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 Thursday, January 28, 2010

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 Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System
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1/28/2010                                Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System

                                  Nuvo Group USA recently announced her pregnancy advanced Rhythm Sound
 System is touted to provide unprecedented sound quality and security prenatal listeners. While the baby is still
 developing in t he womb of the mother, Pace is able to offer a convenient, comfortable and safe for families to
 share the experience sensory and emotional bonding through the use of sound and music. Thanks to a 3.5mm
 audio port, you can connect most portable audio devices like iPods, portable media players, BlackBerry and the

 A pregnant woman wearing a fashionable lightweight belt around her pregnant belly. The belt has four speakers
 and a controller, the size of a deck of cards, which fits comfortably in a small pocket. Your own audio player
 plugs into the controller, which uses patented safety NuVo & Sound Technology to regulate the sound output to
 a level safe for the baby hears in utero, regardless of how hard the sound was recorded or volume being played.

 Although research has noted in the introduction of reactive heard 17 w eeks of gestation onward, other studies
 point to the positive development of the fetus with the type of music, including the growing ties and stress
 reduction. Pace that favors the theory by other means including dad to read her favorite book, brothers chatting
 with others, grandparents belting out a lullaby or even having someone talk on the phone from a distance. Once
 the baby is born, Pace still has a shelf life because it has applications for the home, car and reach for toys.

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1/28/2010                               Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System
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techblog.ws/…/ritmo-advanced-pregnan…                                                                              3/6
1/28/2010                                 Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System

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1/28/2010                               Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System
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1/28/2010                               Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System
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