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Lindfield Lines


									                                      Lindfield Lines

                     Term 3           Week 5                                17 August 2011

                             Principal’s Report                                                          Contact Us..
Staff News                                                                                       Telephone
                                                                                                 9416 1903
We were very excited to hear the news that Mrs Kroie and her husband
welcomed a healthy baby boy, Archer, into the world last Sunday                                  Absentee Line
                                                                                                 9415 6180
evening. Congratulations to the Kroie family!
                                                                                                 Principal’s Email
Mrs Henry will be leaving us tomorrow to commence maternity leave.                     
She has done a wonderful job in teaching computer each Thursday to                               Administration Email
KG, KH and 1N and PE to KB and we wish her the very best. Miss                         
Chau will take over this position for the remainder of the year.                                 Lindfield School Website
Interactive Whiteboards                                                                

                                                                                                 P&C Website
Yesterday we had six very excited classes watch their new interactive                  
whiteboards be installed into their rooms (3A, 3PT, 3M, 3K, 4B and 4C)
                                                                                                 Lindfield Activity Centre
under the BER program. Teachers are keen to use the interactive                                  9416 1936
whiteboard in their rooms and have all had training in the use of the
boards as an effective teaching tool.                                                            Parents & Citizen Assoc
                                                                                                 President: Leanne Ferreira
Year 4 Notes

We are still chasing several notes from Year 4 students regarding
whether or not they will be remaining at Lindfield PS next year. Your
assistance in ensuring that this note is returned as soon as possible                             Notes Sent Home this Week
would be greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                 All permission notes can be
UNSW Spelling and Writing                                                                            downloaded from the
                                                                                                      school website via
                                                                                                  Community Values - Useful
These results have recently arrived and details of students achieving                                     Downloads
the awards of High Distinction and Distinction will be acknowledged in                           11243 Year 6 Jindabyne
                                                                                                        Packing List
next week‟s newsletter.                                                                          11244 Spelling Bee Years 3
                                                                                                        to 6 2011
                                                                                                 11245 School Photo Days
                                                                                                 11246 Zone Athletics
Craig Oliver

                                                   Coming Events

18 August – K-6 Book Parade                      19 August – Kindergarten Zoo Excursion        22 August – Year 6 Interrelate
23 and 24 August – SCHOOL PHOTOS                 25 August – Class 1N Assembly and Zone Athletics Carnival and
                                                               Kindergarten 2012 Information Night
29 August to 2 September – Year 6 to Jindabyne   29 August – Year 5 Interrelate and Anna Fienberg, Author visit for Yrs 3 to 5
                               Lindfield Blue cut off is 3:00 pm on Tuesday 6 September
                     Deputy Principal’s Report

Book Parade

The Book Parade planned for tomorrow has now been postponed due to current (and forecast)
inclement weather.


Information regarding school photos has been sent home this week. School photos will be held
next week on Tuesday 23 August and Wednesday 24 August. Music, dance and extracurricular
group photos and sport photos will be available to purchase after photo day. These photos will
be on display behind the Deputy Principal‟s office.

Kindergarten Information Evening

Kindergarten 2012 Information Evening will be held on Thursday 25 August at 6.30pm in the
school library. If you have a child you intend enrolling in 2012 and have not completed an
enrolment application, please do so this week. When enrolling, we will need to sight original
Birth Certificate or Passport of your child, proof of your residential address and Immunisation
Certificate, if available.

Music to my Ears

I love coming to school in the morning and working to the sound of the various musical groups
who rehearse in the mornings. What a treat! Thank you to our beautiful Vivaldi string group for
their performance yesterday at the 3-6 assembly.

Mrs Katrin Cornell                                   1N’s Assembly will be held
Deputy Principal                                   Thursday, 25 August at 2:00pm
                                                         in the School Hall.

                                       Parents, grandparents, family and friends are all welcome.
                                         We look forward to sharing this special day with you.
                                                            Miss Newton

K-2 Athletics Carnival

The K-2 Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday, 7 September. We will begin the carnival
at 12:00pm with grade novelty events. Lunch will be held at 1:00 pm, followed by grade running
races commencing at 2:00pm. Please feel welcome to come along on the day to cheer your
child on, and to join us for a picnic lunch on Palm playground.

