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                                                                                                                                  May 2008
                                                                                                                                  Nisan/Iyar 5768

Temple Menorah, 1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310-316-8444

                                                                             children, the congregation and the Jewish People. Additionally, our
                            From the                                         children, the choir, our Shabbat band, will all participate in creating a
                                                                             Shabbat Service to remember. Under the direction of Randi Sher our
                            Rabbi                                            schools have reassumed their leadership role in the South Bay and
                                                                             beyond. Recently our Religious School received a grant from the Bureau
                                                                             of Jewish Education for its innovative “Ezra” program, allowing special
                                                                             needs children to be “main streamed.”
                            “If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem!”
  Steven L. Silver, Rabbi                                                    Why do we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the
                                                                             State of Israel, and the excellence of our Jewish Educational endeavors
                                                                             on the same night? Without question the re-establishment of a third
 Dear Friends,
                                                                             Jewish State in 1948 was one of the most unlikely events to have ever
 This month Jews all over the world will celebrate the 60th anniversary of   taken place in human history. A decade earlier synagogues, Jewish
 the establishment of the State of Israel. On Friday, May 9th, 800 Reform    schools and businesses all over Germany lay in charred ruins
 Congregations in North America will celebrate Israel’s Independence. As     foreshadowing the eventual destruction of 80% of European Jewry.
 part of our celebration we are honored to partner with the Jewish           Who among us had the foresight in the dark years of Nazi terror to
 Federation in hosting the prominent Israeli jurist, Jonathan Livny, past    foresee the establishment of a Jewish State? Yet anyone who is familiar
 president of the Progressive (Reform) Movement in Israel, former chief      with our beliefs knows that no amount of suffering will ever deter us as
 judge in the West Bank and frequent commentator for international           a People from our faith in God, Torah and our attachment to the Land
 news organizations. Mr. Livny will address the community at the gala        of Israel. And who are our partners in transmitting that faith to our
 Israel themed Shabbat dinner which follows the 6:30 p.m. Kabbalat           children? Our teachers, bless them. Which is what we will do, with your
 Shabbat Service honoring our teaching staff. Reservations for the dinner    help, on Friday, May 9th at 6:30 p.m.
 are currently being accepted in the office.
 At 6:30 p.m. that same evening we will pay tribute to our Religious         Steven L. Silver, Rabbi
 School and Tuvia pre-school faculty for their faithful service to our

                  2008 Summer Spectacular Gala
                             Saturday Evening, May 24, 2008, 6:00pm
                                                               H ONORING
                        Arty Bailey                       Les & Nora Latner                                  Nancy Hirsch
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 2                                                                                                                                                   Menorah Message

                 Schedule of                                                                                                               From the
              Synagogue Services                                                                                                           PRESIDENT
                                           May 2 & 3                                                                     Wendy Wengrow,
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ...................................................... 7:20 p.m.                               President
Tot Shabbat Service ........................................................................ 6:30 p.m.                  Dear Friends,
Shabbat Morning Service.............................................................. 10:00 a.m.                        On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank
Torah Portion..................................................................................Kedoshim                 Temple members Felice Zoota-Lucero, Cathleen Richland, Ann
            Bar Mitzvah of Cameron Rosenberg                                                                            Gotthoffer, Les Latner and his barbecue crew, their committee
                  Son of Jon & Karen Rosenberg
                                                                                                                        members, families, friends and supporters for providing a day of
                                                                                                                        fun, games and delicious food for our celebration of the Jewish
                                          May 9 & 10                                                                    holiday of Purim. Kudos to Erika Robinson and Lisa Krouse who
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ...................................................... 7:25 p.m.                           organized the Adult Purim party and Andrea Witkin, Carol Chudy,
Shabbat Service & Teacher Appreciation................................... 6:30 p.m.                                     and Michelle Dean who chaired on the Purim basket fundraiser.
  Community Shabbat Dinner with guest speaker Jonathan Livny                                                            These Temple leaders donated their time, money and energy so
Shabbat Morning Service.............................................................. 10:00 a.m.                        that we could gather together as a community to meet and
Torah Portion.......................................................................................... Emor            greet old and new friends and socialize with clergy and staff.
                     Bat Mitzvah of Emily Fogel                                                                         Every person who works for the betterment of Temple Menorah
              Daughter of David & Penny Fogel                                                                           is a blessing unto us all.

                                         May 16 & 17                                                                    Temple Menorah members are invited to attend the
                                                                                                                        Annual Congregational Meeting on Thursday, May
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ...................................................... 7:31 p.m.
Neshamah Shabbat Service............................................................ 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                        29 th at 7:30 pm. Agenda items include approval of
                                                                                                                        the 2008/09 budget, election of four two-year
Shabbat Morning Service ............................................................ 10:00 a.m.                         trustees, and a brief State of the Temple report. The
Torah Portion..........................................................................................Behar            Nominating Committee has proposed that Ruth
            Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Heimov Parisse                                                                         Blumfield, Bob Hoffman, Frank Reddick, and Hilda
            Son of Jeffrey Parisse & Leslie Heimov
                                                                                                                        Weintraub be elected as two-year trustees. Members
                   Bat Mitzvah of Kimberly Rose Spicker                                                                 in good standing (current with dues obligations) will
                   Daughter of Aaron & Merrill Spicker                                                                  be able to vote. Please mark your calendars and plan
                                                                                                                        to attend.
                                         May 23 & 24                                                                    Our Annual Gala will be held on Saturday evening, May 24th.
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ...................................................... 7:36 p.m.                           This year we are honoring members Nancy Hirsch and Nora and
Get-Away Service............................................................................ 6:30 p.m.                  Les Latner, who have been consistent supporters of our
Shabbat Morning Service ............................................................ 10:00 a.m.                         synagogue and programs, and dedicated Tuvia teacher Arty
Torah Portion................................................................................Bechukotai                 Bailey. The Gala is our major fundraiser for the year and a silent
                                                                                                                        auction is being planned as part of the event.
                                         May 30 & 31                                                                    I look forward to greeting you at the Gala, the Annual Meeting,
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ...................................................... 7:40 p.m.                           and at services.
Shabbat Service ................................................................................ 7:30 p.m.
Shabbat Morning Service.............................................................. 10:00 a.m.
  Tribute to David Bindler
Torah Portion...................................................................................Bamidbar
               Bar Mitzvah of Joshua Materman
             Son of Michael & Jennifer Materman

