Graduate Studies at VCU by yaofenjin


									     V     i   r    g     i   n    i    a         C     o       m    m      o       n   w      e     a     l   t   h    U     n      i     v       e      r      s      i     t      y

                              Graduate Studies at VCU
                                                            School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies                                  Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (M.I.S.)                        School of Graduate Studies
                                                              Biotechnology (under development)                             901 W. Franklin St. • P.O. Box 843051
  VCU is composed of the following                            Environmental Studies                                              Richmond, VA 23284-3051
academic units:                                               Interdisciplinary Off-campus Arts
                                                                                                                             (804) 828-6916 • Fax (804) 828-6949
                                                              Individualized Programs of Study, including cooperative
                                                                 ventures with other approved colleges/universities
  School of Graduate Studies
  Center for Public Policy
  College of Humanities and Sciences, including the         Center for Environmental Studies
     School of Mass Communications and the Center for       Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (M.I.S.)                                 F. Douglas Boudinot
     Environmental Studies                                    Environmental Studies
                                                                                                                               Dean, School of Graduate Studies
  School of Allied Health Professions                                                                                           Professor, Pharmaceutics (2002)
  School of the Arts                                        Center for Public Policy
                                                                                                                                 B.S. 1978 Springfield College
  School of Business                                        Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
                                                              Public Policy and Administration
                                                                                                                        Ph.D. 1986 State University of New York at Buffalo
  School of Dentistry
  School of Education
  School of Engineering                                     College of Humanities and Sciences                                           Sherry T. Sandkam
  School of Medicine                                        Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                   Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies
  School of Nursing                                           Chemistry                                                  and Assistant Professor, Division of Educational
  School of Pharmacy                                          Psychology – Clinical
                                                                                                                                  Studies, School of Education
  School of Social Work                                       Psychology – Counseling
                                                                                                                                  B.A. 1970 Longwood College
                                                              Psychology – General
                                                                                                                         M.B.A. 1986 Virginia Commonwealth University
   Graduate programs are administered by                                                                                  Ph.D. 1996 Virginia Commonwealth University
the individual departments, schools and                     Master of Arts (M.A.)
centers with assistance from the School of
Graduate Studies. Major coordination of                                                                                 Table of contents
the various degree programs is performed by                 Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)                                School of Graduate Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
the University Graduate Council and the                       Creative Writing                                          Graduate programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Graduate Dean’s Advisory Committee,                                                                                     Off-campus graduate instruction . . . . . . . . . .17
both of which are chaired by the dean of                    Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)                    Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
the School of Graduate Studies. The                                                                                     Financial aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
University Graduate Council is comprised                    Master of Science (M.S.)
                                                                                                                        Graduate tuition and student fees . . . . . . . . .22
of one elected faculty member from each                       Biology
                                                                                                                        General academic regulations . . . . . . . . . . . .25
school. The Graduate Dean’s Advisory                          Chemistry
                                                                                                                        Change in registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
                                                              Criminal Justice
Council includes directors of graduate study                                                                            Immunization requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
                                                              Mass Communications
from each school and center.                                     Advertising                                            Change of discipline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
                                                              Mathematical Sciences                                     Transfer credit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
                                                              Physics                                                   Thesis/dissertation examinations . . . . . . . . .28
Graduate programs                                             Sociology                                                 Electronic theses and dissertations . . . . . . . .29
                                                                                                                        Satisfactory academic progress . . . . . . . . . . .29
   The following graduate degree programs                   Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.U.R.P.)            Graduation requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
are offered at the university. Refer to the                                                                             Grades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
Graduate Curriculum Requirements chart                      Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs            Course listings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
in the reference section of this bulletin for                  Applied Social Research                                  Preparing future faculty initiatives . . . . . . . .32
a complete listing of curricula, specializa-                   Criminal Justice                                         Courses in graduate studies (GRAD) . . . . . . .32
tions and tracks, as well as application                       Nonprofit Management
                                                               Planning Information Systems
deadline dates and special admission
                                                               Public Management
requirements. Applicants are encouraged to                     Urban Revitalization
                                                                                                                        Dual Degree Program in Public Administration and Law
contact the school/department sponsoring                                                                                  with the University of Richmond, T.C. Williams
the intended program of study at the tele-                                                                                School of Law
                                                            Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
                                                                                                                        Dual Degree Program in Urban and Regional Planning
phone numbers listed in the curriculum                      Programs
                                                                                                                          and Law with the University of Richmond, T.C.
chart. Other important phone numbers also                      Dual Degree Program in Criminal Justice and Divinity
                                                                                                                          Williams School of Law
are provided in the curriculum chart.                             with the School of Theology of Virginia Union
                                                                  University and the Union Theological Seminary and
                                                                  Presbyterian School of Christian Education

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y    •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                                 •     2002-03                                 15
 Graduate Studies at VCU

School of Allied Health Professions                           Master of Arts (M.A.)                                     Master of Teaching (M.T.)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                    Art History                                               Early Education
  Health Related Sciences                                                                                                 Middle Education
  Health Services Organization and Research                   Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)                                Secondary Education
                                                                Design                                                    Special Education
Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.)                        Fine Arts
  Health Services Administration                                Theatre                                                 Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs
                                                                                                                           Human Resource Development
Master of Science (M.S.)                                      Master of Music (M.M.)                                       Library/Media Specialist
  Clinical Laboratory Sciences                                                                                             Teaching (admissions in shortage areas only)
  Gerontology                                                 Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
  Occupational Therapy (Post-professional Program)            Programs                                                  Post-master’s Certificate Programs
  Patient Counseling                                             Off-campus Interdisciplinary Arts Track in Master of      Principals and Supervisors
  Physical Therapy – Advanced                                       Interdisciplinary Studies Program                      Reading Specialist
  Rehabilitation Counseling
                                                              School of Business                                        Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
Master of Science in Health Administration (M.S.H.A.)         Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                              Programs
  Professional M.S.H.A. Online Program                          Accounting                                                 M.S.W./Certificate as School Social Worker in
                                                                Information Systems                                           Commonwealth of Virginia
Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N.A.)                Organizational Behavior
                                                                                                                        School of Engineering
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (M.S.O.T.)          Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.)                            Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  (Entry-level Program)                                                                                                   Biomedical Engineering
                                                              Master of Arts (M.A.)                                       Engineering
Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs                Economics
   Aging Studies
                                                                                                                        Master of Science (M.S.)
   Aging Studies (emphasis in long-term care                  Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)                  Biomedical Engineering
      administration)                                           Fast-track M.B.A.                                         Computer Science
   Patient Counseling                                           M.B.A. with Concentration                                 Engineering
                                                                M.B.A. without Concentration
Post-master’s Graduate Certificate Programs
   Aging Studies                                                                                                        Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
                                                              Master of Science (M.S.)                                  Programs
   Patient Counseling
                                                                Decision Sciences                                          M.D./Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering Combined
   Rehabilitation Counseling/Professional Counseling
                                                                Finance                                                       Degree Program
                                                                Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
                                                                Information Systems                                     School of Medicine
                                                                Marketing                                               Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
   Anatomy/Physical Therapy Track in Anatomy Doctoral
                                                                Real Estate Valuation                                     Anatomy
   Dual Degree Program in Health Services Administration                                                                  Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
                                                              Master of Taxation (M.Tax.)                                 Biostatistics
      and Law with the University of Richmond, T.C.
                                                                Academic Track                                            Human Genetics
      Williams School of Law
   Dual Degree Program in Medicine and Health Services          Professional Track                                        Microbiology and Immunology
      Administration with the VCU School of Medicine                                                                      Pathology
      and Department of Health Services Administration        Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Program             Pharmacology and Toxicology
   Geriatric Physical Therapy Track in the Master of             Real Estate and Land Development                         Physiology
      Science Degree Program in Physical Therapy with
      the Department of Gerontology                           School of Dentistry
                                                                                                                        Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
   Joint Master of Science in Patient Counseling and          Master of Science (M.S.)
      Master of Divinity with the School of Theology at                                                                 Master of Science (M.S.)
      Virginia Union University and the Baptist Theological   School of Education
      Seminary in Richmond                                    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
                                                                                                                          Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
   Joint Master of Science in Rehabilitation                    Education
      Counseling/Certficiate in Aging Studies                                                                             Genetic Counseling
   Joint Master of Social Work/Certificate in Aging           Master of Education (M.Ed.)
                                                                                                                          Human Genetics
      Studies Program with the Department of                    Administration and Supervision
                                                                                                                          Microbiology and Immunology
      Gerontology and the School of Social Work                 Adult Education and Human Resource Development
                                                                                                                          Pharmacology and Toxicology
   Joint Post-professional Master’s Program in                  Counselor Education
      Occupational Therapy/Certificate in Aging Studies         Curriculum and Instruction
   Pharm.D. Program/Certificate in Aging Studies                Reading
                                                                                                                        Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Program
   Physiology/Physical Therapy Track in Physiology              Special Education
                                                                                                                           Pre-medical Basic Health Sciences
      Doctoral Program
                                                              Master of Science (M.S.)
                                                                                                                        Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree
School of the Arts                                              Physical Education (name change to Health and
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                                                                            Programs
                                                                   Movement Sciences pending final approval)
  Art History                                                                                                              Anatomy/Physical Therapy Track in Anatomy Doctoral
                                                                Recreation, Parks and Tourism (name change to
                                                                   Recreation, Parks and Sport Leadership pending
Master of Art Education (M.A.E.)                                   final approval)                                         Biotechnology Track in Master of Interdisciplinary
                                                                                                                              Studies Program (under development)

 16                   Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y     •    Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                            •   2002-03
                                                                                                                              Graduate Studies at VCU

