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   Newsletter of Things to Come Mission                                   Volume 45 No 2                                       Fall Issue 2003

    TCM reaches
    full circle in
          by Pastor Phillip du Plessis
                Production editor
  Each one reach one, each pastor trains a
  pastor each church plants a church has
  always been my philosophy of ministry.
  This is also a biblical teaching and princi-
  ple taught by Paul in 2 Timothy 2 verse 2.
  “And the things that thou hast heard of me The result of TCM’s ministry in the Philippines witnessed here at Grace Church.Tim and
  among many witnesses, the same commit Flor Torence, Pastor Phillip and Antoinette du Plessis, Carlo and Elma Paña , Loriano
  thou to faithful men, who shall be able to and Biatris Nasayao with Joe and Pauline Watkins TCM Director.
  teach others also.”                          TCM’s ministry in their home country.         ing as pastors, Bible school teachers,
    TCM has been successful in this area of      Furthermore, not only do they have church planters in Africa Indonesia and
  ministry. Grace Church here in members joining from other countries, but Brazil. Even my own ministry as a South
  Indianapolis bears witness of this. We have
                                               TCM is now sending leaders and mission- African here in the U.S. is a result of
  three Filipino couples here at our church                                                  TCM’s co-laboring and involvement in
  who are a direct result of TCM’s ministry.   aries from country to country. Gone are the
                                                                                             South Africa. I guess this full circle all
     I have visited several churches here in days where first world countries are send- comes together in the mission statement of
  the U.S. and found immigrants from other ing missionaries to third world countries. It TCM: “Reaching the world through evan-
  countries now fellowshipping in Grace is now from all nations to all nations. TCM gelism using the methods of the Apostle
  churches because they were reached by has missionaries from the Philippines serv- Paul.”

                          Sensation or Stagnation
                by Luz Gaddi                      groups and leaders got upset and caused            ism has become the absorbing and over-
Anniversaries, like weddings, or church           trouble. With sorrowful hearts, wondering          whelming concern of workers. But if we
anniversaries, are always celebrated joyous-      what would happen to the newly planted             look at Christ’s ministry, we notice that the
ly. This was true of the 24th anniversary of      seed, the Andersons were forced to leave           same hillside crowded with seekers who
the Grace movement in Indonesia. Last June        Indonesia.                                         heard the Good News, became the classroom
29 members from six churches in Jakarta and         Nevertheless, the fire did not die, the same     where the Twelve were trained intensively in
suburbs gathered in Tanjung Priok for a spe-      youth carried on the ministry. Wherever their      Christian Leadership in a most unique
cial thanksgiving service. Pastor Marthen         studies, professions and occupations took          “walking seminary.” Dr. Roberta Bower
Kambey, one of the first converts, delivered      them they shared the Good News. Some               said: “History will show that the educational
an inspiring and challenging message for the      even gave up lucrative positions (like the         arm of the church has been a powerful
new millennium… “What God Hath                    present director, Ruddy Akay, a former man-        instrument for building and strengthening
Wrought:” I am sure the Vernon Anderson           ager of a Japanese company), in order to           the household of faith.” Whenever there has
family, who began the ministry in Manado,         serve the Lord full time. The Lord has             been faith in the ministry of education, the
in 1979, did not realize that it would grow       blessed and multiplied this ministry over and      church has grown; whenever faith in educa-
and spread to many parts of this 4th most         beyond what the Andersons expected. Today          tion has lagged, the church has remained
populous nation. Most of their converts then      there are 55 churches nationwide, one Bible        stagnant or declined. It is the church’s con-
were youth, and were they on fire for the Lord!   School and 47 trained pastors and Bible            cern to teach and train members, lay leaders
They shared the gospel to whomever they           woman. As we look forward, we must not             and SS teachers so that they will be more
met. Often they took public transportation        rest on our laurels. There is still a great deal   effective. Unless rooted and grounded in the
for no other reason but to pass gospel tracts     to be done, and the enemy lurks covertly and       Word, the ones that we now have will be
and evangelize passengers. What a sensation       stealthily. To date, there’s an urgent need for    tossed to and fro with every wind of doc-
that must be! Several years later they paid a     the teaching ministry, so that in turn those       trine. May God help us realize this
price for their aggressiveness, some church       taught will reach others. Too often evangel-       important need.
 Page 2                                                               Fall Issue 2003                               International Harvest

