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                  “We invite all of   DIScover The                                           KIcK oFF The Fall WITh MUSIc,
                   New York to
                   come and join us
                                      ISlanD aS a STaGe                                      arT, anD PerForMance
                   at the table, to   When a group of neW yorkers visited                    aS The DUTch reTUrn To
                                                                                             GovernorS ISlanD
                                      the 10-day Oerol Festival on the Dutch island of
                   have a meal or a   Terschelling, they had one thought: New York has
                                      to see this.
                   drink with us.                                                            as henry hudson did 400 years ago, a new wave of Dutch pioneers
                   Enjoy the art,     Based on the 28-year-old tradition of Oerol, all of
                                      Governors Island is now transformed into a venue
                                                                                             will be journeying across the Atlantic this September to a small island in the
                                                                                             middle of New York harbor. From their settlement on Governors Island,
                   the atmosphere     for art and artists. The old officers’ barracks and    this collection of artists, dancers, musicians, singers, and cooks are here to
                                      houses, the green spaces, even the ferry ride itself
                   and the festival   are all part of the show.
                                                                                             re-capture New York.

                   on New York’s      Mining the remarkable history of Governors Island
                                                                                             They have named their home New Island, and will transform it into a place
                                                                                             where anything is possible. The two most important Dutch festivals—Oerol (the
                   newest island.”    for material, the New Island Festival brings           island festival) and Boulevard of Broken Dreams (the only travelling festival in
                                      site-specific theater, music, dance, and art           the world)—have dispatched hundreds of artists, who will establish a colony on
                                      installations from Holland’s top artists, right into   the island, setting up temporary cafes, bars, theaters, and installations.
                                      the middle of New York harbor. The festival center
Anne ZorgdrAger

                                      is a 400-foot long, 7-foot wide dining table. It is    Preparing a Dutch festival in the middle of New York harbor has been a
                                      a stage, a catwalk, and of course the heart of the     tremendous adventure. We could only do it with the great support of the Dutch
                                      biggest open-air dining room in the world.             Government/NY400, GIPEC, our sponsors, co-presenters, partners, and our
                                                                                             Dutch and New York based production team. We are grateful to all of them.
                                      We invite all of New York to come and join us at the
                                      table, to have a meal or a drink with us.              But now it’s up to you, our audience and guests. On behalf of Oerol, Boulevard
                                      Enjoy the art, the atmosphere and the festival on      of Broken Dreams, Theater Instituut Nederland, and all our artists and crew:
                                      New York’s newest island.                              welcome to Governors Island, welcome to the New Island Festival. Enjoy!
                                      Joop Mulder Artistic director
                                                                                             henk scholTen eXecUtive director
                                      TerTs Brinkhoff creAtive director
                                                                                             daVid Binder ProdUcer
                                                                                       Joop MuldEr oErol FEstival
                                                                                       Oerol is an annual location-specific theater festival held on the Dutch island
                                                                                       of Terschelling in mid-June. Over 50,000 people visit the island festival of
                                                                                       site-specific theater, dance, opera, visual art, music, and the various
                                                                                       cross-overs that merge multiple disciplines. The underlying philosophy of the
                                                                                       Oerol Festival is that the whole island is a stage for those 10 days. Beaches,
                                                                                       woods, dunes, buildings, and streets are settings and places for performance.
                                                                                       Over the past 28 years, the festival has grown from a small-scale street event
                                                                                       into an internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary arts festival. The next
                                                                                       Oerol Festival will be June 11–20, 2010.
direcT froM holland, the New Island Festival sets up stakes on
New York City’s Governors Island from September 10–13 and again from
September 17–20. The festival kicks off the fall with provocative theater,             tErts BriNkhoFF
stunning site-specific performance, dazzling visual arts and exhilarating DJ           BoulEvard oF BrokEN drEaMs/MoBilE arts
sets, performed by world class Dutch performers. More than 150 artists will            Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Mobile Arts is a traveling festival that brings a
perform during the festival. The Festival is part of NY400, an extraordinary           splash of culture to numerous cities in the Netherlands. With new theatrical
celebration to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage              acts, well-known musicians, young film makers, and old talents, the Boulevard of
from Amsterdam to New York Harbor.                                                     Broken Dreams (BOBD) will hypnotize unsuspecting first-time visitors as well as
                                                                                       those who have been many times before. BOBD also has a children’s program.
The New Island Festival brings the greatest elements of European outdoor
performing arts festivals to Governors Island. It will combine works that have
previously been featured in the world-renowned Dutch “Oerol” and “De Parade”
                                                                                       hENk scholtEN thEatEr iNstituut NEdErlaNd
                                                                                       Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN) is the heart of the Dutch theater world. The
festivals and provide opportunities for artists to create site-specific works on the
                                                                                       TIN documents, support and promote Dutch theater, both in the Netherlands
Island. All of Governors Island will be the stage for the Dutch, American, and other
                                                                                       and abroad. The TIN offers the largest theater documentation centre in Europe,
international artists who will utilize the waterfront promenade, historic homes,
                                                                                       organizes debates and public exhibitions, promotes talent nationally and
barracks and open green spaces to re-imagine this Island in the middle of New
                                                                                       internationally, and coordinates within the theater world.The TIN works on
York Harbor. Performances begin in the early afternoon and continue through the
                                                                                       strengthening the social position of theater so that it may contribute to a rich
evening—this will be the first time Governors Island has been open at night.
                                                                                       and inspiring artistic climate in the Netherlands. Theater Instituut Nederland is
                                                                                       funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
The New Island Festival features a variety of free theater, music, and dance
performances. However, to experience the full range of theatrical productions
and events, the festival recommends the purchase of a $35 all-access one-day           david BiNdEr
Passport. See the box office or for Passport details.            David Binder (Producer) credits include the Tony Award-winning revival of
                                                                                       Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, Moises Kaufman’s 33 Variations
The Festival is open to the public on Thursdays from 4:00 PM–11:00 PM and              starring Jane Fonda, Fuerza Bruta: Look Up, De La Guarda, and Hedwig and
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 11:00 AM–11:00 PM. All events are in English,        the Angry Inch. He currently teaches at the Yale School of Drama.
subtitled, or non-verbal.
hoW can I See a ShoW
aT The neW ISlanD FeSTIval?
BUY A $35 PAssPorT!                                                                                                                                                 to a private domestic event, and other times
With the purchase of a passport at the box office on the                                                                                                            placing the action so far away that you can’t
                                                                                                                                                                    hear the performers, this distinctive form of
Boulevard of Broken dreams, tickets for the following special                                                                                                       theatre is intensely affecting.
attractions are yours at no additional charge. tickets for the                                                                                                            Inspired by the novels of John
                                                                                                                                                                    Coetzee, Braakland (Wasteland) uses
following shows are available ExclusivElY to passport holders                                                         The ArchAeologicAl Dig                        penetrating imagery to bring the violence
until one (1) hour prior to show time.                                                                                touch thE historY oN                          and desolation of his books to life. Director
                                                                                                                      GovErNors islaNd.                             Lotte van den Berg stages the action hun-
                                                                                                                                                                    dreds of feet from the audience, creating an
• Braakland                            • Broeders                                                                                                                   expansive physical distance, and delivering
                                                                                                                      This siTe was uncovered last winter
• lÂn                                  • la VoiX huMaine                                                                                                            a surprisingly deep and personal impact.
                                                                                                                      during demolition work on Governors Island.
• orfeo*                               • under consTrucTion
                                                                                                                                                                    running Time: 85 MINUTES including walk;
PLease NoTe: Tickets for Passport holders will continue to be available until showtime, subject to availability and
                                                                                                                      Join a team of archaeologists and explore     Language: NONE;
single ticket sales (see below).                                                                                      the remnants of one of the oldest settle-     Co-presented with performance space 122
                                                                                                                      ments in New York City. Dating back nearly    pLease noTe: The show is not appropriate for people
*There is no additional charge to Passport holders for a ticket to Orfeo. However, payment of a $15 meal supple-      four centuries, this small village was the    under the age of 16. It contains violence and brief nudity.
ment is required as dinner is part of the performance.                                                                only civilian community on the military
                                                                                                                      island. Its few remaining inhabitants
With your Passport, you can also check out these events at anytime during your visit:                                 were forced to evacuate in the 1950s and
The archaeological dig—pick up a ticket at the box office.                                                            the town had since been forgotten, until      BroeDers (BroThers)
                                                                                                                      demolition workers accidentally stumbled      JEtsE BatElaaN
silenT disco—just show your passport at the door.
                                                                                                                      onto the site.
                                                                                                                            Now, researchers are mining the         inside The waLLs of This strange
                                                                                                                      area for clues about New York’s past. The     construction, audience and actors share
BUY A siNgle TicKeT!                                                                                                  Governors Island Preservation and Education
                                                                                                                      Corporation (GIPEC) has agreed to temporar-
                                                                                                                                                                    an unlikely encounter.

