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									North Carolina
  Solid Waste


  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

                           October 4, 1999
           Key to Abbreviations

CDLF                   Construction and Demolition Landfill

HHW                    Household Hazardous Waste Landfill

INCIN-I                 Incinerator (Industrial) Landfill

INCIN-M                 Incinerator (Medical) Landfill

INDUS                   Industrial Landfill

LCID                   Land Clearing and Inert Debris Landfil

MSWLF                   Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

MWP                     Mixed Waste Processing Landfill

MWP-CD                  Mixed Waste Processing (C&D)

TIRELF                  Tire Landfill

TIRETP                  Tire Treatment and Processing

TRANSFER                Transfer Station

TP                      Treatment and Processing

YW                      Yard Waste
                                                                      North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

COUNTY      SITE NAME                                  FacilityType    PERMIT    SITE ADDRESS                    SITE CITY          ST   CONTACT              PHONE                FAX
ALAMANCE    AUSTIN QUARTER C&D UNIT                    CDLF            0104      S.R. 2148                       SAXAPAHAW          NC   ALVIN CAGLE          9103768902           9103678937
ALAMANCE    COBLE'S C&D LANDFILL                       CDLF            0105      5833 Foster's Store Road        Liberty            NC    Kent Coble          3365654750           3365654752
ALAMANCE    BFI- WASTE SYSTEMS OF NORTH AMERICA, INC   INCIN-M         0102      PORTER AVENUE                   GRAHAM             NC   J.W. HILL            3365788900           3365788903
ALAMANCE    AUSTIN QUARTER SWM FACILITY                MSWLF           0104      S.R. 2148                       SAXAPAHAW          NC   ALVIN CAGLE          3363768902           3363768937
ALEXANDER   ALEXANDER COUNTY CDLF                      CDLF            0201      SR 1620                         TAYLORSVILLE       NC   CHARLES MASHBURN     7046329332           7046320059
ALEXANDER   ALEXANDER CO. TRANSFER STATION             TRANSFER        0202-T    SR 1620                         TAYLORSVILLE       NC   CHARLES MASHBURN     8286329332           8286320059
ALLEGHANY   ALLEGHANY COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY         TRANSFER        0303-T    STATE ROAD 1138                 SPARTA             NC   DON ADAMS            3363724179           3363725969
ANSON       ANSON COUNTY TRANSFER STATION              TRANSFER        0402-T                                    ANSON              NC   ROGER THOMAS         7048484549           7046947549
ASHE        ASHE COUNTY HHW FACILITY                   HHW             0502-TP   BEAR CREEK CONVENIENCE CENTER   JEFFERSON          NC   SCOTT HURLEY         9102463721           3363828207
ASHE        ASHE COUNTY LANDFILL                       MSWLF           0501      SR 1558                         CRUMPLER           NC   DON HOUCK            3362463721
AVERY       AVERY COUNTY C&D LANDFILL                  CDLF            0603      BRUSHY MOUNTAIN ROAD            INGALLS            NC   DON BAKER            8287338202           8287338209
AVERY       AVERY COUNTY TRANSFER STATION              TRANSFER        0602-T    STATE ROAD 1101                                    NC   DON BAKER            8287338201           8287338209
BEAUFORT    BEAUFORT COUNTY DEMO LANDFILL              C&D             07A       SR 1334                         BATH               NC   DONALD DAVENPORT     9199460079           9199467722
BEAUFORT    WASHINGTON CITY OF                         LCID            07B       MARKET STREET                   WASHINGTON         NC   RUSSELL WATERS       9199461033
BEAUFORT    ARS - BEAUFORT TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER        0703-T                                    WASHINGTON         NC   TIM LEE              2526388672EXT. 225   2522956308
BERTIE      ADDINGTON-EAST CAROLINA REG LF             MSWLF           0803      NCSR 1225                       AULANDER           NC   TOM FLANNAGAN        9193483322           9193483395
BLADEN      BLADEN COUNTY TRANSFER STATION             TRANSFER        0904-T    1522 MERCER MILL ROAD           ELIZABETHTOWN      NC   CHUCK BRYAN          9106454279
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK COUNTY CDLF                      CDLF            1007      SR 1401                         SUPPLY             NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102532000           9102537022
BRUNSWICK   E.I. du Pont deNemours Co./ CAPE FEAR P    INDUS           1006      MT. MISERY ROAD ( SR 1426)      LELAND             NC   R.T. Love            9103715230           9103715147
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK COUNTY LCID LANDFILL             LCID            10E       PO BOX 249                      SUPPLY             NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102534331           9102536029
BRUNSWICK   CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO                  LCID            10C       HWY 87                          SOUTHPORT          NC   KERRY A MACPHERSON   9193623414
BRUNSWICK   KENNETH MCCLAIN LANDSCAPING                LCID            10D       PO BOX 10381                    SOUTHPORT          NC   KENNETH McCLAIN      9194575126
BRUNSWICK   SOMERSETT SITE                             LCID            10A       SR 1154                         SHALLOTTE          NC   SAM B SOMERSETT
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK CO TRANSFER/LELAND               TRANSFER        1008-T    S.R. 1524 (CHAPEL LOOP ROAD)    LELAND             NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102532515           9102537022
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK CO TRANSFER/OCEAN ISLE BEACH     TRANSFER        1009-T    S.R. 1154 (HALE SWAMP ROAD)     OCEAN ISLE BEACH   NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102532000           9102536029
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK CO TRANSFER/SOUTHPORT            TRANSFER        1001-T    HWY 133-87                      SOUTHPORT          NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102532500           9102537022
BRUNSWICK   BRUNSWICK COUNTY TRANSFER STATION          TRANSFER        1010-T    P.O. Box 249                    Bolivia            NC   JIMMY VARNER         9102532515
BUNCOMBE    BUNCOMBE COUNTY C&D UNIT                   CDLF            1107      PANTHER RANCH ROAD SR 1745      ALEXANDER          NC   TERRY MEARS          7042555066           7042555722
BUNCOMBE    BASF CORPORATION                           INDUS           1102      US 19 AND 23                    ENKA               NC   RAY ACKERMAN         8286677277           8286676969
BUNCOMBE    L T PARROTT DEMO LANDFILL                  LCID            11A       HWY 191                         ASHEVILLE          NC   LT PARROTT
BUNCOMBE    BUNCOMBE COUNTY MSW LANDFILL               MSWLF           1107      PANTHER BRANCH ROAD SR1745      ALEXANDER          NC   BOB HUNTER           7046329332           8282324407
BUNCOMBE    SAFEWASTE FACILITY                         TP              1106-TP                                                      NC   ALEX FAIRLEY         7045882100           7045883817
BUNCOMBE    BUNCOME COUNTY TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER        1108-T    490 BREVARD ROAD                ASHEVILLE          NC   BOB HUNTER           8282505466           8282324407
BUNCOMBE    WASTE MANAGEMENT OF ASHEVILLE              TRANSFER        1104      POND ROAD                       ASHEVILLE          NC   RED BARON            8282535364           8282535367
BURKE       BURKE COUNTY CDLF                          CDLF            1203      SR 1505                         MORGANTON          NC   DALE MEYER           7044394394           7044394396
BURKE       BURKE COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY             TRANSFER        1205-T    MARSH TRAIL                     MORGANTON          NC   DALE MEYER           7044394394
CABARRUS    BFI-CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY               CDLF            1301      5105 MOREHEAD ROAD              CONCORD            NC   DAVE CONRAD          7047822004           7047822177
CABARRUS    CABARRUS COUNTY CDLF                       CDLF            1302      SR 2411                         CONCORD            NC   RICK PAYNE           7047823811           7047864955
CABARRUS    CABARRUS COUNTY LANDFILL LCID              LCID            1302      SR 2411                         CONCORD            NC   RICK PAYNE           7047823811           7047864955
CABARRUS    CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY IV LCID           LCID            13D       -                               CONCORD            NC   ROBERT DAVIS         7044553207
CABARRUS    TARHEEL ORGANIC REPROCESSING FACILITY      LCID            13-E      8843 ROCKY RIVER ROAD           HARRISBURG         NC   SHANE BAUCOM         7044556418           7044552098
CABARRUS    BFI-CHARLOTTE MTR SPEEDWAY LANDFILL V      MSWLF           1304      SR 1300                         CONCORD            NC   DAVE CONRAD          7047822004           7047822177
CABARRUS    US TIRE DISPOSAL                           TIRELF          1303      POPULAR TENT ROAD               CONCORD            NC   DAVID GREENSTEIN     7047841210           7047844716
CALDWELL    FOOTHILLS ENVIRONMENTAL LANDFILL           MSWLF           1403      S.R. 1310 (Abington Road)       Lenoir             NC   Pat Vossemer         8287570965           8287572874
CARTERET    CARTERET CO TRANSFER STATION               TRANSFER        1603      NC 101                          BEAUFORT           NC   JIM EARP             9197288450
CARTERET    CARTERET COUNTY TRANSFER STATION           TRANSFER        1604      HIBBS ROAD SR 1141              CARTERET           NC   ALLEN HARDISON       2526331564           2526336515
CATAWBA     DUKE POWER/MARSHALL STEAM PLT              INDUS           1804      NC 150                          MOORESVILLE        NC   DONNA BURRELL        7044782121           7043828667
CATAWBA     CATAWBA COUNTY DEMO LANDFILL               LCID            18H       SR2019                          NEWTON             NC   TOMMY LONDON         7044621348
CATAWBA     HUFFMAN GRADING                            LCID            18E       34TH STREET NE                  HICKORY            NC   DOUG HUFFMAN         7042565488
CATAWBA     NEWTON LCID SITE                           LCID            18B       SR 1152                         CATAWBA            NC   S.C. STOWE           7044657400
CATAWBA     CATAWBA COUNTY LANDFILL                    MSWLF           1803      SR2019                          BLACKBURN          NC   TOMMMY LONDON        7044658263
CATAWBA     GDS RECYCLING SERVICES                     MWP             1805                                      HICKORY            NC   LADONNA BOLTON       7043273119           7043273031
CATAWBA     HICKORY CITY OF YW FACILITY                YW              1806      12TH ST NW                      HICKORY            NC   MATT SETTLEMYRE      7043237439           7043237403
CHATHAM     CHATHAM CO HHW COLLECTION FACILITY         HHW             1904-TP   S.R. 1578 AT LANDFILL           PITTSBORO          NC   LYNN K WELLER        91954601             9195420058
                                                             North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

