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membership update!                                            A SENSE OF COMMUNITY
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                                                                   FOR THESE UPCOMING EVENTS.
                                                                         Friday, September 9, 2011:
                                                           Annual Steak Roast and Silent Auction, see page 3 for details
                                                                        Saturday, September 17, 2011:
                                                                    Home & Garden Tour, see page 7 for details
                                                                          Saturday, October 1, 2011:
  IN THIS ISSUE:                                               Garage Sale & Chili Cook-Off, see page 5 for details
  Upcoming NRPCA Events................. 1
  Letter from the President ................... 2
  Behind the Footlights ......................... 3
  2011 NRPCA Steak Roast.................. 3
  Yoga-Latties ....................................... 4
  NRPCA Block Captains ..................... 4
  Resident Featured on DPS
  Documentary ...................................... 5
  Pink Slip / Support Group .................. 5
  NRPCA Garage Sale .......................... 5
  2011 Home & Garden Tour................ 7
  NRPCA Membership Report ............. 7
  Code Enforcement ............................. 7
  Memories from June Day 2011 ... 8 & 9
  GRDC Update .................................. 11
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  Carillon Concerts at St Mary's ......... 13
  Learn how to Hustle ......................... 14
  Community House Calender ............ 14
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  Board of Directors' List.................... 16

The Rosedale Tattler is a publication of the North Rosedale Park Civic Association. Established in 1924, the North Rosedale Park Civic
Association is a community organization that promotes the interests and welfare of North Rosedale Park residents, maintains park facilities for
community use, advocates for necessary public improvements, and enforces building restrictions and ordinances within North Rosedale Park.

              North Rosedale Park • July 2011 • Volume 86, Issue 7 • Detroit, Michigan
Letter from the President
Report to the Community                                                     • Eliminate the ladies room lounge;
                                                                              add an additional stall.
I was at June Day when the question was asked how I liked being             • Make the ladies and men’s rooms
president this year. I didn’t hesitate; I’m glad I was elected. While the     handicapped accessible.
demands have been great, so have been the rewards. When I think back        • Add a vertical platform lift for
to the park grounds on June 8th filled with 450 Cooke School children         access to the second floor.
celebrating “Fun Day”…marching in the June Day Parade led by the            • Enlarge the Building Manager’s
Martin Luther King, Jr. High School marching band…celebrating the             office, with visibility to the lobby.
crowning of Amber Walker as our own Miss North Rosedale Park…               • Expand the kitchen into the main hall.
enjoying a jazz concert that same evening in the Community House            • Open up access to the patio.
surrounded by candles and twinkling lights…I feel very proud to be          • Expand the patio and incorporate an overhang.
able to serve the residents of this very special neighborhood. With the     • Add new entry canopy and landscaping.
Community House as the “heart” of all of these events, I want to make it    • Provide for overhead storage behind the stage for costumes and flats.
the focus of this month’s column.
                                                                            Community House, second floor:
COMMUNITY HOUSE                                                             • Create an office for a program manager.
Our application to the U.S. Treasury for non-profit 501(c)(3) status has    • Convert the balcony to a board/meeting room with storage for
been submitted. In the meantime, U of D Mercy’s Detroit Collaborative         NRPCA documents & archives, plus access to stage lights.
Design Center has been sharing conceptual drawings for the Community        • Build a framed-glass wall to separate the balcony from the main hall.
House and grounds reflecting the input of many of you in meetings with      • Eliminate the back stairway.
block clubs, Board members, Park Players, Leadership Team, other            • Expand the current board/meeting room to incorporate Park Players’
residents and interested parties. The following summarizes suggested          storage.
changes, but note: no final decisions have been made!                       • Provide space for a dressing/bride’s room.
Community House, first floor:                                               • Add sink/prep areas.
• Incorporate a sitting area in the lobby.                                  • Install shutters on the windows that look down on the main hall.
• Remove the existing bar and one coat room and install a movable bar.      Park Grounds:
                                                                            • Relocate existing playscape to the corner of Scarsdale &
                                                                            • Create on-site short-term parking area.
                                                                            • Reverse driveway entry/exit to improve service delivery to kitchen.
                                                                            • Build a rain garden at the west side of the Community House.
                                                                            • Install new walking and jogging paths.
                                                                            • Construct a “history walk”.
                                                                            • Build a new patio and canopy.
                                                                            • Construct a new “parking plaza” with permeable pavers.
                                                                            • Construct a pergola along the parking plaza.
                                                                            • Demolish west portion of existing garage; open brick arches and
                                                                               incorporate space for potential concession stand.
                                                                            • Construct 1-2 new garage structures for storage and bathrooms.
                                                                            The next step: a cost estimate to undertake this ambitious proposal.
                                                                            Let us know if you have additional comments, as this is definitely a
                                                                            work in progress.
                                                                            THANK YOU’S
                                                                            There are always so many people to recognize for their contributions to
                                                                            the neighborhood. I especially want to thank Michelle Loggins and her
                                                                            committee this month for a marvelous June Day celebration. See this
                                                                            month’s “centerfold”.
                                                                             I also want to thank Greening of Detroit for the 110 trees planted in
                                                                            June between McNichols and Florence, Sunderland to Southfield. If
                                                                            there’s interest, we can submit a Community Planting Application to
                                                                            them for additional trees throughout the neighborhood. We would need
                                                                            to provide a project leader, find volunteers, identify addresses, and show
                                                                            we have the resources to support the project. If interested, let me know.
                                                                            Enjoy the summer!

