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									                                                                   Newsletter Publication

                                                                               August 2010

                                                                  Welcome to the WIE!
IEEE Women in Engineering                                                            WIE Magazine Receives APEX
                                                                                     Award 2010. Six nominations were
WIE MISSION. Inspire, engage, encourage, and                                         submitted on behalf of WIE for the 2010
empower IEEE women worldwide.                                                        APEX Awards (Awards for Publication
                                                                                     Excellence), with more than 3,700
WIE VISION. A vibrant community of IEEE women and                                    entries total. 100 Grand Awards were
men innovating the world of tomorrow.                                                presented to honor outstanding work in
                                                                   11 major categories. WIE has won one of the Grand
                                                                   Awards for the NERD Girls Video. In addition, of the

WiE Got News….                                                     3,700 entries, 1,132 awards were given to recognize
                                                                   exceptional entries in 127 subcategories. WIE received two
                                                                   certificates in the following categories: Interviews &
Excerpts from various IEEE Sources for news, information,
and current events.                                                Personal Profiles and One-of-a-Kind Green Publications as
                                                                   * Green: The Hope of Globalization Issue

                                                                   * Profile: “The Popovic Sisters: Following a Father's
Eng in eer You r Life “Dream big. Love what you do.”                          Footsteps”, article by Heather Wax

Do you want to help give engineering a better image? Do you        Without the hard work and support of many IEEE Staff, the
want to let people know how exciting and rewarding an              great collaboration efforts between the IEEE OUs (PUBS,
engineering career can be? Then change the way you talk            EAB, and MGAB), and the work of the WIE and
about engineering! Take the Engineer’s Pledge. For more            freelancers, we would not have been able to receive this
information on the Engineer’s Pledge, please visit Facebook at:    recognition. For more information, please visit

              Pleas e vis it o ur webs ite at
                                                                                  August 2010
WIE is now on Facebook! The WIE is now on                  the event, Tennant visited with the two student branch
                                                           affinity groups at the University of Pretoria and the
               . Please join us at our recently launched   University of Cape Town (UCT). This visit provided
WIE Facebook Page at                                       Tennant the opportunity to get a grass-roots level!/pages/IEEE-            understanding of the IEEE geo-unit operations between
Women-in-Engineering/150443418299658?ref=ts                student branch level units and section level units. Celia
                                                           Desmond, past president of ComSoc, also visited the
                                                           groups along with Tennant, enabling the development of
                                                           closer ties between the groups. For more information
                                                           about the event, please review the article entitle, “IEEE:
                                                           WIE Affinity Group” at the following site:

                                                           WIE Poster to highlight Modern Day Engineering Role
                                                           Models. IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) will be
                                                           creating a poster that will serve as a public service to
                                                           highlight modern day engineering role models as well as
                                                           help establish IEEE WIE’s presence as experts in the best
                                                           practices for promoting women in engineering. The poster
                                                           will consist of a yearly calendar along with profiles of
                                                           prominent women engineers in exciting engineering and
                                                           science careers. The poster will spotlight women
                                                           engineers doing their “work” and provide statements to
                                                           enhance the public’s understanding of the contributions of
                                                           women technical professionals.

                                                           The public will increasingly value the role of IEEE and
WIE Program Manager visits IEEE and WIE Student            technical professionals in enhancing the quality of life and
Branches at UCT in South Africa. During the
                                                           environment. The WIE Poster will provide awareness
International Conference on Communications (ICC)           about engineering, career options, and how engineering is
2010 held in May in Cape Town, South Africa, several       shaping our future. This project will celebrate the
distinguished lecturers and IEEE staff members             achievements of women in engineering, and help retain
attended this event.                                       women engineers by sharing the career paths of
                                                           successful role models. Furthermore, by disseminating the
                                                           exciting opportunities within the field of engineering, future
                                                           generations of young students will be inspired to pursue
                                                           these disciplines.

                                                             • Highlight the dynamic role models within IEEE
                                                             • Increase public awareness about engineering
                                                                 careers and how they benefit humanity
                                                             • Promote diversity within the engineering

                                                           If you are interested in participating, please submit the
                                                           following information to by 31
                                                           August 2010:

Amongst the attendees of this flagship conference was          •    Short Biography
Keyana Tennant, IEEE WIE program manager,                      •    Submit no more than 5 images of you doing your
internationally. This event was hosted by the IEEE                  “work” (jpg format, high resolution, 300 dpi)
Communications Society (ComSoc) and IEEE South                 •    Explain why you became a Technical Professional
Africa Section ComSoc Chapter. During attendance of

                   Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                      Page 2
                                                                                      August 2010
    •   What information or advice would you like to pass      executive, Matt Loeb, and IEEE Power and Energy
        on to a young girl interested in engineering           Society president, Alan Rotz, at the launch of the
    •   How does your work as an engineer benefit              University of Cape Town IEEE Power and Energy
        humanity                                               Society Student Chapter. This award can be attributed to
                                                               the affinity group’s active role within the university in
                                                               organizing events and projects. Congratulations to the
WIE is pleased to announce WIE Student Appointment             WIE Committee of 2009: Phillippa Wilson and her
                            from Region 8. Please              subcommittee under the leadership of Veronica
                            note the following                 Sentengo and Josephine Nakato (2009 chair and vice
                            student appointment:               chair of the student branch). Congratulations also to the
                            Manuella D’Oliviera Pio            Committee of 2010.
                            been appointed to serve
                            on the Women in
                            Engineering Committee              IEEE eLearning Library (formerly Expert Now). The
                            as the Student                     following is a list of tutorials that are now available for
                            Appointment from 1 July            purchase within the IEEE eLearning Library:
                            2010 - 31 June 2011.
                            Manuella is part of                • “Fundamentals of LTE Standards and Technologies” by
                            Region 8 covering                  Peter Chan, sponsored by IEEE Educational Activities
                            Europe, Middle East and            Department
                            Africa. Co n g ra tu la tio n s    • “Security of Information and Communication Networks
                                Ma n u e lla fro m th e WIE!   Part 1 & 2” (two tutorials) by Stamatios Kartalopoulos,
                                                               sponsored by IEEE Communications Society
                                                               • “SRAM Design - Clock Buffer” by Douglas Sheppard,
UCT IEEE WIE Affinity Group Receives Honorable                 sponsored by IEEE Educational Activities Department
Mention Award in Cape Town, South Africa.                      • “SRAM Design - Control Circuitry” by Douglas
Following on the recent achievement of the IEEE South          Sheppard, sponsored by IEEE Educational Activities
Africa Section WIE Affinity Group being awarded the            Department
Honorable Mention Affinity Group 2009, the University of       • “SRAM Design – Sensing and Write Control” by
Cape Town IEEE Student Branch is privileged to                 Douglas Sheppard, sponsored by IEEE Educational
announce that a similar achievement has been awarded           Activities Department
to the WIE Student Affinity Group at the student branch        • “Learning to Play Games” by Simon M. Lucas,
level.                                                         sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
                                                               • “High power variable speed drives: Performance
                                                               issues, application guide, and network studies Parts 1 &
                                                               2” (two tutorials) by Babak Badrzadeh, sponsored by
                                                               IEEE Power Electronics Society
                                                               • “Fundamentals and Application Engineering of
                                                               Electrochemical Capacitors: Fundamentals” by John
                                                               Miller, sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society
                                                               • “Fundamentals and Application Engineering of
                                                               Electrochemical Capacitors: Applications” by John
                                                               Miller, sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society

                                                               To view all available tutorials in the IEEE eLearning
                                                               Library, please visit and login
                                                               with your IEEE Web Account.

