only,U9;B5     NOW $14.97
   of this from the thousands   of repeat orders we receive                20 Trees for only.$M:95     NOW $28.97
   from    Residences,   Parks,   Country    Clubs,  Trailer
                                                                           40 Trees for only J,.1Q9:'T5 NOW $54.87
   Courts and Governmental      Bodies.

                                                             C~                  'Bfue S~'WU                                   SCARLET
                                                           FIVEYEAROLD-l T02FT.TALL                                           RED MAPLE
                                                     Now, in this special sale, you are         3 FOR $4.95                     ONL Y
                                                     able to purchase the ever-popular
                                                     Colorado     Blue     Spruce      IPicea
                                                                                                   6 For $9.65
                                                                                                  9 For $13.95
                                                                                                                               $1 •• ea
                                                     pungens glaucal ~t one half our             12 F $1795                     (3 for $3.00)
                                                     regular catalog pnce. these select,               or.                      ( f    $ 00)
                                                      branched, I)-year old transr.lanted trees are not seedlings _ they         6 or      5.
                                                     are at least I to 2 feet tal_ Having been transplanted, the root         One of Fall's       mosl richly
                                                     system is well developed and will help the plants to get real value      co lor e d  Ire    e s is       I h'e
                                                     to your property. Buy now and have the added pleasure of                 beaul iful Bed     Maple (Acer
                                                     s~~~ng your tree just the way you want, while you watch it               rubruml    wil h    il s brillianl

                                                         A LL SE A S0 1'1 S T R I STA R
                                                                      ..                                                       ~~~r1~~~eai~esio~ded SP~i~~
                                                                                                                               deHcat e small red nowcrs.
                                                             At Last - A Stra W berry                       ...
                                                                                                                               In Summer,
                                                                                                                               leaves      Kive
                                                                                                                                                the rich l{T'een
                                                                 For All Seasons                                               shade. A very majesl ic and
                                                Now grow fresh, juicy-sweet strawberries all year long. Tristar is             b~aul !ful shade       I ree that
                                                not affected by the len~h of the days as other berries are. Not                Will !.'1ve yOU years of proud             .
                                                only is it day-neutral, It produces when temperatures reach as                 sat isfact ion. You recClve sl rong. heavl-
                                                high as 91)° TRISTAR YIELDS FLAVORFUL, MEDIUM-SIZED                            Iy rooted hand selecled 2-4' collected

                                                BERRIES IN SPRING, MIDSUMMER AND FALL. If you plant                            t'rees An ideal transplanling      size.
                                                Tristar in a hanging basket indoors the runners will soon start                       .             "         •
                                                cascading over the sides. Before long pret- - - - - - - -                     - - - -.        onOEn HEln .• - - - - -            -    -       -    -   -   -,
                                                ty litt!e white star blooms will appear and
                                                you Will sO?n be
                                                                                                                    FOUR SE. SO"S "URSERY
                                                                                                                Div. of Plantron. Inc
                                                a~arded With                                                    DeP! 6986-52          1706 MOrriSseyDrive                       Planting America Fe
                                                ~[;~:~~;;_                                                      Bloomington. illinois 61704                                     Over 57 Year •.
                                                even in winter!                                     Please Senclilems Checked Below                                             01990 Plantron, Ine

                                                        10                                               ~~t6%S~~~fN         ~~Et ~E1e~i~rce~; v~r~ryir~NE Iroo senl at no charge. whon you
                                                       for                                               __                  :n~.'g:enrr~~r~i~d&'.:~~e~H~~I;~Pllel       to Hyl)rld Poplars

                                                25 for
                                                                                                        row       MANY   CAT.NO.
                                                                                                                                       S ...... V",.~~A:.::;'~~T'"
                                                                                                                                       Screen Varletylh'. Poplar Tree
                                                                                                                                                                                      1   S       COST

                                                                                                                         ~             SoYear Col. BlueSpruee
25 for $1.98       (50 sq. ft.)                 $7.00                                                                    -m1ff1        Periwinkle
   50 for $2.98 (100 sq. ft.)                   50 for                                                                   ~             Afr8~~.on      Trls~a~ s~:Wber
   100 for $4.98 (200 sq. ft.)                  $12.95                                                                                                                        TOTAL       S
Shade-Iovin~,         widespreading             100 for                                                   PACKING & HANDUN?LB~~~;~tS~gE~~SO:gg~~.~N~:~~1;~               1.50             1
Periwinkle     (Vmca minor) thrives             523.95                                                                          TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED OR CHARGED ,---
under hedges.      on slopes. in rock
                                                        FULL ONE- YEAR GUARANTEE
                                                                                                        o  Cheek eneloaed for S
gardens.     in poor SOil -        places                                                               Or Charge to VISA 0 My Bank Amerleard No.I.:     Explration Dat8                                   _
                                                 If   not 100% utisfied with your planta,
where grass      won't grow. Dainty                                                                     Muter Charge 0 My Muter Charge No. II:
lavender-blue    nowers in the spring.          ~URNneTflEr    ORrGlN~t\~,P~                                                                              Expiration Date
                                                                                                        Inter Bank Number
Green foliage all winter! One plant             PING LABEL. for free replacement           or
will fill two square       feet. Nicely
rooted. ready to transplant.
                                                W~~Rs:.~W{SfVO~'JUNL~~T1FE                              STREET ADDRESS
                                                ORIGINAL  SHIPPING               LABEL     IS
                                                RETURNED.                                        ' __   S!..,TY                                                         ZIP
                                                         Young Farmers Share
                                                         in Visions 1990

                                                         By Kimberly Marshell   Neumann
       1989 State Discussion Meet Winner Todd Williams
                                                         Attending      the Young Farmers
                                                         Leaders' Conference was an ex-
                                                         cellent way for Young Farmers to
                                                         start a new decade. said Connie
                                                         Kramer. of Huron County.
                                                             Visions 1990 was the theme
                                                         for the annual conference held in
                                                         Midland. March 1-3. The
                                                         Michigan Farm Bureau Young
                                                         Farmer Committee offers this
                                                         program in an effort to provide a
                                                         clearer picture of what lies ahead
                                                         for young farmers involved in
                                                         production agriculture.
                                                            "The 1990s will definitely be
                                                         more technical and business
                                                         oriented. Education will be a key
                                                         factor in keeping up with chan-
                                                         ges and trends." said Connie. the
                                                          1989 Outstanding Young Farm
                                                         Woman state contest winner.
        1989 Distinguished Young Farmer Doug Darling     "Farmers need to take advantage
                                                         of educational opportunities like
                                                         the ones Farm Bureau provides.
                                                         Consumers need to be educated.
                                                         too. in the whole area of food
                                                         safety and consumer affairs."
                                                            The conference provided a
                                                         variety of workshops and general
                                                         session speakers for the 214 par-
                                                         ticipants. 1989 Distinguished
                                                         Young Farmer state contest win-
                                                         ner Doug Darling. Monroe Coun-
                                                         ty. particularly enjoyed work-
                                                         shops given by Mike Salisbury.
                                                         president of Salisbury Manage-
                                                         ment Services. Inc .. and an qpen
                                                         discussion session with Mich-
                                                         igan Department of Agriculture
                                                         Director Robert Mitchell and
                                                         Howard Wetters. Gov. Blan-
                                                         chard's agricultural advisor.
                                                            "I think Mike Salisbury
     1989 Outstanding Young Farm Woman Connie Kramer     opened the eyes of a few people
                                                         in the workshop," Doug said.
                                                         Salisbury is an independent con-
                                                                        RURAL UVlNG, SPRING 1990
sultant who works with hun-
dreds of fanners across the
                                         to get more involved with the
                                         young people in agriculture."
state. He structured the
workshop so young fanners
could evalute their fanning
enterprises and determine how
                                            Other conference workshop
                                         topics included Farm Bureau,
                                         cooperatives, legislative issues,
                                         time mangement, building con-
to be positioned for the best
profitablitiy in the future.
                                         sumer confidence, leadership
                                         and estate planning.                          I
    Doug and Connie were both
impressed with the open discus-
sion session with Mitchell and
Wetters.                                   "The 1990s will
    "I felt a lot of satisfaction that
Director Mitchell cared enough
                                         definitely be more
about the opinions and ques-
tions that the young fanners
                                         technical and busi-
have to be present at the con-           ness oriented."
ference," Connie said.
    'The session with Mitchell and                      Connie Kramer
Wetters was an excellent oppor-
tunity to get to know the people                    Outstanding Young
in Lansing who are working for                             Farm Woman
us," Doug said. "It allowed
people the chance to find out for
themselves that the government                'The people I talked to
is aware of what is going on in          seemed to very positive about
agriculture. Also, through the           agriculture and its future," Doug
discussion it became apparent            said. "I think we need to keep
that although everyone would             that positive feeling alive and
like to see a quick fix to the           growing. Even if farming be-
problems in agriculture every            comes more profitable in the fu-
issue is so complex - with a             ture, it may become harder to
broad range of ideas on wha~             keep or attract people to the
should be done - a quick fix             production side of agriculture.
just is not possible."                   People don't want to take the
    In his opening remarks,              risk, work six or seven days a          Michigan Farm
Mitchell said he became inter-           week and turn downjob oppor-             Bureau Young
 ested in MFB's Young Fanners            tunities offthe farm.                 Farmer Leaders'
when he attended the Discussion              'We have been doing a good
 Meet contests at the Farm               job of promoting the careers that          Conference
 Bureau state annual meeting in           are available in the field of        March 1-3. 1990
 Grand Rapids last year. "Iwas            agriculture, but we also need to
very impressed with the whole            promote production agriculture.        Valley Plaza Inn
 competition, the quality of the         We need people in both areas."      Midland, Michigan
 people and what they had to
 say," Mitchell said. "Afterthat I
 decided to make a special effort