2                                                                                                                     The Rosedale Tattler
                                            Behind the Footlights
                                                       By Roger Loeb
Park Players completed the 2010-2011
season with extensive participation in
June Day activites, followed by their
June cookout meeting marking the
end of another successful year. We
look back nostalgically at the powerful
production of Palmer Park and the
effervescent Hairspray. As another
chapter closes, we open the book on
what's to come.
Co-producers Mary Davis, Carly
Matkovich, and Sarah Hedeen are busy
planning Our Town. A music director
has been hired. What, you say, I didn't
know Our Town was a musical. Well
of course, you're right. However, this
production is not your father's (or
mother's) version. It will have an active
choir with live music. Actors will
serve multiple roles such as customer
greeters, food servers, and sound
effects. The play will truly be "our
town", North Rosedale Park.
                                            Auditions will be held at the North     prior to Thanksgiving. Scripts and
The play has seven major roles (two         Rosedale Park Community House on        additional information are available
fathers, two mothers, one teenage son,      Wednesday, Sept. 7 (7 PM) and Sunday,   from Marcia Closson (313-835-1103).
one teenage daughter, and a male or         Sept. 11 (1 PM). Rehearsals are on
                                                                                    Park Players wishes you a summer filled
female adult). However, there are many      Tuesday and Wednesday evenings,
                                                                                    with fun. We'll be looking for you at the
smaller parts for people who do not         and Sunday afternoons. The five
                                                                                    Community House after Labor Day.
want to make a major time commitment.       performances are on the two weekends

                                                    NRPCA Presents:
                           THE "SILENT AUCTION" DURING THE STEAK ROAST

                                       FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011
                           Auction Items Needed • Contact - Gloria Adebayo 313-534-3624
                                          NORTH ROSEDALE PARK'S

                Annual Steak Roast and Silent Auction
               Featuring "SoundProof Band" • Also featuring Betty Boo and Roy as our Hustle Instructors
                           Its a great time to mingle, hear good music, dance and enjoy good food!
                                       Friday, September 9, 2011 • Tickets: $25.00
                              To purchase tickets please contact: Janather Mason 313-387-0501
                                                    (salmon also available)