Sharon Hanna
     PSSA Sport
   20 August 2011                                          Class 4C’s work
         SOCCER                                       is on display in the Office
Team A … Tryon
Team B … Edenborough                                         Week 5, Term 3.
Team C… Roseville Park
                                                       We hope you can come in
        Canoon Road                                        and have a look!

                          WOOLWORTHS „Earn and Learn‟
                             COLES „Sports for Schools‟

          Please bring your dockets in - they can be placed in the marked boxes
                         next to the fish tank in the front office

                          KINDERGARTEN 2012
                        Thursday 25th August, 2011:
                        6.30pm in the School Library


                      Anaphylaxis at Lindfield Public School
 At Lindfield Public School in 2011 we have a small number of children with a potentially
 life threatening allergic reaction. They are found across our school from Kindergarten to
 Year 6.

 How can parents help these children?
    If possible, choose alternative sandwich spreads to peanut butter and Nutella. If
       you have no alternative, inform your child that these foods can trigger an
       anaphylactic reaction.

        Reinforce the school‟s NO FOOD SHARING message.
This week, the finals are being held in each grade. Congratulations to all children for taking part in our
annual Spelling Bee. Good luck to all our finalists.

                         K-2 Spelling Bee Finalists 2011
KINDER                                       YEAR ONE                            YEAR TWO
KB   Kristina S                      1T  Toby L                           2T  Lily R
     Cameron R                           Thomas H                             Thiran N
KH Kailash S                         1W Atticus H                         2R  Lucy
     Maya N                              Zach L                               Hannah K
KG Claire B                          1MK Rex D                            2BM Jannica M
     Hugo T                              Sophie H                             Lily K-B
KM Jack G                            1N Evelyn W                          2C  Edie
     Katie W                             Yume T                               Lachlan T
KT   Luca G                          1C  Hugo C                           2M Senithi D
     Zoe M                               Jessica N                            Leki K
                                     1H Sarah B
                                         Julia T

                   Years 3-6 Spelling Bee Finalists, 2011
3A: Annabelle S, Jack L

3K: Alex H, Evan P

3M: Dan R, Imogen G

3PT: Lilli J, Angus J

4B: Jonathan C, Joshua H

4C: Shirley X, Finn V

4K: Sean B, Caitlin T

4W: Bryn A, Winni C

5J: Patrick T, Annisa A

5W: Dayae C, Katelyn L

5/6G: Leanne G, Flora L

5/6M: Yusun L, Samuel L

6R: Maddy I, Lauren D

6T: Eujin K, Benjamin K
                 Love Your Library
            Book character parade
 Don’t forget that TOMORROW 18th August is the Bo0k
                   Character Parade.
     Come to school dressed as your favourite book
  Please remember that this is not a mufti day. If you are not
 dressing as a Book Character you must come to school in your
              Starts at 9.10 and ends at 10.00am
              All parents welcome to come along.

                         Book Swap
 Next week is Book Week and one of the many events planned for the
                     week is the Book Swap.

This is when you dig out all those old books that you no long want, that
the family has outgrown and send them on up to the Library. On arrival
at the Library your child may choose a replacement book from the vast
array of books that other families no longer want and take them home.
This is a great way to refresh your home library and not spend a cent!
This will be happening all week before school, after school and during
lunch time.
        Premier’s Reading Challenge

  There are only two more weeks to complete this
                  year‟s challenge.
                                Book Week
                       22nd – 26th August 2011

                    “One World Many Stories”
Visiting Author/Performance     K-2 will be entertained and amazed by the visiting
                                Illustrator, Mike Zarb, on Thursday, 1 September.
                                Years 3-5 have visiting Author, Anna Fienberg on
                                Monday, 29 August
                                Year 6 will be lucky enough to be entertained by Emily Rodda,
                                Author of the new trilogy “The Golden Door”.

Book Swap                       Monday 22 to Friday 29 August in the Library

                              Daily story telling at lunchtime in the
                                   Library during Book Week

                          K – 2 Colouring and Drawing Competition
                            3 – 6 Creative Piece on Book Week.
                              Theme „One World Many Stories‟.

