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					Project management

Statement of

This course covers 3 units of competency in the Certificate
                                                                    Extension courses
IV in Government (Project Management) PSP41204.
                                                                    If	participants	wish	to	continue	studies	into	the	Certificate	IV	in	
 Who should attend                                                  Government	(Project	Management)	PSP41204	they	will	receive	
                                                                    transfer	credits	for	the	3	units	of	competency	above	and	need	to	
 This	Statement	of	Attainment	will	suit	those	who:                  complete	the	following	subjects:
 n	 Manage	or	intend	to	manage	simple	projects	in	the	NSW		
    public	sector                                                   Recognition
 n	 Wish	to	acquire	formal	qualifications	in	project	management		   PSPGOV412A	        Use	advanced	workplace	communication	strategies
    in	the	government	sector.                                       PSPGOV417A	        Identify	and	treat	risks
                                                                    PSPFIN401A		       Use	public	sector	financial	processes
 What the program offers                                            PSPETHC401A	       Uphold	and	support	the	values	and		
                                                                    	                  	principles	of	public	sector
 Face to face                                                       PSPGOV402B	        Deliver	and	monitor	service	to	clients
 PSPPM401B	         Design	simple	projects                          PSPGOV408A		       Value	diversity
 PSPPM402B	         Manage	simple	projects                          PSPGOV422A	        Apply	government	processes
 PSPPM403B	         Close	simple	projects                           PSPPOL404A		       Support	policy	implementation
                                                                    PSPOHS301A	        Contribute	to	workplace	safety
 These	programs	are	delivered	in	a	partnering	arrangement	with	
                                                                    PSPLEGN401A	       Encourage	compliance	with	legislation	in		
 Major	Training	Services	Pty	Ltd	(RTO	ID	No	90748)
                                                                    	                  the	public	sector
                                                                    PSPGOV406B	        Gather	and	analyse	information
 Program details
                                                                    PSPGOV421A		       Exercise	delegations
 Three	days:	one	two	day	block	followed	by	one	day	two	weeks	       IPAA	NSW	can	also	offer	the:
 later	(9:00am–5:00pm)                                              Certificate	IV	in	Government	(Procurement)	PSP41304
 Code        Dates for 2009               Location                  Face to face only
 91PC4	      2–3	and	15	Jun	              Parramatta	Centre25	
 101PC4	 29–30	Oct	and	11	Nov	            Clearly	Business          a)	if	they	have	obtained	the	Cert	IV	in	Gov	(Project	Management);	
                                                                    b)	face	to	face	as	below	plus	recognition	portfolio	(as	above)	plus
 Morning/afternoon	tea	and	lunch
 Max. number of participants                                        PSPGOV412A	        Use	advanced	workplace	communication	strategies
 15                                                                 PSPPROC407A	       Establish	procurement	need
 Fee (incl.10% GST)                                                 PSPPROC408A		      Develop	requests	for	offers
 $1,870.00	 non	IPAA	NSW	members	                                   PSPPROC409A		      Receive	and	select	offers
 $1,617.00	 IPAA	NSW	members	                                       PSPPROC406A	       Procure	goods	and	services
 $1,771.00	 group	booking                                           PSPPROC410A	       Administer	contracts
 Enquiries Phone IPAA NSW on (02) 9228 5225,                        PSPPROC405B	       Dispose	of	assets
             or see our website at