July 2011 • Volume 86                                                                                                      3
            BUSINESS DIRECTORY                                                     YOGA-LATTIES
                                                                                       is moving to the evenings
     This directory of ads is only available to Park residents to
    inform neighbors of the businesses and services they offer.       NOW MONDAY'S 6:30 TO 7:30PM
                                                                                              Purchase 7 classes
               MITCH'S PAINTING SERVICE                                                          Get one free
              Homes (Inside and Out) Garages, too!                                                   $70
                     534-7023 • 282-4921

                     JAFRA COSMETICS
                         Ina M. Grant
             Join me on Facebook at Ina Grant's Jafra
             313-535-1310 •

                    MARIA ENTERPRISES
      General Sewing Needs • Alterations • Tailoring • Dressmaking
       Maria Bryant • Detroit, MI 48291 • 313-537-1560

              Piano & Guitar Lessons
             For the Young and the Not-so-young
                   Park Resident 255-1627

              THE NORTH                                                                                   Milton E Graham Sr.

            ROSEDALE PARK                                                                                 Office: (313) 836-9233

            BLOCK CAPTAINS                                                                                Cell: (313) 330-4473

               MEETINGS                                              "Irrigation Solutions, Done Right"   Installation Spring Turn-Ons Winterization
                                                                                                                     n                  n

                                                                                                          Repair Lawn Maintenance Snow Removal
                                                                                                                n                   n

          are the first Tuesday of every month at the
        Grandmont Rosedale DevelopmentCorporation                    Residential & Commercial   
                        (GRDC) offices at
        19800 Grand River (near Evergreen) at 6:30pm.

            This vitally important group of community
                    leaders needs your support.                      Washer & Dryer Repair Since 1980
      If you have a neighborhood concern that needs to be                                            Washer
           resolved, please contact your Block Captain
         or if you don't know who your Block Captain is,
        please contact Clarenda Webb at (313) 330-7844                 A-1                                    Service
                       for more information.
                                                                     No Service charge if repaired.
         Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 5, 2011.                  Servicing most makes & models.
        We need your involvement now more than ever.                 Rosedale Park Resident. (313) 838-1149

4                                                                                                                   The Rosedale Tattler
Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, North Rosedale Resident & Education
Advocate is featured Dan Rather’s documentary on DPS
“A National Disgrace”
Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, a former Detroit           Detroit Chapter says “While the
Public School Teacher, currently               documentary did not showcase the
Director of Educational Performance for        pockets of excellence in our educational
United Way of Southeastern Michigan,           system; it highlights some inconvenient
was interviewed by noted journalist,           truths and we must be willing to assess
Dan Rather in her North Rosedale               where we are, and put our agendas
home and is featured in his two-hour           aside to embrace innovation for positive
documentary, “A National Disgrace”,            change which will lead to optimal
which originally aired May 10 the              learning conditions for all students”.
HDnet cable network.
                                               The documentary can be downloaded
Gay-Dagnogo, who also serves as                from
Education Chair for the National               dan-rather-reports-a-national-
Congress of Black Women-Greater                disgrace-2/

                                Pink Slip Party / Support Group
A woman promised herself and her               of mind and power. Yet, I know I'm           Sunday at my home. A Pink Slip Party
teenage daughter in February 2008              not the only one who has or is facing        is a grass-roots phenomenon that began
that she'd finally buy them a home by          such economic and emotional turmoil.         during the dot com crash. For free,
the end of the year. She restored her          Because of this, I am driven to create       professional workers exchange resumes
credit. Researched home-buying. She            a solution. Complex problems often           and information with recruiters, hiring
prayed. She got approved for and closed        have simple solutions, right? I thought,     managers, HR specialists, resume
on her very first home in Detroit's            'I live in an influential, affluent and      writers, etc. in a casual atmosphere. I
spectacular North Rosedale community           caring community where neighbors             envision a renewed sense of purpose,
on December 31, 2008. Less than a year         greet each other, cut each other's lawns,    community pride, emotional support,
later, she lost her job, her car in 2010,      and exchange valuable advice and tips.       camaraderie and prosperity will flourish
and then became severely depressed.            To maintain property values, decrease        at these gatherings. Recruiters, hiring
Embarrassed and hopeless with suicidal         foreclosure and abandoned homes,             managers, HR Specialists, presidents,
ideations, she gave up on her home,            couldn't we apply that same neighborly       vice presidents, resume writers,
which is in now foreclosure.                   spirit by creating a job support/            proofreaders and eager, hard working
                                               mentoring network?'                          professionals are needed to make this a
That woman was me, Reshounn Foster.
                                                                                            success. Contact me, Reshounn Foster, at
                                               Starting August 14 , 2011, I am
With prayer and a sacred circle of                                                          (248) 390-1708 or
                                               proposing to host a free Pink Slip Party/
friends, I have regained my peace
                                               Support Group every second and fourth