   Clinical Research Track in Master of Science Degree        campus courses are fully degree-applicable within   to a degree program and who has been rec-
      Program in Biostatistics                                the admission standards of the School of            ommended by the department or school in
   M.D./M.P.H. Combined Degree Program                        Graduate Studies. Tuition for most off-campus       which the applicant proposes to study may
   M.D./Ph.D. Combined Degree Program
                                                              classes is the same as other university classes;    be admitted as a degree-seeking student.
   Molecular Biology and Genetics Track in Microbiology
      Doctoral Program
                                                              however, students in off-campus credit classes         Provisional student. An applicant who
   Neuroscience Track in Pharmacology Doctoral Program        are not charged university or activity fees.        has not fully met the requirements of the
   Physiology/Physical Therapy Track in Physiology               For additional information on off-campus         program or school to which admission is
      Doctoral Program                                        credit instruction, contact Edward Howard,          sought may be admitted to that program or
                                                              coordinator of Off-campus Credit Instruction,       school as a provisional student. Reasons for
School of Nursing                                             Office of Community Programs, 920 W.                requesting a provisional admission are eval-
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                  Franklin St., Richmond, VA 23284-3062,              uated by the department/program and the
  Nursing                                                     telephone (804) 828-8819.                           school, and documents supporting a request
                                                                                                                  of provisional admission are forwarded to
Master of Science (M.S.)
                                                                                                                  the dean of the School of Graduate Studies
  Accelerated B.S. – M.S. Program
  Regular M.S. Program
                                                              Admissions                                          with a request for admission. The student
  R.N.-M.S.                                                                                                       must remove, within a time period specified
                                                                 The Board of Visitors, the administration        by the department or school, any and all
Post-master’s Certificate in Nursing                          and the faculty of VCU are committed to a           conditions of the provisional admission.
                                                              policy of equal opportunity in education            Failure to meet department/school condi-
School of Pharmacy                                            and employment without regard to age,               tions will result in the student’s being
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                  race, color, national origin, gender, religion,     dropped from the program. No prerequisite
  Pharmaceutical Sciences                                     sexual orientation, veteran’s status, political     courses taken as a provisional student may
                                                              affiliation or disability.                          be applied towards a graduate degree.
Master of Science (M.S.)
                                                                                                                     Nondegree-seeking student. An individ-
  Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                                              Admission requirements                              ual who wishes to take graduate courses
Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree                                                                without formal admission to a degree pro-
                                                                 General admission requirements for               gram is classified as a nondegree-seeking stu-
Programs                                                      graduate study in the university are:
   Pharm.D./Ph.D.                                                                                                 dent. There is no limit to the number of
                                                                1. graduation from an accredited college          credits a nondegree-seeking student may
School of Social Work
                                                                   or university or its equivalent,               take, as long as the student’s academic per-
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)                                    2. except in very unusual cases approved          formance is credible. In courses where
  Social Work                                                      by the graduate dean, a minimum                enrollment is limited, first priority is given to
                                                                   undergraduate GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0              students admitted to the program, followed
Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)                                     scale for at least the last two years of       by other VCU graduate degree-seeking stu-
  Advanced Standing                                                undergraduate work,                            dents. Nondegree-seeking students are not
  Regular Standing                                              3. satisfactory scores from a current (less       exempt from any prerequisite which may be
                                                                   than five years old) standardized test         specified for a course. A nondegree-seeking
Cooperative, Interdisciplinary and Combined Degree Programs        commonly used and deemed appropri-
   M.S.W./Certificate as School Social Worker in State of                                                         student who is later admitted as a degree-
                                                                   ate by the particular discipline,              seeking student will not be allowed to apply
     Virginia with the School of Education
   M.S.W./Certificate in Aging Studies with the
                                                                4. three letters of recommendation,               toward a degree more than six credits earned
     Department of Gerontology                                  5. applicant’s written statement of intent        as a nondegree-seeking student.
   Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Law with the             for pursuing graduate studies in a par-
     University of Richmond, T.C. Williams School of Law           ticular discipline, and
   Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Master of             6. such additional requirements as may            Application information
     Divinity with the Richmond Theological Consortium             be established by individual programs             A printed copy of this bulletin may be
     (RTC): Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian              and schools. These may include per-            purchased from the VCU Bookstores or
     School of Christian Education (Union-PSCE), Baptist           sonal interviews, auditions, submission
     Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR), and The
                                                                                                                  may be ordered by phone by calling toll
                                                                   of a portfolio or other materials.             free 1-877-574-0529 or locally (804) 827-
     Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at
                                                                 An exception to the general admissions           0466. The Graduate and Professional
     Virginia Union University (STVU)
                                                              requirements is made for students entering          Programs Bulletin, in its entirety, as well as
                                                              through the Guaranteed Admissions Program           additional information on graduate studies
Off-campus graduate instruction                               of the University Honors Program. (See the          at VCU, may be accessed via the Web at
                                                              heading “Admission through the University 
  VCU is dedicated to serving the needs of                    Honors Program” in this chapter.)                      Application forms and materials may be
Virginians by providing off-campus gradu-                                                                         obtained in person at the School of
ate credit instruction when and where it is                   Types of admissions                                 Graduate Studies office at Ginter House,
needed. Courses are offered in response to                                                                        901 W. Franklin St., Room B1, (804) 828-
                                                                 Students may be admitted to graduate             6916. Mail requests should be sent to the
an expression of need from various locales
                                                              studies under one of the following                  School of Graduate Studies, Virginia
and groups.
                                                              classifications:                                    Commonwealth University, P.O. Box
  Off-campus instruction features the same
                                                                 Degree-seeking student. An applicant             843051, Richmond, VA 23284-3051. A
course work available on campus, and most off-
                                                              who meets all requirements for admission

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y      •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                     •   2002-03                 17
Graduate Studies at VCU

$30 nonrefundable application fee must                  (GMAT), the Law School Admissions Test            Human Genetics
accompany each application. This fee will               (LSAT), and the Miller Analogies Test             Microbiology and Immunology
not be credited toward tuition payment.                 (MAT). These examinations will not                Pharmacology and Toxicology
   An application cannot be given final con-            replace other records of achievement as a
sideration until all required credentials have          basis for admission to the School of
been received. These include the following:             Graduate Studies, but they will offer addi-       Master of Accountancy
  1. two official transcripts or the equiva-            tional evidence concerning the qualifica-
     lent from each college or university               tions of students desiring to undertake grad-     Master of Arts
     previously attended,                               uate work.                                        Economics
  2. three letters of recommendation, and                                                                 History
  3. report of current (less than five years
     old) scores achieved on the Graduate
                                                        Admission through the University                  Master of Business Administration
     Record Examination (GRE) or other                  Honors Program
                                                                                                          Master of Education
     entrance examinations required by the                 VCU students participating in the
                                                                                                            Adult Education and Human Resource Development
     particular department or school.                   University Honors Program may apply for             Counselor Education
   These credentials should be considered as            guaranteed admission to certain graduate            Early Childhood Special Education
minimal. Each graduate and professional                 programs before matriculation at VCU or             Emotional Disturbance
chapter of this bulletin includes detailed              early in their undergraduate studies. (The          Mental Retardation
information concerning further admission                specific deadline for applying is set by each       Learning Disabilities
requirements to specific programs and                   program.) Honors students who receive               Severe Disabilities
schools. Refer to the Graduate Curriculum               guaranteed admission may enter the pro-
Requirements chart in this bulletin for a               grams of their choice without submitting          Master of Health Administration
complete listing of curricula, specializations          additional application material or test
                                                                                                          Master of Public Administration
and tracks, as well as application deadline             scores (in some programs, test scores are
dates and special admission requirements.               required for statistical purposes only) pro-      Master of Public Health
                                                        vided they fulfill the requirements for grad-
                                                        uation with University Honors and satisfy         Master of Science
Entrance examinations                                   the curricular prerequisites of the program       Anatomy
   To supplement other evidence of prepa-               they plan to enter.                               Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
ration for graduate work, the University                   Prior to application for guaranteed admis-     Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Council has stated that all pro-               sion to a graduate program, the student           Biostatistics
grams at VCU must consider in their                     should meet with the associate director of        Business
admissions the scores from a current (less              the Honors Program. Following that meet-          Clinical Laboratory Sciences
than five years old) standardized test com-                                                               Computer Science
                                                        ing, the student must submit a completed
monly used and deemed appropriate for a                                                                   Criminal Justice-Justice Option
                                                        graduate application form with three letters      Exercise Science
given discipline.                                       of recommendation to the Honors Program,          Gerontology
   Schools or programs reserve the right to             which will then forward it with an endorse-       Human Genetics
accept standardized test scores older than              ment of eligibility to the School of Graduate     Mathematical Sciences
five years at their discretion, as long as offi-        Studies. To be accepted into a Guaranteed         Microbiology and Immunology
cial test scores are available from the test-           Admission Program, a student must be              Nursing (except Case Management Track)
ing service. Any exceptions to the general              accepted by the university, by the University     Occupational Therapy
requirement proposed by schools or pro-                 Honors Program and by the admissions com-         Pharmacology and Toxicology
grams must be approved by the University                mittee of the program the student wishes to       Physics
Graduate Council.                                                                                         Physiology
                                                        enter. The admissions committee may
   Individual exceptions to this requirement                                                              Recreation, Parks and Tourism (name change to
                                                        require an interview. Final notification             Recreation, Parks and Sport Leadership pending
may be considered: (a) for students with a              of guaranteed admission is made by the dean          final approval)
previous graduate degree, (b) for students              of the School of Graduate Studies.                Rehabilitation Counseling
with demonstrated competency (achieve-                     For additional information, refer to the
ment of a grade “B” or above) in course                 Undergraduate Bulletin, or contact the            Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
work at the graduate level, preferably in the           University Honors Program office at P.O.
context of an advanced degree program and               Box 843010, Richmond, VA 23284-3010;              Master of Taxation
(c) for students entering graduate study                phone (804) 828-1803; or visit online at
through the Guaranteed Admissions                                            Master of Teaching
Program of the University Honors Program.                  Programs that offer guaranteed admission
Any student considered for waiver of stan-                                                                Master of Urban and Regional Planning
                                                        through the University Honors Program are:
dardized testing requirements must meet all
other requirements for full admission to the               Doctor of Philosophy                         Application procedures
program to which he or she is applying.                    Anatomy
                                                                                                           Completed applications and supporting
   Common examinations used at VCU are                     Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
                                                           Biomedical Engineering                       materials must be submitted to the School
the Graduate Record Examination (GRE),
                                                           Biostatistics                                of Graduate Studies. Applications submitted
the Graduate Management Admissions Test
                                                                                                        by mail should be addressed to the School

 18              Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                   •   2002-03
                                                                                                                         Graduate Studies at VCU

of Graduate Studies, Virginia Common-                      Admissions, Richmond, VA, United States              International applicants must provide
wealth University, Richmond, VA 23284-                     23284-3043.                                       evidence of proficiency in the English lan-
3051. Applications submitted in person may                    English Language Proficiency Require-          guage prior to admission and/or full-time
be delivered to the School of Graduate                     ment. To ensure maximum benefit from              enrollment in the university. An applicant
Studies office at Ginter House, 901 W.                     academic study at VCU, all nonnative              may satisfy university English proficiency
Franklin St., Room B-1. Completed applica-                 English-speaking applicants regardless of         requirements by obtaining a satisfactory
tions and supporting materials are reviewed                immigration status must provide evidence of       score on the Test of English as a Foreign
by the graduate faculty of the intended pro-               English language proficiency before admis-        Language (TOEFL). The university mini-
gram, and final notification of acceptance is              sion and/or enrollment in the university.         mum TOEFL score requirement is 550
made by the dean of the School of Graduate                    Evidence of English language proficiency       (paper-based) and 213 (computer-based).
Studies. Admission to a graduate program                   is evaluated based on factors such as length      However, most graduate programs prefer a
may be contingent upon the successful com-                 of stay in the United States, amount and          minimum TOEFL score of 600 (paper-
pletion of undergraduate courses, degrees or               type of formal U.S. education, Test of            based) and 250 (computer-based).
other prerequisites that may be specified by               English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)                As VCU generally does not provide finan-
the program or school. Remedial courses                    scores and other standardized test scores.        cial support for graduate international stu-
will not apply toward a graduate degree.                   The School of Graduate Studies reserves the       dents, applicants needing a student (F-1) visa
Applications and supporting materials                      right to require additional testing and study     or a visiting scholar (J-1) visa also must pres-
should be received before the deadlines                    in the VCU English Language Program prior         ent documented evidence of available finan-
specified throughout this bulletin. Late                   to full-time enrollment in university courses.    cial support to cover annual living and edu-
applications will be considered when possi-                The university offers a full-time English-as-a-   cational expenses while studying at VCU.
ble but may require provisional admission.                 Second-Language noncredit program. For               U.S. Immigration and Naturalization
   Students who do not apply at least one                  information on this program, including fees,      Service regulations do not allow nonimmi-
month prior to the beginning of any semes-                 contact the Office of International               grant students to study at VCU as special
ter risk their financial aid eligibility in the            Education, Virginia Commonwealth                  (nondegree-seeking) students. Proof of cur-
event that the admission process is not                    University, Richmond, VA 23284-3043,              rent visa type must be submitted with the
completed prior to the first day of classes.               United States; (804) 828-2551.                    application for applicants who are in the
                                                              Nonimmigrants (Students with tempo-            United States on student visas. F-1 students
                                                           rary U.S. visas). Due to the time con-            and J-1 visiting scholars admitted to VCU
Multiple admissions                                        straints involved in processing applications      must submit copies of all immigration docu-
  Students may not be admitted to degree-                  from international students and in obtain-        ments to the international student adviser
seeking status in more than one graduate                   ing visas, prospective students should apply      prior to enrolling in classes.
program without petitioning and receiving                  well in advance of the international appli-          Immigrants (Permanent residents, resi-
written permission from the program direc-                 cation deadlines. The deadlines are April 1       dent aliens and asylum applicants).
tor or graduate committee of the school(s)                 for fall semester, Oct. 1 for spring semester     Because immigrant applicants usually are in
in which the student is enrolled.                          and Feb. 1 for summer session. Students           the United States at the time applications
                                                           must meet specific program deadlines. The         are submitted, these students are required
Undergraduate students                                     graduate dean must authorize any exception        to meet the same application deadlines as
                                                           to application deadlines. All required            U.S. citizens.
   VCU undergraduates may enroll in 500-                   admission documents must be submitted no             If educated in the United States, immi-
level courses with approval of their advisers              later than eight weeks prior to registration      grant students will be considered for admis-
and consent of the programs offering the                   if appropriate immigration documents are          sion under the same academic policies as
courses. Highly-qualified undergraduates                   to be issued. Applicants who are unable to        those applied to U.S. citizens. If educated
approaching the last semester of study may                 meet this credential deadline will need to        outside the United States, the same aca-
apply for admission to a graduate program.                 defer the intended semester of entry.             demic records are required as those for non-
If accepted, they may enroll in two gradu-                    Both U.S. government regulations and           immigrant students.
ate courses during the last semester of                    VCU admission policies require nonimmi-              VCU requires detailed information con-
undergraduate study. Their total load                      grant applicants to demonstrate:                  cerning U.S. immigration status. Proof of
should not exceed 16 hours of combined                        • satisfactory academic achievement,           permanent residency must be submitted
credit. Credit for any course can be applied                  • adequate English language proficiency,       with the admission application.
only to one degree.                                              and
                                                              • ability to finance all educational and
International students                                           living expenses.                            Financial aid
                                                              Refer to university and program admis-
  The university encourages qualified                                                                           Current information on financial aid pro-
                                                           sion requirements in this bulletin for other
international students, both nonimmigrant                                                                    grams, policies and procedures are available
                                                           information requested of all applicants. An
and immigrant, to seek admission to VCU.                                                                     on the VCU Web at
                                                           applicant must have earned a bachelor’s
Complete information and application                                                                         finaid.
                                                           degree from an accredited institution in the
materials for international students may be                                                                     To obtain printed materials or additional
                                                           United States or an equivalent degree from
obtained on written request from Virginia                                                                    information, call or visit the appropriate
                                                           a recognized foreign institution. Official
Commonwealth University, International                                                                       financial aid office listed.
                                                           academic records must be submitted.