CHATHAM      M & W DEMO LANDFILL                  LCID        19C       LYSTRA ROAD                 CHAPEL HILL       NC NELSON WALL             9199330750
CHATHAM      WILLIAMETTE INDUSTRIES INC           LCID        19B       SR1916                      MONCURE           NC JIM MULLINS             9195422311
CHATHAM      WOMBLE-ARRINGTON LANDFILL            LCID        19A       HWY 15/501 S                CHAPEL HILL       NC BOBBY ARRINGTON         9199291006
CHATHAM      ARS - CHATHAM CO TRANSFER STATION    TRANSFER    1903-T    HWY 64                      SILER CITY        NC KATHY A. MACNESH        9197749511   9197741667
CHEROKEE     CHEROKEE COUNTY MSW FACILITY         MSWLF       2002      US 19 & 74                  MARBLE            NC RANDY WIGGINS           7048375527   7048379684
CHEROKEE     TRIBAL TRANSFER STATION              TRANSFER                                                            NC
CHOWAN       TOWN OF EDENTON TRANSFER STATION     TRANSFER                                                            NC ANN MARIE KNIGHTON      2524827352   2524827377
CLAY         CLAY COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER    2202-T    HINTON ROAD (SR 1148)       HAYESVILLE        NC MICHAEL ANDERSON        8283890089   8283899749
CLEVELAND    CLEVELAND COUNTY CDLF                CDLF        2301      NC 180                      SHELBY            NC SAM LOCKRIDGE           7044805478   7044823432
CLEVELAND    CLEVELAND CONTAINER SERVICE          INDUS       2302      SR 1212                     SHELBY            NC DON EDWARDS             7044827916
CLEVELAND    CLEVELAND COUNTY LANDFILL            MSWLF       2301                                  SHELBY            NC SAM LOCKRIDGE           7044805478   7044823432
CLEVELAND    ENVIROTIRE - DARREN BLEVINS          TIRETP                405 E- Bethel Road          Kings Mountain    NC DARREN BLEVINS          7047398034
COLUMBUS     INTERNATIONAL PAPER                  INDUS       2402      NC 87                       RIEGELWOOD        NC Edward J. Kreul         9106556415   9106559416
COLUMBUS     NANCE SITE                           LCID        24A       SR 1503                     CHADBURN          NC RALPH NANCE             9106545470
COLUMBUS     COLUMBUS COUNTY T. S.                TRANSFER    2403-T    SR 1428                     WHITEVILLE        NC DEMPSEY HERRING         9106406630
CRAVEN       WEYERHAEUSER                         INDUS       2502      SR 1400                     NEW BERN          NC DAVE GARDNER            2526337427   2526337358
CRAVEN       CIESZKO CONSTRUCTION CO              LCID        25G       HWY 101 E                   HAVELOCK          NC EDWARD CIESZKO          9194472096
CRAVEN       POINT PROPERTIES                     LCID        25D       US 101                      HAVELOCK          NC WILLIAM W TAYLOR        9196332424
CRAVEN       U.S. MARINE CORP CHERRY POINT        LCID        25B       RIFLE RANGE ROAD            HAVELOCK          NC DOUG NELSON             9194663426
CRAVEN       CRSWMA - INTERIM REGIONAL LF         MSWLF       2504      SR 1005/US 70               NEW BERN          NC ALLEN HARDISON          2526331564   252336515
CRAVEN       PHOENIX RECYCLING SITE #1            MWP-CD      2505      US 70                       HAVELOCK          NC ROB COLEMAN             9198461987   9198464028
CRAVEN       NEW BERN CITY OF YW FACILITY         YW          2506      PEMBROKE ROAD               NEW BERN          NC DANNY MEADOWS           9196364025   9196364025
CUMBERLAND   CUMBERLAND COUNTY C&D UNIT           CDLF        2601      698 ANN STREET              FAYETTEVILLE      NC JOHN BITTLE             9104834897
CUMBERLAND   FORT BRAGG C&D LANDFILL              CDLF        2608      LAMONT ROAD                 FORTBRAGG         NC BILL SQUIRE             9103963702
CUMBERLAND   CUMBERLAND CO HHW                    HHW         26FH      601 WILKES ROAD             FAYETTEVILLE      NC CHARLES WHITTENTON      9104371907   9104834142
CUMBERLAND   ANDREWS SITE                         LCID        26J       DOC BENNETT ROAD            FAYETTEVILLE      NC JACQUELINE ANDREWS      9104883446
CUMBERLAND   CROWELL SITE                         LCID        26K                                   FAYETTEVILLE      NC JAMES BALLENGEE         9104852135
CUMBERLAND   FAYETTEVILLE CITY OF/AIRPORT         LCID        26I       AIRPORT ROAD                FAYETTEVILLE      NC LEE BRINSON             9104834468   9103914557
CUMBERLAND   SNOW HILL LCID LANDFILL              LCID        26L       SR 2219                     FAYETTEVILLE      NC STEVE WATERS            9104886483   9106307893
CUMBERLAND   US ARMY - FORT BRAGG                 LCID        26G       LAMONT ROAD                 FORT BRAGG        NC MICHAEL J ACKERMAN      9193963341
CUMBERLAND   CUMBERLAND COUNTY LANDFILL           MSWLF       2601      698 ANN STREET              FAYETTEVILLE      NC LARRY S. CARTER         9104834897   9104834142
CUMBERLAND   FORT BRAGG TRANSFER STATION          TRANSFER    2606-T    LAMONT ROAD                 FORT BRAGG        NC COMMANDER               9103963372   9103964188
CURRITUCK    GREEN ACRES LAND DEVELOPMENT         TP          2704      PO BOX 332                  POWELLS POINT     NC JEFF NEWBERN            2524912121   2524912021
CURRITUCK    CURRITUCK COUNTY TRANSFER STATION    TRANSFER                                                            NC FRANK BRAY              9192322504   9192323026
CURRITUCK    Currituck Transfer Station           TRANSFER    2703-T    US Hwy 158 (Currituck LF)   Currituck         NC William S. Richardson   2522322075
DARE         DARE COUNTY C&D LANDFILL             CDLF        2803      NC 264                      STUMPY POINT      NC EDWARD LEE MANN         9194731101   9194735218
DARE         DARE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER                                                            NC TERRY WHEELER           9194731101
DARE         DARE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER    2804-T    PO BOX 1000                 MANTEO            NC TERRY L. WHEELER        2524731101
DAVIDSON     HILL & SONS DEMO SITE                LCID        29A       MIDWAY TOWNSHIP             DAVIDSON          NC PHILLIP HILL
DAVIDSON     DAVIDSON CO MSW LINED LANDFILL       MSWLF       2906      ROY LOPP ROAD               DAVIDSON          NC ANGELA JONES            3362422284   3362497524
DAVIDSON     PROGRESSIVE SOIL FARMS INC           YW          2907      4506 ARNOLD ROAD            LEXINGTON         NC RODNEY D FULTON         7047313418
DAVIE        DAVIE COUNTY C&D LANDFILL            CDLF        3003      S.R. 1605                   MOCKSVILLE        NC GERALD CARD             336988262    3369987560
DAVIE        DAVIE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION        TRANSFER    3002      SR 1605                     MOCKSVILLE        NC GERALD CARD             9109988262   9109887560
DUPLIN       CALYPSO TOWN OF                      LCID        31A       PO BOX 327 SR1311           CALYPSO           NC CECIL LANGLEY
DUPLIN       DUPLIN COUNTY TRANSFER STATION       TRANSFER    3102      S.R. 1918                   KENANSVILLE       NC HARRISON LANIER         9102893091   9102894726
DURHAM       DURHAM CITY OF HHW FACILITY          HHW         3210-TP   1900 EAST CLUB BLVD.        DURHAM            NC NANCY NEWELL            9195604185   9195604647
DURHAM       GLAXO WELLCOME INC                   INCIN-I     3206-I    5 MOORE DR                                    NC
                                                                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGE PARK MICHAEL GEARY          9192482478   9192482497
DURHAM       GLAXO WELLCOME INC                   INCIN-I     3208-I    RTP SOUTH CAMPUS                              NC
                                                                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARKMICHAEL GEARY          9194831732
DURHAM       GLAXO WELLCOME INC                   INCIN-I     3209-I    RTP SOUTH CAMPUS                              NC
                                                                                                    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARKMICHAEL GEARY          9194831732
DURHAM       CURRIN LANDFILL                      LCID        32D       SR 1900                     DURHAM            NC GLENN CURRIN            9195522557
DURHAM       CURRIN LANDFILL #2                   LCID        32I       S.R. 1900                   DURHAM            NC ALLEN OR GLENN CURRIN   9195522557
DURHAM       DURHAM CITY OF                       LCID        32B       FERRELL ROAD                DURHAM            NC THOMAS A BASTABLE       9195604185
DURHAM       FOGLEMAN LANDFILL                    LCID        32F       RED MILL ROAD               DURHAM            NC JAMES KENT FOGLEMAN     9196833256
                                                                North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

