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									                          Lions Breezes
                               Volume 53 No. 11 – May 1, 2010
                 A newsletter for the members, family & friends of
                            the Thurmont Lions Club!
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                          A Word From Our King Lion

Happy May!! This is our busiest month this spring.
At the outset this month, I want to convey appreciation to all of you who have remembered and
supported Secretary Lion Joyce during the loss of her mother. Losing Mom was a difficult process for
Joyce and her four siblings, but, with help from fellow TLC members and other relatives and friends,
Joyce is on her way to gaining closure. Please remember her and her siblings in your prayers.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the serious fire in the historic Emmitsburg hotel which housed more than
twenty people in apartments. Your Board voted to donate $500 to support the efforts to help these

We had a pretty busy April, beginning on Easter Sunday with the annual Thurmont Easter Egg Hunt,
featuring precious Lion Melody as the Easter Bunny. Under Lion Dianne’s leadership, Lions Albie,
Wendy, Melody, Terry, and Susan, joined by other Lions, worked this great event, which our Club has
sponsored, I’m told, for at least the past seventy years! The TMS LEOs stuffed candy in more than
1000 plastic eggs, and Lion Dianne put some cash in others, so that each age group had a $20 egg plus
numerous more money eggs with lesser amounts. After Master of Ceremonies Lion Albie gave the
GO! signal, the event was over in about five minutes, but everyone present enjoyed themselves
immensely. Great job Lion Dianne and committee!!

Leader Dog was a big April feature throughout District 22-W. This year the representative was a
totally blind District Governor from Wisconsin named Len Quinn. He was most knowledgeable and
eloquently expressive about all Lions International programs. He spoke to our LEOs as well as Region
III Lions, including seventeen of us, on April 21st. I am very pleased and proud that we were so well
represented and that we all left the meetings proud to be Lions.

We had two good programs at our dinner meetings. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, our guest speaker on April
14th, enlightened us on his Department’s position and participation relevant to the ICE program and
about a welcome drop in crime rates over the past year. And, on the 28th, Diedre Moltere, the
County’s program manager for food control, briefed us about the several new requirements for food

Lion Sharon deserves a huge pat-on-the-back for organizing and hosting the very successful Italian
Night Dinner on the 17th to raise money for Lion Paul’s candidacy for Second Vice District Governor.

The annual Teacher of the Year reception at Mother Seaton School on the 20th was superb. Most of the
seventy nominees turned out and all were recognized and presented a certificate. The winners from
each school were awarded a beautiful trophy, and these nine winners are now in competition for
Thurmont’s Teacher of the Year. Lion Susan was at her best as she led several of us in this first phase
of our program to recognize excellence in education in our community.

We also had a very successful Fish Fry on the 24th. Thanks to all who helped with this event, the first
of many upcoming this spring and summer. Special thanks to Lions Doug and Don for all they do.

We’re off to the Multiple District 22 convention May 18-21 at Dover Downs. Your delegates are
Lions Paul and JoAnn, Och, Sharon, Robin, Albie and me. Come on down to help us get Lion Paul
elected and celebrate at the follow-on victory party!

I hope each of you will be able to participate in our annual Art Along the Trail event on May 22nd,
from 9 AM until 3 PM. With great behind-the-scenes help and inspiration from Lion Lynn, Lion Susan
and her committee have organized this thoroughly with several artisans offering their creations and
wonderful entertainment. Please come out and bring your family and friends. Food will be available.

And, please do join us at the Thurmont Regional Library on Saturday, May 15th, where our Lion Vic
will be recognized for his many years of extraordinary service to our community, including his many
deeds as a Thurmont Lion. The festivities begin at 12:30 PM with the recognition of Vic, followed by
ac concert by the band Vic helped start many years ago—The Coachmen, which features our own Lion

May brings us Thurmont Lions the opportunity to express our gratitude and support to our educators,
star students, local charities and support groups, and a variety of Lions’ organizations. We’ll do this at
two dinner meetings—

   •   Education Night—May 12th. We will honor our teachers of the year from each school and
       announce the Thurmont Teacher of the Year. We’ll also recognize our four Catoctin High
       School scholarship winners and the students who earned the highest number of service hours.
   •   Community Night—May 26th. We’ll be recognizing the work of numerous charitable
       organizations and making substantial donations to each.

I hope that all of you can be with us for these meetings. These events will make you proud of the hard
work we’ve done in raising money to serve others.