SPRING 1990, RURAL IJVING                                                                     15
:MFB ProFILE Offers
Lifetime l£adership

What      is your leadership
profile? Are you confident? Effec-
tive? Farsighted? Skilled in
public speaking and interper-
sonal skills? While everyone's
leadership style may be different,
there are common charac-
teristics of successful leaders.
   A new program, introduced by
the Michigan Farm Bureau, will
help young FB members between
the ages of 22 and 35 to identify
and developed their personal
leadership ProFILE (Project:
Farm Bureau Institute for
Leadership Education).
   The 26 participants were
selected from nearly 130 nomina-
tions and includes the 1989 win-
ners of the MFB Distinguished
Young Farmer and Outstanding
Young Farm Woman contests.
The program of training, leader-
ship experiences, and indMdual
study will require 18 months of
involvement, beginning in
January 1990.                             Farmhand's Model 2 and 22 Quick.:rach
   Participants met for the first         Universal Mount Loaders are built as tough
time Jan. 24 to preview the pro-
gram outline and identify their           as you r tractor to take fu II advantage of
personal expectations for leader-         tractors from 30 to 120 horsepower; ideal
ship growth. Meeting again Feb.           for tractors with low GPM hydraulic pumps.
28, the participants focused on
effectivepublic speaking and              Look at these two high-performance,
media appearances.
   Project coordinator Michael            quick-action Loaders for your tractor. Clean,
Kovacic praised the ProFILE               single tilt-cylinder bucket design means
group for obvious preparation             faster bucket action, quicker dumping and
and an excellent performance.
"Each person was notified in ad-          roll back~
vance that they would be asked
to deliver a speech on a topical          Write or call today for free literature!
issue. We weren't disappointed.
They came with prepared notes
or fully developed text. Their per-
                                          ~  Setting the Standard.
formances before the video                                                                                 I
cameras were quite polished and
the critiques by group members
                                          ~ FARMHANoeINC.          MFB                                     I
                                                  p'Q. Box 1500 Excelsior, MN 55331                        I
were positive, too."                                                                                       I
                                          Please send literature at once. I want to know more about
   Followingthe ProFILE session,                                                                           I
                                          the Farmhand Model 2 and 22 Loaders. Or call: Farmhand
participants took part in the             Sales Center 515-236-6571.
general sessions and workshops                                                                             I
of the three-day Young Farmer             NAME                                                    _        I
Leader Conference, March 1-3.                                                                              I
                                          RFD                                                     _
                                          CITY                            STATE         ZIP           _    I
                                      L                                                                   ~I

                                                                                         RURAL UVlNG, SPRING 1990
                                   Working for yourself, you       As a Farm Bureau member,
                                   can't afford unscheduled        you can choose from three
                                   time off for a major illness.   traditional Blue Cross Blue
                                   Regular health care is vital.   Shield Comprehensive
                                                                   Major Medical plans, starting
                                   That's where we can             as low as $60.12 a month.
                                   help, with the health care
                                   insurance you need, at the      Each plan offers you Blue
                                   down-to-earth membership        Cross Blue Shield compre-
                                   rates you can afford.           hensive major medical
                                                                   insurance at low group
                                                                   rates. The main difference
                                                                   is: as the deductible goes up,
                                                                   the premium goes down.
                                                                   But, whichever plan you
                                                                   choose, you'll be able to
As sure as you're on your own, you're not alone.
                                                                   afford the regular health
                                                                   care you need to stay viable.

                                                                   What matters to you
                                                                   matters to us.

                                                                   For further information
                                                                   call 1-800-292-2680 or
                                                                   contact your local Farm
                                                                   Bureau agent.

                                   MAKES A                         +{QJ~=
                                                                    ~.    MICHIGAN FARM BUREAU
                                   DIFFERENCE .                    •••    FAMla OF COltfP4NIES
                                                                          By Rosemary Ward
                                                                          Interpersonal skills consultantJor
                                                                          n-aintng Dynamics.