                                 International H a r v e s t
   The following story is an edited version of a             So what he is saying is that his thinking had           gives the minister what He highly values for safe
sermon that Pastor Phillip Du Plessis recently            not changed about supporting. He says it is right          care, and promises stern discipline to the one
preached at Grace Church in Indianapolis.                 to support but He was not using some type of               who falls short.
                                                          psychology, hoping that, despite his protest, they             Paul uses the word woe to indicate the
    In 1 Cor 9 Paul gives six reasons why he had          would begin to pay him.                                    impending pain. He was determined not to make
the right to be supported by the churches to                 He had never taken pay from those he served             full use of [his] right in the gospel. He would
whom he ministered:                                       and he never intended to. Nor was he now asking            work after hours, day and night, to earn his own
    (1) He was an apostle; (2) it is customary to         for that in a disguised way                                living rather than be a burden to those he served
pay workers; (3) it is according to God’s law; (4)           Yes, Paul received support from the                     or cause them to think he was in the ministry for
other leaders exercise the right; (5) it is the uni-      Thessalonians after he left them, but not while he         the money.
versal pattern: (6) and Jesus ordained it.                worked among them. Without doubt that church                   With great happiness and satisfaction Paul
      Paul continues to say, “who at any time             was among the Macedonian churches that helped              forsook a liberty, he refused to take advantage of
serves as a soldier at his own expense? Who               support the apostle while he was in Corinth.               a right, in order to make a contribution of his
plants a vineyard and does not eat of the fruit? or          He was not a prophet for hire, as was Balaam            very own to the work of Christ and receive a
Who tends a flock and does not use the milk of                                                                       reward from Christ himself at the rapture.
the flock.”
    Although Paul recognized that it is the Lord’s
                                                                    “That I                                              But the more important, reason for forsaking
                                                                                                                     his right to financial support was to be able to
will for spiritual workers to be paid for the fruit
of their labor he says in our text that he did not
                                                                   May Gain                                          win the lost to Christ without hindrance.
                                                                                                                         “That I may gain some,” he says.
use that right. And he tells us the reason why he
did not use that right.
                                                                     Some”                                               Now although Paul did not use the support
                                                                                                                     available to him and states the reasons why, he
     He did not want it to be a hindrance to the                                                                     does recognize that it is the Lord’s will for spir-
gospel. Paul did not want new converts or poten-          (Num. 22), or in the ministry “for sordid gain” (1         itual workers to be paid for the fruit of their
tial converts to have any reason to think he was          Pet. 5:2).                                                 labor. He also commands us to be wise in our
preaching the gospel for selfish motives.                     Oh what a far cry from the “profesional full-          giving as part of our stewardship.
    He wanted no one thinking he was in the min-          time ministers and missionaries.” Paul gloried in              Obviously we should give our money only to
istry for the sake of money or in it for easy liv-        the gospel but not for it.                                 ministries that are biblically sound and responsi-
ing. That policy was no doubt specially signifi-              Futhermore, Paul writes to the Colossians, “I          ble. Every appeal made in the Lord’s name does
cant for Paul’s work, because he, more than any           was made a minister according to the steward-              not deserve the support of the Lord’s people.
other apostle of which we know, worked in vir-            ship from God bestowed on me” (Col. 1:25).                     But when we give to a servant who is worthy,
