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									A Natural Inspiration
2007 Annual Report
In February of 1995, I began working with Damien and Rita Gabis
as a horticulturist. Our goal the first few years was to make
                             their home landscape a vibrant and exciting place for family and
                             friends. Trails were laid out through the woods to enable folks to easily
                             access the wetland that was soon named the Heron Pond. Soon
                             Damien and Rita invited their neighbors to walk the trails and enjoy
                             the beauty of the land. A small circle of friends was getting larger.

                             Within a short time their original 70 acres more than doubled
                             with the purchase of the Kielpikowski farm. This opened up many
                             new challenges and opportunities. One challenge was deciding
                             what to do with more than 100 acres of crop land, woods, and
                             pasture. In 1998, Taltree Arboretum & Gardens began planting
                             trees and prairies on this newly acquired land. More trails were
                             laid out and built, more people heard about this unique place
                             called Taltree, and the circle of friends became larger again.

                             By 2003, Taltree had built its first building, the Joseph E. Meyer
                             Memorial Pavilion, and the surrounding gardens. With a new
                             Taltree membership program in place and the Music in Nature
                             concerts inaugural season, the circle of friends grew larger
                             once more.

                             Today many thousands of people visit Taltree and enjoy the
                             beauty and serenity of the gardens and natural areas. They learn
                             about wonders of the world of nature and experience a time of
                             respite from the hectic pace of daily life. Weekend afternoons
                             and evenings guests become married, listen to music in nature,
                             feast on delectable delights, and refresh their spirits.

                             The dream and vision of the Taltree founders has come true
                             thanks to the confidence and support of many individuals and
                             businesses this past season. You have helped ensure that Taltree
                             continues to grow and remain a vibrant natural inspiration. This
                             annual report to our stakeholders is a snapshot of progress in 2007.
                             I thank you for being part of Taltree Arboretum & Gardens.

                             James E. Hitz
                             Executive Director

Taltree 2007 Annual Report                                                                               3
More than 15,000 people visited Taltree in 2007, an increase of
over 3000 from 2006.
                  Along with these visitors came an increase in membership and public
                  financial support. Members and guests enjoyed a wide range of activities
                  including Midsummer Nights Dream in June.

                  More than 2000 school children visited Taltree for interpretive hikes that
                  serve as an extension of classroom lessons in ecology and biology. The
                  lessons learned by these students will serve them well as they grow to be
                  good stewards of the natural resources we have.

                  Scout troops come to Taltree to complete merit badges and
                  special projects.

                  Diverse organizations use Taltree facilities for awareness and fund raising
                  activities including Wheeler High School students hosting a Breast Cancer
                  Awareness Walk.

                  Music lovers young and old enjoy Music in Nature concerts throughout the
                  summer season. This blending of art and nature creates an experience like
                  no other and enriches our community.

                  The Audrey M. & Leonard J. Hitz Family Rose Garden was completed and
                  dedicated in July. The Joseph E. Meyer Pavilion is the central location for
                  concerts, weddings, and other events.

                  Volunteers are a vital part of the success of Taltree; they contributed more
                  than 3500 hours of service doing a wide range of tasks and projects. Their
                  continued efforts ensure that Taltree continues to serve the community and
                  be “A Natural Inspiration” for all.

                    Taltree represents a valuable community
                    asset—a place to present to people of all ages,
                    but especially to children, the majesty and awe
                    of nature which everyone should be allowed to
                    develop. I am committed to financial support of
                    the Taltree mission and look forward to volun-
                    teering at Taltree in any capacity to which
                    I am suited or may be trained.

                    – Elizabeth Dancey Sengupta

4                                                                         2007 Accomplishments
2007 Annual Fund

