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Dec06 - Excel


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Date              Website name                 Website                               Comments
12-Dec            Webalfa directory                 Free
12-Dec            Plome directory                     Paid $2.95
12-Dec            Site catch                      Paid $3.95
12-Dec            Edoctor                           Free Health and Medical Directory
12-Dec            Directory Gain              Directory of Directory
12-Dec            Trade in                          Free
12-Dec            NWKK directory                       Free
12-Dec            Aqua directory                    Free
12-Dec            Alexa directory            Free
12-Dec            Dir365                             Free
12-Dec            Turkey directory                Free
12-Dec            Leading solutions                                                  Paid
12-Dec            Link direc                      Free
12-Dec            Internet how                  Blogs, Hosting, Web Design, Domain, SEO
12-Dec            Hased directory                     Free
7-Dec             What is it                    Free
7-Dec             Gel directory                Free
7-Dec             Digitalkulture             Paid $2
7-Dec             Directory lair              Free
7-Dec             Website marketing   Paid $5
7-Dec             Easyant directory                 Merchant directory
7-Dec             Itecso directory                       Free
7-Dec             Orbitblue directory                 Free
7-Dec             Hachisan directory                   Free
7-Dec             Zigzam directory                   Paid $19.95
7-Dec             Luxus directory            Paid
7-Dec             Plenty links                  Free
7-Dec             Mobile Directory           Another Mobile directory
7-Dec             Mobile articles           Mobile phone directory
7-Dec             WAP Directory                     Mobile browser directory
7-Dec             Sick scripts                  Software and programming related
7-Dec             Distant Help           Paid $1
6-Dec             Choice directory                Free
6-Dec             Deluxedir                       Paid $9.99
6-Dec             Nu directory                  Paid
6-Dec             Myspace coders              Myspace related
6-Dec             Princess yumyum            Recipe sites
6-Dec             Apluslink                       Free
6-Dec             Directory insider        Free
6-Dec             Filig                               Free
6-Dec             Awebindex                       Free
6-Dec             4u7                                       Free
6-Dec             Insidehits                     Paid $.99
5-Dec             Good PR links                 Paid $1.39
5-Dec             Good cook recipes                                                  Home
                                      and Family
5-Dec             Coupons Deals        Coupons and Sales
5-Dec             Articles Zones                                                     Free
5-Dec             N1 directory                  Free
5-Dec   916 SAC                          Paid $9.95
5-Dec   Lowster                         Paid $9.95
5-Dec   Paid directory             Paid $9.95
5-Dec   Lowsters links            Paid $4.95
5-Dec   Webdezinz                     Paid $4.95
5-Dec   Buying first time       Real estate directory
5-Dec   Forum base                                                       Free
5-Dec   Delux directory               Free
5-Dec   SEO executive      Free
5-Dec   10-pr directory                   Free
5-Dec   Celebrity sensuo         Celebrity related
3-Dec   Windhaven          Message board directory
5-Dec   Nicobyte directory           Free
5-Dec   Forums link                  Message boards and forums only
5-Dec   Ultimate sports directory                                        Paid
5-Dec   Plome directory                   Paid $2.99
5-Dec   SiteCatch directory            Paid $9.95
5-Dec   UPYG directory                     Free
3-Dec   Earning tricks                                                   Free
3-Dec   Dequel directory                     Free
3-Dec   Spot web directory Free
3-Dec   Credit cards directory      Credit cards directory
3-Dec   Article nic                  Article directory
3-Dec   Smart lawyer              Lawyer directory
3-Dec   Puravidaweb                                                      Costa Rica directory
3-Dec   Infopool                  Article directory
3-Dec   Agent world                  Real Estate Directory
3-Dec   Traffic manual                                                   Paid
3-Dec   OPdir                             Free
3-Dec   True link directory    Reciprocal needed.
3-Dec   Zorro directory              Free
3-Dec   US dating directory Dating, Personals
3-Dec   2yi blogs                     Blogs only (skip the payment)
3-Dec   Web directory                   Paid $9.95
3-Dec   Sports feeds               Feeds related to sports and athletics
3-Dec   I-promote                Registration Required, 3 months free
3-Dec   Wikalo directory                 Registration Required
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edical Directory

eb Design, Domain, SEO

ramming related
nd forums only

ports and athletics
red, 3 months free

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