Affordable Warmth in Rotherham by hedongchenchen


									  Affordable Warmth
Multi Agency Strategy for
 First progress report
       2004 - 2006


AIM 1: To promote shared ownership of the Affordable Warmth Strategy

        OBJECTIVES                                     TASKS                                           PROGRESS

1. To ensure lead partners are   1. Two workshops to form the basis of the Strategy    1. Completed – held 2003
   involved in the development   2. Members of the Steering Group to inform and gain   2. Completed
   and implementation of the        support from appropriate committees/boards
   Strategy                      3. Make sure that issues in the Affordable Warmth     3. Completed
                                    Strategy are on agendas of the Primary Care
                                    Trust /Voluntary sector, etc.
                                 4. Launch the Affordable Warmth Strategy              4. Completed – launched 8 September 2003

2. To ensure that the            1. Ensure that the Affordable Warmth Strategy is     1 Ongoing
   Affordable Warmth Strategy       considered in Key documents, such as the            Awareness of the Affordable Warmth
   is linked to relevant            Community Strategy, the Neighbourhood Renewal       Strategy has been raised in key strategy
   strategies                       Strategy, the Housing Strategy and the Health and   groups but has not yet been embedded
                                    Social Care Local Implementation Plan

3. To develop a shared logo      1. To design a logo which expresses the vision of the 1. Cost implications and value were
                                    project and has commitment from the partnership       considered and it was decided that
                                    steering group                                        resources would be better spent on tasks.
                                                                                          Item therefore closed

         OBJECTIVES                                      TASKS                                            PROGRESS

4. To develop a single point for   1. Identify and promote a free phone number which     1a Free phone number identified
   all referrals                   will be developed as an information and advice line      (0800 073 1311)
                                   for front line staff
                                                                                         1b Plastic credit size card produced and
                                                                                            distributed to Primary Care Trust front line
                                                                                            staff including GPs
                                                                                            Distribution now being widened to the
                                                                                            general public

AIM 2: To raise awareness of Affordable Warmth in Rotherham                                       (21.03.03)

        OBJECTIVES                                       TASKS                                          PROGRESS

1. To train front-line staff to   1. Establish a Steering Group to develop a training   1. Completed
   respond more effectively to       agenda
   the affordable warmth agenda
                                  2. Identify existing resources and facilities, e.g.   2. Joint training content agreed with the
                                     involve existing training personnel in planning       Primary Care Trust
                                                                                           The presentation is available from Paul
                                                                                           Maplethorpe Rotherham Metropolitan
                                                                                           Borough Council or Terri Roche Primary
                                                                                           Care Trust

                                                                                        3. Five workshops have taken place for
                                  3. Agreed locally based training sessions                Rotherham Primary Care Trust front line
                                                                                           staff on recognising fuel poverty

                                                                                        4. Steve Durose, Home Safety Officer for
                                  4. Explore accreditation of training                     Age Concern, has successfully completed
                                                                                           the 6176 City & Guilds Energy Advice
                                                                                           training course

                                  5. Review and evaluate effectiveness of joint         5. Target Events:
                                     training                                              September 2003 (2)
                                                                                           November 2003 (2)
                                                                                           February 2004 (2)
                                                                                           February 2005 (2)
                                                                                           Joint evaluations are available from
                                                                                           Paul Maplethorpe Rotherham
                                                                                           Metropolitan Borough Council

         OBJECTIVES                                       TASKS                                           PROGRESS

2. To identify and target groups   1. Steering Group to identify appropriate front-line   1. Completed 2003/4. Continue to promote
   and staff to receive training      staff to receive training                              during 2005/6

                                   2. Explore the inclusion of energy awareness in        2. Implemented from February 2004 for
                                      Council induction programmes for all new staff,        staff in the Neighbourhoods Programme
                                      including work-related energy efficiency               Area.

                                   3. Agree and deliver a training programme for          3. A joint training program has been
                                      specific staff groups                                  developed with Rotherham Metropolitan
                                                                                             Borough Council and the Primary Care
                                                                                             Trust. Five training sessions have taken
                                                                                             place as well as ten presentations. These
                                                                                             are inline with the Energy Saving Trust
                                                                                             targets for the South Yorkshire Energy
                                                                                             Efficiency Advice Centre

         OBJECTIVES                                    TASKS                                            PROGRESS

3. To provide accessible        1. Provide user-friendly information for all.           1. Over 2,000 copies of the “Its criminal to
   impartial energy                                                                        waste energy” energy advice book have
   efficiency/Affordable                                                                   been distributed at events, workshops,
    Warmth advice for all the                                                              presentations and home visits
    People of Rotherham.
                                2. Make information available in appropriate            2. “Keep warm keep well” developed in
                                   languages/formats.                                      Braille, audio tape, Urdu, Bengali, and

                                3. Promote South Yorkshire Energy Efficiency            3. Website promoted via leaflets and face-to-
                                   Advice Centre web site for Save N Warm                  face contacts
                                   projects via literature distributed at Road shows,      (
                                   events, presentations and training

         OBJECTIVES                                       TASKS                                         PROGRESS

4. To raise public awareness of    1. Use existing campaigns/events - maximise         1. Affordable Warmth was promoted at the
   energy efficiency, Affordable      opportunities from National campaigns               following events in a variety of ways e.g.
   Warmth and renewable                                                                   presentations, information stalls, etc.:
   energy                                                                                  2003 - Lattice group meeting on 17
                                                                                            September, B&Q on 24 September, Deaf
                                                                                            club on 29 October and Kiverton Park
                                                                                            residents on 3 December
                                                                                           2004 – 22 events including
                                                                                            Landlords day on 30 January in Dinnington
                                                                                            Social Services event on19 April
                                                                                            Fall prevention events 20th March 2003
                                                                                            March 0411 Nov 0411
                                                                                            Pension service on 17 November
                                                                                            Various community planning events