                                 Book Character Parade
            Dress up as a Book Character, bring in the book your character is from
                           and join in the parade for all to see, on
                        Thursday, 18 August 2011 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am

            Join in and be a part of Book Week
VACANCIES for Lindfield Public School’s P&C Association 2012

Three years? Already? Yes, we are sad to report this week that this is the final year of Leanne Ferreira‟s three
outstanding years as President of our P&C Association.

A new President will be elected at our next AGM, which will be held early next year. Accordingly, we need some
community-minded parents to step forward as candidates.

As parents, we can be very passionate about our school and our children‟s education. As a P&C, we need to be
able to discuss our values, beliefs, viewpoints and ideas, in a forum which is welcoming, ordered and fair. We have
always had a very active P&C at Lindfield Public, which has enabled us to work with the Principal, teachers and
staff to create a positive school environment and to create policies which reflect the attitudes and values of the
school and local community. Being the President of a P&C which, year after year, has ensured our children have
amazing and unique opportunities, and which has assisted in shaping and developing our school policies, is a
thoroughly rewarding experience.

At Lindfield Public School, the P&C President is responsible for:
    • the successful functioning of the P&C Association;
    • the formulation and attainment of the P&C Association‟s annual objectives;
    • ensuring that the P&C Association takes part in decision-making processes in the school;
    • fostering fair participation of all members and ensuring that all new members are made to feel welcome;
    • supporting volunteers and paid positions of the P&C;
    • setting up lines of communication with the Principal;
    • acting as the P&C Association‟s spokesperson when public statements or actions are needed;
    • being a signatory on the Association‟s bank account;
    • chairing meetings (one Executive Committee meeting per month, one P&C meeting per term plus others as

The President is supported by our very committed members on the Executive Committee and also by the
outstanding Convenors of our Sub-Committees.

Other VACANCIES for next year‟s P&C Executive Committee:

Vice President
We have two Vice Presidents on our Executive Committee. Our new Vice President will work together with one of
our current VPs who is staying on for next year. The role of the Vice President is to support the President and sub-
committees. This valuable and fulfilling position includes taking an active role in assisting with any events being
organised, resolving any issues encountered at the sub-committee level, taking on other projects as required from
time-to-time, attending meetings and taking minutes in the absence of the secretary.

Assistant Secretary
Supporting the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary is a principal administrative officer of the Association. This is a
very important and rewarding role as the Assistant Secretary contributes significantly to the smooth running of the
P&C, and is crucial in ensuring transparent communications within the school community. Responsibilities include
assisting the Secretary in the taking and distribution of minutes, writing letters, collecting, reviewing and distributing
incoming mail, attending Executive and P&C meetings, handling queries from the school community and helping
with flyers for fundraising and other P&C meetings and events.

P&C Executive
P&C website –

SPECIALS DAY HELPERS! Thanks to all the many hands who made our specials day possible – our two
tireless dads, Tony and David, for manning the barbeques, and Denise, Fiona, Phoebe, Lynne, April and Tina
for making a fantastic team on the inside. It was heartening to hear the big cheer from the children when the
lunch time shutters went up – over 400 keen signups, showing again that they do love a specials day! And of
course our thanks to Deb who makes it all happen for the kids.

CALL FOR MORE HELPERS IN SEPTEMBER ! We have some vacant days on our roster currently,
including Thursday, 1st September, Monday, 5th September, Wednesday, 14th September, Monday, 19th
September, and Tuesday, 20th September – this is a great opportunity to grab a friend or two and come and
spend the day together in canteen – there‟s lots of catch up time as well as time with the kids. Most other
dates in September also have opportunities to help out – see Deb for signups, or e-mail Cath Shaw at:


Warm thanks to all our valued volunteers who contribute to our roster, and make it possible for our canteen
to run. There are still plenty of opportunities for involvement for anyone who wants to drop in to the canteen
and add their name to the roster. All help is greatly appreciated.