                                            MARK YOUR CALENDAR
                                                       Get Ready for
                                                   North Rosedale’s 2011
                                                 Annual Community Garage
                                                  and Mom to Mom sale,
                                              SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011.
                                            Reserve your table NOW! • Volunteers Needed!
                                                 Please call Audrey at 313-402-9608
        A mom-to-mom sale is a lot like a garage or yard sale, but it’s specifically for parents who want to sell their gently
        used kids’ stuff, like toys, clothes, books, videos, and baby furniture – and for parents who want to buy great stuff
            for their children at discounted prices. You can sometimes even find used maternity clothes at these sales.

July 2011 • Volume 86                                                                                                             5
6   The Rosedale Tattler
                    2011 North Rosedale Park Home
                           and Garden Tour
                              This year's tour is Saturday, September 17, 2011
It is not too late! Please join us. Do you have a beautiful garden or live in one of North Rosedale Park’s
architectural gems? How about having your home and or garden considered for the 2011 tour?
The Home and Garden Tour Committee is a group of committed community minded people working to
improve the quality of life in our unique neighborhood. We are also looking for like minded people to join the
Home Tour Committee. Whether it is to open your home or volunteer to work on the tour, we hope to hear
from you soon. Contact: Betty Redditt (313) 838-3256.                                       Photo by Chris Ridgway

                                       NRPCA Memberships on the rise!
Recently, the NRPCA Board requested a                     Phillip & Melanie Binder                                shape potential events and activities. We are
comparison of our membership drive in 2010,               Dwayne & Rondolyn Richardson                            looking for better ways to do outreach to our
with our current year. Below are the results of           James & Carolyn Spriggs                                 neighbors, via telephone message, e-mail, text,
the request as of June 1st from each year.                Rev. Kevin & Denise Turman                              etc. Please return the survey by July 30, 2011
                                 2011      2010           Kevin & Sheila White                                    to the community house, 18445 Scarsdale,
Business Members                   40         10                                                                  Detroit, 48223. The survey results will be
                                                         I would like to thank Cathy Marshall for all
Life Members                      106        106                                                                  published in the Tattler and available online.
Non-Resident Members               24         21         of her membership updates and for providing
Resident Members                  407        344         this comparison. Also, for the membership                New Neighbor Post Cards are being recycled!
Total Members                     577        481         committee members: Judy Barkey, Nicole                   Several block captains have agreed to help
New Members                        54         25         King-Daniels, Erma Leaphart-Gouch,                       us recycle the New Neighbor Post Card, by
                                                         Nutrena Tate & Ian Watts for their efforts to            placing labels over the outdated information.
We have doubled our new members for                      help us increase the NRPCA membership in
2011! Way to go!                                                                                                  This will allow us to use these cards to
                                                         every category possible!                                 welcome new neighbors to North Rosedale
NEW MEMBER NAMES since last report:                      NRPCA Community Survey is here!                          Park; providing them with some very basic
NEW RESIDENT MEMBERS                                     The membership committee, NRPCA board                    information about living in our community.
Christie Killingham & Aliece Montgomery                  members, and the NRPCA block captains have               Most block captains, insert the postcard in
Juwan & Rhonda Smith                                     been involved in designing the community                 a letter and sometimes with a Tattler. Many
Harold Willard Marshall III                              survey content and questions. The survey is              thanks to everyone for their help on this effort
RENEWED RESIDENT MEMBERS                                 an insert in this month’s Tattler. If for some           too! The NRPCA board is in the process of
Mackie & Flora Bradford                                  reason, you did not get one, it’s available              developing new materials for the block club
Christie Killingham & Aliece Montgomery                  online at: and at              captains to use. These postcards will help us
John & Joan Gumbel                                       the community house, during regular office               “reach out” until the new items are ready.
Juwan & Rhonda Smith                                     hours. We urge you to participate in the survey          Karen J. Moore
Don & Violester Johnson                                  your input is invaluable! Your input will help           Membership Secretary

