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					ODIN'S DOOM I find no comfort in the shade under the branch of the great ash. I remember
the    mist       of    our     ancient     past.    As     I     speak      to  you     in    the
present, my ancient eyes see the terrible future. Do you not see what i see? Do you not hear
what        i       hear,      death       approaching?        The       mournful      cry       of
the Giallr-hom shall shatter the peace and shake the foundation of heaven. Rise up our banner
and           gather        our         company         from          your       great        hall,
Father of the slain, for you shall go to your destiny. No knowledge can save you and no magic
will     save        you.     For      you      will     end       up      in   Fenrirs      belly,
while      heaven         and      earth     will     burn      in      Surt's    unholy      fire.
“The lyrics for this songs are taken from the book of heroes. Vikings rule and ODIN’S DOOM
words                           are                        pretty                       poignant!”

PREY A night out with your friends, some relief from the stress, that's what you dress up nice
for       thinking      you      would       have       a      good       time.      Not      a       care
in the world, the working week is over. That guy made you feel pretty, made you feel special,
there         was       nothing        wrong        with       him        walking        you        home,
till the isolate corner where he shown his true side. A naive and an easy target for the worst
kind       of      man.       Nothing      will      give     her       back       what      she        has
been                                              taken                                              away.
“I was thinking about writing this for a while, but the first idea was wrong. I wanted to
concentrate        on     how        a     girl,     sometimes,        can      turn      herself      into
a PREY by going out and getting drunk without thinking of the possible consequences. After a
chat        with      my       girlfriend       about      it       though,      i      changed         my
mind. Why is it that we have to be careful when we just want to have a good time? Why are we
forced          to        avoid          certain         places         cause         they're           too
dangerous? Why in this city, country, world, there's people who take advantage of the ones of
us      who      are     just     too     nice,     happy       or     naive      to    give      in     to
this culture of violence? We have to live with this, unfortunately, and we need to take care of
ourselves.           So         please,           always           remember           where            you
are, what you do and who you're dealing with, don't give those sub humans a chance!”

YOU’LL BE CLOCKING OUT IN YOUR COFFIN Cold, thoughtless and empty all just waiting to
die,      not        that      they’d         know         it         in       their      empty        lives.
Gossip and gadgetry keep us in line busying our feeble minds, constant distractions to ease the
malign,             shadow              existence                between                the            lines.
Dragged up from youth, trained for work, in it for life. Nothing to live for, dead end routine, no
end      in      sight.      What        is       the       point         in      working       for      life?
Enter the workhouse, shackled for life. Log in. 9 to 5 just killing time, is killing you. Clock out.
You       used        to      feel       alive,        you         had        dreams.         You       used
your job, to realise them. Feel dead inside now, don’t dream anymore and your job is using you.
What        is       the       point        in        your          life?       Your        time       won’t
wait. What is the point is point in your life? Not a machine, a human being.
 “Every day I get on the bus to work and I look around at all the tired faces, the blaring mp3
players,       the       gossip       mags          and        tabloid          papers.       I      wonder
how we end up becoming so comfortable in the process of wake - travel - work - travel - bed. I
wonder         why        we        accept         that        the           mass       percentage          of
our waking life is spent somewhere we don't want to be. Not only that but this "work" lacks any
real     reward;        long      hours        for      a       lifetime        only      to      get       to
retirement age to be told that there is no pension, YOU'll BE CLOCKING OUT IN YOUR COFFIN
before             you             can              leave                the            rat           race.”

MASS PRODUCING DEATH Given life just to be killed, after torture. Locked in a cell for life,
before        execution.         Bodies         lay         weak         on         the       floor,
exterminated. Not a shred of compassion, for an animal product. What a waste of an innocent
life.       This        perpetual         form          of        genocide.        Wash          the
blood from the abattoir floor and keep your conscience clean. When you add up all the facts, its
murder.       No       other       way       to       look       at      it,     you’re      eating
the      dead.        Mass        producing        death       for       human         consumption.
“I'm a vegetarian but I hate to preach, I've made my choices and I'll stick with them. If
somebody       sees      my      choices     and       takes     them        on    board,     that’s
great! But I won't preach. However, I hate it when people belittle me for being vegetarian whilst
shoving          a       hotdog          made           from        pigs        arseholes         in
their mouth. They fail to see that what they eat was once "alive" (in the loosest sense) and that
it    was      denied      the     chance      to      live    a     proper     life     so     that
it may be fattened up and slaughtered along with countless others in a food industry that is
essentially        MASS          PRODUCING           DEATH.           I       don't        think
eating meat is "Unnatural" so to speak but the way it is produced for a mass market certainly is!
And       I     feel    that      we      are     in       the     fortunate     position      to
be       able        to     make       a       choice        not       to     consume        it.”

