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              TELCO REPORT
                                               No. 9, May 1-14, 2005


                 Michael Ironside — “Ice Planet"
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    TELCO REPORT                                     Vol. XXXVII No. 9                                                    May 1-14, 2005
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       television programming
              information                                    Offers a divine twist on the renovation
              Founded in 1969 by
               Richard S. Clark

                  PUBLISHER                          GEORGE SAND                                                               Page 3
                ALEX PAEN
              MANAGING EDITOR
                                                             Profiles the complex and fascinating
           LAWRENCE DUNN                                     literary figure
               EDITORIAL STAFF
            WAYNE LEPOFF
           THOMAS MOORE                              SMALL BUT DEADLY                                                          Page 4
            JOHN BARRETT
                                                             Focusing on the dwarf mongoose,
         MARGARET BALIAN                                     Africa’s smallest carnivore
                ALEC CAST
       CHRISTINE LO PARCO                            ON THE COVER:
                                                                 “Ice Planet” Michael Ironside (pictured) will star
               BRIAN PEÑA                                        as Commander Jonas Trager in the new sci-fi series.
           ADVERTISING DIRECTOR                                  Distributed by Chum Television International, Toronto.
            PHYLLIS LEONG

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                                                                                          Forward & Intelligence

BACKGROUND ON BENEDICT XVI                                       SCI-FI PROJECT
90509001                                                         90509005                                       22 x 60 mins.
ZD. Enterprises, Mainz, Germany is making available              Spaceworks Entertainment, Inc. Toronto, and Highgate
footage of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, recently elected as        .ilms, London are co-producing “Ice Planet,” a charac-
Pope Benedict XVI. Offerings include an interview with           ter-driven sci-fi action and fantasy series. Based on an
the new Pontiff as well as reactions from German politi-         original concept by Hendrik Hey, series follows Com-
cians and public. Archival items available include footage       mander Jonas Trager and his crewmates on the space-
from Cardinal Ratzinger’s 70th birthday (in 1998), a pro-        craft Magellan, who, after embarking on a secretive mis-
file and an interview with Georg Ratzinger, the Pope’s           sion, crash on a mysterious planet of ice following a dev-
brother. Additional footage of the Vatican and the Sis-          astating apocalyptic attack on Earth by an advanced alien
tine Chapel are also available.                                  species. The marooned crew must learn to survive in the
CONTACT: ZDF Enterprises, Mainz, Germany. Tel. 49-6131-991-      frozen landscape, which is home to strange inhabitants
221. Fax 49-6131-991-283. E-mail
                                                                 and ancient alien conflicts. Veteran actor Michael Iron-
IAN FLEMING                                                      side will star as Trager. During an interview at MIP-TV,
90509002                                             60 mins.    Ironside indicated that he was excited by the project and
Wall to Wall, London is producing “Ian .leming: A Life           was looking forward to playing a complex, nuanced char-
in Pictures,” a film dramatizing the extraordinary life of       acter as part of an ensemble cast. Chum Television
British novelist Ian .leming, the creator of James Bond.         International, Toronto will distribute the show. Produc-
Shot on location in Britain and Jamaica, film explores the       tion begins this summer, with delivery scheduled for the
parallels between .leming’s life and that of the legendary       2006 television season.
British secret agent. In production for the BBC, project         CONTACT: Chum Television Intl., Toronto, Canada. Tel. 1-416-
is scheduled for delivery this summer.                           591-7400. Fax 1-416-591-1757. E-mail
CONTACT: Wall to Wall, London, UK. Tel. 44-20-7241-9307. Fax
44-20-7267-5292. E-mail
                                                                 LOST KINGDOM
                                                                 90509006                                      45 or 52 mins.
VIDEO FEED                                                       .echner Media Produktion, Immerdingen, Germany is
90509003                                      daily x 10 mins.   seeking co-production partners and/or distribution pro-
The United Nations, New York and Associated Press                posals for “Srivijaya: The Mystery of a .orgotten King-
Television News (APTN), London have teamed to offer              dom,” a documentary investigation of the Southeast
UNI.EED, a daily 10-minute video feed offering free              Asian kingdom that controlled the trade between China
video stories to news broadcasters via satellite. Transmit-      and the Arabic world from the seventh to the 13th cen-
ted twice daily, Monday-.riday, via APTN’s Global                tury. Currently in production, film looks at recent
Video Wire, UNI.EED will focus on pressing interna-              archaeological discoveries that are shedding light on the
tional issues such as HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution,             mysteries of this lost civilization.
poverty and the environment. Rundowns, scripts and               CONTACT: Fechner Media, Immendingen, Germany. Tel. 49-7462-
shot lists are available on-line at          92392-0. Fax 49-7462-92392-20. E-mail
CONTACT: United Nations, New York, NY, USA. Tel. 1-212-963-
6982. Fax 1-212-963-6869. E-mail
                                                                 TLC FOR CHURCHES
                                                                 90509007                                       26 x 30 mins.
COOKING FOR THE PONTIFF                                          Ellis Releasing, Toronto is distributing “Divine Restora-
90509004                                             60 mins.    tion,” a co-production between Ellis Entertainment and
Liamar Media World, Bologna, Italy is in pre-production          Vision TV, Toronto. Offering feel-good twist to the 48-
on “The Pope’s Cook,” a docu-drama inspired by the life          hour renovation genre, series sends hosts Catherine Bur-
of Bartolomeo Scappi, the personal chef of the 16th              don and Jim Codrington to assist deserving congrega-
century pontiff, Pope Pius V. .ilm looks at the cooking          tions renovate their churches. Series, also available as a
implements, ingredients and recipes used by Scappi, who          format, will lend a hand to churches in Atlanta, Savan-
has been called “the Michelangelo of the kitchen.” Pro-          nah, Halifax, Toronto, New Orleans, Chicago and Baton
ject starts filming this June.                                   Rouge.
CONTACT: Liamar Media World, Bologna, Italy. Tel. 39-335-255-    CONTACT: Ellis Releasing, Toronto, Canada. Tel. 1-416-924-
372. Fax 39-051-675-5191. E-mail                  2186. Fax 1-416-924-6115. E-mail