Beginning one (1) hour prior to showtime, single tickets for the                                                      ily make the site available for viewing.      Brothers (Brothers) takes place inside a strik-
                                                                                                                                                                    ingly unique structure that has been specially
following shows may be sold at the box office, subject to availability.                                                                                             built for the performance. Once inside this
                                                                                                                                                                    beautifully peculiar space, an unparalleled
• Braakland $15                        • la VoiX huMaine $20                                                          BrAAKlAND (WAsTelAND)                         level of connection develops between actors
• Broeders $15                         • orfeo $30 (incl. dinner)                                                     coMpaGNiE dakar/                              and audience, laying the groundwork for an
• lan $15                              • under conTrucTion $15                                                        lottE vaN dEN BErG                            extraordinary theatrical experience.
                                                                                                                                           Director Jetse Batelaan is one of the
Also, you can check out the following shows anytime:                                                                                                                most promising young voices in Dutch the-
The archaeological dig–$5 for adults; $3 for children under 12. Tickets avail-                                        in This haunTing performance,                 atre. In just a few years, he has managed
able at the box office or at the entrance to the Dig Site.                                                            the audience watches from afar, as            to build an extraordinary and imaginative
                                                                                                                      nine figures wander through a desolate        body of work. In 2007, he became a perma-
silenT disco–$5 tickets available at the entrance to the show only.                                                   landscape.                                    nent director at the prestigious Rotterdam
                                                                                                                                                                    based theatre company RO Theatre.
PLease NoTe: Boom Chicago’s “Holland Globetrotters” is appearing by special arrangement with the New Island
                                                                                                                      compagnie dakar stages their performances
Festival and is not included in the Festival Passport. $15 single tickets for the show are available anytime at the                                                 running Time: 85 MINUTES including walk;
box office or at the performance space.
                                                                                                                      in unprecedented places. Sometimes giving
                                                                                                                      the audience a fly-on-the-wall perspective    Language: ENGLISH
lA VoiX hUMAiNe                                 voice, and entirely new instruments he’s
                                                designed, Pruiksma orchestrates a new
                                                                                                   turer andré amaro prepares a delicious
                                                                                                   dinner with the freshest Mediterranean
(The hUMAN Voice)                               kind of music.                                     ingredients.
toNEElGroEp aMstErdaM                                Lân (Land) is a dynamic and intense                     look at the versatile shapes and sounds            running Time: 75 MINUTES; Language: ENGLISH
                                                of the land and its inhabitants. Film-             Supported by the netherlands fund for performing
one of The greaTesT monoLogues                  maker Herman Zeilstra and Pruiksma
ever written, staged by one of the most         have compiled footage of the Frisian
visionary contemporary directors. ivo van       landscape – a very distinctive geographi-
hove interprets Jean cocteau.                   cal region in the Netherlands – which
                                                                                                   UNDer coNsTrUcTioN                                 BoUleVArD of
Toneelgroep amsterdam is the Nether-
                                                Pruiksma reads like a musical score.
                                                Scenic designer Sjoerd Wagenaar has                dE JoNGENs (thE BoYs)                              BroKeN DreAMs
lands’ largest repertory company and            devised an open air auditorium which     
                                                                                                                                                      The cooLesT ‘sTreeT’ in the world:
one of the most prominent players on the        allows the audience to take in their                                                                  the heart of the festival.
world stage. Under the stewardship of           natural settings during the show. With             4 acTors, 11 characTers, 50
highly acclaimed director Ivo van Hove          the Manhattan skyline as backdrop, Lân             minuTes. And a crazy amount of old
                                                                                                                                                      The Boulevard of Broken dreams, known
since 2001, they have brought numerous          combines video projections and Prui-               refrigerators.
                                                                                                                                                      locally in the Netherlands as the Parade
plays to New York theaters, including a         ksma’s unique compositions to create an                                                               – is the only traveling theatre and music
widely praised production of Opening Night      all-sensory concert experience.                    In the six years since its inception, de
                                                                                                                                                      festival in the world. Instead of placing the
at BAM’s 2008 Next Wave Festival, and                                                              Jongens (The Boys) has already established
                                                                                                                                                      performance at the center, Terts Brinkhoff
several productions to New York Theater         running Time: 60 MINUTES; Language: NONE           itself as one of the premiere companies in
                                                                                                                                                      creates a place where the audience is in the
Workshop (including Hedda Gabler and A          Co-presented by here arts center and province of   new Dutch theatre. The Boys have consis-
                                                                                                                                                      middle and performances surround them,
Streetcar Named Desire).                        fryslân                                            tently devised groundbreaking performances,
                                                                                                                                                      competing for attention. After many years
      The French poet, author, and                                                                 surprising audiences with a unique combina-
                                                                                                                                                      of traveling to many places, the Boulevard
filmmaker, Jean Cocteau wrote La voix hu-                                                          tion of physical theatre, dramatic suspense,
                                                                                                                                                      of Broken dreams will be making its very
maine (The Human Voice) as a monologue                                                             and hilarious comedy. de Jongens have
                                                                                                                                                      first visit to New York. The heart of the New
in 1927. To this day, it remains one of the     orfeo: PerforMANce                                 toured throughout Europe and South Africa.
                                                                                                   This will mark de Jongens American debut.
                                                                                                                                                      Island Festival will be an enormous 400-
world’s few great solo pieces written for a
woman. ivo van hove revolutionizes this
                                                AND DiNNer                                         Using a ridiculous number of old refrigera-
                                                                                                                                                      foot long table, surrounded by small stages,
                                                dE vEENFaBriEk / JEroEN WillEMs                                                                       artists’ tents, bars, and terraces.
stunning play, which centers on a woman’s                                                          tors, washing machines, and microwaves
                                                                                                                                entrance to the Boulevard of Broken
last desperate phone call to her ex-lover. It                                                      - and everything else they can get their hands
                                                                                                                                                      dreams is always free.
is expertly performed by one of the Neth-                                                          on – Under Construction brings slapstick to a
erlands’ most celebrated stage actresses,       comforTing madrigaLs, modern                       zany and enthralling new level.
halina reijn (Valkyrie).                        improvised music, and a sumptuous
                                                Mediterranean dinner.
                                                                                                                                                      FooD Each evening at 6pm, chef amaro
                                                                                                   running Time: 85 MINUTES including walk;           cooks up a delicious ‘Captain’s Dinner’ at
                                                                                                   Language: NONE
running Time: 100 MINUTES including walk;                                                                                                             the festival’s giant 400-foot long wooden
Language: DUTCH (with English supertitles)      Though only founded a few years ago,                                                                  table. Using all local ingredients, the Chef
Co-presented by new York Theatre workshop and   de veenfabriek has already won wide                                                                   recreates the finest dishes from Dutch
iamsterdam                                      recognition for innovating music theatre.                                                             and European cuisine. This enormous
                                                Under the direction of paul Koek, they                                                                communal table is the perfect place to try
                                                create work at the intersections of the                                                               out Amaro’s culinary delights, with waiters,
                                                worlds of music, fine art, theatre, and                                                               bartenders, and performers creating a
lÂN (lAND)                                      science. Sometimes staging their work                                                                 wildly energetic festival atmosphere.
sYtzE pruiksMa                                  in traditional theatres, and other times                                                              Amaro’s picnic lunch is available for                           setting it in more unexpected venues                                                                  purchase from 12pm – 3 pm on Saturday &
                                                such as airport hangars, hospitals,                                                                   Sunday only, and his Captain’s dinner may
a ThriLLing concerT experience                  and department stores, Veenfabriek is                                                                 be purchased daily from 6pm – 10pm.
by one of the Netherlands’ most innovative      constantly reinventing performance.
composers, with the Manhattan skyline                 Veenfabriek’s latest work, orfeo,
as backdrop.                                    is constructed around the Greek myth of                                                               DrInKS Three bars are connected to the
                                                Orpheus and Eurydice. Using Montever-                                                                 football field-sized table – one at each
Composer, musician, and birdwatcher,            di’s Orfeo as a jumping off point, widely                                                             end, and a third in the center. Offering
sytze pruiksma sees music in the                acclaimed actor-singer Jeroen willems                                                                 an assortment of coffee, tea, soft drinks,
landscape. He listens to nature like he         and improvisation ensemble Track                                                                      beer and wine throughout the day, these
listens to music. Using recorded natural        celebrate the myth’s musical tradition.                                                               watering holes become a meeting ground
sounds, musical instruments, the human          To fill out the evening, culinary adven-                                                              for performers and audience alike.
sileNT Disco                                    cAfé Me                                        international sensation playing festivals
                                                                                               from Edinburgh to Indonesia. For almost 20
                                                                                                                                               range—ruminations on being an outsider,
                                                                                                                                               displacement, feeling torn between two
oN thE BoulEvard oF                             arthur MuldEr                                  years, Helen and Yvonne have been turning       worlds, facing the unknown, and hopes for
BrokEN drEaMs                                                                                  an old-fashioned diner jukebox into a living,   new possibilities.                             fasT paced performances from a                 breathing, attention-grabbing spectacle.
                                                diverse array of artists and guests in this          The Living Jukebox will perform
The mosT unusuaL dance party you’ve             latest incarnation of arthur mulder’s long-    everything from country and western, to
ever been to—a quiet one.                       running project.                               jazz, rock, pop, folk, and romantic ballads.
                                                                                               With interim music from Alexander Gibson
                                                                                                                                               ferrY-WelcoMiNg shoW
Seven years ago, two friends organized a        Each year, arthur mulder chooses a             and song stylings of Helen and Yvonne, this     dE stiJlE, WaNt / piEtEr post
secret party at the campsite of the Dutch       different theme for his open-door venue,       is an irresistible experience.        
festival, Parade. Even though DJs were          café me. Some of the biggest stars and
spinning sets and everyone was dancing,         least known amateurs have graced                                                               high-voLTage incidenTs and accidents
the people sleeping in their tents nearby       Mulder’s stages, presenting short, rapid-                                                      from one of the Netherlands’ most exciting
never heard a sound – all the music was         fire performances for the Cafe’s revolving
                                                audience. The stage door is always open
                                                                                               DiVerA                                          street theatre companies.
broadcast on wireless headphones. These
noiseless dance parties became an instant       to those who want to brave the limelight.      accompanied BY her guiTar, named                Since 1984, de stijle, want… present their
sensation and have been electrifying                                                           Vanilla, divera performs her unique mix of      trademark theatre in tents, creating the
crowds from Ireland to Australia, Romania                                                      pop, jazz, electro, and acoustic music.         atmosphere of traditional fairgrounds. These
to Indonesia. With the most eclectic mix of                                                                                                    performances vary in length from 20 seconds
dance music you’ve ever heard, including        DesigN goD                                     Singer/songwriter vera van der poel is a        to 12 minutes. Parts of this performance
house, punk, disco, salsa, swing, electro,      spacE                                          musical adventurer known for interweaving       and other (new) animations will be shown
and Dixieland, silent disco’s amazing DJs                              a plethora of genres and styles. She will be    in New York by gerard olthaar and harrie
keep everyone moving. And if you only                                                          performing her extensive repertoire on the      verkerk in cooperation with pieter post.
want to watch, it’s guaranteed you’ve never     a decepTive, inTeracTive, radio play,          stage of Arthur Mulder’s Café ME.
seen anything like this before.                 that leaves participants wondering what’s
                                                real and what’s imaginary.
Programming presented by Time out new York
                                                                                                                                               The flATlAND
                                                space makes one-of-a-kind interdis-
                                                ciplinary experiences that explore the         elleN DePoorTer –                               coNNecTioN
Archie & The Bees                               social and political. Petra Ardai and          PhoTogrAPhY                                     aNYtiME
pips:laB                                        Luc van Loo create truly unique and            iNsTAllATioN                                                            immersive performances that blur the
                                                boundaries of illusion and reality.            PreseNTeD BY                                    a 6 hour Time difference and 3,500
an unpredicTaBLe hilarious interactive                design god is an interactive radio       flANDers hoUse                                  miles are no match for this digital embassy
                                                                                                                                               between New York and the Netherlands.
multimedia theatrical musical event.            play in a public space. Wearing head-
                                                phones, the audience is asked to walk,