Photo caption (left to right): Matt Loeb (IEEE staff           EE Publishers offer On-line Media Resource. EE
executive, Corporate Strategy), Manuella D'Oliviera Pio        Publishers disseminates, publishes and distributes
(chair, University of Cape Town IEEE WIE Student               information through various media, including print
Affinity Group), Alan Rotz (president, IEEE Power and          editions, online HTML editions, online Flash flip-page
Energy Society), Joyce Mwangama (chair, Univ. of Cape          editions, mobile editions, email newsletters, blogs, RSS
Town IEEE Student Branch)                                      feeds and podcasts. Subject matter covered
                                                               includes political, economic, social, regulatory, business,
The award was handed to the chairperson of the student
affinity group ,Manuella D’Oliviera Pio by IEEE staff
                   Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                          Page 3
                                                                              August 2010
environmental, technical, safety and consumer issues in      Welcome to EE Recruitment!
the fields of:

    •   Energy, electrical and electronics engineering
    •   Measurement, instrumentation, automation and
    •   Computer, information and communications
                                                             Visit EE Recruitment at
    •   Surveying and geographic information science
                                                             which is a website for technical jobs and staff
                                                             recruitment services in the electrical, electronics,
Experience the "new media" with EE Publishers...             lighting, automation, instrumentation, computer,
Access, Discover, View, Read, Listen, Participate,           information, communications, GIS and surveying
Share, Experience, Learn                                     sectors.

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                                                             to collaborate with outside agencies, WIE has partnered
                                                             with WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network)
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                                                             to introduce WEPAN's on-line knowledge center. The
                                                             center is a great new resource for people looking for
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View, read and subscribe to EE Publishers' online Flash      •     Access to catalogued and fully cited information
flip-page editions (free of charge). Click on the relevant   resources including research reports, data and statistics,
cover picture above, and wait a moment while the             agenda papers, bibliographies, best practices, key
selected e-Zine loads. We hope you will enjoy reading        programs, and more.
the new e-Zines from EE Publishers!                          •     Utilize an on-line professional community for
                                                             networking, collaborating, identifying subject matter
                                                             experts, and sharing information.
                                                             •     Special On-line Events

                                                             Registration Information:
                                                             IEEE WIE Webinar
                                                             “Cook’s Tour*” of the WEPAN Knowledge Center

                                                             Click to Register Now!

                                                             Presented by: Diane Matt, WEPAN (Women in Engineering
                                                             ProActive Network); Jenna Carpenter, Louisiana Tech

                   Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                      Page 4
                                                                                          August 2010
Quote for the Mo nth:
_______________________________________________________          WIE are looking for s omeone… Do you
                                                                 know of an yone in IEEE WIE with a B.S. and /o r M.S. in
“Nothing’s ever built to las t but that does n ’t mean it’s      Electrical Engineerin g o r s imilar edu cation al
not worth building.”                                             background who left th e EE wo rk fo rce fo r a while d u e
                                                                 to child care or oth er reas o ns , bu t th en s ucces s fu lly
                                    -- Un kn own                 retu rned to an Engineerin g career after s everal years ?
                                                                 If s o , p leas e s h are yo ur s tory with oth ers b y con tacting
WEPAN Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs –                      the WIE at Keyan aTen nan o r
Predoctoral, Dissertation & Postdoctoral Fellowships.            pjanu ary@d rs -ds .com .
The following fellowships are administered as
identified below which include stipends and                      See Web site for complete eligibility information:
allowances under WEPAN:                                ;
                                                                 *Web-based applications may be filled out and submitted
Ford Foundation Fellowship Programs. Ford Foundation             online. A point of contact is identified below for further
Fellowship Programs are designed to increase the diversity       assistance:
of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing
their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational   Sara Xayarath Hernández, Director
benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of             Diversity Programs in Engineering
professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for      Cornell University College of Engineering
enriching the education of all students.                         146 Olin Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 email:
                                                                 office: 607.255.0979
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:                                        fax: 607.255.2834
 U.S. citizen or national
 Planning a career in teaching and research to be
matched by employing institution at the college or university    IEEE WIE: New TV Series - Cas ting Call. MPH
level                                                            Entertainment, producers of the Emmy nominated, hit TV
                                                                 show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” is now casting its
                                                                 new reality pilot, “Nerd Girls”. Developed from a professor’s
                                                                 curriculum and the web site -- both created
 Predoctoral - $20,000 to the fellow, institution
                                                                 by Dr. Karen Panetta, a Professor of Electrical and
allowance of $2,000 for three years
 Dissertation - $21,000 for one year
                                                                Computer Engineering at Tufts University -- the “Nerd Girls”
 Postdoctoral - $40,000 for one year, $1,500
                                                                brand concept builds on Panetta’s original initiative,
employing institution allowance to be matched by                 encouraging women to change their world through science,
employing institutions                                           technology, engineering and math, all while embracing their
                                                                 feminine power.
Approximately 40 predoctoral, 20 dissertation, and 18
postdoctoral fellowships sponsored by the Ford Foundation        Says MPH partner Jim Milio, “Popular culture has become
and administered by the National Research Council of the         obsessed with stereotyping young people. Young women
National Academies.                                              seem especially vulnerable to narrow-minded labeling by
                                                                 their peers. We believe that empowering young women to
APPLICATION DEADLINE DATES:                                      demonstrate that ‘geek is chic’ and ‘brains are beautiful’
                                                                 offers a potent and compelling message in today’s media-
 PREDOCTORAL: EARLY NOVEMBER 2010                               obsessed society.” MPH, along with “Nerd Girls” partners
 DISSERTATION: EARLY NOVEMBER 2010                              Paola di Florio, Karen Johnson, Stephanie Davis and Dr.
 POSTDOCTORAL: EARLY NOVEMBER 2010                              Panetta, are beginning a nationwide search for talented
                                                                 female engineering and science students who defy
For additional information and applications, contact:            stereotypes and have a multi-faceted life beyond the
National Research Council of the National Academies              books.
500 5th Street NW, K576
Washington, DC 20001                                             Selected girls will become part of the “Nerd Girls” brand
Phone: (202) 334-2872                                            that includes a multimedia campaign to change the image
Fax: (202) 334-3419                                              of nerd girls worldwide. The “Nerd Girls” will get the chance
E-mail:                                         of a lifetime to use their engineering skills to solve real

                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                              Page 5
                                                                                      August 2010
world problems and to improve both our quality of life and              for engineering, science and technology, and still
our environment. They'll help create new pop culture role               be myself – from my adoration of the art of fashion
models who embody the talent and diversity of nerd girls,               to my fascination with Lady Gaga.” – Lauren,
and will serve to encourage more girls and young women                  Electrical Engineer (MSEE) & NerdGirls Twitter
to consider engineering and related studies as a career.
                                                                Got a question? Want to learn more about the Nerd Girl
Women ages 18-23 who are interested in becoming a Nerd          Buzz? Follow the Nerd Girls on Twitter @nerdgirls, and join
Girl are encouraged to visit for               them on the Facebook NerdGirls fan page!
application and submission information. The “Nerd Girls”
brand has received funding and support from the IEEE
foundation, the world’s largest professional organization for   US A Scien ce & En gin eerin g Fes tival Calls . IEEE is
the advancement of technology.                                  proud to be an Official Sponsor of the first-ever USA
                                                                Science & Engineering Festival. The Festival is an all-out
Do you want to use your engineering skills to make a            celebration of all things science and engineering, and offers
difference? Do you want to change the way the world views       endless opportunities for students to get involved. The
women in engineering? Do you want to be a part of a major       Festival culminates in a giant two-day Expo on the National
movement to provide young girls with positive role models,      Mall and surrounding areas on October 23 & 24, 2010, in
while building an amazing resume? The Nerd Girls are now        Washington DC. Students can submit for the following
casting for the NEW TV SERIES produced by MPH                   contest right now:
Entertainment, best known for their Emmy-nominated hit
show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan.” Dr. Karen
Panetta, founder of Nerd Girls, has been encouraging
young women to change their world through science,
technology, engineering and math, all while embracing their
feminine power, and she wants you to join her team!