The Telco Report                                             Page 2                                         May 1-14, 2005

GEORGE SAND                                                     DICKENS, DOYLE
0509008                                              52 mins.   0509012
Profiling a complex literary figure with a passion for          Revealing Charles Dickens’ passionate and controversial
freedom, “George Sand: The Story of Her Life”                   relationship with America and Canada, “Dickens in
(George Sand: Histoire de sa vie) traces the life and           America” is something of a road movie, tracing Dickens’
career of George Sand. Program follows in 19th centu-           travel in North America in 1842. Program notes that
ry novelist’s footsteps, exploring her personal life in par-    Dickens’ journey resulted in his publishing “American
allel to her literary work. .ilm is based on Sand’s own         Notes,” a comic, critical and satirical analysis of Ameri-
correspondence and contributions from writers, an               can society in the first half of the 19th century (10 x 29’).
expert on Chopin and the curator of Sand’s house in             Presenting a fascinating and dramatic slant on the life
Nohant.                                                         and career of Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Strange Case
CONTACT: Scérén-CNDP, Montrouge, France. Tel. 33-1-4612-        of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle” interprets
8430. Fax 33-1-4612-8451. E-mail
                                                                the deep psychological impact that the Sherlock Holmes
GEORGE SIMENON                                                  character had on his creator. Cast includes Douglas Hen-
0509009                                              60 mins.   shall, Tim McInnerny and Sinead Cusack (120’).
.ocusing on the period between 1945 and 1955,                   CONTACT: All 3 Media, London, UK. Tel. 44-207-907-0150. Fax
“Simenon in America” looks at a seminal period in the           44-207-907-0160. E-mail
life of the prolific Belgian novelist, Georges Simenon.         BECKETT’S PLAYS
.ilm looks at Simenon’s friendship with Henry Miller            0509013                                           19 x various
and Anaïs Nin, his romance with Denyse Ouimet and his           Presenting cinematic versions of all of Samuel Beckett’s
unpleasant encounter with McCarthyism. Directed by              plays, “Beckett on .ilm” offers the writer’s remarkable
Guy Simoneau, film offers a sensitive portrait of a man         canon of work to a wider audience through an easily
whose passion was attempting to understand humanity.            accessible medium. .ilms were realized by distinguished
CONTACT: La Fête, Montréal, Canada. Tel. 1-514-987-5971. Fax    directors including Atom Egoyan, Damien Hirst, Neil
1-514-987-5970. E-mail
                                                                Jordan, Conor McPherson, David Mamet, Anthony
AGATHA CHRISTIE                                                 Minghella, Karel Reisz and Patricia Rozema, with per-
0509010                                              90 mins.   formances by Michael Gambon, John Hurt, Jeremy
Dramatizing the remarkable story of the well-known              Irons, Juliane Moore, Harold Pinter, Alan Rickman,
author, “Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures” stars Olivia      Kristin Scott Thomas and the late John Gielgud. All 19
Williams as the young Agatha Christie and Anna Massey           films adhere to Beckett’s complete and original text and
as Christie in her later years. .ilm uses Christie’s own        stage directions.
word to describe her life.                                      CONTACT: Tyrone Productions, Dublin, Ireland. Tel. 353-1-889-
CONTACT: Wall to Wall, London, UK. Tel. 44-20-7241-9307. Fax    4900. Fax 353-1-889-4993. Web
44-20-7267-5292. E-mail
                                                                GEORGE ORWELL
PRISONER’S “GODOT”                                              0509014                                              56 mins.
0509011                                        52 or 90 mins.   Presenting a riveting biography of the British author,
Telling the bizarre but true story of five prisoner’s           “Orwell Against the Tide” (A contracorrent: homentage
encounter with the play “Waiting for Godot,” “Beckett’s         a George Orwell) reveals how Orwell’s works were
Prisoners” describes how inmates from the Kumla                 shaped by his life experiences. .ilm explores Orwell’s
prison in Sweden were supposed to stage a performance           time serving with the Burma Police, days spent with the
of the absurdist work by Samuel Beckett. .ilm reveals           down-and-out in Paris and London, and his time spent
that after months of training and preparation with the-         as a volunteer fighting for the Republican cause in Cat-
atre director Jan Jonson, the prisoners were scheduled to       alonia during the Spanish Civil War. Program includes
perform at the Göteborg Theatre, but instead escaped            interviews with and commentary from Noam Chomsky,
just prior to the curtain going up, eliciting roars of laugh-   Richard Rorty, Miquel Berga, Wilebaldo Solano and Pelai
ter from Beckett, who had been following the project.           Pagès.
CONTACT: National Film Board of Canada, Montréal, Canada.       CONTACT: Televisió de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. Tel. 34-93-
Tel. 1-514-283-9439. Fax 1-514-496-1895. Web         567-4967. Fax 34-93-473-1563. E-mail