                                                                                           May B’Nai Mitzvah

            Cameron Rosenberg                                       Emily Fogel                                Jacob Heimov Parisse    Kimberly Spicker             Joshua Materman
                 May 3                                               May 10                                                     May 17                                   May 31
Menorah message                                                                                                                  Page 3 3

                        From the                                              Muse on the move
                        Cantor                                                In April we started reading chapter 1 in the novel
                                                                              and chapter 1 in the Experiential Guide and will
                         Counting the Omer...                                 continue to do so each month as we go through the
  Didi Thomas, Cantor                                                         "Insights" together - learning how to become
                                                                              spiritual in our daily lives and actualizing the
This month of May finds us deep in the midst of counting the Omer (a
                                                                              messages that are here for us to enjoy in this
biblical commandment to count the days between the second day of
Passover and Shavuot - 49 days - our freedom from slavery and our             beautiful, bountiful world God has given us!
receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai).
                                                                              It is not too late to join in - (but if you wait too long it
                                                                              might be!) Call Andrea Witkin at (310) 316-8444 or
Hopefully, if we cleaned out the chametz (literally or symbolically)
                                                                              speak with me ASAP!
from our houses (or souls) we would be freed from that which
enslaves us and really ready to receive God's divine plan for how we
should live our lives and conduct ourselves. We would bring an                Choir Rehearsals have moved to Thursdays!!
offering of barley (an omer) to the Sacred Temple, going on later to          If you love to sing, we meet from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
bring offerings of our harvest, thus linking the two festivals of Passover
and Shavuot together.                                                         Band will meet on Wednesdays - please call our
                                                                              Musical Director Dan Spector (310) 316-8444 for
We will celebrate Shavuot in June this year, so for now I encourage
everyone to count your blessings; Look around and take stock of your          information!
life / the people you love /who love you, and the gifts freedom has
bestowed upon you. As we tend to the harvest of our lives, getting            Hard to believe but High Holy Day rehearsals will
ready to offer up to God our measure of gratitude, take stock of what         begin in June!.Be a part of the Music of Temple
you have to be thankful for and where you are best meant to continue          Menorah!!
to share and cultivate your offerings of the heart, soul, and physical
                                                                              See you there!
When our souls are clear of ego, pride and self-doubt we can open up
to the “messages” present here for us in our encounters with others
and within the amazing world we live in to be able to live life more
fully and experience the joy God truly divines for us.
For the next 9 months (in the Rosenberg Senior Center) we will
embark on a journey through the spiritual “Insights” of the Celestine
                                                                                        David Bindler
Prophecy (see muse box for more info). We will give birth to new
possibilities of wonder as we learn to identify the messages we are                    Memorial Tribute
meant to receive to open up new vistas of spirituality on the horizon
of our lives. Ultimately, all paths lead home, so we will take these
“Insights”, apply them to Judaism, and our personal sacred encounter.
There are many different roads which lead to the Divine – just as we
made pilgrimage to our holy Temple within this time between Passover
and Shavuot, we can do so within our own selves if we ask where our
gifts are best able to be of service and how we can be useful and filled
with purpose.
If you sing, please join our choir, we need your voice to help elevate all
our souls. We begin High Holy Day rehearsals in June - come join us?
If you play an instrument – our band needs you!
On Friday, May 16th we have our Neshamah Service preceded by our
heart warming pot-luck dairy dinner at 6:00 p.m. sharing our light and
Spirituality together with the gift of food and fellowship; This is rapidly   Please join us for a special Tribute to the
becoming a special sort of Chaverah, an intimate gathering!
                                                                               life of David Bindler, percussionist and
We have 2 opportunities this month to honor individuals who know
how to share their gifts; At our Gala we celebrate Les & Nora Latner,         composer extraordinaire. This Shabbat
Nancy Hirsch and Arty Bailey with our Summer Spectacular and, on              service will include a number of musical
the 5th Shabbat, we will celebrate the music of our dearly departed
percussionist David Bindler (with a special tribute by Dan Spector).              compositions written by David and
What a glorious month of festive Shabbatot and communal                             performed by our Za’Atar band.
gatherings! We as a community have such abundance to share!
                                                                              This service will begin at 7:30pm, Friday, May 30th.
~ Wishing continued love, blessing & light, Cantor Didi ~
Page 4
 4                                                                                                          Menorah Message

                                                                                with all of the database information currently in our system for
                           From the                                             your review. Please help us keep our records accurate by
                                                                                correcting any errors and returning the form to us in the
                           Executive                                            temple office. Additionally, we have also taken the time to
                                                                                automatically promote your child(ren) to the next year in
                           Director                                             Religious School. Please review this as well and notify us if
                                                                                there are any changes. All students attending Religious School
   Robin Franko,                                                                are required to have their registration and medical release
 Executive Director                                                             forms returned to the Religious school office by July 1st. Thank
                                                                                you for your help and support in returning your forms to us in
Dear Friends,                                                                   a timely fashion!
With the arrival of May and springtime, comes the promise of                    What else is going on at Temple Menorah in the next couple of
new growth from every direction. We have been blessed to                        months you ask? May is a HUGE month of activities with many
welcome many new families into the Temple Menorah                               bar/bat mitzvahs, a celebration of our wonderful teachers and
community since January as well as many new faces to the Tuvia                  Israel’s 60th (May 9th), our phenomenal Gala which will dazzle
community. I fully anticipate that our growth will continue as                  and entertain you (May 24), our annual congregational meeting
Temple Menorah continues to provide exciting and stimulating                    (May 29th) followed by a special tribute service in memory of
programs to meet the needs of our entire community. Please                      David Bindler, our talented percussionist, who passed away last
help us welcome our new friends with a warm greeting when you                   month at the young age of 41(May 30th). More information on
see a new face at services or around our facility. Temple                       each of these events can be found throughout this issue of the
Menorah has gained the reputation of being a welcoming and                      Menorah Message.
hospitable community because of you, our wonderful and caring
members!                                                                        Thank you for your continued support of Temple Menorah. I
                                                                                look forward to seeing all of you at some point during this
And speaking of membership… yes, we are approaching that                        month!!!
time of year for our annual membership renewal. Before the end
of the month each of you will receive your membership renewal                   B’Shalom,
packet. Inside this packet we have taken the time to provide you                Robin