If you think you have what it takes to tell the world, “Hey,
I’m a Nerd Girl, and it’s awesome!” then submit a video.
Join us on our mission to show the beauty of brains. What
is a Nerd Girl? YOU are. Check us out:                          USA Science & Engineering Festival Calls for Entries Press Release Details:                to Kavli Science Video Contest – Deadline: 8/31/10
95309059.html>. Here’s what some of the Original Nerd
Girls have to say about it:

        "Listen, being a Nerd Girl rocks! I love being
        associated with a group of smart women who are
        just as passionate about their nerdy side as they
        are about their life outside of engineering. For me,
        it's all about airplanes and Nike's new line of
        running shoes." - Danielle – Mechanical Engineer
        (MSME) & NerdGirls Facebook Fan Page

        “Being a Nerd Girl is all about embracing who you
        are. I’m so glad to be part of a group that allows
        me to be myself – a nerd that loves being a part of
                                                                Science is cool and The Kavli Foundation is challenging K-
        the science world that’s treating serious medical
                                                                12 students across the nation to explain why. Student
        conditions, but also a girl that lives for getting
                                                                teams are invited to submit entries for the video contest,
        dressed up for a ladies night on the town.” –
                                                                with cash awards going toward science education at the
        Cristina, Biomedical Engineer (MSBME) &
                                                                students’ school or after-school program and electronics
        NerdGirls Facebook Fan Page writer
                                                                prizes for the students. The best videos will be shown at
                                                                the Festival's Expo on October 23-24, 2010, where
        “I love technology, from sexy gadgets like the
                                                                hundreds of thousands of science fans are expected to
        iPhone to social media crazes like Twitter, to the
                                                                gather on D.C.'s National Mall, and the winner will receive a
        solar cells that will change the way the world is
                                                                travel stipend to attend the Expo! Videos might explore a
        powered. As a Nerd Girl, I can embrace my love
                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                         Page 6
                                                                                       August 2010
scientific concept, show us the wonders of nature, give us a    nationally showcase students' accomplishments in summer
glimpse into the future, show us what scientific discovery      courses and programs, including robotics, engineering,
has done for us in the past or will do for us in the future,    environmental science, oceanography, astronomy, 3D
introduce us to a great scientist or engineer, or simply tell   modeling , video, digital arts production courses, to name
us why science is cool! Sponsored by The Kavli                  just a few! Find out more at
Foundation and conducted in partnership with SciVee, the        Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any
contest closes on August 31, 2010. For more information         questions. I hope to see you and your students at the
visit                                                           Festival!
li-science-video-contest                                        For more information, contact: Stacy Jannis, USA Science
                                                                & Engineering Festival, School Outreach Coordinator
Ruth Kiefer                                                     301.585.3981 or
Festival Co-Director, USA Science & Engineering Festival, 619-723-8820 (Pacific Standard
Time)                                      2011 IEEE GCC Co nferen ce and Exhib ition to be h eld
                                                                in Dub ai, UAE. The 2011 IEEE GCC Conference and
Festival Dates: 10/10/10-10/24/10, Expo on the National         Exhibition is the sixth in a series and will be held during 19–
Mall: 10/23 & 10/24                                             22 February 2011 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The
                                                                conference will provide a forum for professional engineers,
Join our Twitter feed:        scientists and academics engaged in research and
                                                                development to convene and present their latest scholarly
Join the USA Science & Engineering Festival FaceBook            work and applications in industry. It will also provide
Group:                                                          engineers with an opportunity to interact and share their        experiences in technology applications. New developments
                                                                in industry and their benefits to the GCC countries will be
Join the USA Science & Engineering Festival LinkedIn            highlighted. The conference will run for four days and will
Group:                                                          be accompanied by a comprehensive industrial exhibition.          Diverse tutorial sessions will be held on the first day of the
Fun Science Video Contest for Summer Camp
students: Prize money goes towards STEM education               SCOPE. Papers are invited in all areas of electrical and
at your camp - electronics prizes for students! The USA         electronic engineering with a focus on the following
Science & Engineering Festival is calling for entries from      technical and application areas:
summer camps across the nation for its Kavli Science
Video Contest. Science is cool and The Kavli Foundation is            Power and Energy
challenging K-12 students across the nation to explain why.           Control
Student teams are invited to submit entries for the video             Computing and IT
contest, with cash awards going toward science education              Communications
at the students' summer camp and electronics prizes for               Electronics
the students.                                                         Signal Processing
                                                                      Engineering Education
The best videos will be shown at the Festival's Expo on               Industrial Technology Applications
October 23-24, 2010, where hundreds of thousands of
science fans are expected to gather on D.C.'s National          SUBMISSION GUIDELINES
Mall, and the winner will receive a travel stipend to attend    Prospective authors are invited to submit papers based on
the Expo! Videos might explore a scientific concept, show       their original work not exceeding 4 pages in length for full
us the wonders of nature, give us a glimpse into the future,    papers and 2 pages for industrial technology papers using
show us what scientific discovery has done for us in the        the format provided on the conference website. We also
past or will do for us in the future, introduce us to a great   encourage submissions of proposals for tutorials and
scientist or engineer, or simply tell us why science is cool!   special sessions. Details on the submission procedure are
Sponsored by The Kavli Foundation and conducted in              available on the main conference website at
partnership with SciVee and SchoolTube, the contest    All
closes on August 31, 2010 (special extended deadline for        submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. The accepted
summer camps). For more information visit                       papers will be published in the conference proceedings,     which will be available during the conference. During the
li-science-video-contest. This is also an opportunity to

                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                          Page 7
                                                                                     August 2010
closing ceremony, best paper awards will be presented in        Contact Information:
three categories: Student, Academia, and Industry. Full         Dr. Iuliana Oprea
papers will also be published in the IEEE Xplore.               Department of Mathematics
                                                                Colorado State University
SCHEDULE                                                        Fort Collins, CO
Submission of full papers: July 14, 2010                        Email:
Submission of industrial technology papers: July 14, 2010
Submission of tutorial and special session proposals:
June 22, 2010                                                                           2010 IEEE Andean Conference,
Acceptance Notification: October 20, 2010                                               Exhibition and Industry
Camera ready Submission: November 22, 2010                                              (ANDESCOM) Forum to be held
                                                                                        in Bogota, Colombia. The 2010
CONTACT                                                                                 ANDESCON is being organized by
2011 IEEE GCC Secretariat (Essa Basaeed)                        IEEE Latin-America, and will be held jointly with the second
P. O. Box: 573, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.),         version of the Latin-American Conference on
Fax: +971 6 5611789                                             Communications, IEEE LATINCOM 2010.

Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Computer
Simulations for Soft Materials to be held September 13-
17, 2010, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Host: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF), Colorado
State University (CSU)

Homepage:          Compensar Convention Center
Email:                           Bogota Colombia September 15-17, 2010

Organizers: Simon Tavener, Iuliana Oprea, James Liu,            IEEE Andean Conference, Exhibition and Industry Forum
David Wang                                                      The focus of the ANDESCON, fifth version, is "Green
Deadline for Application Submission: July 16, 2010              Technologies for a Better World" as the linchpin of
Funding: NSF financial support for graduate students and        subject areas ranging from Power and Energy, Vehicle
young researchers                                               Technology, Bioengineering, Telecommunications,
                                                                Control, Robotics, Education in Engineering,
Description: The goal of the workshop is to identify new        Computing, Environment, to Management in
challenges and opportunities for the theory, modeling and       Engineering are among the most representative.
simulation of soft materials, and to investigate the growing    ANDESCON IEEE 2010 and IEEE 2010 LATINCOM is
and promising role of applied and computational                 intended to provide a forum to convene academia,
mathematics in meeting those challenges. Workshop’s             government and business to share perspectives on how to
topics include adaptive and robust numerical methods,           make cleaner, sustainable and efficient technological
multi-scale modeling and simulation, phase field models,        developments in a world of diversity and needs.
and their application in the understanding of polymers,
liquid crystals, bio-materials, phase transformations and       The Conference - ANDESCON is the bi-annual conference
microstructure evolution, as well as morphology, pattern        of the Andean Council of the IEEE which brings together
formation, and self-assembly in materials.                      members of the IEEE from around the world, especially the
                                                                members of the Andean countries which includes
Contributed presentations in either a short lecture or poster   Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. This
format are invited in all areas consistent with the             year, join this great event with the largest conference of
conference themes. Young researchers, women and                 IEEE in the area of Telecommunications in Latin America,
minorities are encouraged to apply. Deadline for financial      IEEE LATINCOM 2010, with the aim of providing a unique
support application: July 16, 2010, although latter             opportunity to both researchers and entrepreneurs to
applications will be considered if funds remain                 present their experiences, products and services to select
uncommitted.                                                    public universities and industry who typically attend the
                                                                activities of IEEE Colombia.

                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                         Page 8
                                                                                          August 2010
Confirmed Speakers                                                 Institute for Women and Technology has announced
Tania Quiel – Directorate Regional IEEE Region 9 (Latin-           that scholarship applications are being accepted for the
America); Saifur Rahman, PhD – Virginia Tech Advanced              2010 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in
Resident Instructor; Kirk W. Cameron – Virginia Polytechnic        Computing Conference.
Institute and State University;Ken Christensen – University of
South Florida;
Rob Reilly – Education Society
                                                                   This year's conference, September 28 - October 2, 2010, in
                                                                   Atlanta, Georgia, will feature keynote speakers, plenary
TUTORIALS: Course: “Plain Talk Course for the Non-                 sessions, over a hundred panels, a poster session, and
Power Engineering Professionals”. The aim of this course           workshops led by successful researchers and
is to provide foundations in electric power systems,               professionals in the computer science industry. With
planning, operation, economic and regulatory framework in          support from the National Science Foundation and other
the sector. The basic electrical concepts will be explained        funders, full scholarships cover conference registration,
in simple to understand language concerning the design,            lodging for four nights, and travel expense reimbursement.
construction, operation and maintenance of power plants,           (Partial scholarships are also available.)
substations and transmission lines and distribution.
                                                                   While the largest portion of scholarships are awarded to
Any person who is not a professional or student of electrical      undergraduate and graduate students, junior faculty and
engineering, and is involved in making decisions in the            members of nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits
electricity sector can benefit from attending this course          are also eligible to apply. International students and women
widely. In addition to this activity, there will be tutorials in   from smaller schools, diverse backgrounds, and education
the various technical areas covered by the conference.             are encouraged to apply. Scholarship criteria includes
                                                                   academic achievement, potential in the field, and need. For
ROBOTICS CONCOURSE. This activity would be held                    additional information about the conference and
during the ANDESCON. The winner will receive aid to                scholarships, visit the GHC Web site. Contact: Link to
attend the Regional Robotics Contest, where the same               Complete RFP
rules are adopted. Place and Date. The conference will
take place from 15 to 17 September 2010 at the
Convention Center Compensar Avenue Calle 68 No.49A-
47 in Bogota.

For more information:


Eng. Martha Viviana Gualteros Jimenez, Graduate Student
Member, Marketing and Local Arrangements Committee

Katherine Rodriguez Freyre, Student Member

SAC Team Colombia
IEEE Volunteer Universidad Santo Tomás

                                                                   WIE Aro u n d Th e Wo rld
A Go od Read – Great Articles to Review. Still looking for
a good read? Do you know of any great articles that would
be of interest to WIE members? If so, please let us know so
                                                                    • News fro m IEEE WIE Se c tio n
that others have the opportunity to key in on some very               Affin ity Gro u ps
noteworthy information. Please contact Keyana Tennant at or Paulette January at                     Robotics STAR Day Program held at Phateng to share your information and we will          Comprehensive School in South Africa
gladly share it with others in the next newsletter issue.
                                                                   The IEEE WIE Affinity Group (WIE AG), IEEE South Africa
                                                                   Section, coordinated another “Mentor and Involve” session
Anita Borg Institute Encourages Students to Apply for              as part of the Robotics STAR program held on June 4,
Scholarships to Attend the 2010 Grace Hopper                       2010 in South Africa. The STAR day event was held at
Celebration of Women in Computing. The Anita Borg
                      Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                          Page 9
                                                                                   August 2010
Phateng Comprehensive School in Mamelodi, Pretoria, a
Dinaledi school that was identified by the WIE AG in 2009
for implementation of the STAR program. This marked the
first STAR event for 2010.


IEEE members, MIAS researchers and STAR learners

The “Mentor and Involve” phase of the STAR program
focuses on a group of 18 candidates (STAR learners)
ranging from grades 10 to 12, who were accepted into the
program in 2009 based on their interest in Science and/or
Engineering, their performance on a Science, Engineering
and Technology (SET)-themed essay task, and their
academic record. The aim of the STAR program is to          Demonstrating LEGO robot to Phateng educator
inspire and enable learners from disadvantaged
backgrounds to pursue SET related careers through           The theme of the STAR Day was “Robotics” and WIE
informative presentation sessions, contact sessions with    members were accompanied by Michael Burke, Thulani
people and companies in SET fields, hands-on                Ndlhovu, and Natasha Govender, representatives from the
experimentation through fun workshop sessions, and          Mobile Intelligent Autonomous Systems (MIAS) Group of
through academic assistance during tutorial sessions        the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),
facilitated by WIE and IEEE volunteers. The WIE ExCom       Modeling and Digital Sciences (MDS) Unit. The day
members involved in the project were Chioniso Dube (WIE     included presentations by the MIAS representatives on the
chair), Hannetjie Nell (WIE secretary), and Oladayo Bello   work that they are doing in the field of robotics, followed by
(nee Salami) (WIE past-chair).                              a hands-on robotics session where STAR learners had the
                                                            opportunity to assemble miniature programmable robots. A
                                                            small-group contact session gave learners the opportunity
                                                            to get to know, talk to, and question the WIE and MIAS

