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									A Changing Countryside
Teagasc, Athenry, Co. Galway
Friday, 20th June 2008
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         Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

                Welcome to Farmfest & Bioenergy ‘08
You are very welcome to the Teagasc centre in              A Message from FBD Trust
Athenry for Farmfest ‘08, incorporating Bioenergy          Main Sponsor
‘08. Today promises to be a special day, with the
full range of Teagasc services on display, the first
                                                           FBD Trust is very pleased to sponsor Teagasc’s
time in over ten years that all of Teagasc’s
                                                           Farmfest ‘08 event and to continue our long
activities can be seen at this location. Our
education, advisory and research staff, from our           association with Teagasc in the promotion of events
various colleges, enterprises and research areas,          such as this.
are all here to share research-based knowledge
and information with you.                                  As well as being an enjoyable day for families, an
                                                           event such as Farmfest is an important day in the
Farmfest ’08 is the major outdoor Teagasc event of         community’s calendar, drawing, as it does, people
this year and gives us an opportunity to meet              from far and wide from Galway city and county and
you face to face to discuss the issues that are            indeed beyond. In addition it gives people closely
impacting on your businesses and on your                   associated with farming an opportunity to meet and
lifestyle. Today is a family day, with something for       to share experiences of issues facing agriculture
all members of the family, but it is also a day for        today, which is at the very heart of FBD Trust’s
business, with exhibits not just on all the main           mission and objectives.
farming enterprises but also on many of the
alternative opportunities that are out there to be         We wish all visitors to Farmfest, farming and
                                                           non-farming, a very enjoyable day and we wish all
                                                           exhibitors a successful event also.
Bioenergy provides just one such opportunity, as the
Irish economy looks for alternative non oil-based
energy solutions. Teagasc and its partners, SEI and        I would like to thank the Teagasc team for putting
COFORD are pleased to stage Bioenergy ’08 and to           this day’s events together and to wish them
build on the success of last year’s first event.           continued success in the future.

The theme for Farmfest ‘08 ‘A Changing
Countryside’ is apt given the diverse economic,
social and policy changes which are impacting
rural areas. This is reflected in the range of
companies and organisations that are here, and it
provides you with a valuable opportunity to meet
experts from the full spectrum of activities that
are taking place in the post-Celtic Tiger modern
rural Ireland.

Events like this only happen with the support and
hard work of a lot of people. I would like to thank
FBD Trust for their generous support, and all
Teagasc staff, but particularly those here in
Athenry, for their commitment and dedication to
making this event a successful one.

                  Professor Gerry Boyle,                                     Conor Gouldson,
                  Director of Teagasc                                        Company Secretary

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Agriculture and Food 08                               Organised by Teagasc
A Changing Countryside                                Teagasc, Athenry, Co. Galway
                                                      Friday, 20th June 2008

Welcome to Farmfest & Bioenergy ‘08                                             3
Athenry Agricultural College                                                    7
Farmfest & Bioenergy ‘08 Site Map                                              10
For your Safety                                                                13
Exhibitors & Organisations Attending                                           15
Programme of Events and Demostrations                                          17

The Exhibits
A Guide to each of the Exhibits Presented by Teagasc Personnel

Artisan Food                                                                   19
Cattle                                                                         23
Crops - Cereals, potatoes and energy                                           27
Dairy                                                                          33
Education                                                                      37
Environment                                                                    41
Equine                                                                         45
Farm Buildings                                                                 49
Farm Management and Technology                                                 53
Forestry                                                                       57
Health and Safety                                                              61
Organic Farming                                                                65
Rural Development and Innovation                                               69
Science in Teagasc                                                             73
Sheep                                                                          76
Bioenergy ‘08                                                                  78
Entertainment and Catering                                                     80

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    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Athenry Agricultural College –                           a brief history

Sir Horace Plunkett, the first vice-president       out Ireland at the time and small
of the Department of Agriculture and                uneconomic holdings were the order of the
Technical Instruction, 1899 – 1906 issued a         day. There was great urgency to make
“Memorandum on Agricultural Education in            farming as an occupation more profitable.
Ireland” which clearly cited that progress          Instruction was provided by those newly
could not be made until the country had a           qualified instructors at local centres.
supply of Irish educators familiar with Irish
conditions and in tune with Irish feelings          The Department soon saw the need for a
and aspirations.                                    number of training farms that could also be
                                                    used and that could also be used for
The first step was the establishment of a           research and to train young men in farming.
Faculty of Agriculture in the College of            Three substantial farms were acquired
Science in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin in           around the same time in Clonakilty, in
1900. Part of the training was given in the         Ballyhaise and in Athenry.
Albert Agricultural College in Glasnevin.

The Faculty moved to a new building in              650 acres of good land
Merrion Street in 1904. At the same time the        The farm at Athenry was part of the
Munster Institute in Cork was being                 Goodbody Estate of 2,300 acres which had
revamped to equip the college to educate            been acquired by the Congested Districts
instructors in poultry keeping and butter           Board. Approximately 650 acres came to the
making.                                             Department of Agriculture. It was, for the
                                                    most part, good land and important at the
Land struggle                                       time because of its proximity to the railway
The land struggle was in progress through-          junction.

       Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Most of the Goodbody estate was divided             students of general agriculture, pig
amongst the local people but there were             management and poultry management;
some who thought that the entire estate             and
should be divided out. This resulted in a
campaign of local agitation. The “spiked          ■ Training for farm apprentices.
meadow” field is known to the present day
as a reminder of the tactics used in that
campaign.                                         Located on outskirts of Athenry
                                                  Teagasc Mellows Centre is located 2 km
The College was opened in October 1905            from the historic market town of Athenry or
using temporary structures and the student        Baile Atha an Riogh (as gaeilge) and 20 km
quarters were known as “the huts” until the       from Galway city.
new college opened in 1966. William J
McGaw was the first superintendent of             Athenry boasts some of the best preserved
Athenry Agricultural College.                     medieval buildings, walls and artifacts in
The agitation stopped when the local
people saw that the farm now in the hands         The Clareen river flows through Athenry
of the Department of Agriculture created          and gives its name to Clarenbridge where it
employment opportunity and educational            enters the sea.
benefits for the people of the area.

Training and Education Courses at
Athenry Agricultural College through
the years:

■ Residential courses for young farming

■ Winter Farm School – November to

■ Training of trainers in Irish i.e.,
  agricultural courses conducted through
  the medium of Irish for agricultural
  overseers in the Gaeltacht areas.
  (1929/30 and periodically thereafter
  to 1950)

■ Courses for Macra na Feirme and Macra
  na Tuaithe

■ Certificate in Farming (Green Cert.) for

  Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Farmfest & Bioenergy ’08 Site Map

Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

             No.    Area

             1      Crops – cereals, potatoes and energy

             2      Forestry

             3      Environment and Farm Buildings

             4      Farmers Market

             5      Rural Development and Innovation Artisan Food

             6      Kids Zone

             7      Grassland & Suckler Welfare

             8      Health & Safety

             9      Teagasc Education, Teagasc ICT, Marine Institute

             10     Science in Teagasc

             11     Cattle Breed Societies

             12     Teagasc Cattle Exhibit, Bord Bia, ICBF

             13     Rest Area

             14     Entertainment

             15     Picnic Area

             16     Trade Exhibitors

             17     Teagasc FEPS Area

             18     Milking Parlour

       Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

For Your Safety
We hope you enjoy the event. Mellows Centre is a working farm and we
ask you to bear in mind the following safety guidelines:

■ DO NOT ENTER the livestock paddocks.             ■ The public address room is located in
                                                     the Information Centre.
■ DO NOT climb over fences – use the
  exits provided. Some areas of the farm           ■ First aid, ambulance (Order of Malta) are
  are fenced with barbed wire.                       located beside the Information Centre.

■ BE CAREFUL around machinery exhibits             ■ Lost children should be taken to the
  – keep away from moving machinery.                 Information Centre. Enquiries about lost
                                                     children should be made at the
■ DO NOT smoke in any covered area,                  Information Centre.
  including farm buildings and marquees.

  Expect vehicles to be moving around the

  Drive with care exiting car parks – be
  patient if there are delays. Show courtesy
  to other drivers and pedestrians.

Child Safety

■ DO NOT allow children wander off alone
  – keep under observation at all times.

■ DO NOT allow children to enter livestock

  Ensure children wash their hands before

                                                   NOTICE TO ALL ENTRANTS
                                                   No liability will be accepted for loss or
Information                                        damage or injury to persons or vehicles
                                                   including (contents) however such loss or
■ An information centre is clearly                 injury be caused. All persons coming onto
  identified by the flagpole saying                these premises must take care for their
  ‘INFORMATION’.                                   own safety and that of other persons
                                                   accompanying them for whom they are
■ Event stewards will be wearing                   responsible or over whom they exercise
  luminous singlet yellow jackets saying           authority and must supervise and control
                                                   all such persons accordingly.

        Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Exhibitors & Organisations Attending
• Aines Chocolates                   • Deerpark Farm Services            • Hedge Laying Association           • MacMachinery Ltd.           • Saddlery
• Abbey Machinery                    • Delaval Ltd                       • Helena Boylan & Co Slicitors       • Macra Na Feirme             • Samco Agricultural
• Aileen Minogue                     • Department of Agriculture         • Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd.           • Maggies Ceramics              Manufacturing Ltd
• Alfabloc Walling Systems           • Dept.OfAgriculture,Organic Unit   • HIT Hinrichs Innovation &          • Major Equipment Intl Ltd.   • Shamrock Enterprises
• ALFCO Farm Services Ltd.           • Derryvilla Blueberries              Technik GmbH                       • Malone Fruit Farm           • Shannon Holidays
• AMG Energy Solutions Ltd.          • Design By Nature                  • Hobby Wood Turner                  • Man of Aran Fudge           • Sheatec Maintenance
• An Iionad Glas Organic College     • Devine Foods                      • Horse Sport Ireland/Irish Sport    • Marine Institute              Systems Ltd
• Andy's Glass Design                • Donegal Woodland Owners             Horse Studbook                     • Marlenes Chocolate heaven   • Sheffrey Soaps
• Apprentice Thatchers                 Group                             • HSE                                • Mary Sherry                 • Silivia Rushe
• Aquajet                            • Door Teck                         • ICMSA                              • Mayo Blackface Sheep        • SIM2Learn
• Ask Me Landscape                   • Dovea Genetics Ltd.               • IFAC Accountants                     Breeders                    • Slateways
• Athenry Credit Untion              • Dr. Susan Elliott                 • IHWT                               • McDonald Mushrooms Ltd.     • Slievebloom Foods
• Athenry Organics                   • Dundalk Institute of              • Inagh Farmhouse Cheese             • McGuinness Seeds            • Social Farming
• Athlone Institute ofTechnology       Technology                        • Indulge Bakery                     • McHale Farm Machinery       • Solaris Herbs
• Aughrim Timber                     • Durapak Agri Ltd.                 • Institute of Technology,           • Meab Enamels                • Sowan's Organic Bread
• Ballyduff Boat Hire                • Eagles Flying                       Blanchardstown                     • Meadowsweet Apiaries        • SpiroFeed Ltd
• Ballyhaise Agricultural College    • EasyFix                           • Intervet Schering Plough           • Mia Muffins                 • Stanley Engineering Services
• Ballyhoura Failte                  • Eco Labs                          • IOFGA                              • Microtrade                  • Student Services NUIG
• Ballyshiel Artisan Foods           • Ecobooley Self Catering           • Irish Angus Cattle Society         • Millwood Crafts             • Sustainable Water Network
• Bayly Mapping Service              • Ecowood Energy                    • Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed          • Monaghan Bros               • SWS
• Beal Organic Cheese                • Edible Icon                         Society Ltd.,                      • Morrissey Sales & Repairs   • Tank Storage Systems
• Beechlawn Organic Farm             • Egan's Sliothar Hitters           • Irish Charolais Cattle Society     • Mossfield Organic farm      • Taras Quality Foods
• Belclare Sheep Society             • Elementary Energy                 • Irish Cottage Candles              • Mount Mills Flax Oil        • Taste of Days Gone By
• Belgian Products Ltd.              • EliteForm Manufacturing Ltd.      • Irish Deer and Vension             • Mountbellew Agricultural    • Teagasc
• Beltex Sheep Society               • Emsjoy Designs                    • Irish Egg Marketing Ltd.             College                     • Teagasc eCollege
• Biomass Heating Solutions Ltd.     • Energy Crops Ltd.                 • Irish Farmers Association          • Mullinahone Co-Op           • Teagasc Education &
• Blessingbourne Estate              • ENFO                              • Irish Farmers Journal              • Multiflue Chimney Repairs     Development Directorate
• Bord Bia                           • EPA                               • Irish Farmhouse Holidays           • Murphy Bros                 • Teagasc Education Clinic
• Botanica International             • Equestrian Direct Sales           • Irish Goat Producers Association   • NAD Ltd.                    • Teagasc Farm Management &
• Bothar                             • Fairymount Farm                   • Irish Hereford Society             • NARGC                         Technology Services
• Bova A1                            • Farm Relief Service               • Irish Moiled Cattle Society        • National Dairy Council      • Teagasc Food Industry Training
• Brian Coonan                       • FAS                               • Irish Organic Herbs                • National Organic Training   • Teagasc Human Resources
• Burke Door & Gate System           • FBD Insurance PLC                 • Irish Rouge Sheep Society            Skillnet                    • Teagasc Road Maps
• Burkes Farm Ice Cream              • FETAC                             • Irish Rural Link                   • Natural Nutrition Ltd.      • Temple Spa
• BurrenBeo                          • FF Gorman & Co.                   • Irish Simmental Cattle Society     • Natural Power Supply        • TG4/Good Company
• Carlow Precast Tanks               • Ffrenchs Fine Foods               • Irish Timber and Forestry          • NC Engineering                Productions
• Cashels Sales & Rentals Ltd.       • Field Monument Advisor            • Irish Woodpellets Ltd.              (HamiltonsBawn) Ltd.         • The Barn & Alder Cottage Self
• Castlefarm Shop                    • Filligans Food                    • ISME                               • Nell's House                  Catering Accommodation
• Celtic Roots                       • Financial Regulator               • It’s a Shawlthing                  • NGS Agri Ltd                • The Bean Tree
• Central Fisheries Board            • First Step                        • ITGA                               • Noodle House Pasta          • The Donkey Sanctuary
• Cheetah Electronics                • Foods of Athenry                  • Jacob Sheep Society                • Novartis Animal health      • The Glen of Aherlow Failte
• Cheval Equine Products             • Forest Service                    • Jamax Engineering                  • NPWS                          Society Ltd.
• Circle Paints                      • Forest Training & Education       • James Murray                       • NUIG                        • The Gourmet Offensive
• Clare Woodchip                       Ireland Ltd.                      • Janet's Country Fayre              • O'Brien's Timber            • The Irish Piebald & Skewbald
• Clarissa Webb                      • Forestry Services Ltd.            • Janssen Animal Health              • Odon Equestrian Ltd.          Association Ltd.,
• Clarke Machinery Ltd.              • Fosters Chocolates                • Jedco                              • O'Donovan Engineering       • The Laserworkers
• Clonakilty Agricultural College    • Fraber Enterprises                • Jewels of the Burren                 Co. Ltd.                    • The Organic Centre
• Cloonacool Artic Charr             • FTMTA                             • JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd.         • Office of the Director of   • The Pensions Board
• COFORD                             • Fused Glass                       • JHM Crops Ltd                        Corporate Affairs           • The Pine Rack
• Coillte                            • Galway County &                   • Jim Murphy Engineering             • O'Flynns Gourmet Sausage    • The Scullery
• College of Amenity Horticulture,     City Enterprise Board              Tuam Ltd.                             Company                     • The Truffle Fairy
  National Botanic Gardens           • Galway County Council             • Joe Gowran                         • Oldtown Hill Bakehouse      • Tiernan Farmhouse Cheese
• Comer Cleaning Equip. Ltd.         • Galway Free Range Eggs            • Joe Nolan Fencing                  • Olympic Saddlery            • Timber Built Cottages
• Comfort Slat Mat Ltd.              • Galway Homeopathics Ltd.          • John Griffin & Sons                • Omega Beef Direct           • Tintean Heating Systems
• Comhar Leader na hEireann          • Galway Mayo Institute of          • Kaleidoscope Crafts                • Organic Meats West          • Tipperary Institute
• Community Alert                      Technology                        • Kedco The Bio-Science Energy       • Organic Trust Ltd.          • Tower Aqua Products Ltd.
• Concern Worldwide                  • Galway Rural Development            Company,                           • Osmonds                     • Tralee Institute of Technology
• Concrete Grooving                  • Galway Sheep Breeders             • Kelly's Gourmet Butcher            • Outscape                    • Tree Care Ireland (TCI)
• Conor Engineering                    Association Ltd.                  • Kellys Organic Dairy Ltd.          • PAC Ireland                 • Tree Council of Ireland
• Cork Institute of Technology       • Garda Siochana                    • Kerry Farm Forestry                • Packo Ireland               • Tullow Sheep Breeders
• Corleggy Cheese                    • GEGA                              • Kilbeg Dairy Delights              • Paddock-Vac Sales             Association
• Cormac Sheep Co.                   • Gerry Delaney Precast             • Kildalton Horticultural College    • Pallaskenry                 • UCD
• County Clare Wood Energy           • Gilsenan Dairy Products           • Killeen Farmhouse Cheese           • Pat Kearney                 • Udaras na Gaeltachta
  Project                            • Glasstree                         • Killowen Yoghurts                  • Patents Office              • Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd.
• County Galway VEC                  • Glastry Farm Ice Cream            • Kingswood Computing                • Performance Steel           • Uniblock
• County Wexford Partnership         • Glendara Art                      • KitaKards                          • Pfizer Animal Health        • Vanderlaan SilkySaws
  Ltd.                               • Glenisk Ltd.                      • Knockdrinna Cheese                 • PJ Callan Ltd.              • Vaughan Woodchip Depot
• Cow Comfort (Mayo Mats)            • Glyde farm produce                • KW Forage                          • PJ Dore & Co Ltd.           • Veg-e-Que
• Craft Corner Mary Kilkelly         • Goat & Cart Display               • Lanna                              • Plum Tree Cottage           • Warrenstown Horticultural
• Craft de Crumic                    • Goldcrop Ltd                      • Laois Craft Group                  • Pobal                         College
• Creeslough Macrame                 • Good Herdsmen Proc Ltd.           • Leitrim Organic Farmers Coop       • Portahinch Products         • Waterford Institute of
• Crepes in the City                 • GR Chocolates                     • Limerick Institute of              • Portumna Country Market       Technology
• Croc an Oir                        • Green Belt Ltd                      Technology                         • PR West                     • Waterford Sheep Breeders
• Croghan Organic Garden             • Greengrove Wood Energy Ltd.       • Liston Lonergan & Associates,      • Prue & Simons               • WCS Pedigree Animal Feeds
• Cross Agricultural Engineering     • Griffins Bakery                   • Lleyn Sheep Society                • Quarrymount Meats           • Western Forestry Co-op
  Ltd.                               • G's Jams                          • Loli's Fair Trade Accessories      • Ray Forde                   • Western River Basin District
• Crossogue Preserves                • Gurteen Agricultural College      • Lombao Food Company                • Ray Walsh                   • Wicklow Woodland Owners'
• Crowley Engineering                • Hampshire Down Ireland            • Looking Hot                        • Redrock Engineering Ltd.,     Group
• Crumb Rubber Ireland Ltd.          • Handcrafts by Helen               • Lough Bishop House                 • Revenue Commissioners       • Wild Orchard
• Cybersolutions                     • Hanley Precision Eng.             • Lynches                            • Ri na Mara                  • Worrell Woodchip
• Dairymaster                        • HBF Biofuels                      • M J Safety                         • Roscommon County Council    • Zwartbles
• Daisy Zambrano                     • Health & Safety Authority         • M Large Tree Services Ltd.         • Roseacre Soaps Ltd.

         Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Programme of Events and Demonstrations –
Start time to be on-going, on the hour or a specific time
Demo – to give brief description of what’s happening

Village                Start Time                   Demo
Artisan Food           Starting 11.30am &          1. Bord Bia Cookery Demonstrations
                       following on the hour       2. Eurotoques Cookery Demonstrations

Crops – cereals,       11.00am & 3.00pm            1. Overview of Tillage Exhibit
potatoes & energy

Education              On going                    1.   Horticulture - Landscaping & Hanging Baskets
                                                   2.   Machinery Skills
                                                   3.   Building Construction & Farm Maintenance
                                                   4.   Agricultural Engineering
                                                   5.   Sheep Handling & Husbandry

Environment            12 noon, 2.00pm & 4.00pm    1.   Trailing Shoe Slurry
                       On going                    2.   Soil Water Irrigation
                       On going                    3.   Clover Establishment
                       On going                    4.   Stone Wall Building

Equine                 On going                    See page 47 for full Programme of Demonstrations

Forestry & Bioenergy   11.00am – 4.00pm            1.   Live Demonstrations
Exhibit                10.00am – 5.00pm            2.   Coford/WIT Wood Energy Demos
                       11.00am, 1.00pm & 3.00pm    3.   SEI/Coford/Teagasc Bioenergy Workshops
                       12 noon – 2.00pm            4.   Forestry & Bioenergy Crop Demonstrations
                       12 noon, 1.00pm & 2.00pm    5.   Feps Woodland
                       On going                    6.   Eco Trades

                                                   1.   Safe Slurry Handling
Health & Safety        On going                    2.   Safe Animal Handling
                                                   3.   Safety in Area of PTO Shaft
                                                   4.   Manual Handling

Rural Development &    On going

Science in Teagasc     On going

Sheep                  11.00am                     All Ireland National Sheep Championships for
                                                   Charollais, Suffolk, Texel & Vendeen.

                       3.00pm                      Judging for Champion & Reserve for each breed.

Entertainment          10.30am – 4.45pm            On going

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Artisan Food

                                                       innovative with new product development
                                                       playing an ever-increasing role. Our successful
                                                       agri-food sector exports product worth over
                                                       €7bn annually.

                Edward O’Neill,                        The growth of farmers’ markets in Ireland
                Teagasc Artisan Food Specialist        over the past decade has been quite
                                                       extraordinary. With the assistance of local
                                                       enterprise boards and leader groups this
The production of speciality food in Ireland           now results in a turnover in excess of €10m
accounts for approximately €500m per                   per annum, and reflects the diversity of
annum from a base of 320 producers with                products, our changing lifestyles, and the
an estimated combined employment level                 agricultural environment.
of 3,000 people (source: Bord Bia).
                                                       Farmfest features over 70 food stalls
The preparation of food is the most traditional        representing some of the wonderful variety
of all domestic activities and our kitchens            and quality of speciality and artisan foods
have demonstrated high levels of skill in the          available throughout our land and includes
development of indigenous food products.               a vast range of niche food products from
                                                       Donegal to Dingle and Louth to Limerick.

Business Opportunity
Over the next ten years the number of Irish
farms is expected to decline by over 20%. In
response to this, Teagasc has introduced the
Options Analysis Programme to encourage
diversity which, in turn, can help farm

Artisan food offers a complementary
diversification business opportunity for
farmers in an area where there is significant
growth potential while also helping to
retain rural dwellers and improve rural

Currently in Europe the speciality and
artisan food market is worth over €33bn and
Ireland is uniquely positioned to have an
increasing share of this market.

The food industry in Ireland is modern,
highly sophisticated and technologically

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

The outdoor farmers’ market has produce              ■ Has a competitive advantage in terms
from throughout the west of Ireland and                of price differentiation compared to
beyond. Many of the companies presenting               commodity products.
themselves today are rural-based and are
clear examples of the entrepreneurial spirit         ■ Has a rate of market growth that is far
present within our countryside. We hope                outstripping Ireland’s ability to supply.
they will act as a beacon for people in rural
Ireland to light up the path of opportunity          ■ Currently commands an international
that is available in food production.                  reputation at the premium end of the
Artisan/Speciality Food
■ Represents a significant opportunity for           ■ This reputation needs to be developed
  diversification.                                     and nurtured if we are to benefit from
                                                       an ever increasing market.
■ Can achieve superior taste through
  artisan food-making skills.

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle


                                                      and food export industry.

                                                      Recent Developments
                                                      The beef industry is still adjusting to the
                                                      decoupling of premiums from production.
               Bernard Smyth,                         This has resulted in a greater focus on the
               Programme Manager                      market which will stimulate an emphasis
                                                      among producers on the factors that
                                                      maximise market returns. These are primarily
Farmfest at Athenry is located in the centre          output value, (price, stocking rate, weight
of the largest concentration of suckling              for age and quality) on the one hand and
cows in the country. The five counties                production costs on the other.
of Connaught and Co. Clare account for
390,000 suckler cows or 35% of the national           The Teagasc cattle programme prioritises
beef herd and over 80% of cows in these               these factors through its technology transfer
counties are beef cows. Therefore, beef cattle        activities with the aim of improving incomes
production, particularly the production of            on beef farms. The three main sub-pro-
                                                      grammes by which this will be achieved
quality weanlings is the major farming
                                                      are:(a) improved breeding in co-operation
enterprise in the region.
                                                      with ICBF; (b) increased farm efficiency using
                                                      financial packages (eProfit Monitor and Cost
The cattle and beef sector overall accounts           Control Planner); and (c) a major advisory
for 28% of agricultural output and 33% of             effort on maximising output from grazed
agricultural exports. Beef farming is widely          grass in order to control feed cost and
dispersed across all regions being the main           increase animal performance.
or sole enterprise on 100,000 farms out of a
total of about 130,000 farm holdings. Cattle          Beef price has been a serious obstacle to the
farming is characterised by relatively low            achievement of satisfactory incomes, even
market-based margins, with an average of              for technically efficient beef producers.
approximately €9,000 per farm in 2006 and             Recent price increases have generated new
a high dependence on direct payments which            optimism among producers.
made up about 130% of farm income according
to the 2006 National Farm Survey.                     Positive Development
                                                      Beef prices have increased by 12%-15%
Consequently, income from off-farm                    since last year. In addition, there is now a
employment and other sources make up a                growing EU deficit coupled with steady
large proportion of household income                  consumption. Irish beef exports are now
                                                      almost all going to EU markets in contrast
on many cattle farms. Nevertheless, the
                                                      to a decade ago when 50% was sold on
beef sector is vital to the prosperity and
                                                      international markets. The rise in the cost
sustainability of agriculture and to the
                                                      of cereals has made beef produced from
national economy because of its dominant              grazed grass more competitive against that
position within the agri-food industry. It is         produced from grain and against other
also the vital platform on which to continue          meats that are produced almost exclusively
the development of a modern meat processing           on grain.