gin territory among the Gentiles.                             At some time or another, every minister or             we should give happily, generously, and trustingly.
    The other apostles and New Testament                  missionary whom the Lord has called will realize               God’s children are to reflect their heavenly
prophets worked largely among Jews, who were              that he is under God’s compulsion. God’s calling           Father’s generosity “He who sows sparingly
accustomed to the Lord’s ministers being sup-             cannot be ignored, neglected, or sleighted. The            shall also reap sparingly; and he who sows boun-
ported by His people.                                     man who resists God’s call or tries to give it up          tifully shall also reap bountifully” (2 Cor 9:6).
    It is in the light of these facts that I believe in   will, like Jeremiah, experience a “burning fire                As individuals and as churches, Christians
new ministries such as planting churches and              shut up in his bones” until he obeys.                      who give generously to the Lord’s work and to
establishing Bible schools, it is wise for those              Many who are called and stand in ministry              the support of His servants will be blessed.
working in them to be able to support them-               today will agree and testify with me that there are            Grace Church here in Indianapolis has been,
selves, or to be supported by fellow Christians,          times when we just want to give up. But it is this         and is, a giving church. We have a regular mis-
until the work is well established and self sup-          burning fire that comes within and with the call-          sions budget and also individuals who give to
porting. Christian workers should be careful not          ing of God on one’s life that keeps us going on.           missions outside of that budget. Then there are
to give grounds for any charge against them.                  You see the ministry is not just a job, not just       those who are always giving towards the needs
    Calling people to come to Christ while at the         a career, it is a calling, it is a stewardship entrust-    among us here in the local church.
same time begging the same people to give their           ed to us. My brother and sister, if you ever con-              It is for that reason that I believe that this
money is offensive and, oh my, is that happening          sider going into serious ministry without the call-        church, and others, and individuals who give will
today.                                                    ing of God on your life, forget it, you will not           not lack blessing from the Lord. As long as the
      Paul gives two further reasons why he               make it, because added to that sense of constraint         hearts of the people are one of cheerful giving,
refused to accept such support.                           and burning desire is a serious and compelling             the Lord will bless. This is not just a biblical,
    First, he did not want to lose his reward for         responsibility, which Paul articulates in the              spiritual and dispensational principle but a phys-
preaching the gospel without charge (vv 16-18).           words, “woe is me if I do not preach the gospel.”          ical one as well. If you give you will receive.
and again more importantly, he wanted absolute-               He says it was not his choice to serve Christ,             It is our Lord’s will that we be generous to
ly nothing to hinder his reaching the lost with           but that he rather received a stewardship. He              workers, our missionaries, and to those leaders
that gospel (vv 19-27). “That I may gain some”            was under obligation to preach, and for that rea-          of any kind who come and minister to us—just
is his motive. Now, lest the Corinthians think he         son he felt that he neither deserved nor expected          as He has been so immeasurably generous to us.
had changed his mind about support and assum-             a reward for it.                                               Thank you to all the supporters of Things to
ing that they will think that the reason he had               Stewardship indicates that someone gives us            Come Mission and ministry. Whether we minis-
given those six reasons was to convince them to           something or some responsibility that is valued            ter with support or without may our motive
begin supporting him, he adds, I am not writing           to them, which we are to care for properly.                always be “That I May Gain Some.”
these things that it may be done so in my case.               That is the case in every call to minister. God
International Harvest                                          Fall Issue 2003                                                          Page 3