                                                            The day was concluded with a customary essay session
                                                            where learners had to document and present what they
                                                            had learned and experienced during the day. After having
                                                            had several months of exposure to the new school year
                                                            and the new challenges accompanying their academic
                                                            work, learners were asked to identify the areas in
                                                            mathematics and science with which they require
                                                            assistance. The WIE team was also provided with the
                                                            curricula for the various grades. A summary of the session
                                                            activities is identified below.
LEGO development

                  Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                        Page 10
                                                                                             August 2010
MIAS Presentation and Professional Contact Time:
The STAR Day kicked off with a robotics-themed
presentation by Michael Burke. Mr. Burke explained to
the students what robots are, what robotics entails, and
how robotics maybe found useful applications in various
fields such as robots designed to go into environments
that are dangerous for people (such as disaster zones
where earthquakes may have taken place) in order to
deliver emergency resources, or using robots as rescue
vehicles to carry injured people to safety. As an
example, Mr. Burke told the students about the research
that he is doing where he has developed a robot that can
follow a moving visual beacon that it has been given,
taking into account distortions of the beacon, and how it       Learners with their Lego robot
must change its path to keep the beacon in its view while
following it.

Thereafter, the students were told about another project, a
robotic arm with seven degrees of freedom, fitted with
sensors and attached to a system that enables it to learn
sequences of moves, and then execute those moves on its
own to execute simple tasks while compensating for
obstacles that may be put in its way. As an example, a
video was shown of a colleague teaching the robotic arm to
open a suitcase, and then letting the robotic arm do the
task on its own. When presented with an obstacle
(something placed on top of the suitcase), it could adapt
the moves that it had learned to overcome the obstacle and
complete the task. Also, CSIR was introduced and the            Mentoring session
students were told about the company, what they do, and
the kind of careers students needed to pursue in order to       Throughout the day, learners were encouraged to actively
work for the CSIR.                                              participate in discussions and activities, with inquisitiveness
                                                                and participation being rewarded with CSIR geometry sets
During tea-time, the STAR group was divided into smaller        as prizes. Learners were eager to participate, and their
groups of four to five learners, and given the opportunity to   attentiveness and interest was clearly visible in the essays
chat with the engineers from MIAS and the University of         written at the end of the day, detailing what they had
Pretoria. Learners grasped the opportunity and posed            learned, and what they thought of Robotics and
questions ranging from what it takes to successfully            Engineering
complete an engineering degree, through to the challenges
faced by engineers, and on to different things that they do     Future Prospects: After consultation with the teachers, it
in their jobs. This time was also used well by the team to      was decided that the science and mathematics tutorial
inspire and motivate learners to work hard and be               sessions with the learners would commence during the
passionate about their studies.                                 next school term, as learners already have to attend winter
                                                                school during the holidays. The first tutorial session will
Hands-On Robotics Workshop: During the second half of           take place in July and WIE members and volunteers from
the program, learners worked in groups to assemble              university and industry will act as tutors. Attention will be
miniature robots using Lego MindStorm kits. Upon                given to the areas identified by the learners and teachers
completing their robots, the groups were shown by MIAS          as being problematic. WIE hopes to make a difference in
engineers how to program the robots to drive around the         leading learners to better grasp the concepts that they will
room while avoiding obstacles. The exercise ended in fun        need when pursuing SET careers, and that this better
and games with the robots driving around each other (and        understanding will enable admission into good tertiary
the learners clustering around them) and smartly avoiding       institutions. Ultimately, WIE aims to play a role in equipping
feet, tables, suitcases and other robots. The exercise          these young individuals with the skills to shape the future. --
encouraged learners to practice effectively while working       Submitted by Chionis o Dube and Hannetjie Nell
together in groups being courteous to one another, and
offering assistance where needed, enhancing the skills that
are important for team work in industry.
                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                           Page 11
                                                                                 August 2010
• News fro m IEEE WIE S tud e nt
  Bra n ch Affinity Gro u ps
Career and Awareness Talk held by OAU IEEE WIE
Student Branch Affinity Group in South Africa

  Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) IEEE WIE Student
  Branch Affinity Group organized a career and
  awareness talk for the students of Ambassadors
  College on the school premises in Ile-Ife on June 3,
  2010, The event started with a brief introduction of IEEE
  WIE and the resource person for the event by the WIE
  student branch chair. This event, which lasted for almost
  two hours was graced by an esteemed speaker, Mr.
  Olawale Akinwale from the Electronic and Electrical
  Engineering Department, OAU, who gave both a
  motivating career talk entitled "Choosing a Career in
  Engineering" as well as an awareness talk entitled
  "Overcoming Challenges and Maximising Opportunities         These talks were meant to guide the students to wisely
  in Engineering".                                            choose subjects in their senior class, for their O' Level
                                                              exams, and to discover and maximize their potential. He
                                                              also encouraged the students to always develop and

                  Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                     Page 12
                                                                                             August 2010
 maximize their potential as well as seek career counseling         a lot of energetic activities, then in 2009 won “Best Affinity
 from their teachers.                                               Group of the Year Award” globally. This award was
                                                                    achieved for the first time among all the affinity groups in
 Mr. Akinwale gave instances of Bill Gates and the Wright           Pakistan.
 brothers as people who maximized and developed their
 potentials early on. He also urged the students to keep            The primitive purpose of this summit was to bring together
 educating themselves (reading books, magazines,                    representatives of all IEEE student branches, WIE Affinity
 journals and surfing the net) in all fields and areas so as to     Groups and all females from different universities of
 stand out and develop their innate skills. Afterwards, there       Pakistan, and inculcate the idea of community and sharing
 was an interesting quiz with questions based on general            of knowledge of issues and their solutions pertaining to
 knowledge and the speech that had been delivered. The              women’s professional lives. Representatives of universities
 students awesomely answered the questions intelligently.           that do not have IEEE student branches willingly
 WIE promotional materials were then given to them by               participated in the summit. The University of Agriculture-
 their principal and teachers who showed a lot of                   Faisalabad and the University of Engineering and
 enthusiasm. The students and teachers of the school                Technology- Faisalabad Campus, were some of the
 appreciated the incentive WIE brought to them. “I believe          participating schools.
 WIE has been able to inspire, motivate, encourage and
 empower these students in the pursuit of their career,”            Fine art students of GCUF arranged an exhibition of
 stated Anifowose Ganiyat. The logistics of the event was           different miniatures and portraits related to “women life and
 carried out by a 12-man dynamic team that implemented              natural beauty”. This increased the attractiveness of the
 the roles assigned to them passionately and efficiently.           event and became a source of inspiration for delegates.
 This event was a huge success despite the financial                Below is an outline of the events of WIE Summit 2010:
 constraint the group was dealing with. -- Submitted
 by Anifowose Ganiyat, IEEE-WIE Chairperson,
 Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State,                   1 Day. With extreme energy and passion of students, the
 Nigeria                                                            event began.