                                   2. Provide link to existing information providers   2. Six Information Roadshows held in 2003
                                                                                           and ten held in 2004
                                                                                       2a. Information Roadshows are held
                                                                                           monthly in different locations providing
                                                                                           access for all and bring together a
                                                                                           number of different organisations.
                                                                                           Often with inter linked benefit
                                                                                           criteria the organisations can refer
                                                                                            people to other Services and

         OBJECTIVES                                     TASKS                                           PROGRESS

5. To work in partnership with    1. Target organisations already giving benefit        1. 1,977 Warm Front grants were given to
   other groups to maximise the      entitlement advice - encourage energy efficiency      Rotherham households during 2004-5
   take up of grants and             grants to be included as part of existing advice      (Warm Front is the Government run
   benefits                                                                                scheme for eradicating fuel poverty in the
                                                                                           most vulnerable households)
                                                                                        1a 988 installations for the Save N Warm
                                                                                           scheme were carried out during 2004-5
                                                                                           (Save N Warm is a private discounted
                                                                                           scheme for Heating insulation and solar
                                                                                           water heating)

AIM 3:   To improve the affordable warmth of housing in Rotherham                                     (21.03.03)

           OBJECTIVES                                           TASKS                                        PROGRESS

1. To incorporate energy efficiency    1. Provide a comparative study of fuel types and           1. Undertaken by Paul
   measures into local authority          systems                                                    Maplethorpe. Report available
   housing                                                                                           upon request

                                       2. Convert solid fuel fires to high-energy efficient gas   2. 1500 homes converted from
                                          systems                                                    June 2002 to April 2004

                                       3. Install high-energy efficiency boilers as part of the   3. 2500 high efficiency boilers
                                          Decent Homes Standard                                      have been installed since
                                                                                                     January 2003

2. To distribute low energy products   1. Distribute low energy light bulbs and jug kettles    1. Ongoing
   supplied via Energy Efficiency         supplied by energy suppliers under Energy Efficiency 1a 40,000 low energy lights
   Commitment                             Commitment (EEC) to priority groups. Promote other      distributed to vulnerable
                                          EEC programs such as Npower Fridge Freezer              households saving on average
                                          scheme.                                                 1,888,000 watts of energy with
                                                                                                  a cost saving of £120,000 over
                                                                                                  the 12 year life time of the
                                                                                                  bulbs to priority groups
                                                                                               1b 50 hot water tank jackets
                                                                                               1c 90 fridges and fridge freezers

3. To work with programmes and         1 Work with Powergen, Npower, Scottish Power and     1. Ongoing – equivalent to
   partnerships which aim to reduce      British Gas on the Energy Efficiency Commitment       £5million brought into the
   fuel poverty in Council housing       program                                               borough so far

4. To work in partnership with other   1 Target organisations already giving benefit        1. National Energy Action
   groups to maximise the take up of     entitlement advice - encourage energy efficiency      Community Project grant
   grants and benefits                   grants to be included as part of existing advice      „Health Through Warmth‟,
                                                                                               serviced by Npower and
                                                                                               administered by Age Concern,
                                                                                               Rotherham Handy Man
                                                                                               service. 59 assessments for
                                                                                               cavity wall & loft insulation

                                                                                            1a The following services have
                                                                                               also been engaged to pass on
                                                                                               energy efficiency information;
                                                                                               Primary Care Trust, Social
                                                                                               Services staff, Age Concern,
                                                                                               Welfare Rights, Citizen Advice
                                                                                               Bureaus, independent advice
                                                                                               organisations, Housing staff –
                                                                                               new tenancies, Housing
                                                                                               Associations, RNIB/RNID

AIM 4:   To develop a robust and realistic monitoring and evaluation system for the Strategy’s progress. (21.03.03)

           OBJECTIVES                                          TASKS                                   PROGRESS

1. Ensure that data is collected on   1 Explore the areas which can be realistically         1. The energy efficiency of a
   appropriate indicators               measured                                                dwelling using the (Standard
                                                                                                Assessment Procedure) SAP
                                                                                                energy rating The SAP rating
                                                                                                is the calculation method
                                                                                                used to ascertain what the
                                                                                                energy use of a property is.
                                                                                                The SAP rating is the
                                                                                                governments preferred
                                                                                                method of calculation. The
                                                                                                rating is out of 120 where 1
                                                                                                is poor and 120 is excellent

                                      2 Data is likely to be Best Value Performance          2. (Best value performance
                                        Indicators (SAP rating for Council housing).            indicator 63)
                                                                                                The average SAP rating of
                                                                                                 the councils own stock is 59
                                                                                                 this is above the national
                                                                                                 average of 51as measured
                                                                                                 using the
                                      3 Look at other projects for an indicator for health
                                                                                             1   On going

2. Monitor and evaluate the           1 Measure no of people trained                         1. 85 people trained at joint
   effectiveness of the                                                                         Rotherham Metropolitan

implementation of the strategy                                                            Borough Council /Primary
                                                                                          Care Trust workshops on
                                                                                          Affordable Warmth and

                                 2 Measure no of referrals received and their source   2. Age Concern „Health
                                                                                          Through Warmth‟ project - 5
                                                                                          referrals to Warm Front and
                                                                                          6 to Save N Warm.

                                                                                       2a 400 people have taken up
                                                                                          Warm Front grants as a
                                                                                          result of a mail out by
                                                                                          Council Tax rebate

                                                                                       2b 6 referrals have been sent to
                                                                                          Warm Front and 8 to Save
                                                                                          N Warm via Primary Care
                                                                                          Trust contacts

                                 3 Produce Annual Progress Report on outcomes          3 Annual Progress Report


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