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									  The Difference between Contact Lenses & Eyeglasses

Rapidly advancing technology has made it possible for those with vision
problems to choose from a big variety of eye glasses, prescription sun
glasses, contact lenses and more. Each has its own benefits and
shortcomings and it is important to choose the right option based on
specific needs as it involves the eyes’ health. The eye doctor also offers
advice based on the eyes’ condition. In some cases, contact lenses can be
more appropriate while eye glasses can be the right choice in others.
Here is a look at the differences between Calgary contact lenses and
eyeglasses in Calgary:

  • Contact lenses are worn directly on the eye, resulting in natural vision
     while eyeglasses are worn in a frame, often causing vision distortion
     due to the distance between the eye and the glass. Because of this
     contact lenses are better for people needing high powered correction.
  • Eyeglasses can cause peripheral vision problems while contact lenses
     mean focused vision which can be significant in sports and driving
  • Eyeglasses make you conscious of the frame and lens and the
     reflection from the lens. This is not a problem with contact lenses.
  • Some people find eyeglasses cumbersome as they have to be adjusted
     periodically. Also, the lens can become foggy when the temperature
     changes. Contact lenses are free from this.
  • With contact lenses you can wear any outfit, while eyeglasses can
     clash with certain clothes.
  • Designer eyeglasses can be worn as fashion accessories, while with
     contact lenses the options are limited.
  • Certain eye problems such as astigmatism, unequal vision, and
     extreme far and near sight can be rectified only with contact lenses.
     Only eyeglasses can be worn for certain eye conditions such as dry eye
     and wet eye.
  • As far as comfort is concerned, contact lenses take some getting used
     to, although it is easy to adapt in time. Eyeglasses are easier to get
     used to.
  • Cost wise, contact lenses can be more expensive than eye glasses
     depending on the type of contact lenses used.
That said, both contact lenses and eye glasses need careful handling and
maintenance to keep them clean. There is also the issue of whether your
health care insurance will cover contact lenses and eyeglasses, depending
on where you are located.

To find out the ideal option for your specific vision needs, it is best to
contact your optician for your contact lenses and eyeglasses in Calgary.

At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center your eye health and sight are
important to us. Our team of professionals is able to provide thorough
vision care for the whole family. We also provide services like Contact
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