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                   •   2002-03                 19
 Graduate Studies at VCU

Academic Campus                                             are strongly encouraged to apply electroni-      grams. Students should apply for financial
  Ginter House                                              cally using FAFSA on the Web; however,           aid using the FAFSA application and work
  Shafer Street Entrance                                    applicants may apply using the paper             with a financial aid counselor to coordinate
  901 W. Franklin St., P.O. Box 843026
                                                            FAFSA application.                               aid for their study abroad programs. All
  Richmond, VA 23284-3026
  (804) 828-6669
                                                               Students should complete the FAFSA            study abroad programs must be coordinated
  Fax: (804) 828-6187                                       using data from their completed federal tax      through the VCU Center for International
  E-mail:                                  returns if at all possible. However, appli-      Programs available at (804) 828-8471.
                                                            cants may use estimated tax return data to
Schools of Allied Health Professions,                       file the FAFSA in order to meet the VCU
  Nursing and Pharmacy                                      priority filing date but should be prepared
                                                                                                             Quality assurance
  Sanger Hall, Room 1-055                                   to submit a completed tax return and W2             To ensure that information provided on
  1101 E. Marshall St., P.O. Box 980244                     forms to VCU at a later date. Students will      the FAFSA is accurate, applications may be
  Richmond, VA 23298-0244                                   receive their award letters after the applica-   selected for review at any time during an
  (804) 828-9800                                                                                             enrollment period. The student, parent
                                                            tion data have been verified.
  Fax: (804) 828-2703                                                                                        and/or spouse will be requested to provide
                                                               Health profession students (dentistry,
                                                            medicine, nursing or pharmacy) must pro-         documentation that supports the FAFSA
School of Dentistry
  Lyons Building, Room 309                                  vide both student and parental information       information. By signing the FAFSA, the
  520 N. 12th St., P.O. Box 980566                          to apply and receive consideration for Title     applicant agrees to furnish such documenta-
  Richmond, VA 23298-0566                                   VII grants and loans from the Department         tion. If the student fails to provide docu-
  (804) 828-9953                                            of Health and Human Services.                    mentation when requested, the student’s
  Fax: (804) 828-5288                                                                                        financial aid will be canceled, and any funds
                                                                                                             already disbursed may need to be repaid.
School of Medicine                                          Priority filing date
  Sanger Hall, Room 1-008                                      Graduate students are encouraged to
  1101 E. Marshall St., P.O. Box 980565                     submit the FAFSA and have the results
                                                                                                             Financial aid and the university bill
  Richmond, VA 23298-0565                                                                                    Bills for tuition, fees and other university
                                                            sent to VCU no later than June 1. In order
  (804) 828-4006                                                                                             charges are mailed by the Student
  Fax: (804) 827-5555
                                                            to meet the May 1 priority filing date, grad-
                                                            uate students should mail the FAFSA by           Accounting Department to the student’s
                                                            March 15 if they complete the paper              permanent address. When financial aid
                                                            FAFSA, or submit the FAFSA by April 1 if         awards are not enough to pay the university
Financial aid eligibility                                   they file electronically. Completed applica-     bill, the remaining balance must be paid
   Most students are eligible for some type                 tions received after June 1 will be processed    from the student’s personal funds. The stu-
of financial aid regardless of family finan-                in the order received. If students have not      dent may choose to participate in the VCU
cial circumstances. However, to be eligible                 applied for financial aid in a timely manner,    Installment Payment Plan. Federal Work-
for aid, a student must:                                    they may want to contact the Student             Study awards may not be deducted from the
  • be a U.S. citizen or an eligible                        Accounting Department at (804) 828-2228          university bill, since work-study awards
      noncitizen,                                           to request the VCU Installment Payment           must be earned throughout each semester.
  • be admitted to or enrolled in an eligi-                 Plan, which budgets each semester’s bill
      ble degree or certificate program,                    over four payments.                              Financial aid appeals
  • be making Reasonable Academic
                                                                                                             Financial aid eligibility decisions are made
      Progress (defined later in this section),             Financial aid for summer sessions                using federal, state and institutional regula-
  • not owe a refund on a federal student
                                                               Financial aid may be available for the        tions and policies. Students may appeal
      grant or be in default on a federal stu-
                                                            summer session if the student applied for aid    their award offers if special circumstances
      dent loan, and
                                                            and was eligible for aid during the previous     warrant a review. Reasons for an appeal
  • be enrolled at least half time (five or
                                                            academic year and has remaining loan eligi-      might include one of the following docu-
      more graduate credit hours).
                                                            bility. Information about the summer aid         mented unusual circumstances:
                                                            application form, deadlines and processing         • loss or reduction of employment
Applying for financial aid                                  schedule is published in the summer VCU               earnings
   Students do not need to receive an                       Schedule of Classes (available in March).          • disability or death of a spouse
admissions decision before applying for                     Although summer financial aid applications         • separation or divorce
financial aid. To apply, submit a Free                      are due earlier, Academic Campus process-          • loss or reduction of untaxed income
Application for Federal Student Aid                         ing usually occurs during the third week of        • losses due to natural disaster
(FAFSA) designating VCU (school code                        April, and MCV Campus processing begins            • unusually high educational program
003735) to receive the FAFSA results. The                   during the first week of April and continues          costs
FAFSA must be completed annually and is                     through the beginning of May.                      • unusual medical expenses
available at VCU, high schools, colleges                                                                       • dependent and child care expenses
and most public libraries. The FAFSA also                                                                       Any financial aid staff member can
                                                            Financial aid for study abroad                   advise a student about the procedures on
is available on the Web:
   In order to reduce problems, errors                        Financial aid is available to eligible stu-    how to file an appeal.
and omissions on the FAFSA, students                        dents enrolled in approved study-abroad pro-

 20                  Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin              •   2002-03
                                                                                                                          Graduate Studies at VCU

Federal refund policy                                      in danger of being suspended. When stu-           Graduate assistantships and
                                                           dents fail to meet RAP requirements, they         fellowships
   Students who receive federal Title IV
                                                           will receive suspension letters indicating that
financial aid and withdraw from classes                                                                         University graduate teaching and
                                                           they are ineligible to receive further finan-
before completing 60 percent of the calen-                                                                   research assistantships and fellowships are
                                                           cial aid. Students whose eligibility for finan-
dar days of the semester will have a portion                                                                 awarded to continuing and newly admitted
                                                           cial aid has been suspended may submit an
of their financial aid returned to the vari-                                                                 graduate students. Eligibility is based on a
                                                           appeal if mitigating circumstances prevented
ous programs (thereby reducing amounts                                                                       variety of criteria.
                                                           the student from maintaining RAP.
refunded to the student).                                                                                       Special rules, contained in the VCU
                                                              For more detailed information about the
   When the certified date of withdrawal                                                                     School of Graduate Studies Policies and
                                                           VCU Reasonable Academic Progress pol-
falls during the federal refund period, finan-                                                               Procedures Statement on Graduate
                                                           icy, visit the Office of Financial Aid Web
cial aid eligibility is recalculated. This                                                                   Fellowships and Assistantships, apply to
                                                           site (
recalculation may reduce financial aid eligi-                                                                graduate assistants. Such awards must be
bility resulting in a partial or complete                                                                    coordinated with any other financial aid.
return of aid funds to the aid program(s).                 Types of financial aid                            Any stipend support is reported to the
When funds are returned to the aid pro-                      There are three basic types of financial        Internal Revenue Service and is subject to
grams, it may be necessary for the student                 aid: loans, grants and work-study. Each type      IRS rules. Refer to the School of Graduate
to repay funds from an earlier living                      has different features and advantages.            Studies Web site for a copy of the policy
expense refund(s) for which the student is                                                                   statement, as well as additional information
no longer eligible. Furthermore, the student                                                                 on graduate student support and funding
also may be required to directly repay funds
received to the U.S. Department of                            In terms of total dollars available, long-
                                                                                                                A university graduate assistant is pre-
Education.                                                 term federal loan programs provide the
                                                                                                             cluded from any other type of employment
                                                           most dollars. Federal loans must be repaid
                                                                                                             and forgoes the normal student academic
                                                           after the grace period and/or deferment
Reasonable academic progress                                                                                 vacations for the period of the appoint-
                                                           periods have expired. Students must gener-
                                                                                                             ment. Graduate program directors and
   To be eligible to receive financial aid at              ally remain enrolled at least half-time
                                                                                                             prospective graduate assistants should agree
VCU, students must make Reasonable                         (five credit hours for graduate students).
                                                                                                             upon the specific conditions of employment
Academic Progress (RAP). RAP is a com-                     Multiple repayment plans may be available
                                                                                                             before finalizing appointments.
bination of qualitative and quantitative                   for most federal loans. Selected loan pro-
                                                                                                                Inquiry about such awards should be
components. RAP is measured by:                            grams include.
                                                                                                             made directly to the school or department
  • GPA. Generally, graduate students are                     • Federal Direct Loan
                                                                                                             in which the student intends to enroll.
      expected to maintain at least a 3.0                        (subsidized and unsubsidized)
                                                                                                             Students in the process of applying for
      GPA as specified by their departments.                  • Health Professions Student Loan
                                                                                                             admission should indicate their interest in
  • Completion rate. The completion rate                      • Loans for Disadvantaged Students
                                                                                                             such support. Some programs include a sep-
      is measured by the number of credit                     • Nursing Student Loan
                                                                                                             arate application for support with the appli-
      hours earned divided by the number of                   • Primary Care Loan
                                                                                                             cation for admission. Refer to the College
      credit hours attempted. All students                                                                   of Humanities and Sciences chapter of this
      must successfully complete at least 67               Grants                                            bulletin for additional information on
      percent of all credit hours attempted                   Contact individual academic depart-            graduate student support for students in
      (withdrawals, incompletes and                        ments for information about grant or schol-       the college.
      repeated courses also are considered                 arship programs.
      attempted credit hours).
  • Overall progress toward degree/cer-                    Work-study                                        Veteran and reservist educational
      tificate. Overall progress is measured                  Work-study is a form of financial aid that     benefits
      by the number of credit hours                        pays wages for work performed through                Detailed information about Veteran and
      attempted divided by the number of                   employment. Work-study positions are              Reservist Educational Assistance eligibility
      credit hours necessary to complete the               located on-campus and in approved off-            is available on the Web (
      degree or certification program.                     campus locations. Hourly wages will vary          enroll/finaid). To obtain printed material,
      Students may attempt no more than                    depending on skills and experience. Job           contact:
      150 percent of the hours required to                 listings are posted to the Career Center’s
      complete their graduate degrees or cer-              Web site (            Veterans’ Affairs Office
      tificate programs.                                   When interviewing for work-study posi-              Office of Financial Aid
   The Office of Financial Aid will perform a              tions, students should take copies of their         901 W. Franklin St., Room 109
periodic RAP review for students who                       award letters to show prospective employ-
                                                                                                               Richmond, VA 23284-3026
receive or apply for financial aid. The                                                                        (804) 828-6166
                                                           ers. Graduate students usually work 15 to           Fax: (804) 828-6187
reviews are typically performed at the end of              25 hours per week.                                  e-mail:
the spring semester and must be completed
at least once per academic year.
                                                                                                                Eligible veterans must comply with the
   Students will be alerted with warning let-
                                                                                                             following requirements to receive educa-
ters, whenever possible, to provide them
                                                                                                             tional benefits as students.
with notice that their financial aid may be