TERM 3 - WEEK 5 (9AM – 2.00PM)
THURS 18  AUGUST                  FRI 19TH AUGUST                            CANTEEN QUERIES
Vera Gusavac                      Lisa Sernack
Theresa Gavin                     Reema Sawhny
Leigh Angus                       9-11 April Palfreyman                                   or to
                                  HELPER NEEDED PLEASE!
                                  HELPER NEEDED PLEASE!                      FILL the HELP NEEDED
TERM 3 - WEEK 6(9AM – 2.00PM)
                                                                               Canteen Supervisor:
MON 22ND AUGUST                   T UESDAY 23RD AUGUST
Cath Shaw                         Sarah James
HELPER NEEDED PLEASE!             Nat Oldham                                     Debbie Bryant
WED 24 AUGUST                     THURS 25
                                              AUGUST                           9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sal Waddington                    Sarah Burnett
Cath Shaw                         Alison Willis                                  Ph: 9416 1903
                                                                                (ask for Canteen)
Celia Miller
Edwina Ling
Sharon Le Dan Ferrier

                                          Convenor – Cath Shaw
                                             BAND NEWS

Upcoming performances for Junior Band
The band is excited about its upcoming, very public, performances:

Sunday     28 August             – UNSW School Band Festival
Saturday 3 September             - North Shore Primary School Concert Band Festival

Please ensure that your child is practising the band pieces for performance at these Festivals so that JB does itself

Parent helpers at rehearsal
Roster for the remainder of the term:

          Thursday 18 Aug                       Ruddick

          Tuesday 23 Aug                        Shen
          Thursday 25 Aug                       Song

          Tuesday 30 Aug                        Stark
          Thursday 1 Sept                       Sun

          Tuesday 6 Sept                        Teeson
          Thursday 8 Sept                       Urgun

          Tuesday 13 Sept                       Williams
          Thursday 15 Sept                      Zhao

          Tuesday 20 Sept                       Aikin
          Thursday 22 Sept                      Barnes

Rehearsal roster

  6     am         23/08/2011 Julie Walsh
        pm         25/08/2011 Sue Vercoe

  7     am         30/08/2011 Clare Conaglen
        pm          1/09/2011 Linleigh White
Want to know what your child did at Music Camp? Take a look at this album compiled by Allison Hendricks from
Strings. If you have any photos you would like added to the album, please forward on to Allison

Many thanks to Rison So (Quentin's dad) who was our official photographer and captured so much of the
"work, rest and play" at Camp.

Regards, Lynne Sharpe

Recently there have been a few complaints from tutors regarding payments. Thank you to all Lindfield parents who
always do the correct thing and pay on time, contact tutors when their child is sick and are very grateful if the tutor
can make up a lesson. These are the majority of Lindfield parents.

At the beginning of the year all parents receive a “Parents guide to tutorial programme”. If you haven‟t read it,
please do. It includes:

Child Absence

Tutors are to receive payment for all lessons billed regardless of child absences.

     If your child is sick it would be courteous to inform the tutor as soon as possible.
     If you know your child will be absent for a particular reason please inform the tutor as soon as possible.
     If your child is to be absent due to a school excursion or similar please inform the tutor at the beginning of the
     Although a tutor is not obliged to make up a lesson, many will try to reschedule if enough notice is given.
     Try to avoid scheduling appointments for your child during their lesson time if at all possible so that you are
        not paying for a tutorial that is not used

    As you may or may not be aware tutors earn their weekly wage by tutoring. If you miss a lesson and do not pay
        them they do not earn as much money that week as they expected. These tutors receive no sick pay, no
        holiday pay etc and we are very lucky to have them working at our school. If we do not treat them well they
        will find employment elsewhere. Our band programme needs good tutors and we need to treat them
        respectfully. Tutoring at Lindfield is their job and if your child does not turn up for his/her lesson the tutor
        sits in a room doing nothing for 20 minutes. Sometimes a tutor can make up for a missed lesson and
        sometimes they can‟t. It is your duty to get your child to his/her lesson. If your child cannot make it to their
        lesson please DO NOT expect the tutor to make up that lesson.



Week 5 15/8
Week 6 22/8        JB UNSW BAND FESTIVAL SUNDAY,28/8
                   CB NORTH SHORE BAND FESTIVAL SUN 4/9
Week 9 12/9        IB TO WHITEHALL –WED 14/9

                                       Convenors – Di Stewart/Sian Joyce
MIMOSA CONCERT at Sydney Opera House
It was a great day, performing in the Opera House.

