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Voodoo - definition from Roger’s Thesaurus means:

To bewitch, charm, allure, attract, bedevil, beguile, captivate, capture, control,
dazzle, draw, enchany, enrapture, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, hex,
hypnotize, fascinate, magnetize , mesmerize, knock dead, knock out, send,
slay, spell, spellbind, take, tickle, turn on, vamp, voodoo, wile, wow, conjure,
disgust, irritate, offend, repel, turn off, levitate, play tricks, summon, curse,
burden, bring calamity, jinx, abuse, anathematize, attack, ban, banish, cuss,
confound, denunciate, excommunicate, penalize, condemn, condemn to hell,
to damn, obsess, madden, infest plague, terrify, terrorize , weigh on, worry,

It is an ancestral African Religion, claimed by some as the first and oldest.

It is Black magic, Satanism, Black Arts, Demon Worship, Diabolism, Magic,
Mysticism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Witchery, Wizardry,
Bewitchment, Ala Kazam, Conjuration, Magic.

It is also called ‘the work’ and many practitioners call themselves ‘workers.’

The word Voodoo has been translated as:

  § the snake under whose auspices gather all who share the faith.
  § The Force.
  § The Mystery.

The root word is Void : meaning an empty,
vacant place waiting to be filled by a spirit.

Voodoo, known also as:
  § Vodou,
  § Vudu,
  § Vudun,
  § Vaudun,
  § Vaudoun,
  § Vaudaux and
  § Hoodoo

Named from the god Vodun,
Collectively termed: Carribbean Vodou.

It means gods or spirits in the African Fon-Ewe language.

It may have affected you, in particular, if you have
    § African,
    § Spanish, or
    § French ancestry.


However many people may be bound by Voodoo and be completely unaware
of it through the ‘mixture’ that has entered the:
   § Catholic C hurch
   § New Age,
   § Yoga,
   § Magic,
   § Folk Customs and rituals,
   § Wicca,
   § Freemasonry,
   § night clubs,
   § music,
   § media,
   § political regimes and
   § tourism
   § etc.

It has entered our homes through ‘Folk Voodoo’, in the guise of:
    § fairy tales,
    § children’s and adult stories,
    § Halloween,
    § Christmas,
    § and other annual festivals,
    § carnivals,
    § souvenirs,
    § interior design,
    § movies,
    § cartoons,
    § adult and children’s videos,
    § the media,
    § T.V.,
    § funfair ‘theme parks’;
    § through the food we eat e.g. – ‘black magic ‘ chocolates etc.

Voodoo is an
  § ecstatic religion,
  § dance religion,
  § musical religion

using shamanistic energies.

Voodoo is at the very heart of all witchcraft, slavery and the master/ slave
mind control mentality.

It is at the heart of:
    § greed,
    § power seeking,
    § corruption,
    § sexual perversion,
    § the control behind money and business and politics.


It has become so mixed up into every aspect of our lives that what once was
unacceptable has now become the norm.

We have lost the ability to discern the evil that is in fact in our midst. The only
way Satan and his servants get advantage over us is through sin and

Every country or nation in which these forms of witchcraft are practiced is in
poverty, war, civil unrest and oppression – spiritually, physically and

The effects of Voodoo are evident in
   § poverty,
   § lack,
   § apathy,
   § sickness,
   § oppression,
   § death,
   § insanity and
   § despair
   in individual families.

The people are:
  § demonically possessed or even
  § demonized knowingly or unknowingly,

They are bound:
  § mentally,
  § spiritually,
  § physically,
  § psychologically and
  § Financially.

Voodoo forms generational slave mentalities that set the pattern for the
lives of people to live in bondage to :
   § people,
   § regimes,
   § spiritual systems and
   § forces and
   § governments
   § They feel too impotent or powerless to resist.


Generational Voodoo also provides the familiar spirits – fallen angels –
which guide and give understanding of the powers to manipulate, dominate
and control others through:
  § witchcraft,
  § magic,
  § pain,
  § lack and
  § fear.

The Voodoo religion is documented in history books estimated to have
existed 6 - 10,000 years ago (we know that the world is only 6000 years old!),
having its ancient roots in:
   § Egypt,
   § East Africa,
   § Asia Minor (ancient Turkey)
   § Syria, and
   § in ancient Afro-matrilineal Ionia, later known as Greece, where the
      African ’queen mothers’ established their powerful temples and
      theocratic empires.

Images of what we now call the black Madonna
probably originated from there.

At their height, these African patriarchal empires reigned
for more than 4,000years – centuries before they were
conquered by the Dorian (white) Greek invaders.

Until the present, their cultural theology was hidden
under Greek mythology, the consequence of this was to
obscure forever that Voodoo was historically one of
the major African religions practiced throughout the
ancient world.

Over the centuries the temples of the African
Matriarchs were conquered, seized or destroyed, they
migrated into:
  § West Africa currently Benin, (ancient Dahomey)
  § the Dominican Republic,
  § Togo,
  § Cuba,
  § Brazil and
  § Haiti – the home of Voodoo.

Voodoo is primarily a matriarchal religion.

No other African country except Benin – home of Voodoo – honours their
‘mother religions’ as a national religion.

The Voodoo of Benin was rehabilitated by a Marxist state.


There are, according to the History Channel documentary: “The ’Vodou
Secret,’ 60 million people who practice the voodoo religion worldwide.

The Egyptian Magic current immigrated to the French colonies in the New
World where it joined African Obeah and French Catholicism to produce
Voodoo or Vodou.

The Africans who were imported and sold into American slave-holding
states were transported directly from West Africa and their “culture of deities”
(religions) also came with them.

However through the slave trade it permeated:
  § America,
  § Europe,
  § Britain,
  § South Africa,
  § etc.

like an underground stream hidden behind all sorts of facades.

It is one of the most dangerous and perverted
forms of witchcraft involving:
     § voluntary and involuntary demonic
     § drunkenness,
     § ancestral worship,
     § necromancy,
     § sexual perversion,
     § bestiality and
     § Animal, child and human sacrifice.

Underneath its primitive facade is a terrible and sophisticated system of
magical machinery involving entrances into the otherworld and alien
universes and control by fallen angels and those in league with them.

It involves the surrender of oneself to satanic possession of the worst

It is the most powerful form of Black Magic and probably the most

Haiti was the first Black Nation in the Western Hemisphere to become
independent in 1803.

The French and other powerful colonial powers did not want Voodoo and it’s
religion to be an instrumental tool of deliberation for slaves across the


So, for more that 300 years, colonial institutions devised a successful
campaign to sanitize / ‘Christianize’ the religion, for it was feared that
Voodoo would be used as a powerful tool to deter the slave trade.

The top 20% of the World’s richest countries could hardly have afforded the
able bodies from Africa to not work their plantations.

In April 10, 2003, Haiti’s government, led by former Roman Catholic
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, officially sanctioned Voodoo as a
religion in which a Voodoo priestess bestowed a presidential sash on

Vodou / Voodoo exists in different forms and variations.

It is practiced through out:
    § the Carribean,
    § Africa,
    § Brazil,
    § Argentina,
    § Venezuela,
    § Columbia,
    § Mexico, and
    § many other countries.

Roots is African witchcraft/Vodou brought to America during the slave trading
years from many ethnic groups such as:
  § the Fon,
  § the Ibos,
  § Dahomeans,
  § Congos,
  § Senegalese,
  § Haussars,
  § Caplaous,
  § Mandungues,
  § Mondingo,
  § Angolese,
  § Libyans,
  § Ethiopians, and
  § the Malgaches.

1. Pocomania: Jamaican Vodou. (connection
to children’s game Pokemon)

2. Candomble: Brazilian Vodoo.

3. Vodun or Vodun: the Voodoo of Benin, Africa., Togo, and Haiti. When
the words are capitalized it denotes the Religion proper.

4. Voodoo: the Afro-Creole tradition of New Orleans.


5. Hoodoo or Hudu: African-American ‘folk’ voodoo,
magic’ or spirituality.

6. Lemba: Voodoo are the rites of North Haiti.

7. Cuban Palo: a survival of Congo religious beliefs.

8. Santeria: African based Carribean Voodoo. From
the Spanish word Santo,
meaning ‘the way of the saints.’

9. Macumba/ Quimbanda:
means ‘magic’ is
Brazilian/African Bantu Voodoo
(black witchcraft)

10. Umbanda,

11. Quimband,

12. Omoloko,

13. Kumina,

14. Palo,

15. Regla de Ocha,

16. Lukumi,

17. La Regla Lucum or Orisha,

18. Abacua: American Brazilian Voodoo.

19. Obeah: Caribbean Voodoo.

20. New Orleans: highly matriarchal

21. Cuban, Trinidadian, Jamaican:
Voodoo are all part of Caribbean or
West Indian Voodoo.

22. Nigerian, Benin or Congo

23. Egyptian Voodoo

There are many other types.


Voodoo at its core is an ancient African ancestral religion.

It fundamental tenants are the honouring of specialized deities called:
    § Vodou,
    § divine specialized deities,
    § ancestral Loas called ZansetYo,
    § the dead who along with totemic spirits are cosmologically and
      biologically linked to each African at birth and form clan and/or familiar

They are honored with their ancient and recent ancestors through:
  § prayer,
  § specific rituals
  § evocations,
  § idolatry and
  § celebration.

These deities are forces of nature, and are honoured with specific rites
unique to their element. They are headed by a dual androgynous god/dess
“MAWU LISA” which became male under Western patriarchy.

The Serpent features very heavily in the Voodoo

The High Priest and or Priestess often called:
  § Mamas or Maman and
  § Papas or Mambos and
  § Hougans,
  § kings and queens

They are ‘vehicles’ for the serpent’s power, called
Loas or Lwas, (spirits – a form of Kundalini) which
take possession of them by riding them and turning
them into their ”mountees” o r “horses.”

The possessed become the slave of the spirit, to do with as he wishes.

This is done through:
  § Voodoo ceremonies,
  § “night dancing” or
  § “Voodoo dancing” –
exactly what the young people do in nightclubs only now called
rave and trance dancing, which is in effect shamanic dancing which open
doors for spirit possession.

In Voodoo, this dancing into trance, opens the door for abandonment to
the spirit world and total possession and is an expression of spiritual
connection and unity to the divinity, to the spirit world that preludes sexual
frenzy and ecstatic states.


The priests and priestesses enter into a state of complete possession by the
spirit of a particular deity through trance states.

This spirit then speaks and acts through them giving “divine aid and
inspiration” with which to offer “help”, in healing, and spiritual guidance
through the use of:
   § herbs,
   § medicines,
   § drugs,
   § religious knowledge and
   § rituals and
   § Fetishes.

It is the only religion where women maintain the same, and more, priestly
functions than men.

Smoke machines: The smoke blown out into the air is witchcraft dust which
people breath in. It works on the same principle as incense which is burnt
and the smoke that rises from it is worship to the spirits and has a witchcraft

Homosexual men are mainly possessed by female Loa but can be
possessed by male Loa.

The female Loa include Erzulie Freda, but aggressive male homosexuals
are possessed by Ghede who behaves in an aggressive heterosexual style.
Female lesbians are possessed by both male and female Loa. (This mix
causes the ‘butch’ and ‘soft’ feminine aspects of homosexuality.)

Voodoo practices turn men into women and women into men, Berdache – of
two spirits, or Massissi spirits which can be of either sex.


Extract of an article by Terry Melanson about the Nazis:

“The Vril society (named after the force called VRIL which I exp lained about
in the Kundalini information, which is the Kundalini or goddess/luciferian
power), also called the Luminous lodge was the first German Nationalist
group to use the symbol of the swastika. It combined the political ideals of the
Order of the Illuminati with Hindu mysticism. It presented the idea of a
subterranean matriarchal, socialist utopia ruled by superior beings who had
mastered the mysterious energy called the Vril force.
(An amazing fact is that this is where the name BOVRIL comes from!!!!!


This secret society was founded literally on Bulwer Lytton’s novel ‘The
Coming Race’ published in 1871. Lytton himself was an initiate of the
Rosicrucians and well versed in arcane- esoteric philosophies. The book
describes a race of men physically far superior and in advance of our own.
They have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them
godlike. In the book they are described as hiding for the moment in caves in
the centre of the earth, soon to emerge ‘to reign over us.’

The Vril force or Vril energy was said to be derived from the ‘black sun,’a big
ball of “Prima Materia” which supposedly exists in the centre of the earth
giving light to the Vril-ya and putting out radiation in the form of Vril. The Vril
Society believed that they were the actual biological ancestors of the Black

Dr. Willy Ley a rocket scientist who fled Germany in 1933,said that the Vril
society which formed shortly before the Nazis came to power, believed that
they had secret knowledge that would enable them to change their race and
become equals to the men hidden in the bowels of the earth.