                                  You are invited to the Ordination                                     Save the Date!!
                                   of our intern, Rabbi Alexandria                                     Saturday, June 7th
                                            Shuval-Weiner!                                                at 10:00 AM
                                                                                                             For a very special
                                        Hebrew Union College
                                      Jewish Institute of Religion                                            Shabbat Service
                                                                                                        recognizing our amazing
                           Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.
                                   Wilshire Blvd Temple                                                     volunteers and the
                      3663 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
                      Please note: Photo ID is required for security purposes                             installation of the new
         Celebration Luncheon at Temple Menorah                                                        Boards of Trustees for the
                        2:00 p.m.                                                                              synagogue and
             RSVP to Paola Hirsch at 310.316.8444 x 103 or

          $36 includes lunch and a special gift for Rabbi Alex
    “Jay and I would love to have you join us for this very special day.”
     With much love
Menorah message                                           Page 5 5

Purim of the Caribbean
Here’s the Cap’n’s Report! The Adults Only Purim
Party on March 22, 2008, proved to be a rollickin’
good time, with 1) a treasure chest full of ruby &
emerald goodies, 2) our very own “Raffle Wench” &
3) a shotgun Irish Catholic wedding performed by
our very own Father Goldberg!
We had 12 foot tall skeletons manning the decks for
the not-so-Maiden Voyage of the Good Ship Temple
Menorah. Costumes were outrageous, with Marjie
“Calypso” Block, several Cap’n Jack Sparrows (Brian
Robinson, Mark Block, Gary LeBlanc), Cathie
Goldberg, the pregnant nun, & a giant pirate head
(Bonnie’s partner, Heidi) & The Clancy’s (who
really are married/preggers, tho Sean’s since made a
The Megillah was just as goofy with Pirate-speak,
jokes & drinks to those guessing punchlines! We
thank the following people for their generous help
and donations which made this such a successful
event: Cathleen & Scott Richland, Bob Schreibman,
Aaron Krouse (& kids!), Wendy Wengrow, Gina
Clancy, Tom & Marcie Carpenter, Brian Robinson
(& kids!), DJ Darren, Rabbi Silver, Cantor Didi,
Rick Muller, Paola Hirsch, Rose Pierce, Robin
Franko, Francisco, Rosario, & Gaston! Last (not
least!) Debbie Kowalewski who was absolutely
crucial in helping get out invitations! Finally, we are
so grateful for each other - I could not do it without
Lisa & I know she dittos that…so your party
wenches are walking the plank for now! We look
forward to keeping the tradition going!
Ahoy, Mateys, til next year…Erika Snow
Robinson, the Black Hearted Wench and
Lisa Krouse, the Fair Haired Wench
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 6                                                                                                              Menorah Message

                                                                             honoring our very own Arty Bailey for her contribution to Tuvia and
                          From the                                           Temple Menorah. Hope you will all be joining us to celebrate her 18th
                                                                             year of teaching our children at Tuvia.
                          director of                                        Tuvia registration for the fall is well underway and our classes are filling
                                                                             fast. Please turn in your registration materials as soon as possible as
                          education                                          class size is limited and we do not want anyone to be disappointed. For
                                                                             more information or to request registration materials please contact
                                                                             Tara at 310-316-8997 or
       Randi Sher,
  Director of Education                                                      Tot Shabbat this month will be on May 2nd when our two and three
After Passover the year seems to move in warp speed. This year is no         year old classes will be participating and we will be celebrating Israel
exception and we are very busy finishing our school year. If you have        pride. We start at 6:00 pm with dinner and a craft and services begin at
not yet made summer plans for your children I urge you to consider a         6:30 pm. For more information or to RSVP please contact Stephanie
camp experience. Informal experiences like these are important in our        Dreyer at Our last Tot Shabbat for
children’s Jewish education as they allow for an experiential form of        the year will be our pre-Shavuot Shabbat on June 2nd.
learning. We are fortunate to have an amazing camp here at Temple            The last KNO for the year will be on May 17th. Our last few months
Menorah and there are also opportunities at sleep away camps (with           have been busy so be sure to register early and not be left out. Call
first timer grants available!) as well. Please come and talk to me if you    Tara in the Tuvia office for more information or to register.
would like more information on any of these programs.
                                                                             Please mark your calendars for two special dates in June. Sunday June
At our Community Shabbat Dinner and Service on Friday, May 9th we            1st is our end of the year Tuvia picnic and Friday June 13th will be
will be celebrating Israel and our wonderful teachers. We are                our Tuvia Graduation and luncheon. We hope you will be joining us
privileged to have such a superb group of people working with our            for both of these programs. More information and invitations will be
children in both Tuvia and our Religious School. Please join with us as      coming soon.
we honor both of our fabulous faculties!
                                                                             We are fortunate to be able to provide so many educational
Our Confirmation Class is still busy with their recycling project. Thank     opportunities, both formal and informal, to our children. I thank you
you to everyone for all the donations you have brought to the                for the opportunity to work and learn with these exceptional students.
synagogue. The students have four drop off boxes for rinsed cans or          The children are fortunate to be part of such a caring and nurturing
bottles and appreciate your continued support.                               community.
CAMP MENORAH                                                                 B’shalom,
Enrollment is open for the summer and spots are filling fast. Please be      Randi
sure to turn your forms in quickly so that you will not be left out of the
fun! The program has changed and there are many new opportunities
along with your old favorites. Contact Daniel at 310-951-4348 or for more information or questions.
                                                                                    Save the Date!
                                                                                     Confirmation of Our
Our 8th and 9th graders will be participating in the last Arachim
program for the year in an overnight on May 3rd and 4th. They will be
spending the night here at Temple Menorah and participating in
activities about Israel with students from three other synagogues in the
South Bay.                                                                            10th Grade Class
Our last Junior Congregation of the year will be on May 31st. All                              Sunday June 8th, 2008
Religious School Families are encouraged to join as Rabbi Alex
facilitates this wonderful learning service with us. Our third and
fourth grade students will be participating in song and prayer.
Our last day of Religious School will be Sunday, June 8th. We will
again be ending the year with an assembly for both students and
parents at 11:30 am. Please come and see what we have been
learning this year. All of our Religious School students will be
Don’t forget Confirmation also on Sunday evening, June 8th. We
will be celebrating Shavuot and the giving of the Ten Commandments
as we confirm our 10th grade students. This is a wonderful class and we
look forward to their thoughts and ideas. Please join us at the
Community Shavuot Dinner preceding Confirmation. It will be a very
special evening.
                                                                                           Confirmation-Shavuot Dinner
                                                                                                    6:00 p.m.
During Shabbat services on Friday June 13th we will have Siyyum for
our 7th grade class. Our students will participate in the service as we                              Service
mark their transition from our Religious School program to Academy                                  7:00 p.m.
and the beginning of their preparation for Confirmation.
TUVIA TIDBITS                                                                    See the enclosed Quick & Easy registration form for reservations
On Saturday, May 24th we will be celebrating our Gala and
Menorah message                                                                                        Page 7 7

