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                                                                                          General meetings are held the
                                                                                     first Tuesday of every month at 7
                                                                                     pm. All are welcome. Meetings are
                                                                                     held at:
                                                                                          Louis’ Steakhouse

                                                                                1682 Cyrville Road
                                                                                          Ottawa, Ontario

                                                                        You can contact and find more
                                                                                     information about the MCO by

                                                             phone, web or mail.

                                                                                         Hotline telephone
                                                                               (613)788-0525

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                              Affiliated with                                   
          Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR)
                               ASN Canada FIA
                          RallySport Ontario (RSO)
                                                                                         Hosted by:
                  Canadian Association of Rally Sport (CARS)
                             Ontario Kart Racing

                                                      RallySport                         P.O. Box 65006
                                                                                         Merivale Postal Outlet
                                                       Ontario                           Nepean, Ontario
                                                                                         K2G 5Y3

   Board of Directors
   President • Ron Woltman • H: (613) 831-8682 • W: (613) 863-5360 •
   Vice-President • Bennett Leckie • H: (613) 258-0348 • W: (613) 822-1765 •
   Closed Wheel • John Blouin • H: (613) 443-3507 • W: (613) 945-0329 •
   Open Wheel, Public Relations • Sam Mandia • H: (613) 745-4227 • W: (613) 228-0250 •
   Solo II • Charles Payne • H: (613) 792-1083 • W: (613) 772-7349 •
   Richard Muise • H: (613) 241-9983 • W: (613) 765-9169 •
   Rob Microys • H: (613) 822-7204 • W: (613) 765-5744 • F: (613) 763-8312 • C: (613) 761-0306 •

   Appointed Officers and Executive Members
   Karting • Paul Swinwood • H: (613) 720-3468 • W: (613) 237-8551 x133 • F: (613) 230-3490 •
   Rally • Craig Hamm • H: (613) 727-3192 • W: (613) 596-7107 •
   Solo I • Jeff Graves • H: (613) 258-0497 • W: (613) 843-3000 x5859 •
   Ontario Race Committee Rep • Cindy Armstrong • H: (613) 489-2725 •
   Membership • David E. Butler • H: (613) 596-5518 • W: (613) 226-7755 x16 • F: (613) 828-4400 •
   Assistant Membership • Albert Cohoe
   Treasurer • Robert Benson • H: (613) 837-2051 • W: (613) 995-7374 •
   Secretary • John Powell • H: (613) 835-2910 • F: (613) 835-3471 (call first) •
   Club Merchandise Co-ordinator • Warren Haywood • H: (613) 286-6252 • D: (819) 682-5000 •
   Web Site Manger • Aleida Dikland • C: (613) 298-5918 •
   LINK Editor • Steven Fong • C: (613) 868-0476 •
   LINK Editor • Alan Ritchie • H: (613) 745-6424 •

2 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
Table of Contents
Editorial Exhaust                                                                          4
Solo 1 Director's Report                                                                   5
Solo II Director's Report                                                                  5
Rally Director's Report                                                                    5
Below Zero Driving is Here                                                                 7
Random Thoughts from the Nation's Capital                                                  8
MCO Mailbag                                                                                9
MCO Teams Catch Targa Fever!                                                              10
M.C.O. Monthly General Meeting Minutes - November 4th 2003                                13
M.C.O. Annual General Meeting Minutes - November 4th 2003                                 14
Tall Pines Rally                                                                          16
M.C.O. Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - November 18th 2003                           18
M.C.O. Monthly General Meeting Minutes - December 2nd 2003                                20
M.C.O. Executive Committee Minutes - December 16th 2003                                   21
Brief History of CARS and Revenue-Sharing                                                 24
The MCO Racers                                                                            25
Miscellaneous Rumblings II                                                                26
Bonus Miscellaneous Rumbling...                                                           29
The Back Seat                                                                             31

