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									                                                                                                 ...SINCE 1983

                IEMC MUSTANG
 Volume 29 Issue 2                               Spokane, Washington                               February 2011
                      s        ue
        Inside This Is

    Ken’s First Meeting                    1
    Club Purpose and General Information 2

    The Prez Sez                           3

    Meeting Minutes                        4

    Birthdays                              6

    Calendar of Events                     6

    Advertisements                         8

    32nd International Registration form   9

    ‘Stajng of the Month                   10

Your IEMC Mustang editor is looking for re-
porters. Please submit articles about events
you attend, especially if you don’t see me
there. An interesting newsletter depends on
the input from all of you. I’m very interested    2011’s first meeting of the year with Ken West getting ready to start the show.
in your articles. Thank you. Catherine

                Tech Piece
I was reading Tom’s September Mus-
tang Monthly last night trying to get
ideas for the newsletter. As I read some
of the articles it came to me I might be
over my head. Then I saw the “How To”
feature and I thought this is something I
could do. The piece was Install LED
Backup Lights on page 58. I was
hooked when I read it only took a Phil-
lips-head screwdriver and a pair of nee-
dle nose pliers. This is a Mustang Pro-
ject replacement for the incandescent
bulbs and should provide much more
light as you back up at night in your ’65-
’68 Mustang. OK to start take off the
                                                                           We had a lively
lens cover using the Phillip-head screw-
                                                                           Crew here tonight
driver. Remove the incandescent bulb
                                                                           and much
by pushing in gently and turning to the
                                                                           ketchup was
left. Insert the LED base into the
socket. This is where guys with bigger
hands might need the needle nose pli-
ers to push the base into the socket,
then twist to the right to lock in
Continue page 7

     Monthly Meeting - Tuesday February 1, 2011 at Prospector’s Bar and Grill, 12611 N. Hwy 395.
                          Meeting starts at 7 PM, arrive early to eat & visit!
                                                                                         Denny & Sharon Jones           509-325-3844
President       Ken West               509-328-8376              Coordinator
Vice Pres.      Steve Jones            509-891-6491                Barry Barton                   509-468-8730
Treasurer       Cathy Jones            509-891-6491
                                                                                         Tom & Catherine Eickmeyer      509-467-0825
Secretary       Francine Dober         509-220-6650
                                                                                         Gary Gunning                   509-922-2596
                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                Steve & Cathy Jones            509-891-6491
Barry Barton            509-468-8730                   Cliff & Sharon Marier          509-466-7864

Jana Craven             509-328-2803                             Chuck & Mary Oliver            509-464-3144

Gary Gunning            509-922-2596  
                                                                                         Ken & Vicky West               509-328-8376
Sharon Jones            509-325-3844  
                                                                                         Gary & Ellen Wheeldon          509-922-1169
Tom Eickmeyer           509-467-0825  
Sharon Marier           509-466-7864  
                                                                                          Gary Gunning               509-922-2596
                                                                                          Jeff & Tracy Morris        509-993-3153
  Jana & Mel Craven        509-328-2803                           Barry Barton               509-468-8730

                                                                                          Lyn Comfort                509-226-5229
                                                                                          Susan Ragon                509-624-1946
  Club Historian        Gary and Marsha       509-928-4979
  Name Badges           Jim Fox               208-623-4101             Carl Lind                  509-448-0365
  Welcome Letters
                                                                                          Jana Craven                509-328-2803
  Newsletter Editor     Catherine Eickmeyer   509-467-0825
                                                                                          Royal Myhre                509-926-7457

  Membership            Sharon Jones          509-325-3844           Gary and Marsha            509-928-4979
  Merchandise           Ken West              509-328-8376         Sharon Jones               509-325-3844
  Reference Library     Carl Sontowski        509-244-2256           Sharon Marier              509-466-7864
  Roster Updates        Barry Barton          509-468-8730    Please call our Health     And Welfare Comm. if you know of someone
                                                                                          who is ill or has lost     a loved one.
  Website Managers      Barry Barton and      509-468-8730-
                        Beth Barton           509329-1316