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Another positive development has been the             practices that facilitate AI, based on
introduction of the Animal Welfare Recording          research findings at Athenry. The grassland
& Breeding Scheme (Suckler Cow Welfare                and feed exhibits focus on the most cost
Scheme) which will help maintain suckler              competitive feeding regimes for beef
cow numbers. This is vital to provide the raw         production, including maximising the use
material for high value export markets.               of grass in the diet of beef cattle and the role
                                                      of alternative forage crops.
The theme of the Teagasc beef exhibit is
“Raising Competitiveness in Beef Production”.         Up to date information on the management
It features the main areas where we can               of weanlings to comply with the Suckler
exploit our competitive advantages in beef            Welfare Scheme, (creep feeding, meal
production within the EU and covers all               feeding, weaning practices) is available.
the major aspects of beef production from             Animal health and welfare, including
breeding, nutrition, grassland, animal health,        parasite and disease control which is a
carcase payments, through to marketing. The           major issue in the live export trade, will also
major breeding exhibit, involving Teagasc,            be addressed.
ICBF, the AI companies and the Beef Breed
Societies, aims towards helping farmers               Bord Bia have a large marketing exhibit dealing
accelerate the rate of genetic improvement by         with market prospects and requirements.
selecting top sires for the main economic             Overall, the beef exhibit today targets the
traits.                                               crucial issues of concern to producers with
                                                      several topics of interest for all beef farmers.
Up to Date Information
The Herd Plus programme provides genetic              The Teagasc beef research and advisory services
evaluation of breeding herds and individual           are establishing the BETTER Farm Programme to
animals which will facilitate more accurate           demonstrate the application of research-based
selection of high quality breeding females.           technology on beef farms. Information on this new
The Teagasc exhibit also features improved            innovative programme is available at Farmfest today.

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

CROPS – cereals, potatoes and energy

                                                      Fisheries and Food show how they certify
                                                      top quality potato seed. DAFF recommended
                                                      lists and variety details are available
                                                      and our crop nutrition specialists provide
                                                      research-backed advice on soil analysis and
               Jim O’Mahony,                          fertilizer/slurry application on tillage crops.
               Tillage Programme Manager

With growing demand for cereals world-
wide the future for tillage and energy crops
up to 2015 is optimistic.

Cereal area is projected to increase by 12%
(35,000 ha). Energy crops could increase by
100,000 ha (mainly perennials like miscanthus
and willows) given appropriate EU and
government incentives.

To be successful, growers will need to adopt a
business approach to crop production and
take advantage of developments in markets
and technology. Our exhibit today at Farmfest
discusses the business and technology
options available in tillage and energy crops.

We look at what’s new in tillage crops. We
discuss anticipated crop margins in 2008
and look at the new Teagasc Business and
Technology Service for the sector.

Visitors to Farmfest have the opportunity
to win a laptop computer to mark the
International Year of the Potato 2008. To
enter, participants are asked to guess the
weight of the potato and complete a short
survey. Yes! Potatoes are a very healthy food
being lower than rice and pasta in fat and

Teagasc research and advisory demonstrate
new breeding and growing technologies
while the Department of Agriculture,

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Cropsure are with us and they are outlining           The potential to reduce feed costs; grass
the Grain Assurance Scheme.                           silage variability; Nitrates Directive benefits;
                                                      fragmented/high stocking rate; spring
The outdoor exhibit sees the DAFF demon-              milk farms as well as the winter milk
strating plots of the newest varieties of             herd; fermented whole crop options; high
spring barley (22) and spring oats (13) as            moisture grains (crimp or urea treated
well as very old varieties of oats such as            grain); and low moisture grains (dried
Caffreys and Ard Ri. Three new varieties of           rolled, propcorn treated, caustic).
spring triticale and three varieties of spring
oilseed rape are also on display.                     The cost of these grain options compare to
                                                      grazed grass and silage as well as value/
Our exhibit asks key questions on issues              price of tradable forage crops?

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle


                                                      income of €53,600 from the dairy herd.
                                                      While the price of milk will decrease in 2008
                                                      the 2% increase in quota will help to
                                                      maintain farm income.

               Matt Ryan,                             In the same year the cattle systems gave an
               Dairy Programme Manager                income of €340/ha (2006 NFS); 42% that of
                                                      dairying. It is not rocket science to suggest
                                                      that some cattle farmers with a reasonable
Dairy farm numbers have been decreasing               land base adjacent to the milking parlour,
by 4-6%, with the result that numbers                 with age and enthusiasm on their side,
are now down to 20,000 (approx.) active               should consider switching or at least
farmers. On the positive side, milk price has         examining dairying as an option.
increased significantly in the recent past
and world market demand for dairy                     Good Lifestyle
produce is outstripping the supply of milk.           As dairy farmers do not travel to work
Consequently, there are positive vibes in             dairying provides them with a family
dairy farming and every reason to be                  lifestyle that other professions may envy.
optimistic.                                           For example, being with family members for
                                                      long periods, being able to take and collect
Farmers will exit dairy farming for any one           children from school and being able to
of a number of reasons e.g., age, health, lack        attend their school events. In addition, the
of a successor, or for other reasons. This            healthy work environment on a farm is an
presents opportunities for young farmers or           added and enviable benefit.
farmers in other enterprises to enter dairy
farming.                                              Personal Development
                                                      Being your own boss is an ambition most
The dairy stand at Farmfest aims at informing         employees aspire to. Dairying provides the
would-be dairy farmers why they should                opportunity to grow the business by getting
consider dairying as a profession and why             the most out of the resources available.
existing dairy farmers with potential should          Dairy farming is a real ‘people’s job’ with
expand their businesses. Today we highlight           communication being one of the key attributes.
the contribution dairying makes nationally,
locally and individually, how to get into it,
and the cost of entry or expansion.

Let us look at why farmers should be
positive about dairying.

Reasonable Income
The 2006 (a difficult year) National Farm
Survey (NFS) showed that dairy farmers
made €650/ha net profit. It is estimated that
dairy income in 2007 increased by 84%. This
means a 45 ha dairy farmer made an

       Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

A dairy farmer communicates with many              and it is now more attractive to lease farms.
different people to get the job done.
                                                   With good planning and investment, entry
Rural stability                                    costs need not be prohibitive. This can
Currently, a lot of money is being invested        result in a return on investment ranging
in rural development. People living and            from 5%+ for owned-farms to 15%+ for
working in rural communities make the              leased-farms.
community vibrant. Good farming creates
‘life’ in rural areas.                             Summary
                                                   Farmfest dairying addresses all the issues
How can you join the club?                         associated with “You Should be a Dairy
                                                   Farmer”. For those of you in the business, it
Entry to dairying is now easier due to             will help you to convince a son/daughter
quotas freeing-up (under-supply in some            and perhaps convince yourself that it is a
areas), improved partnership arrangements,         good way of life not to be taken for granted.

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

                                                           Milk Production Partnership and priority
                                                           treatment for certain national reserves.

                                                         ■ The Teagasc’s education and training
                Paddy Browne,                              programme has in recent years undergone
                Assistant Director, Education and          a radical overall with all courses now
                Development Unit                           nationally accredited by FETAC or HETAC.
                                                           This means that participants can progress
                                                           right up to honours degree level and
With the downturn in the construction                      beyond.
sector, careers in agriculture, horticulture,
equine and forestry are coming back into                 ■ Many participants in Teagasc courses are
focus for those who would like a career in                 now planning to combine a professional
the great outdoors. As well as our Further                 career with part-time farming. Most of our
Level training programmes, Teagasc is                      programmes are geared to facilitate such
involved in the delivery of 11 Higher Level                an arrangement. In fact many of our
training programmes in partnership with                    programmes can now be completed on a
various Institutes of Technology.                          part-time basis or through e-Learning.

The following is a summary of the main                   All Teagasc’s further level courses have been
reasons why you should consider a training               benchmarked and upgraded in recent years
programme with Teagasc:                                  and are now nationally accredited by the
                                                         Further Education and Training Awards
■ While the economy is slowing somewhat                  Council (FETAC).
  there is a renewed sense of optimism in
  farming. Milk prices and grain prices have             Suitable for Career
  increased considerably over the recent                 These courses are suitable for people who
  past. In addition, the relaxation of the               wish to make a career in agriculture,
  quota regime in dairying will create greater           horticulture, horses or forestry but who do
  opportunities for new entrants.                        not wish to complete a third level course.
                                                         There is no minimum educational entry
■ Careers in agriculture, horticulture, equine           requirement but those who have completed
  and forestry all offer a healthy rewarding             the Leaving Certificate are most likely to
  lifestyle, usually on your back door.                  benefit.
  Compare this to a two-hour commute to a
  crowded office/factory and the benefits                Courses in agriculture are available in the
  become obvious.                                        following colleges:
                                                         ■ Ballyhaise Agricultural College
■ Young trained farmers can benefit from a               ■ Gurteen Agricultural College
  range of incentives provided they meet the             ■ Mountbellew Agricultural College
  appropriate training requirements. These               ■ Pallaskenry Agricultural College
  incentives include Stamp Duty Relief,                  ■ Clonakilty Agricultural College
  Stock Relief, Installation Aid, Additional             ■ Kildalton Agricultural College
  Investment Aid, Early Retirement Scheme,