                          CODE ENFORCEMENT • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Dogs
                          The North Rosedale Park Code Enforcement Committee           • Surrender the animal to Animal Control within 24 hours if it has bitten or
                          has been receiving complaints about dogs – waste, barking,     scratched a person. (Sec. 6-1-6)
                          etc. Here’s a quick summary based on information provided
                                                                                       Failure to comply with these regulations constitutes a misdemeanor.
                          by Detroit Animal Control.
                                                                                       Violators are subject to a $500 fine and/or 90-day imprisonment.
• Have a collar or harness, with license tag attached, on any dog more than            For more information or to register a complaint, contact the
  4 months old. (Sec. 6-2-1)                                                           Code Enforcement hotline at 313-837-3416.
• Vaccinate against rabies. (Sec. 6-1-7)                                               FOR ANIMAL BITES …
• Keep the dog on the owner’s property. (Sec. 6-2-6)                                   • Call Animal Control and Care at 313-224-7135. Provide the home address
• Leash or restrain the dog when on public property. (Sec. 6-2-6)                        of the animal’s owner, if possible, or location where it was last seen.
• Pick up any animal waste. (Sec. 6-1-5)
                                                                                         Be prepared to provide your name, address, phone number and date of bite.
• Do not allow animal waste to accumulate. (Sec. 22-2-21)
• Bag any animal waste prior to placement in a Courville container. (Sec. 22-2-17)     REPORTING STRAYS…
• Abate public nuisance such as noise (barking) after notification by a public         • Call Animal Control and Care at 313-224-6356 and provide the address
  official. (Sec. 6-1-5)                                                                 or street name where the animal may be located.

July 2011 • Volume 86                                                                                                                                                 7
Memories of June Day 2011
   No Place Like Home