These were methods of concentration and gymnastics by which they would be
transformed. This links it right back to the Hindu mysticism and Yoga, thus to
the Kundalini. This Vril force was known to other ancients under many other
ORGONE. (the same as the Chinese Chi.)

As early as 1936 Hitler was sending teams of ‘spelunkers’ into caves and
mines all over Europe searching for Vril-ya. They also explored Antarctica
during 1937-38 in search of the fabled ‘hole of the South Pole.’ Apparently
with success where they made contact with the ‘unknown superman’ who
lived in Rainbow City ( links to the info on Kundalini yoga and the ‘inner
rainbow, and somewhere over the rainbow programming – Wizard of Oz.-
Fritz Springmeier’)

In a discussion of the 28th Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
of Freemasonry called The Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept – Albert Pike
said “there is in nature one most potent force, by means of whereof a single
man, who could possess himself of it and should know how to direct it, could
revolutionize and change the face of the world.”

This is the force that the Nazis and their inner occult circle headed by
Himmler, were so desperately trying to unleash upon the world and for which
the Vril Society groomed Hitler, latching onto the very old archetype of the
minds of alchemists and magicians and the god ‘super’man.

These exercises were also based on the spiritual exercises of Ignatius
Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, which is an interesting and highly
significant connection, linking to the Vatican and Opus Dei.


The Jesuit techniques of concentration and visua lization are very similar to
many occult teachings especially Shamanic cults and Tibetan Buddhism.
Buddhism is almost identical to Yoga. (Adam Weishaupt who established the
Masters of the Illuminati was also a Jesuit priest) The Nazis revered these
techniques and the Jesuit spiritual exercises which they believed were
handed down by the ancient Masters of Atlantis.

The occultists knew that Ignatius Loyola was a Basque who they believed
were the last remnant of the Atlanteans. The use of these techniques would
enable reactivation of the Vril for the dominance of the Teutonic race over all
the others.

The Vril Society believed that whoever becomes the master of the Vril will be
master of himself, of others around him and the world. The belief was that the
world will change and the “lords” will emerge from the centre of the earth.
Unless an alliance was made with them, and “we” become “Lord’s,” mankind
will be their slaves on the dung heap of the new cities that will emerge.
Isn’t it almost totally unbelievable that they could believe such garbage?

In a quote from “The Unknown Hitler” Wulf Schwarzwaller says “In Berlin,
Haushofer had founded the Luminous lodge or the Vril Society. The Lodge’s
objective was to explore the origins of the Aryan race and to perform
exercises in ‘concentration’ to ‘awaken the forces of the Vril ‘(Kundalini.)

Haushofer was a student of the Russian magician and metaphysician George
Gurdjieff. Both Gurdjieff and Haushofer maintained that they had had
contacts with the Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the
“SUPERMAN.” (hence the cult movie. The first Superman comic came out in
1938). The knowledge of the transformation and mutation, into a higher form
of godman, with superhuman powers.

The Lodge included Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring, and Hitlers
subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell., I saw an excellent documentary
about this man’s relationship with Hitler, he was responsible for keeping Hitler
drugged to a point where he became totally dependant on him. It appears that
Hitler was a total addict (amphetamines).

Latterly when Hitler seemed to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease and the
‘superman’ image crumbling, Dr. Morell experimented with all sorts of drug
cocktails to just keep him with a semblance of dignity earning him the
nickname the ’needleman.’

 It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff both sought contact with
Hitler, whether they did is not on available documentation. Hitler’s unusual
powers of suggestion become more understandable if the ‘secret’
psychological techniques of Gurdieff, which in turn were based on the
teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan lamas were the basis. Through him he
was familiarized with the Zen teachings of the Japanese Society of the Green
Dragon. (Fritz Springmeier says Zen this is behind much military


This is at the root of the ‘elect’ and ‘illumined’ classes, where elitism, racism,
classism and fascism formed a dangerous mutation. The New World Order is
directly under the influence and guidance of the New Age Movement, the
hodgepodge of occult/ Eastern doctrines, under which lies dangerous
socialism under the cover of ‘spiritual enlightenment. (New Age actively
activates the Kundalini).

Theosophies main foundation and founder being Madam Blavastsky, a great
admirer of Bulwer Lytton who read his works Zanoni and the Last Days of
Pompeii, the latter published in 1834 which dealt with the time between early
Christianity and the Mysteries of Isis in Italy in the first century A.D. (this is
Strega – the cult of Diana, which I have told you about before. The matrilineal
witchcraft, the underground stream passed from mother to daughter but also
into Masonic lodges.)

In the controversial work called ‘Ufo Secrets of the Third Reich, Vladimir
Terziski draws a connection to alien beings and the German secret societies
such as Tempelhoff, the Thule, the Vril and the Black Sun and the ‘alien
tutor race’ that secretly began to cooperate with certain German scientists in
the late 1920’s in underground bases.

He also maintains that the Germans began anti-gravity research constructing
the first ‘flying saucer’ circular aircraft with the help from extraterrestrial
beings. All documents about this and the Vril were confiscated by the Allies
and is a still classified to this day, except for pilfered records which verified the
Vril Society’s existence.

The Vril society began around the same time as the Thule society when Karl
Haushoffer founded the “Bruder des Lichts” the “Brothers of Light.” This
organization was referred to as the Luminous Lodge which was eventually
renamed the Vril-Gesellschaft.

As it rose in prominence it united the:
   § Lords of the Black Stone – (a magical violet black stone)
   § The Black Knights of the Thule Society
   § The Black Sun later identified as the elite of Himmler’s SS

The Thule Society focused primarily on materialistic and political agenda.
Whereas the Vril Society put its attention on the ‘dark or other side.’
Behind all these mysteries was the secret order of initiates known as the ‘
Order of the Black Sun’ and organization so feared that it is now illegal to
even print symbols and insignia in modern Germany. This was the agenda
behind the Third Reich and it’s Tibetan contacts.

The chief architect of the Thule society was Baron Rudolph Freiherr von
Sebottendorff also known as Rudolph Glauer who founded it in 1918. He was
very wealthy and possessed a wide knowledge of Islamic Mysticism in all its
aspects encompassing Dervish sects, particularily the cult of Sufism ( whirling
Dervishes – possible root of spin programming.)


This was as a result of being schooled in occultism , Islamic mysticism and
Rosicrucianism in Turkey where he was initiated into Freemasonry. (He
became Grand Master of the Bavarian order) Originally it was called
Studiengruppe fur Germanisches Altertum ( study group for German

The name Thule came from the legendary polar country Hyperborea also
called ‘Ultima Thule’ which was the centre of a lost civilization and supposed
to be the gateway to the other world where humans could by whatever means
’leave the earth.’ This was guarded by ancient highly intelligent beings similar
to the “masters of Theosophy or the White Brotherhood” (Links to the
White House.)

Interestingly, this is the site where the Russian and USA have their ELF –
extra low frequency transmitters positioned which now broadcast at
‘brainwave frequencies.’ 18-20Hz. The Thule society formed the basis for the
German Workers party in 1919. It was in this year, in Bavaria le ft wing
socialists and anarchists proclaimed the Bavarian Soviet republic.

The brains of the revolution were a group of writers who had little idea of
administration. Life in Munich grew chaotic. The counter-revolutionary forces
composed of various groups of decommissioned soldiers known as ‘frei corps’
equipped and financed by the mysterious Thule party defeated the Bavarian
Party within a matter of weeks. Many other decommissioned soldiers waited
out the turbulence in the barracks among them were Adolf Hitler.

His ruthless efficiency in ‘fingering’ those who had sympathized with the
communists and anarchists subsequently led him being sent by private
donors of the Thule Society to attend anticommunist training at the University
financed by the Riechswehr. This led to an assignment in the intelligence
division of the postwar German army.

A year later this German workers party became the NSDAP under the
leadership of Adolf Hitler. Thule members included Rudolf Hess and Alfred
Rosenberg, its members were the first people to whom Hitler first turned and
who first allied themselves to him.

The Swastika Flag adopted by the NSDAP was the brain child of another
Thulist Dr. Krohn. The Swastika is a symbol of Kali (Kundalini) but also called
the ‘heart seal of Buddha.’( as I wrote this the Lord said Krohn is the
German for Crown, the ‘crown charka,?’ but also sounds like’crone’ the black
Mother Kali whose symbol the Swastika is.) This was the red flag with the
white circle in the middle superimposed by the back Swastika.

(In India the Swastika/Swavastika/ Sauvastika/Svastika – stands for
universal welfare. Swasti means ‘well being of one and all’ ka means ‘symbol.’
In Sanskrit it means “so be it” or “amen” It’s origins go back to Mesopotamia,
Babylonia, ancient Greece, South and central America, Japan, Asia Minor,
China, Persia, Lybia, Scandinavia, Britain, Iceland and Europe.


It is the most auspicious symbol in Buddhist, Jaina, and Hindu traditions and
all these point to some ancient common religious rite used by man for
invoking a powerful deity, mostly connected to prosperity.

It represents the Sun god and his blessings, the male principal the ’solar
wheel’ with its arms rotating clockwise. It is the Lunar wheel, the moon, night
and the female principal with its arms pointing ant-clockwise.

Spinning clockwise it is the male energy, spinning anticlockwise it is the
female energy, which links it directly to the charkas and the Ida and Pingala of
Yoga. It is called the Jaina cross which represents their 7th saint the four
arms used to remind the believer of the 4 possible places of rebirth – the
animal or plant world, in hell, on earth or in the spirit world. It also connects to
the 4 quarters, and 4 elements.

To Hindus it represents in its Sauvastika form, night, magic and the
destructive goddess Kali. This was in Hindu culture the sign used to mark
opening pages or their account books or to mark thresholds, doors and
offerings ( link to money and ‘gates) It is called by many names amongst
which is the four footed cross, the cross ‘cramponnee’ etc.

It also has a ‘floral’ form which links it to the charkas and their ‘flowers’.
Masonic teachings I describe it as” the most ancient Order of the
Brotherhood of the Mystic Cross said to have been founded by Fohi in
1027 B.C. and introduced into China 52 years later, consisting of the three

It is also called the ‘originator of fire by friction’ and of the ’49 fires’ Its symbol
represented the ‘wheel of the Law’ or the ever churning ‘mill of the gods’
which was stamped on Buddha’s heart called the ‘ hearts seal’, and was laid
on the hearts of departed initiates after death . It was also known to the
Germanic tribes as ‘Thor’s Hammer’ or the CROSS OF THOR. It has been
found in churches, synagogues, the catacombs in Rome. ) To the ancients it
was a symbol of ‘good fortune’ of joy of life, but it has been turned into a
symbol of evil.

The Thule society became closely connected to the Germandenorden
Secret Society formed in 1912 by prominent German occultists whose
symbol was the Swastika. This society had a hierarchical structure similar to
Freemasonry. It taught Nordic race superiority, anti-Semitism and occult and
magical philosophies.

With the victory of the Nazi party the occult tradition was carried on under
Himmler an avid student of the occult. He established the SS occult research
department, the Ahnernerbe (Ancestral Heritage) in 1935, with SS Wolfram
von Sievers at its head. Occult research took them as far as Tibet. (links to
yoga) At his execution in Nuremburg, Sievers had the Tantric prayer the
Bardo Thodol, read out over his body. (Could there be a subliminal
connection to the stage name of Brigitte Bardo? And all the ’Bardo’ in the


The Thule Society was also called the German Brotherhood of Death. Its
symbol was also the skull and crossed bones, the same name and symbol as
is used today by the American Skull and Bones Society of Yale with it’s
mysterious number 322, whose members include George Bush Senior and
Junior. It was into society Adolf Hitler became an adept under the leadership
of Dietrich Eckart, who later selected Hitler be the leader of the New World

Eckhart revealed on his deathbed saying” follow Hitler, he will dance, but it is I
who call the tune. I have initiated him into the secret doctrine, opened his
centres in vision and given him the means to communicate with powers.”
(links to yoga!)

It was through initiation rituals to raise consciousness that allowed demonic
power to flow through them. These involved chants, formulas, wordings and
carefully planned actions. The Thule society regularly held occultic séances,
during which they communicated with demons who were masquerading as
the dead or appeared as personal ‘guiding spirits.’

