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2U Server with 8 sockets

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					                                             NEC HPC 1812Rb-2

                                             2U Server with 8 sockets

World-Class Efficiency Server in a dense 2U       Houses 4 servers in 1 chassis –                 NEC HPC 1812Rb-2 is one of the main
Chassis for NEC LX-Series                         saving power and space on a new level           building blocks of the NEC LX Series. Being a
                                                                                                  scalable compute cluster resource for
IT solutions based on the NEC LX Series are       4 dual-socket mainboards with hot-              industry, academia and research, the cluster
more than simply commodity technology.            pluggable highly-efficient PSU in a             is delivered as a complete turnkey solution
Our mission is to provide solutions that          redundant 1+1 configuration with an             to the customer.
enable customers and partners to receive          outstanding efficiency of up to 92,4%.
the greatest value from their IT investments
by leveraging HPC technologies. With the
new 4 server blade NEC introduces a new
level of compute density to its high
computing product. Simplified maintenance,
onboard Infiniband and 12 disk slots will
enhance the availability of the cluster.

                                                  Deploying 8 quad-core Intel Xeon processors
                                                  clocked with 3.2Ghz the servers theoretical
                                                  peak performance amounts to more than           The complete system including the OSCAR
                                                  400 Gflops!                                     PRO software is now Intel Cluster Ready
   NEC HPC 1812Rb-2                                                                               certified which enables users to immerse
   hot-swappable PSU                              This server can be deployed in LX-1000,
                                                  LX-2200 and LX-2400.                            into High Performance Computing with less
   hot-swappable Server-Blades                                                                    cluster expertise. By selecting a “certified”
                                                                                                  Intel Cluster Ready system and “registered”
                                                  The 80 PLUS specification?                      applications you can be confident they will
                                                                                                  work together, just as they should. Intel®
                                                  80 PLUS is an innovative, electric utility-     Cluster Checker helps ensure that
                                                  funded incentive program to integrate more      components continue to work together,
Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series                                                                delivering high quality and a lower total
Codename Nehalem                                  energy-efficient power supplies into
                                                  desktop computers and servers. .                cost of ownership over the lifetime of the
                                                                                                  cluster. So you can start solving new
The latest Intel Xeon processor brings                                                            problems sooner and decrease your total
together a number of              innovative      The 80 PLUS performance specification
                                                  requires multi-output power supplies in         cost of ownership."
technologies     to    deliver     intelligent
performance:                                      computers and servers to be 80% or greater
One of the major innovations is the Intel®        energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% of
QuickPath Interconnect which is a                 rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or
highspeed,     packetized,     point-to-point     greater. This makes an 80 PLUS certified
interconnect. Compared with earlier widely        power supply substantially more efficient
used front-side buses, it offers much higher      than typical power supplies and creates a
bandwidth with low latency. The Intel®            unique market differentiation opportunity
QuickPath Interconnect has an efficient           for    power     supply and computer
architecture allowing more interconnect           manufacturers.
performance to be achieved in real systems.

Have a closer look at the HPC                     1812Rb-
                                      The new HPC 1812Rb-2 Server houses 4 nodes in 1 chassis.
1812Rb- Server’           features:
1812Rb-2 Server’s main features

 8x Quad-core Intel Xeon in just
                                         Processor:                                       Input/Output:
 4x 3 hot-swap SATA drive
 4x 48 GB DDR3 1066/1333                   2 Quad-core Intel Xeon 5500 Series                4   Rear USB ports 2.0
 Registered ECC memory                     CPUs (Nehalem-EP) per node                        1   VGA port
 4x Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports            Up to 3.2 GHz clock speed                         1   Ext.QSFP IB connector
 4x PCI-Express x16 (Gen2)                 6.4 GHz Quick Path Interconnect                   2   RJ-45 LAN ports
 4x InfiniBand Option DDR/QDR             (QPI)                                              1   RJ-45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port
 4x IPMI 2.0 plus KVM over LAN             Up to 1333 MHz direct memory                      1   Fast UART 16550 serial port
 2x Shared hot-swap 1200 PSU
                                         Chipset:                                         Infiniband:

                                           Intel® 5550 chipset with QPI up to                Mellanox ConnectX QDR InfiniBand
                                           6.4 GT/s (Tylersburg)                             40Gbps Controller
                                           Intel® ICH10R+IOH-36D
Additionally we offer you
2 attractive options
                                         Memory:                                          Management :
Decide for NEC OSCAR Pro and use
highly efficient administration and        Supports DDR3 memory                             Integrated IPMI 2.0 management
monitoring software      for Linux         1066/1333 MHz ECC Registered                     with KVM and dedicated LAN
clusters in order to give your HPC         12 DIMM Slots per node (48 in total)             Support for Intelligent Platform
1812Rb-2 Server a high degree of           8 GB per DIMM enables 48 GB per                  Management Interface v.2.0
scalability.                               node (192 GB per system )                        Winbond WPCM450 BMC

Our convenient NEC HPC Services          PCI
                                         PCIX slots :                                    BIOS:
performed by skilled HPC experts
help you to install your solution,         1 PCI-E x16 Gen2 (low profile)                    32 Mbit SPI Flash EEPROM
train your staff and develop your          per node                                          ACPI up to 3.0
individual           supercomputing                                                          PCI 2.2
infrastructure even further.

                                         Storage device :                                 Chassis (integrating four nodes) :

                                           3 hot-swap SATA HDD bays per                      Rack mountable 2U
                                           node                                              437(W) x 724(D) x 89(H) mm
                                                                                             1200 watts dual PSU (92% efficiency)
                                                                                             1400 watts dual PSU optional

                                         Integrated LAN controllers :                     Operating system :

                                           Double-port Gigabit Ethernet                      Red Hat® and Suse® distributions
                                           Intel® ICH10R/Kawela 82576EB
                                           Compatible PXE

                                       Errors and changes excepted. All trade   NEC Deutschland GmbH           NEC Deutschland GmbH
                                       names, company names and product         Hansaallee 101                 Hessbrühlstrasse 21B
                                       names are the brands or registered       D-40549 Dü sseldorf            D-70565 Stuttgart
                                       trademarks of the respective owners      Tel.: +49 (0) 211 5369 0       Tel.: +49 (0) 711 78 055 0
                                                                                Fax: +49 (0) 211 5369 199      Fax: +49 (0) 711 78 055 25

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Description: Intel's QuickPath Interconnect technology, abbreviated as QPI, in fact, it's official name is CSI, Common System Interface common system interface, used to implement the direct interconnection between the chip and not connected to the Northbridge through the FSB, is directed at AMD's HT bus. Whether it is speed, bandwidth, bandwidth per pin, power and all other specifications to be beyond the HT bus.