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                    •   2002-03             21
Graduate Studies at VCU

 1. The veteran must apply or be accepted               credit hour basis above the full-time tuition             MCV Campus                         In state Out of state
    into a degree- or certificate-seeking               rate. Graduate students fully funded as
                                                                                                                  Full time per semester (9-15 credit hours)
    program.                                            graduate assistants or graduate fellows with              Fall 2002, spring 2003
 2. The veteran must request certification              tuition remission must register for at least                 Tuition                        2,309.00      6,843.00
    after registering for courses each semes-           nine credit hours per semester (six credit                   SGA fee (MCV)                     14.50         14.50
    ter and each summer session from the                hours during the summer if funded on a 12-                   University fee                   477.50        477.50
    Veterans’ Affairs Office.                           month stipend). Departmental require-                        Technology fee                    20.50         20.50
 3. The veteran may only be eligible to                 ments may vary; therefore, students should                   Health service fee                80.50
    use benefits for only those courses                 verify expected course loads with their                                                   $ 2,902.00    $ 7,436.50
    applied toward a degree or certificate              graduate program directors.                               Part time (per credit hour)
    program.                                               The tuition and fees for 2002-03 are as                Fall 2002, spring 2003
 4. The veteran is not eligible for benefits            listed. Additional fees may be assessed by                   Tuition                          256.75        760.50
    for courses taken on an audit basis. If             individual programs. A complete listing of                   SGA fee (MCV)*                     5.15          5.15
    repeating a course or taking a course               all university charges is published annually                 University fee                    39.50         39.50
    with no credits, the veteran must                   in the VCU Schedule of Tuition, Fees, and                    Technology fee                     2.00          2.00
                                                                                                                                                 ________       ________
    notify the Veterans’ Affairs Office.                Other Expenses. A copy of this publication                                                  $ 303.40      $ 807.15
 5. The veteran is responsible for ensuring             may be obtained from the Student                          Full time per semester (9-15 credit hours)
    that his/her transcripts are evaluated              Accounting Department on the Academic                     Summer 2003
    for transfer credits to be accepted by              Campus, 827 W. Franklin St., (804) 828-                      Tuition                        2,309.00      6,843.00
                                                                                                                     SGA fee (MCV)                      9.25          9.25
    VCU. The veteran must submit this                   2341, or on the MCV Campus, Lyons
                                                                                                                     University fee                   318.00        318.00
    information to the Veterans’ Affairs                Building Basement, (804) 828-0749 or                         Technology fee                    13.00         13.00
    Office for transmittal to the Veterans’             online:                                                           ________       ________
    Administration Regional Office.                        All charges are subject to change by                                                   $ 2,649.25    $ 7,183.25
 6. The veteran must notify the Veterans’               decision of the Board of Visitors.                        Part time (per credit hour)
                                                                                                                  Summer 2003
    Affairs Office if planning to drop or
                                                                                                                     Tuition                          256.75        760.50
    withdraw from classes or stop attend-               Academic Campus                   In state Out of state
                                                                                                                     SGA fee (MCV)*                     5.25          5.25
    ing VCU.                                                                                                         University fee                    25.50         25.50
                                                        Full time per semester (9-15 credit hours)
                                                                                                                     Technology fee                     2.00          2.00
                                                        Fall 2002, spring 2003                                                                   ________       ________
                                                           Tuition                        2,309.00     6,843.00                                     $ 289.50      $ 793.25
Graduate tuition and student fees                          Activity fee (AC)                 14.50        14.50
                                                           University fee                   477.50       477.50
   Students must pay all applicable tuition                Technology Fee                    20.50        20.50     * SGA fee is a flat rate for part-time students.
and fees when due, as described in this sec-               Health fee                        80.50        80.50
tion. Students who fail to pay these charges                                           ________      ________
on time may be assessed a late payment fee.                                             $ 2,902.00   $ 7,436.00   University fee
The university reserves the right to revise             Academic Campus                   In state Out of state     This fee is used by the university to sup-
or alter all tuition and fees, regulations per-         Part time (per credit hour)
                                                                                                                  port student facilities, campus develop-
taining to student fees and collection pro-             Fall 2002, spring 2003                                    ment, intercollegiate athletics and other
cedures at any time. In addition to expenses               Tuition                          256.75       760.50   programs. Full-time students pay a flat-rate
billed by the university, students should                  Activity fee (AC)                  1.70         1.70   university fee each semester. Part-time stu-
make allowances for books, clothing, sup-                  University fee                    39.50        39.50   dents pay this fee on a per-credit basis.
plies, travel and other out-of-pocket costs                Technology fee                     2.00
when figuring their total yearly expenses at                                              $ 299.95     $ 803.70
the university.
                                                                                                                  Student activity fee
                                                        Full time (9-15 credit hours)
   Every student is responsible for maintain-           Summer 2003                                                  This fee is used to support social, cul-
ing a current mailing address on file with                 Tuition                        2,309.00     6,843.00   tural and other student activities on the
the Office of Records and Registration and                 Activity fee (AC)                 12.35        12.35   Academic Campus. These activities
checking his or her VCU official e-mail on                 University fee                   318.00       318.00   include concerts, plays, student organiza-
a frequent and consistent basis. Failure to                Technology fee                    13.00        13.00   tions and publications.
                                                                                        ________     ________
receive a bill because of an incorrect                                                  $ 2,652.35   $ 7,186.35      Full-time students on the Academic
address does not relieve responsibility of              Part time (per credit hour)                               Campus pay a flat-rate student activity fee,
timely payments.                                        Summer 2003                                               while part-time students on the same cam-
                                                          Tuition                           256.75       760.50   pus pay this fee on a per-credit basis.
                                                          Activity fee (AC)                   1.05         1.05   Students on the MCV Campus are not
Full-time and part-time graduate                          University fee                     25.50        25.50   charged this fee.
study                                                     Technology fee                      2.00         2.00
                                                                                        ________     ________
  Graduate students registered for nine to                                                $ 285.30     $ 789.05
                                                                                                                  Student Government Association fee
15 credit hours are considered full time.
Graduate students registered for more than                                                                          This fee is used to support social, cultural
15 credit hours during any semester will be                                                                       and other student activities on the MCV
charged an overload tuition fee on a per                                                                          Campus. It is determined and assessed by

 22              Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y    •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                              •   2002-03
                                                                                                                        Graduate Studies at VCU

the Student Government Association on                      the applicant is conveyed at the time of          strongly recommended that applications be
the MCV Campus. Academic Campus stu-                       admission.                                        submitted by the appropriate deadline: fall
dents are not charged this fee.                               New students initially classified as non-      semester, Aug. 1; spring semester, Dec. 1;
                                                           Virginians for tuition purposes may request       summer session, May 1.
                                                           a review of the initial residency determina-         Students will be notified by mail of deci-
Student health fee                                         tion by contacting the residency officer in       sions regarding residency status. The
   All full-time students on both campuses                 the Office of Records and Registration. This      Financial Aid and Student Accounting
must pay the student health fee. Part-                     office may request that the applicant com-        departments also will receive official notifi-
time students may participate in the                       plete a Student Supplemental Application          cation of residency decisions. Any denial
University Student Health Services on an                   for Virginia In-state Tuition Rates and sub-      for a change in residency status will include
elective basis by paying the student health                mit documents for additional clarification.       procedures for appeal of the intermediate
fee. The University Student Health                         Continuing students desiring a change of          decision. Students who submit fraudulent
Services offers unlimited office visits for                residency status must submit a completed          applications, falsify documentation or con-
acute and chronic ailments, after-hours                    Student Supplemental Application for In-          ceal information will be subject to reclassi-
emergency room referrals and laboratory                    state Tuition Rates with supporting docu-         fication, payment of all nonresident fees
tests, among other services.                               mentation. Requests and applications for a        owed and university discipline.
                                                           second review should be submitted to the
Technology fee                                             residency officer no later than 30 days prior
                                                           to the beginning of any semester.
                                                                                                             Academic Common Market
   The technology fee is charged to all                       Students approved for a change to in-             The commonwealth of Virginia partici-
undergraduate, graduate and professional                   state status for tuition purposes are notified    pates in the Southern Regional Education
students in all programs. Full-time students               by mail with copies of their approval letters     Board’s Academic Common Market, an
pay a flat rate. Part-time students pay a per-             sent to the Office of Financial Aid and the       interstate agreement for sharing uncommon
credit-hour rate. The fee is used to fund                  Student Accounting Department. Students           academic programs. VCU participates in
improved access and assistance with infor-                 denied this status also are notified by mail.     the ACM at the graduate level. Other states
mation technology.                                         The denial letter informs the student of          that participate in the ACM are Alabama,
                                                           procedures for appeal of this decision.           Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia,
Off-campus fees                                                                                              Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi,
                                                                                                             North Carolina, Oklahoma, South
   The university fee, the student activity                In-state residency                                Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West
fee, the student government association fee                   Eligibility for in-state tuition benefits is   Virginia. Schools in these states are able to
(except School of Social Work) and the                     determined by Section 23-7.4 of the Code          make arrangements for residents who qualify
student health fee are not charged to stu-                 of Virginia. Refer to the Determination of        for admission to specific programs in other
dents taking off-campus classes.                           Student Classification for In-state Tuition       states to enroll on an in-state tuition basis.
                                                           Purposes in the Appendix of this bulletin         A student who has been accepted for admis-
Special fee charges                                        for the complete code.                            sion into a program for which the student’s
                                                              All applicants to VCU who want to be           state of residency has obtained ACM access
   Because of specialized programs, various
                                                           classified as Virginia residents must com-        must obtain certification of residency from
schools and departments may charge each
                                                           plete the Application for Virginia In-state       the higher education authority of the stu-
student additional fees to cover special mate-
                                                           Tuition Rates included in the graduate            dent’s state of residency. Inquiries about the
rials, equipment breakage and other costs.
                                                           application. The residency determination          Academic Common Market should be
For specific information about special fees,
                                                           of the applicant will be conveyed at the          directed to the higher education authority
refer to the Student Accounting Department
                                                           time of admission.                                of the student’s state of residency or to
Web site or to the specific school or depart-
                                                              New students who have been classified          VCU’s School of Graduate Studies, (804)
ment section in this bulletin.
                                                           initially as non-Virginians for tuition pur-      828-6916.
                                                           poses may request a review of the initial
Tuition determination and student                          residency determination by contacting
                                                                                                             Student billing
classification                                             Records and Registration/Residency, (804)
                                                           828-0366. The residency officer may                  The Student Accounting Department
   Tuition is based on the number of credit                                                                  issues bills to students showing charges for
                                                           request that the applicant complete a
hours a student is taking and by the stu-                                                                    the following fees: tuition, student activi-
                                                           Student Supplemental Application for
dent’s residency classification, course of                                                                   ties fee, student government association
                                                           Virginia In-state Tuition Rates and submit
study and classification level. For in-state                                                                 fee, technology fee, university fee, private
                                                           supporting documents for additional clarifi-
tuition benefits, the student must comply                                                                    music lessons, school major fees, special
                                                           cation. Continuing students desiring a
with Section 23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia.                                                                 course fees, course materials fees, dental
                                                           change of residency status to in-state
See the Appendices of this bulletin.                                                                         kits, disability insurance, room rent, board
                                                           tuition rates must submit the supplemental
   All applicants to VCU who wish to                                                                         fees, communication fees, student health
                                                           application along with supporting docu-
be considered for in-state tuition rates                                                                     fee and study abroad fees.
                                                           mentation. Requests and applications for a
as Virginia residents must submit the                                                                           Tuition and fees for preregistered stu-
                                                           second review must be submitted to the res-
Application for Virginia In-state Tuition                                                                    dents, along with charges for room and
                                                           idency officer by the last day of add/drop
Rates. The residency determination of                                                                        board where applicable, are due by the
                                                           week for each semester; however, it is

