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					       Statement by Mr. Aftab A. Khokher, Pakistan’s Deputy
                    Permanent Representative

                  at the Conference on Disarmament
                             11 June 2009

Mr. President,

At the outset, We would like to appreciate your efforts with regard to
reaching a consensus on the implementation of the programme of work of
the 2009 Session. We believe that the Conference should now focus on the
issues which would facilitate early resumption of the substantive work on
four core issues as well as on the other three agenda items. In this regard, I
would like to share the following:

i)     Application of the Rule of Consensus:

       All decisions are to be taken on the basis of the rule of consensus as
       laid down in the rules of procedure of the conference. Accordingly,
       the appointment of chairs of the Working Groups and Special
       Coordinators, allocation of time, and preparation and adoption of
       the report of the Working Groups will be finalized on the basis of

ii)    Selection of 4 Chairs and 3 Special Coordinators:

       The selection should be based on the principle of equitable
       geographical distribution. We welcome your proposal in this regard.
       We, in the G-21, are in the process of consultations on this issue.
iii)   Selection of Chairs:

       Neutrality is the key factor in reaching a consensus on nomination of
       Chairs and Special Coordinators. Therefore, we believe that the
       Chairs should not be from P-5, non-NPT states or countries in a
       military alliance or countries enjoying nuclear protection.

iv)    Terms of Reference:

       The programme of work of the CD is a package with a clear objective
       to work on four core issues with a view to negotiate legally binding
       instruments. The Conference cannot afford to have mere discussions
       without any outcome. With this clarity of the objective, it is
       important to chart out a road map for work in the 2009 session. This
      will be useful to make an assessment at the end of the session to
      determine the programme of work for the next year. Therefore, we
      suggest discussions on the terms of reference for the Working

v)    Allocation of Time:

      All Working Groups on four core issues should have balanced
      allocation of time. We also need to allocate sufficient time for 3
      Special Coordinators to explore the way forward through

vi)   Rotation of Chair:

      Rotation of Chairs is also important. The term of Chairs should be in
      accordance with the Rules of Procedure. One option is to syncornize
      the term of the Chairs with the term of the CD Presidency. We ready
      to look at other ideas as well.

vii) Establishment of Sub Groups:

      The Working Groups, once established should have debates and
      exchange of ideas in order to determine the necessity and number of
      each sub-group under a Working Group.

viii) Substitution of the Chairs:

      We need to have a clear understanding whether the Chair person-
      specific or country-specific.

ix)   Level of the Chairs:

      We request the CD Members to discuss on the level of the Chairs of
      the Working Groups and Special Coordinators. In our view, it should
      be at the Ambassadorial level. We look forward to benefit from views
      of the Conference Members.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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