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									                               ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE MANUAL
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              BASED ON BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ RULE AND TITLE                                 DATE ADOPTED
                                                                                         November 2, 1987


The purpose of this procedure is to assign responsibility and provide guidelines for completing In-Kind
Match reports.


In-Kind Match is the non-cash contribution to the sponsored program by the College. In-Kind Match
could be, but is not space, telephone, duplicating, postage, etc.

Not all funding sources require In-Kind Match. The person submitting the proposal is responsible for
determining if the College will be required to contribute In-Kind Match.

The In-Kind Match report is the cumulative accounting of In-Kind Match funds expended on behalf of the
program. It represents funds expended for the entire project year rather than the College's fiscal year.

The In-Kind Match report is completed monthly by the Project Manager and forwarded to the Project
Accounting Officer by the 10th of each month.

Each major administrative unit's administrator is responsible for ensuring that not more than 100% of a
person's time (for whom he/she has supervisory responsibility) is used as In-Kind Match.

Federal money cannot be used to match Federal unless specifically authorized by the funding source in

Adopted Date: November 2, 1987

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