8                           The Rosedale Tattler
                        All photos by Dave Edwards

July 2011 • Volume 86                           9
10   The Rosedale Tattler
                                                        Rosedale area. If you, or someone you know, is           One of the many deterrents employed in the
                                                        interested in purchasing one of these beautifully        Grandmont Rosedale community are Neighborhood
                                                        updated, energy-efficient and highly affordable          Radio Patrols. Having an active presence out in the
                                                        homes, call GRDC today at 313-387-4732, ext. 104         streets reveals the heart, determination, and pride of
                                                        or email to               residents for the neighborhoods where they live. This
                                                                                                                 sentiment was echoed at a recent radio patrol meeting
                                                        You can also visit our web site at .http://www.
                                                                                                                 by Detroit Police Officer Michael Martin. He pointed
                                              , to view a few of GRDC’s
NORTHWEST DETROIT FARMERS’ MARKET                                                                                to this over 25-year old theory as a rallying point for
                                                        current renovation projects.
WANTS YOU!                                                                                                       committed citizens. Martin’s comment illustrates the
The Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market (NWDFM)           FRIDAY MORNINGS WITH TOM R. – Grab                       value of responding to blight and how people within
is now open every Thursday afternoon from               your work gloves and sturdy shoes and get ready          the neighborhood become the most important piece
4-8 PM. “We invite everyone to come to best             to beautify our community! GRDC Program                  of a complex puzzle: “Acting as the eyes and ears of
neighborhood farmers’ market in Detroit!” said          Manager Tom Ridgway is leading volunteer                 the community, residents serve as the trench warriors
Market Master Pam Weinstein                             sessions every Friday morning this summer from           in a neighborhood’s continuing fight against crime.”
                                                        9 AM until 12 noon.
                                                                                                                 COMMUNITY GARDEN NEEDS YOU! – The
                                                                                                                 Grandmont Rosedale Community Garden at Bushnell
                                                                                                                 Church welcomes new participants. Whether you
                                                                                                                 are an experienced veteran or a complete novice,
                                                                                                                 you are invited to come join us. We will be planting
                                                                                                                 (and harvesting) strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers,
                                                                                                                 squash, beets, lettuce, Swiss chard, collard greens,
                                                                                                                 arugula, green beans and more! Come to learn, come
                                                                                                                 to share your knowledge, come have fun digging in
The market offers fresh, locally grown produce, baked                                                            the dirt! Contact Pam Weinstein at 313-387-4732,
goods, spices, teas, and fair-trade coffee. Located                                                              ext. 103, or
in the south parking lot of Bushnell Congregational                                                              for more information.
Church, 15000 Southfield Service Drive, just south of   Tom and his crew will plant flowers, weed landscape
                                                                                                                 FORECLOSURE PREVENTION – If you or
Grand River, the market is open and fully accessible    beds, tackle graffiti removal, and embrace any
                                                                                                                 someone you know is in danger of foreclosure,
through surface streets and the service drives during   other projects that pop up throughout the summer.
                                                                                                                 DON’T DELAY. Foreclosure counselors are available
the current Southfield Freeway closure.                 For more information, including how to meet your
                                                                                                                 from Southwest Housing Solutions. Homeowners
                                                        school’s requirement for service hours, contact Tom
The market accepts credit and debit cards and the                                                                who are behind on their mortgage payments should
                                                        Ridgway at 313-387-4732, ext. 108 or tridgway@
Bridge card, as well as Project FRESH and Senior                                                                 contact the free non-profit counselors immediately,
Project FRESH coupons. The market will also once                                                                 while they still have options – call 313-841-9641
again be offering the highly popular Double Up          BROKEN WINDOW THEORY – Much of the                       TODAY for an appointment with a counselor.
Food Bucks program for Bridge card users. Double        work done in the Grandmont Rosedale community
                                                                                                                 VACANT HOUSE ALERT – Do you have any
Up Food Bucks matches up to $20 of a Bridge card        to strengthen neighborhood security grows out of
                                                                                                                 vacant houses on your block? If so, please give
purchase with an additional FREE $20 in Double          a theory known
                                                                                                                 GRDC Vacant Property Intern Julia Billings a call
Up Bucks, for the purchase of Michigan-grown            as “The Broken
                                                                                                                 at 313-387-4732, ext. 116, and give us the address
fruits and vegetables. You can’t get a better deal      Window Theory.”
                                                                                                                 (or send an email to info@grandmontrosedale.
than that anywhere!                                     The Vacant
                                                                                                                 com). In cooperation with all of the neighborhood
                                                        Property Campaign,
For more information, and to volunteer to help at the                                                            associations, GRDC is trying to keep track of all
market, contact Pam Weinstein at 313-387-4732, ext.                                                              of the vacancies and we need your help! We’re
                                                        Radio Patrols,
103, or                                                                         developing a Vacant Property Strategy and it’s
                                                                                                                 important to keep up to date on every vacancy.
LOOKING FOR A HOME IN GRANDMONT                         Safety Meetings,
                                                                                                                 Thanks for being a good neighbor.
ROSEDALE?                                               and the residential Crime Alerts represent the type of
Calling all prospective homebuyers! GRDC is             action and preparation proposed in this theory.          GET THE GRDC E-MAIL BLAST! – GRDC
currently renovating several homes in the Grandmont                                                              has been operating a neighborhood-wide listserv;
                                                        Political scientist James Q. Wilson and criminologist
                                                                                                                 we send out regular weekly notices to let everybody
                                                        George Kelling concluded that the faster community
                                                                                                                 know what’s going on in our neighborhood. Don’t
                                                        residents respond to blight (e.g., broken windows
                                                                                                                 miss out on the latest! If you want to know what's
                                                        or graffiti), the faster criminals become discouraged
                                                                                                                 happening, send us your e-mail address. We’ll add
                                                        and move on. Failure to address such issues indicates
                                                                                                                 you to our electronic mailing list and periodically
                                                        apathy or a total lack of pride in one’s neighborhood.
                                                                                                                 send you information of interest to the neighborhood.
                                                        Without pride or a strong sense of community,
                                                                                                                 Send an e-mail to
                                                        criminals are allowed to flourish and take advantage
                                                                                                                 and ask to be added to the list.
                                                        of local residents.