DURHAM      LATTA EARL J INC                         LCID        32E         EAST CLUB BLVD.                DURHAM            NC   ONSLOW PAINTER        9194778167
DURHAM      MIDLAND TERRACE LCID LANDFILL            LCID        32H                                        DURHAM            NC   EARL LATTA            9193831577
DURHAM      Waste Industries- Stone Park Ct. LCID LF LCID        32-J        148 Stone Court                Durham            NC   Ven Poole             9197820095
DURHAM      CITY OF DURHAM TRANSFER STATION          TRANSFER    3212-T      EAST CLUB DRIVE                DURHAM            NC   NANCY NEWELL          9195604381   9195604479
DURHAM      B & B TOPSOIL MINE                       YW          3205-YW     HAMLIN ROAD                    DURHAM            NC   BILLY ANDREWS         9194776328   9194714857
DURHAM      DURHAM YARD WASTE FACILITY               YW          3204-YW     EAST CLUB BLVD                 DURHAM CITY       NC   NANCY NEWELL          9195604381   9195604479
EDGECOMBE   EDGCOMBE COUNTY CDLF                     CDLF        3301        SR 1601                        TARBORO           NC   LARRY HATHAWAY        9198274253   9198230228
EDGECOMBE   BARNHILL CONTRACTING - APCO              LCID        33E         NCSR 1518                      TARBORO           NC   ALLEN BARNHILL        9198231021
EDGECOMBE   BARNHILL CONTRACTING COMPANY             LCID        33C         SR 1243                        TARBORO           NC   ROBERT ROSE           9198231021
EDGECOMBE   BARNHILL CONTRACTING-GAY PIT             LCID        33D         SR 1268                        ROCKY MOUNT       NC   ALLEN BARNHILL        9198231021
EDGECOMBE   CLARK-LANGLEY INC                        LCID        33B         SR 1243                        ROCKY MOUNT       NC   R C CLARK             9197332178
EDGECOMBE   EDGCOMBE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER    3302-T      SR 1601                        TARBORO           NC   DANNY BAGBY           9198274253   9198230228
FORSYTH     WINSTON-SALEM CITY OF C&D LANDFILL       CDLF        3412        OLD SALISBURY ROAD             WINSTON-SALEM     NC   STEVE DULIN           3367278418   3367278432
FORSYTH     R J REYNOLDS                             INDUS       3405        SR 1903                        RURAL HALL        NC   GEORGE LAMB           3367411724   3367415020
FORSYTH     C T LONG                                 LCID        34Z         4379 SHATTALON DR              WINSTON-SALEM     NC   C T LONG              9109244496
FORSYTH     CARL STEWART                             LCID        34902C                                     LEWISVILLE        NC   CARL STEWART
FORSYTH     DAVID LAWSON                             LCID        349016                                     KERNERSVILLE      NC   TOM WESTMORELAND
FORSYTH     DIANE LAWSON                             LCID        349102                                     WINSTON SALEM     NC   WALT FOSTER
FORSYTH     FRANCIS L MANUEL                         LCID        34RR        311 SEDGE GARDEN RD            KERNERSVILLE      NC   FRANCIS MANUEL        9107847875
FORSYTH     H G MYERS                                LCID        349005                                     LEWISVILLE        NC   H G MYERS
FORSYTH     JOE & FRANK SLATER                       LCID        349011                                     WINSTON SALEM     NC   JOE & FRANK SLATER
FORSYTH     WALTER S FOSTER                          LCID        348801                                     WINSTON SALEM     NC   TIM BEEMAN            9107850142
FORSYTH     WILLIAM FREDRICK                         LCID        348812                                     CLEMMONS          NC   WILLIAM FREDRICK
FORSYTH     PIEDMONT SANITARY LANDFILL               MSWLF       3406        FREEMAN ROAD                   KERNERSVILLE      NC   BILL LEWIS            3365956677   3365959735
FORSYTH     WINSTON-SALEM, CITY OF - LANDFILL        MSWLF       3402        HANES MILL ROAD                WINSTON-SALEM     NC   BARRY SHEARIN         3367278418   3367278132
FORSYTH     T I R E S INC                            TIRETP      3410        617 WAUGHTOWN ST.              WINSTON-SALEM     NC   DAVE FORRESTER        3367840390   3367840106
FORSYTH     HOH CORPORATION                          TP          3411        1701 BARGRAVE STREET           WINSTON-SALEM     NC   DAVID BRYANT          3367274644   3367278840
FORSYTH     OVERDALE YW FACILITY                     YW          3409        OLD MILWAUKEE LANE             WINSTON-SALEM     NC   STEVE DULIN           3367278418   3367278432
FRANKLIN    LOUISBURG LODGE 2256                     LCID        35A         SR 1491                        LOUISBURG         NC   JIM EDWARDS
FRANKLIN    PERRY DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        35C         US HWY #1                      YOUNGSVILLE       NC   PERRY DEMO LANDFILL   9195563283
FRANKLIN    SHOFFNER INDUSTRIES DEMO                 LCID        35B         NC HWY. 98                     DUNN              NC   JOHN EASTIN           9192269356
FRANKLIN    FRANKLIN COUNTY TRANSFER STATON          TRANSFER    3502-T                                                       NC   JOHN FAULKNER         9194965002   9194961630
GASTON      FMC CORPORATION LITHIUM DIV              INDUS       3605        NC 161                         BESSEMER CITY     NC   JOE MORRISON          7048685474   7048685486
GASTON      JAMES LEWIS DEMO LANDFILL                LCID        36A         P O BOX 281                    MOUNT HOLLY       NC   DWAYNE MCCORKLE       7043776555
GASTON      GASTON COUNTY LANDFILL                   MSWLF       3606        SR1001                         DALLAS            NC   RAY MAXWELL           7049220267   7048663908
GASTON      WASTE MANAGEMENT OF CAROLINAS            TRANSFER    3608        HWY 7                          LOWELL            NC   PETE JOHNSON          7048242011   7048531758
GRANVILLE   GRANVILLE COUNTY CDLF                    CDLF        3902        SR 1004                        BUTNER            NC   JASON FALLS           9196031354   9196908610
GRANVILLE   LEWIS DULL LANDFILL                      LCID        39A         LAKE ROAD/HWY 56               DUTCHVILLE        NC   LEWIS DULL            9195284364
GREENE      GREENE COUNTY CDLF                       CDLF        4002        SR 1239                        SNOW HILL         NC   JESSIE TYNDALL        9197475720   9197475720
GUILFORD    GREENSBORO, CITY OF CDLF                 CDLF        4103        WHITE STREET                   GREENSBORO        NC   FRANK COGGINS         3363752244   3363752215
GUILFORD    COBLE DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        41K         RURALVIEW RD.                  GIBSONVILLE       NC   BRITON COBLE
GUILFORD    DAVID H GRIFFIN                          LCID        41B         WILEY DAVIS ROAD               GUILFORD          NC   RUSSELL W GRIFFIN     9198557030
GUILFORD    DOGGETT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY             LCID        41O         SR 1116 (BISHOP ROAD)          SUMNER TOWNSHIP   NC   GARY SWING            9106434103   9106437358
GUILFORD    Fryar Site                               LCID        41-P        5233 McLeansville Rd(SR2819)   McLeansville      NC   Robert Fryar, Jr.     3366971554
GUILFORD    GROOME DEMO LANDFILL                     LCID        41H         MONTVIEW STREET                GREENSBORO        NC   FRED GROOME
GUILFORD    JOYCE DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        41F         COMMERCIAL RD.                 GREENSBORO        NC   H F JOYCE
GUILFORD    L BAYNES DEMO LANDFILL                   LCID        41L         MONTVIEW STREET                GREENSBORO        NC   WALTER BAYNES
GUILFORD    R K SIMMONS DEMO LANDFILL                LCID        41C         1918 TROSPER RD.               GREENSBORO        NC   R K SIMMONS
GUILFORD    STRICKLAND GROOME DEMO LANDFIL           LCID        41G         MONTVIEW ST.                   GUILFORD          NC   JOHN GROOME
GUILFORD    WILEY DAVID LANDFILL                     LCID        41N         WILEY DAVIS ROAD               GREENSBORO        NC   DAVID H GRIFFIN SR
GUILFORD    GREENSBORO, CITY OF, SOLID WASTE MAN FAC MSWLF       4112        2503 WHITE STREET              GREENSBORO        NC   FRANK COGGINS         3363752218   3363752215
                                                                    North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