The Thurmont American Legion will have the annual Memorial Day service in Memorial Park at 2:00
PM on Sunday, May 30th. I’m privileged to represent the Club in laying a wreath honoring our fallen

I am privileged to serve as your President. Enjoy the wonderful weather May brings.

In your service, George


               (Lions Helping Fellow Lions Tim and Lynn Stuart)


New Member Orientation is scheduled for May 25th at 6:30 at Lion Jenny’s house – 501 East Main

Those new members slated for orientation are: Doreen and Ray Williams, Tammy Green, Jose Torres-
Reyes, Greg Salley, Fred Mullins, Christine Baker and Ed Johnson. Their sponsors are also requested
to be present. Please RSVP to Lion Susan at 240-409-1747 by May 20th. THANK YOU


On April 20th, Lions gathered at Mother Seton School (home school of the 2009 TotY – Danielle
Kuykendall) to recognize the 70 nominees for this year’s TotY. Those who were named 2010 TotY
for the individual schools are:

Catoctin High School                       John Koepke

Emmitsburg Elementary School               Sarah Fawley

Lewistown Elementary School                Mike Hakkarinen

Mother Seton School                        Rebecca Martin

Sabillasville Elementary School                Marnie Mortenson

Thurmont Elementary School                     Desiree Harbaugh

Thurmont Middle School                         Jason Johnson and Berna LaForce --- tie

Thurmont Primary School                        Kelly Boutin

A big thank you to Sam Miller, PDG Och Ochoa, JoAnn Cannada, Sharon Windsor, Shirley Long,
Wendy Candella, Vic Jagow and President George Bolling who helped make this a special evening for
the teachers.

Mother Seton was a wonderful host.


Plans are well underway for the May 22nd ART Festival. The big hurdle at this point is getting enough
help for the day to run smoothly. Please take a look at the sign-up sheet and the outline of job duties
and help in any way you can. Our ranks are depleted that day as we have Lions in Germany, Italy and
manning an auction booth in Frederick. So this is an all out call to the troops for help.

There will be entertainment all day (9 until 3); strolling entertainment along the trail; and artist selling
their wares and conducting demonstrations through out the trail, as well as displayed art from Middle
and High School students and an art contest for the younger kids. The LEOS from both the Middle
and High Schools will be active that day. We’ll have a food booth as well. Lots going on and fun to
be had by ALL. Invite your neighbors to attend. See the flyer – on next pages. Please note this is a
draft and we’ll have the final ones the week of May 3rd.

               The Thurmont Lions Club presents the Second
                            A.R.T.(Art Revealed along the Trail)
                 Saturday, May 22, 2010 – 9 am-3 pm (Rain Date/May 23)
                            Along the Thurmont Trolley Trail
  (Main Street across from Carnival Grounds, crossing over Water Street, ending at Moser
                                   Road near Library)
               FREE Admission – FREE Parking – GREAT Door Prizes
Entertainment in Memorial Park including:
Catoctin Promise Band, Elower dancers, Christian Clowning, Catoctin High School
Show Choir, Monocacy River Boys, Harold Staley, Tyrone Snowden and more
Exhibits, Demonstrations and Special Guests along the Trail including:
jewelry, wood carving, artists/paintings, a Volks-March, student art competition, Cecil the
Cycling Clown, Frederick Keys “Keyote”, McGruff the Crime Dog, Thurmont Police & Fire
Dept. Displays, Chick Fil-A Restaurant Cow Mascot, Smoky the Bear and a Park Service Fire
Prevention Display, Lions, and more

Food available all day at Park Lane near Memorial Park including:
country ham, hot dog, chili dog, and sloppy joe sandwiches, trail mix, walking haystacks,
desserts and drinks

Entertainment near Main Street (Memorial Park Area)

       Time                           Activity
       9:00am – 10:00am       “Catoctin Promise Band”
       10:00am-10:30am        Elower Dance performance
       10:30am-11:30am        “Catoctin Promise Band”
       11:30am-12:15pm        Tyrone Snowden
       12:15pm-1:00pm         Catoctin High School Show Choir
       1:00pm-1:45pm          Monocacy River Boys
       1:45pm-2:15pm          “Christian Clowning”
       2:15pm-3:00pm          Harold Staley

Artists and                            artwork on display all day

There will also                        be a Volks-march and Student Art Competition held in
conjunction with                       the Festival!