               The Meier’s                                            Trip to Kenya
   Our family ministry trip to Kenya was                                                         to do whatever we could to encourage these
such a blessing for all of us, and we thank                                                      new believers. So in addition to our regu-
God for the many opportunities that we had                                                       lar ministries we visited a few key people.
to serve Him there. Our departure from                                                           Pastor Paul is the man that Genesis is hop-
Chicago O’Hare Airport was on June 16th.                                                         ing to establish in this work. Tim went to
We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya only to find                                                        pray with him about God’s call for him and
one trunk missing. It had all of Tim’s cloth-                                                    his wife Susan. He is a very dear brother,
ing and some equipment in it (they were                                                          please pray that God will establish his
recovered one week later). Our fearless                                                          steps. There was a youth meeting that
leader, Ben Anderson (of Things to Come                                                          Elizabeth and Melissa took part in, as well
Mission), was there to pick us up and take                                                       as a ladies meeting that Debbe spoke at.
us to his home.                                                                                  Everyone was busy. Sunday services were
   The following morning we were up and          Ben Anderson leading the way with the           held at a secondary school nearby. Tim did
packing the Land Rover for our first safari.             Meier family helping.                   adult Sunday school while the girls had
Ben and Joyce Anderson and their three          our ministry was done in English. Genesis        their own ministries with the children. We
daughters (Frances, Jaclyn, and Tegwin)         and Verna Maraat, the missionaries there,        had such a blessed time with all of our
went with us. In typical African style the      have planted a new church. It was our goal                       Turn to page 6
truck was packed to the sky and filled to
capacity, ten of us in all. After a four-hour
plus trip we arrived in the “boondocks”            The Youngest of Project 2010
town of Mitunguu. The following morning
we started work on tearing down and                     Genesis Maraat           ments      for    Salvation.     They came from Derby
widening a building for the new church. On          Eldoret Grace Bible          Another is Pentecostalism,       Bible Church in Colorado.
Friday after work we went to a sister church     Church is the youngest          with its good health and         A family sent with them a
close by to do a program for the people          church of Project 2010.         prosperity gospel, a popu-       keyboard for the church.
there. Saturday there was a children’s pro-      This is a new addition of       lar concept among those          Since then, our youth
gram in the morning and later in the after-      the project which is just an    who claim to be believers.       attendance has remarkably
noon we did an evangelistic outreach, which      eight (8) months old            This town needs a Grace          increased. We have at least
was done at a local open-air market.             church. All the missionar-      Church. The most urgent          an addition of 6 youth giv-
Sunday was a full program with Sunday            ies here in Kenya are work-     need among the people            ing us a total of ten that are
school, music, mime, puppets, preaching,         ing together for the accom-     here is solid, sound dispen-     now meeting regularly and
and a delicious African meal before we           plishment of the said proj-     sational Bible Study. But        taking part in the church
headed to our next destination.                  ect. Project 2010 is reach-     first we have to build rela-     worship. Good music,
   In Thika, our host missionaries were the      ing the entire country of       tionships among our con-         good Sunday School and
Paña family and Stephanie Thornton. We           Kenya with the gospel of        tacts and this takes time yet    for most good teaching will
had a great time of fellowship with them all.    Grace by planting 10            very necessary or else we        make this church grow.
The next morning we went to the Grace            churches in the ten (10)        will be an intruder in a           Our church needs the
Church and did a program there. In the           strategic cities of the coun-   Kenyan home.                     following:
afternoon we went to the city park in Thika      try by year 2010. Eldoret          Home Bible Studies and          1. We need a Kenyan
to do a mime performance with Pastor             is located in the western       Care groups focusing on          who can work as a full-
Joseph giving an invitation for any who          part of Kenya and is the        God’s grace through dis-         time pastor.
wanted to trust in the Lord Jesus. As he         fifth (5th) largest town in     pensational approach are           2. To have at least six
asked the people to pray with him we could       the country with the popu-      being conducted weekly in        more new open doors for
hear many asking the Lord to save them.          lation of around 250 thou-      four different homes. The        home Bible study.
We pray for fruit from these evangelistic        sand.                           older kids in our Sunday           3. We need someone to
outreaches. Please continue to pray that            At the center of this pop-   school are also learning the     make a commitment to help
God will establish these new Christians.         ulation a new Grace             different programs of God.       with the music ministry in
                                                 Church is being planted         Verna is in charge of the        the church.
Finally, we had an all-day seminar with the
                                                 with the average atten-         Sunday school as well as           4. We are working on our
pastors where they were encouraged from
                                                 dance of 20-25 adults and       the women’s ministry with        sound system project and
God’s Word on how they can make their