Founders Society Level –                 Young, John & Linda            Kinkade, Howard & Stephanie
$1,000 & Up                                                             Kish, James & Sharon
                                         Sponsor Level – $100 to $249
Brust, Tim & Karen                                                      Kobak, Dr. Alfred & Sue
                                         Adik, Steve & Viki
Feller, Mary Ann                                                        Kokidko, Walter & Hedy
                                         Agler, Thomas
Gabis, Damien & Rita                                                    Leland, Cindy
                                         Ames, J. Tim
Gabis, Mark & Terrie                                                    MacDonald, Rick & Gay
                                         Andrews, Chris & Mary
Gates, John Jr.                                                         Malasto, Arthur & Irene
                                         Ault, George & Janice
Hitz, Leonard J                                                         McCoy, Charles & Marcia
                                         Birky, Vera
Melton, James & Barbara                                                 Modrowski, Roger & Debbie
                                         Bomberger, Cathryn
Pierce, Douglas & Cynthia                                               Munster Garden Club
                                         Bradley, Garry & Linda
Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc.                                      Naylor, William & Alice
                                         Brown, Scott
Schroeder, Doris                                                        Nelson, Brian & Ruth
                                         Bulla, Linda & Roger
Sengupta, Elizabeth                                                     Nielsen, Dana & Rosemary
                                         Burton, Val & Roberta
                                                                        Novello, Gene
Benefactor Level – $500 to $999          Caldwell, Calvin
                                                                        Pearman, Anna
Bertig, Anthony & Melissa                Cohen, Lila & Raymond
                                                                        Persyn, Mary
Energy Tech Insulations, Inc.            Conde, Paul
                                                                        Peterson Family Farms, Inc.
Hau, Thomas                              Cooper, Richard & Peggy
                                                                        Philips, Carl & Patricia
Hitz, James & Jill                       Costas, Jonathon & Sharon
                                                                        Possibility Place Nursery
Hymack, Diane                            DeRolf, Mark & Lynne
                                                                        Reed, Jean J.
Kitchell, Neal                           Dye, Carolyn & Douglas
                                                                        Reyes-Popovich, Linda & Robert
Meyer, David                             Feaster, Susan E
                                                                        Ruge, James
Peglow, Eleanor & Edgar                  Fieldhouse Ford-Mercury
                                                                        Ryan, Daniel & Kathleen
Results One Certified Public Accts LLC   Fleming, Richard
                                                                        Sacopulos, Eugenia
Schreiner, John & Jenifer                Gabis, John & Janine
                                                                        Schmidt, Duane
Steinbrecher, Bill & Helen               Gabis, Joseph
                                                                        Shikany, Joseph & Joyce
                                         Gawthrop, Jody
Patron Level – $250 to $499                                             Shroat, John
                                         Glenwood Oaks, Inc.
Barney, Ann & John                                                      Smittle, Richard & Karen
                                         Hall, Valarie & Kevin
Bellamy, Calvin                                                         Sorrells, Kent & Bennie
                                         Hammond Mufflers, Inc.
Deku, Robert & Mary Lou                                                 State Farm Insurance Co.
                                         Hardwick, John & Katy
Grindle, James K.                                                       Tausche, Louise
                                         Harting, Laura
Heinold, J.Keith                                                        Troxel, Tom & LuAnn
                                         Havey, John & Elizabeth
Kamprath, Gerry & Dolly                                                 Trzaskoma, Mary
                                         Heinold, Kayla
Kasle, Frank                                                            Valavanis, Spero & Paula
                                         Hess, Frederick & Julia
Kitchell, Richard & Elizabeth                                           Valpo Chamber of Commerce
                                         Hickman, David
Loosemore, Kent                                                         Virkler, Andrew & Maxine
                                         Holterhoff Jr., Adam
Maassel, Mark & Christine                                               Watkins, Jackie & Doug
                                         Home Mountain
Meyer, Raymond & Christa                                                Wheelock, Pat & Mary
                                         Hughes, Jane
Miller, Darryl & Patricia                                               Young, Barbara
                                         Jake’s Feed & Garden
Nagel, Max & Judith                                                     Young, Stephen & Kristen
                                         Jessen, Thomas & Kathryn
Reynolds, Norma & Richard                                               Zromkowski, Ron & Cindy
                                         JF New & Associates, Inc.
Schreiner, Paul & Nancy
                                         Karns, Ronald & Rita           Booster Level – Up To $99
Seegers, Gerald & Betty
                                         Keith, Kay                     Albrecht, Roland & Terry
Seelye, Irvin & Isabelle
                                         Kemp, Kristopher & Heather     Anders, Mary E.
Sunkel, Morris A.
                                         Kibler, Michael & Linda        Anderson, Barth
Virkler, Stanley & Beth
                                         Kimmel, Terry & Barbara        Ault, George & Janice
Visclosky Foundation
                                         King, Tricia                   Berda, Larry & Kathleen