In   November 1989, over 40 farm
managers and related experts in
                                       Patterns: Do you know where
                                    your time goes? Do entire days,
                                                                         broken into monthly, weekly and
                                                                         daily increments. Why plan? A
Michigan were interviewed to un-    even weeks, seem to disappear?       minute spent planning saves 20
cover their time management         If you want better. results, you     minutes in execution. Planning
challenges. Responses could be      have to change. Nonproductive        is a habit that can be learned.
categorized into eight key areas.   habits may rob you of your time,        Parasites: Is the source of
The following action ideas in       but they are difficult to uncover    your wasted time your environ-
these areas can help you op-        because they are below your          ment or you? Sometimes
timize your time and prevent you    threshold of awareness. To dis-      salespeople, neighbors and
from thinking, "if I only had the   cover habits that diminish your      phone calls waste your time.
 time ..."                          effectiveness, keep a time log of    Sometimes power failures and
    Sense of Purpose: Do you        your daily activities for at least a shortages are the culprits. Too
have one? Is it written down?       week. The results may astonish       often, it can be traced to your ac-
You will never have enough time     you!                                 tions, habits or weaknesses. You
to do all you would like. You          Plans: Are you a "take action"    can control excessive socializing,
have to make choices. That is       person? Or do you like to quietly    and the inability to say" no." Al-
why you must decide what has        plan, then execute your plan?        though you can never totally
the greatest value in your life,    Most people are action oriented      eliminate the time wasters, you
then focus. Each of us has only     and find planning a cumbersome       can certainly reduce them by
86,000 seconds per day. No          task. It's value, however, is un-    recognizing how you waste time.
more, no less. Decide how to in-    mistakable. It enables you to con-      Papenwork:Doespapenwork
vest what you have. Do it now.      nect the future with the present.    eat away your personal time?
When time is gone, there is no      Effective planners make long and You can diminish the pile on
way to get it back.                 short range plans which are          your desk by handling it once.
                                                                         The 80/20 rule says 80 percent
                                                                                          RURAL LIVING, SPRING 1990
of what you receive you will
never refer to again. Decide what
belongs in the 20 percent              MACMA Offers Savings                on Spring Sale .
category up front. File, in an or-
ganized manner, what you need          While      thoughts have turned to spring and the sound of equip-
later. If you cannot find any          ment returning to the fields, some of the year's first fresh
piece of paper you want within         Michigan produce is available through MACMA        Direct
one minute, spend time organiz-        Marketing's Spring Sale.
ing your filing system. Seek as-           Don't miss the May 2 deadline to order Michigan's premium
sistance if necessary.                  asparagus. This delicious, all-green Michigan vegetable is hand-
    Partners: We do not live in a      snapped when harvested and hydro-cooled to ensure tender-
vacuum. Others are always a            ness. The premium length spears promise quality and provide
part of the picture. In addition to     100 percent usable product. This superior fresh product will be
surfacing how others waste our         offered in one pound bundles or in 10 pound or 20 pound bulk
time, we also need to recognize        boxes.
how we waste other's time. Ex-             Another early season fresh vegetable treat, available by the
hibit courtesy toward others by         dozen on this sale, is Florida's Best sweet com. Hydro-cooled
making appointments and ask-            after picking, this sweet com was a quick success on last year's
ing for a convenient time to            sale and promises to be as sweet and tender this year. Delivery
speak on the phone or in person.       will be just in time for Memorial Day picnics.
Connnunication, cooperation                The Spring Sale's special offerings include reduced prices for
and orchestration of our ac-            10 pound boxes of red tart pitted cherries and blueberries. This
tivities with others are keys to op-   frozen fruit is individually quick frozen with no sugar or other
timizing our use of time.               additives and offers top quality as well as savings.
    Procrastination: Do you do             The end of the citrus growing season always produces the
the quick, easy, enjoyable things       sweetest fruit. The seedless grapefruit available on this sale will
before tackling the unfamiliar,        be the best of the year! Also available are Florida valencia oran-
yet most important jobs? Many          ges - rich in flavor and aroma, outstanding for juice or fresh
people do. Putting off the un-         fruit dishes. Pure Florida orange juice, offered on all sales, is
pleasant never makes it vanish;        made with 100 percent Florida concentrate, unlike many of the
instead it fosters anxiety and ir-     juices found on your grocer's shelf which have been blended
ritability. Practice doing the im-     with imported concentrates. Remember when comparing prices
portant things first, even if they     that this premium super-concentrated juice is made from oran-
are tough. This ability can be-        ges grown by FB members and makes 72 ounces ofjuice from
come one of your greatest time          each can.
management strengths.                      Look for other frozen juice concentrates (lemonade,
    Personal: Do you find it easy      grapefruit, grape and apple), frozen fruits, popcorn and caramel
or challenging to deal with             corn, crescents, pie slices, cheese and cheese spreads, meats,
others? Can you ask for assis-          nuts, peanut butter, Dirt Squad citrus oil-based hand cleaner
tance when you need it? Do you          and bio-degradable rubbish bags on this spring sale.
get a good start each day at what          Requests for a full listing of products and specillc ordering in-
you want to accomplish? The            formation should be directed to your county FB office, your
answers to these questions              county's MACMAcoordinator, or by calling (800) 292-2680, Ext.
depend on you. A variety of per-        2305. The order deadline of May 2 will be followed by deliveries
sonal characteristics make it          the week of May 21-25.
more or less difficult for you to
use your time well.
    Skillfully managing time is not
quick or easy. Self employed
farm managers identify it as
especially challenging. To meet
the task takes discipline, how-
ever, the more you work at it, the
better you will become. Peter F.
Drucker in his book, The Effec-
 tive Executive sums up the value
of time. He said, "Time is the
scarcest resource, and unless it
is managed, nothing else can be

SPRING 1990, RURAL UVING                                                                                       19
Farm Bureau Insurance-MHSAA Winter
Scholar-Athletes Named

Chad Petterson, Flint Cannan-
Ainsworth High School, and
Melinda M. Roco, Royal Oak-
Shrine High School, were
selected by a panel of educators
as recipients of the Winter
Michigan High School Athletic
Association Scholar-Athlete
Award and $1,000 scholarship,
sponsored by Farm Bureau In-
surance. Chad and Melinda com-
peted against 142 nominees from
across Michigan including 76
girls and 66 boys.
   Petterson has maintained a
3.91 grade point average while
acquiring nine letters in football,
basketball and track. His other              Chad Petterson                    Melinda M. Roco
athletic involvements include
serving as a coach for a boys'        cluding being named to the Na-     tian: Krista A Dahms, St. Ignace-
youth basketball team and a           tional Honor Roll in 1989. She     LaSalle: Jennifer Fredericks,
girls' youth soccer team.             selVes as Shrine's student body    Flint-Powers Catholic: Lester
   Chad was his class president       president and participates in      Hall. Atlanta: Matthew K.
for two years, selVes as the vice     many performing arts at her        Holdship, Carson City-Crystal:
president for his school's chapter    school. She plans to attend the    David LaPrarie, Warren-Mott:
of the National Honor Society         University of Michigan to study    Julie K. Lefere.Jackson-Lumen
and is a student council repre-       biological sciences.               Christi: Nicholas R Purzer, Can-
sentative. He would like to study        Both of these Scholar-Athlete   ton-Plymouth: Jennifer Schilbe,
business administration at            winners were recognized during     Dearborn Heights-Fairlane Chris-
Michigan State University or the      halftime ceremonies at the Class   tian: Ted Smith, Fremont; Can-
University of Michigan.               B boys' basketball championship    dace Tooman, Bronson: and
   Melinda Roco has played vol-       game, played at The Palace of      Kenneth J. Woodside, Battle
leyball and basketball at Shrine      Aubum Hills on March 24.           Creek-Pennfield.
while canying a 4.4 (weighted)           Chad and Melinda were              Deadline for submitting ap-
grade point average. She has          selected from a field of 16        plications for spring sport
received all-catholic, all-league     regional finalists: eight males    scholar-athletes is April 10. All
and all-academic honors for vol-      and eight females. The other       applications are provide by
leyball and was named her             finalists and their high schools   MHSAAto member school prin-
teams' most valuable player in        were: Thomas C. Bailey, Ann        cipals. Applications are also
 1988 and captain in 1989.            Arbor-Huron: Bethanie D.           available through FB Insurance
   She has been awarded               Bauer, Newaygo:Vickie S.           agents.
numerous academic honors in-          Boven, Grandville-Calvin Chris-

         Spring sport Applications Due April 70

20                                                                                      RURAL LIVING. SPRING 1990

                   A Publication of the Michigan Fann Bureau
                                                                   Volume 9        Number 4       April 1990

