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									                              SAYB Umpire Information

Little League:
     Contact: Jim Warnest
     Umpire Pay Policy is updated and found on the SAYB website. Copy is in
        Appendix A
     New Pay Vouchers for 2011: Pay vouchers are used for Little League. The pay
        voucher for 2011 is on the SAYB website and a hard copy can be found in
        Appendix B
     If a logsheet is lost, the umpire will work with the Umpire coordinator to
        complete the sheet. The Umpire Coordinator will sign and then the logsheet will
        be submitted to the treasurer for payment.
     Umpires are paid three times during year – end of May, end of June and end of
     An umpire roster is maintained and updated each year.
     Pay structure:
            o For 2011 the pay structure is:
            o Junior Minors $25
            o American League $40
            o National League $45
            o cancellations without notice or rainouts before the start of game $10
     Payment for coordinator $5 per game
     A schedule of games and assigned umpires will be provided to the treasurer at the
        beginning of the season and updated monthly.

Big League:
   National League: The boys play in the MYAS Gopher State traveling league and
   umpires are handled by MYAS. They play a 16 game schedule and 4-5 weekend
   American League: Kids who tired out for the national and did not make it or are
   kids and families who chose not to try out. Play a 16 game schedule with no Friday
   or Saturday games. A 13, 14 and 15 year old allstar team of 12 are put together and
   play in three tournaments.
        Contact: Craig Dickinson
        Use SAYB Umpire Logsheet. Copy is in Appendix C
        Umpires are paid three times during year – end of May, end of June, and end
           of July
        Pay structure:
               o $50 per game
               o cancellations without notice or rainouts before the start of game ????
        Payment for coordinator is ??? per game

        They get their own umpires and the cost is included in the bill that SAYB gets
          from the district director.
        Legion requires two umpires per game.
        Pay is somewhere between $65-$75 per game for each umpire

   Senior Babe:
       Contact: Craig Dickinson
       Pay structure –
             o $58 per game for a conference game (two umpires required)
             o $63 per game non-conference (one umpire)
       Assignor gets $5 per any game to be billed at the end of the season
       Cancellation policy:
             o No payment if umpire is contacted at least 1 hour prior to game time.
             o 50% payment if notified between 1 hour and game time
             o 100% of pay if cancel from start of game to end of game
             o Craig to approve all cancellation payments

Bonus Process:
    Umpires who have perfect attendance (Little League) at scheduled games are
      eligible for a bonus at the end of the season.
    There are no performance bonuses in Big League or Sr Babe League.
    For 2011 – If an ump has done at least 6 games and has perfect attendance for the
      games he was scheduled, he will be paid $5 per game bonus.
    Bonuses are paid out at the end of the season.
    Input is required from the umpire coordinators on those umpires who do not meet
      the perfect attendance criteria.
Appendix A:
                         SAYB 2011 UMPIRE PAY POLICY

SAYB appreciates the efforts of our umpires and their significant involvement in making
summer baseball a positive experience for all involved. We set our payments to the
individual umpires based on the level of umpiring experience, as determined annually by
the SAYB Umpire Coordinator.

For the 2011 season, please note the following:
    Umpire logsheets will be provided to the umpires. Home team coaches are
        responsible for signing an umpire pay form for the umpire for each game. Make
        sure the date, league, team name, signature and printing of your name is correct
        and legible.

   We recommend that you get this slip signed by the coach before the game start.
   Have a couple of umpire logsheets with you.
   Logsheets may be mailed in at any time.
   The logsheets have room for 10 games on a sheet. Sheets can be submitted with
      fewer than 10 games.
   Umpire logsheets should be sent to the SAYB Treasurer, Sharon Cline for
      payment. The address is on the logsheets.
   Re-check each form before you mail them in. The forms must have dates, names,
      addresses, and have appropriate signatures etc. that are complete and legible. If
      incomplete, the form will be returned to you to add the required information
      before it is paid.
   Upon receipt of the umpire logsheet, the Treasurer will check your forms for
      accuracy and completeness and process the form. NOTE: the logsheet will not be
      processed unless it is complete.
   Umpires will be paid three (3) times this year, on approximately the last Sunday
      in May, June and July. Any Umpire pay forms received after the pay date will be
      processed at the end of the next month.
   Bonuses will be paid again this year. The bonus is based on showing up (or
      finding a sub) for 100% of the games assigned. The bonus checks are processed
      at the end of the summer. There are no bonuses for fall ball. Specific criteria for
      the bonuses will be communicated separately.
   SAYB complies with the federal law regarding communication of payment data
      to the Internal Revenue Service. If your umpire pay for the year exceeds $600,
      you will get a Form 1099 the January following the baseball season you worked.

Questions – please contact Sharon Cline or 651-628-
Appenndix B:

                               Shoreview Area Little League 2011 Umpire Logsheet
Umpire Name:                                                    Please return Pay Voucher to:
Address:                                                        Sharon Cline, SAYB Treasurer
City/State/Zip:                                                 4250 Norma Ave
Phone Number:                                                   Arden Hills, MN 55112
                                JM = Junior Minor
                                AL = American League  
                                NL = National League

            Date of
            Game      League   Home Team Name          Signature of Home Team Coach       Print Name of Home Team Coach










                                            * Incomplete Forms will be returned
                                     ** Payment will not be made until form is complete
Appendix C:

                                       Shoreview Area Babe Ruth 2011 Umpire Logsheet:
      Field Number:                                                                        Note: Please indicate league play by entering…1,2,3,4, or 5:
      # 1 = Bucher E      # 2 = Bucher W     # 3 = McCullough N                            1 = 13 yrs…….....American League     4 = 14 yrs………..National
      # 4 = McCullough S # 5 = Kohler #1    # 6 = Kohler #3                                2 = 14/15 yrs…….American League      5 = 15 yrs………..National
      # 7 = Cummings     # 8 = Sunny Square # 9 = Green Field   # 10 = Other               3 = 13 yrs………..National

                                                                     Team Names                   League    Innings                 Home Team's
            Date           Field Number                 Home                      Vistor           Level     Played              Manager's Signature:











      Umpire's Signature (please include a "self address" envelope):                                                   For payment mail logsheet to:
                                                                                                                      Sharon Cline
                                                                                                                      4250 Norma Ave
                                                                                                                      Arden Hills, MN 55112
                                                                                                                      Home phone - 651-628-9108

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