Donor List                                                                                           5
Berge, Ann                      Kielpikowski, George          Yelkovac, Peter & Penny
Besterman, Roz                  Kirscher, Richard
                                                              Audrey M. & Leonard J. Hitz
Birky, Sandra                   Knutson, Richard & Shirley
                                                              Family Rose Garden
Bohlmann, Melvin                Lewandowski, Edgar
                                                              Bucher, Gwen
Boyd, Gordon & Claudi           Loosemore, Robert & Carol
                                                              Hitz, Judith
Brimer, Richard & Carol         Luther, Robert & Wilma
                                                              Hitz, Leonard J.
Brown, Kenneth                  Lynch, Joseph & Tamara
                                                              Hitz, Robert
Bucher, Kenneth & Carol         Maiers, Wes
                                                              J. Russell Properties, LLC
Buinicki, Jr. Martin & Andrea   Markle, William & Karan
                                                              Richard E. Hitz Consulting & Design
Burke, Thomas & Maureen         Massner, Randy & Mary Lynn
                                                              Virkler, Andy
Carberry, George                Masters, William & Wendy
                                                              Weigele, Ernest & Mary
Cheek, Denver & Brenda          McBride, Robert & Robyn
Christoff, Christ & Georgia     Michna, Richard & Carol       Garden Railway
Comer, Mary                     Miller, Judith                Anonymous
Committee To Elect David Lain   Miller, Sarah                 Melton, James & Barbara
Dasgupta, Purnendu & Sandra     Mohar, Donald & Margaret
Dennis & Son Builders           Mola, Leo                     General Fund
DeRolf, Rita                    Mosher, Larry & Judith        Adik, Steve & Viki
Dhoot, Sunil & Sunita           Murphy, Kathryn               Anderson, Larry
Dienes, Gary & Marie            Noe, Diane                    Antonson, Harold
Dolhover, Mary Alice            Noe, Sandra                   Balogh, Jo
Duttlinger, Lynn                Nord, Paul & Sherri           Bielefeld, Beth
Eibel, F. Ritchey               Pierce, Judy                  Brown, Jeffrey & Sarah
Finlay-Kochanowski, Jeannie     Polaski, Frank & Eleanor      Bulla, Linda & Roger
Frank, William & Joan           Preslin, Steven & Barbara     Dasgupta, Purnendu & Sandra
Froman, Derry & Karen           Pribbernow, Charles & Diane   Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fuller, Clarissa                Rathert, Leonard & Carolyn    Finlay-Kochanowski, Jeannie
Gabis, Austin & Tyler           Rawson, Scott                 First Unitarian Church of Hobart
Gabis, Lauren                   Reed, Jean J.                 Gierke, Jon & Helen
Gabis, Matthew & Catherine      Remijan, Shirley              Helen M. Harrison Foundation, Inc.
Gabis, Paul & Linda             Reshkin, Mark & Bettimae      Henderlong, Todd
Garland, Carol A.               Rhoda, Bob                    Hickman, Sandy
Gillispie, Charley & Delphina   Root, Daniel                  Hitz Design
Glatthorn, Raymond &            Rush, James & Susan           Hitz, Judith
Alexandra                       Sallman, Charles & Eleanor    Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Gross, Cheryl                   Schaefer, Betty               Ivy Tech Community College
Gough, Arnold & Roberta         Schenck, Kathleen             Kasle, Frank
Gyurko, Robert & Charlene       Smith, Martin & Monica        Kitchell, Richard & Elizabeth
Hardison, Troy & Connie         Spanopoulos, James & Helen    Knauff, Paul & Connie
Hayes, James & Christine        Stump, Brian & Stephanie      McMurtry, Myrna
Heinold, Ruth                   Thomas, Tim                   Meyer, David
Heinrich, Gerald & Connie       Tims, Machteld & Ian          Meyer, John
Hickman, Sandy                  Tremblay-Toth, Debra          Simatovich, Marianne
Higbie, William & Karen         Troxel, Tom & LuAnn           St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Hitz, Gerald & Zenith           Velasco, Richard              Thrall, Larry
Hoyt, Robert                    Weigele, Ernest & Mary        Walker, Frederick Guy
Huber, Patricia                 Weiss Family Charitable       Welsh, Jo
Hudak, Clifford                 Foundation                    Wrobel, Beth
Huss, Hugh                      Wilson, Zann
Johnston, Denise                Wolf, John/Carolyn
Keim, Janice                    Worden, Charles & Marian