 Govenor's Ag Coriference Unes Up
 Futur~         2020 and Food Safety Issues
 The 1990 Governor's Con-               Featured speaker at this year's
 ference on Agriculture will open    conference is Peter Sandman,
 Tuesday, April 17 in Lansing at     director of the environmental
 the Clarion Hotel for two days of   communication research pro-
 general sessions and small group    gram and professor of environ-
 sessions focusing on Building       mental journalism at Rutgers
 Strategies to Shape the Future.     University. He is a leading expert
    April 17-18 sessions will in-    in the field of risk communica-
 clude: Progress Reports of the      tion and a specialist in the
 Right to Farm Task Forces; Pre-     design of education campaigns.
 sentation of Futures Team 2020         More food safety views will be
 Report and Subcommittee Dis-        presented by Dr. Charles Atkin,
 cussions; Risk Communication;     \ professor of communication at
 Food Safety -- A Look at the        Michigan State University, on        Tour Highlights Site Un-
 Issue from a Number of Perspec-     consumer opinion sUIVeys and
 tives, Small Group Strategy Ses-    mass media communication;            suitability for Low-level
 sions and Session Summaries.        Sharon Begley, science editor of     Radioactive Waste
    Headlining the conference will   Newsweek magazine, on the
 be the report of the Futures        media perspective; and a repre-
 Team 2020. The report is the        sentative of the Food Marketing      On March 9, Michigan Farm
 result of 15 months of delibera-    Institute on results of FMI's        Bureau and the Lenaweee Coun-
 tion by a blue ribbon panel of      public opinion sUIVeys on the im-    ty FB sponsored a tour/press
 leaders in the food and agricul-    pact of food safety issues.          conference to highlight concerns
 ture industry. Their report out-       Registration on the opening       about locating a low level
 lines the issues, visions and       day of the conference is $65 and     radioactive waste facility in Riga
 actions that the Team feels are     includes all conference              Township. Township officials
 central to the success of the       materials, access to all con-        and FB leaders detailed the nega-
 Michigan food and agriculture       ference sessions, Michigan wine      tive impact of siting the facility
 industry in the coming decades.     and cheese reception and             in one of the state's top 10 agrI-
                                     governor's banquet.                  culturally productive townships.
                                                                             MFB President Jack Laurie
                                                                          noted that there are many un-

   11= Washington Capitol Hotline
                                                                          answered questions about the
                                                                          facility development. "One is to
                                                                          ask the federal government to
                                                                          determine if the chosen number
                                                                          of disposal sites is the right num-
                  1-800-245-4630                                          ber, or if it could be fewer."
                                                                             FB supports state legislation
                                                                          which would encourage reducing
                                                                          the number of waste facilities to
   Legislative Message Updated on Monday-Wednesd.a!JFnday                 the minimum number necessary
                                                                          to safely manage the nation's low
                                                                          level radioactive waste.

                                     Compensation and
                                     Protection - A Case for
                                     Crop Insurance

                                     ample, the American Association      revamped system should look
                                     of Crop Insurers lists a number      like.
                                     of reasons crop insurance makes         A restructured crop insurance
                                     better financial sense for farmers   plan should provide coverage
The Bush administration              than disaster programs:              based on dollars per acre. Each
proposal to eliminate the crop in-                                        participant could assess the
surance program in the 1990            • Crop insurance pays for          liability and purchase the
farm bill is an ill-advised ploy                                          amount necessary to provide
                                     individual disasters while           desired coverage.
that would force agriculture to
rely on the political uncertainty    disaster payments only                  In addition, a deductible
of case by case disaster relief.     come into effect when coun-          should be included to reduce
   In 1989, the Commission for       ty yieldfalls to 65 percent          premium costs and stop
the Improvement of Crop In-          ofnonnal.                            nuisance claims. The program
surance, of which I am a mem-                                             would then be simpler to ad-
ber, did a thorough study of crop                                         minister and participation would
                                       • Producers can insure at          be encouraged. FB policy again
   In the course of holding public   50 percent, 65 percent or 75         makes the important point that
hearings in various parts of the     percent of their farm yield.         when the federal crop insurance
country, the commission found        But disaster relief only             system is made equitable and
that farmers have a number of                                             workable, disaster programs
                                     kicks in when afarmer's              should be abolished.
concerns about crop insurance,       productionfalls to 60 per-
including the fact that programs                                             As the April 15 crop insurance
are underused: the perceived         cent of county average yield.        sign up deadline approaches,
high cost of coverage: the com-                                           ask yourself this question: Are
plexity of enrollment procedures:      • Farmers can get up to            you better offwith an effective
the actuarial soundness of the                                            crop insurance program, or with
                                     90 percent of the estimated          the political uncertainties of dis-
program: and the inability to in-    market price of their crops
sure many of the specialty crops                                          aster relief?
grown in our state.                  under crop insurance, com-              I believe that Congress is the
    But the commission con-          pared withjust 65 percent            problem and should stay out of
cluded that despite these            of the three-year market             the disaster business in order to
problems a revitalized program                                            let the crop insurance program
                                     price average under dis-             work.
can serve agriculture well,          aster assistance. Crop in-
provided that a number of recom-
mendations are implemented for       surance also places no
reforming the system. However,       limits on the amount of pay-
for some inexplicable reason Con-    mentfarmers can receive.
gress and the Federal Crop In-                                                       Jack Laurie, President
 surance Corporation have been          This proposal to eliminate                   Michigan Farm Bureau
 dragging their feet on effecting    crop insurance may be a tactic
 the needed changes.                 to force a serious review of the
    A reformed crop insurance pro-   crop insurance system. If that is
gram would be more beneficial        the case, Farm Bureau policy of-
 for agriculture than congres-       fers a good guide for what a
 sionally mandated relief. For ex-
 National Agriculture Week                                                  Dental Care
 Celebrated March 18-24                                                     Seroice Available
                                                                            Soon toFB
 MiChigan farmers were among          largest employer in the United
 the 21 million men and women         States.                               Members
 involved in the nation's food and       Skill combined with technol-
 fiber industIY were honored          ogy, makes American farmers
 during National Agriculture          the most productive in the world.
 Week, March 18-24. The theme         Here in the United States one
 for this year's annual celebration   farmer provides food and fiber
 was "Honoring America's              for 114 people. In China, one
 Providers."                          farmer can only provide food and
    Approximately 2.5 million         fiber for 3.5 people; in Japan,
 people work on the nation's          one farmer produces enough for
 farms and ranches, as many           three people; and in Russia, one
 people as are employed in the        farmer can provide for 11 people.
 combined industries of transpor-        Here in Michigan, the total
 tation, steel and automobile.        agriculture industry generates
 Nationwide, the growing process-     $18 billion a year into the state's
 ing, transporting and selling of     economy. Michigan produces
 food and fiber provides jobs for     over 125 agricultural commod-
 21.4 million people, which           ities, which makes it second only
 means that agriculture is the        to California in diversity.           MiChigan Farm Bureau mem-
                                                                            bers will soon have the oppor-
                                                                            tunity to enroll in FB's newest
                                                                            member service - dental care
                                                                            coverage. Designed to provide
                                                                            comprehensive dental services at
 Mall Show Stopper!                                                         a savings to FB members, the
                                                                            program covers services from an
                                                                            initial oral examination to major
                                                                            services such as dentures or or-
                                                                            thodontics (braces).
                                                                               The program is being offered
                                                                            through the Michigan based
                                                                            Health Care Exchange, Ltd.
                                                                            (HeE). HCE delivers dental ser-
                                                                            vices through a preferred
                                                                            provider network, so you can go
                                                                            to a participating dentist in your
                                                                            community. Participating den-
                                                                            tists have signed agreements
                                                                            with HCE to offer FB members
                                                                            savings of up to 65 percent. In-
                                                                            dividual and family annual en-
                                                                            rollment fees are $50 and $85,
                                                                               For example, with your FB
                                                                            membership and HCE dental pro-
                                                                            gram you can save up to 65 per-
                                                                            cent on periodic examinations,
                                                                            39 percent on root canal treat-
                                                                            ment; 36 percent on dentures;
                                                                            and 11 percent on orthodontic
   The Farm Bureau Tractor Derby was the slww stopper at the recent            Further details of the program
 Fashion Square MaHJarm show sponsored by county FBs in Bay,                will be mailed directly to FB
 Gratiot, Midland, Saginaw, Huron. SL Clair and Sanilac.                    members over the next several
   The races drew interested crowds oj slwppers hDping to be in the         months. Watch your mailbox
 winner's circle with their tractor pick. Race announcer Mike Kovacic,      and don't delay in taking ad-
 manager oj the MFB InJormation Division. delivered ag andJood safety       vantage of this money saving pro-

.messages during his pre- and post-race program.