Hitler invoked the ‘spirit of the anti-Christ’ into manifestation at the séances of
the Thule group in Munich establishing communication with Lucifer and
entered into full Luciferic initiation. Eckhart believed that Hitler was Anti-
Christ - so had spared no occultic knowledge, ritual or perversion in his
attempt to fully equip him, literally making him ‘born anew with super-personal
strength and resolution he would need to fulfill the mandate ordained for him.”
The counterfeit of being spiritually born again.

Thule members also practiced a form of sexual magic derived from a lodge, of
which Aleister Crowley, recognized as the foremost worshipper of Satan in the
19th century, was a member. The origin of this medieval magic can be traced
to a Freemason Robert Little, who founded the Societas Rosicruciana in

I quote ”They indulged in sexual perversions, and the most sadistic rituals
awakening penetrating vision into the workings of evil intelligences and
bestowed on them phenomenal magical powers.”

This was Eckhart’s final act initiating Hitler into a” monstrous sadistic magic
ritual”…. After that he was sexually impotent. Hitler’s impotency had a deep
psychological foundation. He knew sexual fulfillment only through the
extremes of sadism and masochism, finally making him into the sadistic
murderer that history knows.

In 1912 several occultists with radical anti-Semitic inclinations decided to form
a ‘magic’ Lodge which they named the “Order of the Teutons.’ One of whose
members was Hermann Pohl who dropped out to form the bizarre Walvater
Teutonic Order of the HOLY GRAIL.


They were also organized along the lines of the Freemasons. In !915 Pohl
was joined by Rudolf Glauer or Blauer (Von Sebottendorf) who practiced Sufi
mediation. Thus the Thule Society became the counter revolutionary
subculture, a nest of resistance to the Munich Soviet Party.

It formed the ’Mother” to the German Socialist party, in which Hitler became
the most prominent member.

After 1941 Hitler forbad secret societies, so both Thule and Vril were
documented under the SS E-IV unit. Vril becoming secretly known as ‘ die
kette” “the chain” which refers to the mental links( telepathy) between their
members. Vril had strong contacts with the Canaris of the Abwhr, the
Ahnenerbe (the SS occult bureau)

It is interesting that the American Skull and Bones Society established in
1833 also carry out all their activities in secret, membership is by invitation

The first night called ‘tap night’ the members are also called initiates they
swear total obedience and loyalty to the ‘secret society,’ whereby through
rituals, oaths and confessions and sexual activities the initiation takes place.

Sexual perversion and pain is part of this ritual psychology where lying naked
in coffins and telling their deepest darkest sexual secrets is all part of their
initiation to be ‘born again,’ rebirthed into the order.

They describe this ceremony as “dying to the world and to be born again into
the Order, as a powerful spiritual force charges through them, transforming
their lives.” This all takes place in room number 322.

After they are called newly ‘tapped’ members. (Sounds just like Kundalini
awakening to me!)

This is the occultic branch that grew out of the Thule Society, the New World
Order, for that was the name planned for Hitler’s Utopian Aryan Society. In his
writings and speeches Hitler constantly used this title.

When President Bush invoked the term New World Order in August 16th,
1990, he was only the second major politician to use it in the 20th century.
Hitler was the other.

There is a link between the “Bones” as the Skull and Bones Society is called,
and the Bavarian Illuminists. They were part of the original ‘Masters of the
Illuminati’ established by Adam Weishaupt in a document that states “the
Bones is a chapter of a corps of a German university…”


The document describes at length, the German Secret Society (the Thule
Society) which lead to the founding of the Skull and Bones in 1832 describing
the location as“above the arched walls, above the vault of the (bones) sacred
room no. 322 is a painting of skulls surrounded by Masonic symbols, with the
motto “ who is the fool, who is the wise man, beggar or king?”

This Skull and Bones was also was the ‘deaths head’ emblem used on the
uniforms of Hitlers soldiers, the SS., and the emblem of the Nazi death camp
guards. So there is a definite link between Hitler’s Society and the American
Skull and Bones Society, New Age, Freemasonry and Kundalini awakening –
the underground Matriachal connection.

The whole Homosexual link is not new for from ancient times ritual
transvestism was a feature of many ancient priesthoods and occultic magic,
which did not always involve wearing clothes of the opposite sex.

Primordial bisexual, Gender-variant Priestesses of the Goddess often self
emasculated, cut and performed sadistic rituals in worship of her as is still
done in many parts of the world even today (the Hijras of India castrate
themselves whilst gazing at a picture of the goddess Bahachura Mata – a
form of Kali).

They danced ecstatic dances; whirling dances (trance and Sufism) lifted their
skirts exposing their buttocks, revealing that they were clearly male born or
revealing their private parts if female.

They performed magic rites, told fortunes, cared for the sacred places with
other women devotees. Castration, emasculation, pain, suffering and sexual
perversions were all associated with the worship of the goddess. The best
known ‘Priestly Transvestism’ was among the priests of Cybele who castrated
themselves at initiation frequently with pottery shards. Thereafter many
dressed as women.

The ‘priestesses’ of Isis were called CINAEDI or CATAMITES.

‘Priestesses’ of the goddess Hera /Cybele were called GALLAE.

The gender –variant ‘priestesses’ of Hecate/Hekate were known as
SEMNOTATOI or DEMOSIOI ‘the reverered ones of the goddess.’

The ones who served the goddess on the Temenos ‘the sacred threshold of
magic’ the ‘ ones who live on the edge.’

In Asia Minor in the wo rship of Ma-Enyo they were called the FANATICI from
where we get the word ‘fanatics.’

The BAPTAI in the worship of Kotys and Sabazious from their ritual baptism
before communion.


In the worship of Asherah /Ishtar the male ‘priestesses’ were called KELABIM
‘faithful dogs’ those who practiced divinatory arts. Called the QEDESHIM in
the company of other priestesses.

In the worship of Aphrodite a ‘ball of fire’ was said to appear above the temple
as a sign of reunion with the goddess just like that experienced with the
internal reunion of kundalini.

Venus Castina was the patron of Roman males who were born WITH A
WOMANS SOUL (see Pink Swastika article 1) linking it to Lucifer.

Diana was worshipped in Ephesus as a black meteoric stone( Lord’s of the
Black stone and the link to Mecca via Sufism) fashioned by the Ionians into
the many breasted image of the Great Mother. She was goddess of the
female/males the ANTIANEIRI the lesbian Amazons who welcomed the
Gallae (castrated males) as sisters.

The MELISSAI were the ‘honeybees and the MEGABYZES of Persian origin
served as the makers of ‘magic amulets and the casting of Ephesian ‘runes’,
which Hitler also did.

It was consciously, unconsciously or deliberately striving to attain a state of
androgyny which was considered a divine or near divine state through
religious magic rooted in occultic orgiastic, sadistic rites practiced in the
worship of the goddess/ Lucifer under whose power the genders were
changed and great magical powers gained.

 For the article on the Pink Swastika contact our office or go to:



HOSEA 4:6,11-15, 18-19
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you, the priestly
nation, have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you that you shall be no
priest to Me; seeing you have forgotten the law of you God, I will also forget
you children.”
11 Harlotry and wine and new wine take away the heart and the mind and the
spiritual understanding.”
12 My people habitually ask counsel of their senseless wooden idols and their
staff of wood gives them oracles and instructs them. For the spirit of harlotry
has led them astray, and they have played the harlot, withdrawing themselves
from subjection to their God.
13 They sacrifice on the tops of mountains, and they burn incense upon the
hills and under oaks, poplars and terebinths, because the shade is good.
Therefore your daughters play the harlot and your son’s wives commit
I will not punish your daughters when they play the harlot nor your daughters-
in-law when they commit adultery for the fathers and husbands themselves go
astride in order to be with women who prostitute themselves for gain, they
sacrifice at the alter with dedicated harlots who surrender chastity in honour of
the goddess. Therefore the people without understanding will stumble and fall
and come to ruin.

18 Their drinking carousal over, they go habitually to play the harlot;
Epharim’s rulers continue to love shame more than her glory which is the
Lord, Israel’s God.
19 The restless wind of God’s wrath has bound up Israel in its wings or skirts,
and in captivity they and their alters shall be put to shame because of their
sacrifices to calves, the sun, moon and stars, and to heathen gods.”

HOSEA 5. 3-4
“I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me; for now, O Ephraim you have
played the harlot and have worshipped idols; Israel is defiled.
Their doings will not permit not permit them to return to their God, for the spirit
of harlotry is within them and they know not, nor give heed to or cherish the

EXODUS 20. 1- 6
“Then God spoke all these words: I am the Lord your God, who has brought
you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.
You shall not make for yourself any graven image to worship it or any likeness
of anything that is in the heavens above or that is in the earth beneath, or that
is in the water under the earth.
You shall not bow down yourself to them or serve them; for I the Lord your
God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to
the third and forth generations of those who hate me.


But showing mercy and steadfast love to a thousand generations of those
who love me and keep my commandments.”

“I am the Lord; that is My name! And My glory I wi ll not give to another, not
my praise to graven images.”

ISAIAH 48. 11-13
“For my own sake, for my own sake I do it. I refrain from and do not utterly
destroy you; for why should I permit My Name to be polluted and profaned
which it would be if the Lord completely destroyed His chosen people? And I
will not give My glory to another by permitting the worshippers of idols to
triumph over you.
Listen to Me, O Jacob, and Israel, My called ones: I am He; I am the First
and I am also the Last.
Yes, My hand has laid the foundation of the earth, my right hand has spread
out the heavens; when I call to them they stand forth to execute My decrees.”

EXODUS 34.12-17
“Take heed to yourself, lest you make a covenant or mutual agreement with
the inhabitants of the land to which you go, lest it become a snare in the midst
of you.
But you shall destroy their alters dash in pieces their pillars, obelisks, images
and cut down their Asherim, symbols of the goddess Asherah.
For you shall worship no other God; for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a
jealous impassioned God.
Lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and when they
play the harlot after their gods and one invites you to eat of his food sacrifices
to idols
And you take of their daughters for your sons and their daughters play the
harlot after their gods and make your sons play the harlot after their gods.
You shall not make for yourselves no molten gods.’

HOSEA 6.1-2
“Come let us return to the Lord for he has torn so that He may heal us; He has
stricken us so that He may bind us up.
After two days He will revive us, quicken us, give us life; on the third day He
will raise us up so that we may live before him.” (Amplified)



Father, we come to You as the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the Universe,
Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Tsur, our Rock, our Fortress
and Shield our God in Whom we place our trust.

This day Father we are returning to You in the Name and through the Blood of
our Precious Saviour, the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Your Son whom You
have appointed Heir and Lawful Owner of all things, who is seated at Your
Right Hand with You in Heaven.

Father, we come to You to repent and turn away from the sins of idolatry,
voodoo and witchcraft and we ask You True Holy Spirit, the Spirit of
Yahweh, to guide us and strengthen us as we pray.

We stand in the gap for our families and bloodlines. We ask You for a
Sovereign shield of protection as we pray, over us individually, over our
families, our pets, our homes, land possession, finances.

We petition You and ask You True Lord Jesus that You will counter-petition
against any form of backlash from Satan, any fallen angels or carrier of fallen
angels from the North, South, East, West, NE . NW. SE. SW, above or below.

Father we ask that You will place a hedge of Your protection and that You will
be to us as a Wall of Fire around us according to Your Word in Zechariah 2.5.

True Lord Jesus, please surround us our loved ones, pets and homes
additionally with a protection Circle of Your Blood over which no fallen angels,
witchcraft human spirit, dead human spirit, astral projection or dissociated
human spirit can cross over.

We ask Lord Jesus that You would have a special assignment of warring
angels, to come and remove all witchcraft trafficking in the spirit and in the

True Lord Jesus, please bind:
   § every fallen angel,
   § every witchcraft human spirit and
   § all astral projections

making them deaf dumb, blind, stripped of all power, ranking, authority,
illusions and armour.

We ask that You have Your warrior angels strip every witch and powers of all
covens of:
  § their psychic powers,
  § demonic,
  § occult,


  § divinatory and
  § Tele-transportation powers.

Please strip them of their:
   § magic charms,
   § nets,
   § bags,
   § veils,
   § psychic vision and
   § powers of divination.

Please have all their powers and devices and monitoring devices
destroyed and pull down every witch watch tower situated in the N.S.E.W.

Seal with Your Precious Blood Lord Jesus:
  § every point of entrance, internally and externally,
  § every cardinal point,
  § door,
  § gate,
  § portal,
  § portron,
  § window,
  § tube,
  § pipe,
  § channel,
  § underground system,
  § underwater system,
  § all assignments sent from the sea and under the sea,
  § space,
  § the sun,
  § moon
  § stars or
  § planets

to fallen angels and their agents and their covens.