pips:lab produces raw, visually stunning,       literally, into the story. Conceived as both   an aBsorBing porTraiT study of mi-              “ANY” stands for a live exchange between
intensely interactive multimedia perfor-        a communal and personal journey, this          grants, settlers, descendants, and all those    amersfoort and new York. Via a live video
mances. Designing their own software to         experience pushes participants to explore      who have been touched by immigration.           link, anYtime invites New Yorkers and
record, edit, manipulate, and rip out of con-   their own feelings about identity, religion,                                                   Amersfoorters to talk, sing, show their
text – audio and video become as live and       and faith.                                     Flanders House presents this compelling         houses, answer questions, or do anything
theatrical as the performers themselves.                                                       new photo installation from Flemish artist      they feel like—finding similarities and differ-
An eclectic mix of jazz, hip-hop, nursery                                                      and architect Ellen Depoorter. Though           ences with people they’ve never met, on the
rhymes, and pop, stream over the audience.                                                     Depoorter’s medium of choice has typically      other side of the ocean.
      In this multimedia performance-instal-    De leVeNDe JUKeBoX                             been painting and drawing, this latest
lation hybrid, pips:lab demonstrates their
revolutionary Radarfunk machine – allowing
                                                (The liViNg JUKeBoX)                           project is a mix of photography and text.
                                                hElEN aNd YvoNNE                                     A horizontal band suspends portraits
them to generate sound from color. With
                                               of people who have been touched in              flYiNg PiANo
other advanced equipment, PIPS:lab will                                                        some way by migration to Flanders. The          iris hoNd
digitally abduct a handful of NY personali-                                                    participants represent a surprisingly 
ties, and using their patented decolonisator,   mixing JuKeBox songs with live
                                                performance, Helen and Yvonne will rock        diverse swath of society: first genera-
produce clones who are forced to play in                                                       tion immigrants, contemporary settlers,         seT up on The sTreeTs of Manhattan
the band. The Dutch are back to recolonize      your socks off.
                                                                                               Flemish Americans, and dignitaries, to          and Governors Island, this 22 year old
New York!                                                                                      name a few. The thoughts and emotions           prodigy and her grand piano offer a fresh
                                                What began in 1990 as a local experiment
                                                in vaudeville-theatre, has now become a        they conjure span an equally unpredictable      perspective on classical music.
iris hond was recruited by the Netherlands      Krisztina de châtel and itzik galili joined      with his pigs on hundreds of performances,       on its work, and performances can take
Royal Conservatory at only 13. She has been     forces to create a new space for their           Jacob rens decided it was time to give his       place in theatres, museums, or outdoors.
awarded numerous national prizes and can        combined repertoire of over 100 works.           cow, Helena 105, her turn in the spotlight.            The New School has long been a place
regularly be heard in concert halls across      In addition, they have provided an artistic      This winter, she became the first cow to         where artists have come to grow. Under the
Europe. But what she particularly enjoys is     home for other choreographers, composers,        ever jump through a hoop. When she’s not         guidance of Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg,
bringing classical music to a younger audi-     and artists from all disciplines. Featuring      preparing for a performance, Helena 105          this is where some of the most influential
ence at summer festivals, taking her Flying     music from simeon ten holt, John cage            can be found comfortably strolling through       voices in drama found their footing, includ-
Grand Piano right into the street.              and philip glass.                                the crowd, mingling with humans.                 ing Tennessee Williams and Marlon Brando.
      As New Yorkers rush to work early in           Massimo Molinari is an award-winning                                                               It has been 400 years since the Dutch-
the morning, they may have some difficulty      dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Assistant                                                     man Henry Hudson brought the Netherlands
reconciling the site of Iris Hond and her       to Krisztina de Châtel.                                                                           to New York. This year, the Dutch theatre
Flying Piano—set up in the street—playing
Chopin, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff. After this     Co-presented with The Joyce Theater
                                                                                                 Mr. JoNes AND freD The                           company Orkater continues the tradition by
                                                                                                                                                  bringing their distinctive style of physical
Manhattan wake-up call, Hond will move                                                           AMAziNg sTUNT Pig                                acting to 15 students in Manhattan. During
to Governors Island to perform for festival                                                      piEtEr post                                      an intensive weeklong training session,
goers, with the skyline as backdrop.                                                                                                              these young American actors will be pushed
                                                hollAND gloBeTroTTers                            dare-deviL sTunTs and circus acts                to discover their own voices and develop
                                                BooM chicaGo                                     combined to create a wild street perfor-         their own material. The culmination of this
                                                                     mance.                                           exciting new collaboration will be a series of
The iMPossiBle girl                                                                              pieter post combines the theatre with the
                                                                                                                                                  original performances.
EllEN tEN daMME & BaNd                          Boom chicago Brings its outrageous
                                                                                                 circus and brings them both to unsuspect-                            sketch-improv show to New York for the
                                                very first time.                                 ing pedestrians going about their day.
one of The neTherLands’ most
                                                                                                 His shows are a mix of witty improv and
                                                                                                 death-defying acts, compelling even those
                                                                                                                                                  roBerT WilsoN’s
provocative singers, songwriters, violinists,   For 16 years, Amsterdam-American comedy
                                                group Boom chicago has been one of the           in a hurry to stop and stare.                    WATerMill ceNTer
and heartbreakers brings her tantalizing
performance to New York.                        Netherlands’ most famous comedy institu-               His show, mr. Jones and fred the           PreseNTs
                                                tions. Alumni have gone on to Saturday           amazing stunt pig, is a neurotic comedy          c. rYdEr coolEY,
                                                                                                 about a man who wants to start a circus and
ellen ten damme is Amsterdam’s Impos-           Night Live, The Colbert Report, The Daily
                                                                                                 the pig he recruits to help him. With a dizzy-   Maria JosE arJoNa,
sible Girl. As a widely acclaimed actress,      Show, 30 Rock, Breaking Bad, and MadTV.                                                           iMpliEd violENcE,
                                                Boom Chicago also developed the popular          ing array of frightening feats, and a jealous
musician, and newspaper columnist, she’s                                                         competition between man and swine, this          h*E*r*d Group
criss-crossed continents, mediums, and          Comedy Central News for Comedy Central
                                                (NL) and some of the biggest viral videos on     show will keep you laughing and gasping
genres more times than she can count.                                                            right to the end.                                robert wilson’s watermill center curates
She has acted on stage and on screen,           the web.
                                                      For their New York debut, Boom                                                              this eclectic group of artists, who transform
completed three studio albums, scored                                                                                                             the houses on Colonel’s Row into spaces for
film soundtracks, and toured the world          chicago premieres holland globetrotters,
                                                a hysterical mix of sketches, improv, music                                                       installation and performance.
over. Now, the Impossible Girl is stirring up
trouble in New York.                            and video. The sharp and savvy show              NeW shoW PerforMeD                                     The Watermill Center supports projects
                                                                                                                                                  that fuse and break with traditional forms
                                                delves into the American stereotypes of
                                                Amsterdam – weed, windmills, sex and
                                                                                                 BY The sTUDeNTs of The                           of representation. The projects on Colonel’s
                                                tulips – and then ascends to places far more     NeW school for DrAMA                             Row represent a continuation of ideas
                                                unexpected.                                      orkatEr                                          developed at the Center.
VAriATioNs oN A TheMe                                                                                                                             • c. rYder cooLeY: A multimedia artist
                                                                                                                                                  and musician based in Troy, NY, Cooley
daNsGroEp aMstErdaM                                                                              a surprising new coLLaBoraTion
                                                                                                                                                  weaves together fantastical images with                       JAcoB reNs & his coW                             between two of the Netherlands’ most
                                                                                                 accomplished theatrical leaders and 15           found props and forgotten objects. Working
                                                                                                 American students.                               with the history and military background
Three shorT dances by three of the              The worLd’s firsT cow to ever jump                                                                of Governors Island, Cooley will create a
Netherlands’ most provocative choreogra-        through a hoop!                                                                                   cinematic and haunting installation-perfor-
phers, set to music by three of the world’s                                                      orkater (a combination of the Dutch
                                                                                                 words for orchestra and theatre) pioneers        mance.
most influential composers.                     Jacob rens has become something of a
                                                fixture at the Dutch Oerol festival. He brings   an engaging new form of music-theatre,
                                                                                                 combining the conventions of the stage with      • maria Jose arJona: A Columbian
Launched on January 1, 2009, dansgroep          with him a group of born entertainers – pigs                                                      born performance artist based in Miami,
amsterdam is already a force in contem-         and cows that love nothing more than to          a distinct visual language. Under the imagi-
                                                                                                 native direction of Ria Marks and Titus Tiel     Maria José Arjona’s work explores the
porary dance. Renowned choreographers           put on a good show. After years of working                                                        capacities of the body to produce new
                                                                                                 Groenestege, orkater places no limitations
languages. Here, she continues her
investigation by incorporating video and
                                                shoT                                            WATerWAlK oN The                                   zAP hollAND
live performance in a wonderfully unusual       aNoukvaNdiJk dc
                                                                                                hUDsoN                                             zap
space.                                                                                          spatial EFFEcts                          
• impLied vioLence: Implied Violence is         anouK van diJK is one of the                                                                       4 acTors zap Through Dutch history,
a Seattle-based art collaborative. They keep    Netherlands most prominent contempo-                                                               covering the cultural legacy of the
                                                                                                Theo BoTschuiJver will try out his
secrets, speak in code, and love nothing        rary choreographers, creating work that                                                            Netherlands in minutes.
                                                                                                walking shoes - on water - in this one of a
more than a good pie in the face. Here,         combines breathtaking dance with a strong
                                                                                                kind installation.
Implied Violence presents The dorothy K.,       theatrical sensibility.                                                                            Working with only the bare minimum, zap
a work of experimental theatre performed                                                        waterwalk emerged more or less by acci-            is a group of four performers who mix
continuously throughout the weekend with        Van Dijk has been choreographing ground-                                                           humor with history, and manage to get huge
                                                                                                dent in the late 60s after Theo Botschuijver
16 performers and a band of musicians.          breaking work for 20 years. Her dances                                                             stories across. Bringing the audience along
                                                                                                and Jeffrey Shaw began experimenting                         have toured extensively in Europe and the                                                          on a madcap journey, zap performs a series
                                                                                                with inflatable cushions. Their first tests
                                                United States to wide critical acclaim. In                                                         of short scenes, often covering an entire
                                                                                                drew worldwide attention, and before long
• h*e*r*d group: The H*E*R*D Group is           2000, Van Dijk was awarded the prestigious                                                         oeuvre with lightning fast speed.
                                                                                                they were rigging Sean Connery to walk on
comprised of Ireland’s Declan Rooney and        Dutch Lucas Hoving prize for outstanding                                                                 This show ZAPS through the Neth-
                                                                                                the Pacific in the classic James Bond film
South Korea’s Eunhye Hwang. Working with        body of work.                                                                                      erlands’ writers, painters, and composers,
                                                                                                “Diamonds are Forever.”
performance, video, and music production,             Van Dijk’s electrifying show shoT is                                                         giving the audience a wacky crash course in
                                                                                                     Since then, they’ve put pedestrians
H*E*R*D creates live exchanges between          a blend of drama and athletics. Dancers                                                            Dutch cultural heritage, from the founding
                                                                                                inside inflatable triangles, tubes, and
artist and spectator.                           fly apart and back together again with                                                             of New Amsterdam to the present day.
                                                                                                spheres, having them stroll across rivers,                            exhilarating speed and dazzling precision.
                                                                                                oceans, and lakes, in Europe and Australia.
                                                This will mark shoT’s American debut.
                                                                                                Preparations are under way for the biggest
                                                Co-presented with dance new amsterdam
                                                                                                waterwalk ever – cycling in a plastic ball
                                                                                                from Dover to Calais. This will be the first
sAlTo ViTAle                                                                                    Waterwalk in the United States, and it’s well
                                                                                                timed to coincide with the 400th anniver-
tuiG                                                                                            sary of Henry Hudson’s expedition.                              Three
an energeTic and dizzYing effort
                                                coNNY JaNssEN daNst
to raise a 45 foot wooden structure with a
man on top.
                                                Three experT dancers vie for the
                                                                                                WiND NoMADs
                                                attention of the audience in this beautifully   slEM
Using only the most basic materials and                                               
                                                choreographed performance.