6                                                                                     Donor List
Grants                               Gawlikowski, Adam                    Wille & Stiener Enterprises, Inc.
Conservation Reserve Program         Hitz, James & Jill
                                                                          In-Kind: Volunteer Appreciation
Porter County Community              Modrowski, Roger & Debbie
                                                                          Bucher Technologies
 Foundation, Inc.                    Weber, Emil & Deborah
                                                                          Chesterton Feed & Garden
Porter County FSA Office
                                     Memorial Benches                     Deer Creek Nursery
South Shore Arts
                                     Lorraine Grindle                     Four Seasons Landscaping Nursery
Wildlife Habitat Council, Inc.
                                     James K. Grindle                     Gardens on the Prairie
Honarary Benches                                                          Grand View Garden Center
                                     2007 Music in Nature Sponsors –
The Garden Club Indiana                                                   Horses Landscape & Garden Center
                                     Oak $500 and Up
 Northwest District                                                       Hubinger Landscaping Corp.
                                     Energy Tech Insulations, Inc.
                                                                          Jake’s Feed & Garden
In Honor Of                          Taltree Board of Directors
                                                                          Reed’s Nursery
Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Wilson               Damien & Rita Gabis
                                                                          Samuelson’s Nursery
Gerald & Mary Lee Caress             Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc.
                                                                          Windy Ridge Farms, LLC
                                     SB Associates, PC
In-Kind General                                                           Wild Birds Unlimited
Able Paper & Janitorial Supply       Hickory – $350 to $499
                                                                          2007 MidSummer Night Dream
Birky, Vera                          Ikon Office Solutions
                                                                          Fundraiser Sponsors
D & M Enterprises                    James & Jill Hitz
                                                                          Bur Oak – $3,000
Englehardt, Robert
                                     Aspen – $200 to $349                 Peter G. Horton Charitable
                                     Edward Jones - Darl Jarnecke          Remainder Trust
Melton, James & Barbara
                                     The Signworks
Motorola, Inc.                                                            Cherry – $1,000
Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc.   Dogwood – $100 to $199               McCoy, Charles & Marcia
The Growth Coach                     All Occasion Rental                  NIPSCO
                                     Bonar Group                          Pronto Prestamos
In Memory Of
                                     Brent Wagner Architects, Inc.
Suri Asher                                                                Tulip Tree – $500
                                     Bucher Technologies
Pierce, Douglas & Cynthia                                                 Brychell, Richard & Susan
                                     Dennis & Son Builders
Maxine M. Bellamy                                                         Sacopulos, Eugenia
                                     Culligan - Valparaiso
Melton, James & Barbara
                                     Heinold & Feller Tire Co.            Service Berry – $200
Trina Bonaventura
                                     Home Mountain Publishing Co., Inc.   Ivy Tech Community College
Rose, June
                                     Kennedy Buick/Mazda                  Plesac, Leslie
Thomas Heininger
                                     Lincolnway Auto                      Purdue University North Central
Lake County Master Gardeners
                                     Ozinga Ready Mix of Indiana
Pauline Miller                                                            Other – Up to $199
                                     Sheffield Press
Breisch, Howard & Alyson                                                  Anderson, Debi & Bill
                                     State Farm Insurance Co. –
Duncan, Elbert & Sandra                                                   Berda, Larry & Kathleen
                                      Sheree Warnke
Gabis, Damien & Rita                                                      Boetel, Robert

Taltree 2007 Annual Report                                                                                    7
Ciaccio, Don & Lori           Eldred, Terry & Joanne       Town & Country Sheet Metal, Inc.
Cochran, Morris & Phyllis     Feaster, Susan E             Troxel, Tom & LuAnn
Collins, Tom & Sylvia         Feller, Mary Ann             Trzaskoma, Mary
Drake, Thomas                 Fleming, Richard             Tyler, Norma
Evanson, David & Rita         Flis, James & Patricia       Voller, Victoria
Flock, Henry& Rosemarie       Gabis, Mark & Terrie         Wangerin, Walter & Ruthanne
Freitag, John                 Grindle, James K.            Watkins, Jackie & Doug
Hitz, Leonard J.              Gyurko, Robert & Charlene    Wheelock, Pat & Mary
JPMorgan Chase Bank           Hau, Thomas & Gloria         Young, Barbara
Kasle, Frank                  Hitz, James & Jill           Yttri, Pam
Kozelka, James & Catherine    Hitz, Leonard J
                                                           Family Membership
McAfee, Larry                 Jarnecke, Ruth
                                                           Agler, Thomas
McGill, James                 Jensen, Mary
                                                           Aglinskas, Peter
Meyer, David                  Karns, Ronald & Rita
                                                           Alt, Larry & Patricia
Novello, Gene                 Kemp, Kristopher & Heather
                                                           Antonson, Harold
Nutt, Robert & Joyce          Kirkpatrick, Keith & Becky
                                                           Arvidson, John & Helen
Schuetz, Marilyn              Kitchell, Neal
                                                           Arzola, Gilbert & Linda
Skolak, Lorri                 Lazar, Mr & Mrs Eli
                                                           Aylesworth, Christine
Stroguiludis, Sharon J.       Leetz, Jon
                                                           Baird, J. Michael & Jeanne
                              Maassel, Mark & Christine
In-Kind: Fundraiser                                        Bell, Nancy
                              Melton, James & Barbara
Family Express                                             Bendicsen, Elizabeth & Michael
                              Miller, Darryl & Patricia
Remus Farms, Inc.                                          Benedetto, Michael & Carol
                              Nagel, Max & Judith
St. Jude House                                             Bengel, Don & Betty
                              Naylor, William & Alice
The Flower Cart                                            Bentley, David & Christine
                              Neinast, William & Britta
Wal-Mart                                                   Berda, Larry & Kathleen
                              Noe, Sandra & Lewis
                                                           Berge, Ann
Friend Membership             Pierce, Douglas & Cynthia
                                                           Bergland, Bruce & Cynthia
Adik, Steve & Viki            Pustik-Lindsey, Linda
                                                           Bogs, Dennis & Sheri
Anderson, Larry               Rippy, Mark & Shirley
                                                           Bomberger, Cathryn
Andrews, Chris & Mary         Salt, Norah & Rayson
                                                           Boscia, Jim & Susan
Ault, George & Janice         Schreiner, John & Jenifer
                                                           Bowersox, Howard & Janet
Bowman, Ann                   Schroeder, Doris
                                                           Brown, Jeffrey & Sarah
Caprile, Renate               Seelye, Irvin & Isabelle
                                                           Brust, Tim & Karen
Centier Bank                  Seykowski, Ed & Karen
                                                           Bulla, Linda & Roger
Claypool, William & Barbara   Silliker, John
                                                           Burton, Val & Roberta
Dennis & Marlene Skrabak      Steinbrecher, Bill & Helen
                                                           Campion, Robert & Betty Jean
Denny, Elva                   Stimmel, David & Verna
                                                           Carberry, George
Dimitri, Kathi                Taylor, Bill & Liz
                                                           Carmichael, David & Bonita