Lord Jesus, please place a blocking seal of Your Blood over all astral
projections sent against us and return them to those that send them out with
the blessing of the revelation of who You really are and of the plans You have
for their salvation and that there is no blessing to be found in witchcraft

Father, in the Name of True Lord Jesus , and by the Power of His Blood, the
work of the cross and His resurrection, we rebuke:
  § Satan and all fallen angels,
  § evil spirits,
  § demonic forces,
  § Satanic powers,
  § principalities,
  § attributes,


  §   aspects,
  §   clusters,
  §   endowments,
  §   evil agents and
  §   Satanic thrones;

True Lord Jesus we ask You to bind and rebuke:
  § all evil kings, and princes,
  § Queens and princesses of terrors in all of their dimensions,
  § all demonic assignments and functions of destruction from any demonic
     entities sent or projected from:
     o outer space,
     o aether,
     o the air,
     o water,
     o fire,
     o earth,
     o netherworld,
     o waters,
     o underwater,
     o under the earth,
     o the sea,
     o cities under the waters or sea,
     o the bowels of the earth
     o and through all evil forces of nature.

True Lord Jesus, we ask You to rebuke every storm in the spirit and in the
natural, all emotional storms that You do not allow.

We call forth the Comforter, the True Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Hosts, the
Holy warrior angels of God, to surround and protect us and that Your Holy
Light, Father, will shine on every area of darkness.

Cleanse with Your Holy Fire, every area vacated by the demonic and refill
every cleansed place with Your Spirit Father, the True Spirit of Yahweh.

We ask You True Holy Spirit to saturate our minds, heart, soul, mind, will
emotions and spirit, creating a hunger in us for righteousness, holiness,
justice, harmony, and for Your Word.

Fill us, our families and homes to overflowing with the life and Love of our
Lord True Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Gentle Shepherd.

Father Your Word says in 11 Chronicles 7.14, that if we humble ourselves
and pray, seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways , then You will hear
from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.

Father, forgive us for being hearers of Your Word and not doers.
The Ten Commandments which You wrote with Your own Finger and gave to
Moses are so clear as to how we should live.


Your Words in Deuteronomy 26-28 are also so very clear - there are
consequences for disobedience.

Deuteronomy 27:15
“cursed is the man who makes a graven or molten image, an abomination to
the Lord, the work of the hands of a craftsman, and sets it up in secret.”

Yet everywhere we look there are graven images made by the work of our
Your Word is also very clear that if we are obedient there will be blessings,
amazing blessings.

Deuteronomy 28:
That you will set us high above all the nations, You will cause our enemies to
be defeated before our face. You will command a blessing upon us in our
storehouse, be and in all we undertake. You will establish us as a Holy
people. If we keep Your commandments and walk in Your ways.

Father, please forgive us for being such stiff necked people who want to
continually “do it our way.”

Forgive us for not heeding or obeying Your Commandments, for continually
making idols, even secret idols in our hearts and bowing down to them,
for turning away from You, the only True Creator Father of all there is.

How can we be so full of pride to think that our ways are better than Your
ways. Father, please, please forgive us.

Forgive us, Father, through
  § our idolatry,
  § our harlotry,
  § our household idols,
  § religious idols,
  § the idols made to and of other gods, goddesses

 through which we have opened doors to the occult, voodoo, witchcraft and
have brought ourselves under the ‘curse’ of Deuteronomy 27:15.

Forgive us, Father, for not understanding what we have done and then turned
round and blamed You when everything when wrong.

Thank You for having so much patience with us , for telling us over and over
again in Your word the consequences of our actions , for warning us time and
time again through Your prophets, yet we still have chosen to not hear and go
our own way.

Thank you True Lord Jesus for coming and paying the price so that we could
be set free.


Forgive us, Father,
  § for coming under the influence of other gods and goddesses,
  § for allowing ourselves to come under the influence of Satan/ Lucifer/
     Heylel the false light bringer,
  § his fallen angels,
  § demons and
  § evil spiritual powers and
  § principalities and
  § forces of darkness,
  § the illusions of satanic witchcraft and
  § for being so deceived.

Forgive us, Father,
  § for eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, blessing and
  § for opening the door and allowing the serpent to activate Kundalini
     serpent fire,
  § for allowing occult power to enter through our senses and to flow through
     our bodies,
  § to control us and become channels for Lucifer.

We just want to say we are so sorry Father, we repent and ask You to forgive
us for not heeding Your very first Commandment not to eat of the tree, or we
would die.

Forgive us, Father, that in that first act of rebellion we opened ourselves to
witchcraft and gave the serpent an opening , choosing to obey the will of the
creation rather that the will of the Creator.

Your word says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

Father, forgive us for:
  § allowing our souls , our minds, wills and emotions to be used by Satan,
  § for using the power of our souls to control, manipulate and dominate
  § creating structures to control others and
  § regimes that tyrannize nations.

  Forgive us for allowing the power of the serpent:
  § to give us master/slave mentalities,
  § to fill us with pride, arrogance, greed and lust,
  § for hurting, and abusing each other,
  § not seeing each other as equal and all your children no matter what
    colour, race or creed and
  § for not loving one another.

Forgive us True Lord Jesus for not understanding the full nature of the price
that You paid, that as You laid down Your life, it was the supreme act of love
for us.


Father, we now turn from those wicked ways and we truly repent and ask You
to forgive us.

True Lord Jesus, to teach us to live and be like You, to be kind and patient
slow to anger, gentle yet wise.

We turn our backs on
 § the serpent and
 § all soulish serpent power,
 § all worship of the serpent,
 § giftings of the serpent

and we ask You Father that You will deliver us, cleanse us with the Precious
Blood of True Jesus .

Close and seal forever, every the entrance made by the serpent in the
Garden into our lives and bloodlines.

Cleanse every internal channel in our bodies and soak with the Rain of Your
Spirit all false Kundalini/serpent fire and light that burns within us or that
has been activated in us.

Let the internal Fire of Your Spirit consume the internal serpent’s fire of
pharaoh, just as You did with Moses and Aaron.

Father, will You destroy all ungodly:
  § Generational, spiritual and natural seed,
  § latent seed
  § familiar spirits,
  § Loas,/Lwas,
  § Obs,
  § witchcraft familiars,
  § alI unclean and clan spirits of the serpent that has dwelt within us or our

Sweep us and our families clean with Your broom of destruction -
internally and externally and make us pleasing vessels fo r Your Spirit.

Forgive us for
  § looking at Satan, the serpent
  § for allowing his illusions to deceive us.

Forgive us for being fascinated by the tree that You had already warned us
would only kill us and for all tree worship still being done even until this day.

Forgive us, Father,
  § for allowing our eye gates to be opened by power of the serpent and
     allowing him to blur our vision,
  § to see everything through his filtering veils of lies,


  § to pervert our capacity to see,
  § for allowing him to control our inner vision and
  § to blind us to the truth.

Father, we repent for allowing our inner imagery to be used by Satan to
control and harness our creativity and turn the work of our hands into idolatry.

Father, forgive us for defiling our God-given creativity, for making idols,
molten and graven images which Your Word says are an abomination in
Your sight.

We repent for not understanding and
 § making pagan symbols and images,
 § taking them into our homes and churches,
 § blessing them and calling them Holy,
 § for ‘Christianizing’ pagan idols,
 § altars,
 § foundations,
 § customs,
 § festivals,
 § interior deign and
 § imagery and

Thinking it would be pleasing in Your sight, when Your Word so clearly states
that they are abominations and that we should pull them down and not be
contaminated by them.


  § Father, we just repent and ask You to forgive us for opening our eye
    gates to the powers and lust of the serpent,
  § wash our eyes,
  § our retinas,
  § our eyeballs ,
  § ocular nerves and muscles
  § and all our brain optic faculties,
  § tracts and
  § pathways

with the Precious Blood of True Jesus.

Restore to us clear vision, internally, spiritually and in the natural so that we
can discern what is right and what is wrong, so we cannot be deceived any

We ask You Father to disconnect our eyes from
 § all witchcraft and
 § the soul power of the ‘evil, judging or knowing eye .’

We ask You Father to break, reverse and destroy the power of all:


  §   curses and inheritances of blindness,
  §   demons of blindness,
  §   the inability to see,
  §   eye diseases,
  §   break every assignment and inheritance of demonic seals and all
      witchcraft that has been placed over our eyes.

Set us free Father to have restored vision in Jesus Name to be able to see
clearly Your redemptive potential in all things.

Father will You now cover and seal our eye gates with the Blood of the True
Jesus Christ of Nazareth so that the enemy cannot access them any more.


Forgive us Father for:
  § listening to the voice of the serpent
  § for giving him access to our ear gates,
  § for allowing him to contaminate our capacity to hear,
  § pollute our sound waves,
  § to hook us into listening to his seductive music,
  § the beat of his drums,
  § his voices and
  § the voices of his fallen angels and their carriers.

Forgive us Father for
  § not stopping to listen to Your voice Father for guidance
  § for preferring the voice of our own judgments and knowledge.

Forgive us for preferring to listen to the voices of Satan and his servant’s
broadcasts through the media, for getting so lost and making such a mess in
the process.

Forgive us for allowing our ears to be contaminated by:
  § gossip,
  § slander,
  § maliciousness and
  § witchcraft
  § even preferring them to be ‘tickled’

Rather than listening to the Truth of Your Word.

Father, forgive us for replaying the words and sounds of the enemy and his
agents internally and allowing him access to fill us with:
  § anger,
  § rage,
  § bitterness and
  § unforgiveness.


Father we repent and ask You to forgive us and wash out
  § our ears and
  § all our auditory canals,
  § pathways and
  § mechanisms

with the Precious Blood of Jesus . Restore our capacity to hear clearly Your
still small voice telling us which way to go.

Help us Father to turn our ears away from all defilement to choose
  § not to listen to gossip,
  § to bad reports any more,
  § to not allow our ears to be defiled by soul power witchcraft,
  § to be able to discern clearly the voices and sounds of the enemy of our
     soul, so that we are not deceived or seduced any more.

Father we ask You in the Name of Jesus to break, reverse and destroy:
  § the powers of all curses,
  § all inheritances of deafness,
  § ear deformities,
  § ear disease,
  § demons of the ear,
  § restore our capacity to hear so that we can understand and hear the

Father will You now
  § cover our ear gates with the Blood of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth
     and break every demonic seal that has been placed over our ears,
  § our auditory pathways and
  § seal our ear gates
  § with the Blood of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth so that the enemy
     cannot access them anymore.


Forgive us Father for
  § opening up our mouth gates and
  § allowing the serpent access to our inner man,
  § for tasting his fruit,
  § ingesting his seed, and
  § Preferring it to Yours.

Forgive us Father for being rebellious and eating of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil, thus allowing witchcraft to access to our flesh to defile and
pollute us internally and externally, to produce death in us.

 Forgive us Father for giving Satan and his servants the legal right to access
our inner most parts, our heart and vital organs, to cause sickness and


Forgive us for
  § opening up our bodies in this act
  § for allowing familiar spirits,
  § fallen angels a ‘house’ in which to dwell,
  § thus be able to ‘channel through us’
  § control,
  § ride and
  § use us to control,
  § hurt, and
  § manipulate others
  § through witchcraft soul power.

Father we repent for not understanding that we can so easily open ourselves
up to being defiled and even demonized through wrong sexual practices.

Forgive us for not understanding that our bodies are in fact temples of the
Holy Spirit and that we should keep them Holy, well maintained and healthy.

Forgive us for imbibing / taking in:
  § drugs,
  § alcohol,
  § poisons,
  § false medications,
  § for eating wrong foods which cause us to be ill,
  § for being lazy not exercising and looking after the precious container
     that You have created for Your spirit.

Father we just repent and we ask You to wash us clean from the top of our
heads to the bottom of our feet, internally and externally with the Precious
Blood of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth from:
  § all serpent soul power,
  § seeds,
  § Satanic implants,
  § pins,
  § threads,
  § crystals a nd
  § anything that has been placed in our physical bodies to make us puppets
     for Satan’s and his servants system.

Father we ask that You will wash out every organ, function, system,
channel, tube, pipe, every cell, bones, and marrow.
Wash out our :
   § brain,
   § nerves,
   § all cellular connections and
   § veins
with the Precious Blood of Jesus.


We ask You Father in the Name of Jesus to flush out
 § every spiritual and natural bug,
 § parasite,
 § virus,
 § bad bacteria

that does not come from You, to make us clean, whole, well, strong and
completely Shalom, whole.

We ask You Father to reverse, break and destroy the power of every
witchcraft and inherited curse that has affected our
  § bodies,
  § souls, or
  § spirits,
  § our minds
  § will or
  § emotions,
  § curses that ha ve seeped into our bones like oil
  § curses that have followed us generation after generation.