                                          Club Purpose & General Information
                                                                                   Membership Dues:
   Club Purpose:
                                                                                   Membership dues are $25.00 per calendar year. Your membership
   Our club exists to promote the enjoyment and preservation of all Mustang auto-
                                                                                   includes family members that reside with you that are under the age of
   mobiles. There's no limit to how many Mustangs or other Ford-powered automo-
                                                                                   25. Each membership includes one associate family member for vot-
   biles you may have. Ownership is not required. However, enthusiasm is defi-
                                                                                   ing purposes. Dues are pro-rated, based on what part of the year you
   nitely encouraged! Mailing address is PO Box 13591 Spokane Valley WA
   Meeting Place:
                                                                                   The award IEMC MUSTANG is the official publication for our club. An
   Prospector’s Bar and Grill, 12611 N. US 395, Spokane. Meetings are held on
                                                                                   electronic copy is emailed to everyone with an email address. A hard
   the First Tuesday of each month. It’s an excellent time to meet fellow club
                                                                                   copy is mailed to those members who “opt in” for this each month .
   members and to make new friends. Start time is 7:00 PM but many people
                                                                                   Please email with your classified ads, business
   come early to eat and visit. All family members are welcome to attend and join
                                                                                   cards, articles, pictures and questions.
   the fun.
                                                                                   Advertising Policy:
   Monthly Cruise:
                                                                                   Business cards for one year: $20.00 donation.
   The IEMC holds a monthly cruise (Ice Cream/Hot Chocolate Run) the Third
                                                                                   Classifieds: $3.00 for one (1) month for non-members, Free to mem-
   Tuesday of each month. See the Pony Calendar or check on the website for
                                                                                   bers. Send ads to the IEMC PO Box or email to the editor; ...
   times and places for each outing.
                                                                          Deadline is the 15th of the month prior to
   Club Website:
                                                                                   publication for ads and articles.
   Our site, is hosted by Barry and Beth Barton
                                                                                   Mustang Registry:
   The site features pictures, stories, ads and many other items of interest. It also
                                                                                   Please help us maintain a current registry that includes your pony.
   includes our club calendar of events.
                                                                                   This is a real help to the club for planning events and will give you an
   Reference Library:
                                                                                   excellent chance to have your ride featured in the club newsletter. Just
   The club maintains a stock of reference videos and books that can be checked
                                                                                   ask any of the officers for a copy of the MUSTANG REGISTRY form to
   out for no charge by members. A sample of topics include how to paint your car,
                                                                                   fill out. Turn it in at any club meeting or send it to, IEMC MUSTANG,
   do rust & metal repair, detailing guides, and how to buff your own car. Videos

              The Prez Sez...

                          FEBRUARY 2011

 January wasn’t exactly a fun filled month for car activities but
don’t get discouraged, spring is right around the corner. I was
looking at a list of upcoming car shows in my Mustang Monthly
magazine and I see that they actually have some in January in
Florida. Oh-well, our turn will come when it’s too hot and humid
down there.

I also was reading about a contest where one person can win two
Mustangs. You can win a totally restored 1969 Boss 302 and a
2012 Boss 302 one-of-a-kind Patriot Edition. Those two would be
a great addition to the club stable. If you would like to enter then
go to Your donation will benefit Healing He-
roes Network as they help our wounded troops returning from
overseas. I believe they draw the winner on July 4th.

Another great Mustang coming out this year is the 2011 Shelby GT350. I know some of you saw one in
Bellevue last summer. I hope to see one driving around town this summer and better yet, as a member’s
car in the club. Anybody in the market?

In February we have a couple of activities where I would like to see a good turn-out because I know you
will have a great time. On the 15th we have the “Hot Chocolate Run” at Wendy’s at the Y at 6:30. They
have good food and it is always great to have a meal with good friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Then on
the 19th is the “Show No Shine” at the Double Tree Inn. I have never heard a bad report from anybody that
has been to this event. Everyone has a great time and can’t wait till the next one. Hope to see you there.

If you did not make the January meeting then you missed out on some stiff competition for the HAH! -
AWARD. We actually had three nominations. I can’t remember the last time we had that much competition
for the south end of a northbound horse. I’m just glad Cliff came close to running over himself instead of
actually doing it or he might not have been able to be there to pick-up his trophy!

I hope to see everyone at the meetings this year, we will be having lots of activities to tell you about and
opportunities for you to volunteer and be an active member in one of the greatest clubs around.