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                  •   2002-03                23
Graduate Studies at VCU

beginning of each semester. All other stu-                The refund policy and deadlines of the          • unless they have completed the with-
dents will be billed after the registration            English Language Program (ELP) are differ-            drawal procedures through the
period and should pay upon receipt of the              ent from the university’s refund policy for           Housing Office.
invoice.                                               academic courses. Details of the policy may         A refund of the board plan charges will
                                                       be obtained from the English Language            be made if:
                                                       Program Office.                                    • the cancellation occurs prior to the
Drop vs. withdraw                                         A full refund for Holiday Intersession             first official board plan day of the year
   Drop — charges are removed to indicate              will be granted if the course is dropped              provided the dining services coordina-
that the student never attended the class.             before 4:30 p.m. on the day of the first class        tor has been given written notifica-
The student is not eligible to receive finan-          meeting. Partial refunds are not granted.             tion. A full refund of the board plan
cial aid, and any financial aid already cred-             A full refund for summer tuition and               charges will be made at this time. If
ited to the student’s account based on the             applicable fees will be granted if the course         the cancellation occurs throughout the
original course registration will be removed           is dropped no later than the day following            semester, refunds will be granted on a
from the student’s account and may create              the first day of a given class. (This policy          daily proration. Refer to the Room and
a balance due to the university.                       also is applicable if the class does not meet         Board Contract Terms and Conditions
   Withdraw — results in the academic                  on two consecutive days.) Students reduc-             sheet for additional information.
grade of “W.” Charges are assessed and                 ing their academic course loads to fewer            Requests for refunds of overpayment may
adjusted according to the University                   than full time (12 credits for undergradu-       be made in writing to: VCU Student
Refund Policy. Students may owe a balance              ates and nine credits for graduates) before      Accounting Department, P.O. Box 843036,
to the university.                                     the end of the last day to drop a course will    Richmond, VA 23284-3036. Refund
                                                       be entitled to a refund of tuition and appli-    request forms are available at the Student
Refund of tuition and fees                             cable fees reflecting the reduced course         Services Centers, 827 W. Franklin St.,
                                                       load. Partial refunds are not granted for the    Room 104 or 1101 E. Marshall St., Room
   The official university tuition and fee             summer session. This same refund policy          1-055. In accordance with credit card regu-
policy applicable for the fall and spring              also applies to short courses offered during     lations, the university will refund any credit
semesters only (excluding short courses) is            the fall and spring semesters.                   balance that may result on a student’s
outlined below. Refunds are calculated on a               Students who are financial aid recipients     account as the outcome of a credit card
course-by-course (per credit hour) basis,              and withdraw from all courses prior to com-      payment back to the credit card account.
disregarding the full-time cap amounts.                pleting 60 percent of the semester are sub-      The remaining credit balance, if any, will
Students who are enrolled full-time and                ject to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds     be refunded to the student.
withdraw from courses may not receive a                Policy. For more details see Federal
refund.                                                Financial Aid Refund Policy.
  • Students dropping/withdrawing from                    In accordance with credit card regula-
                                                                                                        Statement of student financial
     courses through the first week of class           tions, the university will refund any credit     responsibility
     will be entitled to a 100 percent refund          balance that may result in a student’s              Students who fail to meet payments when
     of tuition and fees.                              account as the outcome of a credit card          due will be assessed late payment penalties
  • Students withdrawing from courses                  payment to the credit card account. The          and will be denied registration for future
     through the second week of class may              remaining credit balance, if any, will be        classes until they have paid all accrued
     be entitled to an 80 percent refund of            refunded to the student.                         amounts owed. Students with balances
     tuition and the university fee.                      Refunds will be computed based on the         owed to the university will not be issued
  • Students withdrawing from courses                  actual withdrawal date certified by the          degrees, transcripts of grades, or graduate
     through the third week of class may be            University Records and Registration.             reports until all charges are paid in full.
     entitled to a 60 percent refund of                Refunds will not be made to students who            Any communication disputing an
     tuition and the university fee.                   do not attend classes and have not com-          amount owed, including an instrument ten-
  • Students withdrawing from courses                  pleted the required withdrawal procedure.        dered as full satisfaction of a debt, must be
     through the fourth week of class may              Refund processing may take approximately         submitted to the Director of Student
     be entitled to a 40 percent refund of             two weeks. Exceptions to this refund policy      Accounting, Student Accounting
     tuition and the university fee.                   are made only in rare instances. Written         Department, Virginia Commonwealth
  • Students withdrawing from courses                  application for an exception must be filed       University, P.O. Box 843036, Richmond,
     after the fourth week of class are not            in the Student Accounting Department to          VA 23284-3036.
     entitled to receive a refund of tuition           the Refund Appeals Committee.                       Pursuant to Section 2.2-4805 et seq., of
     and fees.                                            Students will not be entitled to a refund     the Code of Virginia, and in accordance
   Students in off-campus courses are sub-             of room fees if:                                 with rules and regulations promulgated by
ject to the same refund policy as all other               • they are suspended from the residence       the State Comptroller and Attorney
university students if the class is scheduled               halls for disciplinary reasons,             General of the commonwealth of Virginia,
on the regular semester schedule. If the off-             • if they voluntarily withdraw from the       VCU will charge interest, costs and fees on
campus course is shorter or longer than the                 university residence halls but remain       all accounts past due.
academic semester, the refund dates are                     registered for any course(s) at the uni-       VCU is participating in the Virginia Set-
adjusted accordingly at the request of the                  versity unless clearance is granted         off Debt Collection Act of 1981. Under the
Off-campus Programs Office.                                 through the Housing/Residence               provisions of this act, a Virginia individual
                                                            Education Office,                           income tax refund will be subject to the

 24             Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin              •   2002-03
                                                                                                                        Graduate Studies at VCU

university’s claim for unpaid balances of                        financial aid, the amount recovered to      Grade Review Procedures should be fol-
tuition and fees. A charge is levied for all                     the financial aid accounts will follow      lowed. If such action involves computing,
dishonored checks.                                               Title IV guidelines not to exceed uni-      the Computer Ethics Policy should be fol-
                                                                 versity charges.                            lowed. If such action involves dishonesty,
                                                                    This option might best meet the          the Academic Integrity Policy for Academic
Defense crisis tuition relief, refund                            needs of students who are called to         Campus students should be followed.
and reinstatement guidelines                                     national service in the middle of a            All students enrolled in courses on the
   These guidelines apply to any operation,                      semester and have not completed 90          MCV Campus are subject to the Honor
including a defense crisis, in which the                         percent of their class requirements.        System of the MCV Campus and, as such,
president of the United States declares a                        This option also might best meet the        are required to sign an Honor Pledge Card.
sudden mobilization that includes members                        needs of students who are leaving the       Copies of the Honor Code and Pledge
of the Virginia National Guard or the                            university during the first week of class   Cards are available in Office of Records and
active or reserve forces of the U.S. Armed                       and received a financial aid refund         Registration, Sanger Hall, Room 1-055.
Forces who are students enrolled at VCU.                         check or direct deposit as a result of         In addition to those standards of conduct
Students are offered the following enroll-                       their financial aid.                        described in VCU Rules and Procedures
ment secession options:                                       Leaving the university. To initiate this       and the MCV Campus Honor Code, which
  1. Drop all courses before the end of the                process, the student must provide the uni-        applies to all students enrolled on the MCV
     add/drop period and receive a full                    versity registrar with a copy of his/her active   Campus, a student enrolled at the university
     refund of all funds paid the university.              duty orders in addition to a printed copy of      may be dismissed from the school in which
     Students will be asked to sign the drop               his/her course registration for that semester     enrolled for failure to meet prescribed aca-
     request form with the registrar indicat-              and indicate Option 1, 2 or 3 for each            demic program requirements. Students
     ing that they are not receiving a finan-              course. The university registrar will take the    appealing termination from a graduate pro-
     cial aid refund.                                      appropriate enrollment action, post the           gram/department should first pursue appeals
        This option might best meet the                    appropriate grades and send a copy of the         at the department and/or the school level.
     needs of students who are called to                   orders and a copy of the student course           After receiving a decision from the depart-
     active duty service during the first                  request statement to the director of financial    ment and/or school, a student has the
     week of school and did not receive a                  aid and the manager of student accounting.        option of filing an appeal with the graduate
     financial aid refund check or direct                     Returning to the university. If the stu-       dean in the process outlined in the Appeal
     deposit.                                              dent returns within one year of completing        Process for Students Terminated from a
  2. Receive a grade of Incomplete (IM –                   their national emergency service require-         VCU Graduate Program.
     incomplete military) in one or all                    ment, the student may return to the univer-          VCU seeks to foster insight, imagination,
     courses. Students residing in university              sity in the same program of studies without       creativity, resourcefulness, diligence, hon-
     housing will be released from their                   re-applying for admission. The student            esty and responsibility as well as the educa-
     housing and meal contracts, and will                  should begin the re-enrollment process by         tion of the men and women enrolled in its
     receive a prorated refund of these                    writing to the director of admissions regard-     graduate programs. Such an enterprise can
     charges. Students who chose to take a                 ing their intent to re-enroll.                    take place only where the highest standards
     grade of IM will not have tuition and                                                                   of academic integrity exist.
     fees reduced for these courses because                                                                     Academic dishonesty is the giving, taking
     credits will still be earned for the                  General academic regulations                      or presenting of information or material by
     semester. Students will have 12                                                                         students with the intent of unethically or
     months from the date that they leave                  University rules and procedures                   fraudulently aiding themselves or others on
     the university to complete the course                                                                   any work that is to be considered in the
     work and earn a course grade.                            Each member of the VCU community               determination of a grade or the completion
        This option might best meet the                    has certain responsibilities, rights and privi-   of academic requirements. Students in
     needs of students who have essentially                leges. These are stated in some detail in the     doubt regarding any matter related to the
     completed all course work in a class for              VCU Rules and Procedures, and all stu-            standards of academic integrity in a given
     the semester, but have yet to turn in a               dents are responsible for being familiar with     course or on a given assignment should con-
     final project, an exam or other materi-               provisions of this document. The rules and        sult with the faculty member responsible for
     als. It should be agreed upon between                 procedures are printed in the campus calen-       the course before presenting the work.
     the instructor and the student that the               dar and also are available at the Office of
     remaining course work can reasonably                  the Dean of Student Affairs. This docu-
     be completed during the upcoming 12-                  ment also provides for the process whereby        Effective bulletin
     month period.                                         disciplinary action, including separation            The bulletin of record for a graduate stu-
  3. Accept administrative withdrawal                      from VCU, may be taken against a member           dent is the Graduate and Professional
     (WM – withdrawal military) from one                   of the university community as a result of        Programs Bulletin in effect at the time of the
     or all courses as of the effective date of            behavior which is in violation of the pro-        student’s official admission to the degree pro-
     the orders to active duty. If this option             hibited conduct as stated in the VCU Rules        gram (as specified in the student’s official
     is elected, a full refund of all tuition,             and Procedures.                                   letter of admission). The effective bulletin
     fees and prorated room/board charges                     Graduate students at VCU have a right          contains the official requirements that the
     will be made for the courses that the                 to appeal actions of an academic nature. If       student must complete to earn the degree. A
     WM is elected. If a student received                  such action involves a course grade, the          student who does not maintain continuous