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Courses in horticulture are available in:             to manage and support learners with Teagasc
■ Warrenstown Horticultural College                   workbooks used as resource material. Students
■ National Botanic Gardens                            communicate with eTutors online, attend
■ Kildalton Horticulture College                      practical training days in Teagasc agricultural
                                                      colleges and submit assignments by email.
Forestry training is located at Ballyhaise
Agricultural College and Equine training is           Based in Teagasc’s Kinsealy Centre in Co.
located at Kildalton Agricultural College.            Dublin, it provides comprehensive online
In addiction, training in Agricultural                learning programmes in both agriculture
Mechanisation is located at Pallaskenry               and horticulture.
Agricultural College.
                                                      The 180-hour agricultural training pro-
Part-time farmers are also catered for by             gramme, which over 400 young farmers
the provision of the Level 5 Certificate in           completed in 2007, is being augmented by
Agriculture and the Level 6 Advanced                  the provision of new online courses in
Certificate in Agriculture at both college and        the areas of food training, poultry and
local centres. This course is delivered at            technical discussion groups. The pilot
night and weekends to meet the needs of               online programmes have been so successful,
part-time farmers with an off-farm job.               that without advertising, there is a long
                                                      waiting list for future programmes.
Teagasc eCollege
Teagasc eCollege provides an online learning          The Farmfest Education and Training
environment, designed for the delivery of             Exhibit includes a comprehensive “one stop
courses to both part-time farmers and                 shop” on all the education courses provided
young entrants.                                       by Teagasc.

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle


                                                            This display shows 50 of the birds and mammals
                                                            that REPS farms are conserving. Outside, best
                                                            practice in relation to many of the options and
                                                            measures under REPS 4 are demonstrated including
                                                            LINNET crops, various hedgerow displays, and rare
                 Sean Regan,                                breeds, to name a few.
                 Programme Manager
                                                            Exhibitors including Birdwatch Ireland, Bat
                                                            Conservation Ireland, National Parks and Wildlife
Farming and the Environment –                               Service, Central Fisheries Board along with many
Getting the balance right!                                  others are also here to answer your queries.
Irish farming has undergone enormous transfor-
mation in recent years. Food security has gone full         Maximising Nutrients on the Farm
circle to being a central issue for Irish consumers.        With ever increasing fertilizer prices, the focus is
Irish farming must now affirm its position as a             now on maximising the value of organic manures
leader of efficient and environmentally sound               and carefully addressing crop requirements. The
production techniques.                                      slurry and soiled water demo shows how the
                                                            latest slurry spreading technology allows you to
The environment exhibit at Farmfest ’08 plays host          maximise the return from slurry. The Nitrates
to a large number of displays and demonstrations            Directive coupled with rising input costs are
that will give those attending the opportunity to           forcing farmers to make better use of all available
see for themselves how efficient and environmental          nutrient sources, particularly slurry.
practices can be best put into action on farms.
                                                            Teagasc advisory and research staff are on hand
Hot topics include: REPS and biodiversity, efficient        to provide visitors with expert advice on maximising
fertilizer use, water quality, habitat management           the nitrogen and phosphorus contained in
and gaseous emissions,to name a few.                        organic manures.

REPS 4 –                                                    A live clover demonstration will take place as
an option that must be considered                           part of the event. Clover is an important tool for
The advent of REPS 4 means that there is now an             grassland farmers. White clover can supply as
even greater emphasis on enhancing habitats and             much as 150 kg/ha (120 units/acre) of nitrogen on
biodiversity on Irish farms whilst operating in a           an annual basis. Teagasc researchers and
commercial environment. Currently, over 55,000              advisers are available to provide you with up to
farmers throughout Ireland farm to REPS standards.          date information on the establishment and
Farmfest ’08 presents an ideal opportunity for all          management of clover in the sward.
those considering joining REPS to talk to the
professionals about the scheme.                             Farm Buildings –
                                                            getting it right first time
The day also provides an array of exhibits that will        With the Farm Improvement Scheme and the Farm
appeal to all existing REPS farmers together with           Waste Management Scheme being oversubscribed
an interesting wildlife exhibit of eight farmland           over the past years the country is now busy ensuring all
habitats.                                                   building works are completed by the end of this year.

         Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

As with any building project it is critical to get it        nitrates regulations. Researchers and advisers are
right first time. Teagasc farm building experts will         present to talk to you about how latest research
provide you with timely advice on the carrying out           and best practice can be turned into financial and
and completion of construction work on your farm.            environmental benefit for your farm business.

Climate Change                                               Other Exhibitors
– how Irish farming is responding                            In addition to the Teagasc exhibition, the
We are all affected by climate change. At Farmfest           event incorporates displays from many of the
’08 we demonstrate the latest research into how              environment related organisations, agencies and
farming can reduce its impact on climate change.             trade in Ireland.
Together researchers and advisers will outline
the current trends and how Irish agriculture is              A number of recent legislative changes impacting
tackling this global problem.                                the farming sector, namely the implementation of
                                                             the Water Framework Directive (WFD) will make
                                                             the environment exhibit at Farmfest even more
Profitable Farming within the                                interesting to both farmers and those living in
Regulations                                                  the countryside. These include: the Western River
Like many other sectors in Ireland farming                   Basin District, Central Fisheries Board, EPA.
must now co-exist with regulation. Farmfest ’08
presents a number of stands that allow farmers to            At the Environment Village you will find an array
get a better understanding of their obligations.             of exhibits that will provide you with all the
We have the latest technology at our disposal                information you require to develop your farm in a
to help farmers understand these obligations                 sustainable manner.
under the various regulations including the

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle


                                                             and markets has been eroded in recent years.

                                                             With this in mind the equine exhibit at
                                                             Farmfest has the theme “From Farm to Market”
                                                             and focuses on encompassing all aspects of
                                                             managing horses from farm to market.
                  Norman Storey,
                  Equine Specialist                          To be successful, breeders and producers must be
                                                             able to identify with their market and understand
The world wide sport horse industry is growing at            precisely its requirements. Emphasis is placed
about 5% annually. In Ireland the number of sport            throughout the event on the requirements of
horses is increasing, with an estimated national             various markets and on the critical inputs and
population of 110,000 animals as at December                 evaluation skills required to assess suitability of
2005. This equates to 27.5 sport horses per                  the product for the market.
thousand people and makes Ireland the most
densely populated sport horse country in Europe.             We feature demonstrations of the principal
This is not surprising in view of our longstanding           production skills that can be used to add value to
equine tradition and points to the special                   the product together with demonstrations on
importance of the sector to the Irish nation.                leading, lunging, loose schooling, jumping and
                                                             presentation of horses with emphasis both on the
Sport horses include riding horses and ponies of             skill and on the evaluation of the horses and
all breeds and types intended for use in                     ponies.
recreational and competitive activities other than
racing. The sport horse industry includes all                All aspects of horse management from dentistry,
individuals, organisations and businesses                    farriery, worming and nutrition to fitting of tack
involved with the breeding, production and use of            and overall health care are addressed. The tools
sport horses.                                                of marketing are on display. For those of a
                                                             participative disposition it is possible to
Participation in the industry is widespread and              participate in evaluation competitions being held
active, with an estimated 53,000 people regularly            throughout the day.
involved. Equine organisations and business are
important to the rural fabric and facilitate the             We have an array of horses on show including
development of a network of close family,                    the native Connemara Pony and the Irish
friendship and organizational connections.                   Draught as well as a substantial collection of
                                                             sport horses.
Predicted Growth
In 2005, the sport and leisure equestrian sectors
had approximately 10,000 and 15,500 registered
participants respectively, with predicted growth of
24% by 2010.

A conservative estimate of annual expenditure
within the industry is €400 million.
Approximately 55% of the national sport horse
herd is classified as breeding and/or young stock.
The current stock of approximately 27,500
broodmares is a valuable and unique genetic
resource. Nonetheless, the ability of Irish horses to
compete effectively in international competitions

      Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Equine Demonstrations Programme

Programme        Main Arena
10.50am          Opening
11.00 am         Handling and Management of the Young Foal – Wendy Conlon, Teagasc
11.20 am         Chiropractic Treatment of the Horse – Susan Elliot, Chiropractor
                 Grooming/ Presentation/ Marketing – Ruth Fennell, Teagasc
11.40 am
                 Dentistry Care for the Mare – Brian Coonan, Equine Dental Technician
                 Loose Schooling – Declan McArdle, Teagasc
12.20pm          Hoof Care for the Mare and Foal – Martin Payne, Farrier
12.40pm          Evaluating Horses for Today’s Markets– Teagasc Equine Advisers,
1.00pm           Peter Leonard, Niall Quirke and Clement McMahon
2.30pm           Calculating how Much to Feed Your Horse – Catherine Rudenko, Red Mills
2.50pm           Showing the Young Horse in Hand – Norman Storey, Teagasc
3.10pm           Prevention in Horse Health Care – Joe Collins MRCVS, UCD
3.30 pm          Fitting of Tack and Lungeing – Declan McArdle, Teagasc
                 Display of Connemara Ponies
                 Explaining the Skills of Carriage Driving – Paddy Hanly
                 Evaluating Horses for Today’s Markets– Teagasc Equine Advisors,
4.50pm           Peter Leonard, Niall Quirke and Clement McMahon
6.30pm           Closure of Main Arena Events with a Parade of Horses by the Young Breeders