                                                                            gram .

        Rural Leader Available to Michigan
        Farm Bureau Associate Membership
 E~ch issue of RurD:lLiving ~agazine contains a special Rural Leader section. Rural Leader
 tOpICSar~ thpse w~c?-.are ofmterest to Farm Bureau families involved in production agriculture
 or orgamza~Ion acbVIt~es. If.you are not currently receiving the monthly Rural Leader newslet-
 ter and are Interested In haVIng monthly updates on organization activities or events, please use
 the form below to request ~om: subscription. Mail the completed form to Michigan Farm
 Bureau, Member C0!l1~unIc~bon~ Department, P.O. Box 30960, Lansing, Michigan 48909.
 Your request subscnption WIll be In effect until December 31, 1990.

 Yes, I wish to receive the monthly Rural Leader newsletter. Please enter a
 request subscription for me.
    •   Name
    •   Address
    •   City ---=                                    State and Zip Code
    •   Farm Bureau County of Membership
    •   1990 Membership Identification Number

MFB SUpports No
Road Salt Study                      How Do I Get a CDL?
MiChigan Farm Bureau is              WhO needs a Michigan Com-              All meetings are free and open
backing a measure in the Mich-       merical Drivers License (CDL)?      to the public.
igan House of Representatives        What tests do I have to take?          A well-attended series of CDL
that would require studies of al-    These are just a few of the many    informational meetings was held
ternative road deicers.              questions people are asking         in the Central Region. Held in
   The legislation was developed     about the Michigan CDL require-     three different locations on
in support of using calcium mag-     ments at CDL informational          March 12, meetings took place in
nesium acetate (CMA)as a poten-      meetings being held around the      Ingham, Shiawassee and Clinton
tial substitute for road salt.       state.                              counties. They were sponsored
CMA, a petroleum based                  Two meetings are planned for     by the county FBs. Ingham
product, can also be derived         April in the northern part of the   County Promotion and Educa-
from com. Its use as a road          state. Representatives from the     tion Committee, Shiawassee
deicer would create a new            Michigan Farm Bureau Public Af-     County Young Farmers. Shiawas-
market for Michigan-grown com.       fairs Division, Michigan State      see County CES office and Clin-
   The MFB support is also en-       Police Motor Carriers Division      ton County FB Community
viromnentally sound policy since     and Michigan Department of          Activities Committee.
FB favors measures to reduce         State will be at the Logan             A complete fact sheet and
corrosion of roads, bridges, high-   Township Hall, on M-55 west of      handbook on the new Commer-
ways, utility equipment and          M-65 in Ogemaw County, April 2      cial Driver License Law in
automobiles. A Road Salt Sub-        beginning at 7:30 p.m. The meet-    Michigan Is available from the
committee of the House Commit-       ing is sponsored by the Arenac,     Michigan Secretary of State.
tee on Transportation held           Iosco, Ogemaw and Alcona coun-      Bureau of Driver Improvement,
public hearings on the bill in Es-   ty FBs and Cooperative Exten-       Lansing, Mich. 48918.
canaba, Grand Rapids and             sion Service offices. On April 4.
Traverse City during February        at 7:30 p.m., the meeting will be
and March.                           held at the Hillman Community
   Opposition to the proposal
comes primarily from county
                                     Center, on M-32 east of Hillman.
                                     in Montmorency County. The
road commissioners who cite the      meeting is sponsored by the
cost difference between CMA and      Montmorency, Presque Isle and
road salt as a maj or deterrent to   Alpena county FBs and CES of-
widespread use of CMA.               fices.
 Michigan Fanners Ap-                  were conducted by state and na-      Hillsdale FB Sponsors
                                       tional resource people. American
 pointed to National                   FB Commmodity Specialist Tim         "Reform - Not
 Committees                            Price stressed the importance of     Rollback" Meeting
                                       the 1990 fann bill development
                                       in his presentation. Emerging Is-
 Fifteen Michigan fanners have         sues for u.s. Agriculture and The    The Hillsdale County Farm
 been appointed to serve on            1990 Farm BUL                        Bureau sponsored a multl-coun-
 American Farm Bureau Federa-             Price told the audience of FB     ty information meeting on the
 tion commodity advisory commit-       commodity committee repre-           proposed auto insurance
 tees.                                 sentatives. 'We are part of an in-   premium rollback Feb. 28 in
    These committees meet at           ternational. global community."      Hillsdale. MFB legislative coun-
 least once during the year. more      said Price. 'We need (ag) policies   sel Howard Kelly and Gary
 if needed. to consider important      that are flexible enough to          Wolfram of Hillsdale College were
 industry issues and make recom-       respond to dramatic changes in       featured speakers.
 mendations on policy implemen-        the global market." He told the         Wolfram. who is a professor of
 tation to the AFBF board.             audience that the current farm       political economy. told the
    The appointees are: James          bill has achieved many of the        audience of FB members. lfIf
 Ackron. Belleville. agricultural      goals set in 1985 for enhanced       there is one lesson to be learned
 nursery and greenhouse ad-            competitiveness. reduced car-        from the recent events in com-
 visory committee; Bob Baldwin.        ryover supplies, increased farm      munist controlled Europe. it is
 Croswell. aquaculture; Dave Con-      incomes and reduced govern-          that state run economies are
 klln.Corunna.dairy;Gerald             ment costs.                          doomed to eventual failure."
 Heck. Monroe, eggs; Marlin Out-          Other speakers on the day-           Translating the lesson of East-
 man. Constantine. feed grains;        long program were Ed Heffron.        em Europe into a close-to-home
 Bob Wahmhoff, Baraga. forestry;       director. Food Safety Division.      example. Wolfram said. lfIf our
 Joshua Wunsch. Traverse City.         and Mike Chaddock. state             state Legislature were to pass a
 fruit and nuts; Ray Buell. Mil-       veterinarian. MDA; Larry Hamm.       law tomorrow which required all
 ford. honeybee; Harley Sietsema;      Department of Ag Economics.          grocers to sell milk at 50 cents
 Allendale. poultry meat; Mark         Jon Bartholic. director. Water Re-   per gallon. we know that there
 Chapman. S. Rockwood. sheep;          search Institute. and Ted            would be no milk for sale within
 Lyle LeCronier. Freeland,             Loudon. Deparment of Ag En-          days." Driving home his point.
 soybean; Richard Leach.               gineering. MSU; William Buisch.      Wolfram continued. "If the
 Saginaw. sugar; Blaine Van            USDA; and Don Parrish. direc-        Michigan House of Representa-
 Sickle, Marshall. swine; James        tor. Cotton Rice and Sugar           tives has their way and the price
 Sayre, Belleville. vegetable and      Department, American FB. MFB         of insurance is legislatively
 potato; and Mark Smuts. Char-         staff members on the program         lowered by any amount. much
 lotte. wheat.                         were Ron Nelson. Public Affairs      less 30 percent, there will be a
                                       Division; Ken Ny~. Bob Craig and     shortage of insurance.
                                       Kevin Kirk. Commodity Activities        "Insurance companies must
                                       and Research Division.               earn a profit to remain in busi-
 ------~------                                                              ness. If they do not ...insurance
                                                                            companies will not be able to ob-
                                                                            tain salespersons. actuaries to
                                                                            determine the risks involved or
 lriformation-Packed                   -----~-----                          enough money to cover the los-
                                                                            ses caused by accidents. theft.
 Agenda at Commodity                                                        fire and other things against
 Conference                                                                 which these companies insure.
                                                                            An artificial reduction in the
                                                                            price of insurance will thus
 How Perestroika may impact                                                 reduce the amount of insurance
 agriculture. food safety / agricul-                                        sold. But it will also increase the
 tural chemicals. the 1990 farm                                             amount of insurance people will
 bill. a review of current legisla-                                         want to buy."
 tive/regulatory issues, and a dis-
 cussion of the Michigan Animal
 Agriculture Revitalization pro-
 gram, were among the issues dis-
 cussed at the statewide commo-
 dity conference at Kellogg Cen-
 ter. East Lansing. on March 6.
    Workshops on dairy and live-
 stock water quality/irrigation is-
 sues. and the sugar program
Discussion Topic:                       their farms, and if and when          Planning Committee. (An attach-
                                        those chemicals are spilled or        ment in bulletin E-2173 explains
                                        otherwise accidentally released       how to calculate the amount of
Is Your Farm                            into the environment.                 an extremely hazardous sub-
                                           Olsen said that sounds like a      stance you have on your farm
Prepared For an                         lot of paperwork, but its really to   and whether you need to report
                                        the benefit of both farmers and       its presence.)
Emergency?                              the community in which they              • Under Section 304. farmers
                                        live.                                 must perform immediate and fol-
An Michiganchemical should be
aware of their
                                           "First of all, it offers farmers
                                        some liability protection in the
                                                                              low-up reporting of accidental
                                                                              spills when the extremely hazard-
responsibilities under a recently       event of an accident." he said.       ous substance is spilled at or
enacted law called the Super-              Second, Olsen notes, the           above a "reportable quantity."
fund Amendments and Reauthor-           chemical notification section of         Using anhydrous ammonia as
ization Act Title III (SARA III).It's   the law protects emergency            an example. the threshold plan-
also lmown as the Emergency             responders (likevolunteer             ning quantity is 500 pounds of
Planning and Community Right            firemen) by letting them know         active ingredient. The reportable
to KnowAct of 1986.                     what chemicals are present in a       quantity level is 100 pounds.
   'This law really resulted from       situation like a bam fire.               Publications on SARAIII and
the Bhopal India chemical emer-            Third, the release notification    chemical use in general are avail-
gency," said Larry Olsen, pes-          section helps protect the com-        able from your local Cooperative
ticide education coordinator for        munity environment by allowing        Extension Service office.
Michigan State University. 'We          for the tracking and monitoring          It's a complex law. but one
had no mechanism in place here          of chemical releases.                 that farmers must understand
in the United States to lmow               An excellent Cooperative Ex-       and comply with in order to
where chemicals were and how            tension Service bulletin (E-2173)     properly protect their farming
to respond properly to a spill, in-     outlines what farmers must do         operations and the communities
dustrial accident or fire."             under SARAIII.                        in which they live.
   SARAIII sets up that mecha-             As noted in the bulletin, many
nism and requires farmers to in-        farmers purchase. use and store       Discussion Questions:
form local and state officials          a variety of products (mostly pes-
about the types of chemicals on         ticides and fertilizers) that have
                                        been classified as "Extremely            • What precautions do mem-
                                        Hazardous Substances" by the          bers in your group take to
                                        Environmental Protection Agen-        prevent chemical spills and acci-
                                        cy. The substances on the list in-    dents on your farms?
                                        clude such commonly used                 • What plans do members of
                                        chemicals as anhydrous am-            your group have in place in case
                                        monia, Dyfonate, Paraquat and         of fire. spill or accident on their
                                        Imidan.                               farm?
                                           Farmers who use these types           • What instructions have been
                                        of materials must do two types of     given to family members and
                                        reporting: Under Section 302.         employees as to what steps to
                                        any farm having at any time an        take in case of an emergency?
                                        extremely hazardous substance            • What information has been
                                        at or above a "threshold planning     given to farmers in your com-
                                        quantity" must notify the State       munity about the provisions and
                                        Emergency Response Commis-            requirements in SARAIII from
                                        sion and the Local Emergency          your fire department?
                                                                                 • Are any members of your
                                                                              Community Action Group volun-
                                                                              teer firefighters?
                                                                                 • What suggestions do you
                                                                              have for your county FB or MFB
                                                                              that will be useful in dispensing
                                                                              information about SARAIII to