The Telco Report                                            Page 3                                           May 1-14, 2005

BIG CATS, BEARS                                                 BATS, WILD HORSES
0509015                                                         0509019
Surveying magnificent felines from around the globe,            .ocusing on a dedicated group of women scientists,
“Great Cats of the World” looks at five species of big          “The Bat Women of Panama” follows Elisabeth Kalko
cats. Episodes include: “Cougars of Colorado,” “Pan-            and her colleagues as they study bats near the Panama
thers of .lorida,” “The African Lion,” “The African             Canal. Program reveals that 72 species of bats co-exist in
Cheetah” and “Jaguar of Belize” (5 x 30’). “Great Bears         a 600-acre patch of forest—more than in all of Europe
of the World” takes a closer look at the American black         or North America (60’). Reporting on an extraordinary
bear in the deep forests of Minnesota and the mighty            attempt to reintroduce a species to its former habitat,
grizzly bear of Alaska (2 x 30’).                               “Wild Horses—Return to China” looks a project to
CONTACT: Cable Ready Corp., Norwalk, CT, USA. Tel. 1-203-       return Przewalski’s horses to the western plains of China
855-7979. Fax 1-203-855-8370. E-mail
                                                                for the first time in more than a century. .ilm follows a
SMALL BUT DEADLY                                                herd during their first year in the wild (60’).
0509016                                              52 mins.   CONTACT: Off the Fence,Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel. 31—
Profiling Africa’s smallest carnivores, “Little Wonder:         20-5200-222. Fax 31-20-5200-223. Web:
The Mini Mongoose” takes viewers to Kenya’s Taru                AFRICAN HIPPOS
Desert to follow the activities of a troop of dwarf mon-        0509020                                               52 mins.
goose. .ilm looks at the tiny mongoose’s highly devel-          Witnessing the life-and-death struggles of a herd of hip-
oped social behavior, as well as its symbiotic relationship     popotimi, “The Hippo: Africa’s King of the River” takes
with the calaos—the birds offer an early-warning system         viewers on an adventure along Kenya’s Mara River. Pro-
against larger predators, while the mongoose uncovers           gram notes that while the three-ton vegetarians appear
insects that the calaos feed on.                                cute and cuddlely from a distance, their lightning-quick
CONTACT: Télé Images, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-4435-1741. Fax   tempers and huge, razor-sharp canines command
33-1-4435-1762. E-mail
                                                                respect, even from crocodiles.
TIGERS, KURILES & KAMCHATKA                                     CONTACT: Marathon International, Paris, France. Tel. 33-1-4434-
                                                                6600. Fax 33-1-4434-6605. E-mail
.ollowing the fortunes of three generations of Siberian         STORKS
tigers, “Endangered Emperors of Siberia” takes a closer         0509021                                            2 x 30 mins.
look at this magnificent and highly-endangered animal.          .ilmed on location in Croatia’s Lonjsko Polje National
.ilmed Russia’s .ar East Maritime Provinces, film docu-         Park, “Scenes .rom the Storks’ Life” looks at some of
ments the tiger’s struggle against poachers, loss of habi-      the lesser-know aspects of the stork’s life-cycle. Program
