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									Modern Bathroom Design: Some Tips

Bathrooms are not just bathrooms anymore and some principles of modern bathroom need to be
incorporated in designing a bathroom space using modern design. Modern bathroom design has
lines that are bold and clean, décor to a minimum and the use of white color abundantly. The
bathroom in today's world is not just a place to do what is typically done in a bathroom but also a
room that is elegant as well. In designing a modern bathroom, the following are the tips that may be
Tips and Tricks for a modern bathroom design
Clean Lines
Lines that are clean play a role that is significant in the décor of the bathroom and it is important to
consider the outer shape of the windows, mirror, counter top etc and ensure that they match with
each other. Typically, outer lines that are wavy may be ruled out since they are not common in the
design of modern bathrooms.
It is important to emphasize or pick ovals or horizontal straight lines and use them for a clean and
bold look. A more subtle and harmonious and subtle look is provided by using ovals. To match the
lines, one can use a countertop that is rectangular, a sink that is rectangular or square, a horizontal
mirror that is large etc and add lines to the bathroom that are horizontal. When going the oval route,
a window sill that is oval in shape can be aligned with the bathtub, curved countertop, mirror etc to
go with the scheme.
With color, being a minimalist or going for a look that is minimal is key and when picking a scheme
with two colors, for spaces that smaller it is recommended to pick white and a color such as bamboo
green, light aqua, soft green, wooden etc to go with the white. For a bathroom that is on the larger
scale, shades that are darker as in blacks, purples, reds, grays etc can be selected.
The bathroom may feel closed in when using patterns. However, for a bathroom that is medium or
large in size, the ceiling may be painted or one wall may be painted with designs in interior paint or
tiles with designs on them may be used. Addition of more patterns can bring about a design that is
reflective of mid century modern style.
A very important role in the design of small bathrooms in a modern way is lighting since it can be
used to create a place that is lit well. The best choices for lighting in bathrooms are lights that are
white or off-white in color. For a space that is small, it is recommended to keep the countertop clear
of light fixtures and have simply a small lamp. If the bathroom is large, ceiling lights that are small
and in any color may be added to the ceiling in addition to light fixtures that are colored to bring
ambience to the bathroom. For natural light, a skylight may be used.
Less is More
The principle of modern bathroom design is that less is more and it means that lesser numbers of
items are to be used in the decoration of the space. For bathrooms that are smaller in size, it is good
to keep the countertop clear of items and if not, have the least number of items on it. The use of a
bathroom light that is white in color, bamboo plants that are considered lucky and some wooden
mats are good. The use of hanging sinks in the bathroom in place of pedestal sinks is an alternative
that works well in creating more room. Compactness, similarly, in the design elements that are used
is important.
Space that is uncluttered
Clutter creates a feeling of chaos and it is advised to have a bathroom that is clear of clutter and has
shelves under the counter for storage. It is possible to have mirrors on the cabinets in bathrooms and
in front of the sink for the sake of keeping brushes, tooth paste and other sorts of accessories. The
use of a wooden shelf that is very small just outside a bathroom that is very small works really well
and whatever is needed can be picked up while using the bathroom.

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