Father we repent for allowing our mouths to be used by Satan to
  § slander,
  § gossip,
  § to speak badly about others,
  § to tell lies,
  § to curse,
  § blaspheme,
  § verbally abuse,
  § control,
  § manipulate or
  § dominate with the soul power,
  § serpent power of our tongues.

Father we repent for allowing our tongues to be instruments of fire to, burn,
brand and lash and tear others down emotionally.

We repent for allowing our members – our hands, feet, minds, will and
emotions to
  § hurt,
  § injure,
  § torture,
  § steal,
  § to abort babies and
  § murder others,
  § for allowing witchcraft to operate in our hearts making us become so
     cold and hard that we do not feel anything anymore, even when we
     cause one another pain.

Father, forgive us fo r abusing each others bodies but especially our


Father, forgive us for
  § programming our children into witchcraft,
  § for killing the temples of our babies through
           o abortion,
           o partial birth abortion and
           o Satanic rituals.

Forgive us Father for
  § sexually defiling one another,
  § for rape,
  § incest,
  § sodomy,
  § homosexuality,
  § lesbianism,
  § sadism
  § for allowing demonic sexually transmitted diseases to ravage our bodies.

Father forgive us for allowing our bodies to be the instruments of abuse to
the animals that you gave us to be our friends, for hurting them so badly even
when they trust us so much.

  § We just repent Father and ask You to forgive us. Your plan was that we
    should love one another,
  § look after one another,
  § be kind to one another,
  § to look after the animals and
  § just look what a mess we have made.

Please, please forgive us, Father.

Help us to undo every wrong thought, practice and deed. We need You so
much Holy Spirit to come and begin to retrain us, reprogram us, teach us
once again Your ways Father so that Your will can be done here on earth as it
is in Heaven.

We ask You Father to
 § break destroy and reverse every curse that has affected our physical
    bodies, that has caused inherited genetic malformations,
 § heal every wound in the spirit and in the natural,
 § break the power of all witchcraft paralysis over our bodies and minds,
 § all witchcraft control over our vital organs, our will and emotions.

We ask You Father to, breathe Your healing breath over our hearts and melt
away the coldness and revive us to be who You created us to be in the
Name of the True Jesus we ask.

We ask You to break every demonic seal that has been placed over our :
    § organs,
    § bodies,
    § our skin,


     § our brain
     § or any part of us internally and externally.

Release us from all witchcraft controls and break the power of all
generational and mind control programming in Jesus Name.

Father we now ask that You will close and seal with the Blood of the True
Jesus Christ of Nazareth every gate to Satan and his servants so that they
cannot access our bodies any more.


Father, forgive us
  § for allowing our nose gates to be opened up to Satan and his servants
  § for allowing serpent soul power to channel through our nostrils ,
  § for allowing ourselves to be seduced by his aromas and perfumes.

Forgive us Father for
  § all witchcraft
  § breathing in of smoke,
  § drugs,
  § vapours and
  § ‘ other spirits’
  § for allowing them to traffic through our orifices,
  § for allowing toxic inhalations to confuse, disorientate, and delude our
     minds and
  § give us false visions, false words and
  § turn us into false prophets.

Father forgive us for the witchcraft practice of ’sniffing out’ for using our noses
as instruments of divination.

Father forgive us for not being clean channels and allowing our ’airways’ to be
so defiled.

We repent Father and ask You to breath into us once again and cleanse our
noses, our windpipes, our lungs with the Blood of True Jesus.

Cleanse the Limbic memory systems of our brains which can be activated
by smell and disconnect our noses from every
   § witchcraft smell,
   § scent,
   § scheme,
   § plan,
   § seduction,
   § lure
   § temptation
in the Name of the True Lord Jesus.


Father we ask You the break the power of all demonic seals that have been
placed over our noses and release us to be able to breathe freely.

Father we ask You to now close and seal our noses with the Blood of Jesus
so that the enemy cannot access our noses any more.


Father Forgive us for allowing our sexual gates, our God given organs of
procreation and reproduction to be accessed by the witchcraft of Satan and
his servants.

Forgive us Father for
  § all inherited generational sexual iniquity,
  § for defiling and giving away so freely the most precious gift of our
  § for not understanding the consequences of what we were doing when
     we participate in ungodly sex and
  § the ungodly soul ties that we were forming.

Father forgive us for all sexual consequences as a result of generational
fertility rites, for all the illegitimate children that were born as a
consequence of them and the abortions and abandonment of babies that
happened as a result.

Father forgive us for
  § all generational incest,
  § satanic sexual rites,
  § witchcraft sexual initiations,
  § sexual perversions,
  § all ungodly sexual practices and perversions ,
  § homosexuality,
  § lesbianism,
  § bestiality,
  § pornography,
  § child molestation.

Father we just repent from the bottom of our hearts for behaving in the ways
of our ancestors, and falling into even greater sin and the consequences of
that sin.

Father where we have been raped and sodomized through no fault of our
own, we forgive those that have abused us and where we can’t because we
are still so wounded, heal us Father and help us to walk on the road to true
forgive ness.

We ask True Lord Jesus to bind up and heal every wound in our bodies,
souls, spirits and emotions, repair all the damage and make us whole


Father where we have taken the gift of life in little babies so callously,
  § where we have aborted them,
  § even performing partial birth abortion on these precious gifts,
  § where we have been programmed generationally to offer our children
     as sacrifices to Satan and his servants,
  § to dedicate them to the forces of darkness,
  § to turn them into witches

   Please, please forgive us and open our eyes to see the incredible miracle
   of life that they really are.

   Your Word in Jeremiah 1 says that You knew each one of before we were
   formed in our mothers wombs.

Help us Father to begin to live our lives with dignity, Holiness and honouring
one another rather that abusing each other.


Father we repent of all
  § voodoo witchcraft
  § sexual iniquity through our own choices and
  § inherited sins,
  § all sexual depravity,
  § perversion,
  § uncleanness,
  § bestiality,
  § sodomy,
  § unnatural sexual practices,
  § lesbianism,
  § all defilement,
  § control,
  § manipulation and
  § domination,
  § all sexual torture,
  § masochism,
  § slavery and
  § debasement.

We ask You to forgive us and , break, destroy and reverse the power, of all
curses over our
  § genitals,
  § wombs,
  § seed,
  § our urethra or anus,
  § all parts of our reproductive organs
  § generations


   § waste disposal (bowels) 2
   § physical bodies
in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father we ask You to destroy every demonic seal that has been placed over
our genitals and set us free in Jesus Name. We fire every gatekeeper
assigned over our genitals in Jesus Name!

Father we now ask that the gates of our genitals will be closed and sealed
with the Blood of Jesus and that the enemy cannot have access to them any


Father forgive us for opening up our inner gates, the parts we don’t even
know are there our
  § conscious,
  § sub conscious,
  § the subliminal parts of our minds,
  § wills and
  § emotions

to Satan and his servants, through
   § sexual sins,
   § books,
   § imagery,
   § folk tales,
   § the media,
   § arts
   § etc.

We repent Father for allowing ourselves to be deceived through
 § soulish prayers,
 § inner visions from our souls,
 § soulish mediations, and
 § searching into spiritual realms that have not been ordained by You.

Father forgive us for opening up doors to the occult through
  § curiosity,
  § Eastern mysticism,
  § Yoga.
  § mysticism, and
  § Gnostic belief systems and
  § for allowing our minds to be mislead away from Your word.

Help us Father to understand that Your Word is the real Truth and all else is
an illusion from the enemy and his agents.
 In Freemasonry there is a curse of cancer that forms in the bowels called a Filthy Lump.
When someone is sodomized, demons enter the bowels. The god Set is the god of Filth.
The occultists believe that the anus is the entrance to the backside of the tree of knowledge


We now ask You Father to redeem our subconscious, subliminal and
unconscious minds, disconnect them from all witchcraft control systems
and programming and set us free and help us to do your will here on earth
as it is in Heaven.

Father we repent for allowing Satan and his servants to have so much access
to us and we ask You to break every demonic seal over our minds and set
us free in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We now ask that the Blood of Jesus will close and seal all gates to our
subconscious, subliminal, and conscious minds and that the enemy
cannot have access to our minds any more by day or night through our


Father we now come to You, in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of
Nazareth to ask that You will release us and our families from all
generational bondage and powers of familiar spirits through the soul
power of witchcraft and Voodoo the ancient religion of Africa.

Release us and deliver us from the powers of all
  § Root witchcraft,
  § Carribean Voodoo,
  § African Voodoo,
  § Haitian Voodoo,
  § Black Voodoo,
  § Cuban Palo Voodoo,
  § American -New Orleans,
  § Voodoo,
  § Santeria ,
  § Pocomania,
  § Macumba/ Qiimbanda,
  § Umbanda,
  § Santeria,
  § Candomble,
  § Lemba,
  § Hoodoo,
  § Omoloko,
  § Kumana,
  § Obeah,
  § Orisha Congo,
  § Umbada,
  § La Regla de Ocha,
  § La Regla Lucum or Orisha,
  § Abacua,
  § European,
  § Eastern Voodoo and


  § any other Voodoo that is not mention.

Father in the Name of the True Jesus we repent of all involvement in
  § Voodoo,
  § witchcraft,
  § sorcery,
  § divination or conjuration,
  § false prophecy,
  § black or white magic,

that we or any members of my family have been involved in the present or
past generations.

Forgive us Lord where:
  § I have innocently or ignorantly gone to or have taken someone else to a
     root worker (witch),
  § where we have ‘dabbled’ in voodoo witchcraft and divination even as
     children through:
          o ‘folk’ stories,
          o children’s games,
          o adult games,
          o cultural rituals and events,
          o cartoons,
          o videos,
          o toys
          o etc.

We repent and ask You to forgive us and set us free.

I loose myself and my family from ancestral and bloodline curses and ruling
Loas/ familiar spirits that have:
    § “ridden’ us,
    § dwelt in us or
    § controlled us or
    § our families,
    § family bloodlines and
    § even our pets,
    § finances due to us dealing with the occult,
    § voodoo,
    § witchcraft, or
    § sorcery.

We repent Father for all involvement in the occult and ask You to forgive us,
deliver us and set us free in the Name of the True Jesus.

In the Name of the True Jesus we rebuke all
   § spells,
   § hexes,
   § curses,
   § voodoo practices,


  §     witchcraft enchantments,
  §     satanic rituals,
  §     incantations,
  §     evil wishes and
  §     fasting prayers

that were not from You Father that we have participated in or that have been
sent our way or passed down the generational bloodline.

We take authority over them and command them to go back to where they
came from and that they be replaced with a blessing.

I ask   You True Lord Jesus to set us free from all evil spirits including
   §    Lwas,
   §    ancestors, or
   §    dead human spirits,
   §    spirits of gods or goddesses,
   §    spirits of strongmen and women that have sat over us our families,
   §    to whom we have been offered up to or dedicated to as infants,
   §    even through our names,
   §    that have placed us on the left hand path of demonic bondage.

Father we ask You to :
  § break the power of all evil dedications,
  § wash our names,
  § family names,
  § Christian names,
  § middle names and
  § surnames,
  § ‘secret names and even
  § ‘nicknames’

clean with the Blood of True Jesus.

Father we ask You to destroy the power of and reverse every curse and
evil dedication over us and our names. Redeem us and our names and set
us on Your path of freedom, of the Right Hand Path of our Father.

Father we ask that You will break the power of all
   § Voodoo Gris- Gris,
   § Grou- Grou,
   § Ju-Ju,
   § Jou-Jou,
   § love spells
   § the powers of bewitchment being released against us by evil
      practitioners or that we have even invoked over our own lives through
that have kept us in generational, spiritual, mental or physical bondage.


We petition that You will break the power, legal rights and all demonic
seals of the strongman of Gris -Gris or Grigri, and deliver us in the Name
of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father, we petition against all powers of sorcerers and sorceresses using
Gris-Gris, of them putting Gris-Gris on us or our families or pets to bring
bad luck or misfortune to us.

We ask you to neutalise completely the powers of all their voodoo objects:
 § dolls,
 § poppets,
 § stick pins,
 § charms,
 § fetishes,
 § stones,
 § bones,
 § hair,
 § pieces of cloth,
 § oils,
 § herbs,
 § nails,
 § animal and human parts,
 § their bottles and Mojo or Toby bags,
 § spirit boxes and cages,
 § power objects called pwen,
 § voodoo candle burning,
 § voodoo fires,
 § dream books,
 § number books,
 § conjure balls,
 § voodoo balloons,
 § tricks,
 § the curses of candles burning to the dead, and
 § voodoo rosary prayers.

