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					                                MELROSE MANOR
                   CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION NO. 022 4705
                            MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                                                         Date:            Monday, February 22 , 2010
                                                         Time:            6:38 p.m.
                                                         Location:        Unit #414
     Mike Ponting
     Philip Ghazal
     Jennifer Henry
     Trevor Kneeland
     Ali Chamanara
     Grace World                  Kingsway Asset Management Ltd. (KAM)

      President, Mike Ponting, called meeting to order at 6:38pm.

      Ali Chamanara requested adding the following items:
            resident information guide update
            bicycles on balconies and the bike rack
            invoice explanations for Units
      Motion made by Jennifer Henry to adopt the Agenda as amended, seconded by Ali Chamanara.

      Jennifer Henry advised that the January minutes were not available. Advised that she would post them on
      the website when available, for review. April & June minutes still do not have approval from board.

      -Grace World, KAM, updated the board on status of units in arrears. She suggested proceeding with the
      caveat for Unit #___ for payment in arrears; board agreed. She advised that Unit #___ was sent a letter on
                th                                          nd
      January 7 regarding late payments, and that the 2 letter would be sent soon to advise that the next
      missed payment would result in a caveat.
      -Grace advised that KAM would be switching accounting programs, and the new reports would be available
      in April.
      -Grace addressed the invoice for Unit #___ regarding the zone valve being replaced for the heating
      system. Philip Ghazal requested that KAM advise residents not to keep windows open in the winter as it
      causes freezing of the pipes. Repair for this will be invoiced to the resident. Board agreed that KAM would
      always check with the contractor first to determine the cause of the damage, as well as what was paid for,
      and then invoice the residents if they were culpable.
      -Grace explained that the excess insured expense was due to an additional contractor.
      -Grace explained the legal fees on the financial statements were with regards to the reserve fund study
      -Roofs/siding/balconies – Cost to repair the fascia = $837. Plumbing – costs to repair zone valves, should
      be reimbursed by residents.
      -Jennifer Henry motioned to approve Financial Statements, which was seconded by Mike Ponting.
     - Budget – Provided by KAM, as requested by the board, for an increased contribution to the Reserve Fund
     of $42,800 for 2010, and then 10.2% increases thereafter. Philip Ghazal suggested not increasing as
     much, and doing special assessment invoices to the units as needed. Discussion around this determined
     that small increases to condo fees are necessary, and that the board would endeavor to ensure that the
     residents see results. Due to increased labour costs, expenses have increased. This has impacted our
     maintenance costs, as well as the expected costs for Reserve Fund expenditures. The board has assumed
     a slight inflation adjustment as well. In order to cover these expenses, a 6% increase is expected to be
     necessary for the next five years. Trevor Kneeland motioned that we agree for 6% current year increase,
     Mike Ponting seconded. All board agreed. KAM to draft letter of notice to be sent to residents by Feb 28 .
     Starting April 1 , 6% increase will cover Jan-Mar retroactively.
     -Board resolved to honour the reserve funds study commitment. Mike Ponting moved that Board agree to
     increase condo fees as is necessary on an annual basis, to ensure the Reserve Fund is adequately
     funded. Jennifer Henry seconded. All agreed.
     -Audit/AGM – Audit has been completed, KAM is waiting for the draft. AGM has been booked for
     September 22 , 2010 at 7:00pm at the Edmonton Public Schools Archives.
     -Insurance claim/Lawsuit – Melrose has not been officially served. KAM to determine if insurance company
     will insure us and pay to defend us in the lawsuit. Insurance company may pay lawyer fees to defend us.
     Once officially served, we have 15 days to file a response.
     -Financial Statement Review – Board has requested of KAM some financial statement lessons. Trevor
     Kneeland to email to advise which Friday afternoon he is available.
     -Door stoppers – Handyman to provide quote. New holes need to be drilled, not fill existing with epoxy.
     Plastic circular wall protectors are needed to cover holes in wall.
     -Elevator hand rails – KAM has suspended OTIS payments to have them respond to repair handrail in
     elevator. Grave World to advise OTIS that we have a legal issue regarding our elevator conditions.
     Request that OTIS to do cosmetic and safety check of elevator as well.
     -Lighting fixtures on 1 floor– Grace World has ordered the part. Handyman to replace once received.
     -Parkade cleaning – Grace World to get quote right away to book for mid-May.
     -Preventative Maintenance – Mike Ponting to schedule a walk-through of the building before the next
     -Insurance Quote – Getting insurance quote as annual premium comes due April 1 .
     -Cheque signing by Board – Bring forward to new meeting.

     -Newsletter / Emergency and After-Hours #780-917-1241 – Mike Ponting to rearrange bulletin boar. Jennifer
     Henry to change webpage to emphasize not to call 413-6266 after 5pm.
     -Handicap Door – Received quote for $3000. Grace to check if there is a legal requirement to have handicap
     access doors. If not required, Board will discuss if it is necessary to maintain.
     -Exterior Window Damage on Unit #___ – Grace to find out if it is the outside pane or the inside pane. If
     outside pane, Board is responsible to replace. If inside pane, resident is responsible.
     - Pet Complaint – Bylaw violation due to noise, non-registered animal that is larger than height limitation.
     Mike Ponting motioned to request that they remove the animal. Jennifer Henry seconded, all agreed.
     - Noise complaint - Unit#___ complained about Unit#___ – Excessive guitar playing. Trevor Kneeland to go
     to their door and advise them of the noise complaint as a courtesy.
     -Graphic Vandalism in basement lobby – If it happens again, key to be changed. Board has all extra keys to
     bulletin board.
     -Resident Guide – Grace World to update and provide it to all new residents so they are aware of the bylaws
     and requirements.
     -Bikes on balcony & rack – Rack bikes to be removed during parkade cleaning. Ali Chamanara suggested
     during walk-though, Board to identify the units that have bikes on their balconies. Mike Ponting will remind
     residents that no bikes are allowed through the elevator, in the newsletter.
     - Channel 117 – Not working. Grace World to investigate to repair.

     March 24 at 6:30 pm. in Unit #201. Jennifer Henry motioned to adjourn, all seconded.

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