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					                                                                      realize that the Government
    Long-Term Care Insurance                                          does not cover the cost of
    As you know, we are living much longer today than ever            long term care. Medicare,
    before due to advances in medical technology. Longer,             for example, only covers
    however, does not yet mean better. Hopefully, medical             about 10 % of the nation’s
    technology will conquer that hurdle next. Until then, though,     annual nursing facility care
    the thought of spending the last few years of life in need of a   and only for short-term
    nursing facility or home care is frightening. In fact, it is so   skilled nursing care following
    difficult to consider that most seniors or their children don’t   hospitalization (Source: 1997
    even want to think about it, or even worse, plan for the          Consumers Guide To Long
    potential need.                                                   Term Care, HIAA). What
                                                                      about Medicaid you might be
    Unfortunately,   for many, long term care has become a
                                                                      thinking? Medicaid only
                                                                      covers individuals who meet
    reality. Consider the following statistics…                       federal poverty guidelines or
       The average cost for long term care is $62,000 per year       who meet state “spend
        and twice this in some regions (2004 MetLife Market           down” requirements (Source:
        Survey of Nursing Home and Health Care Costs)                 A Shopper’s Guide to Long
                                                                      Term Care, NAIC).
       The average length of stay is 901 days! (Genworth
        Financial, 2004 Cost of Care Study)                           With the inadequacy of
                                                                      Medicare and Medicaid for
       50% of people who have reached age 50 will need long          most Americans, paying for
        term care insurance (Employee Benefit Research                long term care is a function
        Institute)                                                    of proper planning and your
       40% of people who are receiving long term care are under      own financial situation. For
        age 65                                                        example, if your liquid
                                                                      assets, exclusive of your
       In 7 of 10 couples, one spouse will need long term care       home, are in excess of $1
       Approximately 60% of women in their mid-seventies will        million, you might want to
        need long term care                                           consider paying for the cost
                                                                      yourself or considering
       More than 7.5 million people in the U.S. require some kind    alternate strategies such as
        of care at home (US Department of Commerce)                   First Penn’s Moneyguard
    It’s no wonder that long term care insurance is of such great     program. If your assets are
    importance in the country. It’s also why about one million        between $100,000 and
    Americans every year purchase long-term care insurance.           $1,000,000, you need to
    More and more individuals are deciding that “self-insuring”       strongly consider buying a
    the risk of long term care is too big a risk and potentially      long term care insurance
    devastating financially. More individuals have also come to       policy.

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     “If you are among the 90% of the over 65 crowd who do not                  During your consultation,
    yet own insurance against the cost of a nursing home, pay                   you can also learn more
    attention. You should give serious thought to buying one of                 about the tax deductions you
    these policies.” (Forbes, June 15, 1998)                                    may enjoy by purchasing a
                                                                                long-term care policy. As
    You’re probably wondering what does a long term care policy                 you may know, the
    cost. As you can imagine, it depends on three key items:                    Government has created tax
    your age, your health and the benefits you choose. For                      deductions for both
    example, lifetime coverage Another factor, of course, is the                individuals, corporations and
    company you buy the policy from. There are over 60                          partnerships as an incentive
    companies offering long term care insurance today. You                      to obtain this important
    want to be sure to work with a company with excellent                       protection. Be sure to ask
    financial strength and an experienced track record for fair                 for our Special Report “Tax
    pricing and honoring of claims. Key to finding such a                       Strategies When Buying
    company is working through one of our long-term care                        Long Term Care Insurance.”
    consultants. Why? Part of the reason that we are endorsed
    by associations like the Los Angeles County Bar Association                 In a nutshell, the risk of
    is because we’re independent and we represent many of the                   needing long-term care
    top long term care companies, which means we can shop for                   insurance is quite high. The
    coverage that exactly meets your needs. We are your                         odds far exceed the
    advocate and not beholden to just one company.                              likelihood that your house
                                                                                will be lost to fire or your car
    Now, back to costs. The best way to obtain a cost estimate is               will be stolen. But, it
    to meet with one of our long-term care consultants who can                  wouldn’t be prudent to go
    help you determine the type of coverage most suited for your                without insurance on either
    budget and assets and then give you a ballpark price. We                    your house or car, and long-
    promise it will not be time consuming at all!                               term care warrants a similar
                                                                                thought process.
                                                                                You owe it to yourself and
                                                                                family to review the benefits,
                                                                                costs and the need for long
                                                                                term care insurance.
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