Sincerely your “ work in progress” President,


             IEMC 2010 Minutes
               December 7, 2010 @ 7:00                     New Mustangs: No new additions-Donna’s is in
              Prospector’s Bar and Grill                   her garage and she drools over it!
          IEMC Minutes January 4, 2011
            Prospector’s Bar and Grill         UNFINISHED BUSINESS:
         12611 N. Hwy 395, Spokane, WA         * Hot Wheels in Millwood Car Show.             Satur-
            Secretary Francine Dober           day, 7/23/11. Show will be scaled down, no
                                               classes, 20 trophies. Camero club will do food.
                                               Parking will be easy. Jim Fox volunteered to be co-
President Ken West called the Meeting to order ordinator and other volunteer commitments fol-
at 7:00PM                                      lowed.
                                               * 32nd International Mustang Meet-Jim Fox: No
Pledge of Allegiance was given                 meeting last month. 163 pre-registered, 205 Ban-
                                               quet tickets, 95        T-shirts, 99 BBQ tickets. Ex-
Welcome everyone - Steve Jones                 pecting good turnout. Important meeting at Perkins
No new members                                 at Argonne 1/12/11 at 6:30pm. Encouraged input
                                               and attendance: will discuss trophies and sponsor-
Motion to dispense with Minutes                ship rates etc. Call from California Mustang show-
Second / passed                                ing excitement.

TRESURER’S report - Mary Oliver: Handed written NEW BUSINESS:
statement to Officers and an oral update to mem- * Auto Boat Speed Show - 3/25-27/11.
bers. $5500 ahead.                                      Chairperson still needed and 5 entry cars. Discus-
                                                        sion on deadline and shortness of time. A lot of
STANDING COMMITEE Reports:                              work to do and some the same for International
* December Christmas Party-Sharon               Marier: and Hot Wheels. Denny will make a call to some-
Held at Timber Creek Grill and Buffet 12/11/10. 50- one who showed interest. More discussion next
60 attended. Good time, food and gift exchange. In- month if we are going to be in the show this year.
vitation to another Dec. party next year. Ice Cream Mel added we may lose our spot against the wall if
Scoop in 1st gift picked by a little girl. Jim Fox sug- not attending.
gested changing hours next year for inclusion of the
dinner menu.                                               Club Apparel and Merchandise-Ken West: Sold
* “Winter Night Out”-Rosalie Nourse:          Satur-       $106 last month. Have denim shirts, hats, mugs,
day 1/22/11 at Northern Quest Casino. 7PM. Dinner          new polo shirts and sweatshirts. Big club logo on
buffet $16.95. Dancing and drinks after optional, $5       back of club jackets now. Mel showed his. Can put
cover charge. DJ playing recorded music. Open to           logo on other jackets for $60.
other ideas. E-mail Rosalie. Passed signup sheet.
RSVP by 1/14.                                              Club Library-Carl Sontowski:
* Silvers Auction report-Ken West: Lyn Comfort             Selection of books and reference materials avail-
absent. Club received $500 for auction on December         able to sign out. Upgrading, additions of new books
3rd.                                                       and DVD’s this year.
* Health and Welfare-Jana Craven and Sharon
Jones: Gary Wheeldon had surgery with stroke               Historian-Gary and Marsha Sundburg Kendall:
complications. Thank you card received and read.           Requested car pictures for the album: e-mail or
He is improving. Four members went shopping for            mail to Marsha.
Sally’s, budget $900….spent 898.83! on much
needed basics. They were very grateful. Received a         Website-Barry Barton & Beth Barton:
Thank you from Second Harvest for donation of              No report in Barry and Beth’s absence.
                                                   Hot Chocolate Run:
MotorSports-Gary Gunning: No report, a little cold Spokane Valley Mall Food Court. Tuesday 1/18/11
to run on a race track!...                         at 6:30pm.
                                                                             Continued page 5

     Minutes               Continued from page 4                         Dinner at Northern Quest
                                                             We had a great turn out for our night out at Northern Quest.
INCCC Update-Mel and Jana Craven:                            The buffet was excellent and it was nice to visit with IEMC
No December meeting / Holiday.                                                         friends.
* Show No Shine “Old Chicago” 2/19/11 at Double
Tree. Tickets $35. Dinner, dancing, bar. Bid on bas-
kets. Encouraged everyone to go. Hand count.
(Gregg Thurman offers ride to party in his 7 passen-
ger 1946 Packard limousine. Let’s see how many we
can pack in + floorboards. Three dead bodies in the
huge trunk. Heater?-Yes-it has 2! )

HA Award Nominations: 3
(1) Cliff Marier almost ran over himself. (2) Diane
Stocks plan to get a new GT. (3) Rosalie Nourse
learns Bumblebee is a compound word worth only 1
game credit. WINNER: Cliff: E-brake failed to hold
truck from sliding down slippery drive- way and prun-
ing the bushes. Cliff was outside of the truck and in-
jured a finger. Saved running over himself and 10
mailboxes. $2000 damage to truck door. The bad
part was explaining to insurance…

Last call to purchase Door prize and 50/50 tick-
ets, and get signed in?