                                                 15-20 children. The figure      the help of Miss Ann             chairs for church that will
marriages stronger, and to use that as a way
                                                 doesn’t look impressive at      Nyaga a graduate of our          cost about $600. The
to witness for the Lord Jesus.
                                                 all, but with the presence      Bible School six (6) years       church fund is only $150.
   Ben came to pick us up and back to
                                                 of this young Grace             ago. Pastor Paul Liyai and       Kid’s chairs are $4 each
Nairobi we went. We had such a fun time
                                                 Church this town will have      Pastor Elly Lugwili are          and $7 for adult’s chair. We
working, singing, talking, and laughing
                                                 the chance of hearing           voluntarily working in           made an initial purchase of
together! During that time we were able to
                                                 God’s grace and God’s           helping this church to           8 chairs for kids.
drive to Rift Valley Academy where we vis-       ministry of reconciliation      grow. As this church grows         We have a big ministry
ited with some MK’s (missionary kids). We        by faith alone in the work      we will work out their sup-      that has just begun in this
saw Rachel and Christina Vinton, Caleb           of the Lord Jesus Christ on     port from the church as well.    city. May God cause this
Kemper, and Luke and Chelsea Doggett. It         the cross (2 Cor. 5:17-21).        On June 8 Eldoret Grace       church to grow for His
was great reminiscing with these kids about         A great portion of the       Bible Church was visited         glory.
our times with them on our different mis-        town’s population observe       by the Gunther family who
sion fields.                                     the ten (10) command-           came for this year’s Safari.
   Our trip to Eldoret was different in that
Page4                                                          Fall Issue 2003                                             International Harvest
                                                 assigned by the mission. At present we have            ing “Adopt a Student Program” designed to
         The                                     five interns. One is helping the work in               help young men and women who wish to
                                                 Indonesia and the rest are working as student          study in the Bible School and get into the
      Strongest                                  pastors in our churches here in the                    ministry. It only costs $25 a month, which
                                                 Philippines. We see the zeal, enthusiasm and           includes their board and lodging and a little
         Link                                    commitment of these young people.                      pocket money. We praise the Lord that there
   Forty-six students have enrolled this            The third year and second year students             are Filipino families who are taking part in
first term at IGBI-Davao, Philippines.           are now serving in the churches during                 this program.
Eighteen are kids of pastors and mission-        weekends preaching and teaching. Also the                 We have made some improvements in our
aries. Pastors are rewarded in their efforts     public elementary school has opened its                facility this year. We have screened both the
to pass on the baton to their children. This     doors for our students to teach religious              men and women’s dorms. Also we have
is the strongest link and must remain            instruction once a week. Last week they                added water tanks to catch rain water for
strong. Many have just graduated from            were given seven classrooms with the aver-             washing and showers and painted one of the
high school but some have been to college        age of forty children in every room.                   buildings. Our next project is to build a
and hold degrees. Some may have come             Continue to pray as we try to get into the             kitchen and dining hall. We praise the Lord
for curiosity and a change of environment        high school.                                           for the help received for these projects.
but for many it is an answer to the call of         Before we started the regular classes this             We would like to improve our Library too.
God to service.                                  year we had the Evangelism Explosion                   Many of the books are very old and worn
   The strength and growth of the mission        Clinic for one week. We hosted it for the first        out. We have a set of encyclopedia - 1969
lies in the hands of this young generation.      time. Many of those who attended were our              edition. The school is now adding some elec-
The Bible Schools play an important role as      pastors and students. They had two OJT (On             tives…for the women, how to teach
the educational arms in molding TCM’s            the Job Training) visiting different locations         Kindergarten and for the men, how to weld
future leaders. The staff and our family are     in our city of Tagum where the Bible School            and mechanic trouble-shooting. The classes
very privileged to be a part of this ministry.   is located. Out of 45 contacts 42 professed to         for these courses are all on Saturdays so that
This is a great and solemn responsibility, but   accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord             it will not affect our regular schedules. Many
very rewarding.                                  and Savior. Churches in the area are now try-          of our pastors who are starting churches in
   Two years ago we had only sixteen stu-        ing to do the follow-up.                               the cities or bigger towns have to work on
dents, last year we had thirty-four and now         This legacy that Pastors are passing on to          the side to support themselves.
forty-six. This year we had seven graduates      their children is the strongest link. Let us              We are grateful to God and to all of you
and all of them applied and asked to be          join in this endeavor by extending our help            who are praying and supporting the work
                                                 in prayer and financial gifts. We are promot-          here in the Philippines.