We were very tired by the end of our rehearsal, then it was the moment.
Combined Strings played wonderfully in the three ensemble pieces; “El
Camino de la Danza” with recorders and band was so gorgeous.

by Terry 6R, String Captain

It was a chilly morning last Thursday when I woke up in a euphoric
manner as Vivaldi was going to the Opera House to perform the pieces
that we learnt throughout the past year. Even though many of us had
been to the Opera House several times, we still were excited to be
there. When we reached the Opera House, we had to eat our lunch as
they will only allow us to eat later at 4:00pm. It was cold and windy that
day and seagulls flocked around us scavenging for food.

When we were invited inside, we unpacked our violins and tuned them
for an all-day rehearsal before the concert. The rehearsal was tiring but
it corrected all our faults in our songs. We then went to the room we had
our violin cases in and packed them before we were sent out at 4:00pm
for a well-earned rest. When we came back at 6.30pm, we got ready for the concert. When we walked onto the
stage the lights blinded my eyes and hundreds of people were staring at us. I personally thought we all did pretty
well and the audience enjoyed it too. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I think the whole Vivaldi group would
agree on that.

By Nicholas 5/6G

The first MOZART SHOWCASE for 2011 will take place on Monday 22 August during the normal Mozart Ensemble
rehearsal time from 3:00pm till 3:45pm in the School Hall. All family and friends of Mozart Ensemble members are
welcome to attend.

Next week‟s performer (Monday 22 August) will be Natalie M for Bach Ensemble.

                                            Convenor – Tara Laybutt
                                  Strings Program Coordinator – Rufina Ismail

East Africa Famine Appeal
Thank you to the families who gave to their favourite charities to help African families suffering from the worst
drought in 60 years. LPS families donated $1375 and when you consider that only $40 can provide a child with a
month's supply of Plumpy Nut - a vitamin-rich peanut paste that has been specially developed to treat acutely
malnourished children – those funds will go a long way.

Also best wishes to the LPS students participating in the World Vision 40 hour famine this weekend. Please support
anyone you know who is making the effort to give up something to help those who have so little.

                                                  Nadja Leffler,
                                       Social Justice Committee Convenor
Upcoming Social Functions

KH      Monday, 22 August 3:00pm - Play in the park, Two Turners Park.
KH      Sunday, 4 September 3:00pm - Family BBQ at Queen Elizabeth Reserve.
KH      Thursday, 15th September, 7.30pm - Dinner at High Street Bistro, 197 High Street, Willoughby
        (BYO - $10 corkage per bottle). Please RSVP to Sarah and Kellie.
KH      Wednesday, 21 September 3:00pm - Play in the park, Two Turners Park.

Year Four Parents’ Night Out
Friday 16th September - Casual drinks at the Greengate Hotel, Pacific Hwy, Killara from 7:00pm onwards.

Year Four Function
Sunday, 20th November - Family BBQ at West Lindfield Bowling Club from 3:00pm.

                                            Convenor - Rae Cairns

Week 10 of the Primary School Chess Competition saw our teams travelling away for the last time this competition.

Lindfield A played Neutral Bay A and drew 2.0-2.0 (aggregate 23.5-16.5) (winners Neutral Bay A on 29) - doing
very well to come 3rd (pipped by St Aloysius at the end) in spite of a few weeks without our top players.

Lindfield B played Lane Cove B and drew 2.0-2.0 (agg: 19.5-20.5) (winners Chatswood A on 37) - doing very well
to also come third in a tough competition (Chatswood had entered their team into the wrong level of competition,
and thus romped home).

Lindfield C played Lindfield East E and won 4.0-0.0 (agg: 31-9) (winners Newington College B on 32) and were just
pipped on the line for 2nd.

Lindfield D played Lindfield East D and drew 2.0-2.0 (agg: 24.5-15.5) (winners St Michaels on 28) for a well-
deserved (and behaved) 2nd.

Well done all teams and thank you for taking part.               A deep thanks to all the parents involved!

Three teams are being sent to the NSW Interschool Girls Chess Challenge on the 25th and we have high hopes for
a good result - good luck girls!

Planning is well underway for our own internal Chess Tournament, currently scheduled for 9 Sept (K-2) and 16
Sept (3-6) - parents do note that they will conclude at 5:00pm. At this point we have the trophies, spot prizes, gift
bags, and have sorted out the competition details with the coaches.