We petition that the Blood of the True Jesus would cancel out that all their
powers and effects and that they would now loose all control over us, our
families pets, homes, our possessions and finances.

Father where these or any parts of
  § our physical bodies,
  § our pets,
  § our clothing or
  § possessions

have been physically stolen by day or by night or stolen by astral projection –
even using our dreams.


Where these sorcerers or sorceresses have used these items in rituals and
placed them on satanic altars containing the four elements of:

     §   earth/salt,
     §   air/ incense,
     §   water and
     §   fire/candle flame,

We ask that You will redeem them back to us and break the power of all
voodoo curses that have settled on or in us as a consequence, in the Name of
True Jesus.

We ask You to break the power of:
 § all Gris-Gris (Voodoo Mischief)
 § voodoo numbers 1, 3, 5,7, 9 or 13 especially the occult powers of the
    number 13,
 § all astrological meanings,
 § cords,
 § pulleys and
 § connections especially those placed over us at birth to connect us to the
    sun, moon stars and planets or to any spirit.

Father we petition that You will utterly:

     § destroy the powers of all Gris-Gris false prophecy and its powers to
       compel us to gamble,
     § neutralize the powers of gris-gris gamblers,
     § gambling,
     § their red flannel bags containing lodestones or magnets that would
       pull us in to gambling,
     § the power of voodoo magnets that would pull us into things not of You,
     § voodoo shark’s teeth,
     § pine tree sap
     § dove’s blood or
     § of voodoo practitioners to put charms in or over our shoes to make us
       walk in their ways or into their traps.

We ask You the break the powers of all Voodoo to bring uncomfortable
good luck and destructive bad luck.

Father we ask You to destroy the powers of all:
  § Gris-Gris bags - Resquardos or Garde ‘protectors’ and
     imprisonment in them 3.
  § Of voodoo ‘protection and protectors’ and their agents,
  § of the Leve Nom ritual taking magical names.

We petition against all powers of all the Voodoo gods and goddesses who
are assigned and who control the ‘protectors’.

    They imprison the person or parts of the person or an image of the person.


We petition against the powers of their
 § herbs,
 § spices,
 § brown sugar,
 § aloes,
 § stones and
 § other sacred relics tied up in red or black velvet and stitched with red
    thread, Paquets - Congo,
 § the powers of all voodoo ‘stitch witchery’ embroidery and
 § the powers of voodoo sequins and beads.

Father we ask You to undo all places where voodoo powers have ‘stitched
up’ our bodies, family, possessions, money, inheritance.

Father blow away all coverings and destroy all voodoo powers,
assignments and inheritances that have been placed over us and our
homes of:
  § Voodoo ‘goofer dust,’
  § Voodoo witchcraft gold and silver dust,
  § Zombie dust,
  § blessing dust,
  § dream dust,
  § graveyard dust,
  § black dust,
  § all Voodoo powders,
  § all Voodoo ash,
  § pollens,
  § toxic air borne pollutants,
  § all coverings of ’Cleopatra’s honey dust,‘
  § Mystic Brand Powders,
  § Algiers powders,
  § Break up, Circle of protection, and come to me powders,
  § compelling powders,
  § crossing,
  § delight,
  § day in court,
  § crucible of courage,
  § and drawing, powders.

We ask You Father to blow away all and destroy the powers of all:
 § ground glass powders and dust,
 § all exorcism,
 § “follow me boy”,
 § get away,
 § healing,
 § red rose,
 § and ya-ya powders,
 § all uncrossing,
 § luck around business
 § and stay at home powders


  § voodoo sand.

Wash us clean Father and set us free from all voodoo dust ash and
powders and break the powers of all voodoo crosses and circles made
with voodoo ash or dust and the witchcraft assigned to them that have
been put around us or our homes or possessions or finances.

Father where
  § Voodoo witchcraft dust,
  § ground glass or
  § other powders and
  § sand

has been blown or ground into our eyes, causing them to be red, irritated
and sore, will You wash our eyes clean and make them clear again.

Where witchcraft dusts or powders and
 § voodoo pollutants have irritated our noses,
 § caused allergies and
 § asthma attacks

Will You please destroy their powers, filter our air ways, heal us and set us
free in the Name of the True Jesus.

Father where Voodoo dust has been placed in our food or been sprinkled
over objects in, or over the things we buy or hidden in the clothing we
wear, alert us Father in the spirit and sanctify them and cleanse them with
the Blood of the True Jesus.

Father we ask you to break the powers of all
  § Voodoo salt and
  § red pepper and
  § spices especially chilli in the food we eat,
  § break the power of all Gris-Gris filled with gunpowder or red pepper
     thrown on us or at our doors or gates to make us fight one another or
     get us into fights.

We petition against all effects of witchcraft dust and demonic dust mites
and we ask You to set us free in the Name of the True Jesus.

Father in the Name of the True Jesus we petition against:
  § all powers, assignments and inheritances from Voodoo ‘Wangas’ or
     bad luck,
  § against all coverings
  § witchcraft bondage in wanga bags made of the shrouds of people
     dead for 9 days.


  § We petition against all Gris-Gris and/or wangas placed or hidden in
    our possessions,
         o in our homes,
         o on our land,
         o in our hand bags,
         o placed under our pillows,
         o or in our water,
         o air,
         o food or
         o electricity supplies,

We petition against all ‘death’ wangas designed to make us our or families
or pets die.

We ask You father to utterly destroy every Voodoo curse of death that we
  § inherited,
  § that has followed us,
  § every death curse has been released against us that has entered our
     bones and has for generations caused
     o untimely death,
     o death to our p hysical bodies,
     o our families,
     o marriages,
     o dreams
     o desires and
     o finances and even
     o our pets.

Father we petition against all assignments and inheritances of or to be:
Voodoo black or white witches,
  § Gurunfindas,
  § Mayomberos,
  § Mamas,
  § Mambos,
  § Queens - priestesses,
  § Priests- Papas,
  § Hougans,
  § Kings,
  § priests and priestesses of the Loa/Lwa ,
  § of or to be Voodoo initiators – ‘met tet’ – headmasters
  § or to be adopted by them and beholden to them.

We petition against
 § all evil contracts with them or
 § evil brought, bought or sent and directed against us by them or their


    §   of assignments 4 of their naked orgies,
    §   drugs,
    §   drinking,
    §   aphrodisiac incenses and
    §   voodoo tourism ‘tours’ to bring us to them.

We petition that You will destroy the powers of all
 § voodoo Divino or Paploua - soothsayers,
 § all Boko/Bokors - Herb doctors or sorcerers,
 § Sevite Ghede p riests concerned with the transition from life to death
 § all Voodoo priestesses,
 § homosexuals and
 § lesbians.

We petition that You will utterly destroy their powers, rituals, altars,
structures and the powers of their bags and Guiro and all their contents.

We petition against all powers and practitioners of
 § voodoo doctors,
 § voodoo healing,
 § voodoo magic,
 § the supernatural of voodoo,
 § healing with herbs,
 § faith healing,
 § healing with the help of Lwas/Loas,
 § voodoo used through western medicines
 § voodoo water rituals .

Father we ask You to set us free from all:
  § voodoo powers through medicine and alternative therapies,
  § healing crystals,
  § through voodoo religious ceremonies,
  § voodoo clairvoyance,
  § fortune telling,
  § laying on of hands,
  § casting of spells,
  § voodoo creation of spirit protections,
  § of voodoo potions, creams, ointments, and perfumes,
  § from all love spells
  § death spells.

We ask You Father to release us from all financial bondage, lack and
sickness as a result of curses invoked by paying for voodoo practitioners
or for their services.

  They work themselves up into a frenzy – psych themselves up and get themselves into a
place where they become completely possessed – at the pinnacle of the ecstatic peak or
through climatic sexual intercourse, they can send witchcraft curses against the person. It is
like a power charge.


Father we ask You to set us free from the powers of all:
  § Voodoo services,
  § religious rites,
  § ceremonies in Houmfors- the Voodoo temples,
  § their peristyles,
  § altars and
  § the “poto mitan” their central pole, which represents the place where
     two worlds meet, down which the Loas descend during ceremonies, to
     possess the Hougan or Mambo.

We ask You Father to destroy all powers and coverings of:
  § Voodoo ‘Veves,’
  § Voodoo flags and banners;
Break the power and control of all
  § ‘Veve’ language, and
  § codes and
  § voodoo symbolism and
  § prayers trans mitted through them and
  § through ‘Sequined Surfaces’(Voodoo art and banners). (origin of
     sequence is to reflect light – reflect back evil spirits – from India)

Release us and our heart beats from the powers of all
  § Voodoo drumming,
  § of every assignment and inheritance of or to be voodoo drummers,
  § of or to be Voodoo ‘master of ceremonies’ Hougannnnikon, or Hounsi
     (voodoo serving ladies, hand maidens.)

 Father in the Name of the True Jesus, we petition against all curses and
inheritances and powers that have affected us as a consequence of
   § child,
   § human and
   § animal sacrifices,
   § of lives sacrificed to the Loas/ Lwas,
   § the dead and
   § ancestral spirits and
   § the curses that have been released over our lives and families.

 In the Name of the True Jesus, we petition against every assignment,
power and ritual of:
   § Voodoo magic,
   § sympathetic magic,
   § black and white Satanism through – parishes, covens or regions of
      Hougan (priest) or Mambo’s (priestess) influence,
   § of the powers of Voodoo,
   § regional and territorial spirits.

We ask You Father to break all powers of Voodoo Govi.


These are small earthen bottles in which the ’gros-bon-ange‘ of dead
ancestors (the big good angels which are the jarred souls of ancestors) are

We ask You Father to break all powers of any Voodoo practitioners to
magically ‘jar ‘our souls in these Govi earthen vessels or in bottles.

We ask You Father to release us and our souls / spirits a nd minds from the
powers of Govi to be used in a Voodoo ritual to ‘witchcraft imprison ’or ‘
bottle’ us and keep us trapped in them:
  § under water,
  § under the powers of Voodoo water and
  § underwater spirits and
  § bound by the powers of ‘ water’ Voodoo.

We petition against every assignment of Voodoo Santeros black magic to
boil us in their:
  § cauldrons
  § ‘paleros,’
  § ‘kettles’,
  § ‘nganga,’
  § in ‘shells
  § on their ‘palos’ sticks
  § on their cauldron altars.

Father protect us from all Voodoo ‘serviteurs’ - serious practitioners of
Voodoo and from all their:
  § powers,
  § astral projections,
  § rituals,
  § spells and
  § curses.

We petition against the powers of and the sounds of their Ason - the
magic rattles of Hougans or Mambos and of ‘taking the Ason ’ceremony -
the final initiation of being a Mambo or Hougan.

Father we petition against every assignment of Kanzo, Sur Point and
Asogwe - Voodoo initiation ceremonies and high level Voodoo secret
services and societies, and underground movements.

Father we ask You to break, destroy, neutralize and deliver us from all:
  § powers,
  § controls and legal rights of familiars spirits,
  § Obs, Loas / Lwas ‘les Mysteries,’
  § ancestral spirits,
  § spirits of death that have been in our families or bloodlines

and utterly destroy all witchcraft trafficking of them in our bloodlines as
well as their trafficking over, around, beneath or above us.


We petition Father against assignments and inheritances of the 3 major
Voodoo levels of the divinity :
1. Gran Met - Grandfather or Grand Master,
2. The Lwas / Loas
3. The Dead.

Loas (being dead) can cross social transgressions with impunity.
They cannot be punished for they are dead so they take delight in
unreasonable and shocking behaviour. They use abusive, profane
language, dance suggestively, and ‘cross dress’ for they represent both
eroticism and death.

In Santeria, it is taught that “we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors,
we are branches of our ancestors, we are a continuation of their DNA,
we carry them in our bloodstream, where they nurture our bodies.”

Father we petition against every assignment and inheritance of:
   § Gagnin Loa,
   § to be ‘taken by the Loa ‘- spirits that enter the head,
   § to be possessed by them and
   § against every family, class and nation of Loas.

We petition Father against all assignments and inheritances of:
  § Lwas/ Loas :
     o spirits of family members;
     o ancient familiar spirits,
     o recent familiar spirits,
     o Loas of the dead,
     o Rada – good Loas,
     o Petro- evil viscious Loas,
     o spirits of major forces of the universe - good, evil, reproduction,
     o all aspects of the daily life.

   §   Lwa/ Loas : that interact with the people of the earth.

   §   Lwas/Loas :
       o that ‘mount’ during religious ceremonies,
       o that return when invoked then go again
       o who give messages,
       o even cause good and bad things to happen.