8                                                                                Donor List
Carney, Catherine               Gianaris, Paul & Annie           Krebs, Ted & Diane
Chapman/Hoernig, Paul & Grace   Gilleo, Christopher & Kimberly   Langer, Steven & Diana
Christoff, Christ & Georgia     Gilleo, Elaine                   Langhoff, Susan
Chupp, Diana & Larry            Glenn, Don & Pat                 Lasky, Dale & Helen
Coburn, Chuck & Carol           Gramke, Debbie & Mark            Leavitt, William & Ann
Cohen, Lila & Raymond           Gregory, Chuck & Rena            Lee, David & Susan
Coican, Robert                  Hahn, Doug & Mari                Lorandos, Nick & Helen
Collins, Tom & Sylvia           Hand, June A. & Terry            Luekens, Roger & Patricia
Colon, Susan                    Hardwick, John & Katy            Maclean, Bruce
Conley, Edward & Nancy          Harman, Brian                    Maczak, John & Jean
Conway, Tom & Sarah             Harman, Wayne & Christina        Maier, Art & Eileen
Corse, Steven                   Henderlong, Arthur               Maiers, Wes
Cortwright, Spencer             Henderson, James & Judith        Major, Stanley & Carol
Coto, Kimberly & Jeff           Hickman, Morrie                  Malfese, Dianne
Cummings, Bruce & Louise        Higbie, William & Karen          Mapes, John & Linda
Damato, Patricia                Hines, Kathy & Jake              Markovich, Rick & Debbie
Danielson, John & Kathy         Hippie, Jennifer & Herb          Marshall, Marie
Davis, Al & Jan                 Hitz, Jonathon                   Marshall, Roger & Nancy
Day, Christina                  Hitz, Justin                     Martin, Fred & Dawn
Debbie Modrowski                Hix, Charles & Karen             McBride, Robert & Robyn
Deku, Robert & Mary Lou         Hug, Karen                       McCarron, Harold
DeRolf, Wayne & Nancy           Iatarola, Sallie                 McCoy, Charles & Marcia
Dick, Jan & Marian              Iltzche, Bill                    McFarland, MaryLee
Dienes, Gary & Marie            Ireland, Richard & JoEllen       Meeker, William & Rita
Discher, Judith                 Jacobs, Alane E. & Jeffrey       Megaro, Rocco
Doane, C.J. & Carolyn           Jamil, Joanna                    Mesarch, Ronald
Dunn, Arlene                    Jansma, Raymond & Sarah          Meyer, David & Anita
Dye, Carolyn & Douglas          Jarnecke, Darl & Fontanna        Meyer, Ellen
Dywan, Kenneth & Susan          Jarrett, Jay & Susan             Meyer, John
Eberhardt, Laurie               Javors, Marcelle & Jonathon      Miller, Neal & Cheryl
Ebert, Joel & Leilah            Jones, Marcus & Jane             Miller, Sarah
Eisenhauer, Ronald              Jongsma, Tim & Shanna            Modrak, Bill & Susan
Engle, Judy                     Kaminski, Dave & Beth            Mohar, Donald & Margaret
Esola, Charles                  Kasle, Frank                     Morales-Rivera, Lolita
Everaert, Jeff                  Keim, Janice                     Muchesko, Thomas & Karen
Falkenberg, Georgia & Carsten   Keith, Georgia & Herb            Mueller, Phil
Flanagin, Doug & Donna          Kelly, John & Jeanne             Muller, Robert & Laura
Flock, Henry & Rosemarie        Kelly, William & Linda           Muntzing, Steven & Kristin
Fortunak, Nancy                 Kern, Andy & Mary                Naylor-Nolas, Julie
Foster, Maryann                 Kerr, Brandon                    Nielsen, Dana & Rosemary
Freeman, Richard & Sandra       King, Tricia                     Nissan, George
Frohnapple, Susan               Kings, David & Patricia          Norwine, Nikki
Froman, Derry & Karen           Kinkade, Howard & Stephanie      Oeding, Bill & Danielle
Fulk, Scott                     Kish, James & Sharon             Olmsted, William & Wendy
Fuller, Clarissa                Kitchell, Richard & Elizabeth    Overmyer, Gary & Beverly
Gabis, Paul & Linda             Klemz, Larry & Jeri              Peglow, Eleanor & Edgar
Gallagher, Greg & Joy           Knopic, Linda                    Peloso, Sue
Gardens on the Prairie          Koeppen, Deb & Brad              Pergher, Lynn & Dante
Gawthrop, Jody                  Kokidko, Walter & Hedy           Petrie, Carol
Gerbick, David & Gordana        Kolar, Charles                   Phillips, Harry & Mary
Ghidotti, Robert & Judith       Krause, Tom                      Pickering, Gary & Cheryl