techniques, this company manages to
inspire awe with every performance. Tuig                                                        an awe-inspiring gaThering of 400
                                                In Three, Janssen again exhibits her
will typically build some kind of rudimentary                                                   paintings flapping their wings in the wind.
                                                unique blend of movement and theatrics,
structure or object, and then the performers
                                                exploring the ever-shifting dynamics of                                                             The neW island fesTiVal is part
are forced to engage with it – no matter how                                                    slem blurs the boundaries between art and
                                                camaraderie and competition. Three danc-                                                            of NY400 week, which is the highlight
frightening or dangerous it may be.                                                             architecture, landscape and design. With
                                                ers struggle to win each other’s attention,
      salto vitale is a performance that                                                        enormous installations that marry beautiful         of this year’s NY400 celebration,
                                                and that of the audience.
takes place up to 45 feet above the ground.                                                     work and beautiful places, they reshape the         commemorating the 400th anniver-
                                                      For the last 17 years, conny Janssen
Inch by inch, a giant wooden structure is                                                       way you see both.
                                                danst has been exhilarating audiences with                                                          sary of Henry Hudson’s voyage from
erected, with a man clinging to the top.                                                              Moving in the breeze like an endless
                                                its intensely physical performances. The                                                            Amsterdam to New York Harbor, and
After struggling with their bare hands to put                                                   flock of gargantuan butterflies, this remark-
                                                company has toured throughout Europe,                                                               4 centuries of enduring friendship
this contraption together, the performers                                                       ably beautiful mixture of art and landscape
                                                the United States, and North Africa; leaving
eventually arrive at the moment of truth.
                                                their mark on contemporary choreography         is an arresting spectacle to behold.                between the Netherlands and the
Suspended high above the crowd, what will                                                                                                           United States.
                                                with a series of striking, site specific
this man decide to do?                                                                          running Time: Art Installation. No Running Time.
                                                dances. Contrasting humor with intense
running Time: 40 MINUTES; Language: NONE
                                                emotion, Janssen creates her own physical                                                           NY400 is the result of an initiative by the Dutch
                                                language, mixing in a powerful sense of                                                             government in close co-operation with Dutch local and
                                                                                                                                                    provincial authorities, New York City and New York
                                                music, art direction, and lighting design.
                                                                                                                                                    State, and with active participation of a great number
                                                                                                                                                    of organizations from the private, cultural, and not-for-
                                                Co-presented with The Joyce Theater
                                                                                                                                                    profit sectors.
                                                                                                                   soissons dock
                                                                                           uNdEr coNstructioN      Ferries leave Governors
                                                                                             Go to meeting point
                                                                                                                   Island for Manhattan
                                                                                                                   every 30 minutes.