GUILFORD      HIGH POINT CITY OF - LANDFILL              MSWLF       4104      KIVET DRIVE                    HIGH POINT        NC PERRY KAIRIS         3368833215   3368833419
GUILFORD      HIGH POINT MATERIALS RECOVERY FAC          MWP         4108      RIVERDALE DRIVE                HIGH POINT        NC PERRY KAIRIS         3368833215   3368833419
GUILFORD      TIRES INC GUILFORD CO SCRAP TIRE COLLECT   TIRETP      4113-TP   228 HWY 68 SOUTH               GREENSBORO        NC DAVE FORRESTER       3367840390   3367840106
GUILFORD      GREENSBORO CITY OF - YARD WASTE FAC        YW          4109      WHITE STREET                   GREENSBORO        NC S DALE JAMES         3363732035   3363732988
GUILFORD      HIGH POINT CITY OF - YARD WASTE FAC        YW          4110      3001 INGLESIDE DRIVE           HIGH POINT        NC PERRY KAIRIS         3368833215   3368833419
HALIFAX       HALIFAX COUNTY CDLF                        CDLF        4204      P.O. Box 327                   HALIFAX           NC Frank Ralph          9195864748   9195862184
HALIFAX       HALIFAX COAL ASH LANDFILL                  INDUS       4204      P.O. Box 70                    HALIFAX           NC Frank Ralph          9195864748   9195862184
HALIFAX       JOHN M RIGHTMEYER DEMO                     LCID        42A       US HWY 301 & NCSR              WELDON            NC JOHN M RIGHTMEYER    9195373223
HALIFAX       WELDON, TOWN OF, T.S.                      TRANSFER    4205-T    HWY 301                        WELDON            NC PEGGY POSTON         2525364406   2525362681
HARNETT       HARNETT CO ANDERSON CRK C&D LANDFILL       CDLF        4303      S.R. 1164                      LILLINGTON        NC JERRY BLANCHARD      9108937536   9108934992
HARNETT       HARNETT COUNTY CDLF                        CDLF        4302      SR 1725                        DUNN/ERWIN        NC JERRY BLANCHARD      9108937536   9108143967
HARNETT       CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY                        LCID        43A       US 421                         BUIES CREEK       NC JAMES C KINNARD      9198934111
HARNETT       CENTRAL CAROLINA TIRE MONOFILL             TIRELF      4304      SR 1105                        CAMERON           NC THOMAS WOMBLE        9194992301
HARNETT       HARNETT CNTY-DUNN/ERWIN T.S.               TRANSFER    4307-T    SR 1725                        ERWIN             NC JERRY BLANCHARD
HARNETT       HARNETT COUNTY TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    4305-T    SR 1164                                          NC JERRY BLANCHARD
                                                                                                              LILLINGTON/ANDERSON CREEK                 9108937536   9108143967
HAYWOOD       Blue Ridge Paper Products, Inc.            INDUS       4406      Main Street                    CANTON            NC JIM GIAUQUE          8286462028   8286466892
HAYWOOD       HAYWOOD COUNTY LANDFILL                    LCID        44A       INCINERATOR ROAD               CANTON            NC JOE WALKER           8286278042   8286278137
HAYWOOD       HAYWOOD CO WHITE OAK LANDFILL              MSWLF       4407      SR 1338                        HAYWOOD           NC JOE WALKER           7046278042   7046278137
HAYWOOD       HAYWOOD COUNTY MWP FACILITY                MWP         4408      S.R. 1527                      HAYWOOD           NC JOE WALKER           8286278042   8286278137
HAYWOOD       HAYWOOD COUNTY C&D MRF                     MWP-CD      4409-TP   INCINERATOR RD SR 1550         WAYNESVILLE       NC JOE WALKER           8286278042   8286278137
HERTFORD      HERTFORD COUNTY TRANSFER STATION           TRANSFER    4602-T    S.R. 1203                      WINTON            NC DONALD CRAFT         9193587805   9193587806
HOKE          HOKE COUNTY LCID LANDFILL                  LCID        47A       SR 1302                        RAEFORD           NC MIKE WOOD            9108753111
HOKE          HOKE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION               TRANSFER    4702      S.R. 1302                      RAEFORD           NC MIKE WOOD            9108758951
IREDELL       IREDELL COUNTY C&D UNIT                    CDLF        4903      S.R. 2319                      IREDELL           NC RONALD WEATHERMAN    7048785430   7048785429
IREDELL       IREDELL COUNTY SANITARY LF                 MSWLF       4903      S.R. 2319                      STATESVILLE       NC RONALD WEATHERMAN    7048785430   7048785429
IREDELL       IREDELL COUNTY BALING FACILITY             TP          4903-TP                                                    NC RONALD WEATHERMAN    7048785430
JACKSON       JACKSON COUNTY LANDFILL CDLF               CDLF        5002      US441                          DILLSBORO         NC CHAD PARKER          7045867577   7045867528
JOHNSTON      JOHNSTON COUNTY C&D LANDFILL               CDLF        5101      SR 1503                        SMITHFIELD        NC RICK PROCTOR         9199344576   9199347174
JOHNSTON      WALLACE DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        51D       US 70                          SMITHFIELD        NC DONALD E WALLACE     9199342488
JOHNSTON      JOHNSTON COUNTY LANDFILL                   MSWLF       5102                                     SMITHFIELD        NC WARREN GRIMES        9199344576   9199347174
LEE           LEE COUNTY C&D LANDFILL                    CDLF        5301      S.R. 1177                      LEMON SPRINGS     NC JOSEPH T. CHERRY     9197748440   9197746526
LEE           ARS - LEE COUNTY TRANSFER STATION          TRANSFER    5304-T    WILKINS DR.                    SANFORD           NC KATHY MACNISH        9197749511   9197741667
LEE           SANFORD YARD WASTE FACILITY                YW          5303-YW   NORTH 5TH ST.                  SANFORD           NC PHIL LAWRENCE        9197558247   9197760265
LENOIR        LENOIR COUNTY CDLF                         CDLF        5403      SR 1524                        LAGRANGE          NC BOB BRAFFORD         9195272191   9195271290
LENOIR        KINSTON DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        54A       SE OF KINSTON                  KINSTON           NC J T PRATT            9195594200
LENOIR        LENOIR COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY            TRANSFER    5405-T    SR 1524                        KINSTON           NC BOB BRAFFORD         9195272191
LINCOLN       BFI-LAKE NORMAN LANDFILL                   CDLF        5504      7099 QUARRY LANE               STANLEY           NC DAVID CRADDUCK       7048223033   7048223013
LINCOLN       LINCOLN COUNTY C&D UNIT                    CDLF        5503      SR 1169                        LINCOLNTON        NC STAN KISER           7047329030   7047329048
LINCOLN       DUKE POWER LANDFILL                        LCID        55A       S.R. 1511                      HUNTERSVILLE      NC MARK MCGARY          7048755937
LINCOLN       LINCOLN COUNTY LANDFILL                    MSWLF       5503      SR 1169                        LINCOLNTON        NC STAN B. KEISER       7047329030   7047329048
MACON         Highlands C&D Landfill                     CDLF        5704      109 Sierra Drive               Franklin          NC LARRY LAKEY          8283492215   8283492185
MACON         MACON COUNTY LANDFILL                      MSWLF       5703      SR 1324 LAKESIDE DR.           FRANKLIN          NC LARRY LACKEY         8283492215   8285249522
MADISON       MADISON COUNTY C&D UNIT                    CDLF        5803      BRIGMAN PROPERTY               MARSHALL TOWNSHIP NC JIM BROWN            7046492311   7046492311
MADISON       MADISON COUNTY LANDFILL                    MSWLF       5803      BRIGMAN PROPERTY               MARSHALL TOWNSHIP NC JIM BROWN            8286492311   8286492311
MARTIN        MARTIN COUNTY C&D LANDFILL                 CDLF        5901      S.R. 1440                      WILLIAMSTON       NC DONNIE PITTMAN       9197921901
MCDOWELL      COLLINS & AIKMAN                           INDUS       5603      SR 1240                        OLD FORT          NC JACK DAVIS           8286683235   8286683254
MCDOWELL      RIDGECREST BAPTIST ASSEMBLY                LCID        56A       RIDGECREST                     MCDOWELL          NC GLEN E SMITH
MCDOWELL      McDOWELL CO TRANSFER FACILITY              TRANSFER    5602-T    HWY 226 (AT LANDFILL)                            NC MIKE GLADDEN         8286592521   8286593484
MECKLENBURG   NORTH MECKLENBURG C&D LANDFILL             CDLF        6013      HOLBROOKS ROAD                 HUNTERSVILLE      NC LARRY GRIFFIN        7048753367   7048753358
MECKLENBURG   NORTH MECKLENBURG HHW FACILITY             HHW         6016-TP   12300 STATESVILLE ROAD         CHARLOTTE         NC JOE HACK             7043366513   7043364314
MECKLENBURG   BMW NC, INC.                               INCIN-M     6009-I    3210 RIDGE ROAD                MATTHEWS          NC DAVID C SCHOOMAKER   7045732508   7045732510
MECKLENBURG   DUKE POWER COMPANY                         INDUS       6004      SR 2133 NC 73                  CHARLOTTE         NC MIKE PHILLIPS        7048754000
                                                                North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