Taltree 2007 Annual Report                                                                    9
Pilz, David & Connie             Velasco, Richard              Cosman, Steven
Plechaty, Joyce                  Ventura, Mike & Cathy         Cronk, Linda
Preslin, Steven & Barbara        Versteeg, Eldon & Marlene     Daily, Marcia
Pribbernow, Charles & Diane      Vittoe, Christine & John      Dalton, Jean
Raftery Family                   Wackett, Ron                  Daniels, Betty
Raich, Sam                       Walsh, John & Kathleen        Dasgupta, Purnendu & Sandra
Rakowski, Alex & Jude            Weaver, Wayne & Joann         Del Greco, M.P.
Renner, Daniel                   Weigele, Ernest & Mary        Delany, Joanna
Resetar, Alan & Donna            Wells, Dennis & Tamra         Denise Johnston
Reynolds, Norma & Richard        Wheeler, John & Deborah       Domke, Len
Reynolds, Thomas                 Willard, Kenneth & Wilma      Drake, Thomas
Reynolds, Tracey                 Williams, Randall & Dawn      Drazer, Mary Faith
Rittgers, Ron                    Williams, William & Janet     Dudash, Derrick
Rivers Jr., Clarence & Midge     Williamson, Jim & Mary Ann    Dunajski, Donna
Rogge, George                    Wiltfang, Kathryn M.          Edwards, Kit
Rubio, Cruz & Cindy              Wolf, John/Carolyn            Farlow, Marinelle
Samuels, Carl & Jasper, Pamela   Wolf, Robert & Carole         Fenchak, Jackie
Satkamp, Gary                    Yeager, David & Diane         Finlay-Kochanowski, Jeannie
Schaberg, David                  Yeoman, Judy                  Folker, Dave
Schmidt, Duane                   Zeha, John Jr. & Billie       Gabis, Jerome
Schwehn, Mark & Dorothy          Ziants, Joanne                Gasiecki, Robert & Cecilia
Scobbie, Michael R.                                            Gault, Susan
                                 Individual Membership
Shaver, Mike & Melissa                                         Gingerich, Cathy
                                 Abel, Kathy
Shema, James & Kathy                                           Glenn, Don & Pat
                                 Albers, James
Shrader, Karen                                                 Glick, Susan
                                 Anderson, Christian
Shrader, Terry                                                 Golding, Helen
                                 Anderson, Michael & Claudia
Shrall, Mark & Sandra                                          Grady, Fred
                                 Anguiano, Charles
Sianta, Frank & Janet                                          Gross, Cheryl
                                 Arline Smolik
Smith, Linda & Bill                                            Hahn, Marilyn
                                 Ault, Brian
Smith, Martin & Monica                                         Hallberg, Ann
                                 Bacino, Jennifer
Snodgrass, Roy & Geri                                          Hamady, Robert
                                 Bakken, Clifford
Sparks, Diane                                                  Hanson, Barbara
                                 Balogh, Jo
Sparrow, Emmett & LaVonne                                      Hartig, Mark
                                 Behrens, David
Spelde, Edward                                                 Harting, Laura
                                 Besterman, Roz
Stroguiludis, Sharon J.                                        Hatton, Mary Ellen
                                 Biehr, Beverly
Strong, Glen & Kata                                            Herold, Greg
                                 Bohlmann, Melvin
Stump, Brian & Stephanie                                       Hess, Martha
                                 Bombassaro, Donna
Stump, Mauri & Jan                                             Horst, Richard L.
                                 Brown, Mary
Suarez, Joseph & Anne                                          Huish, Lance
                                 Brust, Fred & Helen
Tauras, Birute & Sarunas                                       Hurst, Bonnie
                                 Buchanan, Jody
Thomason, Joyce & Randy                                        Hyland, Elaine
                                 Bullock, John
Thompson, Kathryn                                              Iorio, Fay
                                 Burke, Thomas & Maureen
Tims, Machteld & Ian                                           Jenkins, Debby
                                 Carol Duncan
Tomasek, Aimee                                                 Jessen, Mary
                                 Castor, Penelope
Tucker, Ken & Laura                                            Johnston, Emily
                                 Champlin, Geraldine
Turner, James & Barbara                                        Jones, Diane
                                 Chynoweth, Marilyn
Ubben, Joe & Victoria                                          Jostes, Victoria
                                 Clifford, Dotti
Urbanski, Thelma                                               Keeton, Shirley
                                 Clyne, Kevin
Van Amstel, Tom & Mary Ann                                     Keith, Kay
                                 Coffey, Susan
Van Arsdel, John & Kathleen                                    Kendera, Sue
                                 Coles, Kathleen
VanHatten, Jane & Karl Nelson                                  Kestner, Georgene