                                                   BoulEvard oF                                                                                  WiNd
                                                  BrokEN drEaMs                                                           rY
                                                                                                                             l   aNd
                                                                                                                                     i   NG

thE archaEoloGical diG
                                                                                  ic   E      poiNt

     Go to meeting point
                                                                                                                                                         (Pier 101)
                                                                                                                                                         Ferry between
                                                                                                                                                         Brooklyn and
                                                                                                                                                         Island runs
                                                                                                                                                         every 20min
                                                                                                                                                         from 11am to
                                                                                                                                                         7pm on
                                                         orFEo                                                                                           Sat–Sun, only.

                             lâN (laNd)
                           Go to meeting point                                                                                                            salto

                                                                                                                                          BooM chicaGo

 la voix huMaiNE                                 Go to meeting point             roBErt WilsoN’s
(thE huMaN voicE)                                                               WatErMill cENtEr
 Go to meeting point               GUided toUrs start at meeting point              prEsENts
                                                                         café Me                               la VoiX huMaine
                                                                         various times between 8pm–10pm        toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove
                                                                                                               8.00pm (100 min including walk)
                                                                         design god
                                                                         sPAce                                 silenT disco
                                                                         8pm–10pm (continuous)                 8pm–11pm (continuous)

                                                                         salTo ViTale                          orfeo
                                                                         tUiG                                  veenFABriek
                                                                         9:15pm (40 min)                       8.00pm (75 min including dinner)

                                     lÂn                                 The iMpossiBle girl                   lÂn
                                     sytze PrUiksmA                      ellen ten dAmme & BAnd                sytze PrUiksmA
                                     9:30pm (90 min including walk)      10pm–11pm (60 min)                    9:30pm (90 min including walk)

SePT 10Th                            free eVeNTs:
                                                                         The liVing JukeBoX
                                                                         10pm–11pm (60 min)                    free eVeNTs:
BoulEvard oF                         The flaTland connecTion                                                   Wind noMads
BrokEN drEaMs,                       Anytime
                                     various times between 4–6pm
                                                                                                               11am–7:15pm (continuous)
Amaro’s Captain’s Dinner 6–10PM      flying piano
                                     iris hond                           FrIDaY,                               The flaTland connecTion

TicKeTeD eVeNTs:
archaeological dig
                                     4pm (30 min) & various times
                                     between 8pm–10pm

                                     Wind noMads
                                                                         SePT 11Th
                                                                         BoulEvard oF
                                                                                                               various times between noon–4pm

                                                                                                               flying piano
                                                                                                               iris hond
4–7:15pm (last entrance at 6:45pm)