Also, Sydney Academy of Chess are holding a free tournament for any children interested on 3 and 4 September -
Junior (8 and under) on the 3rd, and Primary on the 4 , at Sydney Olympic Park - more details on under „Upcoming Events‟.

Chess Fees are due by this week (19th) and we prefer that they be paid online. If not possible, then please pay by
the locked box in the Admin Building. Thanks for your patience.

                                          Convenor – Sarinya Eyland
Six years. It has taken six years and various LEAFers to finally achieve the impossible - the handling of
the Privets on Privet Drive (aka the Palm fenceline).

Various attempts have seen these unkillable, allergy inducing 'trees' slashed, sawed, hacked, sliced,
chopped and Cursed*. All to no avail. They have come back stronger every time, entwining themselves
into the fence, around a tap and putting up a sign, 'Thou shall not take us down.'

LEAF, on an enforced 2 hour wait for sons-of-LEAF 'music' lessons, put on a bandanna, flesh coloured
warpaint, picked up the 'attitude', the regular bushcare toolkit, 'Mac' the drill and a load of Potions and
ventured Rambo-style ** into the Forbidden Forest wilds of the Gladstone Pde fenced off area in a
quixotic quest to ensure that only pure-native trees and shrubs remain on LPS grounds.

Entangled deep in the Forbidden Forest by strangling wisteria, LEAF coaxed Mac into action and was
about to drill when asked 'What are you doing?' by young Alex of the Gryffindor Quidditch/soccer training
team, followed with 'How did you know my name?' Ah, but us Slyth...LEAF people have ways and
means. Back into action, only to be interrupted by Professor Tompson of Hufflepuff with a 'What are you
doing?' followed by 'Thou must not touch MY Turpentines, as they will grow far better than your Potion
driven efforts!'

A few Privets drilled and treated, with a few 'What are you doings?‟ and taking care to avoid touching Mrs
T's (smaller) Turpentines and receiving a lot of scratches from the wild wisteria, LEAF finally reached the
end of the quest/fenceline - a badly scarred and hacked Whomping Willow (Celtis) threatening one of
LEAF's Turpentines. A wild round of drilling and slashes in return from the Whomping Willow, only to
discover more of it on the other side of the fence, in full view and daylight and certainly not in the
Slyth...LEAF style.

On the Palm side of the fence, LEAF prepared for the final drill, only to be encountered with a 'What are
you doing?' NOOOOO - has someone in Gryf....Safety cast a Questioning enchantment on me?

After recovering son-of-LEAF #2 from his first music lesson 'You said to meet on Palm Dad, I couldn't
see you', 'Ah, but I was in the Whispering Wood doing work for Volde.....ah...P&C....' LEAF rearranged
son-of-LEAF #1's lesson, delivered a shock to son-of-LEAF #2's violin teacher, Miss M of Ravenclaw, 'It
is always interesting to see what gardening equipment you will bring along next.' 'It is NOT gardening
equipment, these are magical tools.' 'A S-P-A-D-E, righto...' and returned to Gladstone Parade to tackle
the pesky Ochna growing on the side of the school.

In the deepening gloom of twilight, LEAF used up the remaining Potions on the aggressive Ochna, only
to be accosted with a 'What are you doing?' from the (no doubt) pure-blooded pedestrians with their
three-headed Hound.

Job mostly done, and rumours that LEAF is leaving portions of his soul on Hogw.....Lindfield Public, will
strictly not be discussed.

And any comparison of Nick our gardener with Hagrid is simply inaccurate.

Till next time.

* Cursed - not to be attempted by Muggles. Especially those with the LEAF attitude.
** Rambo-style - ok, the image doesn't quite fit, but stick with it for now.....