Door Prizes —tickets for festival door prizes available at each artist’s booth

Other activities along the trail: (All great photo opportunities!)
McGruff the Crime Dog
Thurmont Police & Fire Dept.Displays
Strolling Clown
Strolling Lions
Fire Prevention Display
Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Cow Mascot
Cecil the Cycling Clown (2pm until 3 pm)
Frederick Keys “Keyote” (11:00am-12:30pm)
Smoky the Bear and Park Service Fire Prevention Display
“Leos” along the trail with treats for kids

                                  Welcome To My World
                                               Student Art Contest
                                        Sponsored by the Thurmont Lions Club

                    Create your artwork at home and bring it to the
                       Thurmont Regional Library (76 East Moser Road)
                         May 22, 2010** between 10 - 11 a.m.
                 for the A.R.T. (Art Revealed along the Trail) Festival.
                                 Winners will be announced between 12:30 and 1:30
                                   at Memorial Park (during the entertainment)

   • Grades K-1-2 MY COLORFUL WORLD…Use your imagination and lots of colors to bring your
       make-believe world to life. Does your world have unicorns or flying cars? It’s your world – be

    •    Grades 3-4-5 MY WORLD – IT’S A WONDERFUL PLACE. What is great about your world –
         your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country or the whole earth! It can be your
         favorite place or somewhere you would like to visit. It’s up to you.

    •   Artwork must be your own creation on 8½ x 11 paper using crayons, markers, pen, or colored
After you drop off your artwork, stay for the festival along the Trolley Trail and at Memorial Park…free
admission…entertainment…exhibits and demonstrations…food…and more!!!
**Rain Date May 23

(Artwork can be picked up at the library June 7-11. Any artwork not picked up by that date becomes the property of the

Thurmont Lions Club)

Attach this registration form to the back of your artwork.

Grade__________ School____________________
Parent/Guardian Name_____________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________

Attention Fellow Lions: Please plan to attend to help honor our fellow

             VJ DAY
                         MAY 15, 2010
                         12:30 to 3:00
                                  AT THE

                          LIVE MUSIC BY

              “ REUNITING AFTER 45 YEARS ”

               JOIN US ON THE DECK FOR


We have a lot of members who find getting around harder than it used to be and I have found a
wonderful library resource that could benefit many of them (and even some younger members. Maybe
everyone knows about it, but I didn’t until a few weeks ago. Here’s something you might be able to

There’s an amazing resource available though our library that I thought many people would find useful
if aren’t already using it. I am an avid reader but, sometimes it’s not convenient to go to the library, or
it’s too late at night, etc. or you’re simply too tired.

About a month ago I learned that Maryland has a State-wide online eBook resource (audio books,
also) that is open to anyone in the State with a library card. The books are read using free Adobe
software that doesn’t require a Kindle or a Sony eBook reader (I use my laptop). Most of the books
use a format that permits you to enlarge the type to virtually as big as you want.

You can check out up to 4 at a time for 2 weeks each and can place holds just like at the regular library
(except that when your hold is available you just download it). You never incur a late fee because the
books “disappear” at the end of two weeks. If you finish one and want to return it early you can do
that, too.

The link to the site is:

Or try and follow the links to “eBooks”

(Submitted by Lion Joel)

Mini-Barter Program--Take Home the Goodies!!
The Mini-Barter Program has been a success. Keep the goodies coming!



The TMS LEOs had an eventful April. The first meeting of the month on April 7th District 22W
District Governor Robert Disinger and Lion Eileen made a visit to the LEO meeting. The LEOs told
about some of the things they had done and about some donations that have been made. The DG
spoke to the LEOs and gave them praise for all the good work they have done. Also at that meeting,
the LEOs made cards for a victim of the Emmitsburg Fire. They decided on a donation to be made to
a victim who is the sister of one of the Teachers at TMS. They also made a donation to the overall fire
relief fund. On April 12th, the TMS LEOs held their Spaghetti Dinner at Rocky’s Italian Restaurant.
They took over as waiters and seated the customers and took and filled the drink orders as well as
cleanup of the tables. This event was extremely successful and all the LEOs that participated had a
great time. They sold over 70 tickets - Way to Go LEOs!

I attended the LEO Leadership Weekend at Camp Merrick on April 16, 17, and 18th. Ten (10) TMS
LEOs attended. A huge thanks to Lion Doreen Williams and parent Brian Umberger for also
chaperoning. The weekend was great and there were numerous things to do. They especially enjoyed
the campfires. The LEOs planted flowers and earned 8 Service Hours.