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                  •   2002-03                 25
Graduate Studies at VCU

enrollment (as defined in the effective bul-            Appeal process, students terminated              4. The graduate dean notifies the student
letin) must reapply to the program and will             from a VCU graduate program                         in writing of the decision within 14
be subject to the requirements of the bul-                                                                  days of receiving the information from
letin in effect at the time of readmission.             A. Termination process                              the graduate program director and the
Exception to this policy must be approved                1. Termination is initiated at program/            school/college dean.
by the student’s graduate program director                  department level by adviser/graduate         5. If the appeal is based on a grade
and dean, and the dean of the School of                     program director/department chair via           appeal, the student may be allowed to
Graduate Studies.                                           a special action form indicating the            register for courses for which the
                                                            reason with relevant documentation              course in question is not a prerequisite,
                                                            attached. Reasons for termination may           with the understanding that he/she
Degree requirements                                         include but are not limited to:                 will be dropped retroactively if the ter-
   The minimum course requirements, rules                      • academic (“D” or “F” in class, too         mination is upheld.
of admission to degree candidacy, language                       many grades of “C,” GPA below
requirements, thesis or dissertation require-                    3.0, failure of comprehensive
ments, comprehensive examinations, trans-                        exams, unsuccessful defense of         Student load
fer of credits and the like are specified for                    thesis/dissertation),                      Student load is the total number of cred-
each program in the graduate programs’                         • discontinuous enrollment,              its for which students are enrolled in any
chapters of this bulletin. Many schools,                       • exceeding time limit,                  semester. Degree-seeking students may be
programs and departments print special                         • honor policy violation,                either full time or part time, dependent
brochures, student manuals and program                         • academic misconduct, or                upon program rules. Students who are fully
guides which may be requested from the                         • professional misconduct.               funded as VCU graduate assistants with
appropriate dean or program director.                    2. Request for termination is forwarded to     tuition remission are classified as “full time”
                                                            the school dean/dean’s designee who         during any semester in which they enroll for
                                                            reviews the action, signs the form, and     nine or more credits (six during the summer
Advising program                                            forwards it to the graduate dean.           if funded on a 12-month stipend). Depart-
   Students are responsible for the proper               3. The graduate dean/dean’s designee           mental requirements vary; therefore, funded
completion of their academic programs. They                 reviews the action, signs the form,         students should verify expected course loads
must be familiar with the Graduate and                      notifies the Office of Records and          with their graduate program directors.
Professional Programs Bulletin, including                   Registration, and sends a termination           The maximum number of credits for
general academic regulations promulgated by                 letter through certified mail to the stu-   which students may enroll in any semester
individual schools and departments. The                     dent from the graduate dean. This let-      without special permission is 15. More than
offices of the deans and department chairs, in              ter must include a statement of the         15 credits is an overload and may result in
cooperation with the advisers and faculty,                  student’s right to appeal and inform        increased tuition and fees. Permission to
endeavor to follow each student’s academic                  the student that appeals must be initi-     enroll for more than 15 credits may be
progress, and students are encouraged to seek               ated within 14 days after receipt of this   granted upon the written recommendation
counsel whenever there is a need. If advisers               letter.                                     of the adviser, through departmental gover-
are unable to resolve problems satisfactorily,                                                          nance procedures, to the dean of the
they will refer students to others as deemed            B. Appeals process                              School of Graduate Studies.
appropriate and necessary. In order to aid               1. All department and/or school appeals            Each summer course is designed to pro-
advising, students are responsible for main-                processes should be exhausted prior to      vide the equivalent of one semester’s work.
taining current mailing addresses on file with              initiating an appeal to the graduate        With careful scheduling, it is possible for
the Office of Records and Registration, as                  dean.                                       students to earn as many as 15 credits dur-
well as with the schools and departments in              2. If the student contacts the graduate        ing the summer if course work extends over
which they are enrolled.                                    school, the student is instructed to        the full summer semester calendar.
                                                            provide the graduate dean with written      Permission to enroll for more than 15 cred-
                                                            notification of appeal and reasons. The     its in the summer semester may be granted
Exceptions                                                  student assumes the burden of proof in      upon the written recommendation of the
   Exceptions to graduate policies must be                  this appeal.                                adviser through departmental governing
approved by the dean of the School of                    3. The graduate dean provides the gradu-       procedures to the dean of the School of
Graduate Studies. Appeals for exceptions to                 ate program director and school/col-        Graduate Studies.
graduate school policies are to be made in                  lege dean with copies of the student’s          Summer success is predicted on the aca-
writing by students to their graduate advis-                request and asks the graduate program       demic standard of one credit per week. Six
ers. The advisers will forward their recom-                 director/dean/department chair to pro-      credits in five weeks or nine credits in eight
mendations, along with copies of the stu-                   vide the graduate school with their         weeks are considered a normal load, but
dents’ appeals, to the dean of the School of                response, including copies of corre-        VCU does not permit six credits in four
Graduate Studies, who represents the                        spondence and any other supporting          weeks or nine credits in six weeks.
University Graduate Council.                                documentation that led to the termi-        Suggested scheduling combinations are
                                                            nation. The graduate program director       printed in the Summer Schedule of Classes
                                                            and school dean must respond to the         or are available online at
                                                            graduate dean’s request for information     schedule.
                                                            within 14 days.

 26              Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin             •   2002-03
                                                                                                                       Graduate Studies at VCU

Attendance and continuance                                 Registration before the end of the “Add-           • Because curricular and course content
policies                                                   Drop” period, or drop all classes using the          changes may occur and a student’s
                                                           Web Registration System. Refunds are                 progress toward a degree may be
   Any person engaged in any form of study                 issued in accordance with procedures                 affected adversely because of an
at VCU that involves use of university                     described under the refunds section of this          extended absence, specific time periods
facilities, laboratories/studios, libraries or             chapter. For re-admission guidelines refer to        may be imposed by individual schools
who is supervised by or consults regularly                 the admission section of this chapter.               with respect to the length of time
with a faculty member concerning graduate                                                                       allowed for absence from school. If
work on a project, work of art, thesis or dis-                                                                  there is a delay in return beyond the
sertation must register formally for a course              Leave of absence and withdrawal                      allotted time period without written
while engaged in these activities. A gradu-                policies                                             consent of the dean of the School of
ate student who has completed course                          Leave of absence. Students may request            Graduate Studies, the student may peti-
requirements for a degree must register at                 a leave of absence from a program through            tion for return with advanced standing.
VCU each semester until the degree is                      written appeal to their advisers. The adviser      • Some schools require that prior to
awarded. Departments or schools will deter-                will forward the request, following depart-          return to school, the student must
mine the number of hours for which stu-                    mental governance procedures, along with             submit to the dean of the School of
dents must register for each semester as part              a recommendation to the dean of the                  Graduate Studies a statement from a
of their continuous registration policies.                 School of Graduate Studies who will                  physician. This statement should docu-
   Once admitted to a degree program, a                    respond for the university. Students who do          ment that the condition that necessi-
graduate student is expected to enroll each                not register for courses for more than one           tated the withdrawal has been cor-
semester. A student admitted to a program                  calendar year and who have not been                  rected to a point where the student
or track not requiring a project, work of art,             granted a leave of absence must reapply for          can complete successfully all curricu-
thesis or dissertation must register for at least          admission to VCU and to the graduate                 lum requirements with reasonable
three semester hours each calendar year.                   degree program.                                      accommodation including classroom,
   Instructors are responsible for clearly                    Withdrawal from the university. To                laboratory, clinical and fieldwork
informing students in writing of the atten-                withdraw officially from VCU, a student              experience.
dance requirement for each course and the                  must submit a complete Official
consequences of poor attendance. Students                  Withdrawal Form to the Office of Records
must abide by the requirements as                          and Registration before the end of the           Immunization requirements
announced in each separate class even                      eighth week of classes. The Official
though the requirements may vary widely                    Withdrawal Form is obtained from Office of          VCU requires that all full-time students
among courses.                                             Records and Registration, 827 W. Franklin        supply validated immunization records to
                                                           St., Room 104. Failure to complete this          University Student Health Services. This
Residence for Ph.D. programs                               form may result in the assignment of failing     requirement must be completed prior to
                                                           grades in all or some of the courses.            registering for second semester. Failure to
   At many universities, doctoral students                                                                  meet these state law requirements will
                                                              The student’s permanent academic
are required to maintain at least one to two                                                                result in a hold placed on the student’s sec-
                                                           record will indicate a grade of withdrawn
years of continuous full-time enrollment or                                                                 ond semester registration. The hold can be
                                                           (“W”) for all courses in which the student
“residence.” At VCU, each doctoral pro-                                                                     removed only upon receipt of the student’s
                                                           was enrolled.
gram will establish its own residency                                                                       documented records.
                                                              Health-related withdrawals. While grad-
requirements.                                                                                                  The immunization record must be com-
                                                           uate students are expected to work toward
                                                           completion of their degrees without inter-       pleted fully and accurately and also must be
                                                           ruption, health-related problems may             accompanied by documentation that the
Change in registration                                                                                      vaccines were given. This completion may
                                                           necessitate withdrawal from the university.
                                                             • Some schools require a statement from        be done in several ways. For example:
   Once a student has registered for classes,
                                                                 a physician indicating the nature and        1. students may have their physicians
changes in registration must be made accord-
                                                                 severity of the condition, when a stu-          transfer the information from their
ing to the procedures listed below. Whenever
                                                                 dent should stop attending classes, and         medical records and sign the forms ver-
a student makes any change in registration,
                                                                 the estimated date of return to school.         ifying their accuracy, or
the student should keep a copy of the new
                                                             • In the event that a student’s health           2. students may complete the forms
schedule as verification of the change.
                                                                 problem poses a danger to the student,          using information received from their
Changes in registration may affect financial
                                                                 to patients or to others with whom the          local health departments or from the
aid. Students are advised to consult with a
                                                                 student may come in contact and the             armed services, but they then must
financial aid counselor before making any
                                                                 student is unable or refuses to initiate        attach validated copies of supporting
changes to their enrollment status. See the
                                                                 steps to withdraw as stated above,              documentation.
“Financial Aid” section of this chapter for
                                                                 administrative withdrawal of the stu-         Many high schools require validated
detailed information
                                                                 dent may be made by the dean of the        immunization records from students. If stu-
                                                                 School of Graduate Studies upon con-       dents recently have graduated from high
Cancellation of registration                                     sultation with the appropriate faculty     school, their immunization records may still
  To cancel registration a student must                          and a qualified physician.                 be available. They may request that the
notify, in writing, the Office of Records and

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                •   2002-03                27
Graduate Studies at VCU