10                                                                                 Donor List
Kilburg, Maxine               Pitzke, Lucille              Spring, Marilyn
Kirscher, Richard             Poliseno, Dennis             Stalbaum, Frank
Koehler, Mickey               Purevich, Sharon             Starrick, Dessie
Kovalow-St.John, Karen        Radovich, Susan              Steele, Jay
Kronenberg, Carolyn           Rafols, Danielle             Stewart, Eileen
LaReau, Clara                 Rainey, Clark                Strilich, Sandra
Lewandowski, Edgar            Ray, Carol                   Sullivan, Mary
Lickteig, Susan               Reed, Jean J.                Swan, Carol
Love, Diane                   Reese, Bill & Connie         Thomas, Ginni
Malfese, Dianne               Remijan, Shirley             Thrall, Larry
Mann, Susan I.                Renehan, Michael & Kirsten   Tobias, Diana Jean
Marshall, Casa                Renshaw, Steven              Travis, Colleen
Marten, Diane                 Rhoda, Bob                   Underwood, Robert
Martz, Hugh                   Robinson, Dana               Vandenburgh, Barry & Vicki
McCarrin, Patrick             Root, Daniel                 VanWienen, Jill
McCracken, Anthony & Elaine   Rozendaal, Ellen             Virkler, Andy
McMurtry, Myrna               Ruble, Bert & Kathy          Voller, Victoria
Meggs, Marcia                 Rush, James & Susan          Warner, Dorothy
Mengel, Robert & Ruthanne     Sacopulos, Eugenia           Warner, Emily
Milici, Carol                 Sandoval, Martha             Wegman, Nola
Monnich, Joni                 Santoro, John J.             Weitzel, Bonnie
Moore, Linda                  Schaefer, Betty              Welsh, Jo
Naylor, William & Alice       Scheller, Laura              West, Scott
Neagu, George V.              Kay Schenck                  White, Donald
Nelson, Nancy E.              Schiller, Corinne            White, Sandra
Newman, Gerald                Scofield, Carolyn            Wilson, Zann
Noe, Diane                    Segally, Sue                 Yonkman, Joe
Normoyle, Susan               Serwatka, Conrad & Judy      Yudt, Jan
Olson, Lynn                   Shoemaker, Connie Rae        Zunica, Janis
Passera, Pat                  Shrader, Arlene
                                                           Organizational Memberships
Patricia Stimmel              Shrader, Terry
                                                           AC Incorporated
Patterson, Sara               Sirbek, Pat
                                                           Shellbourne Conference Center
Pearman, Andrea               Skolak, Lorri
Pearman, Anna                 Sliger, Kathryn
Peglow, Sheree                Sliger, Terri
Persyn, Mary                  Smith, Lois
Peterson, Lisa                Smith, Mary Ann
Pierce, Judy                  Sonaty, Ron