First of the year so dues are due, see Cathy. Stay a
paid-up member for 2011.
Sue Manly’s Birthday + song; Joined IEMC 17 years
ago on her Birthday ....wished a Happy Anniversary

Member’s draw-Vicki West:
$10 towards dinner, Jim and Trudy Brown

Beat Sharon’s record by 35 minutes!

 Drawings-Ron West:
* 7 Door prizes: Royal Myhre, Harry Heilman, John
Becker, Bill Stocks, Jim West, Gregg Thurman, Glen
* 50/50: Gary Kendall $30

            WELCOME                                                         IEMC
          NEW MEMBERS                                                   CALENDAR OF
There are no reported new members this month. Our mem-
bership is at 111.                                                       EVENTS AND
                February                                                  ACTIVITIES
                Birthdays                                                    2011
 2     Jim Fox                   19    Keith Swenson
                                                                IEMC 2011 Calendar
 3     Tom Eickmeyer             21    Ken Gartz
       Diane Stocks
       Bob McCauley
                                       Sharon Nicholson
                                       Janice Vaudrey
                                                               Of Events and Activities
 11    Bill Stocks               23    Jim Brown
 12    Mike Reents               23    Marcia Morris           February
 14    Bill Magee                25    Todd Stewart
 16    De Dee Kirk                                             1 – Monthly Meeting at Prospectors (12611 N. Hwy. 395- Across
                                                               from Wandermere Mall) Dinner at 6:00 PM and meeting at 7:00

                                                               4 – Board Meeting - 7:00 PM (Ken West’s House)
                 March                                         9 – IMM 32 Meeting – 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208- 623-4101

                Birthdays                                      15 – Hot Choc. Run to Wendy’s on Division at the Y (POC-
                                                               Sharon Jones) 325-3844)

 2     Steve Sponseller         14    Jim Comfort              19 – Show No Shine (POC- Jana Craven) 328-2803)
 6     Barry Barton             14    Linda Wert
 6     Ron West                 17    Caroline Hoff            26 – Gonzaga Women’s Basketball – 2:00 PM (POC – Rosalie
 9     Don Nicholson            17    Denny Jones              Nourse) 292-9644)
 9     Vi Sundin                17    Patty Wieber
 10    Linda Baldwin            19    Jim Butler
 10    Susan Ragon              22    Walter Adams
 11    Allen Bunge              23    John Madelung
 12    Brian Barton             25    Fred Young               1 – Monthly meeting at Prospectors
 12    Diane West               27    Tony Hoff
 14    Kendra Cagaly            29    Donna Weimorts           6 – Laser Quest - Sunday 1:30 PM (POC – Catherine Eick-
                                30    Linda Adams              meyer) 467-0825

                                                               9 – IMM 32 Meeting – 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101
 Thanks to Planning Committee
The planning committee has done a great job arranging the      13 – Follow-up Activity Comm. Meeting – 1:00 PM (Ken West’s
Events Calendar for 2011. Barry Barton is updating the list    House) 328-8376
on the Web Site so we all know what’s going on. Thank you
All for your efforts.                                          15- Hot Choc. Run – O’ Doherty’s Irish Pub at 11723 E. Sprague
                                                               – 6:30 PM (POC- Sharon Jones) 325-3844
We need to be ready to help with the implementation of
Some of these events. It takes time and mental effort to       19 – Dinner/Bingo/Silent Auction 5:00 – 9:00 PM at Prospectors
Complete the logistics putting the activities together. The    (POC- Denny Jones and Sharon Marier) Denny – 325-3844
Rest of us have a good time because of the additional effort   Sharon 466-7864
put forth on these events. As Denny Jones has stated “Club
Members need to know that nothing takes place without          24 – 27 – Auto Boat Speed Show (ABSS) (POC - ?)
people being willing to take on these responsibilities.”
                                                               Continued page 7

Cont. activities                                            25 – Texas Road House Dinner Cruise (POC- Steve and Cathy
                                                            Jones) 891-6491
5 – Monthly Meeting at Prospectors                          July
Fast Kart Schedule (Open Block of time April 1 – April 9)   5- Monthly Meeting at Prospectors
(POC- Gary Gunning) 922-2596
                                                            9 – Early Ford Car Show & Swap Meet (Fairgrounds- 9:00 AM)
10 – IMAX Theater Movie & Dinner (POC- Rosalie Nourse)      (Show Up)
                                                            13 – IMM 32. Meeting - 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101
13 – IMM 32 Meeting – 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101
                                                            14 – INCCC Scholarship Car Show in Downtown Spokane (POC-
19 - Hot Choc. Run – Ferguson’s on Garland - 6:30 PM        ?)
(POC- Sharon Jones) 325-3844
                                                            14, 15, 16 &17 – Mustang Round Up at Bellevue C. C. (POC- ?)
30 – Penny Drive (POC – Jana Craven) 328-2803
                                                            19 – Ice Cream Run to Greenbluff (POC-Jana Craven) 328-2803
30 - Shock Football Game 7:00 PM (POC – Sharon Marier)      (Info. to follow)
                                                            23 – Hot Wheels In Millwood (POC- Jim Fox) 208-623-4101