high school provide them with a copy of                age (document month/ day/year) or (2)              which the credits were earned. Some pro-
their immunization records.                            copy of report of immune titer proving             grams will not accept credits earned as a
   If students cannot provide documented               immunity. Note: A history of disease is not        nondegree-seeking graduate student for
evidence of full immunization according                acceptable. Rubella vaccine given before           transfer. VCU will not accept credits which
to VCU guidelines, then the students must              June 9, 1969 is not acceptable.                    do not apply to a graduate degree at the
see their family physicians or health depart-             TB Skin Test (ppd) must be performed            offering institution for transfer nor will it
ments and receive updated immunizations.               at University Student Health Service               accept credits from unaccredited institu-
Most city and county health departments                Office once student is attending classes.          tions for transfer.
offer immunization clinics (Richmond                      Meningococcal vaccine is recommended
City Health Department, 500 N. 10th St.,               to freshmen students residing in dormito-
Room 114).                                             ries. The vaccine is available to any student      Thesis/dissertation examinations
   Immunity to the following diseases must             wishing to reduce their risk for the disease.
be documented as specified on the forms                   Students with questions should contact             General regulations applying to thesis/
supplied by the School of Graduate Studies             the immunizations staff of University              dissertation committees and competency
with the formal offer of admission.                    Student Health Service.                            examinations are as follows.
   Tetanus. Documentation of (1) is                                                                          A graduate advisory committee shall be
                                                          Academic Campus                                 appointed for each candidate for a master’s
requested. Documentation of (2) is
                                                          Suite 159, Gladding Residence Center            degree from whom there is a requirement to
required. (1) Primary immunization series,                711 W. Main St.
including month/day/year of each dose, and                                                                produce a thesis or its equivalent in the
                                                          Richmond, VA 23284-2022
(2) Tetanus/diphtheria (Td) booster                       (804) 828-8828                                  form of a research project, performance,
(month/day/year) within the past 10 years.                Fax (804) 828-1093                              exhibit or other production. The committee
   Diphtheria. Documentation of both (1)                                                                  will coordinate and supervise the prepara-
and (2) is requested. (1) Primary immuniza-                                                               tion of the thesis or its equivalent. The
tion series, including month/ day/year of              Change of discipline                               committee shall have a minimum of three
each dose, and (2) Tetanus/ diphtheria                                                                    faculty, one of whom should be from a disci-
(Td) booster, including month/day/year                    Students wishing to change to a graduate        pline other than the discipline of the candi-
within the past 10 years.                              discipline outside their present programs          date. The chair of the committee will be
   Polio. (1) Primary immunization with a              should obtain new application forms from           designated as the candidate’s faculty adviser.
total of three doses of OPV (oral Sabin) or            the School of Graduate Studies. Generally,         Master’s candidates for whom a thesis or its
(2) primary immunization with a total of               they will have to submit new applications to       equivalent is not required will have an
four doses of IPV (injected Salk). Note:               the new program with all material required of      adviser appointed by the department.
Documentation of prior vaccination against             new applicants. The dean of the School of             A graduate dissertation committee shall
polio, including month/day/year of each                Graduate Studies will work with the adminis-       be appointed for each doctoral candidate.
dose, is requested; however, if not com-               trators of the two disciplines to facilitate the   The committee will have a minimum of
pleted in the past it is not recommended               admission process for eligible students.           four faculty members, including a chair,
that the student complete the primary polio                                                               who will serve as the candidate’s faculty
series unless the student is less than 18                                                                 adviser. At least two members must be from
years old or is planning travel to an area             Transfer credit                                    within the candidate’s discipline and at
endemic or epidemic for polio.                                                                            least one from another discipline.
   Rubeola (Measles). Documentation of                    Generally, a maximum of one third of the           Upon satisfactory completion of all pro-
one of the following is necessary: (1) Born            didactic hours required for a master’s degree      gram requirements for admission to candi-
before 1957 and, therefore, considered                 may be transferred from another VCU pro-           dacy, the doctoral matriculant will take
immune, (2) two doses of the measles vac-              gram or outside institution and, if not            written and/or oral comprehensive exami-
cine both administered after 1967 and                  applied previously towards another degree,         nations administered by the student’s major
given after the first birthday at least one            may be applied towards a degree. A maxi-           department or school. Successful comple-
month apart (document month/day/year),                 mum of 25 percent of course work other             tion of the examinations shall entitle the
(3) physician’s certification of diagnosis of          than research applied toward all doctoral          student to advance to doctoral degree can-
measles including month and year of occur-             programs at VCU may be transferred from            didacy status. The candidate is then
rence, or (4) documentation of immune                  another VCU program or outside institution         allowed to proceed with the research and
titer proving immunity. Note: Measles vac-             if not previously applied toward another           preparation of the dissertation and any
cine given before 1968 is not acceptable.              degree. Acceptance of transfer credit is           other doctoral degree requirements desig-
   Mumps. Documentation of one of                      made at the school level. (Various schools         nated by the department.
the following is necessary: (1) mumps vac-             may have more stringent requirements.)                In the event of failure, the student may
cine given after age one, month/day/year                  All transfer work must be at the “A” or         be permitted to retake the comprehensive
documented, (2) copy of report of immune               “B” grade level from an accredited institu-        examination one time only. The re-exami-
titer, proving immunity, (3) physician’s cer-          tion or university. “Credit” or “pass” grades      nation requires the approval of the appro-
tification of diagnosis of mumps, including            can be accepted only if approved by peti-          priate graduate program committee.
month and year of occurrence or (4) birth              tioning the Graduate Advisory Committee               All research, thesis and dissertation cred-
prior to 1957 (presumption of immunity).               or equivalent of the student’s school or col-      its taken as part of the final project (the-
   Rubella (German Measles). Documenta-                lege. Students must be in good standing
tion of one of the following is necessary:                                                                sis/dissertation/project) for awarding a grad-
                                                       both at VCU and at the institution from            uate degree are to be graded each semester
(1) Rubella vaccine given after one year of

 28             Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                •   2002-03
                                                                                                                        Graduate Studies at VCU

as “S,” “U” or “F.” An individual depart-                    4. To lower the cost of submitting and          enrolled at the time of application (i.e., the
ment may terminate a student who does                           handling theses and dissertations.           semester in which the student graduates).
not progress satisfactorily as indicated by a                5. To empower universities to unlock               Application forms may be obtained from
“U” grade in research, thesis/dissertation/                     their information resources.                 the Office of Records and Registration.
project course work. A student who                           6. To advance digital library technology.       Some schools require additional forms
receives a final grade of “F” in the thesis                   Complete information about the ETD             which must be cleared through the dean’s
or dissertation will be terminated from                    Pilot is available online at         office of the school in question.
the graduate program.                                      gradweb/etdfaq.html.                                 Graduation applications must be submit-
   The final date for completion of a gradu-                                                                 ted by students to their advisers or deans no
ate thesis/dissertation is the last day of                                                                   later than the dates indicated on the calen-
classes of the semester for which the stu-                 Satisfactory academic progress                    dar appearing in the front of this bulletin.
dent has applied to graduate. (See the cal-                                                                  Students should schedule conferences with
endar in the front of this bulletin for exact                 Students must continue to make satisfactory    their advisers well ahead of the deadline and
dates.) By this day, final copies of the the-              progress toward their degrees. Unsatisfactory     should note that the application requires the
sis/dissertation with all appropriate signa-               grades and unprofessional conduct are areas       approval of the adviser, the department chair
tures must be submitted to VCU Libraries                   that may warrant review for possible termi-       or the school director of graduate studies,
for binding. The graduate degree will not                  nation from the program.                          and the dean. Students may not apply the
be awarded nor will the graduate diploma                      Specifically, a student will receive no        same credits towards two master’s degrees.
be released until this material has been sub-              credit for a course in which a grade of less         Graduate credit hours earned toward a
mitted to the library for binding. Students                than a “C” is given.                              VCU certificate may be applied to degree
should contact their graduate program                         At the end of each semester, graduate          requirements for master’s or Ph.D. pro-
directors regarding internal schedules for                 faculty advisers and program directors will       grams. The determination of the accept-
submission of copy, defense and approval.                  review the academic progress of all graduate      ability of specific courses to be used for
                                                           students in their programs. The academic          both the certificate and the graduate degree
                                                           standing of any graduate student who              will be the responsibility of that master’s or
Electronic theses and dissertations                        receives multiple grades of “C” or below or       Ph.D. program or school.
                                                           the grade of “U” (Unsatisfactory) on                 At least one half of the required courses
   Electronic Theses and Dissertations                     required graduate course work will be             in a program will be those designated as
(ETDs) are digital representations of the tra-             reviewed for possible action. A graduate          exclusively for graduate students. The GPA
ditional work completed by graduate stu-                   student who receives multiple grades of “C”       for graduation must be based on all gradu-
dents in partial fulfillment of requirements               or below will be reviewed for possible ter-       ate courses attempted after acceptance into
for graduate degrees. An ETD can be a sim-                 mination from the program. Although the           the program.
ple textual document converted to a stan-                  grade of “U” is not included in the calcula-         In addition to the specific requirements
dard electronic format such as Adobe                       tion of the graduate GPA, graduate stu-           listed by department, the following general
Portable Document Format (PDF) or a com-                   dents who receive multiple grades of “U”          requirements must be met for graduation.
plex combination of images and formats.                    will be considered for possible termination.      Degree applicants:
   Students who complete their dissertation                                                                     • must apply for graduation by the dates
proposal defense or who have approval                                                                              specified in the University Calendar;
from their advisers and faculty committees                 Graduation requirements                              • must have achieved an overall GPA
to proceed with their studies will be eligible                                                                       of 3.0 (“B”); and
for inclusion in the ETD pilot program.                       Candidates for degrees are eligible for           • must not have received a grade of “C”
The purpose of the pilot program is to test                graduation upon completion of all academic              or below on more than six semester
the university’s ability to prepare students               requirements in effect at the time of the first         hours of course work or 20 percent of
and faculty to submit theses and disserta-                 registration, provided the students are con-            the total cumulative number of hours
tions as electronic files on a small scale                 tinuously enrolled and provided the require-            completed, whichever is greater.
before recommending that the university                    ments are met within the time limit speci-           The total number of semester credits
consider making this option available to all               fied by the school or program. Students fail-     required for graduation depends upon the
graduate students.                                         ing to satisfy the time requirement and who       major. Specific information may be found
   The objectives of the ETD Project are to                are readmitted to a program shall satisfy         under the degree program descriptions.
offer several advantages over traditional                  requirements in effect at the time of reac-
paper-based documents:                                     ceptance into the degree program.
  1. To empower students to convey a                          All degrees are conferred by the VCU           Re-applying for graduation
     richer message through the use of mul-                Board of Visitors upon recommendation of             Candidates who do not graduate at the end
     timedia and hypermedia technologies.                  the graduate faculty. Degrees are granted at      of the semester for which they have made
  2. To improve graduate education by                      the close of the semester or summer session       applications must reregister and re-apply.
     allowing students to produce elec-                    in which students complete their work.               Students must be enrolled at the time
     tronic documents, use digital libraries               Degrees will not be granted unless all finan-     of application/re-application (i.e., the
     and understand issues in publishing.                  cial obligations have been resolved with          semester in which the student graduates).
  3. To increase the availability of student               VCU’s accounting office. No degrees will be
     research for scholars and preserve it                 conferred unless students make formal appli-
     electronically.                                       cation for graduation. A student must be

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                  •   2002-03                29
Graduate Studies at VCU

Time limit for completion of require-                   ulty member to explain how the final grade              grade points) in a three-credit course
ments and eligibility of courses                        was determined and, if an error is detected,            receives 12 grade points.
                                                        to submit a change of grade.                              The grades of accepted transfer courses
   The time limit for a graduate degree will               If the student still thinks that the grade           are not included in the computation of the
not extend beyond a period of seven years,              was assigned unfairly, a written appeal                 VCU GPA. Graduate students are not des-
which, at the master’s level, includes five             should be submitted to the department                   ignated as special honors graduates (i.e.,
years with two possible one-year extensions             chair. Upon receipt of the written appeal,              cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum
which may be granted, upon written peti-                the department chair shall provide the stu-             laude) on transcripts or diplomas upon
tion through the adviser or graduate pro-               dent with a copy and explanation of the                 completion of their programs.
gram director, by the dean of the School of             Grade Review Procedure and shall ensure                   No graduate student shall be awarded
Graduate Studies.                                       that the requirements of the Grade Review               degree credit for remedial work. Students
   Course work completed before matricula-              Procedure are followed.                                 advised to take any level course for reme-
tion and applied toward the degree, includ-                If the department chair is unable to                 dial work should be notified in writing that
ing course work at VCU and that trans-                  resolve the complaint, then the dean of the             the course credit shall not apply to the
ferred from other institutions, will be evalu-          school in which the course was offered will             degree they are pursuing. Other bodies may
ated by the program/department to deter-                form a grade review committee as described              rule later, should the student wish to apply
mine whether it can be used to fulfill                  in the Grade Review Procedure policy and                the credit to some other degree.
degree requirements. For course work                    will submit its decision to the dean of the
which was taken more than seven years                   school. The decision communicated by the
prior to the completion of the VCU degree,              dean of the school in which the program
                                                                                                                Grade of audit (AU)
the program/department will evaluate the                resides is the final decision and will be dis-             Class size permitting, students may regis-
course work for acceptability and report                tributed to the student, faculty member(s)              ter for courses on an audit basis. A student
those courses deemed acceptable to the                  and department chair.                                   may register for audit only during add/drop
dean of the School of Graduate Studies.                    In cases concerning grades awarded for               and late registration periods as a new regis-
                                                        the fall semester, the written appeal must              tration and not as a change from credit to
                                                        be submitted to the department chair no                 audit. Auditing a course means a student
Grades                                                  later than 30 calendar days after the begin-            enrolls in a course, but does not receive aca-
                                                        ning of the following spring semester. In               demic credit upon completion of the course.
Grade reports                                           cases concerning grades awarded for the                 A student who registers on an audit basis is
                                                        spring semester or summer sessions, the                 subject to attendance regulations of that
   Final grade reports are sent to students at
                                                        written appeal must be submitted no later               class and may be administratively with-
the end of each semester. Grade reports are
                                                        than 30 calendar days after the beginning               drawn by an instructor for a violation of
mailed to the official mailing address on
                                                        of the following fall semester.                         class requirements for audit students, before
file. Students must submit in writing any
                                                                                                                or after the normal eight-week withdrawal
change of address to the Office of Records
                                                                                                                deadline. A student who registers for audit
and Registration, P.O. Box 842520,                      Grading system                                          may be subject to other course requirements
Richmond, VA 23284-2520.
                                                          Work quality is measured by the four-point            at the discretion of the instructor. Audit
                                                        grade system with the following equivalents:            students are charged the regular rate of
Transcripts                                                                                                     tuition and fees. An audit course is counted
   Official transcripts of a student’s academic            Grade symbol                 Grade-point value per   as part of the student’s semester load in
                                                           and meaning                     semester credit      terms of classification as a full-time student.
record will be issued only by the Office of                A                                    4.0
Records and Registration upon written                                                                           Courses taken for audit, however, do not
                                                           B                                    3.0
request of the student. Transcripts given                                                                       satisfy minimum enrollment requirements
                                                           C                                    2.0
directly to students do not carry the university                                                                for students receiving graduate teaching or
                                                           D                                    1.0
seal and are not official. The seal is attached            F                                    0.0             research assistantships, graduate fellowships,
when the transcript is mailed directly from                P/F (Pass/Fail)                      0.0             or university graduate scholarships.
the university to the receiving party.                     PR                                   0.0
                                                           S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)    0.0
                                                                                                                Grade of continued (CO)
Repeated courses                                           All other grades are temporary, carry no                The grade of “CO” may be assigned as an
  Students receiving grades below “B” shall             credit and are not used in the computation              interim grade for those courses which run
repeat a course only upon the advice of                 of a GPA. Refer to the following pages for              over several grade reporting periods. The
their program directors. Both the original              an explanation of the use of the grades of              “CO” indicates that the course is not
grade and the repeat grade shall be                     satisfactory and unsatisfactory in relation to          expected to be completed in a single semes-
included in the calculation of the GPA.                 thesis/dissertation/research classes.                   ter and that students must reregister for the
                                                           The number of grade points earned is                 course. Upon completion of the course, a
                                                        computed by multiplying the grade-point                 final grade will be assigned to the current
Grade review procedure                                  value for the letter grade by the number of             semester, and the previous “CO” grade(s)
   If a student thinks that a grade is inaccu-          semester credits for the course. As an exam-            will remain. This grade may be assigned
rate, the situation should be discussed with            ple, a student receiving an “A” (i.e., four             only in courses approved for such grading.
the faculty member. This will allow the fac-