July 2011 • Volume 86                                                                                                                                               11
                                   Deborah Brown-Cage


                                    Phone: 313.670.2946

          Cooking • Food • Fun • Job Opportunity
                                                                     "Did you know Dusing Security offers BOTH your patrol
                                                                         service and alarm monitoring for $30.00/month!"
                                                                      IMAGINE - TWO SERVICES FOR $1.00 PER DAY!!
                                                                                  Call 586-779-5002 for details!!

               Event Planners
                  All Occasion's:                                                            Follow
           Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation,
           Anniversary, Retirement Party's                              NORTH ROSEDALE PARK
        We do it all large or small Decorations,                                         Facebook
       Flowers, Chair Covers & All linens, Hall,                                or visit us on our website
        Pictures, Video, Food,. DJ, from A to Z.                                             at
     Seema: 586-909-9140 • Holly: 313-737-6581

     Michael C. Hudgins, D.D.S.                                      D.
     GENERAL DENTISTRY                                               D.
                                                                     S.                     DR. PAULA CARSON
     DETROIT, MI 48223                                                                       Your Family Dentist
                                                                     18616 W. McNichols                     28245 Southfield Rd.
                                                                     Detroit, MI 48219                  Lathrup Village, MI 48076
                                                                     Phone (313) 532-1115                  Phone (248) 423-9000
                                                                     Fax (313) 255-4523                       Fax (248) 423-9020
     TELEPHONE (313) 838-6679                                                        Office Hours By Appointment

           Dr. Lawrence Rubin                                         Al Baumgardner                       Jim Baumgardner
         Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery               Co-Owner	                                   Co-Owner

                   FOOT & ANKLE SPECIALIST SINCE 1979                    BAUMGARDNER MECHANICAL, INC.
                                                                           Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical
                        Treating all foot & ankle problems
                                                                                    24850 W. McNichols

                   Medical • Surgical • Orthopedic • Diabetic Care

                   18530 Grand River, Detroit • (313) 273-9400
                         2 blocks west of the Southfield Freeway
                                                                                     Detroit, MI 48219

                                                                      Licensed & Insured
                                                                                                            (313) 537-1600
                                                                                                        Fax (313) 537-2801

12                                                                                                      The Rosedale Tattler
                              Summer Carillon Recital Series
                                          St. Mary’s of Redford Catholic Church
                the                                 Detroit, Michigan
                        You are cordially invited to enjoy the beautiful music of the bells on our 51 bell Paccard carillon,
              bells     performed by some of the world’s finest carillonneurs. From their seat at a special keyboard near the
                        top of the tower, the performer uses fists and feet to depress keys (batons) and pedals, moving wires
                 of     connected to the clappers that make the bells ring. Bring a blanket and picnic dinner and listen from the
                        front lawn or the cloister garden adjacent to the church. All recitals take place on Saturday afternoons
              saint     at 5:15 P.M., following the 4:00 P.M. Mass. The recitals are free and open to the public. Recitals will
                        be held rain or shine (in the event of inclement weather, the carillon can be heard from the church and
             mary’s     chapel). St. Mary’s is located on Grand River Avenue 1/2 mile east of the Southfield Expressway (M-39).