A wonderful presentation by DG Len Quinn and Ms. Ginger from the Leader Dog was given to both
clubs held at the Middle School. The LEOs sat back in awe and were very attentive as DG Len told of
how he and Ms. Ginger are a team and how he has to completely rely on Ms. Ginger to get around. It
was even more special when as we were leaving the school, Jason Polansky (a blind student at the
Middle School), got to work a few tasks with Ms. Ginger. Jason will be a perfect candidate for a
leader dog some day.

On May 2nd, I attended a youth recognition dinner held by the Elks Lodge in Frederick County. Three
(3) of the TMS LEOs were given recognition awards for outstanding volunteer work. They were
Savannah Steinly, Hannah Ellis, and Pearl Umberger.

Coming up the LEOs will be making pictures for the residents at St. Catherines Nursing Home. They
will be delivered on May 5th at an appreciation dinner that will be held at the home. In April the CHS
LEOs made goodie bags for the residents and were delivered the day before Easter. Also being
planned is the Tranquility Farms visit on May 29th. Permission slips are going out and an item will be
donated that day.

Both LEOs Clubs have been asked to help with a car wash that the Emmitsburg Lions Club is having
for the Emmitsburg Fire Relief Fund on May 15th. Both LEO Clubs will be helping with the ART
Festival on May 22nd. They will be doing facepainting, tattoos, art projects, handing out balloons and
candy along the trail, and walking the trail as a Lion.

The CHS LEOs will be rescheduling their car wash, there have been numerous conflicts with the
dates. These students are not only LEOs but are also very involved in other activities and sports.

If anyone has any ideas (fundraisers or donations) that the LEOs can do, please contact Lion Robin
Keeny at 301-304-0566 or email at

   •   Frank Dardanell on the 2nd
   •   Gerald Freeze on the 28th
   •   John Hart on the 27th
   •   Suzanne Ricci on the 3rd
   •   Joel Weiss on the 12th
   •   Doreen Williams on the 1st

                A LION
   •   JoAnn Cannada—2 years
   •   Nancy Dutterer—2 years
   •   Sandie Weiss—3 years
   •   Joel Weiss—3 years
   •   Carol Hutson—2 years
   •   Ed Hutson—2 years
   •   Frank Kurtz—15 years
   •   Robert Phelan—13 years

Fellow Lions,
I want to thank everyone for the support you have given me during my campaign for Second Vice
District Governor. The Campaign Committee has gone above and beyond my expectations in raising
funds to cover campaign expenses. Lion Sharon Windsor has already hosted a wonderful Italian
Dinner fundraiser. Lion Gene Long is currently running a raffle and has donated a windmill and foot
stool. His brother has donated a home-made jewelry box Lion Gene is also planning a Golf Outing
and Picnic – scheduled for June 23rd. Lion Susan Favorite is planning an on-line auction later in the
year. A number of other fundraising events are also in the planning stage. A special “thank you” goes
to Lion Sharon for the amazing evening that she planned and executed - doing the lion’s share of
work for the “Italian Dinner” and what a success it was. Many Lions helped with the event and I
thank them all, but a very special “thank you” goes to Lion Lynn Stuart. With everything Lion Lynn is
going through with her health issues; she showed up early on the day of the dinner to help Lion Sharon
prepare for her guests. That act of unselfish kindness by Lion Lynn is the essence of Lionism . Thank
you Lion Lynn.

Some people have asked why it is necessary to campaign if I am running unopposed. There are two
main reasons why campaigning is necessary: When voting takes place at the MD 22 Convention, a
candidate must receive 51% of the votes to be elected. If you don’t know anything about the candidate
running for office you could easily leave the ballot blank for that position. Therefore, it is necessary
for me to visit clubs, hand out rack cards and meet as many Lions as possible.