National Women in Engineering Summit (NWS)
2010 Event held in Pakistan

              The first nationwide IEEE National WIE
              Summit (NWS) 2010 took place on 29-30 of
              May at Government College University
              Faisalabad (GCUF). The event drew over
              150 participants from across Pakistan, who
              took part in the event arranged by the IEEE
              Lahore Section, Region 10, Asia Pacific.
The theme of the event was “Edging the Female Talent”.

This was the very first time in the history of Faisalabad that
this type of Summit was organized in the professional
comportment. This is indeed helpful to enhance the
capabilities of future professional females and to promote
the culture of Engineering in Pakistan.                              st
                                                                    1 Day Delegates Group Photo

NWS 2010 was a gathering of IEEE WIE members                        Opening Ceremony: The event began with an opening
including student representatives from all of the IEEE              ceremony held on the morning of May 29, 2010. The event
student branches and professionals in Pakistan. The                 started with the opening message of Dr Irena Atov, chair,
slogan of the Summit was “We Welcome”. The event                    IEEE WIE Committee. Speeches were also made by the
included speeches by invited speakers, panel discussions,           honorable chief guest, Dr. Salma Sultana, assistant
training sessions and fun-filled activities, definitely. The        professor, GCUF; Dr. Shahid Nadeem, chairman,
IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of GCUF was                  Bioinformatics Department; and Colonel Afzal Sipra,
initiated on April 15, 2008. In the first year of initiation, the   chairman, Electrical Engineering Department. Colonel
IEEE WIE Pakistan Congress was organized. In the course             Sipra expressed his views about IEEE GCUF being the
of two years, huge success was gained as GCUF executed              youngest, largest and most proactive student branch in the
                     Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                             Page 13
                                                                                           August 2010
Lahore Section. He congratulated the students of GCUF for            concluded her speech with a brief detailing of organic
their determined efforts to organize the events. He formally         chemistry in Bioinformatics.
welcomed the participants and guests. Amir Zahoor,
Section Student representative (SSR) of IEEE Lahore                  Mr. Qamar Abbas, an expert in the field of Bioinformatics,
Section, was also an honorable guest at the opening                  drew light on the field of research (i.e. phylogenetics
ceremony. After that, chief guests opened the proceedings            analysis); importance of Bioinformatics in new era; and,
of the event by the waving of the national flag with                 steps of phaylogenetic analysis research fields of
Pakistan’s National Anthem.                                          Bioinformatics. He concluded his speech by giving
                                                                     inspiration to young Bioinformaticians about the latest
Ice Breaking Activity: The proceedings of NWS 2010                   records of bioinformatics research.
included an ice breaking activity. The ice breaking activity
participants were required to tell their name with one               “Yes I Am” Session: A great motivational session was
adjective starting with the first letter of their name. After this   conducted by Hiba Hassan. She is an ACCA qualified
activity there was an integration game for participants              trainer from the School of Leadership (SOL). The theme of
called “Dress Up Mummy”. Participants were divided into              the session was “Yes I Am”. She proved with examples
groups of 16 members and required to dress up one of                 that we can do what we want. She also emphasized having
their participants as a mummy with rolls of tissue papers.           self confidence and to love the job.
The best and fastest one was the winner. The ice-breaking
activity results were good with integration of participants          Draw Your World: Next, there was an activity to boost up
from all over Pakistan.                                              the creativity of the participants and to show their talent on
                                                                     paper. The competition was named “Draw Your World”.
WIE Resources: One of the most informative sessions                  There were three participants on each team and a task of
was “WIE Resources.” This session was presented by                   drawing was assigned to each team. The task given to
Adila Shauket and Qurat-ul-ain. They delivered a                     each team was to show their creativity on paper about a
presentation on “How WIE Benefits”. In this presentation,            given topic.
they presented the online resources available for women
and how they can avail them. This was a one hour session
that included descriptions of benefits of IEEE, IEEE
Awards, IEEE Medals, IEEE WIE Projects, IEEE
Certification, and available funding resources.

Bioinformatics Seminar: The Bioinformatics seminar was
a parallel activity of NWS 2010 arranged especially for the
future bioinformaticians of GCUF. The objective of this
seminar included “Motivation of Youth” as well as an
“Introduction of Bioinformatics Tools and Databases
to Young Bioinformaticians.” There were a total of 60
participants who attended this seminar. Speakers at the
seminar were Mr. Hassan Tariq, Dr. Tahseen Gulzar, Mr.
Qamar Abbas, Ms. Bushra Tahseen, Ms. Maria Hasnee,
Ms. Bushra Shaheen, and Ms. Sadaf Ambreen. The activity
was concluded with a practical activity for the participants; it
was an imaginational activity of five minutes covering “To           Best Imagination of Draw Your World
feel that we can do everything.” Mr. Hassan Tariq told the
participants about artificial intelligence; Application of           Syndicate Session: After the lunch break there was a
artificial intelligence; Work on Bioinformatics, i.e., user-         “Syndicate Session” of professional discussion. A number
based and developer-based; and, usage of biopearl in                 of professional women from industry and educational
automated usage of data retrieval. Participants took keen            institutes participated and expressed their views regarding
interest in the new diminutions of bioinformatics. There was         challenges faced by women in their professional lives. The
a brief question and answer session at the end.                      discussion went great and different views were shared by
                                                                     every speaker.
Dr. Tahseen Gulzar, assistant professor of the Department
of Bioinformatics, GCUF, delivered points in her speech              “I Can Change the World” Session: There was a great
and covered a brief introduction; basics of organic                  leadership session named “I Can Change the World” by
Chemistry; drugs processing and application; targeting the           Mr. Waleed Anwar. He is a certified trainer from SOL. Mr.
effect of drugs in the human body and; resistance reaction           Anwar advised the participants to believe in themselves
of drugs in different parts of body, i.e., oral cavity. She          and to be initiators.
                     Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                               Page 14
                                                                                      August 2010
Sangamam Project Launch: A great initiative was taken
by IEEE WIE GCUF to launch the Sangamam Project in             Energizer: To create a sense of love and affection for all
Pakistan. This was first initiated in India by Ms. Ramalatha   the fellow human beings, an energizer was organized by
Marimuthu, WIE coordinator for Region10. Women are the         Mr. Waleed. It was an activity full of fun, basically holding
backbone of any society. The abundance of patience and         the lesson to teach everyone that all human beings are
wisdom in a woman makes her the ideal candidate to lead        equal. The participants enjoyed this activity to the extreme.
a technical as well as cultural revolution on earth. Region    This team activity was arranged to involve the participants
10 WIE launched the project, Sangamam, with the utmost         and motivate them to work without feeling any type of
confidence in the ability of women to bring about this much    hesitation.
needed revolution. “Sangamam” means bringing together -
the technical knowledge from the learned and the human         WIE Group Presentations: Different WIE groups from
and natural resources of rural areas are brought together      various universities were given a chance in this portion to
for useful application of this knowledge. On behalf of Ms.     give their presentations on their activities with WIE. All the
Ramalatha Marimuthu, a presentation was delivered by           office barriers of WIE presented their introduction of the
Mehvish Zahoor (Event Lead) in which she talked about          group, previous activities, and future plans. Almost six WIE
initiatives taken in Region 10, as well as achievements of     affinity groups participated in the session. The session was
Region 10. Future plans related to this project were also      very helpful to all the delegates. It created awareness as
discussed.                                                     well as an urge in all participants to perform even more
WIE Buzz: A recreational activity was arranged for the
delegates to relax mentally. This session included fun         MS Office Workshop: In the parallel activity there was an
activities to involve the delegates and make better            MS Office Workshop held for the participants, both IEEE
interaction and networking amongst them. All of the            and non IEEE members from GCUF and other local
delegates participated and enjoyed the activities.             universities .The instructors for the workshop were Sir
                                                               Touqeer Jilani (lecturer at GCUF), Sir Salman Mirza (IT
City Tour: A city tour was arranged for the delegates and      manager of GCUF) and Engineer Yasir Munir. A total of
organizers. This was specifically arranged to spend some       100 students participated in the workshop. The main
precious and unforgettable moments with the delegates.         emphasis of the workshop was placed on MS-Office, MS-
They had a lot of fun and enjoyed the visit.                   PowerPoint, and MS-Excel.
2 Day. The second day started with full enthusiasm and         Online Talk with Owais Naveed: Owais Naveed is
zeal. Students were keen to get even more from the event.      currently working as the GOLD coordinator and WIE
The day was divided into the following sessions:               Industry Relationship Officer in IEEE UAE Section, Region
                                                               8. He shared his experience of how the UAE WIE Section
                                                               Affinity Group works and arranges different activities. The
                                                               session went great and the WIE group learned a lot.