Timetable        Health and Welfare Village
11.00am          Dentistry Care for the Yearling to Four Year Old – Brian Coonan
11.20am          Equine Digestion and Affects on Health and Performance – Catherine Rudenko,
                 Red Mills
                 Laminitis – Martin Payne, Farrier
                 Veterinary Aspects of Conformation – Joe Collins MRCVS, UCD
12.20pm          Prevention is Better than Cure – Susan Elliot, Chiropractor
2.30pm           Horse Environment and its Affects on Performance - Joe Collins MRCVS, UCD
2.50pm           Problems which Affect Performance – Susan Elliot, Chiropractor
3.10pm           Different Sources of Feed for the Horse – Catherine Rudenko, Red Mills
3.30pm           Dentistry Care for the Competition Horse – Brian Coonan
3.50pm           Shoeing for the Competition Horse – Martin Payne

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Farm Buildings

                                                      located in the Teagasc environment display.
                                                      Teagasc advisers and specialists are on
                                                      hand to discuss the issues and give advice.
                                                      A range of suppliers of goods and services
               Tom Ryan,                              to the farm building sector are also present.
               Machinery and Buildings

Farm building activity was never so buoyant
as at present. Complying with the Nitrates
Directive, providing more slurry storage,
improving labour efficiency and the
attractive grants available are all drivers of
this activity. Given the short timescale for
the completion of these developments it is
imperative that no stone is left unturned to
meet the deadline for the grant.

Expenditure on farm buildings is, by its
nature, a long-term capital investment and
as such any building project needs careful
planning, both from a financial and a
technical viewpoint. Good workmanship
and correctly specified materials are essen-
tial if they are to withstand the test of time
and prove good value for money.

Our farm buildings exhibit focuses on the
issues and problems that farmers now
faced in trying to complete their farm build-
ing projects within the year. Completing
works that will successfully pass for the
grant presents a major challenge for any
farm family. Some of the issues we can help
you with are: dealing with the paperwork,
building to specification, fine tuning your
plans, calculating costs, justifying the
investment; and avoiding costly mistakes.

A visit to our exhibit today is a must for
anyone currently progressing farm building
work this year. The farm buildings exhibit is

Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Farm Management and Technology

                                                     Teagasc e-Profit Monitor is an advisory tool
                                                     designed to analyse the performance of any
                                                     farm. Advisers and farmers use the results
                                                     target areas for improvement on individual
                                                     farms and to record progress in meeting
               Dr. Tom Kelly,                        the objectives of individual farms and
               Programme Manager                     discussion groups. With increased pressure
                                                     on farmers from ever rising costs and more
The Farm Management and Technology                   variable prices, farmers must establish a
exhibit at Farmfest combines three areas of          firm hold on their enterprise through
particular interest to farmers.                      comprehensive and timely analysis. Both
                                                     systems are demonstrated at the exhibit.

Making More Use of IT
Computers and the internet can now make
a major contribution to farm operation
and administration. The replacement of
post/paper systems with email and online
services is increasing. The advance of online
services like calf registration and SPS,
through Ag-food is hugely popular. The
availability of broadband is also improving.
Many organisations are now well set-up
to provide electronic services, through
internet and mobile phone. Our exhibit
features and demonstrates some of
the more successful online applications.
Visitors to our exhibit also have the
opportunity to discuss our new internet
training courses for farmers which proved
very successful last year.

Benchmarking for Farmers
Teagasc provides two physical/financial
benchmarking systems for Irish farms. The
National Farm Survey has 35 years of data
showing trends representing all areas of
farming. The data is of most use to policy
makers in helping them do the best deals
for Irish farmers and as a research tool in
getting accurate data on the changing face
of farming.

       Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Structural Schemes                                 options for farmers. These are continually
These schemes already play a big part in           improving and becoming more attractive.
Irish farming and are about to take on an          The Farm Retirement Scheme (currently
even bigger role as farming becomes more           with approx. 7,000 participants and the
of a business and less of a tradition. The         Installation Aid Scheme (approx. 600
new Farm Consolidation Scheme (stamp               participants annually) and young farmers
duty relief) is an invaluable assistance to        stamp duty relief promote the planned and
fragmented farms where land needs to be            early transfer of farms to the next
consolidated for dairy farming and for             generation, and are of vital importance
more efficient farm operations. Long–term          in promoting low cost and attractive
leasing and partnership incentives are also        succession in farming.
essential to promote viable expansion

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

                                                    focus on the multi-functional benefits of
                                                    farm forestry and information will be
                                                    available on all aspects of establishing a
                                                    farm forest. Forestry advisers and specialists
                                                    will be available all day to answer your
                                                    questions on how best to incorporate a
               Dr. Nuala Ni Fhlathartaigh,          forest into your farm. Advisers will also be
               Programme Manager                    on hand to provide on-the-spot advice on
                                                    queries you may have regarding your
Farm forestry is now a viable enterprise on         existing woodlands and forests.
over 15,000 farms. As well as being a
valuable growing timber crop, forestry              Producer Group
provides a guaranteed annual income for 20          In addition the Teagasc stand will showcase
years and helps to enhance the landscape            the research that is being undertaken in
and environment by creating new habitats.           broadleaf tree breeding and broadleaf
Trees also help to reduce our carbon                silviculture. The research currently being
emissions. Forestry has the added advantage         carried out on site classification and on
of being one of the only enterprises that           clustering forests for thinning, harvesting
farmers can get into with very little               and marketing purposes will be explained
investment costs as the Forest Service              and demonstrated.
grants cover the establishment and early
management costs.                                   In addition to the Teagasc exhibits, all the
                                                    government and non-government agencies
Landowners can now earn over €500 per               and associations representing forestry will
hectare per year from the tax-free premium          be on hand to provide information and
and those who are in REPS can earn                  explain their services.
over €700 per hectare tax-free. In many
circumstances this can be done without
affecting the Single Farm Payment. A farm
forest enterprise is the ideal way for farm-
ers to grow and manage their own on-farm
pension fund.

Opportunities for Land Owners
A growing forest crop offers opportunities
for landowners to have their own timber
and fuel supply and even wood chip for
outwintering animals. In addition, well
planned forests provide opportunities for
rural tourism and recreation and generally
help to improve the environmental and
amenity value of farmland.

The Forestry Section of Farmfest ‘08 will

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Many forest owners now have plantations               area where the major players involved in
reaching the thinning and harvesting stage            forestry today display their wares and services.
and a key component of the forestry section           These include forestry establishment and
will be an outline of the existing forestry           management companies, forestry contractors,
producer groups. These groups are being               forest machinery and equipment retailers,
established to help forest owners to                  nurseries and timber processors.
efficiently thin their forests and gain access
to markets for their timber. Members of               In addition, there is a large demonstration
the producer groups will be on hand to                area with live demonstrations of forestry
share their knowledge with others who                 harvesting, processing and chipping
may be interested in setting up such groups.          machinery throughout the day.

We have a significant outdoor trade exhibit

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Health and Safety

                                                      accidents and fatalities. Routine tractor
                                                      maintenance will address many of the
                                                      issues involved. The single most important
                                                      item that must be checked is the brakes,
                                                      particularly the handbrakes.
               Frank Laffey,
               Health and Safety Specialist           Advice Carry out a routine inspection of all
                                                      tractors with particular attention to brakes
Farmers Know the Old Adage “Your health
is your Wealth” to be true and farmers know           3. Guards on Machinery
it to be true. Yet many find it difficult to          Guards on machines are there to protect the
make safety a priority on their farms,                user when operating the machine. These
pointing to pressure of work and financial            guards can quite often go missing and
implications among the reasons for not                sometimes, as is the case with PTO guards,
doing the obvious. Above all they find it             they are fragile and break away easily. At
hard to change the habits of a lifetime in the        other times, guards are seen as a nuisance
interest of safety.                                   and left off altogether, as is the case with
                                                      guards on the milk pump.
Safety requires a 24/7 commitment and a
positive approach to eliminate the causes             Advice Examine all PTO shafts and guards
of accidents. The five key areas to be                on machines and replace immediately any
addressed include:                                    that are missing or damaged.
■ Farm Safety Self Assessment Document
■ Tractor maintenance                                 4. Working at Heights
■ Guards on machinery with a special                  There are many dangers associated with
   emphasis on PTO shafts                             working at heights and the presence of
■ Working at heights and                              fragile perspex and asbestos on many farm
■ The dangers to the elderly working on               buildings increases the risk of death or
farms.                                                serious injury.

1. Complete the Farm Safety                           Advice Ensure crawling boards or roof
   Self-Assessment Document                           ladders are in place when working on roofs.
Every farmer in the country received this
documentation in November of 2003. It
is a simple checklist on safety controls
that when missing are known to cause
accidents. It is easy to complete and will
help you identify actions to be taken to
improve safety on your farm.

Advice Complete the Self Assessment
document and take action to improve
weaknesses you have identified.