                        Darlene Anderson                 The fare? Less than 10 cents, children free!     And this couple wants all the sidelines

            Sidelines? Maybe you think that                 How many trips must a pastor drive            to go to promote the work of the
            Filipino pastors with sidelines means        every day just to buy his basic rice and         expanding churches in their area.
            that no work gets done, only sitting and     fish? And at this point is the hang-up. A        Another sharp idea: a new church site
            observing. No way! Sideline here in the      Sideline can quickly become a Mainline           was needed. Six families decided to buy

i           Philippines is what a pastor works at
            just so he can continue to do his work in
            the church. How we wish all our pastors
                                                         if the pastor must drive more than he
                                                         preaches, studies, or visits the members.
                                                         He needs prayer and help to avoid the
                                                                                                          one large piece of land. Alone no one
                                                                                                          could buy that lot–together 6 families
                                                                                                          had 6 plots with one area saved for the

            could just forget sidelines, but it is not   pitfalls of Mainline: fatigue, dulled            church, and right along the national
            possible because most congregations          objectives, till finally he quits the            highway!
            are unable to furnish the basic needs for    Lord’s work.                                        The Number 1 economy booster of
            their leader...thus he looks for a side-                                                      the Philippines is for Filipinos to con-

e           line.
               What are some of these sidelines?
            Watch repair, piggery, selling insurance,
                                                                  A Sideline
                                                           can be a great blessing if
                                                                                                          tract to work overseas, many as domes-
                                                                                                          tics in Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.
                                                                                                          Families send a daughter or son to make

            farming, print shop, factory, head of a                                                       high wages to send home. However, if
            co-op, curtains & drapes...the list goes         it remains a sideline.                       a father or mother leaves for overseas,
            on and on. A few pastors have the bless-       O n e                                          definite problems arise. In 3 years kids
            ing of their wives being teachers with a     brother in Davao, Pastor Maglasang,              forget their parents, even a wife turned

i           regular salary. Many pastors sideline in
            order to continue their studies.
               How about driving a tricycle? A tricy-
                                                         was delivering bread with his motor
                                                         bike as a sideline. Local communist
                                                         NPA’s took him, made him dig his own
                                                                                                          away from her pastor-husband. Having
                                                                                                          THINGS looks so attractive, but the
                                                                                                          separations are heartbreakers.

            cle! Yes. In the Philippines tricycles are   grave, murdered him after torture. Both             We as a Mission see the pros and cons
            a terrific boon for the local population!    family and church lost their pastor.             of Sidelines. What is our part in all this?
            A tricycle is a motor bike with a side         A Sideline can be a great blessing if it       These churches and pastors and families

            car. Multi-colored tricycles zoom            remains a sideline. In Bicol Region              are part of us. Help us pray for wisdom,
            everywhere, on crowded streets, bumpy        recently we witnessed Levi and Jo Seva           guidelines, sensitivity to needs, and just
            roads. Here comes one now: the driver        working hard for the Lord, using every           plain financial help when it is need-
            straddles the bike, 2 people perch           possible means to fortify the Lord’s             ed...because a gift at the right time can

            behind him, 4 passengers are stuffed         work with their ideas. Pastor Levi has a         encourage a pastor to keep steady in his
            inside the side car, 2 extra persons hang    piggery that yields funds, Jo a                  real goal: winning the lost and growing
            on the outside, boxes, bags, baskets are     curtain/drapery shop that sews beautiful         the church.
            piled high on the roof of the side car.      window concoctions for new homes.
 International Harvest                                             Fall Issue                                                          Page 5