Tourism                                                       Safety Equipment Kits to be Available

                                                              HelP support Farm Bureau safety efforts and protect yourself and

Dollars                                                       your family with safety equipment kits. The kits can make a safety
                                                              difference, particulaJ;'lyin the area of the safe use and handling of
                                                              agricultural chemicals.

StackUp                                                          County FB Promotion & Education committee chairpeople received
                                                              information regarding selling a kit of safety equipment that a farmer

         •                 What hap-
                            pens when
                                                              would need for a typical two-week long planting season. Items in the
                                                              kit include: chemical resistant gloves, apron, disposable coveralls,
                                                              face shield, goggles, and respirator. These are items that anyone
                                                              working with pesticides should be using for their own protection.
                                                                 The equipment in the kit is valued at over $100, but participating
                                                              county P&E committees may offer it to FB members for only $65 - a
                                                              27 percent savings.
                             you take a
                              payroll of
                         $70 Billion*
                       and spread it                            Discussion Topic                      • It has given farmers
                                                                                                   some security that ag land
                           from Coast                                                              will stay in agriculture.
                                                                                                      What steps need to be
                               to Coast?                        PA. 116 -        Farm-             taken to protect this law
                       )'ou get JOBS                            land Preservation                  which has been a key to the
                                                                                                   preservation ojJarm land in
                           ... over 5.5                         Program.                           Michigan?
                                Million *                                                              • Uphold the rules - do
                                                                                                   not make it easier to get out.
                            jobs. Tour-                         How has P.A. 116 been a                • Write our legislators
                                                                benefit to the members of          about keeping it intact.
                            ism is now                          your group?                            • Guard against repeal or
                                                                    • Has helped financially
                               the USAS                         with property tax relief.
                                                                                                   change of the law.
                                                                                                       • Legislators from urban
                                 second                             • It has kept farm land in     areas need to be educated on
                                                                the family.                        the purpose and necessity of
                                 largest                            • Prevented special assess-    the law.
                              employer.                         ments (water and sewage)
                                                                                                       • As long as it is working,
                                                                from being placed on proper-       it should be left alone.
                        - That's why                            ty.                                    • The purpose is to
                     0?J "l1ourism
                                                                    • Allowedfarmers to stay
                                                                in business during bad or
                                                                                                   preserve the farm land - not
                                                                                                   for someone to get out of it
                             Works For                          lean profit years ..               before the contract is up.
                                                                    How has PA. 116 been a
                              America"                          benefit to your community?
                                                                                                       • Must have incentives to
                                                                                                   keep farmers joining and
                          ... andyou.                               • It has kept developers       using P.A. 116, but do not
                                                                from coming into community.        weaken it.
                                                                    • Protects farm land from          • Educate the public to the
                                                                being split up into small lots.    benefits of the P.A 116 pro-
                                                                    • Encourages farmers to        gram.
                                                                keep farming.                          How many members in
                                                                    • Beneficial to planning       your group have land en-
                                                                commissions for predicting         rolled in PA. 116?
                                                                future development.                   (0 - 25%) acreage) 34%
                                                                    • Has kept several farmers        (26 - 50%> acreage) 16°A>
                                                                from going bankrupt.                  (51 - 75% acreage) 15°A>
                                                                    • It has helped to pass
                                                                                                      (76 - 1000/0acreage) 35°A>
                                                                school millages .
                                                                    • Makes it easier for the
                                                                zoning boards to say "no" to
     National Travel and Tourism                                home and business builders.
          Awareness Council
'Preliminary 1988 Estimales, Source: U.S. Tra~ Oala Cmler.
   @1989,NalionaJTravei   and Tourism Aw:m.'fle51i Council.
I   Order Your MFB and AFBF 1990 Policy Books