                                                                                  From our Tuvia
                                                                                  Early Childhood
    Join us for the last Arachim program                                          consultant
                  of the year!
                                                         Marla Osband,
     This is the one you were waiting for…           Early Childhood Consultant
                Don’t miss it!                                   Gee, All Those Kids Seem to do is Play

         May 3 & 4, 2008!                        Yes, children here at Tuvia do play a lot… 75 to 90 minutes per
                                                 session. During this time a lot is gong on. They are:
                                                 •      Meeting friends
                                                 •      Playing with toys
                                                 •      Exploring how things work
                                                 •      Looking at books
                                                 •      Listening to music
                                                 •      Sharing
                                                 •      Pouring and measuring in the sand box
                                                 •      Having different experiences in a mostly child group
                                                        situation vs. a mostly adult situation
                                                 •      Having cooperative play experiences
                                                 •      Learning to share the adults’ attention
                                                 •      Learning social skills needed to play games and make friends
                                                 •      Building with materials that may not be available at home
    In anticipation of Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel    •      Using “messy” art materials in a space provided for
 Independence Day), we will spend the night at          experimentation
    Temple Menorah and experience Israel!        •      Trying on different personalities with different clothing
                                                 •      Becoming independent
            MEET: Saturday, May 3rd
        at Temple Menorah @ 9:00 p.m             •      Comparing and contrasting different experiences
                                                 •      Learning from others while broadening their horizons
    PICK UP: Sunday, May 4th @ 2:00 p.m.

    Sleepover at Temple Menorah, with your       SO YOU SEE, WHAT LOOKS LIKE PLAY IS REALLY HARD
 friends from the South Bay Area and be part     WORK!
           of this exciting program:
    Hadavallah, Broomball, All-About-Israel, a       FLUTE TEACHER AVAILABLE for individual or
  scavenger hunt, and of course, yummy kosher        group lessons. From beginners to advanced, from
                 food & snacks!                      preschool to adult ... I can get you started on
                                                     recorder or flute. If you've ever wanted to play the
                                                     flute to develop your tone, style, and confidence,
 PLEASE RSVP to Randi Sher                           give me a call and lets talk ($25/hr).
 by April 27 @ 310.316.8444 or                             Craig Levine, CA Credentialed Teacher
                                                     Cell: 310-850-9148
 Cost of the activity: $50
Page 8
 8                                                                                             Menorah Message

             Annual                                                                        From the Senior
          Congregational                                                                   Center Director

             Meeting                                             Morgan Land, Director
                                                                 Rosenberg Senior Center

                                                                 The May calendar is filled with cultural and spiritual experiences
          Thursday, May 29, 2008                                 for any one fifty-five or older! Here is a brief overview of our May
      7:30 p.m. - in the Garden Room                             events. For more information please consult our Temple Menorah
                                                                 website or contact Andrea at extension 125 for a complete listing.
  Agenda items include:                                          Rabbi John Borak of Temple Ner Maraav in Encino has had quite a
     • 2008-09 Budget Presentation                               circuitous route to the pulpit. Born Christian with forays into
                                                                 Roman Catholicism and even Native American mysticism, Rabbi
     • Election of four two-year Trustees                        Borak's decision to become a Jewish leader was one steeped in
        Nominees: Ruth Blumfield, Bob Hoffman, Frank             deep soul searching. Join us on May 7th as Rabbi Borak opens our
        Reddick, Hilda Weintraub                                 slate of May speakers with his unique insight into interfaith issues.
     • State of the Temple report.                               For those of you who were able to join Rabbi Silver for his talk on
                                                                 India join us on May 14th as the Rabbi delves deeper into the
                                                                 cultural and religious odyssey that is India in the second part of his
              Refreshments will be served                        talk on his trip last year. The Rabbi will be showing slides and
                                                                 telling stories of his adventures.

                                                                 Besides providing resources to cultural happenings in the Los
                                                                 Angeles area, the Rosenberg Center has been aiming to expand its
                                                                 spiritual opportunities. I am pleased to announce that our very

           Tot Shabbat                                           own Cantor Didi will continue her once monthly "Spirituality in
                                                                 Practice" class with an intensive study of James Redfield's "The
                                                                 Celestine Prophecy." Facilitated by Cantor Didi and using a
                   Friday, May 2th                               workbook created by the author, the class will explore each of the
               (1st Friday of every month)                       "nine insights" that have helped guide millions towards spiritual
                                                                 growth. (Please contact Andrea in the Senior Center Office for
                               Show Your                         more information about the workbook). I am also excited to
                                                                 announce that Chaplain Bonnie Leopold will be continuing her
                               Jewish Pride!                     "Healing Through Torah" group, providing our seniors with a unique
                                                                 connection to Torah as a resource to spiritual and physical well-

      6:00 p.m.: Dinner and Children’s Craft                     Our cultural calendar in May is highlighted with a private tour of
  Kosher style Shabbat chicken dinner with kid friendly option   the famed Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena on May 21st. The
                                                                 Norton Simon Houses the greatest collection of impressionistic
            RSVP required by Tuesday, April 29                   paintings in Los Angeles and our group will be offered a unique
         In Tot Shabbat box at Temple, downstairs                experience to tour the collection before the Museum opens to the
    on the wall next to the Tuvia office or to Stephanie         public. (Space on this tour will be limited so please make your
           Dreyer (                   reservations with Andrea ASAP.) Mondays in May will continue to
           $15/Adult, $5/Child (12 and under)                    be our film study days as we explore the craft of the actor in a
                                                                 study of Dustin Hoffman's work and a screening of the 1979 classic
              $20/adult, $10/child for RSVPs                     "Kramer vs. Kramer." We will also study the film life of Steven
                  received after April 1                         Spielberg to be highlighted by a field trip to see Harrison Ford in
                                                                 the new "Indiana Jones" film the Monday after its initial release. It's
            6:30 p.m.: Children’s Service                        been twenty years since the last Indiana Jones, a seminal work of
   An Oneg and Storytime will immediately follow the service.    Spielberg that has influenced action movies to this very day.
        Please bring a dessert for 8-10 people to share.
                                                                 Make your reservations today!
Menorah message                                          Page 9 9

                APRIL SCHEDULE
  See the enclosed calendar for full details.

