; Army Post Develops Disaster Management Strategies
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Army Post Develops Disaster Management Strategies


In late 2009 and early 2010, the Washington, D.C, metropolitan area was hit by blizzard-like snowstorms that crippled transportation throughout the region and forced a first-ever weeklong shutdown of the federal government.\n Communications is an important part of emergency management response at Fort Belvoir, and the base has, for example, its own low-power emergency information radio station, operating at 1610 AM, similar to highway construction information radio stations operated across the country. Staying informed, he says, includes base officials keeping residents and employees up to date on the latest information using "mass information systems" such as the emergency radio station, email, text messages, the Web and social networking sites, the base's outdoor public address system, as well as a special telephone alert callout system that can be implemented by base officials.

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