                                     4–7:15pm (continuous)               BrokEN drEaMs                         4pm (30 min) & various times between
cie dAkAr/lotte vAn den BerG
                                                                         11aM–11pM                             go/chaMeleon/VariaTions
6PM (85 min including walk)                                              Coffee 11am–6pm,
                                     VariaTions on a TheMe               Amaro’s Captain’s Dinner 6pm–10pm     on a TheMe
holland gloBeTroTTers                dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                                                       dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm
Boom chicAGo                         various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                         various times between 7:30pm–10pm
7 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)                                                 TicKeTeD eVeNTs:
                                     roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill           archaeological dig                    roBerT Wilson’s
Broeders                             cenTer presenTs                     11am -7:15pm (last entrance 6:45pm)   WaTerMill cenTer
Jetse BAtelAAn                       7:30pm–10pm (continuous)                                                  presenTs
7:15pm (85 min including walk)                                           holland gloBeTroTTers                 7:30pm–10.00pm (continuous)
                                     shoT                                Boom chicAGo
under consTrucTion                   AnoUkvAndiJk dc                     4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)    shoT
de JonGens                           various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                         AnoUkvAndiJk dc
7:30pm (85 min including walk)                                           Braakland                             various times between 7:30pm–10pm
                                     Three                               cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG
la VoiX huMaine                      conny JAnsen dAnst                  6pm (85 min including walk)           Three
toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove       various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                         conny JAnsen dAnst
8pm (100 min including walk)                                             Broeders                              various times between 7:30pm–10pm
                                     Zap holland                         Jetse BAtelAAn
orfeo                                zAP                                 7:15pm (85 min including walk)        Zap holland
veenFABriek                          various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                         zAP
8pm (75 min including dinner)                                            under consTrucTion                    various times between 7:30pm–10pm
                                     archie & The Bees                   de JonGens
silenT disco                         PiPs:lAB                            7:30pm (85 min including walk)        archie & The Bees
8pm–11pm (continuous)                8pm–11pm (continuous)                                                     PiPs:lAB
                                                                                                               8pm–11pm (continuous)
café Me                                  orfeo                                go/chaMeleon/VariaTions               holland gloBeTroTTers
various times between 8pm–10pm           veenFABriek                          on a TheMe                            Boom chicAGo
                                         7:15pm (75 min including dinner)     dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                   3 & 4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30pm (70 min)
design god                                                                    various times between 7:30pm–10pm
sPAce                                    la VoiX huMaine                                                            Braakland
8pm–10pm (continuous)                    toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove       shoT                                  cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG
                                         8.00pm (100 min including walk)      AnoUkvAndiJk dc                       4pm (85 min including walk)
salTo ViTale                                                                  various times between 7:30pm–10pm
tUiG                                     silenT disco                                                               Broeders
9:15pm (40 min)                          8pm–11pm (continuous)                Three                                 Jetse BAtelAAn
                                                                              conny JAnsen dAnst                    7:15pm (85 min including walk)
The iMpossiBle girl                      lÂn                                  various times between 7:30pm–10pm
ellen ten dAmme & BAnd                   sytze PrUiksmA                                                             orfeo
10pm–11pm (60 min)                       9:30pm (90 min including walk)       Zap holland                           veenFABriek
                                                                              zAP                                   7:15pm (75 min including dinner)
The liVing JukeBoX                                                            various times between 7:30pm–10pm
10pm–11pm (60 min)                       free eVeNTs:                                                               la VoiX huMaine
                                         Wind noMads                          archie & The Bees                     toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove
                                         slem                                 PiPs:lAB                              7:30pm (100 min including walk)
                                         11am–7:15pm (continuous)             8pm–11pm (continuous)

                                                                                                                    silenT disco
                                         The flaTland connecTion              café Me                               8pm–11pm (continuous)
                                         Anytime                              various times between 4pm–6pm &

SePT 12Th
BoulEvard oF
                                         various times between noon–4pm

                                         flying piano
                                         iris hond

                                                                              salTo ViTale
                                                                                                                    sytze PrUiksmA
                                                                                                                    8:30pm (90 min including walk)

BrokEN drEaMs                            1pm & 3pm & 4pm (30 min) & various
                                         times between 8pm–10pm
                                                                              9:15pm (40 min)
                                                                                                                    free eVeNTs:
11aM–11pM                                kids only
                                                                              The liVing JukeBoX
                                                                              10pm–11pm (60 min)
                                                                                                                    Wind noMads
Coffee 11am-noon, Amaro’s Picnic
Lunch noon–3pm, Amaro’s Captain’s        silenT disco                                                               11am–7:15pm (continuous)
Dinner 6pm–10pm                          2pm–5pm (continuous)
                                                                                                                    The flaTland connecTion

                                         roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill                                                  Anytime
TicKeTeD eVeNTs:                         cenTer presenTs                                                            various times between noon–4pm
archaeological dig                       2- 5pm & 7:30pm–10pm (continuous)
11am -7:15pm (last entrance 6:45pm)

under consTrucTion
                                         nynke laVerMan
                                         2:30 (40 min) & 6pm (40 min)
                                                                              SePT 13Th
                                                                              BoulEvard oF
                                                                                                                    various times between noon & 4pm
de JonGens
2pm & 7:30pm (85 min including walk)     Mr Jones & fred
                                         Pieter Post
                                                                              BrokEN drEaMs                         flying piano
                                                                                                                    iris hond
holland gloBeTroTTers                    3pm (30 min)                         11aM–11pM                             1pm & 3pm & 4pm (30 min) & various times
                                                                                                                    between 8pm–10pm
Boom chicAGo                                                                  Coffee 11am-noon, Amaro’s Picnic
3 & 4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)   design god                           Lunch noon–3pm, Amaro’s Captain’s
                                         sPAce                                Dinner 6pm–10pm                       kids only, silenT disco
Braakland                                4pm–5pm & 8pm–10pm (continuous)                                            2 pm–5pm (continuous)
cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG
4pm (85 min including walk)              The iMpossiBle girl                  TicKeTeD eVeNTs:                      roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill
                                         ellen ten dAmme & BAnd               archaeological dig                    cenTer presenTs
Broeders                                 5pm (60 min) & 10pm–11pm (60 min)    11am -7:15pm (last entrance 6:45pm)   2- 5pm & 7:30pm–10pm (continuous)
Jetse BAtelAAn
7:15pm (85 min including walk)                                                under consTrucTion                    Mr Jones & fred
                                                                              de JonGens                            Pieter Post
                                                                              2pm (85 min including walk)           3pm (30 min)
                                    ThUrSDaY,                                                                  FrIDaY,
                                                                           The flaTland connecTion
design god                                                                 Anytime
sPAce                                                                      various times between 4–6pm
4pm–5pm & 8pm–10pm (continuous)