tat and human encroachment (50’). “Wildlife on the              notes that storks are found on every continent, prefer-
Kurile Islands and Kamachatka” surveys the widely var-          ring wooded plains with plenty of water to higher and
ied flora and fauna that flourish in the isolation of the       drier regions.
Russian .ar East (2 x 50’).                                     CONTACT: HRT/Croatian Television, Zagreb, Croatia. Tel. 385-1-
CONTACT: EBS, Seoul, Korea. Tel. 82-2-521-7785. Fax 82-2-       616-3684. Fax 385-1-616-3692. E-mail
521-3431. E-mail
                                                                SOUTH CHINA SEA
SPY CAMERA                                                      0509022                                               60 mins.
0509018                                              50 mins.   Examining wildlife above and below the waters of the
Offering an up-close look at a variety of bears in their        South China Sea, “Into the Womb of Southeast Asia”
natural habitat, “Bear: Spy in the Wood” presents spec-         explores the vast diversity of flora and fauna of Lauang-
tacular footage taken using a “magicam”—a caterpillar-          layang atoll. The tiny island plays home to hammerhead
tracked device that uses mirrors to make itself virtually       sharks, giant rays, sea turtles and thousands of sea birds.
invisible to wildlife. Program features segments with           .ilm features spectacular underwater photography, cap-
brown bears, polar bears, pandas and the rare spectacled        turing the amazing diversity of the unique tropical eco-
bear of South America.                                          system.
CONTACT: BBC Worldwide Television, London, UK. Tel. 44-208-     CONTACT: Grand Brilliance, Petaling, Malaysia. Tel. 603-772-66-
576-2000. Fax 44-208-740-1182. E-mail       333. Fax 603-772-66-6885. Web:

The Telco Report                                            Page 4                                           May 1-14, 2005

Forward & Intelligence                                                             page 2

Divine Restoration (Ellis Releasing)
Ian Fleming: A Life in Pictures (Wall to Wall)
Ice Planet (Chum Television International)
Pope’s Cook, The (Liamar Media World)
Srivijaya: The Mystery of the Forgotten Kingdom (Fechner Media Produktion)
UNIFEED (United Nations/APTN)

Literature                                                                         page 3

Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures (Wall to Wall)
Beckett on Film (Tyrone Productions)
Beckett’s Prisoners (National Film Board of Canada)
Dickens in America (All 3 Media)
George Sand: The Story of Her Life (Scérén-CNDP)
Orwell Against the Tide (Televisió de Catalunya)
Simenon in America (La Fête)
Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle, The (All 3 Media)

Nature/Wildlife                                                                    page 4

Bat Women of Panama, The (Off the Fence)
Bear: Spy in the Woods (BBC Worldwide)
Endangered Emperors of Siberia (EBS)
Great Bears of the World (Cable Ready Corp.)
Great Cats of the World (Cable Ready Corp.)
Hippo: Africa’s King of the River, The (Marathon International)
Into the Womb of Southeast Asia (Grand Brilliance)
Little Wonder: The Mini Mongoose (Télé Images)
Scenes From the Storks’ Life (HRT/Croatian TV)
Wild Horses—Return to China (Off the Fence)
Wildlife on the Kurile Islands and Kamchatka (EBS)

The Telco Report                                      Page 5                 May 1-14, 2005
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