                                           Ministry Update from Dean Padayhag
  RECIFE                          God uses many ways to gather
                                  people. Here in Mpumalanga I
                                  am called Mr. Chan. The people
              4                   think I am a Chinese and Jackie
                                  Chan is very famous here.
                                  Through this I have established
 CHRIST                           good relationships with these
                                  people and use it to tell them
                                  about my work, my church and
       Urian & Jule Rios          my name. It’s a blessing to be a
    When, months ago we           foreigner, to be white, to be a
devised project RECIFE 4          missionary and the moment I go
CHRIST, and I was assigned        out in the open, people, students
to area #3, I wondered where      and friends come to meet me and
to start, how to establish con-   to listen to me. I pray that the
tacts in the area. Well, as       people will continue to listen,            Dean with part of the congregation who meets in this
always, God took care of the      respond and come to the church,                     4 x 6 meter garage in Mpumalanga
problem. A young lawyer           not because of me but because of     brother of Pastor Boy. Abel is the    asking for my preaching notes.
from Boa Viagem church met        the message of Grace.                one running the Church now and        Because of this preaching oppor-
a young lady who had recent-      I have started Bible School          I am just guiding him. He can         tunity at the funeral, the teachers
ly become a Christian. To                                              understand English but not as         of the elementary school asked
                                  Classes here at the church and I
make a long story short, this                                          good as the lady who interpreted      me to visit them in the school.
girl lives in the area we plan    teach every Tuesday, Thursday,
                                  Saturday and Sunday. There are       for me before. We solved this         They are going to give me time
to reach and her family                                                problem by writing my lessons         to teach in their homes as well.
opened their apartment for us     33 students currently attending
to meet. We held a special        my classes of which 25 are very      and sermons on paper and then         This family that invited me also
meeting there last December,      active. The other 8 attend irregu-   giving copies to Abel.                sent their son to attend our Bible
with 23 people attending.         larly due to time, permission                                              Class on Thursday with the mes-
Her father and her brother        from the parents and homework.             FREE CHURCH LOT                 sage that their whole family will
accepted the Lord during one      The month of September our           The council of this town where        be coming to the church to attend
of these meetings.                subjects were THE CHURCH             our church is situated, is giving     the service. They said our church
    Pray also that the Lord       (Tuesdays), THE BELIEVER`S           free lots to the people. In August    is a real church that cares for
will provide the finances to      WALK( Thursdays), MINISTRY           I asked the church secretary to       people because we help and care
accomplish this project. We       GIFTS(Saturdays). Just in two        request specific land. The coun-      even though they are not our
will need approximately $350                                           cil responded and it seems very       members.
                                  months we were able to learn 70
a month to rent a place and                                            positive that we are going to get         NEW CONGREGATION
$150 for miscellaneous            new songs and finished 6 sub-
                                  jects in our Bible program.          this land soon. Our current situa-           WILL BE OPENED
expenses.                                                              tion is quite bad.                    The first Sunday of October we
   Right now, our biggest
                                    GRACE BEREAN CHURCH                Imagine 40 people gathering           started a new congregation in
project in this area is a dis-
pensationally oriented theo-                  UPDATE                   within a 4 by 6 meters garage.        Kwaggafontein. The place of
logical journal entitled          I arrived here in this Church with   It’s really hard for them to suffer   worship is ready and we have
“SOLA SCRIPTURA,”pub-             20 active members. Fifty percent     the heat of the sun standing for      some members from our current
lished quarterly and chiefly      of these members are children.       about one and a half hours during     church that have transferred there
addressed to pastors and          There are some members who           the service. We do not have           now. I witnessed to some of my
leaders. So far we have also      are inactive and there are some      enough chairs and therefore give      classmates in the driving school.
published and distributed the     members who were transfered to       priority seats to our visitors.       They will attend the service also.
following works: “Tongues         other places because of work         With $2500 and the free lot we        I am just waiting for my driver`s
and Sign Gifts,” “Three                                                can build a good size church with     license so that we can use the car
                                  commitments and some got mar-
Bible Churches,” “Water                                                chairs.                               that is available through the
Baptism,” “What is a              ried and moved away. But amaz-
                                  ingly, through God`s grace, with-    Furthermore, I believe that if the    ABGMSA.
D i s p e n s a t i o n , ”                                            church can move out of this            My goal is to open two congre-
“Understanding the Bible”         in two months with the help of
                                  the members, we experienced          house, growth will just come          gations before December and this