Once elected Second Vice District Governor and in preparation for serving as District Governor two
years later (if elected); planning must begin to fill 43 District Committee Chairs, Multiple District
Chairs, 4 Region Chairs, 12 Zone Chairs, a Cabinet Treasurer and a Cabinet Secretary position
before taking the office of District Governor. Visiting all of the clubs in the District gives the Vice
District Governors the opportunity to meet potential candidates to fill these positions for their year as
District Governor. No individual can do the job of District Governor without support from Lions
throughout the District and, more importantly, without the support of their home club. The support of

    all the Thurmont Lions has been humbling – to say the least - I am thankful for all you have done to
    help me to get to this point as well as for all the support I know you will give to me as I continue my
    Lions journey. Lion Paul, CS

    HELP!!! If you learn about an illness or tragic happening affecting one
    of our Club members or families, please convey that information to
    our Sunshine Committee Chairperson Lion Suzanne Ricci. Her phone
    number is: (301) 271-0973 and email is:

    Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:
o      Lion Jo Ann Cannada – Ongoing health issues
o      Lion Ross DiSalvo – Currently at College View Home Care for recovery and physical therapy
o      DG Susan Timmons – continuing to deal with multiple myeloma
o      Lion Rosemary McDermott– Ongoing Health Issues and recent injury
o      Lion Carrie Mae Gumm – Ongoing Health Issues and the death of her son, James
o      Little Callie Watkins - Ongoing Health Issues
o      Lion Barry Glass – Ongoing Health Issues
o      Lion Lynn Stuart – Ongoing Health Issues
o      Lion Dulcie Biser – Ongoing Health Issues
o      KL George Bolling and Mary Bolling – On the death of KL George’s Mother
o      Lions Joyce Anthony and Larry Mundy – On the death of Joyce’s Mother

    Important Notes & REMINDERS
            YOU COULD SAVE OUR CLUB MONEY with the cost of postage, we need to limit “mailed” copies to
            those who do NOT have email. Please contact Lion Robin at 301-304-0566 or to provide
            your email address.
        •   If you have unwanted eyeglasses or hearing aids, please bring them to any meeting and give to Lion Bud
            Long or Lion Dulcie OR place in the collection boxes that are located in Goodwill Industries and outside
            Dr. John Hagemann’s office.
        •   If you need an updated copy of the Committees for 2009-20010, Visitation Schedule, or Club Roster,
            contact Secretary Joyce.
        •   If you are interested in purchasing Lions apparel, contact Secretary Joyce
        •   Be sure to check out our Club Website – Check it out at “”
        •   PLEASE remember to call Lion Wes Hamrick if you will not be attending a meeting and do not
            want to be charged for that meal. Also it is very important to let Lion Wes know when you have a
            guest attending the meeting – we need to provide an accurate count to Cozy on the Monday
            morning the week of our meeting. Please call Lion Wes Hamrick the Sunday before the meeting
            at 301-271-9195.
        •   PLEASE submit all articles for the next newsletter ASAP but no later than the last meeting of the
            month or by the 25th of the month to Lion Robin Keeny at
        •   Lion Robin Keeny has a new phone number – 301-304-0566.

If you are a new member and have not yet attended a Thurmont Lions
Club New Member Orientation, mark your calendars now – May 25th.
You and your sponsors will be receiving invites closer to the date.
EVENTS - So please take the time to read it. Also spend some time with your
new roster book, you will also get a lot of info from it.

May 18-21, 2010 MD-22 Convention

North Hagerstown Lions Club celebrating 13th Charter Night on May 6, 2010 at Always Ron's
Restaurant. Social at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:00 pm Cost $15.00 per person. RSVP NLT May 1, 2010.

New Market Lions Club celebrating 57th Charter Night on May 10 at Morgan's American Grill.
Social at 6 pm, dinner at 7:00 pm. Cost $36.00. RSVP NLT May 1.

Silver Run/Union Mills Lions Club celetrating 49th Charter Night at St. Mary's United Church of
Christ on May 13th. Cost is $15.00 per person. RSVP NLT May 3, 2010.

Members have signed up to fulfill the club's obligation to perform the required visitations for the year
2009-2010. If you have not signed up, and you wish to do so, please contact Lion Joyce at the next
meeting or call 301-898-8515 or e-mail

                            TLC PROGRAMS/EVENTS 2010

   May 12 - Community Night
   May 18-21 – MD-22 Convention
   May 22 – Art Revealed along the Trail (ART)
   May 25 – New Member Orientation
   May 26 - Education Night
   June 9 – Installation of Officers
   June 23 – Orientation Session