May 5
Speaker: Bonnie Leopold: “Healing Rituals for Seniors”
/ Chair Yoga / Art Talk in Focus: Van Gogh and
Picasso / Film Screening: Emmy Award Winning
Series: “Simon Schama’s Power of Art”, including the
series on Van Gogh and Picasso

May 7
Speaker: Rabbi John Borak: “Traveling a Twisted
Road to Judaism” / Computer Users Group with Bob
Feldman / Memoir Writing / Jazzercise

May 12
Film Lecture: “The Life and Times of Martin Scorsese”
/ Chair Yoga / Film Screening: “Raging Bull”

May 14
Speaker: Rabbi Steven Silver: “My Odyssey to India
Part II” / Film Lecture and Screening: "The
Children's Hour" / Jazzercise

May 19
Film Lecture: The Actor’s Greatest Challenge:
“Playing Yourself” The Films of Dustin Hoffman. / Film
Discussion and Screening: “Kramer vs. Kramer”

May 21
Field Trip: Norton Simon Museum
Tour Price: $25 includes Transportation, Lunch and
Private Tour of the Impressionist/Modern collection

May 26
Film Lecture: Painting the Landscape: “The Seminal
Film Noir” / Chair Yoga / Film Discussion and
Screening: “Double Indemnity”

May 28
Speaker: Estie Bienstock RN: “The Normalcy Of
Growing Older” / Spirituality with Cantor Didi /
Chapter Two: “Celestine Prophecy” (The Novel and
the Experiential Guide) / Memoir Writing / Jazzercise
Page 10
 10                                                                                               Menorah Message

  Message from the President: Here it is already May, and we in Sisterhood are eagerly looking forward to our May 4 Pre-
  Mother's Day Luncheon with author Arlene Blum. She is sure to lift our awareness to a higher level. The new slate for the
  Sisterhood Board has been prepared, and it is wonderful to see some new "faces" on this list. We are thrilled to have younger
  ladies become actively involved on the Sisterhood Board. Voting for the slate will take place on May 4. We are eager to hear their
  ideas and share in their energy. We are sure to have a very enthusiastic and dynamic 2008-2009. Happy Mother's Day to you all.
                                                                                                          Love and Shalom, Saundra

                                       UPCOMING EVENTS – SAVE THE DATES
            Sunday, May 4                                                                       The Second Annual
                                                      Installation of the                   Temple Menorah Sisterhood
   Speaker/Author Program & Lunch                     Sisterhood Officers
     with Arlene Blum at 1 PM                                                                     Women’s Retreat
  Author of Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life          Shabbat Service                              November 14 - 16
        $12.00 payable in advance                   Saturday, June 7
   Contact Cathleen:                                                        Save the Date!
       to see if space is available.
                                                                                               Watch for your
       General Meeting at 3 PM
          Voting for Officers
     No charge to attend the meeting                                                            Information

                                                   SISTERHOOD UPDATES
      Nominations for the 2007 – 2008 Board of Trustees                            Thanks to all the Purim
    President:                                   Cathleen Richland                  Volunteers, including:
    Membership VP’s:                   Lori Ernster & Pat Hoffman
    Program VP:                                     Ann Gotthoffer
    Ways and Means VP’s:             Shirley Kaufman & Lynn Shall        Cathleen & Scott, Lori, Madeline, Elaine B.,
    Library, Education & Religious Activities VP’s:                         Mark, & Saundra, Jann, Carol, Debbie,
                                Marisol Blystone & Lynn Schubert           Barbara, Bonnie, Steven & Jeri, Esther,
    Treasurer:                                       Marcia Spanier      Jennifer, Elaine P., Miriam, Kim, Bill, Marcia,
    Financial Secretary:                 Judy London & Jann Segal
    Corresponding Secretary:       Pat Alexander & Addie Millman            Pat, Carla, Roberta, Trish, Judy, Faith,
    Recording Secretary:                          Saundra Reichard          Wendy W., Kristl & Sierra, Wendy &
    Historian:                                       Faith Goldman           Marissa, Shirley, Kristine & Evan…
    Parliamentarian:                              Saundra Reichard
    Chaplain:                                       Bonnie Leopold

                                                         JUDAICA SHOP
               Shop hours are Wednesday 4:30 - 6:30 PM, Sunday 9 AM - 12 noon or by appointment.
         Call Candi Olit for Judaica Shop Appointment at 310- 540-2356 or 944-0276 ~

                      Next Sisterhood Board Meeting ~ Wednesday, May 7 at 9:30 AM
Menorah message                                                                                                             P a g e 1 1 11