nynke laVerMan
4pm (40 min)
                                    SePT 17Th
                                    BoulEvard oF
                                                                           Wind noMads
                                                                           4–7pm (continuous)
                                                                                                               SePT 18Th
                                                                                                               BoulEvard oF
The liVing JukeBoX                  BrokEN drEaMs                          go/chaMeleon/VariaTions             BrokEN drEaMs
5pm & 10pm–11pm (60 min)            4pM–11pM                               on a TheMe
                                                                           dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm
                                    Amaro’s Captain’s Dinner 6pm–10pm                                          Coffee 11am–6pm, Amaro’s Captain’s
go/chaMeleon/VariaTions                                                    various times between 7:30pm–10pm   Dinner 6pm–10pm
on a TheMe
dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                 TicKeTeD eVeNTs:                       neW shoW perforMed By
various times between 7:30pm–10pm   archaeological dig                     sTudenTs of The neW school
                                                                           for draMa
                                                                                                               TicKeTeD eVeNTs:
                                    4–7pm (last entrance at 6:30pm)                                            archaeological dig
shoT                                                                       orkAter                             11–7pm (last entrance 6:30pm)
AnoUkvAndiJk dc                     Braakland                              various times between 7:30pm–10pm
various times between 7:30pm–10pm   cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG                                              holland gloBeTroTTers
                                    6pm (85 min including walk)            roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill           Boom chicAGo
Three                                                                      cenTer presenTs                     4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)
conny JAnsen dAnst                  holland gloBeTroTTers                  7:30pm–10pm (continuous)
various times between 7:30pm–10pm   Boom chicAGo                                                               Braakland
                                    6:30 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)            shoT                                cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG
Zap holland                                                                AnoUkvAndiJk dc                     6pm (85 min including walk)
zAP                                 Broeders                               various times between 7:30pm–10pm
various times between 7:30pm–10pm   Jetse BAtelAAn                                                             Broeders
                                    7pm (85 min including walk)            Three                               Jetse BAtelAAn
archie & The Bees                                                          conny JAnsen dAnst                  7pm (85 min including walk)
PiPs:lAB                            under consTrucTion                     various times between 7:30pm–10pm
8pm–11pm (continuous)               de JonGens                                                                 under consTrucTion
                                    7:30pm (85 min including walk)         Zap holland                         de JonGens
café Me                                                                    zAP                                 7:30pm (85 min including walk)
various times between 4pm–6pm &     la VoiX huMaine                        various times between 7:30pm–10pm
8pm–10pm                            toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove                                             la VoiX huMaine
                                    8pm (100 min including walk)           archie & The Bees                   toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove
salTo ViTale                                                               PiPs:lAB                            8.00pm (100 min including walk)
tUiG                                orfeo                                  8pm–11pm (continuous)
9:15pm (40 min)                     veenFABriek                                                                orfeo
                                    8pm (75 min including dinner)          café Me                             veenFABriek
The iMpossiBle girl                                                        various times between 8pm–10pm      8.00pm (75 min including dinner)
ellen ten dAmme & BAnd              silenT disco
10pm–11pm (60 min)                  8pm–11pm (continuous)                  design god                          silenT disco
                                                                           sPAce                               8pm–11pm (continuous)
                                    lÂn                                    8pm–10pm (continuous)
                                    sytze PrUiksmA                                                             lÂn
                                    9:30pm (90 min including walk)         salTo ViTale                        sytze PrUiksmA
                                                                           tUiG                                9:30pm (90 min including walk)
                                                                           9:15pm (40 min)
                                    free eVeNTs:
                                    flying piano                           The iMpossiBle girl
                                                                           ellen ten dAmme & BAnd
                                                                                                               free eVeNTs:
                                    iris hond                                                                  Wind noMads
                                    4pm (30 min) & various times between   10pm–11pm (60 min)                  slem
                                    8pm–10pm                                                                   11am–7pm (continuous)
                                                                           The liVing JukeBoX
                                                                           10pm–11pm (60 min)
The flaTland connecTion
                                       The liVing JukeBoX
                                       10pm–11pm (60 min)
                                                                                free eVeNTs:                        archie & The Bees
                                                                                Wind noMads
various times between noon–4pm                                                  slem
                                                                                                                    8pm–11pm (continuous)
                                                                                11am–7pm (continuous)
flying piano                                                                                                        café Me

iris hond
                                                                                The flaTland connecTion             various times between 4pm–6pm &
4pm (30 min) & various times between                                            Anytime

                                       SePT 19Th
                                                                                various times between noon–4pm
                                                                                                                    salTo ViTale
go/chaMeleon/VariaTions                                                         flying piano                        tUiG
on a TheMe                                                                                                          9:15pm (40 min)
dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                    BoulEvard oF                             iris hond
                                                                                1pm & 3pm & 4pm (30 min) &
various times between 7:30pm–10pm
                                       BrokEN drEaMs                            arious times between 8pm–10pm       The liVing JukeBoX
                                                                                                                    10pm–11pm (60 min)
neW shoW perforMed By
sTudenTs of The neW school
                                       11aM–11pM                                kids only, silenT disco
                                       Coffee 11am-noon, Amaro’s Picnic         2pm–5pm (continuous)
for draMa                              Lunch noon–3pm, Amaro’s Captain’s

orkAter                                Dinner 6pm–10pm                          roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill
various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                               cenTer presenTs

                                                                                                                    SePT 20Th
                                                                                2- 5pm & 7:30pm–10pm (continuous)
roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill              TicKeTeD eVeNTs:
cenTer presenTs                        archaeological dig                       Mr Jones & fred
7:30pm–10pm (continuous)               11–7pm (last entrance 6:30pm)            Pieter Post
                                                                                3pm (30 min)                        BoulEvard oF
AnoUkvAndiJk dc
                                       under consTrucTion
                                       de JonGens                               design god
                                                                                                                    BrokEN drEaMs
various times between 7:30pm–10pm      2pm & 7:30pm (85 min including walk)     sPAce                               11aM–11pM
                                                                                4pm–5pm & 8pm–10pm (continuous)     Coffee 11am-noon, Amaro’s Picnic
Three                                  holland gloBeTroTTers                                                        Lunch noon–3pm, Amaro’s Captain’s
conny JAnsen dAnst                     Boom chicAGo                                                                 Dinner 6pm–10pm
                                                                                The iMpossiBle girl
various times between 7:30pm–10pm      3 & 4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30 & 10pm (70 min)   ellen ten dAmme & BAnd
                                                                                5pm (60 min) & 10pm–11pm (60 min)
Zap holland                            Braakland                                                                    TicKeTeD eVeNTs:
zAP                                    cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG                                                archaeological dig
                                                                                neW shoW perforMed By
various times between 7:30pm–10pm      4pm (85 min including walk)              sTudenTs of The neW school          11–7pm (last entrance 6:30pm)
                                                                                for draMa
archie & The Bees                      Broeders                                 orkAter                             under consTrucTion
PiPs:lAB                               Jetse BAtelAAn                                                               de JonGens
                                                                                various times between 7:30pm–10pm
8pm–11pm (continuous)                  7pm (85 min including walk)                                                  2pm (85 min including walk)
café Me                                orfeo                                    AnoUkvAndiJk dc                     holland gloBeTroTTers
various times between 8pm–10pm         veenFABriek                              various times between 7:30pm–10pm   Boom chicAGo
                                       7:15pm (75 min including dinner)                                             3 & 4:45 & 6:30 & 8:30pm (70 min)
design god                                                                      Three
sPAce                                  la VoiX huMaine                                                              Braakland
                                                                                conny JAnsen dAnst
8pm–10pm (continuous)                  toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove           various times between 7:30pm–10pm   cie dAkAr/ lotte vAn den BerG
                                       8pm (100 min including walk)                                                 4pm (85 min including walk)
salTo ViTale                                                                    go/chaMeleon/VariaTions
tUiG                                   silenT disco                                                                 Broeders
                                                                                on a TheMe
9:15pm (40 min)                        8pm–11pm (continuous)                    dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                 Jetse BAtelAAn
                                                                                various times between 7:30pm–10pm   7pm (85 min including walk)
The iMpossiBle girl                    lÂn
ellen ten dAmme & BAnd                 sytze PrUiksmA                                                               orfeo
                                                                                Zap holland
10pm–11pm (60 min)                     9:30pm (90 min including walk)           zAP                                 veenFABriek
                                                                                various times between 7:30pm–10pm   7:15pm (75 min including dinner)
la VoiX huMaine                     Three
toneelGroeP AdAm/ ivo vAn hove      conny JAnsen dAnst
7:30pm (100 min including walk)     various times between 7:30pm–10pm