Lions International President
Eberhard J. Wirfs
Kelkeim, Hessen
District Governor                            Lions Breezes is the Monthly
Robert C. Disinger (Lion Eileen)             Newsletter published for the
6504 Carrie Lynn Court                       members, family and friends
Mt. Airy, MD, 21771-7616                     of the Thurmont Lions Club
Cell: (301) 418-1041                         Check us out online at:
Home Club: Mt. Airy                
1st Vice District Governor
Richard E. Liebno (Grace)
115 Rockland Road
Westminster, MD 21158
Res: 410-848-4929
Home Club: Deer Park
2nd Vice District Governor
Stephen D. Finger (Debra)
206 Forest Drive
LaVale, MD 21502-1911
Res: 301-722-3104
Cell 301- 697-0424
Home Club: LaVale
Cabinet Secretary
Paul E. Cannada (Lion Jo Ann)
7 Sylvia Circle
Thurmont,, MD 21788
Res: 301-271-2924
Cell: 301-639-7434
Home Club: Thurmont
Cabinet Treasurer
Donald R. Bartgis (Barbara)
1313 Hillcrest Drive
Frederick, MD 21703
Res: 301-663-3105
Cell: 301-401-0640
Home Club: New Windsor
Region III Chair
Gary R. Mullins (Paula)
 10414 Pleasant Vista Drive
 Frederick, MD 21701
 Res: 301-898-9948 Cell: 301-514-1511
Home Club: Libertown-Unionville
Zone I Chair
Robin Keeny
7196 Prospect Drive
Thurmont, MD 21788
Res: 301-304-0566
Home Club: Thurmont Lions Club


                               OFFICERS & DIRECTORS-THURMONT LIONS CLUB

President:                     George Bolling   1 Mae Way, Thurmont, MD 21788                     (301-898-7119)
Immediate Past President:      Robin Keeny      12829 Catoctin Furnace Road, Thurmont, MD 21788   (301-304-0566)
1st Vice Pres:                 Och Ochoa        4600 Wayne Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201           (717-263-9620)
2nd Vice Pres:                 Ross Smith       30 Elm Street, Thurmont, MD 21788                 (301-271-4140)
3rd Vice Pres:                 Tim Stuart       14509 Holstein Court, Thurmont, MD 21788          (301-271-0214)
4th Vice Pres:                 Colleen Gillen   5 Geoley Court, Thurmont, MD 21788                (301-271-7357)
Secretary:                     Joyce Anthony    31 Sylvia Circle, Thurmont, MD 21788              (301-898-8515)
Assistant Secretary:           Diane McLean     7 Geoley Court, Thurmont, MD 21788                (410-206-1805)
Treasurer:                     Doug Favorite    15000 Roddy Road, Thurmont, MD 21788              (301-271-0558)
Dues Treasurer:                Wes Hamrick      208 Sunhigh Drive, Thurmont MD 21788              (301-271-9195)
Tail Twister:                  Don Keeney       15000 Roddy Road, Thurmont, MD 21788              (301-271-0558)
Lion Tamer:                    Larry Mundy      31 Sylvia Circle, Thurmont, MD 21788              (301-898-8515)
            1 Yr. Directors:   Jenny West       501 East Main Street, Thurmont, MD 21788          (301-271-7845)
                               Albie Little     38 Summit Avenue, Thurmont, MD 21788              (301-271-2134)
           2 Yr. Directors:    Paul Cannada     7 Sylvia Circle, Thurmont, MD 21788               (301-271-2924)
                               Shirley Long     6903 Colonial Avenue, Thurmont MD 21788           (301-898-7004)
Member Chair                   Susan Favorite   P. O. Box 324, Thurmont, MD 21788                 (301-271-4020)

                           ART FESTIVAL SIGNUP SHEET
Put out artist stakes
Block off artist spots
Help unload artists
Help set-up food booth
Set up Lions tent and Student Art tent
Set up chairs in Memorial Park

Trail Walkers:
Walk top half of trail
Spot and report problems
Check in with artists - relay their needs to runners
Pick up door prize tickets and relay them to Memorial Park

Artist Runners:
Receive artist food orders and take them to the artist
Collect the money
Make sure they have water (free of charge)
Help with any issues they may encounter

Run 4-Wheeler:
Run the 4-wheeler along top half of trail
Sell water to people along trail from 4-wheeler
Deliver water to artists (free of charge) if needed

Student Art Tent:
Sit in tent to make sure no damage occurs to art on display
Assist as students remove and bring in art, if needed

Lions Tent:
Hand out information on ART Festival
Hand out Lions information
Answer questions
Hand out Volksmarch maps
Check in folks at end of Volksmarch

Volks March:
Sit at designated spot and check off volks march papers for walkers

Tear Down:
Help artists tear down and load cars
Remove all stakes

Take down tents
Take down chairs
Remove trash along trail


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