Prologue to Revolution Life in the Ancien Regime Review

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					                                Prologue to Revolution
                      Life in the Ancien Regime: Review Sheet

Describe life for people in Western Europe at the end of the eighteenth century and explain
ways in which life was changing.
Consider the economic structure, role of the court, life for women and children, agriculture,
economic opportunities, new science and technology, loss of community controls, medicine,
marriage etc. in order to create a picture in your head of 18th century life.
Be able to explain important changes in French society. Be able to make a list of changes that
improved life and changes that threatened the stability of society.
People, Terms, and Events: enclosure movement, cottage industry/putting out system, just
price, Edward Jenner, Madame de Courdray

Describe the main ideas of the top Enlightenment thinkers and how the ideas changed over
People, Terms, and Events: General Will, Social Contract, Salon, Diderot, Madame du Chatelet,
the Encyclopedia, Deism, Adam Smith
What were the main characteristics of the Enlightenment movement?
Why did it happen at this point of time and why did it originate in France?
What were the main ideas of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesqiueu?
What were the similarities between the philosophes? the Differences?
How did the ideas of the Enlightenment change over time?
What does the response to the Lisbon Earthquake tell us about this society?
Why were the ideas of the Enlightenment significant?

Explain how the ideas of the Enlightenment both supported the educated elite and
challenged the status quo.
How were the ideas of the Enlightenment received by the people?
What was the significance of Montgolfier’s Balloon? of the Marriage of Figaro?
What were people in Paris reading? Why was this significant?
In what ways was the Enlightenment itself “revolutionary”?

Describe France during the Ancien Regime, and explain how it was changing as well as the
pressures caused by those changes.
What was the social organization in France?
What were the characteristics and challenges of the three Estates?
What were the causes of French financial troubles?
What attempts had been made to reform this society? What were the results of these attempts?
What role did the Parlements and the Estates General play in French government?
What were Louis and Marie Antoinette like and in what way did they help/hurt the situation?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of French society?
Was this society doomed to face revolution?

The test will include Fill-in the Blank, multiple choice, and short answer questions. We have
looked at a lot of big ideas-- be prepared to put these together and analyze their significance.

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