2. Tractor Maintenance
Tractors are involved in a large number of

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

5. The Elderly on Our Farms                          Featuring at Farmfest we have outdoor
The number of elderly people involved in             demonstrations on:
farm accidents is alarming and it is very sad        (i)   Safety with PTO shafts;
when after a lifetime’s work a farmer loses          (ii) Safe handling of slurry;
his/her life in such tragic circumstances. We        (iii) Animal handling facilities; and
must remember that as we grow older our              (iv) Overhead power lines.
ability to move quickly out of the way is
considerably reduced; our reaction time is           Indoors we feature:
much slower; and our hearing and sight are           (i)   Completion of the Farm Safety Code
poorer.                                                    of Practice;
                                                     (ii) The requirements of the new Construction
Advice Many elderly farmers are, thankfully,               Regulations for farmers;
very fit and well. However, we advise                (iii) Safety with overhead power lines; and
vigilance with the particular task in hand,          (iv) Health Promotion, disability and rural
recognition of the dangers, putting personal               suicide.
safety first, and taking a slower pace.
                                                     This is a unique opportunity to acquire the
                                                     information necessary to ensure the high-
Health and Safety Focus at Farmfest                  est standards of health and safety on your
The main focus of the health and safety              farm.
exhibit at Farmfest is to challenge farmers
to improve health and safety standards on            The H&S stand at Farmfest is jointly organised
farms.                                               by Teagasc and the Health and Safety
                                                     Authority with the support of the Farm
What can you expect when you visit the               Safety Partnership.
health and safety stand?

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Organic Farming

                                                    opportunity to engage with an array of
                                                    people working in the industry and to make
                                                    an informed choice about the organic
                                                    farming option.

               Pat Barry,                           The Teagasc Specialist Organic Advisory
               Organic Specialist                   Team is on hand to offer advice and
                                                    guidance related to all aspects of organic
Over the past year or so, a new focus on            production and training. Organic cattle and
organic production by the Government and            sheep from the organic research unit
by farming stakeholders has resulted in a           at Athenry are on display to show-
renewed interest by many farmers in                 case especially the economic potential
converting to organic systems of production.        of organic drystock production. Teagasc
At the end of 2007 there were 1,334                 researchers are also on hand to convey
registered organic operators in Ireland.            the latest research findings on organic
Between them they farm 41,122 ha which              production.
represents 0.9% of the total utilisable
agriculture area (UAA) in the country.              The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries
Average farm size is approximately 36ha.            and Food is present to provide information
The Government has set a target of achiev-          on organic financial incentives in the form
ing 5% of total utilisable agriculture area         of the Organic Farming Scheme and the
under organic management by 2012.                   organic grant-aid schemes. In addition, the
                                                    organic certification bodies are here to offer
The main drivers of the organic sector              advice related to the organic conversion
are attractive market opportunities and             process.
generous organic scheme and grant aid

In terms of price premium, there is a
wide agreement amongst marketing agencies
that the following premiums above
conventional prices would leave the organic
producer with a reasonable margin:
Meat and dairy products 20% - 25%,
Cereals 60% - 100% and
Vegetables 40% - 100%.

Economic Potential
In recent years these price premium levels
have been achieved or surpassed by organic

The organic exhibit at Farmfest provides the

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Strong Interest in Education                         future trends for organic produce.
There is strong interest in organic education
and courses. Various organic educational             We also have a wide range of small
bodies from around the country are on hand           farm-based organic businesses displaying
to provide information on a wide range of            an array of delicious organic home-
organic courses.                                     produced food.

It is important to have a solid market               This is an ideal opportunity to experience
established if you are entering organic              all that organic farming has to offer and to
production. A range of commercial companies          help you make an informed decision about
and co-ops specialising in the processing,           the organic farming option. Come and visit
marketing and sale of organic products are           our exhibit to find out more.
here to offer vital guidance on present and

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Rural Development and Innovation

                                Nuala King,            At this exhibit you can meet and talk to people
                                Poultry                who are successful in every area of rural
                                Specialist             endeavour. The exhibitors in our pavilion
                                Paul                   have given commitment to tell their personal
                                McCarthy,              story of how they achieved success. It is
                                Small Business         an ideal opportunity to see innovation in
                                Specialist             action one persons innovation can be
                                                       another’s motovation.
Our RDI exhibit is a great “one stop shop” to
get expert advice, support, or ideas from              The craft and food enterprises and the
the many rural entrepreneurs who are                   achievements of people working at home
showcasing their products in artisan food,             would appear that those living and working
tourism, crafts, manufacturing and services.           in the countryside have a monopoly of
“Make it Happen with Rural Enterprise” is              innovation. Meet them in the rural enterprise
the invitation or perhaps the challenge of             and artisan food pavilion and your day will
the rural innovation pavilion. The exhibit             be well worthwhile.
has something of interest to all farming
families and rural dwellers and the 50                 Kick Start your Rural Business
stands in this area are testament to the               at Farmfest
ability of people to adapt their situations as         Meet with agencies including Leader,
their needs change.                                    Enterprise Boards, Revenue Commissioners,
                                                       Bord Bia, The Patents Office, MicroTrade,
The Teagasc Options Programme features                 Udaras na Gaeltachta, The Financial
prominently. This is the process by which              Regulator, Director of Corporate Enforcement,
farm families are assisted to think, plan and          Pensions Board that can provide you with
act so that they can maximise benefit from             assistance, be it with grant aid, revenue
their working lives while maintaining a                requirements, marketing, patenting, exporting,
balance with family and personal time.                 financial affairs, company compliance or
                                                       even your pension.
How they Achieved Success
While the core activities of Teagasc are               Take expert advice from people who can help
featuring strongly elsewhere at Farmfest, our          your business in areas such as marketing and
rural innovation area affords the opportunity          PR to web design, accounting, raising finance
to find out about organic farming, rural               and legal/succession.
tourism, deer and dairy goat farming. And if
these are not for you perhaps the invitation to
become a free range egg producer will
enthuse. The impressive equine arenas
feature among much else an international
show-jumper in action or a sport horse being
schooled to increase its market value. Many
of the exhibitors in this area got their ideas
from similar Teagasc national events.

        Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

Meet with institutions including Ulster                2008 Category Winner
Bank, Credit Union and First Step who                  Energy/Environment
provide finance to start ups.                          Jack O’Connor, Biomass Heating Solutions,
                                                       Kantoher Business Park, Ballagh, Co Limerick.
Find out more about the JFC Innovation Awards
for Rural Business, an awards programme for            Business idea – Using poultry manure as
ideas, new business directions and early               biomass for heating poultry houses.
stage start-ups. Meet with successful finalists
and competition winners at Farmfest and                Stage – Selling first biomass units.
Bioenergy ’08 including:

                                                       2008 Category Winner
2008 Overall Winner                                    Manufacturing / Technology
Ralph Haslam, Mossfield       Organic    Farm,         Michael O’Neill, Tower Aqua Products Ltd.
Clareen, Birr, Co Offaly.                              Lickbarrahan, Beara, Co Cork.

Business idea – Developing range of organic            Idea – Abalone Production.
                                                       Stage – Just started production.
Stage – Building processing unit on farm.

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Science in Teagasc

               Dermot Morris,
               Principle Research Officer

Our science exhibit showcases some of the
science and technologies being applied
by Teagasc researchers to real issues
facing farmers. It incorporates interactive
demonstrations of some of the cutting-edge
scientific tools and technologies applied.

Visitors to the exhibit have the opportunity
to experience a ‘view from space’ using
geospatial imagery and spatial analysis
technology. 2008 is the Year of the Potato
and the tillage and crops exhibit profiles the
technologies/biotechnologies used in crop
science with particular reference to the

Projects on display range across such
diverse areas as:
■ Animal production efficiency;
■ Economics of rural development;
■ Food science and technology;
■ Science of grassland and forages;
■ Animal health and wellbeing;
■ Crop science; and
■ Soil, water and the environment.

The exhibit also features a section showing
the five main areas of research conducted
by Teagasc over the last 50 years. Our
scientists invite all interested to visit this
exciting exhibit and meet them at work.
Demonstrations continue throughout the

Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

                                                         assured product that is fully traceable from
                                                         “farm to fork”. We must now look on sheep
                                                         farming as the “Sheep Business”.