(dispensationally oriented
discipleship lessons).            one hundred percent growth.          amazingly.                            should not be very hard, right?
   We have just finished Dr.      Last Sunday we had 40 plus peo-       Last week one of the neighbors         The Lord will not kick us off the
Baker’s “Bible Truth” and         ple and some regulars were           invited me to preach at a funeral     job if we cannot attain our goal,
have been working on Dr.          absent. Not all students of the      service of a child. Many people       as long as we are doing our best!
Baker’s “Understanding The        Basic Doctrine program are           attend funeral services here and it   Thank you for your prayers and
Gospels.” This is a major         members of the Church. I preach      was a great opportunity.              support. Please continue to pray
project that will demand a lot    with the aid of an interpreter but   Preaching the Grace message in        for me as I plant these churches
of time from Jule and me.         she is now working in Pretoria       front of the crowd was so chal-       and train up new leaders to do the
Our goal is to have it ready                                           lenging. God was working won-         work of the ministry.
                                  and cannot attend the Church. I
for printing by the end of the                                         derfully at that time. After the
year.                             am training Abel Ngomane, the
                                                                       service many people came to me,
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                      Project ABBA Kids: Christmas Project
It has been so encouraging to           might never meet in this life           reach out to these as well, helping      offers through His Son.
receive mail from many of you           encourages us to continue minis-        them understand that Christmas             If your family or church would
asking if we will again be having a     tering here in the "front line."        can become a celebration of              like to select a number of Brazilian
Christmas Project for Brazilian          We are currently ministering to        THEIR PERSONAL SAVIOR's birth.           children and make Christmas spe-
kids this year! It reminds us of        approximately 350 children in our        Because the dollar exchange rate        cial for them, please do so by send-
Romans 15:26, "For it hath pleased      three churches, over 400 if we          went down since last year, and           ing gifts to Things to Come
them of Macedonia and Achaia to         include non-regulars. But our goal      inflation here went up quite a bit,      Mission (2200 English Ave,
make a certain contribution for the     will again be to make Christmas         we are aiming at $4.00 per child         Indianapolis, IN 46201), attn:
poor saints which are at                special for 500 children. During        this year, to purchase a toy and one     Project ABBA Christmas Project.
Jerusalem." You being pleased to        the holiday season a lot more chil-     or two pieces of clothing. This          In Christian Love, Joe and
share your love with children you       dren come to church, so we want to      small love gift will exemplify the       Michelle Campos, and Doug and
                                                                                ultimate gift of eternal life that God   Vicki LeFeber
The Meier’s trip to Kenya                                                                       Jessie Easterly Update
From page 3                             dear Lord and Savior, Jesus                “August 18 I had some letters         lance to Nairobi hospital. Surgery
brothers and sisters in Christ          Christ. Many of you prayed,             and Bible lessons to mail so head-       was done on the hip break on the
that it was hard to leave and           gave, sent crafts, and encour-          ed to the post office about 3PM. In      19th. My condition deteriorated
return to Nairobi.                      agement. We want to thank               crossing the last street I was struck    for a time, then I got stronger.
   There are many things that           you who participated in our             by a man on a bicycle and knocked           I spent 3 weeks in the hospital,
we don’t have space to men-             ministry.                               down hard. I then felt the agony of      barely able to us a walker. Ruth,
tion, except to say that there            Thank you so much! We felt            a break.                                 my daughter, came out to help me
                                                                                   Some of the gathering crowd           go home.” Jessie is now in the US,
were special opportunities to           God really blessed our time             called one of our students, who          living with her daughter, Ruth, and
talk to individuals about our           there in Kenya.                         persuaded someone to take me             getting physical therapy. Continue
                                                                                (moaning) to a nursing home/hos-         to pray for her complete recovery.
              A Continuing Gift                                                 pital. He also called Ben who soon       She will be greatly missed in the
                                                                                came and had me taken by ambu-           ministry in Kenya.
 Things to Come Mission would like to acknowledge the following
 gifts which have been given in memory of some family member,                                            TCM            Projects
 friend or respected person who has passed away.
                                                                                      Missionaries needing additional Support
 Donor:                                 In Memory of:                           Dean Padayhag - South Africa
 Jerry W. Sterchi                   Mother, Mabel Sterchi Spitz                 Stephanie Thornton - Kenya
 Henry Eversdyk                Wife, Mildred VanderMeulen Eversdyk              Gardner & Ledith Improso - Kenya
                                                                                 Many thanks to all who helped with the projects listed in the previous IH.

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