MECKLENBURG   BICKEL DEMOLITION LANDFILL             LCID        60AD       SHOPTON ROAD                   MECKLENBURG    NC   CARL BICKEL           704392333
MECKLENBURG   BICKEL DEMOLITION LANDFILL             LCID        60AG       ROCK ISLAND ROAD               MECKLENBURG    NC   CARL BICKEL           7043922333
MECKLENBURG   BLYTHE INDUSTRIES                      LCID        60AC       HARRISBURG RD.                 MECKLENBURG    NC   -
MECKLENBURG   BLYTHE INDUSTRIES INC                  LCID        60K        5600 DAVID COX ROAD            CHARLOTTE      NC   -
MECKLENBURG   BLYTHE INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED         LCID        60M        4300 DAVID COX ROAD            MECKLENBURG    NC   PARKS VANCE           7043758474
MECKLENBURG   C D SPANGLER CONSTRUCTION CO           LCID        60G        US 29                          MECKLENBURG    NC   EVERETTE B CURLEE     7043724500
MECKLENBURG   CAROWINDS                              LCID        60A                                       MECKLENBURG    NC   -
MECKLENBURG   CAROWINDS                              LCID        60F        CATAWBA SERVICE RD             MECKLENBURG    NC   TOMMY JONES           7045882606
MECKLENBURG   CHAMBERS                               LCID        60Z1       COBLE ROAD                     MECKLENBURG    NC   STEVE KINLAW
MECKLENBURG   CHAMBERS DEMO LANDFILL                 LCID        60Z        10506 COBLE ROAD               MECKLENBURG    NC   JOE MACDONALD
MECKLENBURG   CHAMPION CONTRACTING                   LCID        60P        HUBBARD ROAD                   MECKLENBURG    NC   JAMES W CARVER        7047399511
MECKLENBURG   DON R ROBERTSON DEMO LANDFILL          LCID        60C        SHOPTON ROAD                   MECKLENBURG    NC   DON R ROBERTSON       9195255893
MECKLENBURG   DUKE POWER TRAINING CENTER             LCID        60AH       5001 AMOS SMITH RD             MECKLENBURG    NC   ROBERT BIDDLE         7043733202
MECKLENBURG   ERVIN LANE                             LCID        60AP       ERVIN LANE                     MECKLENBURG    NC   STEVE KINLAW
MECKLENBURG   F T WILLIAMS CO INC                    LCID        60O        OAKDALE ROAD                   MECKLENBURG    NC   GARY T WILLIAMS       7043920186
MECKLENBURG   F T WILLIAMS                           LCID        60I        PALMER DRIVE                   MECKLENBURG    NC   -
MECKLENBURG   F T WILLIAMS COMPANY INC               LCID        60V        HARRISBURG ROAD                MECKLENBURG    NC   GARY WILLIAMS         7043920186
MECKLENBURG   FLORA BLEVINS                          LCID        60AS       5710 CHESHIRE ROAD             CHARLOTTE      NC   JAMES T BAKER
MECKLENBURG   FLORIDA STEEL CORPORATION              LCID        60U        6601 LAKEVIEW ROAD             MECKLENBURG    NC   DENNIS TEBBY          7045960361
MECKLENBURG   GARFIELD BLACKWELL                     LCID        60Y        DORMAN ROAD                    MECKLENBURG    NC   D E WHITLEY
MECKLENBURG   HARRY GRIMMER                          LCID        60T        PROVIDENCE PLANT.              MECKLENBURG    NC   HARRY GRIMMER
MECKLENBURG   J C TEETER                             LCID        60W        PLAZA ROAD EXTENTION           MECKLENBRUG    NC   JAMES CECIL TETTER
MECKLENBURG   JAMES BAILEY                           LCID        60D        KELLY ROAD                     MECKLENBURG    NC   JAMES H BAILEY        9193992191
MECKLENBURG   JOHN CROSLAND COMPANY                  LCID        60J        NEWLAND ROAD                   CHARLOTTE      NC   -
MECKLENBURG   LARRY SWARINGEN                        LCID        60AQ       4609 LAKEVIEW ROAD             MECKLENBURG    NC   LARRY SWARINGEN       7043944254
MECKLENBURG   LIFE SPRINGS CHURCH OF GOD             LCID        60AW       13733 US HIGHWAY 521 SOUTH     PINEVILLE      NC   BILL MOBILE           9195429951
MECKLENBURG   LIFESPRING CHURCH OF GOD               LCID        60X        HWY. 521 SOUTH                 MECKLENBURG    NC   BEN DORSEY            7045429951
MECKLENBURG   MAGLA PRODUCTS                         LCID        60AI       CHURCH STREET                  HUNTERSVILLE   NC   JIM SCHMIDT
MECKLENBURG   MARIA RICCIARDI                        LCID        60AE       TIMBERLEY PLACE                MECKLENBURG    NC   -
MECKLENBURG   METROLINA GREENHOUSES                  LCID        60N        CAMP ST. ROAD                  MECKLENBURG    NC   PAUL MOORE
MECKLENBURG   O KENNETH IVY                          LCID        60AK       10399 IDLEWILD RD.             MATTHEWS       NC   O KENNETH IVY         7045453402
MECKLENBURG   PATTERSON/REEVES                       LCID        60S        SALONE CHURCH ROAD             MECKLENBURG    NC   KEN REEVES            7045488377
MECKLENBURG   RONALD J BREWER                        LCID        60AM       3015 KELLY ROAD                MECKLENBURG    NC   RONALD BREWER
MECKLENBURG   SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH                   LCID        60L        5318 SALEM CHURCH RD           MECKLENBURG    NC   -
MECKLENBURG   SANDOZ                                 LCID        60AA       HWY 27                         MT. HOLLY      NC   BILL ARCHER
MECKLENBURG   TERRY LOVE                             LCID        60E        KELLY ROAD                     MECKLENBURG    NC   TERRY C LOVE          7043942906
MECKLENBURG   TOMMY PRICE                            LCID        60AR       10990 ALBEMARLE RD             CHARLOTTE      NC   TOMMY PRICE           7045372061
MECKLENBURG                                          MWP
              PHOENIX RECYCLING OF CHARLOTTE-MECKLBRG.           6018-TP    5631 WEST BOULEVARD            CHARLOTTE      NC   TERESA C. LUTHER      9198766888   9198766848
MECKLENBURG   GLADDEN TIRE                           TIRETP                                                               NC   JT GLADDEN            7043927838
MECKLENBURG   USA WASTE SERVICES TRANSFER ST.        TRANSFER    6014       3130 NORTH I-85 SERVICE PLAN   CHARLOTTE      NC   STEVE ANDREWS         7045994380   7045994381
MECKLENBURG   MECKLENBURG CO CENTRAL COMPOST         YW          6012       PAUL BROWN BLVD                CHARLOTTE      NC   STEVE ELLIOTT         7043366513   7043363846
MECKLENBURG   N. MECKLENBURG YARD WASTE FACILITY     YW          6011       12300 STATESVILLE RD           CHARLOTTE      NC   STEVE ELLIOTT         7045889070   7043363846
MONTGOMERY    UWHARRIE ENV. REG. LANDFILL            MSWLF       6204                                      TROY           NC   KEN LOWDER            9105763697   9105763698
MONTGOMERY    UWHARRIE ENVIRONMENTAL MRF             MWP         6202-MRF   500 LANDFILL ROAD              MT.GILEAD      NC   KEN LOWDER            9105763697   9105763698
MONTGOMERY    Good Earth Organics/Pioneer Southern   YW          6206-YW    P.O. Box 627                   STAR           NC   HARRY RUSHBROOK       9104289638
MONTGOMERY    UWHARRIE ENVIRONMENTAL INC             YW          6203-YW                                   TROY           NC   KEN LOWDER            9195763697   9105763698
MOORE         STUMP HOLE LCID LF                     LCID        63-C       121 HOLLY RIDGE ROAD           CARTHAGE       NC   ALAN CASAVANT         9106925779
                                                                 North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