            july 2                             Koen van Assche is City Carillonneur for the Belgian cities of Leuven, Turnhout
                                               and Herentals. He began his carillon studies at the Royal Carillon School in

         koen van                              Mechelen at age 14 and graduated in 1986. He has won performance prizes at
                                               several international carillon competitions. Koen teaches carillon at four Belgian

           assche                              Academies of Music and is the author of a carillon playing method. He has
                                               recorded several CD’s, the latest featuring the carillons of Dordrecht (Netherlands)
                                               and Lake Wales (Florida). In 2003 he formed a carillon duo with his wife, Anna
                                               Maria Reverté. This afternoon, Koen’s 16 year old son Florian, who has studied
                                               both carillon and accordion, will join his father at the carillon.

           july 9                              Eddy Mariën is currently the city carillonneur of Mechelen, Leuven, Halle and Meise.
                                               He teaches at the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen, Belgium. He has recorded
         tom lee                               several CD’s and performed and lectured in Europe, America, New Zealand and
                                               Australia. Tom Lee began his carillon studies at Yale University, where he graduated
               &                               with a BA in Psychology. Studying with Eddy Marien, he graduated from the Royal
                                               Carillon School with ‘Greatest Distinction’ and later the same year passed the GCNA
    eddy mariën                                carillonneur exam. Tom is continuing his studies at the University of Pennsylvania and
                                               performs with his tango Nuevo group ‘Oscuro Quintet’. Tom and Eddy formed the
                                               carillon duo Campana Nova (new bell) in 2006. This is their North American debut.

          july 16                              Takao Toru received a degree in German language at Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan in
                                               2000. After doing volunteer work in Los Angeles and Germany, he began study of the carillon
      takao toru                               at the Utrecht Conservatory, from which he received Bachelor and Master of Music diplomas
                                               in 2006 and 2008. He won second prize at the Queen Fabiola carillon competition in Mechelen
         & kasia                               in 2008. Kasia Piastowska began piano studies in 1988 in Slupsk, Poland and received
                                               her Bachelor and Master of Music diplomas in 2000 and 2005 from the Music Academy in
      piastowska                               Gdansk. Besides carillon performance, Kasia is interested in music education for children and
                                               is organist at several churches in Duesseldorf. Toru and Kasia premiered as a carillon duo in
                                               Perpignan, France, in 2008. This is their second season of carillon duo performance.

          july 23                              Anna Kasprzycha received her Master diploma in Music Theory from the
                                               Gdansk Academy of Music in 2004. She then studied carillon in Gdansk, Leuven,
            anna                               Amersfoort and Middelburg. Anna has performed in Poland, Holland, Great
                                               Britain and France. In 2010 she took part in TV and CD recording of carillon
      kasprzycha                               music. Anna currently works in the recording studio of the Gdansk Academy of
                                               Music and is active as an organizer of cultural events.

           july 30                             Patrick Macoska is director of music and carillonneur at St. Mary’s of Redford
                                               Catholic Church in Detroit. Mr. Macoska holds a Masters degree in Architecture
           patrick                             from the University of Detroit and has studied music at Marygrove College. He
                                               studied carillon with Margo Halsted at the University of Michigan and with Todd
          macoska                              Fair, and played his advancement recital at the 1997 Congress of the GCNA
                                               in Lawrence, Kansas. He has given carillon recitals in the U. S. and played in
                                               Mechelen, Belgium at the 1998 World Carillon Federation Congress. He has
                                               served on the Board of Directors of the GCNA, and is currently Chairperson of the
                                               Examinations Committee and the Tower Construction and Renovation Committee.

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