WAY TO DENY I've been told not to take any risk, to think of safety first, not to use my
abilities       and      forget      what         I    know.         Follow       the        rules,       you
won't get hurt. I've been told some words must not be used, someone might get upset. They
expect        me       to      ignore       diversity      and        forget       what         I      know.
Harmless                          words,                           harmless                             rules.
“Here's a difficult one. I feel this a lot tho, and i just had to write something about it. The rules
of        "health      and       safety"        are     something          kind        of        new        to
me, I came to know about them when i first worked in the uk in 2006, I got trained for a week
before        I      could       start       the      job        and        that's        fair       enough.
What they sometimes forget to point out is the fact that these rules benefit the employers more
than          the         employees.           Having          said         that,          I'm           more
than happy to not get hurt while working. Another aspect of this new views on what we should
or         should        not       do         is      politically        correctness.          This          is
the part that is difficult to explain without sounding racist, and i think it's because of these
regulations        themselves.       Why         is    it       that      a       teacher         is      told
not to call a blackboard with its name? Sure the colour black shouldn't upset anyone. Are they
trying       to       make       us       forget      that        we        are       in       fact        the
product of what we experience, including different cultures, habits, languages, colours? To know
each         other        we        need          to      talk        about         our          differences,
we need to know where we come from and how we see things. Trying to avoid the discussion is
not         the        way        to         end        discrimination,          in         my          view,
it's a WAY TO DENY something that is in front of us.”

LADDER CLIMBER Forsake your morals, suspend what’s right, whore out your service for
highest       price.        To      earn       at      any         cost.       Is        this      for     your
future, what about today? Others will suffer from your selfishness. Smash the competition.
Climb       up       the       bodies     of      those        that       have         fell.     Fall    down,
old allies under your feet. Back stab to climb to higher status. Look down at all those you’ve
deceived.          There's         no       winner           on        this          race         cause       it
never ends, you know too well that who stops to rest is lost. How many times did you wait for
someone         to      fall,     just     to      laugh        at      their        demise        and     step
on their face. Climb up the bodies of those that have fell. Fall down, old allies under your feet.
Back        stab        to       climb       to       higher         status.          Look        down       at
all those you’ve deceived. Ladder climber, be aware that we aiming for you. Ladder climber, be
aware         that         we’ll       be       watching           you        fall.          Watching       you
“When I was at school I looked forward to being an adult where bullying, one up man-ship and
backstabbing           for        gain        would          be         things           left       in      the
playground. I was so wrong to think this. Nothing really changes, theres always somebody,
some          social          or        workplace           LADDER            CLIMBER              who        is
happy to make you look bad, belittle you, stab you in the gut and then climb atop your hunched
over        frame          to       get       a       little        higher          in        the       pecking
order. ”

THE PROGRAM I read it in the headlines, I feel it in the streets. Safety at risk, growing fear.
Don't      look      in     no        ones       eyes,       be        ready      to     run.      Pretend
you don't see it and ignore the cries for help. Report just what you need to keep paranoia
growing.       Decide       what        we       will     fear,         control      what       we     will
think, what we will vote. Don't worry we're watching with a million camera eyes. Anti terrorist
measures          applied           to         petty          crimes.           We        have         the
solution: privacy banned! Just give us complete power and it will be all right. I heard this
before,      I    read       this      before,      in      the       history     books,      in     1984.
 “I never used to read newspapers and always felt i should have, now on my breaks at work i
read      the      free     newspapers          of      our       city      and      wish      i    didn't.
It's probably the fact that it's free and regional ones, but i found myself reading about the latest
stabbing         or          shooting           or          burglary.           No         need          to
mention i got bored of it pretty fast, so i started to look for something more and found the
celebrity       culture         that        is         dominating           everyday        life       like
never before. Skipped that and there was not much else apart from some local breaking news of
absolutely           no          importance.            International            news         are
pretty much a quarter of a page and after that there's a couple of sudoku puzzles, the best bit. I
also      hear      the     news        on      the      radio     and        even      if    the
information is more complete it's just as scary as the newspaper's. THE PROGRAM is about the
way      i     feel     all    the      fear     that     is     pumped        in     our   lives
from everywhere, media but also a big portion of the people, is somehow channeled by
someone      who     want    to    keep      an    eye    on    us    all    the    time,  know
our moves and, at some point, use it against us. Anti terrorism measures and facilities are now
used       to       spy      on        people       with       the        excuse       of     the
greater good, though used for purposes very much far from what they were meant for. I am
scared. Are you?”