MOORE         WILLIAMS WINFRED LANDFILL               LCID        63B       CHURCH STREET                    PINEHURST/ABERDEENNC   WINFRED N WILLIAMS    9192956066
MOORE         CENTRAL CAROLINA SCRAP TIRE TP FACILITY TIRETP      4304-TP   SR 1105                          CAMERON           NC   THOMAS WOMBLE         9194992301
MOORE         UWHARRIE ENV INC/MOORE CTY TS           TRANSFER    6302      500 LANDFILL ROAD                MT. GILEAD        NC   KEN LOWDER            9105763697     9105763698
NASH          NASH COUNTY C&D LANDFILL                CDLF        6403                                       NASHVILLE         NC   GREG GRIFFIN          9194599899     9194599834
NASH          Nash County CDLF Unit                   CDLF        6401      S.R.1411                         Nashville         NC   Greg Griffin
NASH          WALLACE GREEN LANDFILL                  LCID        64-A      S.R. 1920                        NASH              NC   WALLACE GREEN
NASH          ROCKY MOUNT TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    6402T     1401 THORPE ROAD                 ROCKY MOUNT       NC   DAVID THOMPSON        9199721306     9199721232
NEW HANOVER   NEW HANOVER WASTE-TO-ENERGY FACILITY    INCIN       6505      US 421 NORTH                     WILMINGTON        NC   RAY CHURCH            9103414340     9103414371
NEW HANOVER   CONGLETON DEMO LANDFILL                 LCID        65E       CAROLINA BEACH ROAD              WILMINGTON        NC   MARVIN CONGLETON      9107914436
NEW HANOVER   FREEMAN SITE                            LCID        65D       CAROLINA BEACH RD                CAROLINA BEACH    NC   RONALD LOCKWOOD       9197990318
NEW HANOVER   KELMER INC                              LCID        65C       LORRANNE CIRCLE                  WILMINGTON        NC   MICHALE TALTON
NEW HANOVER   NEW HANOVER COUNTY LANDFILL             MSWLF       6504      US 421 NORTH                     WILMINGTON        NC   RAY CHURCH            9103414340     9103414371
NEW HANOVER   WASTE MANAGEMENT OF WILMINGTON TRANSFER TRANSFER    6508-T    3920 RIVER ROAD                  WILMINGTON        NC   CHRIS McKEITHAN       910-799-5256   910-799-5249
NEW HANOVER   CHARLES BLYTHE YARD WASTE FACILITY      YW          6509-YW   3415 BLUE CLAY ROAD              CASTLE HAYNE      NC   CHARLES BLYTHE        9194489181     9194481664
NEW HANOVER   WILMINGTON MATERIALS INC                YW          6507      HWY 421 NORTH                    WILMINGTON        NC   KYLE H McINTYRE       9107634569     9107622815
ONSLOW        EASTERN EXCAVATING LANDFILL             LCID        67C       143 PENGUIN LANE                 JACKSONVILLE      NC   TERRY WILLIAMS        9103539100
ONSLOW        HAUGEN LANDFILL                         LCID        67D                                        JACKSONVILLE      NC   MARK HAUGEN           9103469441
ONSLOW        MORTON SITE                             LCID        67A       US HWY 17                        JACKSONVILLE      NC   ELIJAH T MORTON       9193469068
ONSLOW        MOSELY DEMOLITION LANDFILL              LCID        67B       STATE ROAD 1320                  JACKSONVILLE      NC   HAZEL MOSELEY         9104550140
ONSLOW        Parker Meadow LCID LF                   LCID        67-E      S.R. 1325                        Jacksonville      NC   Durwood Humphrey
ONSLOW        CAMP LEJEUNE MSW LANDFILL               MSWLF       6708      PINEY GREEN ROAD                 CAMP LEJEUNE      NC   BRUCE DELMAS          9104515068     9104511787
ONSLOW        ONSLOW COUNTY SUBTITLE D LANDFILL       MSWLF       6709      415 MEADOWVIEW ROAD              JACKSONVILLE      NC   JIM HORN              9104558645     9104556339
ORANGE        ORANGE COUNTY C&D UNIT                  CDLF        6801      S.R. 1727                        CHAPEL HILL       NC   GAYLE WILSON          9199682885     9199322900
ORANGE        ORANGE CO HHW COLLECTION FACILITY       HHW         6803-TP   EUBANKS ROAD                     CHAPEL HILL       NC   BLAIR POLLOCK         9199682788     9199322900
ORANGE        ORANGE COUNTY LANDFILL                  MSWLF       6801      SR 1727                          CHAPEL HILL       NC   GAYLE WILSON          9199682885     9199322900
PAMLICO       PAMLICO COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER    6903      HWY 306                          BAYBORO           NC   ALLEN HARDISON        2526331564     9196336515
PASQUOTANK    PASQUOTANK COUNTY C&D LANDFILL          CDLF        7002      S.R. 1144                        ELIZABETH CITY    NC   MIKE ETHERIDGE        9193381144     9193350866
PENDER        RUNNING DEER LCID LANDFILL              LCID        71A       HIGHWAY 210                      ROCKY POINT       NC   CLYDE WISECARVER      9103927278
PENDER        PENDER CO TRANSFER STATION              TRANSFER    7103-T    HWY 17 N                         HAMSTEAD          NC   MARTIN BEACH          9102591200     9102591402
PERQUIMANS    PERQUIMANS-CHOWAN-GATES TRANSFER        TRANSFER    7202-T    PERQUIMAUS LANDFILL SR 1202      BELVIDERE         NC   JERRY PARKS           9192973300     9192973307
PERSON        CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO               INDUS       7302      SR 1377                          ROXBORO           NC   RONNY WOLF            3365976246     3365976257
PERSON        CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO               LCID        73A       S.R.1377                         ROXBORO           NC   KERRY A. MACPHERSON   9193623414
PERSON        THOMAS LINDSEY DEMO LANDFILL            LCID        73C       US 501                           FLAT RIVER        NC   THOMAS T LINDSEY JR   9103648275
PERSON        ADDINGTON-UPPER PIEDMONT REG LF         MSWLF       7304      9650 Oxford Road                 Rougemont         NC   STEVE NICHTING        9103643699     9103644799
PERSON        PERSON COUNTY TRANSFER STATION          TRANSFER    7303      S.R. 1552                        PERSON            NC   STEVE CARPENTER       9105971774     9105991609
PITT          CATALYTICA PHARMACEUTICALS INC          INCIN-I     7403      US 13 & SR 1590                  GREENVILLE        NC   MIKE ESAREY           9197072665     9197077032
PITT          E R LEWIS                               LCID        74D       S.R. 1402 & HIGHWAY 33           PITT              NC   HARVEY LEWIS          9197569352
PITT          E R LEWIS CONSTRUCTION                  LCID        74C       EAST OF SR 1725                  GREENVILLE        NC   HARVEY LEWIS          9198301100
PITT          FARMVILLE TOWN OF                       LCID        74B       S.R.1200                         FARMVILLE         NC   BILL OAKLEY           9197534042
PITT          GREENVILLE CITY OF                      LCID        74A                                        GREENVILLE        NC   TOM TYSINGER          9198304422
PITT          WHITEHURST LCID LANDFILL                LCID        74E       US 264 AND S.R. 1550             PACTOLUS          NC   JUDSON WHITEHURST     9197522736
PITT          WHITEHURST LCID LANDFILL                LCID        74E       US 264 EAST AND S.R. 1550        GREENVILLE        NC   JUDSON WHITEHURST     9197522736     9197527894
PITT          EJE RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL              MWP         7405      802 RECYCLING LANE               GREENVILLE        NC   JUDSON WHITEHURST     9197528274     9197529016
PITT          PITT COUNTY TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    7404-T    S.R. 1276                        GREENVILLE        NC   JOHN T WEAVER         9198306354     9198304974
PITT          PITT CO YARD WASTE FACILITY             YW          7402      SR 1203                          GREENVILLE        NC   JOHN T WEAVER         9198304131     9198304974
POLK          TRYON TOWN OF                           LCID        75A       SR 1504                          TRYON             NC   CLARENCE HENDERSON    7048596880
POLK          POLK COUNTY TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    7503-T    OFF HWY 9 IN POLK CO (POLK LF)                     NC   NEAL HALL             7048943737     7048942263
RANDOLPH      NC ZOOLOGICAL PARK                      COMPOST     7604      4401 ZOO PARKWAY                 ASHEBORO          NC   VIRGINIA WALL         9108797400
RANDOLPH      EVEREADY BATTERY                        INDUS       7602      SR 2215                          ASHBORO           NC   MITCHELL AVERY        3366724556     3366724583
RANDOLPH      RANDOLPH COUNTY DEMO LANDFILL           LCID        76B       SR 2215                          ASHEBORO          NC   J D SMITH             3363186606
RANDOLPH      RANDOLPH COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY       TRANSFER    7603-T    1252 COUNTY LANE ROAD            ASHEBORO          NC   PATTY BROWN           3363186606     3363186803
RICHMOND      HAMLET TOWN OF                          LCID        77A       OFF U.S 74                       HAMLET            NC   DON SYKES             9105822651
RICHMOND      RICHMOND COUNTY LANDFILL                LCID        7702      SR 1306                          ROCKINGHAM        NC   JAMES HAYES           9199978200
RICHMOND      RICHMOND COUNTY TRANSFER STATION        TRANSFER    7703-T    SR 1306                          ROCKINGHAM        NC   CLYDE SMITH           9109978338
                                                                   North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