        Literally hundreds of hours have been dedicated to developing,
                                                                                                                        It keeps
     debating and formulating Farm Bureau policy for our state and
     national organization. Be informed and be involved in promoting
     the policy goals of your organization. Order your free copies of
                                                                                                                 more than
     these two important books.
        Complete the form below and mail to: Michigan Farm Bureau,
     Public Affairs Division, P.O. Box 30960, Lansing, MI48909.
         Please send me a copy of the 1990 policy book for:
         Michigan Farm Bureau
         American Farm Bureau Federation
     Mailing Address
                                                                                                                          THE AMERICAN HEART
                                                                                                                            MEMORIAL PR(};RAM@

L                                                                                                            _

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                                                                                                                 Phone (307) 765,2961
          Citizenship Seminar Students Must
                                         Register by May 1
                                         High school juniors and              her experiences as a refugee with
                                         seniors who want to Catch the        her family during World War II.
                                         Spirit at the 1990 Michigan Farm        Seminar activities include
                                         Bureau Young People's Citizen-       small group discussion and prob-
                                         ship Seminar must register by        lem solving sessions; political
                                         May 1.                               party, campaign, and voter ac-
                                            The annual five-day seminar       tivities; and contacts with
                                         will be held at Olivet College,      authors, world travelers,
                                         June 18-22. The program is           economists, political dignitaries
                                         designed to teach today's young      and sports figures.
                                         people the lessons of freedom           There are four subj ects areas
                                         and democratic rule.                 covered during the week: our
                                            This year a new speaker is on     country's democratic political sys-
                                         the agenda, Richard Ebling, .        tem, the American way of life, the
                                         professor of economics, Hillsdale    American free enterprise system,
                                         College. He will lead a discussion   and people and governments
  Florida Hosts Fann                     on economic freedoms in the          around the world.
  Bureau Citrus Coor-                    United States. Returning                For more information contact
                                         speakers include John Furbay,        your county FB office, or write to
  dinators                               world traveler and lecturer; Rick    the MFB Promotion and Educa-
                                         Metzger, inspirational speaker;      tion Department, P.O. Box
  Bob Eppelheimer (right), of the        and Maria Schultz, who shares        30960, Lansing, Mich. 48909.
  Michigan Farm Bureau Direct
  Marketing Program, was one of
  18 individuals honored by the          They've Got Designs on Improved Newsletters
  Florida Department of Citrus for
  promoting sales of Florida fresh
  and frozen citrus through the
  Farm Bureau Direct Marketing
  Program. The recognition came
  during the 1990 Florida Agricul-
  tural Marketing Association
  (FAMA) citrus conference in
      Florida FB hosted the tour for
  people' responsible for promoting
  the sale of Florida agricultural
  products to FB members in 18
  states. Participants got a close,
  personal look at Florida agricul-
  ture. 'We depend on these
  marketing coordinators for the
  continuing success of our pro-
  gram, which is aimed at selling
  fresh and frozen Florida citrus
  products to FB members across
  the country," said Roy Singleton,
  Florida FB director of marketing.
      "The conference was timely,
  considering the conditions in the
  groves following the devastating
  freeze in December," Singleton
   said. "Talking to some pro-
   ducers, assured state FB coor-           Farm Bureau newsletter editors. county secretaries. members and
   dinators that we would have           small business people participated in the March 14 Design and
   fresh Florida citrus for the c0!l1-   Publishing Seminar sponsored by the MFB Member Communications
   ing season."                          Department The one day seminar at Big Rapids offered hands-on ses-
                                         sions covering graphic design, printing procedures and
                                         promotional writing and desktop publishing.

                          Summerfest Ticket Order Form                                                                                            Summertime!
    We are ready to celebrate! Send us tickets for Summerfest
    at Farm Bureau Center, July 18. A check or money order pay-
    able to Michigan Farm Bureau for _ tickets at $3 per per-
    son $       is enclosed. Sent the tickets to:
                                                                                                                                                     Here's news about a sum-
    Name                                                                                                                   _                       mertime event that's sure to
    Address                                                                                                                                       put spring into your step/
    City/State/Zip                                                                                                         _                       The annual Farm
    County                                                                                                                _                        Bureau Summerfest is set
                                                                                                                                                  for July 18 on the Farm
    Mail by July 6 to: Summerfest, Michigan Farm Bureau, Field Operations                                                                          Bureau Center grounds in
    Division, Box 30960, Lansing, MI 48909
       QUINAULT           EVERBEARING                  STRAWBERRIES
                                                                                                                                                     Plan now tojoin your
                                                                                                                                                   Farm Bureaufriends and
        GREAT tlEW VARIETY                                                                                                                         neighbors as we bring in a
         PICK BERRIES UP TO 2" IN                                                                                                                  new decade of achieve-
                                                                                                                                                   ments with this warm
              10 for $1.95                       25 for $ 3.95                                                                                     weather celebration/ It's
              50 for $6.95                      100 for $11.95                                                                                     goodJunfrom the afternoon
            Plant this yvar -           Harvvst this yvar                                                                                          into the evening with games
   Here's    a great-tasting,     heavy-bearing       new everbearing                                                                             for the wholefamily, live
   we're afraid
                  that grows so big we hesitate
                   you won't
                                                           to tell you ..
                                   believe us. But tht'y have been
                                                                                                                                                   country western music, and
           as big as tea cups! This amazing. berry
              by Washington         State University.
                                                                  was de-
                                                            It is well on its
                                                                                                                                                  plenty of country-delicious
   way to being the greatest
   tested  in 13 states and Canada with
                                       performer     ever. Quinault
                                                                         has been
                                                                                                                                                  food. Tickets arejust $3 per
   record   for size, taste and plant growth.
                                                          IT WAS FOUND
                                                  EVER BEAR ING WE HAVE
                                                                                       EVER     TESTED!     Because it
                                                                                                                                                  person, but tickets will be
   is so new the Quinault          is still being tested. But it appears to have all the properties            to make                             available only until the first
   it a very popular      ...   if not the MOST POPULAR               VARIETY       OF EVERBEARING            STRAW-
   BERRIES.      AMAZE         YOUR       FRIENDS       - pick quarts    of big. delicious   Strawberries    every few                             2,000 are gone. Place your
   weeks all summer         long!    Place your order       today and get them started        now. Order at least 50
   plants  to try them        out ...      or more if you can handle          them.    Plant QuinaJJlt    Everbearings                             order early using the form
   this Spring    and begin harvesting
   and all summer long.
                                                 big. red. ripe Strawberries      .. often     in just 6 weeks ....
                                                                                                                                                  on   this page.
  EASY- TO-GROW                 - BIG-TENDER                     FROM YOUR GARDEN, VERY ..
                                  DELICIOUS                               EASY-TO-GROW

                                                                 , "      TENDER - MEATY
                                                                   ,   ".  DELICIOUS
                      ASPARAGUS                                 ' ,>'I    OLD-FASHIONED
                                10 for $1.98
                                20 for $3.75
                                                                   _                 I,n'           VICTORIA                                      --------~--------
                                30 for $5.65                                 "                      RHUBARB
                                                                       .i "                      5 Roots only $1.00
                        Big. tender,      delicious     -
                        and perhaps        the easiest
                                                                       ,         I
                                                                                             10 for $1.95 15 for $2.85
                        of    all    summer         vege-                                     How     about     some old-fashioned
                        tables! Once established                       \.'   '
                                                                                              Rhubarb       pie! It is easy to start
                        the    original        planting
                                                                                              and      this     Victoria      Rhubarb
                        usually     produces      for 20
                                                                                      I       grows     a new crop        every    year
                        years!     Martha    Washing-
                                                                                      . : \ ' without      replanting!    Gives beau-
                        ton       variety    produces
                                                                                        , .   tiful  flowers,     too.   Makes a nice
                        abundant,            giant-size
                        with tender tips .
                                                                                        I'J'  perennial      border.   Large 5/8"    to
                                                                                        • O'  1"    nursery     stock.   Sorry,   can't
                                                                                              be Shipped to California        .
                                 .-                                                  ORDER HERE                                           _

