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Thank you for considering a Network to Nourish event on behalf of the Reliv Kalogris Foun-
dation (RKF). In an effort to support the Four Pillars, the RKF is pleased to provide assis-
tance in making the Mission become more visible in your Reliv business.

The RKF is truly grateful for your support and asks that the following guidelines be followed
as you plan your Network to Nourish event. These guidelines have been developed to make
this process as efficient and straightforward as possible by spelling out both your obliga-
tions and those of the RKF.

Here are some Network to Nourish event ideas to help you get started:
     Auction/Silent Auction       Holiday Celebration
     Bake Sale                    Party
     Dinner/Dance                 Sporting Event
     Garage Sale                  Tournament (golf, tennis, etc.)

    NOTE: Due to gaming laws, raffles of any kind are not permitted.

The RKF is unable to:
     Solicit sponsors for your Network to Nourish event.
     Share mailing lists of donors and vendors.
     Provide on-site staff or volunteer support at your Network to Nourish event.
     Provide public liability insurance coverage to volunteer-hosted Network to Nourish

Network to Nourish Requirements:
    Applications must be submitted for consideration by the RKF.
    All costs – like rental space and catering – must be covered by the Distributors.
    Checks made payable to The Reliv Kalogris Foundation are the only accepted way
      for the Foundation to receive donations.
    Specific questions regarding receipting and/or tax deductions should be addressed
      by phone or email to the RKF.
    Distributors will receive their donation tax letter at the end of the donation year
      with a lump sum total of all donations made that year. Non-distributors will receive
      tax letters immediately following the event from the RKF for donations of $25 or
      more if all contact information is provided.
    The RKF and all related entities are not liable for any injuries sustained by volun-
      teers or participants related to an activity benefiting the RKF, and cannot assume
      any type of liability for your Network to Nourish event.
    NOTE: Reliv Distributors will not get credit toward their volume for any fundrais-
      ing donations, but it will count as a tax deduction.

Thank you.

Reliv Kalogris Foundation

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