We ask You Father to cut us free and destroy the powers, all connections
and cords of voodoo ‘twinning’ to be mounted or possessed by Lwas/
Loas twins or ancestral Loas / Lwas.


Father, please cut us free from all voodoo forces of contradictions through
twinning :
  § good and evil,
  § happy and sad,
  § black and white
  § etc.

We ask You Father to release us from the power of
 § voodoo trance,
 § trance witchcraft and
 § trance dancing, of
 § voodoo drugs,
 § music,
 § alcohol to open doors for Loas to’ mount us’ to take possession of us,
 § to change our sexuality through mounting,
 § to turn us into their ‘cheval’ or ‘horses, mountee,’ their slaves.

Father, please destroy the powers and effects of the ‘white darkness of
possession by the counterfeit light, the ‘angel of light.’

We petition against every assignment and inheritance of Loas / Lwas to:
 § possess our to bodies,
 § to speak through our voices,
 § of voodoo, witchcraft ’tongues, false tongues, glossa ’,
 § voodoo false ‘Holy Spirits,’
 § voodoo hypnotic trances,
 § voodoo jerking and falling down in the spirit,
 § voodoo false anointings,
 § false rhythmic worship,
 § false laughing,
 § false slaying in the spirit,
 § false falling down,
 § spirits of false ‘quickening’ in the spirit,
 § false visions,
 § false manifestations,
 § false idolatry and imagery,
 § false supernatural,
 § false dancing in the spirit,
 § false fire and burning sensations

We ask You father to loose us and our family line from all false and
counterfeit phenomena in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father we repent for having lost our discernment and for participating in
and experiencing things which are is false and we ask You to forgive us and
replace the false with the True gifts of the Spirit which You promise in Your

Father we ask that we only receive that which comes from You. Wash us
clean Father from all ‘mixtures’ of:


  §   old voodoo,
  §   new voodoo,
  §   witchcraft spirits and
  §   all occult contaminated ‘christian’ and religious ways,

From this day forth let what we experience only that which comes from You
Father, from You True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and from You True Holy
Spirit in worship, the True Trinity in our prayer, worship and in our quiet
times. Teach us anew Father, how to discern between the true and the

We ask Father that You remove from us and our bloodline
 § every evil Loa/Lwa
 § every good and bad Loa/lLwa and
 § Loas invoked to help us get a better life.

Father we repent of all
  § invocations,
  § prayers,
  § gifts,
  § sacrifices,
  § money and
  § blood
  § even our children dedicated to them, given to them

We ask You to set us free in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We petition against all powers and effects and curses released from the
sacred knowledge of Lwas/Loas the “konesans,” will be broken and we
ask You to deliver us and set us totally free from their powers in the Name
and through the Blood of the True Jesus.

We petition against every assignment and inheritance of Lwas/ Loas of
 § the dead,
 § of soul’s of family members,
 § souls of the ‘ undead’ or ’ignored dead’ and of their tyranny and evil to
    follow, harass or torment us.

We ask You Father to release warrior angels to remove them and take them
to Your feet True Jesus.

Father where we have voluntarily or involuntarily invoked a Loa/Lwas to
‘mount’ us, we petition that You will:
  § remove them,
  § break all their controlling powers and
  § remove their controlling
     o reins,
     o bits,
     o bridles,
     o spurs,


     o saddles and
     o whips

that have kept us as their slaves and mounts even for generations, over our
lives forever.

Father where familiar trading, financial contracts and licenses have been
made with or through:
  § the buying and selling of Loas of noble lineage,
  § familiar Loas,

  § spirits where our bloodlines have been cross contaminated and
    possessed through, voodoo ’deals’ and marriages

  § where our bloodlines have been
     o traded,
     o trafficked and
     o tied to ancient
       • deities,
       • forces,
       • voodoo/witchcraft knots,
       • cords,
       • ropes and
       • strings,
       • to account systems and
       • legal documentation
   which have held us and our bloodlines in bondage and in captivity will You
     o cancel every contract,
     o revoke every license and title deed,
     o and every claim to our family trees.

Replace them with Your Title Deed covered and sealed with the Blood of
the True Jesus that states we and our families are now the seed of Abraham,
children of Your Covenant, and set us free to be who You created us to be, in
the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father we petition against all assignments and inheritances of:
  § Rada Voodoo – spirit family voodoo and happy peaceful Loas/ Lwas.

  § Petro Voodoo – also called Congo Voodoo – Black Magic voodoo, the
    voodoo of ‘angry’ mean, nasty Loas/ Lwa, of their death curses, the
    making of Zombies and wild sexual orgies.

  § Mason Loas and all Dessounin – DE-SOU-NIN, rituals for the recovery
    of the powers of the possessed of deceased Voodoo initiates, after the
    Lwas take their leave and of their Zins (cooking pots, cauldrons) , and of
    the ritual of ‘passing the hand through the flames’.


Father we ask You to release us from the Voodoo lie that humans have two
spirits and a body, the root lie of Homosexuality.
Deliver us Father from the powers of TI-BON- ANGE (the little good angel)
and from GROS-BON-ANGE ( big good angel) and all voodoo soul power
through invocation of angels, of voodoo angel imagery and fairy lore.
Father release us from the bondage of the lie of the FATALISM of Voodoo
that we have no power, we are there to be controlled and ridden, to have to
continually placate, feed, clothe and provide the spirits and voodoo masters
and mistresses to give us ‘good luck’ provided that we will always be their

Father we ask You to break the power of and cut us free from all:
  § Voodoo binding,
  § the witchcraft binding powers and
  § mind binding powers and
  § rituals of Voodoo Hougans / Papas- Priests, or
  § Mambos/Mamas - Priestesses
      o of them to tie our hands or feet,
      o bind our minds,
      o wills or
      o any part of us.

Father we ask You to utterly destroy every assignment of them in the spirit
and in the natural of them:
  § to ‘break - Brise‘ us,
  § to break
  § our bodies,
  § our wills,
  § our minds,
  § emotions or
  § our finances and
  § turn us into whimpering, begging slaves.

We petition against every power of them:
 § to bind us or our image ritually at voodoo altars,
 § of them to turn us into Defixiones which is to be paralyzed by binding,
    physically or mentally.

In the Name of the True Jesus we cut ourselves loose from all voodoo cords,
threads, webs, wool, strings, bandages etc. and break the control and
conjurations of all voodoo priests and priestesses in the Name of the True
Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



Father we ask You to forgive us for all inheritance and practices of Voodoo
‘cross working’ of the powers of Voodoo crossroad magic.

  § We petition against every assignment and inheritances, conjurations
    and invocations at:
  § Voodoo crosses,
  § crossroads,
  § of the rituals of the cross and the four cardinal points,
  § of the cross being the connecting point between the terrestrial worlds
    and the underground and space in voodoo.

Deliver us from the powers of all voodoo acts of healing and all
acknowledgments made at the cross roads through Voodoo as the place
where two worlds meet.

Set us free Father from
  § all witchcraft and Voodoo “cross possession,’
  § from all witchcraft using the cross for conjuration,
  § of the cross for calling demons, Loas/ Lwas for help.

We ask You Father to deliver us from all powers of Voodoo crosses or
cross marks being put on us .

We repent and ask You to forgive us for weari ng pagan idolatrous crosses
and calling then ‘christian.’

We ask You Father to destroy the powers of voodoo crosses placed in our
homes, before our gates, land, possessions, pets, crosses of deletion
placed over our bank accounts, finances etc.

We ask You Father to deliver us from
 § all spirits of confusion
 § from the voodoo’ curse of the cross’
 § all powers of idolatry of the cross and cross magic

We ask You to forgive us for:
 § hurting You so much in our ignorance,
 § for defiling the True work of the cross with idolatry and
 § that You would deliver us and set us free from all voodoo powers and
    demons of the cross,

for the True work of the Cross of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth our
Saviour was that the powers of darkness were totally defeated.



Father deliver us from the powers of ORUN,
  § the Yoruban ‘heaven’
  § the counterfeit voodoo heaven
  § from the lie that our departed soul crosses the ‘flame of purgatory’ to
     wait for purification before going to heaven.
  § that our souls can reincarnate at least seven times depending on the
     particular ‘mission’ and
  § that with the final reincarnation, the soul upon purification will become an
     eternal spirit and manifest it’s presence in human beings, as a spirit
     guide in the form of GHUEDE.

Father we repent for worshiping the:
  § Voodoo ‘False Jesus’
  § Lisa/ Mawu Lisa/ Marrassa,
  § the false Christ of Good Hope - Gran Toro/Torolisa,
  § the false baby Jesus and the false Orungan,
  § the false Mary Yemaya/Erzulie,
  § and any other false trinity.

Father we repent for being deceived by ’christian’ imagery and for forming
false Christian imagery and idols.

We ask You to forgive us and set us free to worship the One and Only True
Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father we ask You to release us from all inheritances, powers,
assignments, invocations, illusions, veils and deceptions of the voodoo
gods and goddesses:

  § BON DIEU or BONDYE: the supreme deity.

  § GRAND MAITRE( GRAN MET) this is the ‘grand master’ and who is
    analogous to the Christian God.

  § LEGBA, the old man who is the gatekeeper between two worlds - the
    world of earth and the spirit.

     Father we petition that You will destroy all powers of the lie that LEGBA
     is the origin of life, of the sun symbol of Legba, and of his phallus/
     obelisk as the central pole symbol of regeneration.

     He holds the keys to the gate between the two worlds and is
     represented by the iconography of St. Peter!

  § KALFU/ CARREFOUR/KALFOU: (crossroads) the dangerous Petro
    (Loa) counterpart to Legba - the spirit of the night, origin of darkness,
    and of his symbol the moon.


§ PAPA GHEDE/ GHUEDE the Lwa/ Loa of

    o    death,
    o    the comic, erotic ‘clown of death,’
    o    the Lord of Eroticism.’
    o    Deity of fresh water.

    The Loa Ghede are the ancestors who bridge the gap between
    ‘GUINEA’ Africa and the living of Haiti.

    Ghede’s names all end with LA CROIX – the cross, in honour of himself
    and Maman Bridget who both claim the souls of ancestors and turn
    them into Loa.

    He is ‘Lord of the Dead’ keeper of the cemetery, and is the primary
    contact with the dead. His symbol is a BLACK CROSS.

§ MAMAN BRIGITTE : the Celtic/ Catholic Brigitte/ Cailleach, the Indian
  She represents money, black magic and ill-gotten fortune.
  She is ‘guardian of graves.’

§       DUMBALLAH : the father figure of voodoo,

        Father of the Loas/Lwas, ’the good snake.’

        The god of peace and tranquility, all eggs made as a sacrifice to him.

§       His wife AIDA-WEDO.

§       AGWE: the ‘sovereign of the seas’ of Voodoo.

§       OGOUN: the voodoo warrior, the violent ‘force of politics.

§       ERZULIE : the earth ‘mother spirit’ of the goddess of love

     o    the Voodoo Venus,
     o    the voodoo Aphrodite,
     o    the voodoo ‘VIRGIN MARY’ ‘
     o    virgin of voodoo initiates,
     o    the muse of beauty,
     o    personified as the snake/ serpent coiled upon itself, which lives in
          the water.
     o    She is also known as God of water!
     o    She is also the Celtic Brigit and her symbol is the CROSS.
     o    She reclaims the souls of ancestors and make then into Loa.
     o    She is thus called GRAN BRIGITTE.


   She is known as:
     • GRAN or LA GRANDE ERZULIE (the grief stricken, crone /
        grandmother version)

      • ERZULIE DANTOR, ERZULIE ZE-ROUGE (red eyed and

      • ERZULIE TORO (bullish and butch like)
      • ERZULIE MAPIAN (louse –like biting)


      • ERZULIE DOS-BAS (of the lower back, an Erzulie who is ’always
        on her back’)
      • LA SIRENE ERZULIE (mermaid),
      • LA BALEINE ERZULIE (the whale like Erzulie )
      • The Siren and the Whale are both marine Loas.


§ SIMBI/ SIMBE/SIM’BI D”L”EAU: the Haitian Hermes, loa of fresh water
  and rain.
§ VODUN: the god of Voodoo

§ MARASSA or MAWU LISA: the divine Voodoo twins: MAWU –the moon
  Goddess. LISA –the sun god. Lisa is the voodoo Jesus.

  voodoo rulers of child birth!

The Marassah have variations :
 o Marassa,
 o Marassah Bois,
 o Marassah Bord-de Mer- Twins of the Seashore,
 o Marrassah Guinin- the African Twins, and are Lwas/Loas of the Rada
    tradition (good Loas). They also represent birth and rebirth.