                                                            30- Hill’s Resort Cruise on Priest Lake (POC- Barry Barton) 468-
May                                                         8730
3 – Monthly Meeting at Prospectors
7 – Wallace Depot Days Car Show (Info. To follow)
                                                            2 – Monthly Meeting (Outside Meeting at Prospector’s)
11 – IMM 32 Meeting – 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101
                                                         7 – Tour of Spokane Fish Hatchery and Dinner – 2:00 PM (POC-
14 – Shakedown Cruise – Meet at Rosauers in Browne’s Ad- Cliff Marier) 466-7864
dition. at 9:00 AM and depart at 9:30 AM (POC – Denny
Jones) 325-3844                                          10 – IMM 32 Meeting - 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101

17 – Ice Cream Run – Dairy Queen in Post Falls – Meet at    12, 13, & 14 – Good Guys Car Show & Swap Meet – (Show Up)
SCC Clock Tower at 6:00PM and depart at 6:30 PM (POC-
Sharon Jones) 325-3844                                      16 Ice Cream Run to Suncrest Pizza – Meet at Safeway’s parking
                                                            lot on corner of Francis and Monroe at 6:00 PM and depart at
21 - Lilac City Car Show & Parade – Meet for breakfast at   6:30 PM (POC- Barry Barton) 468-8730
Waffles Plus at 8:30 AM - 2625 N. Monroe (POC – Cliff Mar-
ier) 466-7864                                              20 – Spokane Indians Baseball Game (POC- Chuck and Mary
                                                           Oliver) 464-3144
June                                                        27 – Boat Races in St. John WA (POC- Tom Morris and Gary
                                                            Wheeldon) 924-5544 922-1169 (Info to follow)
7 – Monthly Meeting at Prospectors
                                                            28 –Activity Comm. Meeting (Location to be announced)
11 – Scavenger Cruise (POC – Barry Barton and Gary Gun-
ning) 468-8730 922-2596                                     Continued fro page 1
                                                            place. At this point you’ll want to check to make sure it’s in
15 – IMM 32. Meeting - 6:30 PM (Jim Fox) 208-623-4101       correctly. Turn the ignition on and put the car into reverse. If it
                                                            doesn’t light up its polarity is wrong. Take it out of the base
17 – CDA Car Cruise (POC- Denny Jones) 325-3844             and turn it 180 degrees, put it back in and twist it to tighten. In
                                                            the kit there is a gasket that goes behind the LED disc. (If you
18 – CDA Silver Auto Auction (POC-?)                        try to leave it out your lamp will short out) Coil the wires into
                                                            the housing, slide the gasket and LED disc into the housing,
19 – Wendle Ford Auto Show 9:00 AM (Ford Powered Only)      line up the spacers that are supplied with the holes in the LED
– Show Up                                                   disc then tighten the screws. Not too tight or you could break
                                                            the plastic lens. The new LED barely shows through the lens,
21 – Ice Cream Run to Zip’s in Mead – Meet at SCC Clock     but at night it should really light things up. (This Mustang Pro-
Tower at 6:00 PM and depart at 6:30 PM (POC- Sharon         ject kit is sold as part number MP-1142-REB) Now if I only
                                                            had a ‘65 to practice on.

            4 Wheeler for sale cont
           Suzuki Quad Runner 50cc
           Call Royal @ 509-928-2324

                       For Sale
               ‘97 Cobra Wheels
                 $400.00 OBO
                 Don Smullens


         Angela Howerton, CDA
                Family Childcare Professional
                  State Licensed since 1991

“Through play, children grow, learn and develop”
         Central Valley Spokane Area

                                                         Do you have something to sell? Send ads to the editor at eick-
                                                Members ads are free. Non members
                                                         $3.00 a month. All business cards are $20.00 a year.


                                  February’s Stang of
                                     the Month

                                         Ed Saxon’s 69 Fastback

                                  Ed sent this picture in June when he
                                  was in Iraq

Inland Empire Mustang Club
P.O. Box 13591
Spokane, WA 99213-3591


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