silenT disco                        Zap holland, Zap                                                                    N.L.                               U.S.                                 design services
                                                                                                                                                                                                rogers eckersley design/
                                                                                                                                                                                                Jane Huschka, sam eckersley,
8pm–11pm (continuous)               various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                                                                                                           stuart rogers
                                                                                                                        arTisTic direcTor                  producer
                                                                                                                        Joop Mulder                        David Binder                         ediToriaL consuLTanT
lÂn                                 archie & The Bees                                                                                                                                           Brian savelson
sytze PrUiksmA                      PiPs:lAB                                                                            creaTive direcTor                  venue design &                       copY consuLTanT
8:30pm (90 min including walk)      8pm–11pm (continuous)                                                               Terts Brinkhoff                    producTion                           sid Karger
                                    café Me                                                                             execuTive direcTor                 PPFC, INC.                           assisTanT To david Binder
                                                                                                                                                                                                Bee shaffer
free eVeNTs:                        various times between 4pm–6pm &
                                                                                                                        Henk Scholten                      Christopher Buckley,
                                                                                                                                                           Claire Marberg                       housing
Wind noMads                         8pm–10pm                                                                            producTion                                                              road rebel/ claudine Kuhn,
                                                                                                                                                           Katya Khellblau, Anthony Demeglio,
slem                                                                                                                    managemenT                         Rich Mugge
                                                                                                                                                                                                alicia Blonsky
11am–7pm (continuous)               salTo ViTale                                                                        Leonne Vile, Ben Bouwmeester                                            Bridgestreet Worldwide /
                                                                                                                                                           Mary Susan Gregson: Additional       melanie Buechler and Brian Terry
                                    tUiG                                                                                Maranka Pool
                                                                                                                                                           Production Management
The flaTland connecTion             9:15pm (40 min)                                                                     Moni Dekker                                                             cusToms BroKer
                                                                                                                                                                                                agility Logistics / Lillian Fan
Anytime                                                                                                                 chef                               generaL managemenT
various times between noon–4pm      The iMpossiBle girl                                                                 Amaro                              101 PRODUCTIONS, LTD.                new isLand arTs, inc. LegaL
                                                                                                                                                           Wendy Orshan, Jeffrey M. Wilson,     counseL
                                    ellen ten dAmme & BAnd                                                                                                                                      menaker & Herrmann, LLP /
flying piano                        10pm–11pm (60 min)                                                                  producTionaL &                     David Auster, Elie Landau            michiel a. Bloemsma, esq.
iris hond                                                                                                               TechnicaL
                                                                                                                        managemenT                         companY manager                      david Binder producTions
1pm & 3pm & 4pm (30 min) &          The liVing JukeBoX                                                                                                     Mark Barna                           LegaL counseL
                                                                                                                        Boulevard of Broken Dreams
various times between 8pm–10pm      5pm & 10pm–11pm (60 min)                                                            Harry Blaak, Saskia Kluyfhout,
                                                                                                                                                                                                Beigelman, Feiner & Feldman /
                                                                                                                                                           generaL press                        Ben Feldman, esq.
                                                                                                                        Gerard Mascini, Hans Brandwacht,
kids only                                                                                                                                                  represenTaTive                       insurance
                                                                                                                        Gerrit Wagelmans, Andre Maste,
                                                                                                                                                           BONEAU/BRYAN-BROWN                   deWitt stern, inc./ Peter shoemaker,
silenT disco                                                                                                            Maarten Blom                                                            Jennifer a. Brown, rebecca alspector
                                                                                                                                                           Chris Boneau, Jackie Green,
2pm–5pm (continuous)                                                                                                                                       Heath Schwartz
                                                                                                                        TicKeTing &                                                             BanKing
roBerT Wilson’s WaTerMill                                                                                               informaTion                        marKeTing consuLTanT
                                                                                                                                                                                                JP morgan chase Bank /
                                                                                                                                                                                                salvatore romano
                                                                                                                        Gitte Brouwer, Annekoos
cenTer presenTs                                                                                                         Logtenberg, MC Fokkens,
                                                                                                                                                           Eric Schnall
                                                                                                                                                                                                paYroLL services
2- 5pm & 7:30pm–10pm (continuous)                                                                                       Renee van Veen                     voLunTeer coordinaTor                castellana services, inc.
                                                                                                                                                           ingrid Kloss
                                                                                                                        housesTYLe nif                                                          speciaL ThanKs To
Mr Jones & fred                                                                                                                                            101 producTions, LTd. sTaff          governor’s isLand
Pieter Post                                                                                                             Marten Jongema                     denys Baker, Beth Blitzer,           preservaTion and educaTion
3pm (30 min)                                                                                                                                               clinton Kennedy, michael rudd,       corporaTion (gipec)
                                                                                                                        weBsiTe,                           mary six rupert, Hannah Wachtel      and
                                                                                                                        communicaTion and                                                       The naTionaL parK service
design god                                                                                                              press                              managemenT associaTe
                                                                                                                                                           yooree Kim Losordo                   crediTs
sPAce                                                                                                                   Anouk Boslooper                                                         archaeological consulting by linda stone.
4pm–5pm & 8pm–10pm (continuous)                                                                                         Peter Heuseveldt                   archaeoLogicaL dig                   Ground scans by uxB international. Emergency
                                                                                                                        Tonneke Mulder                     producTion managemenT                medical services by american Medical
                                                                                                                                                           michael casselli                     response. seating by seating solutions.
go/chaMeleon/VariaTions                                                                                                                                                                         lighting equipment by Bestek. audio
                                                                                                                        conTracTs and                                                           Equipment by aps. Electrical equipment by
on a TheMe                                                                                                              adminisTraTion / Tin
                                                                                                                                                           BouLevard of BroKen dreams
                                                                                                                                                                                                sBp industries. heavy equipment by united
                                                                                                                                                           & oeroL TechnicaL supporT
dAnsGroeP AmsterdAm                                                                                                     Eva Papelard                       Prg / Benjamin Travis                rentals and Bedford construction. Boat
various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                                                                                                                                               charters by NY Water taxi and aBacon Boat
                                                                                                                                                           waTer Taxi Beach evenT Team          charter. Golf carts by Fairway Golf car and
                                                                                                                        financiaL affairs / Tin            Liberty events / Ken Tesler,         tristate Golf carts. kitchen equipment by
neW shoW perforMed By                                                                                                   Anne-Marie Jeunink                 robert Howell, sheldon gunter,       road runner party rental. shower trailers
                                                                                                                                                           Nick Pappas                          by Mr. John. produce by red hook Farmers
sTudenTs of The neW school                                                                                              speciaL ThanKs To:                 HighLine Ballroom /                  association. local catering services by Great
for draMa                                                                                                               Nicole van Vessum, MOL Europe,     Toffer christensen, adam Hertz       performances. ticketing by
orkAter                                                                                                                 Van Hamburg Verhuur, MTD           sponsorship manager                  thanks also to lincoln center Festival and
various times between 7:30pm–10pm                                                                                       Watertechniek, Van Gansewinkel,    rick gilbert                         st. ann’s Warehouse.
                                                                                                                        Lichtwerk - Jacco Pattist, Kamer
                                                                                                                                                           co-presenTer coordinaTor
shoT                                proGraM photo crEdits: Joop (pg 1) by Anne Zorgdrager; La Voix Humaine by
                                                                                                                        van Koophandel Amsterdam,
                                                                                                                                                           shoshona currier           
AnoUkvAndiJk dc                     Jan Verweyveld, Salto Vitale by Peer Reede, Robert Wilson by Henry Krul, Under      Jesse Mulder, All set-up crew
                                    Construction by Arda Konings, Archaeological Dig by Wim Kempenaers, Braakland and   and volunteers BoBD / Oerol        adverTising
various times between 7:30pm–10pm   Broeder by Sanne Peper (map); Candy Girls (this page) Rob de Ruijter.                                                  serino coyne, inc. / marci Kaufman
                                                                                                                        & The Cow…
to our spoNsors:


doKummer                                                        neTherLands
 vLaggen                        gemeenTe                          fund for
 cenTraLe                      Leeuwarden                        performing

to our partNErs aNd co-prEsENtErs:

                                                                               generaL of
                                                                              The neTh. nY
                                                                                                           the watermill center
                                                                                                           a laboratory for per for mance

special Thanks To: Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation,
Mayor Bloomberg, City of New York, Consulate General of the Netherlands New York,
Marten Jongema (logo design) and Mannschaft (website design).
The New Island Festival is a ‘government sponsored’ event and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Theater Instituut Nederland is semi-governmental agency and is
overall responsible.

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