                                                               Career Counseling Session: A session that was of the
                                                               most interest for the female students was the Career
                                                               Counseling Session. The resource person for this session
                                                               was Ms. Javeria, human resource manager for Serena
                                                               Hotel (five star hotel of Faisalabad). Ms. Javeria gave
                                                               useful information to students who want to continue their
                                                               studies after graduation and those who want to apply for
                                                               jobs. In this session, emphasis was placed on the
                                                               professional skills that a person must have to survive in
                                                               industry. At the end of the session, there was a question-
                                                               answer portion in which the participants queried regarding
                                                               career, professional and student life.
2 Day Proceeding
                                                               Officers Training Session: One of the main sessions of
Debriefing of Day 1: The second day started with a             the NWS 2010 was WIE Officer Training. The resource
debriefing of Day One. The session was conducted by Mr.        person for this session was Mr. Amir Zahoor (SSR, Lahore
Amir Zahoor. A brief look at the activities of the last day    Section). In this session, the participants were given a
was taken, along with the comments of students about their     detailed description of the formation of an affinity group and
views of the program and what they learned from the            its working. They were told how many persons can be
activities.                                                    office barriers, what their duties are, and, discussions were
                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                         Page 15
                                                                                    August 2010
held about the proper way to write a proposal, how to
initiate WIE groups, and how to conduct many activities            WIE “Love” Engineering! Do “You”
under WIE. At the end of the session was a group activity          Love Engineering, Too? Do Tell….
for the participants, dividing them into four groups. Each
group was given a question related to WIE and IEEE in            Do you go to work everyday and do what you
which they had to brainstorm on all the possible answers.        love? Do you love what you do? Do tell. WIE
The session was very informative.
                                                                 want to hear about it! WIE are excited about
Faisalabad Declaration: At the end of the WIE Summit             Engineering and the many women that are a part
2010, a WIE Forum was formulated to initiate more WIE            of WIE! Women, who go to work everyday and
affinity groups at various universities and to discuss holding   do what they love, and love what they do.
more activities in different branches. Eight students from
various universities were selected for the forum.
                                                                 You are the essence of the WIE, the heart and
Closing Ceremony: The fabulous NWS 2010 event                    soul of what makes the purpose and mission of
concluded with a glorious closing ceremony. In the closing       the WIE a reality. WIE delight in your success
ceremony, certificates of participation were given to all the    and your zest and passion for Engineering. And,
participants. The shields of acknowledgement were given          we want to hear your personal stories so that
to worthy guests and certificates were awarded to
organizers of this mega event. Ms. Madiha Arshaf, vice
                                                                 they might be a means to guide, mentor, and
chair, WIE branch, delivered the closing note and Ms.            encourage other women in engineering. In
Arshaf thanked all the delegates for their active                today’s world, communication is at its peak, and
participation and shared her feelings about the event.           so are technological advancements. But, behind
-- Submitted by Mehvish Zahoor, Event Lead, National             all of this and the key to making this a reality are
WIE Summit '10
                                                                 “people”, and they have a story to tell…. WIE
                                                                 want to hear about it.

                                                                 WIE would like to profile your accomplishments
                                                                 in the monthly publication of the WIE Newsletter.
                                                                 WIE know that we have members out there who
                                                                 are doing a great job in the many fields and
                                                                 faceted disciplines of Engineering, and we want
                                                                 to recognize you within the WIE Community. If
                                                                 you or someone you know would like to share
                                                                 their story, WIE would be delighted to hear from

                                                                 Please provide the person’s name, job title,
                                                                 employment information, a picture, a summary of
                                                                 what the person does, and what the person likes
                                                                 about Engineering to be included in the monthly
                                                                 newsletter. WIE would like to profile members
                                                                 working in all facets of engineering, ranging from
                                                                 doctors, scientists, educators, engineers,
                                                                 analysts, technicians, support functions, etc. WIE
                                                                 will profile one to two individuals monthly. Send
                                                                 all correspondences to Keyana Tennant at
                                                        or Paulette January at