               May Yahrzeits                                        May Yahrzeits Continued
May 1                    Jerry Latner                         May 30                                   Milka Radmanovich
Jules Fink               May 17                               Avram Fischer                            Jacob Flox
Martin Siegel            Irving Berliner                      Baila Fischer                            May 31
Col. Bernard Wasserman   Jacqueline Safdeye                   David Fischer                            Sally Smith
Charles Konell           Gertrude Dennis                      Shlomo Mordechi Fischer                  Sylvia Egar
Meyer Elkin              Lucille Ellen Dennis                 Toba Fischer                             Hilda Stein
May 2                    Bertha Rubell                        Sam Farber
Max Eizenwasser          Louis Kahan
Zelda Fink               Mollie Lieber                                Happy Birthday to our
Andre Redyk              Jacqueline Safdeye
May 3                    Patricia Gail Rodner                                Members!
Jacob Jacobson           Enrique Frankel                             (If your name is missing, please let us know at 310-316-8444)
May 4                    May 18                                                         May 2008
Leita Nobil              Herman Krouse                        1   Mrs. Miriam Erps                      17    Carly Eizenwasser
May 5                    Manny Steinfeld                      1   Jesse Silver                          17    Sierra Holtz
Ben Alpern               May 19                               1   Gabriel White                         17    Jamilah Watson-Lewis
Isadore Friedman         Rose Baum                            2   Miriam Eizenwasser                    18    Louise Becker
Philip Fink              Israel Baum                          2   Mariana Gitomer                       18    Olympia Tetenbaum
Bernice Budney-Primer    David J. Weinblatt                   2   Les Latner                            18    Felice Zoota-Lucero
William Mirell           David Rosenkrantz                    4   Joan Roth                             19    Brooke Lefton
May 6                    Donald Patrick Shannon               4   Maxwell Tetenbaum                     20    Walter Koch
Louis Senturia           Janet Silverstein                    5   Lauren Kim-Zaro                       21    Alexander Birnbaum
Rachel Grohman           Pearl Esensten                       5   Kayleigh Lopez                        21    Marc Rosenthal
May 7                    May 20                               6   Jessica Britton                       21    Miles Schubert
Jack Cohen               Syd Goetz Reichman                   6   Glenn Quan                            21    Peter Wagreich
Freda Lecach             Jean Kasun                           6   Ilana Tidus                           23    Susanne Heim
Marty Philipson          Ella Schwartz                        7   Dorothea Rosen                        23    Hayden Johnson
Maurice Stein            May 21                               8   Cameron Penn                          23    Carl Wagreich
Nathan Roth              James Perkins                        8   Michael Wagreich                      24    Mildred Beristain
May 8                    May 22                               9   Nancy Hirsch                          24    Jackson Cooper
Gene Gould               Eleanor Alpert                       9   Elan Mualem                           24    Ariel Peterson
Joseph Jacobs            Ida E. McNichol                     10   Joel Binder                           25    Steve Chudy
Marcos Resnisky          Victor Vidal (Ruben) Hasson         10   Meryl Braudo                          25    Rachel Majors
Jacob Rosenkrantz        Ethel Florence Glazer Haffer        10   Melanie Farkash                       25    Brandon Rice
May 9                    Bertha W. Tisius                    10   Josie Penn                            25    Sabrina Rice
Gerald Peterson          May 23                              10   Randi Sher                            26    Joshua Birnbaum
Gussie Zoota             Evelyn Levine                       10   Danielle Silkes                       26    Adam Grossman
May 10                   Leo Silberman                       11   Allen Shupps                          27    Sharon Abaud
Isidor Cohen             Leo Schmittke                       11   Sophia Skurnick                       27    Ian Rosenberg
Necha Levin              May 25                              12   Donna Dietz                           28    John Bronstein
David Itzkovitz          Harriett Berliner                   12   Shirley Falk                          28    Brent Donato
May 11                   Rebecca Benjamin                    13   Corey Newman                          28    Jay Gample
Consuelo Najera          Joseph Goldberg                     14   Sydne Morrison                        28    Constance Mirell
David Goldin             May 26                              15   Myriam Liberman                       29    Samuel Gample
Gary Wengrow             Harriette Ezratty Doyle             15   Sami Mualem                           29    Kenneth Goussak
May 12                   Abraham David Perelmuter            15   Marcia Spanier                        29    Ted Rosenberg
Natalia Gonzalez         Joel Cooper                         16   Jordan Lewis                          30    Alisa Bronstein
Sidney Dworkin           May 27                              16   Lee Zaro                              31    Alvin Becker
Sylvia Kole              Arthur Phillip Greenspan            17   Elisa Donato                          31    Howard Korman
May 13                   Marian Koosed
Irving November          Don Kreitzman                                       Happy Anniversary
Dennis Stone             May 28
May 14                   Jack Ezratty                                         To Our Members!
                                                                            (If you do not see your name, please call the office)
Betty Musicant           Celia Buchalter
Ellie Grauman            Loris Levy                                                             May
Jack Rubin               May 29                          6    John & Adrienne Schugel                    28      Loren & Elaine Blumberg
May 15                   Charlotte Goldberg             11    Loren & Nancy Silbert                      28      Dave & Stephanie Dreyer
Jashka Grabb             Fannie Lincoln                                                                  29      Jeffery & Gail LeVee
                                                        13    Carl & Edna Wagreich
Annie Schwartz           Dave Edleman
                                                        14    Richard & Chris Mink                       30      Gary & Marci Eizenwasser
Rob Kling                Regina Edleman
                                                        15    Frank Reddick & Julie Kaufer               30      Stuart Levine & Donna
Maureen Soll             Dora Goldman
                                                        17    Tom & Marcie Carpenter                             Richey
May 16                   Rietta Katten Levy
Tybor Stein              Earl Reed                      21    Jonathan Frey & Gail Rodkin                30      Paul & Lisa Waldman
Kurt Gotschwager         Delores Elkins                 23    Michael & Jennifer Materman                31      Bruce & Ruth Blumfield
Lottie Kaufman           Nathan Roubitchek              26    Clifford & Diane Sharyn Numark             31      Mitchell & Sharon Levine
Page 12
 12                                                                                                    Menorah Message

    Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                    Continuing Education FUND                     Wishes for good health and a speedy
                                                                                                 recovery to Dan Ezratty, from Pat
Julie Kaufer & Frank Reddick, in memory of     David Tisius, in memory of his borther-in-law,
                                                                                                 Alexander, Dale & Howard Korman, Saundra &
 Julie’s sister-in-law, Caroline Kaufer          Richard J. Polakoff
                                                                                                 Mark Reichard and Carla Bradford
Sanford & Gail Teicher, in memory of              Rosenberg Senior center FUND                  Wishes for a speedy recovery to Rabbi
 Sanford’s father, Ben Teicher                 Florence Steiner and the Zbriger family, in       Leon Kahane, from Dolores & Nelson
Tillie Markman & Sandra Lincoln, in memory      memory of Sydney Abelson                         Torres, Joy & Bob Feldman, Faith Goldman,
 of Tillie’s sister, Rona Smith
                                                          PRayer Book FUND                       Dale & Howard Korman, Judy & Ed London and
Stan Greengard, in memory of his father,
                                               Jean Adelsman, in memory of her mother,           Carla Bradford
 David Greengard
                                                Beatrice Adelsman                               Condolences to Dr. Robert Taubman, on
Ellie Preston Reed, in memory of her father,
                                                                                                 the loss of his wife, Cel, from Essie Farber
 Charles Pinski                                         SISTERHOOD TRIBUTES
                                                                                                Condolences to Barbara Stokes, on the
Rick Muller, in memory of Myrna Goldman &       Mazel Tov to Pearl Gold, on her 75th             loss of her father, Martin Miller, from
 David Bindler                                   Birthday, from Candi & Tim Olit, Pat & Bob      Saundra & Mark Reichard, Marcia Spanier, Joy &
  Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                    Hoffman, Cathleen & Scott Richland, Saundra     Bob Feldman, Faith Goldman, Pat Alexander,
  Andrea and Glenn Lawrence in honor of          & Mark Reichard, Carla Bradford, Corey &        Jann Segal, Dale & Howard Korman, Cathleen &
  David Bindler                                  Jeff Newman, Pat Alexander, Jann Segal,         Scott Richland, Ann Gotthoffer
                                                 Shirley & Hal Kaufman, Tricia Margolis, Judy   Condolences to Robert & Susan Abelson,
              General Fund
                                                 & Ed London, Ann Gotthoffer, Essie Farber       on the loss of Robert’s father, Sidney
Michael Goldman, in memory of Ronald             and Marcia Spanier                              Abelson, from Ann Gotthoffer
 Goldman                                       Mazel Tov to Mickey & Irv Rodner, on             Condolences to David & Sara Rice, on the
Robert & Judith Keller, in memory of Robert      the birth of their first great-grandchild,      loss of David’s father, Philip Rice, from
 Goldman                                         from Joy & Bob Feldman, Mim Rivo, Pat           Lori Eizenwasser Lawrence, Miriam & Dave
Ernest & Janet Neu, in memory of their           Alexander, Judy & Ed London, Candi & Tim        Eizenwasser, Shirley & Hal Kaufman, Joy & Bob
 family and thank you for thinking of them       Olit, Saundra & Mark Reichard, Carla            Feldman
 during Purim                                    Bradford and Marcia Spanier                    Condolences to Myrna Goldman, on the
Helen Reagin, in memory of Ronald Goldman      Mazel Tov to Patricia Margolis, on the            loss of her husband, Ronald Goldman,
Bee Biegun Shtulman, in memory of Ronald         marriage of her son, David, from Carla          from Miriam & Dave Eizenwasser, Marcia
 Goldman                                         Bradford, Lynn & Roy Schubert, Dale &           Spanier
Paul & Diana Ginsburg, in memory of Ronald       Howard Korman and Shirley & Hal Kaufman        Condolences to Chuck & Anna Greenberg,
 Goldman                                       Mazel Tov to Imi & Ken Silver, on the             on the loss of their brother-in-law, Sid
Sheldon & Sandy Salinger, in memory of           Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Jacob            Sloven, from Shirley & Hal Kaufman, Dolores
 Ronald Goldman                                  Nastaskin, from Mim Rivo, Shirley & Hal         & Nelson Torres
Franklin & Harriet Weiss, in memory of           Kaufman and Joy & Bob Feldman
 Ronald Goldman                                Wishes for successful treatment to                For information regarding Sisterhood
     BERNIE SPANIER MEMORIAL                     Roberta Cohen, , from Judy & Ed London,        Tributes or to send a Tribute, please call
             L’ATIDENU FUND                      Candi & Tim Olit, Shirley & Hal Kaufman,           Marcia Spanier at 310-378-3156
Jean Adelsman, in memory of her mother,          Faith Goldman, Jann Segal, Tricia Margolis
 Beatrice Adelsman                               and Marcia Spanier

Dolores Torres, in memory of her mother,       Wishes for a speedy recovery to Elaine
 Rose Santucci                                   Porzucki, , Faith Goldman, Pat Alexander,
Tanya & Bill Flanzbaum, in memory of Ronald      Tricia Margolis, Candi & Tim Olit, Shirley &
 Goldman                                         Hal Kaufman, Jann Segal, Judy & Ed London,
Geraldine Ridgway and Judy & Art Levine, in      Cathleen & Scott Richland, Ann Gotthoffer
 memory of their cousin, Ronald Goldman
Linnea Eades, in memory of Ronald Goldman
Joe Katzelnick Social Action Fund
                                                 and Saundra & Mark Reichard
                                               Wishes for a speedy recovery to Frances
                                                 Kurofsky, from Candi & Tim Olit, Cathleen
                                                 & Scott Richland, Ann Gotthoffer, Saundra &
Morleen Golub, in memory of her father, Ben
                                                 Mark Reichard, Carla Bradford, Marcia
                                                 Spanier, Shirley & Hal Kaufman, Faith
                                                                                                     Friday, June 13th
Charles & Judy Kuperman, in memory of            Goldman, Pat Alexander, Jann Segal, Tricia       We will be marking the 7th grade
 Charles’s mother, Jean Kuperman and Judy’s      Margolis, Dale & Howard Korman, Judy & Ed
 brother, Ricky Wasserman                        London and Lynn & Roy Schubert                    class transition from Religious
William & Muriel Berks, in memory of           Wishes for a speedy recovery to Anna              School to Academy and the official
 William’s mother, Celia Berks                   Greenberg, from Marcia Spanier, Joy & Bob        beginning of their Confirmation
                                                 Feldman, Imi & Ken Silver, Shirley & Hal
     Flower & Landscape FUND
                                                 Kaufman, Pat Alexander, Judy & Ed London,             preparation and study.
Patricia Hoffman, in memory of her mother,       Saundra & Mark Reichard and Lynn & Roy
 Grace Knight                                    Schubert
      Ben Kaufman Memorial                     Wishes for a speedy recovery to Diane
                                                                                                  Services are at 7:30 p.m. and the
           Scholarship FUND                      Scharfman, from Faith Goldman and                  students will be participating.
Ann Goldin, in memory of her mother, Rose        Saundra & Mark Reichard
 L. Silberberg
Menorah message                                                                                                              P a g e 1 3 13

                Mishebeirach                                                                    Condolences
      Temple Menorah wishes a speedy recovery                                   Temple Menorah and its members extend heartfelt
              to the following people:                                             condolences to the families of the following:

Gerry Belzer                Jesse Britton             Matilda Byrd           Steve, Michael & Jeffrey Goldman, on the loss of
Roberta Cohen               Mildred Cutter            Samuel Czerny         their mother Myrna Goldman
Alice Dewey                 Cleone Edwards            Eli Ben Eileen        Renee Sokolski, on the loss of her sister, Hannah
Shirley Falk                Dean Freedman             Stuart Ganz           Burdman
Wendy Gardner               Faith Goldman             Amy Gussin
Sgt. Samuel Heron-Goldman   Amy Gussin                Michael Hollander                           Thank You
Gweneth Holtz               Sandra Lincoln            Benjamin Lopez
Marvin Musick               Joe Newman                Mike Oestreich        Thank you so much to Rabbi Silver and members of Temple
                                                                            Menorah for hosting our SCIC 55th Anniversary Annual
Marilyn Orzek               Josie Penn                Sheldon Pomerantz
                                                                            Assembly in March.
Jennifer Lee Ramas          Dodi Razel                Don Richards
John Schugel                Diane Scharfman           Hinda Shamberg        Your hospitality was wonderful and the facility, just right for
                                                                            this event.
Lillian Shell               Edwin Sher                Roz Sher
Burt Shupps                 Florence Steiner          Diane Thompson        We very much appreciated all the work done by Robin
Jacob Witkin                Leslie Spanier Wyant      Robert Welter         Franko in coordinating arrangements, as well as the musical
                                                                            contributions of Cantor Didi Thomas and Dan Spector.
     Temple Menorah welcomes its                                            Thank you, too, to the caterers who prepared a most
            newest members                                                  delicious dinner for us and to those, as well, who set up and
                                                                            cleaned up.
           Reed & Tonya Gottesman & Cassidy
                                                                            Everything went very smoothly!
                                                                            Thank you, too for your own participation!
      Arlene Blum                                                           Celebrate Life!
                                                                            Rev. Ginny Wagener
  at Temple Menorah                                                         Executive Director

    Sunday, May 4th                                                         Thank you to all my dear friends at Temple Menorah for
       at 1:00 PM                                                           the caring Tributes and well wishes sent to me during
                                                                            my recent illness. I am slowly recovering.
                                                                            With warmest regards ~
                             Arlene is an accomplished                      Rabbi Leon Kahane
                             author, mountain climber,
                             scientist, advocate and speaker.
                             In hiker’s parlance, the person who
                             “breaks trail” is one who leads others         Please support our Confirmation
                             across difficult terrain, creating a path as
                             they go.
                                                                            students with their class project to
                             Her dramatic new memoir explores how
                                                                            raise money to purchase a gift for
                             her difficult Orthodox Jewish childhood in     the synagogue.
                             the flats of the Midwest gave her the
                             courage and skills to lead historic
                             mountaineering expeditions and carry out       You can support them on the
                             ground-breaking scientific research.           following dates:
Program includes lunch followed by multi-media presentation and
discussion. Don’t miss this special event sponsored by Temple               Sunday May 4th – Bagels & Cream Cheese
Menorah Sisterhood!
$12 per person. Books will be available for purchase and                    Sunday May 18th – Bake Sale
For more information and space availability, contact Ann                    Sunday June 1st – Car Wash
Gotthoffer at 310 372-6939 or
Page 14
 14                                                                                        Menorah Message

       Chair Yoga Class
            Now Offered Weekly!
          Mondays 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
          Temple Menorah Garden Room
                                                                             5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
             Fee: $6.00 per class,
                                                                    $36 for the first child $18 for each additional
            or six sessions for $30                                      sibling Open to ag es 2 and up!
    Experience the many benefits of yoga which include                      FINAL DATE OF THE YEAR!
  increased mobility, flexibility and bone density, join us for
                                                                                    May 17, 2008
    yoga where breath and movement create a balance of                        For more information call
   body and mind. Meditation is used for calming the mind                             Tara at
              while relieving stress and anxiety.                             (310) 316-8997 ext. 112

   PACE®: People with Arthritis
         Can Exercise
                                                                       Jazzercise combines elements of jazz dance,
    This class brings together people with arthritis                resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, and
   and other related conditions for enjoyment while                more to create truly effective programs for people of
     doing gentle exercise to improve well being,                 every age and fitness level. Increase your muscle tone,
     increase flexibility and range of motion, and                  flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance using
        improve muscle strength and posture.                                      easy-to-follow movements.
                  Tuesdays, 10:45 a.m.                              Jazzercise meets at Temple Menorah on Mondays,
                                                                          Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00 a.m.
             Temple Menorah in Room 6.
                                                                  To find out more about Jazzercise including pricing and
           Call Muriel Berks at (310) 545-6117                    registration information, please contact Marie Hoffman
                                                                       or Dwain Roqué at (310) 791-4703 or email at
                for additional information.
                                                                       Visit our website at
Menorah message                                                                                                         P a g e 1 5 15

In appreciation of your business, I will donate at least $1,000 to
 Temple Menorah on your behalf for your completed transaction.

                                                                               SPIERER, WOODWARD, CORBALIS & GOLDBERG
                                                                                   Attorney At Law - A Professional Corporation

                                                                             S TEPHEN B. G OLDBERG , A TTORNEY A T L AW
                                          (310) 892-6016
                                                     Real Estate Business Litigation/Transactions
                                                                                     Estate Planning Practicing Real Estate
                                                                               Business & Estate Planning Law, we focus on dispute
                                                                                            avoidance and resolution.

                                                                                             707 Torrance Blvd. #200
                                                                                            Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                                                                                310-540-3199 Fax 310-316-1823

              To advertise, please contact Paola at (310) 316-8444 ext. 103 or
                                                                                                                       Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                     Redondo Beach, CA
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 200

1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 316-8444

                                                           Address Service Requested

Steven L. Silver, Rabbi x104
Didi Thomas, Cantor x123
Daniel Burkeman, Rabbinic Intern
Rick Muller, Torah Reader
Dan Spector, Music Director
Robin Franko, Executive Director x 109
Randi Sher, Director of Education x 108
Morgan Land, Rosenberg Senior Center Director x 125
Wendy Wengrow, President x 127
             Rose Pierce, Layout and Design
                 Marcia Spanier, Editor

   Religious School & Tuvia
     Teacher Appreciation
                                                    Friday, May 9th, 2008
                                      5:45pm          Appetizers and Israeli Dancing
                                      6:30pm          Shabbat Service with special performances from
                                                      the children and the choir
                                      7:30pm          Community Shabbat Dinner
                                      8:10pm          Featured Speaker - Mr. Jonathan Livny
                                          $20 Adults $10 kids (2-12) Lower price for Families!!

                                  Jonathan Livny has distinguished himself as an attorney and a noted Israeli wine
                                  critic and columnist. His legal career has included being Attorney General of the
                                  West Bank, President of the Court in Judea and Samaria, Assistant to the Minister
                                  of Tourism, legal advisor to the Knesset and a representative of Israel in
                                  international conferences.

                                                               See the enclosed Quick & Easy registration form for reservations

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