                                          Convenor – Eric Tse
         Father‟s Day BREAKFAST
          DATE: FRIDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2011
                      VENUE: LPS
          TIME: 7am – 8.30 am (rain or shine)
                   BBQ BREAKFAST
         COST: $10 per adult and $5 per child
 PAYMENT: online or via Social committee box marked
                Father‟s Day Breakfast
 (Please ensure you include the form on the next page)

          NIGHT OUT
         DATE: FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2011
                      TIME: 7PM
  Cost $15 including BBQ - Payment online or Cash or
Cheque made out to LPS Social Committee (place in Social
       Committee box marked “DAD‟s night out”)
              RSVP: 16 September 2011
             Any questions please contact Danielle Pringle
                James Willis on
                               Convenor – Danielle Pringle
                Father’s Day Breakfast BBQ
                         Friday 2nd September 7.00am-8.30am
   The Social Committee invites you and your family to celebrate Father’s Day
              with a delicious barbeque breakfast in the Breezeway
                                                               All welcome, rain or shine!

             * Bacon & Eggs * Gourmet Sausages
                                         $10 per adult                                                   $5 per child
                            Please pay online by going to
                  or print the form below and return it with your payment to the
                Social Committee Locked Box (cheques made out to ‘LPS P&C Social Committee’)
                     Please RSVP by Friday 26 August for catering purposes
                                                               Father‟s Day Breakfast BBQ

We will be attending the Father’s Day Breakfast BBQ on Friday 2 September.

Family Name: ......................................................... Ph: ............................

Child 1 - Name:          ......................................................    Class: .......................
Child 2 – Name:           .....................................................    Class: .......................
Child 3 - Name:           .....................................................    Class: .......................
Child 4 - Name:           ......................................................   Class: .......................

Other non-LPS children: ................... (total number only)
Total number of adults: ..........................     x $10.00 per adult =                                         $ ........................
Total number of children: ......................       x $5.00 per child =                                          $ ........................
                                                              Total payment:                                        $ ........................

Please pre-order:                    Egg and Sausage.............. (number required)
                                     Egg and Bacon................. (number required)
Clothing Pool
Opening Hours:
Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30am to 9:30am.

Product News:
We are still accepting winter shirts with too long sleeves for exchange so please bring them to clothing pool as soon
as possible.

Our volunteers for next week are:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011                           Thursday, 25 August 2011
Lily Tokareff                                       Jean Nightingale
Lynne Sharp                                         Lynne Sharp

Next Date for Dr Shoe at Clothing Pool:   1 September 2011

                                        Convenor – Barbara Liebenberg
                                     Clothing Shop Manager – Lynne Sharp

What has the Safety committee been up to?
You might have seen us counting cars and pedestrians at the end of last term. We are trying to assess the vehicle
and pedestrian traffic on Ortona Road. Depending on the numbers, we may qualify for an additional crossing
supervisor. We shall be doing another count again in term 3. If you have the time and feel the urge to lend an hour
of your time in the morning or afternoon, we would be delighted to see you. Please just send an email to

Did you know?
The NSW Auditor-General, Peter Achterstraat, released his report on Speed Cameras on July 27.

Speed cameras which registered large numbers of public complaints were decommissioned in July. While the
camera system outside Lindfield Public School was on the list of cameras that were complained about, it also
received high levels of formal support as a road safety initiative. As a result, the camera system outside our school
will remain.

If you would like to read more about the report, please go to:

                                            Convenor – Ian St Vincent

   Convenor – Shannon Garner                                                         Convenor – Rory Macleod                                                   
  The 2011 | 2012 Entertainment™ Book is this year's best investment,
                    but your time is running out!

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 Entertainment™ Books feature many of the area's best restaurants,
cafés, hotel accommodation, attractions and activities, all with
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Entertainment™ Book for only $65 and you'll receive over $15,000 in
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June, 2012!

The best part is that $13 from the sale of each Book contributes to our fund-raising. So
far this year we’ve raised $962.00 for Lindfield Public School.
This is your last chance!
Order your families Entertainment Book via our secure online order page at:

Thank you for supporting Lindfield Public School's Fundraising.

 Gillian Huyskens
ph: 0414 260 466

Entertainment™ Books are available for: Sydney North, Sydney, Sydney Greater West, Newcastle,
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Townsville, Auckland,
Christchurch, Dunedin, Waikato, and Wellington.
                    ANNUAL OPEN DAY

                 and Visual Arts Exhibition
        (Opening Night 19th August at 7pm - includes HSC Artworks)
                     Monday 22nd August 2011
                            12 noon - 5 pm

                           Students at work

               Classes to visit in all curriculum areas

             Individual and group student performances

Children and families from our local primary schools especially welcome

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