                    Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                     Page 16
                                                                                                   August 2010
WIE RESOURCES .                                                         IEEE WIE Committee. The IEEE Women in
                                                                        Engineering Committee (WIEC) consists of 10 voting members
Scholarships, Internships, Grants & Awards                              appointed by the Board of Directors. The WIEC is responsible
For Girls                                                               for facilitating the development of programs and activities that
Informative Publications                                                promote the entry into and the retention of women in
History                                                                 engineering programs, enhance the career advancement of
Women in Engineering Statistics                                         women in the profession, and promote IEEE membership and
                                                                        retention of IEEE women members.
Women in Science/Engineering Societies & Groups
Mentoring & Educational Resources
National Engineers Week/EWeek Activities                                2010 WIE Committee Members
More Interesting Links                                                   Irena Atov, Chair 2010
                                                                                                     Susan Murphy (GOLD)
Electronics & Electrical Engineering Laboratory (NIST)
Science and Technology Resources                                        Karen Panetta, Past Chair,
                                                                                                          Sule Ozev
                                                                          WIE Magazine Editor
Engineer Your Life
Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering                                Holly Cyrus            Wanda Reder (TAB)
                                                                          Wenli Huang (MGAB)           Jacquelin Speck
                                                                            Susan Kathy Land          Dannie Wang (EAB)
IEEE Quick Facts.                                                        Ramalatha Marimuthu
    The IEEE has:
    •   more than 375,000 members including nearly 80,000
        student members in more than 160 countries.
    • 324 sections in ten geographic regions worldwide.                 WIE Liaisons, Regional Coordinators, and Society
    • 1,784 chapters that unite local members with similar              Coordinators, and Newsletter Editor for 2010
        technical interests.
    • 1,616 student branches and 452 student branch
        chapters at colleges and universities in 80 countries.            Bashayer Al Awwad, R8              Kathleen McDevitt, R2
    •   38 societies and 7 technical councils representing the              Allan Johnston, NPS                  Lisa Edge, RS
        wide range of technical interests.
                                                                            Anu A. Gokhale, R4         Lynne Slivovsky, Education Society
    • 390 affinity groups consisting of Consultants’ Network,
                                                                          Bashayer Al Awwad, R8        Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, CAS
        Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD), Women in
        Engineering (WIE), and Life Members (LM).                          Behnaz Ghoraani, R7               Maria Pia Fanti, SMCS
                                                                        Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, CSS            Maryam Al Thani, P E S
                                                                            Camerla Cozzo, VTS                 Miholo Otake, RAS
DID YOU KNOW? ……… WIE Affin ity
                                                                           Christina Fragouli, ITS        Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, UFFC
Gro u p s . There are two types of WIE Affinity Groups: IEEE
Section Affinity Groups and Student Branch Affinity Groups. Find           Christine DiLapi, BTS               Pamela Hurst, OE
one in your local area below. If there is not a WIE Affinity Group in    Daniece Carpenter, PSES        Parveen Wahid, R3 & AP Society
your local area, consider forming one. Affinity groups provide the
opportunity for members to network at a local level. Activities             Darlene Rivera, R1          Paulette January, WIE Newsletter
may include guest speakers, workshops and seminars. All                                                              Editor
members are encouraged to join and participate in their local              Elizabeth Chang, IES       Ramalatha Marimuthu, R10
group activities to promote growth within the WIE. Currently,
there are over 150 WIE Affinity Groups worldwide.                             Eve Riskin, SPS                    Ruth Dyer, IM
                                                                         Fahmida Chowdhury, CIS               Semehat Demir, EMB
       Region 1 – Northeastern USA                                        Ferdinanda Ponci, PELS           Shana Fliginger, IEEE USA
          Region 2 – Eastern USA                                          Hatice Altug, Photonics      Stephanie White, Computer Society
       Region 3 – Southeastern USA                                                Society
           Region 4 - Central USA                                            Janet Flores, IAS                Tayfun Akgul, PSPB
       Region 5 – Southwestern USA                                             Jie Xue, CPMT                  Usha Varshney, EDS
          Region 6 – Western USA                                                Jieda Li, R5                    Claudia Villar, R6
             Region 7 – Canada                                              Marsha Abramo, RS                  Sharron Tang, ITS
   Region 8 – Europe, Middle Eastern &
        Region 9 – Latin America
        Region 10 – Asia & Pacific

                      Pleas e vis it our webs ite at                                   Page 17
                                                                              August 2010
MGA - Region Meetings Calendar

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according to an article from IEEE-USA Today’s
Engineer. Most engineering positions will
require engineers to negotiate, plan, influence, direct,
estimate and resolve conflicts – all important
management skills. The technical skills that an
engineer’s job requires are often only a small percentage
of the competencies that are needed to be successful.
As engineers advance, leadership and management
competencies become more important, regardless of
whether or not they are on the “management” track.
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fu n ……..

                                                                                                  Maeling Tapp             Monique Frize
                                                                                                Materials Engineer   Bioengineering/Biomedical

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We lc o m e t o Ne r d G ir ls
R e a lit y Te le v is io n !
Th e y' r e " B e a u t y a n d t h e G e e k " a ll in o n e p a c k a g e !
Me e t t h e N E R D G IR L S - a n i m p r e s s i v e t e a m o f f e m a l e
e n g in e e r in g s t u d e n t s , ju s t o n e ye a r a w a y fr o m la n d in g
t o p jo b s w it h $ 7 0 , 0 0 0 s a la r ie s . Th e y t u r n h e a d s w h e n                                           Turn imagination
t h e y e n t e r a r o o m – t h e y' r e s t ylis h , s e lf-p o s s e s s e d ,                                           into reality with a
a m b it io u s a n d c o n fid e n t . Wh e t h e r b u ild in g a s o la r
c a r o r h a rn e s s in g w in d p o w e r o n a r e m o te is la n d ,                                                    future in
t h e s e g ir ls fu lly in t e n d to c h a n g e t h e p la n e t w it h t h e ir                                          engineering! You'll
o w n i n g e n u i t y a n d h a r d w o r k . N E R D G IR L S i s c o m i n g                                             have the power to
t o r e a lit y t e le v is io n a n d w ill b e a m u lt i-p la t fo r m                                                    make a difference!
b r o a d c a s t i n t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s a n d a b r o a d . Vi s i t N e r d
G ir ls .
                                                                                                                             By becoming an
                                                                                                                             engineer, you can help
                                                                                                                             solve problems that are
                                                                                                                             important to society.
                                                                                                                             You could be
                                                                                                                             controlling and
                                                                                                                             preventing pollution,
                                                                                           developing new medicines, creating advanced
                                          These engineers work                             technologies, even exploring new worlds. You'll have
                                          every day to solve                               money and job security! You'll be working with other
                                          problems and make the                            talented people!
                                          world a better, cleaner,                          You'll have lots of options!
                                          safer place. These women                                                           You'll get to do cool
                                          are also actively involved                                                         stuff! Engineers will
                                          in their communities,                                                              be involved in making
                                          raising families, and                                                              all the wonders of the
                                          enjoying all                                                                       future a reality.
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kinds of sports and hobbies.
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                                                                  August 2010

Announcing the 2010 IEEE International Conferenc e on Control a nd
Com puting Tec hnologies ICCCCT 10 to be held in Tamilnadu, India

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                                                                                                       August 2010

Eng in eer You r Life “Dream big. Love what you do.”
Do you want to help give engineering a better image? Do you want to let people know how exciting and rewarding
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                         Powering the Electrical Revolution: Women and Technology.
                         Meet the exceptional women who overcame social barriers to make
                         achievements in the fields of math and science and the ordinary women who
                         made contributions to the telegraph, telephone, industrial manufacturing, and
                         computing industries.

                                  Awards, Scholarships and Competitions
                                  IEEE offers a variety of awards, competitions, contests, scholarships and fellowships.
                                  Many are offered to IEEE student members, such as the Regional Student Paper
                                  Contests and the Student Enterprise Award. You will find contact information for each
                                  award listed when you click on the link. Two Student Branch awards to get you more
                                  involved include the Darrel Chong Student Activity Award and the IEEEXtreme 24
                                  hour Programming Challenge.

                        2010 Engineers Week
                        Welcome to the National Engineers Week Foundation Online.
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                                                                                                     August 2010
                                 The IEEE and IBM have created a new Web site that combines information on
                                 engineering careers with interactive activities. Intended for pre-university students,
                                 parents, teachers, school counselors, and the general public, lets
                                 visitors explore how to prepare for an engineering career, ask experts engineering-
                                 related questions, play interactive games, and more. Visit

                                 Through resources provided by the IEEE Education Partners Program (IEEE
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                  View Premiere Issue of IEEE Women in
                  Engineering Magazine

IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine includes topics that show the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary nature
of engineering, containing articles that integrate engineering with current issues facing society such as Careers,
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                                                                                            August 2010

               2010 Glob al Maratho n

               For, By and Ab out Wom en in Eng in eering an d Techn olog y
               The 2010 theme was "Launching Tomorrow". For more information on the Global
               Marathon, visit

                     IEEE Exp e rt No w o ffe rs o ve r 70 o n lin e c o n tin u in g e d u c a tio n c o u rs e s
                     c o ve rin g a va rie ty o f to p ic s o n c u ttin g e d g e tre n d s a n d e m e rg in g
                     te c h n o lo g ie s in a wid e a rra y o f d is c ip lin e s . Learn more

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