Histroy Project by niusheng11


									Junior Humanities
 History Project
The diaries of John Micah
  Jacob Darsey, Jessica Eberly,
  Lauren Kelley, Josh Martin,
        And Joel Taylor
Dear Journal,
    Its Monday march 3rd and I, John Micah Hassmen, am traveling out to
   California. I am leavening Omaha Nebraska to start a new life. I went
bankrupt in my law firm. Now I am going to try and start a clean slate out
 west. Out west people won’t know my background or what I’ve done. It’ll be
great to hopefully land on both feet on the ground. I hope it works for me; it’s
the only chance I have left. This is going to be an adventure, that’s for sure.
 I’m a little bit scared. Well honestly, I’m really scared. Scared that things
 won’t go the way I need or want them to go. That I’ll still just end up broke
                                   and alone.
   This journey out west will take me about two weeks to go from Omaha to
 California. I heard that Indians might attack us but I think it’s all a lie. I
 think that people are just bored and like to make up stories. I hope it all goes
    Dear Journal,

     It’s Thursday the 6th,, and we have been on this train for 4 days and it’s
not nearly as bad as I expected. The people I am riding with have been very
nice to me. Some have been sharing their own stories with me of why they are
going out west. Their stories are so interesting. Some are going out of pure
curiosity. Some of them are even like me. Going to make a new life and start
over. I am really starting to make some friends. Indians still haven’t
attacked us and I am beginning to believe that the Indians won’t attack. I
still have a ways to go so I’ll write back later.
    Dear Journal,

     It’s Sunday the 9th, we found out today that there are Indians. We saw
them and we were all told to stay down. The captain tried to keep us calm,
but that was hard. The women and children were all crying and even some
of the men. Luckily we were not attacked but know we are all prepared. We
are going to be more than ready for these Indians. Even though all of this
has happened all I can think about is starting my new law firm in
California. I am trying to think of what I should I do with my law firm.
What kind of people should I hire to work with me? Who can I get to help me
get this project going? Well I’m tired; I will get back to you later.
    Dear Journal,

     It’s Wednesday the 12th and today we were attacked by the Indians, it
was an only a matter of time before it would happen. They rode by the train
on their horses and some jumped up onto the train. Thankfully none of them
made it inside the train. But the women and little children were all starting
to tear up and it was so sad. I felt scared for them more than myself. It was a
scary situation. The captain of the train and some of the workers on the train
helped get the Indians away by shooting them. I am just thankful we are all
     Today was a very stressful day. I am so glad it has come to an end! I
am more than ready to be in California away from trains and Indians. Just
me getting my life back together.
    Dear Journal,

     It is Sunday the 16th, the last day of the trip. I finally made it! We will
be arriving to the train stop very soon. This was a great experience,
everything is so different here, back in Nebraska we didn’t have any
mountains or anything, but I was told that we traveled through the Sierra
Nevada’s. They were HUGE, but beautiful…I’m sure I’m going to like it here.
In California they don’t have as large of mountains, but that’s a site that I’ll
never forget.
     I am happy we all made it here safely. I can’t wait to start up my new
law firm and get my life back on track and live like I used to. It’ll be a big
change, but I think I’m up to the challenge. I’ve learned seen a lot, lived a lot,
and am ready for whatever life brings me!
                       John Micah Hassmen
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