 30              Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                     •   2002-03
                                                                                                                          Graduate Studies at VCU

Grade of incomplete (I)                                    degree as long as the student receives a grade      improve certain basic skills prior to full-time
                                                           of “S” for each credit. An individual depart-       enrollment in undergraduate credit courses.
   If because of circumstances beyond their
                                                           ment may terminate a student who does not
control, students are unable to meet all the
requirements of a course by the end of a
                                                           progress satisfactorily as indicated by a “U”       IXX and 2XX Undergraduate, lower
                                                           grade in research, thesis/dissertation/project      level
semester, the mark of incomplete (“I”) may
                                                           course work. A student who receives a final            Courses with these numbers are offered
be given. The awarding of a mark of “I”
                                                           grade of “F” in the thesis or dissertation will     primarily for undergraduate students and
requires an understanding between instruc-
                                                           be terminated from the graduate program.            may not be used for graduate credit,
tor and student as to when and how the
course will be completed. This understand-                                                                     although graduate students may be required
ing must be recorded on an Incomplete                      Grade of withdrawn (W)                              to register for courses at this level to gain a
Grade Assignment Form which is submit-                                                                         necessary foundation for other course work.
                                                              The grade of “W” indicates that the stu-
ted instead of a final course grade. The                   dent has officially withdrawn from a course
maximum time limit for submission of all                   or has been dropped for nonattendance.
                                                                                                               3XX and 4XX Undergraduate, upper
course work necessary for removal of an                    No student who has officially withdrawn             level
incomplete is the end of the last day of                   from a course or who has been dropped for             Courses offered for advanced undergradu-
classes of the next semester following the                 nonattendance may attend subsequent                 ates and usually constitute the major
semester in which the incomplete was                       meetings of the course.                             portion of specific program work leading to
incurred (i.e., an incomplete awarded in                                                                       the baccalaureate degree. On occasion, stu-
the fall semester must be converted by the                                                                     dents will be advised by their graduate
last day of classes in the spring semester,                Course listings                                     advisers to enroll in a 4XX course.
and an incomplete awarded in the spring or
summer session must be converted by the                    Identification of symbols                           5XX Introductory graduate courses
last day of classes in the fall semester). At              I         A course offered in the first semester       Graduate students enroll for credit in these
that time, an unremoved grade of incom-                    II        A course offered in the second semester   courses through the normal graduate advising
plete is changed automatically to a failing                I, II     A course offered in each semester         system. Departments may limit the number
grade. Individual departments and schools                  I and II A course continued through two semesters
                                                                                                               of 500-level courses applicable to a graduate
may have more stringent time limits. An                    S         A course offered in summer sessions
                                                                                                               degree program. Advanced undergraduates
extension of the time limit is possible, but                                                                   may enroll in these courses for credit with
must be approved, prior to the expiration                  Course interpretation                               consent of the offering department. Credit is
date stated above, by the instructor and the                                                                   applicable toward only one degree.
                                                              A single number listing for a course,
dean of the school through which the                                                                              First year, first professional (medicine and
                                                           such as MGMT 648, indicates that it is a
course is offered. Written approval indicat-                                                                   dentistry). Courses normally open to students
                                                           one-semester course and may be offered each
ing the new time limit must be filed with                                                                      enrolled in the M.D. and D.D.S. programs.
                                                           semester or only one semester each year.
the dean of the School of Graduate Studies.                                                                    Certain courses of this group may be desig-
                                                              Courses listed with a double number,
                                                           such as THEA 603, 604 and designated as             nated by the department and approved by the
                                                                                                               University Graduate Council for graduate
Grade of pass (P)                                          semester courses, consist of two one-semes-
                                                           ter courses, either semester of which may be
  This grade is awarded for certain courses
                                                           taken without the other.
to denote satisfactory completion of                                                                           6XX, 7XX, and 8XX Graduate courses
                                                              Courses listed with a double number,
requirements. Courses assigned the grade of                                                                       Graduate students enroll for credit in
                                                           such as APPM 575-576, are designated as
“P” will not be computed in the GPA.                                                                           these courses through the normal graduate
                                                           continuous courses and consist of two one-
                                                           semester courses, the first of which can be         advising system.
Grade of progress (PR)                                     taken without the second, but the second               6XX Second year, first professional (med-
                                                           of which cannot be taken without the suc-           icine, dentistry, and pharmacy). Courses nor-
  The mark of “PR” may be assigned only                                                                        mally open only to students enrolled in the
                                                           cessful completion of the first.
in courses approved for such grading.                                                                          M.D., D.D.S., and Pharm.D. programs.
                                                              The university reserves the right to with-
Unlike the mark of “I,” “PR” will not auto-                                                                    Certain courses of this group may be desig-
                                                           draw any course or program.
matically be changed to a failing grade at                                                                     nated by the department and approved by the
the end of the succeeding semester.                                                                            Graduate Council for graduate credit.
                                                           Course numbering                                       7XX Third and fourth year, first pro-
Grades of satisfactory (S), unsatis-                         All schools and programs within VCU               fessional (medicine, dentistry, and phar-
factory (U) or fail (F) in research,                       use the following course numbering system.          macy). Courses normally open only to stu-
                                                           All course numbers consist of three digits          dents enrolled in the M.D., D.D.S., and
thesis and dissertation courses                            (XXX). The first digit relates to the course        Pharm.D. programs. Certain courses of this
   All research, thesis, and dissertation cred-            level as follows:                                   group may be designated by the department
its taken as part of the final project                                                                         and approved by the Graduate Council for
(thesis/dissertation/project) for awarding a               0XX Noncredit courses                               graduate credit.
graduate degree are to be graded each semes-                 Courses offered for students to make up
ter as “S,” “U” or “F.” There is no limit to               deficiencies in previous training or to
the number of these credits a student may
take while pursuing completion of the

 Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y   •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin                    •   2002-03                 31
 Graduate Studies at VCU

                                                             GRAD 603 Externship in College Teaching
Preparing future faculty initiatives                         1-3 credits. Provides graduate students interested in
                                                             academic careers with supervised experience in an
   The School of Graduate Studies, in con-                   academic environment different from that of a research
junction with graduate faculty at the uni-                   university. Places students with individual faculty men-
versity, offers ongoing opportunities for aca-               tors in area colleges and universities; learning experi-
                                                             ences are determined by mutual agreement between
demic and professional development.                          student and mentor.
Students and faculty should check the
School of Graduates Studies Web site for                     GRAD 604 Seminar in Teaching the Professions
upcoming events:                        Semester course; 1 lecture hour. 1 credit. Prerequisites:
   The School of Graduate Studies also                       GRAD 605 and 606. Designed for students planning to
                                                             enter careers as faculty in professional schools. Covers
sponsors a series of short courses for gradu-
                                                             the pedagogical methods common to the professions
ate students interested in pursuing careers                  but distinct from liberal arts disciplines. Topics include:
in higher education. This series of courses                  teaching and learning professional expertise; teaching
called Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) is                     styles appropriate to clinical, field or studio settings;
modeled on the national Preparing Future                     and evaluating students’ professional skills. Students
Faculty program created at the Association                   must be within three years of receiving a terminal
of American Colleges & Universities.                         degree.
These courses introduce graduate students                    GRAD 605 Professional Specialty Seminars
to the roles and responsibilities of faculty                 Seminar course; 1 credit. These seminars will focus on
members in institutions of higher educa-                     the teaching profession itself and will be organized
tion; addresses teaching and learning issues                 into four sections, one for each of the following profes-
in the college classroom and provides                        sional clusters: fine arts (such as painting, sculpture,
supervised internship opportunities.                         drama, music); applied social sciences (such as social
   The Preparing Future Faculty in the                       work, education, business); applied physical sciences
                                                             (such as engineering and environmental sciences); and
Professions (PffP) program complements                       health sciences (such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing).
and expands upon the basic Preparing                         Unlike GRAD 604, which will focus almost exclusively
Future Faculty (PFF) program. The PffP                       on pedagogy in the professions, the GRAD 605 sections
module consists of three components:                         will include an emphasis on preparation for the full
  • a general seminar for all PffP partici-                  range of faculty responsibilities.
                                                             GRAD 606 Internship in Professional Education
  • four “cluster seminars,” each led by                     Intern course; 1-3 credits. Prerequisite: GRAD 605.
     faculty from one of the professional                    Provides graduate students an opportunity to gain
     areas (visual and performing arts,                      experience and practice in clinical/field/studio instruc-
     applied social sciences, applied physi-                 tion, under the tutelage of a senior faculty mentor. This
     cal sciences, and health sciences).                     course will be taken in lieu of the current GRAD 603
  • a professional teaching internship.                      Externship in College Teaching, which is intended pri-
                                                             marily for future faculty aiming for careers in the liberal
   For more information on the PffP pro-                     arts and sciences. To qualify, future faculty must have
gram, visit the PffP Web site at                             completed GRAD 601-605* successfully. Students will, or call (804) 828-8856.                    be assigned to a faculty mentor and the two will nego-
                                                             tiate a learning plan based upon the future faculty
                                                             member’s career goals. Assigned responsibilities might
Courses in graduate studies (GRAD)                           include “shadowing” the mentor as he/she performs
                                                             daily professional tasks; taking on certain instructional
                                                             responsibilities with supervision; engaging in profes-
GRAD 601 The Academic Profession                             sional service; or collaborating on research projects
Short course; 1 credit. This short course is designed to     with instructional potential. Whatever the negotiated
introduce graduate students to the roles and responsi-       work turns out to be, the future faculty member will
bilities of faculty members in institutions of higher edu-   take on the role of “junior colleague” and not “teaching
cation. Through readings, discussion, and conversa-          assistant” or “graduate assistant.” The program direc-
tions with faculty members from a variety of settings,       tor will monitor all learning plans for adherence to this
students will learn about the changing social expecta-       general standard. *GRAD 606 is meant to replace
tions for higher education, the diverse settings in          GRAD 603 if a student is pursuing the PffP course cer-
which faculty work, and strategies for developing and        tificate. Graded as pass/fail.
presenting marketable academic skills.

GRAD 602 Seminar in College Teaching
Short course; 1 credit. This short course will focus
specifically on the act of teaching. Graduate education
in this country has only recently begun to address col-
lege teaching issues. While mastery of the discipline
and of the research skills necessary to contribute to
that discipline have long been a staple of graduate
training, mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary
for teaching the discipline are often neglected.

 32                  Vi r g i n i a C o m m o nwe a l t h U n i ve r s i t y     •   Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin   •   2002-03

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