HALL OF THE DEAD Viking hammers crash down on your head, swing hard, swing true! The
christian    armies      will    soon    be     dead,      smash       face,     crush      skull!
Moon rises over Valhalla, Oh lord I’m home! Gonna die on the fields tonight! Lets drink to death!

BAD FAITH What a fucking waste, praying to the skies. What is it that you hope to find?
Salvation?       There’s        money      to     be      made,       from        selling   you
these lies. Let sheep believe what they want to believe, and fleece them! Your belief has no
foundation.Bad           Faith.        So        desperate         to         believe      that
heaven awaits you, close your mind, no room for a real view. Blinkered to the degree that
you’ve      abandoned        this     world,    and     all    its      faults,     you   don’t
perceive, you’re gone. Your belief. Bad Faith. Has no Foundation. Create false gods to ease the

HOST TO BILLIONS OF PARASITES This world, this organism we live on like a rash. Feasting
at        its        flesh,       digging           at        its         insides.          Disturb       the
equilibrium through wanton greed and ill, the sickly human spirit will be our own undoing. We're
just       a       virus       sapping          away        at         the        earth.         When       it
dies we die too, when it falls we fall too. Tides will rise and cities will fall and the reign of man
will     soon       be      gone.        The        earth       it      has      such         fury,     would
burn itself so we may die. A cleansing of the pores to wash the scum away, a cleansing of the
pores                  to               wash                   the                  filth               away.
“It doesn’t take much to see that we are pretty poor guests on this planet. And the attitude that
we          command            some            sort         of          ownership             over        the
earth still prevails. It is outdated and lies restingon old christian concepts... namely that god
gave        us      the      earth        to       command            over      and         use       however
we wish. We have no more right to be here than anything else and we fail to see that the
damage         we       are    inflicting       on      the        planet      will       be      our    own
undoing, it will get to the point when it becomes unhinabitable, however the planet will repair
and       new       forms       will      rise.      in      short,        the        earth      is     HOST
TO      BILLIONS         OF    PARASITES,          and      humans          are       expendable       pests.”

FREEFALL I'm freezing, my lungs are filled with clouds. I see everything, everything's so far
away.          Parachute       don't       bother       opening.        Don't        stop        my
freefall. At this speed and height, you can't hear yourself scream. I've never felt, never felt this
much        alive.     The      fear     of     the      point    of      no       return.      The
feeling of being free from any control.

“I don't know what it is about me that prevents me from having any fun or enjoying anything. I
feel      very       disillusioned        about      life       and        though       I've      got
a few things that keep me going, I miss that childish excitment, loving something at the point
you         can't        stop         thinking       about          it,       doing         something
without worrying about the consequences because there are none. Sky diving has been without
any         doubt          the         most       relieving           and        eyes         opening
experience of my life. There is fear. And it's ok because before jumping off a plane you need to
have      come      to       terms        with   a        few      things.     Dying       is    very
unlikely because you're strapped to a guy who jumped 3000 times before jumping with you. But
it's     possible.     I       felt      calm    on         the      edge      of     the      plane,
4000 meters above one of the most beautiful places I've seen. And then we were off, in the air,
falling,       and         i        couldn't      stop          screaming.        FREEFALL          is
how i would like everything to be, free from worries, with a touch of fear, inner peace and very,
very fast.”
HAMMERS are Nick, Daniel, Andy and Sacha. These songs were recorded on a Sunday in
November 2008 at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham. We like to say thanks in person.


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