Taltree 2007 Annual Report                                                              11
2007 Volunteers

Mashael AlJarba       Bill Iltzsche       Charles Prichason
Janice Ault           Diana Iltzsche      Darren Prigge
Jennifer Bacino       Shere Japchinski    Nicholas Radich
Clifford Bakken       Pat Jarosz          Norma Reynolds
Nancy Bell            Pamela Jasper       Rich Reynolds
Cathryn Bomberger     Victoria Jostes     Richard Reynolds
Mary Brown            Mary Kasparian      Mark Rippy
Tim Brust             Kay Keith           Shirley Rippy
Linda Bulla           David Kings         Eugenia Sacopulos
Roger Bulla           Linda Knopic        Jon Schoer
Renee Caprile         Joy Kolar           John Schreiner
Penelope Castor       Kent Loosemore      Doris Schroeder
Claudia Chastain      Ruth Lute           Michael Scobbie
Svenja Chesna         Pat Majka           Mary Simon
Bob Claypool          Linda Mapes         Lorri Skolak
Susan Colon           Diana Margis        Susan Spelde
Sarah Conway          Larry McAfee        Bill Steinbrecher
Rita DeRolf           James Melton        Bill Taylor
Judith Discher        Darryl Miller       Mary Thorne
Mary Alice Dolhover   Patricia Miller     Ken Tucker
Mary Faith Drazer     Debbie Modrowski    Laura Tucker
Carolyn Dye           Mabel Myrick        Joe Ubben
Cindy Edwards         Alice Naylor        Kathleen Van Arsdel
Jackie Fenchak        William Naylor      Cathy Ventura
Damien Gabis          Gerald Newman       Cassandra Vereb
Liz Gabis             Sandra Noe          Christine Vittoe
Mark Gabis            Lynn Olson          Viktoria Voller
Rita Gabis            Beverly Overmyer    Dorothy Warner
Susan Gault           Dorothy Paunovich   Beverly Williams
Thomas Hau            Edgar Peglow        Zann Wilson
Jill Hitz             Mary Persyn         Carole Wolf
Karen Hug             Cynthia Pierce      Robert Wolf

12                                                         2007 Volunteers
Financial Statement of Activity

Income: Total $921,451

                    $53,239 (6%)
         $52,019 (6%)
     $27,260 (3%)

$114,317 (12%)                                                    Unrestricted

                                                                  Restricted for Special Purposes


                                                                  Programs, Special Events and Facilities Rentals

                                                                  Investment Income

                                              $674,616 (73%)

Expenses: Total $921,451

                             $61,483 (7%)
                                            $281,317 (30%)

   $502,607 (55%)                                                 Program Expenses

                                                                  General and Administrative

                                                                  Capital Projects


                                                   $76,044 (8%)

Taltree 2007 Annual Report                                                                                 13
Taltree Arboretum and Gardens Board of Directors 2007

                 Tim Brust
                 Wille & Stiener Enterprises, Inc.

                 Damien A. Gabis, Ph.D.
                 President of Taltree Arboretum & Gardens Foundation

                 Rita T.Gabis
                 Taltree Arboretum & Gardens Foundation

                 Mark A. Gabis JD
                 CEO of Daymar Colleges & Draughons Jr. College

                 Thomas Hau CPA
                 Retired from Waste Management

                 James Hitz
                 Executive Director of Taltree Arboretum & Gardens

                 Kent Loosemore
                 Retired from Ticor Title Insurance

                 Larry McAfee DVM
                 McAfee Animal Hospital Valparaiso, IN

                 James Melton
                 Retired from NIPSCO

                 Darryl Miller
                 Retired from Ispat Inland

                 Sandra Noe
                 Executive Director at Meals on Wheels, Crown Point, IN

                 Cynthia Pierce
                 Crowe Chizek & Company LLC, Chicago, IL

                 Eugenia Sacopulos
                 Grant Development at Ivy Tech State College

                 Jonathan Schoer, Ph.D.
                 Assistant Professor at Valparaiso University

                 John Schreiner
                 Retired Pharmacist, Griffith, IN

                 Joseph Ubben
                 President of Breakaway Performance Group, LLC

                 Arboretum Grounds
                 450 West 100 North
                 Valparaiso, Indiana 46385
                 Phone: (219) 462-0025

14                                                                     2007 Board of Directors

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