§ BULUKU: god creator

§ MADEMOISELLE CHARLOTTE this is the voodoo ‘’white woman ‘ the
  European or Caucasian Loa.


    § MAMI WATA: goddess of the sea, the ‘queen who lives in the waters’ –
      the Crocodile Person.

    § GU: god ruling iron and smith-craft.

    § SAKPATA: god who rules disease.

    § AGOUE : the ‘shell of the sea,’ the ‘eel’ the ‘tadpole of the pond.’ Patron
      of fishermen and sailors.

      the most powerful of the Guede family.

    He controls the passage between the living and the dead, his symbols are
      the cross, coffin and phallus.

    § OGOUN/OGU/OGORIN : the powerful warrior god OGOUN BABA is
      the military general aspect.

Father there are many other gods and goddess which You know about, so we
ask You in the Name of the True Jesus to deliver us and set us free from
every voodoo spirit, god, goddess, known and unknown, from all their
powers, assignments and generational and individual control, set us free
in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father in the Name of the True Jesus we petition against all assignments
and inheritances we received and we ask You to cast out all effects of
African, Haitian, Black Voodoo and voodoo witchcraft from any other
place – Europe, East, Far East, etc.

We petition Father that You will break the powers of all voodoo witchcraft
spirits of infirmity and disease that have entered us or our bloodlines as an
effect of voodoo witchcraft and curses.

We renounce:
 § all household voodoo gods and goddesses,
 § all spirits of death and false gifts,
 § all voodoo prayers said with a rosary,
 § all witchcraft scourges,
 § whips,
 § hooks and
 § the use of cillus 5

We petition against and ask You to utterly neutralize
 § all voodoo ‘control spells’
 § double or triple strength control spells,
 § Voodoo weight loss spells,
  chain that the Opus Dei wear around their leg. It is a barbed wire bracelet they put around
their thigh. The barbs go into their flesh and they wear it the whole time – every time they
move they’re in agony – Catholic Church witchcraft voodoo stuff.


    §   Problem spells,
    §   addiction spells,
    §   do as I say spells,
    §   sex spells,
    §   bad habit and
    §   stop bad habit spells or
    §   spells bought and sold for a price

    that are being used or sent against us.

Father we ask You to destroy all powers of voodoo
  § witchcraft,
  § rituals,
  § spells and
  § astral projections and
  § powers of voodoo demons

sent through (mention each point in the three columns):

Loas/ Lwas,                      the chromo of lazarus,           Kembe,
spirits,                         old Legba,                       Pain,
Myster-re,                       St. Ulrique,                     Batterie Maconnique,
govi,                            Agwe,                            Cev AL Ch-wl,
Hougans,                         St. Isdore,                      Gagnin Loa,
drums,                           Azacca,                          Garde,
les morts,                       Bline Gawd,                      Gran maitre,
ruling spirits of Ogoun,         charms,                          Reler,
St. Jacques,                     rosary,                          Baron Samedi,
Legba, Ghede,                    burning candles,                 Nan Boublou,
Les Marassa,                     psychic prayers,                 Erzulie,
dancing,                         sorcery,                         Erzulie Ge Rouge,
manga,                           divination,                      Rada,
laver tete,                      bibliomancy,                     Petro,
zombie,                          false prophecy,                  Obatala,
death rituals,                   false gifts,                     Paname,
fear,                            false dreams and                 Ogoun baye,
magic,                           visions,                         Ogoun Badagris,
baka,                            false praise,                    Ogoun Ferei,
banda,                           false holy dancing,              Ogoun Shango,
assator,                         false dancing in the             Dadl,
asson,                           spirit,                          Loco Roi Nagao,
acon,                            false inherited gifts of         Nago Piman,
batterie maconnique,             the spirit,                      the fear of voodoo and
cambe,                           voodoo rocking back              voodoo priests and
kembe,                           and forward,                     priestesses,

  They took the Catholic saints and they put one of their occultic laws of the spirit – they
assigned a specific spirit called St. Patrick. The slave-traders insisted that the slaves be of
the same faith as the master i.e. Roman Catholic. A lot of practices happening in the church
today is said to be from God, but there is actually so much mixed seed and we need to
discern the Truth from the false (voodoo).


charge,             false burning in the        Dr. Buzzard demons,
chauffer,           stomach called the Holy     the curse of seeking
chev,               Ghost,                      help from voodoo
al-ch-wl,           voodoo false tongues,       doctors and witchcraft
collie,             voodoo veils over the       workers and all
dessounin,          eyes,                       assignments of and
gagnin loa,         false baptisms with fire,   through voodoo
garde,              false voices,               icing/cakes,
gran maitre,        lust potions,               voodoo sugar / magic
mambo,              voodoo poisons,             seals,
mange,              voodoo sickness or          mystic shields,
mascarron,          giddiness,                  magic stones and gems,
massissi,           death spirits of voodoo,    black magic spells and
paquets,            false preaching spirits,    powers,
congo,              evil soul ties and evil     money talismans,
reler,              soul mates,                 voodoo food and spices
renvoyer,           fetishes,                   cardinal point
ramasser,           idolatry,                   invocations,
saints used as a    fire walking,                voodoo false signs and
synonym for Loa,    creole curses,              wonders,
verser,             the curse of roots,          voodoo trance,
wanga,              love root voodoo,           voodoo drums,
confusion,          serpents,                   voodoo libations and
crossed X,          python,                     invocations, of voodoo
Papa Damballah,     Li Grand Zombi,             ‘saints – Santos,’
Mistress erzulie,   Magnum,                     voodoo prophets and
jerking,            love potions,               prophetesses,
twitching,          Monsieur Agoussou,          voodoo ‘Queens of
spasms,             nine day tea,               Baptism,’
shaking,            potions of any kind,        voodoo preachers, and
loa Racine,         powders and dust of any     churches,
Grand Bois,         kind,                       Voodoo ‘carnivals.’
d-ilet,             voodoo mind control,
spirits of trees,   occult mind control,
roots,              love spells,
superstitions,      beauty rock,
maori,              conjurations,
mwuetsi,            conjure balls,
morongo,            toby or hand Baka,
Dahomey,            Banda,
nananbouclou,       Voodoo dance,
St. Patrick 6       Cama,



Father we repent and ask You to forgive us for all homosexual and lesbian
practices, and all ungodly sexual ways.

We just repent so much for we did not understand the reasons. Thank You for
now revealing them so that we can turn from our wicked ways and be set free.

Forgive us Father for not understanding the reasons behind homosexuality
and lesbianism caused by generational inheritances, involuntary and
voluntary possession by witchcraft voodoo spirits - Loas/Lwas of different
sexes ‘mounting’ us and turning us into their transsexual, cross-dressing,
sexually perverted slaves.

Forgive us Father for in fact becoming the slave (spirit) wives and husbands
of Voodoo spirits, gods and goddesses. Father, forgive us for not
understanding that homosexuality and lesbianism are in fact witchcraft.

Forgive us Father for all ’cross dressing, cross possession’ of voodoo, for
allowing our God-given feminine and masculine genders and giftings to be
perverted by serpentine occult powers.

Forgive us Father for allowing evil spirits of fallen angels to’ ride’ us ‘mount’
us and change our gender perceptions.

Forgive us Father for the open acceptance of voodoo homosexuality and
lesbianism and ‘Christianizing’ it and for not understanding that it is in fact
‘possession’ by Loas of Voodoo.

We repent, Father, and petition against every assignment of Loa to turn us
into ‘gay’ voodoo men or’ gay’ voodoo women.

Release to us our real identities, our true sex as man and women, our God
given sexuality, deliver us and allow us to be the people that You created us
to be.

Father, in the Name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth we petition that You
will deliver us and set us free from the ‘strongwoman’ Erzulie Freda -
Loa/Lwa patron of Homosexual men.

We renounce and cut ourselves free from Erzulie Freda, the Loa, who
manifests in the form of:
  § a wealthy white woman,
  § the promiscuous goddess of love
  § love of luxury and
  § ‘soft’ effemininity and
  § of the powers of her Veve.


Father we ask You to deliver us and set us free from:
  § the ‘strongwoman’ Erzulie Dantor,
  § Loa/Lwa patron of Lesbian women
  § ‘mistress of the ho use’

As well as from all her:
  § fierce, strong female imagery,
  § mannerisms,
  § crudeness and
  § ‘butchness’.

Erzulie Dantor/ Ezili Dantho, manifests as:

  § the dark avenging spirit,
  § the black woman,
  § the’ SAINT BARBARA AFRICANA’ who is heterosexual in that she has
    a child ,
  § the black Madonna and child of the Catholic church,
  § the black Madonna ,
  § Kali,
  § Cailleach,
  § Frau Holle (Germany) and all her thousands of titles.

We ask You Father to set us free from all assignments of her:
 § tribal scarring ,
 § hooking and tattooing ,
 § her mechanisms of possession,
 § her spells,
 § her magical paquets,
 § to speak with her stammering voice and false tongues,
 § and of her seven stabs with her dagger,
 § her cutting knives or
 § of her to ‘tie us all up,’
 § making us vomit blood or of the powers of her Veve.

Father we petition against her as the wife of the two Loa/Lwa :
  § Ti-Jean Petro and
  § the magical Lwa Simbi Makaya.

Father we petition against all assignments of:
  § voodoo homosexual or lesbian initiation,
  § of voodoo ‘Dark mothers,
  § ‘ Grandmothers,’
  § Marinn,
  § Kanzo,
  § Mambos,
  § priestesses who initiate ‘cross dressers,
  § transsexuals.’


We petition against:
 § all assignments that were given to these priestesses
 § or to be one of them
 § of them taking us into ‘seclusion’ in the djevo, secret inner chambers of
    the peri-styles - voodoo temples where initiates are secluded.

We petition against all assignments of or to be:
 § Voodoo initiating ‘godmothers or godfathers ‘
 § or of or to be their godchildren,
 § all of their training and programming a nd mind control by them
 § to wear the prescribed clothes of the opposite sex.

Father, protect us from and destroy every assignment of
  § homosexual Hougans – initiating priests, and initiating lesbian mambos-
  § of homosexual passwords,
  § secret ha ndshakes,
  § images,
  § signs and signals,
  § specific and additional gestures,
  with which they recognize one another.

Father we ask You to destroy all powers and witchcraft, through
  § homosexual dancing,
  § dresses, and
  § Rara bands.

Father we petition that You would set us free from the powers of:

  § Voodoo regimes: Nazi voodoo, Nazi voodoo homosexuality and
    lesbianism, and from the powers of all other Voodoo political regimes,
    past, present and future.

  § Voodoo politics: (black power / white power, male female etc,)

  § Voodoo economics: (Search for profit, yesterday and today. Market
    place greed and control.)

  § Voodoo social structures: (the class war, slaves and proletarians ,
    servants and masters)

  § Voodoo psychology: (rejection of the establishment by the slaves –
    exclusion or segregation, voodoo mind control techniques.)

  § Voodoo culture: (a canal used by the masses to express identity which
    transcends the state of submission)


  § Voodoo tourism and folk lore: (folklorising voodoo practice among
    tourists, re-enacting voodoo based stories- tales of ancestors, pagan,
    temples fairies, carnivals, Mardi Gras, fun fairs etc: inducing trance
    through drumming in voodoo music shows theatre, voodoo performers
    and street performers etc.)

  § Voodoo entertainment: ‘horror’ movies, Zombie movies, (e.g. the latest
    American Survivor T.V. series.) Voodoo music and songs, voodoo
    practices in night clubs, (smoke machines, rave parties, trance dancing
    and drugs.)

We petition all this in the Name of the True Lord Jesus of Nazareth who
became a curse for us so that we can be set free!




Deuteronomy 27:15 One is cursed through one’s idolatry

Deuteronomy 27:16 One is cursed for dishonouring parents

Deuteronomy 27:17 One is cursed for dishonesty

Deuteronomy 27:18 One is cursed who purposely gives false advice.

Deuteronomy 27:19 One is cursed who dishonours his responsibility.

Deuteronomy 27:20 One is cursed who commits incest

Deuteronomy 27:21 One is cursed who commits bestiality.

Deuteronomy 27:22 One is cursed who has sexual relations with his

Deuteronomy 27:23 One is cursed who has sexual relations with his mother-
in –law

Deuteronomy 27:24 One is cursed who murders

Deuteronomy 27:25 One is cursed who accepts a bribe to kill

Deuteronomy 27:26 all are cursed who do not uphold the word of the law by
carrying them out

Deuteronomy 28:15 Cursed is everyone who is disobedient with His


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