ROBESON        ROBESON COUNTY CDLF                      CDLF        7803      NC 20                           ST. PAULS       NC   W.C. BAXLEY            8006822014   9108655126
ROBESON        BEAR SWAMP LCID LANDFILL                 LCID        78K       S.R. 1549                       LUMBERTON       NC   JOHN BURCHETTE         9107382376
ROBESON        LUMBERTON CITY OF                        LCID        78J       OFF S.R.1531                    LUMBERTON       NC   DIXON IVEY             9106713851
ROBESON        MAXTON TOWN OF                           LCID        78I       MAXTON                          MAXTON          NC   DIXON MEDLIN           9108445607
ROBESON        RED SPRINGS TOWN OF                      LCID        78D       S.R. 1776                       RED SPRINGS     NC   PAUL MORRISON          9108435241
ROBESON        ROBESON COUNTY LANDFILL                  MSWLF       7803      NC 20                           ST. PAULS       NC   W.C BAXLEY             8006822014   9108655126
ROCKINGHAM     EDEN, CITY OF, HHW COLLECTION FACILITY   HHW         7905-TP                                   EDEN            NC   JEROME ADAMS           3366277783   3366279189
ROCKINGHAM     DUKE POWER ASBESTOS SITE                 LCID        79B       900 S. EDGEWOOD RD.             HUNTERSVILLE    NC   GRAYLING VANDERVELDE   7048755021
ROCKINGHAM     ERNEST J LEE                             LCID        79F       NC 14                           REIDSVILLE      NC   ERNEST J LEE           9193425627
ROCKINGHAM     O.E. GREEN DEMO LANDFILL                 LCID        79A       N.E. MARKET STREET              REIDSVILLE      NC   O E GREEN
ROCKINGHAM     R H MORGAN LCID LANDFILL                 LCID        79I       HIGHWAY 68                      ROCKINGHAM      NC   R H MORGAN             9192728922
ROCKINGHAM     SAM W SMITH JR INC LANDFILL              LCID        79J       NC770                                           NC   SAM W SMITH JR         9106239151
ROCKINGHAM     THOMAS L STANLEY DEMO                    LCID        79G       GIDEON CHURCH RD                ROCKINGHAM      NC   THOMAS L STANLEY       9196436153
ROCKINGHAM     WALL DEMO LANDFILL                       LCID        79H       500 BENJAMIN RD                 MADISON         NC   ROBERT L WALL JR       9194272331
ROCKINGHAM     ROCKINGHAM COUNTY LANDFILL               MSWLF       7904      SHUFF RD/S OF HWY 704           WENTWORTH       NC   MIKE MCDANIEL          336428104    336428105
ROCKINGHAM     EDEN, CITY OF TRANSFER STATION           TRANSFER    7903-T    MEBANE BRIDGE ROAD              EDEN            NC   JEROME ADAMS           9106239707   9106279189
ROCKINGHAM     REIDSVILLE, CITY OF TRANSFER FACILITY    TRANSFER    7902-T    DUKE STREET                     REIDSVILLE      NC   PAT KNOWLES            9103491070   9106341738
ROWAN          ROWAN COUNTY LANDFILL                    MSWLF       8003      CAMPBELL RD SR 1947             SALISBURY       NC   DON CONNER             7046383078   7046383130
ROWAN          EAST SPENCER WASTE TRANSFER FACILITY     TRANSFER    8004-T    NORTH LONG STREET               EAST SPENCER    NC   BILL LEWIS             3365956677   3365959735
RUTHERFORD     RUTHERFORD COUNTY C&D UNIT               CDLF        8103      SR 2203                         RUTHERFORDTON   NC   DON BAYNARD            8282876125   8282876312
RUTHERFORD     RUTHERFORD COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY      TRANSFER    8104-T    SR 2203                         RUTHERFORDTON   NC   DON BAYNARD            8282876125   8282876312
SAMPSON        BFI-SAMPSON COUNTY C&D UNIT              CDLF        8203      7437 ROSEBORO HIGHWAY           ROSEBORO        NC   WADE ROGERS            9105254132   9105254150
SAMPSON        TRIANGLE AUTO SITE                       LCID        82A       US 701-BUS.                     CLINTON         NC   TOWN OF CLINTON
SAMPSON        BFI-SAMPSON COUNTY DISPOSAL INC          MSWLF       8201      7434 ROSEBORO HIGHWAY           ROSEBORO        NC   WADE RODGERS           9105254132   9105254150
SCOTLAND       SCOTLAND COUNTY CDLF                     CDLF        8301      SR 1611                         MAXTON          NC   JIM BLACKWELL          9102772407   9102772411
SCOTLAND       SCOTLAND COUNTY DEMO SITE                LCID        83B       SR 1611                         MAXTON          NC   JIM BLACKWELL          9102772407   9102772411
SCOTLAND       SCOTLAND COUNTY T.S.                     TRANSFER    8302-T    SR 1611                         MAXTON          NC   JIM BLACKWELL
STANLY         ALBEMARLE, CITY OF, CDLF                 CDLF        8401      SR 1740                         ALBEMARLE       NC   JAMES COBLE            7049849667   7049849445
STANLY         ALBEMARLE, CITY OF-LANDFILL              MSWLF       8401      SR 1740                         ALBEMARLE       NC   JAMES COBLE            7049820131   7049822581
STOKES         DUKE POWER/BELEWS CREEK ST PLT           INDUS       8503      SR 1908                         STOKES          NC   GRAYLING VANDERVELDE   7048755021   7043826584
SURRY          Surry County Landfill                    MSWLF       8606      S.R. 2015                       Mt. Airy        NC   Jerry Snow
TRANSYLVANIA   ECUSTA ASH LANDFILL                      INDUS       8801      SR 1504                         TRANSYLVANIA    NC   MIKE CODY              8288772347   8288772385
TRANSYLVANIA   ECUSTA LANDFILL                          INDUS       8805      SR 1512                         TRANSYLVANIA    NC   MIKE CODY              8288772347   8288772385
TRANSYLVANIA   CANTRELL CONSTRUCTION CO                 LCID        88C       EAST FORK RD                    BREVARD         NC   DAVID CANTRELL         8288846157
TRANSYLVANIA   TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY DEMO LF              LCID        88B       HWY. 64                         ROSMAN          NC   WILLIAM SAGAR          8288846830   8288774508
TRANSYLVANIA   TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY LANDFILL             MSWLF       8807      US 64 WEST                      ROSMAN          NC   WILLIAM SAGAR          8288846830   8288774508
UNION          GRIFFIN FARMS C&D LANDFILL               CDLF        9003      NC 200                                          NC   RICHARD S GRIFFIN      7042892595   7042912108
UNION          UNION COUNTY C&D                         CDLF        9002                                                      NC   JIMMY GORDON           7042964222   7042964232
UNION          A.C. STUMP DUMP                          LCID        90-A      3109 PLYER MILL ROAD            MONROE          NC   ARCHIE COOK            7042834547
UNION          TIRE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING SERVICE      TIRETP      9002-TP   5414 WAXHAW-MARVIN ROAD         WAXHAW          NC   GEORGE DALTON          7048434643   7048432903
UNION          UNION COUNTY TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    9005-T                                                         JIMMY GORDON           7042964200   7042964232
VANCE          VANCE COUNTY CDLF                        CDLF        9101      NC39                            HENDERSON       NC   TODD CLARK             9194307171   9194925873
VANCE          WASTE INDUSTRIES-VANCE COUNTY            TRANSFER    9102-T    HWY 39                          HENDERSON       NC   GENE CURTIS            2527385333   2524311635
WAKE           BFI-HOLLY SPRINGS DISPOSAL INC           CDLF        9214      NCSR 1153                       HOLLY SPRINGS   NC   WADE RODGERS           9195570519   9195570619
WAKE           WAKE COUNTY CDLF                         CDLF        9203      NC 55                           FELTONSVILLE    NC   WAYNE WOODLIEF         9198566186   9198566233
WAKE           WAKE CO HHW COLLECTION FACILITY          HHW         9218-TP   9004 DEPONIE DRIVE              RALEIGH         NC   WAYNE WOODLIEF         9198566202   9198566233
WAKE           CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO                INDUS       9210      HARRIS PLANT SITE               RALEIGH         NC   R T WILSON             9193622444   9193622307
WAKE           BUFFALOE LANDFILL                        LCID        92O       5600 FAYETTEVILLE RD            RALEIGH         NC   WILLIAM BUFFALOE       9197724166
WAKE           COLONIAL BUILDING CO INC                 LCID        92L       NORWOOD RD/SR 1834              RALEIGH         NC   ED ROBERTS             9197821933
WAKE           CURRIN BROTHERS LANDFILL                 LCID        92N       SUNSET LAKE/SR 1301             FUQUAY-VARINA   NC   ALLAN CURRIN           9198761138
WAKE           MASSENGILL & SONS INC                    LCID        92P       WIDESPAN DR/SR2558              GARNER          NC   TONY MASSENGILL        9197792900
WAKE           NEUSE DEMO LANDFILL                      LCID        92R       WAYNE ADAMS THORNTON            RALEIGH         NC   WAYNE ADAMS            9198500292
WAKE           ROBUCK LANDFILL                          LCID        92K       VICTORY CHURCH RD               RALEIGH         NC   FRANK ROBUCK JR        9198769200
WAKE           ROWLAND DEMO LANDFILL                    LCID        92M       3000 GRESHAM LAKE RD            RALEIGH         NC   BILL ROWLAND           9198761877
                                                               North Carolina Solid Waste Facility List