   FULL ONE-YEAR                      t:tOUSE OF WESLEY,         NURSERY DIVISION                                                             I
                                      Depl. 6934-52                1704 Morrissey Drive                                                       I
     GUARANTEE                        BLOOMINGTON,          ILLINOIS 61704                                                                    I
 If within one year of re-              HOW         C~.                                                                                       I
 ceipt of your order any                MANY        NO.                                                                          COST         l
 plants do not live, just RE-                      N6211     Martha Washin ton As ara us                                                      \
 TURN THE SHIPPING LA-                             N6607       uinault Everbearin Strawberries                                                :
 BEL ONLY for a free
                                                   N6772     Victoria Rhubarb                                                                 :
 replacement    or purchase
                                                             Illinois Residents add 6%% Sales Tax                                             I
 price refund. your choice.
 We guarantee plants to be                                   Postage and Handling                                                    .65\
 vigorous.    healthy,    and         NAME                                                                TOTAL $                             I
 first class in every way.                                                                                                                    1
 The WARRANTY IS VOID                 ADDRESS                                                                                                 1
  UNLESS THE SHIPPING                                                                                                                         1
  LABEL IS RETURNED.                  CITY
                                                                  STATE                             ZIP
       Order by June 1and SA VE 10% on all
       items featured in this ad /

                         Each square contains the price and quantity per package for each size offered.

                                                                                  PLOW BOLT NO.3
                                                                                                                                        ELLIPTICAL                        CLIPPED
                                    ~                                                       HEAD                                                                           HEAD
25 pes.                                                                                                                                    HEAD
            1            1-1/4          1-1/2         1-3/4             2              2-1/4          2-1/2                         1-1/4             1-1/2          1-1/4          1-1/2
           25              25            25             25               25             25              25                               25              25             25            25
          2.06            2.37          2.73           3.09             3.41           3.78            4.08                             3.59            3.83           2.12          4.02
           25               25            25            25              25              25             25                               OVERSIZE                       25             25
          2.82             3.16          3.58          4.01            4.44            4.99           5.48                                HEAD                        4.26           5.97
                                                                                                                                          3/8 x 1 1/2
                           25            25             25              25              25              25             25                                               25            25
                                                                                                                                        with7/16 Head
                          4.46          4.95           5.56            6.17            6.82            7.45           8.50                                             5.50          6.11
                                                                                                                                          25 for4.24

                    Each square contains the price and quantity per package for each size offered.

            1            1-1/2
                                    .:J-  2           2-1/2
                                                            COARSE THREAD PLATED
                                                                 3     3-1/2   4
                                                                                                              Quantity per package
                                                                                                              Price per package

                                                                                                                        5                6
           40              35             30            25               20             20              10              10               10             150              150          150
1/4                                      1.59                                                                                                           1.78             1.04
          1.29            1.47                         1.66             1.59           1.90            1.34            1.53             1.82                                          1.41

           40               35            30            25               20             20              10              10               10             150              150         150
5/16                       2.20                                         2.27
          1.90                           2.32          2.28                            2.81            1.71            2.32             2.93            2.81             1.17        1.78

           40               30            20            20               10             10              12             10                 8              120             100         100
3/8                                      2.27          2.69                                                                             3.42            3.30             1.53        1.78
          2.69             2.76                                         1.59           1.96            2.76           2.88

                            10            10            10               10             10              10              8                6               60               60           60
7/16                                                                                                                                                                     1.41
          2.02             1.29          1.59          1.90             2.20           2.51            2.88            2.93             2.63            3.42                          1.78

           10               10            10            10               10             10               8              6                 5               50              50           50
1/2       1.34             1.90          2.08          2.51             2.88           3.24            2.93            2.69                              2.93            1.71         2.63
                           5              5              5               5               5               5             4                  4               25              25           25
                          1.41           1.66           1.96            2.27           2.57            2.88           2.88              3.37             3.36            1.59         2.63

                             5             5             5                5              5               4               4                4               24              18           18
3/4                        2.39          2.69          3.49             3.54           3.91            3.54                                                              1.83         2.81
                                                                                                                       4.28             4.89             4.83

                 Retum    the entire 'onn with your check.    Check   muat Iccompany    order.    Pleaae make checka    peYlbie   to:   Hi-Gr_      Nut & Bolt Company

          Send your order     to:                                           SHIPPING INFORMATION        - PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
          H1-GRADE NUT    & BOLT COMPANY
          1490 Mlplellwn, S.W.
          Wyoming, Michigln 4115011                                                              ColTl>lete Name                                      ORDER TOTAL
          Telephone:  (616) 538-11900

                                                                          Corfl)lete Address                   City                                   $----
          I certify that the goods purchased are for farm use only
          and 8Xerfl)t from all taxes.
                                                                          State                                    ZpCode

                                                                                                                                             o Check here if you wish 10 receive
                                                                          Phone                                                                  the regular merchandise tist and
                                                                                                                                                 order form.

       YOU MUST ORDER FULL PACKAGE                                    QUANTITIES.              FREIGHT PREPAID on order. of $50.00 or more.
Four Outstanding Members of the Farm Bureau Family
             Earned Top Awards for 1989

        arm Bureau Insur-   RUS GARDNER                                LOREN CARLISLE

                            Distinguished Sales Award                  The Elton R. Smith Award
       ance has the best                         Oakland County                           St. Joseph County
       agency force in                           agent Rus Gardner                        agent Loren Car-
                                                 received the 1989                        lisle received this
       Michigan ... over                         Distinguished                            important award
                                                 Sales Award, hon-                        for his outstanding
400 professional agents                          oring him as the                         contributions to
and agency managers                              top agent in the                         his profession, the
                                             ./  state. The award,                        community, and
serving Farm Bureau                              the highest honor                        Michigan Farm
                            bestowed by Farm Bureau Insurance,         Bureau. The annual award, started by
members throughout the      recognizes Rus for his outstanding         Farm Bureau Insurance in 1987, is
state.                      sales achievements and client service.     named in honor of retired MFB presi-
                            This is the third year in a row that Rus   dent Elton Smith. Carlisle wrote 132
    Of these 400 dedi-      has earned this elite award.               new MFB memberships last year.

cated men and women,
we're proud to honor four   JOE SOLITRO                                LIZ LIGHTHALL
                            Distinguished Management Award             Michigan Farm Bureau Membership Award
who received major                              This prestigious                           Lenawee County
awards at our annual                            award recognizes                           agent Liz Lighthall
                                                Joe Solitro as the                         is the third recipi-
sales convention, held                          top agency man-                            ent of this major
                                                ager in Michigan,                          Farm Bureau
recendy in Grand Rapids.                        based on his                               Insurance award.
They are four big reasons                       agency's outstand-                         The award is
                                                ing sales and                              presented annually
why Farm Bureau Insur-                          service achieve-                           to the agent who is
                            ments and his development of new           responsible for the most new MFB
ance is a leading insurer   agents. Joe manages 17 agents serving      members in the prior membership
                            Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties.     year. As our top membership producer,
throughout Michigan.        He is an outstanding recruiter, trainer,   Liz signed up 140 new members in the
                            and motivator.                             past year.

Four Award Winners ...                                           ...  FARM BUREAU VII
Working to Make Your Future More Predictable                    •• _~  INSURANCE  J 1

Michigan Farm Bureau
Rural Living Magazine                                                                       Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                             U.S. Postage
P. O. Box 30960
7373 W. Saginaw Hwy.                                                                       Grand Rapids, MI
Lansing, MI 48909                                                                           Permit No. 380

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