                                                         Teagasc Athenry is the principal centre for
                                                         the Teagasc sheep research programme.
                Michael McHugh,
                Head,Sheep Advisory                      Grassland management, breeding, parasite
                                                         control, nutrition and lamb quality have been
                                                         shown to be the key factors in efficient and
Over the past few years sheep farming has                sustainable sheep production.
gone through a period of poor returns and
low levels of profitability. This has resulted in        Key Research Findings
a decline of 45% in the national flock size              The major focus of the sheep exhibit at
with almost 10,000 farmers exiting sheep as a            Farmfest is on how the key research findings
farm enterprise.                                         at Teagasc Athenry can be applied at farm
                                                         level to improve profitability. The Teagasc
However, sheep is still an important farm                sheep advisory service and sheep research
enterprise that generates over €250 million              are embarking on a new programme where
annually in foreign earnings. Sheep farming              the key elements of research will be
contributes significantly to farm income in              implemented at farm level on a number of
the more marginalised regions of the country             selected farms under the new “BETTER Farm
and has a huge environmental role to play on             Programme”. This programme and its overall
our mountains and uplands.                               aims are displayed and discussed on the
                                                         sheep stand at Farmfest.
Possitive Outlook
The market outlook for sheep meat is relatively          The role of hill sheep farming in preserving
positive in the medium to long-term. The EU              a sustainable environment on our hills is
is less than 80% self sufficient in sheep meat           highlighted through research findings from
and is expected to fall further in the future.           the hill research farm at Lenane.
Ireland is ideally placed with its competitively
based grass production systems to take                   At our sheep exhibit, we are joined by the
advantage of the drop in EU self sufficiency.            major players in the sheep sector in displaying
                                                         all the different components that make up
Maintaining a competitive edge on our                    the sheep industry. Many sheep breed
competitors if we are to increase our efficiency         societies have breed exhibits and highlight
and overall technical performance is vital.              the future role they see for their breed. A
The profitability of sheep farming in the                number of societies are holding their national
future will be largely influenced by increased           all Ireland Championships at Farmfest and
output through improving technical perform-              features a large display of purebred sheep.
ance that is compatible with good farming
practice, better marketing by producing                  Commercial companies, who provide services
quality lamb that will command a premium                 and products for sheep farmers, are also
price and improved consumer confidence in                present.
lamb as a quality food by having a quality

Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

     Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Bioenergy ‘08

                                                                   supply and the physical vulnerability of twentieth
                                                                   century energy sources have directed attention to modern
                                                                   renewable energy technologies with bioenergy and
                                                                   refined wood fuels now coming very much to the fore.
                                                                   Opportunities to manage climate change while creating
                    Barry Caslin,
                                                                   rural employment have now become attractive thus
                    Alternative Energy
                    Specialist                                     pushing bioenergy to the forefront on both the political
                                                                   and business agenda. Indeed bioenergy has become a
                                                                   critical key to competitiveness for anybody involved in the
COFORD, Teagasc and Sustainable Energy Ireland’s                   agricultural, forest, energy sectors and Ireland plc.
Renewable Energy Information Office welcome you to
                                                                   Bioenergy 2008 is the largest outdoor bioenergy
Bioenergy 2008 - with exhibitions, demonstrations and
                                                                   event in Ireland and is presented by COFORD,
workshops introducing you to this rapidly developing and           Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) and Teagasc. The
increasingly important sector. This event is presented in          Bio energy exhibition at Farmfest combines an
association with Farm Fest to promote the use of solid             indoor and outdoor fuel, technology, trade
biomass and raise awareness across all sectors from                stands, service and product exhibition, workshop
landowner to send user on the many uses and advan-                 sessions and practical demonstrations into one
tages in growing, harvesting and using wood fuels and              comprehensive event.
energy crops for energy generation.
                                                                   The bioenergy event is part of Farmfest ’08 and is
As the largest outdoor bioenergy event in Ireland, the             of interest to land owners, forestry managers and
Bioenergy 2008 concept of taking you from ‘know how to             professionals wanting to find out more about
show how’ combines a comprehensive technology and                  bioenergy crops and the emerging forest fuel
product exhibition with workshop sessions and practical            supply market, together with those professionals
field demonstrations on themes including:                          involved in designing and installing heating
■ Energy from the forests                                          systems, consultants and architects.
■ Bioenergy opportunities for the agri-sector
■ Wood fuel production and quality
■ Large and medium scale pellet/chip use –
    demonstration on wood chip and pellet boilers
■ And so much more

The Bioenergy 2008 exhibition gives provides access to the
latest product innovation from suppliers within the
national bioenergy sector. Ample outdoor space together
with the indoor exhibition will showcase and demonstrate
machinery and equipment such as domestic pellet stoves
and boilers, commercial wood pellet/chip boilers, chippers,
residue bundlers to name but a few. The many exhibition
stands will answer your questions about boilers, stoves,
wood chips, briquettes, pellets, sawdust, recycled crushed
wood and logs!

These are challenging times for the energy business in             Dr Eugene Hendrick (COFORD Director), Prof. Gerry Boyle (Teagasc
Ireland. Escalating fuel prices, concerns over security of         Director) and Paul Dykes (SEI Renewable Energy Information
                                                                   Office Manager) at the launch of Bioenergy 2008.

          Rural Development • Environment • New Technologies

As concern mounts about the impact of mankind’s                  actively involved in exploring the options that
activities on the global climate, it is this generation’s        forestry can play in the bioenergy industry. Nuala Ni
responsibility to look to the future and pave the                Fhlatharta and her forestry team are available to
way for a more responsible and more sustainable                  talk to you about opportunities with forestry and
pattern of energy use. The need to guarantee our                 the bioenergy sector.
energy security too should drive us to diversify our
sources of supply and our energy mix.
                                                                 Targets Set
                                                                 A lot has happened in the past 12 months in terms
Land Use Alternatives                                            of bioenergy policy. We had the introduction of the
Bioenergy can also help us reduce our greenhouse                 Bioenergy Action Plan, The White Paper ‘Towards a
gas emissions. It can help create land use alternatives          sustainable energy future for Ireland’ we also had in
for farmers and can help improve the sustainability              recent times the National Climate Change Strategy.
of rural Ireland by creating local employment.                   Targets have been set for the transport, heat
The bioenergy sector can improve our national                    and electricity sectors. While some people may
competitiveness as we become less reliant on                     complain that things are not happening fast
energy imports as the sector develops. This will                 enough, it is important to remember that if we did
help decrease our vulnerability to fluctuations in               not have these policy targets nothing would be
energy prices caused by decreasing world fossil                  happening in the bioenergy sector.
fuel supplies and increased global demand, most
notably from developing countries like India and                 However, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the
China.                                                           potential drawbacks. We need to analyse them – and
                                                                 avoid them. There has been no shortage of media
Teagasc is carrying out research on growing energy               coverage recently about the negative environmental
crops at the Oak Park Crops Research Centre. There               consequences of uncontrolled biofuel production.
is currently extensive research taking place on                  Poorly managed production can increase rather
quality biomass production, pelleting and drying of              than decrease greenhouse gas emissions. We know
biomass in Oak Park. Teagasc at Johnstown castle is              about the negative effects on soil protection, water
researching the carbon sequestration of various                  management, biodiversity, air protection and the
energy crops which will provide valuable information             world’s forests. Clearly, production must be compatible
going forward. Jim O’Mahony’s tillage advisory                   with our overall environmental objectives.
team and Jim Burke’s research staff are delivering
current research at Bioenergy ‘08.                               Bioenergy 2008 is an acknowledgement that bioenergy
                                                                 can be an important part of our contribution to a
The Teagasc Forestry Development Unit is not just                more sustainable future, and to ensure we have the
researchjng and advising landowners on how best                  right tools in place to achieve that.
to grow trees to produce quality timber. They are

    Farming • Horticulture • Education • Food • Health & Lifestyle

Entertainment and Catering

                                                     eco-system with specific reference to
                                                     biodiversity and species interactions.

                                                     The mandala, which takes the form of a
                                                     large circular interactive display made from
               Dr Aine Macken-Walsh,                 materials such as reeds, grasses, fern
               Research Officer                      fronds, stones, shells, feathers and wild
                                                     flowers allows children to explore subjects
                                                     as diverse as: animal life cycles and
Farmfest & Bioenergy ’08 features exciting           interactions, hibernation, lambing season,
non-stop entertainment, including MACNAS;            spring growth, the importance of decompo-
Irish traditional art-forms; and jazz and            sition and regeneration in winter, effects of
brass displays. Complementing the spectacular        weather, effects of climate change on
street theatrics of MACNAS, Farmfest’s main          species interaction i.e., how changes in bird
stage also features Galway-based traditional         migration patterns affect insect populations
groups and artists including Arcady; Morga;          which in turn affect crop growth, or how the
Marcus Hernon; Johnny Connolly & Don                 decline in the butterfly populations affects
Stiffe; Alec Finn & Kathleen Loughnane;              plant propagation.
Noel Hill; Tony Linnane; Joe Seosamh
O’Neachtain; and performances from
Connemara Oireachtas Champions in                    Catering
Sean-Nos Singing and Dancing; Mairead Ni             Well-known for their exciting catering
Fhlatharta and Patrick & Gerard Devane               at festivals such as Electric Picnic, VSC
from Connemara. The Galway Gypsy Jazz                offers fresh and innovative food options for
Quartet and the Army Command Brass                   everyone at Farmfest & Bioenergy ’08,
Band will also be present at Farmfest.               including the option of a hog roast. To
                                                     complement a Carbon-Neutral event, all
                                                     food packaging at Farmfest is biodegradable.
The ‘Pink Marquee’
Children can enjoy the Pink Marquee area,
with its interesting attractions ranging from
face-painting to interacting with baby
animals including calves, miniature horses,
goats and kids, sheep and lambs, ducklings,
chicks, and rabbits. The children’s area also
features a mobile farm, a wool spinner,
sheep shearer, and much more.

Interactive Educational Workshop
Based on the Eco-Mandela idea our
fully interactive educational workshop for
children explores the local and global


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