WAKE         W E GARRISON COMPANY                   LCID        92I                                                   NC   -
WAKE         WAKE COUNTY LANDFILL                   MSWLF       9209      SR 2006                     RALEIGH         NC   WAYNE WOODLEIF     9198566186   9198566233
WAKE         CARY TOWN OF - TRANSFER STATION        TRANSFER    9211      DIXON AVENUE                CARY            NC   MICHAEL BAJOREK    9194694090   9194694304
WAKE         SOUTH WAKE TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    9221-T    6000 OLD SMITHFIELD ROAD    APEX            NC   WAYNE WOODLIEF     9198566202
WAKE         WASTE INDUSTRIES CROSSWINDS PARK T S   TRANSFER    9217      JONES SAUSAGE ROAD          GARNER          NC   FRANK LORICK       9196627100   9196621730
WAKE         WASTE MANAGEMENT OF RAL-DUR            TRANSFER    9215-T     10411 GLOBE ROAD           MORRISVILLE     NC   SCOTT HECHT        9194051497   9195449337
WAKE         RALEIGH CITY OF YW FACILITY            YW          9213      WILDER'S GROVE LF           RALEIGH         NC   SAM PASCHAL        9192502728   9198316632
WAKE         WAKE STONE CORP-TRIANGLE QUARRY        YW          9220-YW   222 STAR LANE               CARY            NC   SAM BRATTON        9192661100   9192661149
WAKE         WASTE INDUSTRIES WOODWASTE FACILITY    YW          9216      3741 CONQUEST DRIVE         GARNER          NC   FRANK LORICK       9196627100   9196621730
WARREN       WARREN COUNTY TRANSFER STATION         TRANSFER    9302-T    BOX 619                     WARRENTON       NC   DENNIS RETZLAFF    2522571185   9192572897
WASHINGTON   WASHINGTON COUNTY C&D LANDFILL         CDLF        9404      S.R. 1363                   ROPER           NC   LEE SMITH          9197935615
WASHINGTON   WEYERHAEUSER                           INDUS       9401                                  PLYMOUTH        NC   JOE KLOEKER        9197938693   9197938871
WATAUGA      WATAUGA COUNTY C&D LANDFILL            CDLF        9502      U.S. 421                    BOONE           NC   BOB FRYE           8282645305   8282641702
WATAUGA      WATAUGA CO TRANSFER FACILITY           TRANSFER    9503-T    OFF US 421                  BOONE           NC   BOB FRY            8282645305   8282641702
WAYNE        WAYNE COUNTY CDLF                      CDLF        9601      SR1129                      DUDLEY          NC   LLOYD COOK         9196892994   9196892995
WAYNE        WAYNE COUNTY                           MSWLF       9606      460 B SOUTH LANDFILL ROAD   DUDLEY          NC   LLOYD COOK         9196892994
WAYNE        WAYNE COUNTY MSWLF                     MSWLF       9606      SR 1129                     DUDLEY          NC   LLOYD COOK         9196892994   9196892995
WAYNE        WASTE ENERGY INCORPORATED              MWP-CD      9605      NC 117                      DUDLEY          NC   GENE ADAMS         7046644907   7046640846
WAYNE        GOLDSBORO TRANSFER STATION             TRANSFER    9607-T    904 BRICK STREET            GOLDSBORO       NC   JOE SAWYER         9197348674
WILKES       ABTCO INC                              INDUS       9703      NC 268                      ROARING RIVER   NC   ERICH BURKE        3366962751   3366963441
WILKES       WILKES COUNTY MSWLF                    MSWLF       9704      NC 268                      ROARING RIVER   NC   TOMMY LIVINGSTON   3366963867   3366962923
WILSON       WILSON COUNTY CDLF                     CDLF        9801      SR 1503                     WILSON          NC   STEVE CLAYTON      9193992823   9193990904
WILSON       PHOENIX RECYCLING SITE #2              MWP-CD      9802-TP                               WILSON          NC   ROB COLEMAN        9198461987   9198786848
WILSON       CCC-WILSON TRANSFER STATION            TRANSFER    9807-T                                                NC   JOHN ABERCROMBIE   2522917972   2522910535
WILSON       WASTE INDUSTRIES WILSON TRANSFER ST.   TRANSFER    9806-T    2810 CONTENTNEA ROAD        WILSON          NC   VEN POOLE          9197820095   9197824435
YADKIN       YADKIN COUNTY C&D LANDFILL             CDLF        9902      S.R. 1589                   YADKINVILLE     NC   LARRY ADAMS        9106794243   9106796005
YADKIN       YADKIN COUNTY TRANSFER FACILITY        TRANSFER    9903      SR 1589                     YADKINVILLE     NC   LARRY ADAMS        3366794243   3366796005
YANCEY       YANCEY-MITCHELL C&D LANDFILL           CDLF        10002                                                 NC   TOM TIPTON         8286789180   8286824301
YANCEY       HICKORY GROVE HHW FACILITY             HHW         6017-TP   8007 PERCE ROAD             CHARLOTTE       NC   JOE HACK           7043366513
YANCEY       YANCEY/MITCHELL CO.                    MSWLF       10001                                                 NC
YANCEY       YANCEY-MITCHELL TRANSFER STATION       TRANSFER    10003-T                                               NC   TOM TIPTON         8286789180   8286824301

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