                         Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004   3
                                                A new year rings in different mile-    and notable results of MCO members in
                                          stones for each individual. For some it’s    outside events. “News of Note” reports
                                          losing a few pounds. While for others        various achievements of MCO members
                                          it is quitting smoking. For the MCO, it      from the previous months.
                                          means some new executive members,                 The expanded editorial work has its
                                          a new web mistress and a last but not        drawbacks. The Link is now published
                                          least a new look Link.                       every two months. I believe the expand-
                                                The Link has a lighter and more        ed content and updated format is worth

                                          modern style, with more pretty pictures      the trade off.
                                          to add some variety. Hopefully the                This issue has some great content.
                                          readers will approve, but all show and no    Robert Roaldi comments on the Ottawa
                       go is the makings for a poseur that has      driving scene, Jean MacGillivary de-
                        little substance to back up their good       scribes her Targa Newfoundland experi-
                                          looks. The overall goal is to achieve a      ence, Andrew Harvey donated his Tall
                 magazine feel, but also increase aware-      Pines Rally photos for the centrefold and
                     ness of all the different activities that    cover, and John Powell has his regular
                                          MCO members can participate in. More         and bonus Miscellaneous Rumblings col-
                        articles from and about the membership.      umn. Whew, a bountiful crop of content
                        Articles about all the diverse driving       to start the year!
                                          disciplines from Solo, Karting, Rally and         The Link needs your help. Submit
                                          Road Racing. Not to mention driving          your articles, or suggestions for articles
                                          schools and lapping days.                    and pictures of various events. Send
                                                Each issue will have articles that     your contributions to
                                          preview featured events, in addition to      Hope to hear from you soon.
                                          articles about and contributed from MCO           Last year was my first year as a
                                          members. The “MCO Mailbag” section           member, so please bear with me while I
                                          contains member feedback and notable         repeat what is painfully obvious to many
                                          correspondence from outside the club.        of you. The MCO is still a volunteer
                                          Send in your rants and raves by email or     grassroots organization for the develop-
                                          snail mail. “The Back Seat” has the mis-     ment and participation of motorsport.
                                          cellaneous, odd and hopefully entertain-     The membership absolutely determines
                                          ing motoring related items. Send in your     the quantity and quality of events. Ring
                                          interesting tidbits for The Back Seat. I     in the new year by participating, volun-
                                          know you have something, everybody           teering and most importantly having fun.
                                          has a back seat story!
                                                The Link will slowly evolve over
                                          the year, depending on reader feed-
                                          back. Here are some planned columns,
                                          depending on the availability of contribu-
                                          tions. The “In the Pits” column will sum-
                                          marize race results from MCO events

                                                                                          The website will shortly
             The LINK is the official publication of the Motorsport Club of
        Ottawa. The opinions expressed in the LINK do not necessarily                     be getting a new look.
        reflect those of the LINK Editorial Staff or the Club’s Executive.                 Anyone wanting to be beta
        Though all efforts are made to ensure that facts stated in the                    tester and review major
        articles herein are accurate, the individual contributors should
        check the accuracy of their articles prior to submission.
                                                                                          changes before release
                                                                                          please contact me. If you
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                                                                           or email me.

                                           Aleida
                                                                              

4 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
  
                                                               
     The tracks around Ontario may                Hello, everyone! My name is Chuck                There is a ludicrous amount of mate-
be covered in snow, but there is a lot      Payne and I’m your new Solo II Director.         rial to cover in this first Rally Group report
of activity to prepare for the 2004         If you have any questions or concerns            of 2004, so I will attempt to keep the
season. MCO will be organizing our          regarding Solo II or any other activity the      points short, verging on terse.
first Solo 1 weekend on September 11         MCO is involved in, please don’t hesitate to           Last November, yours truly navigated
and 12 at Shannonville. I will be look-     contact me.                                      for John Vanos (MLRC) in PMSC’s Presi-
ing for a few volunteers as that date             I would first like to thank Greg Kier-      dent’s Prize Rally, in Intermediate Class
approaches.                                 stead for his tireless efforts in the last few   (I am ranked Novice in the provincial
     The other big news is Solo On-         years as Solo II director and send con-          series). Yet another lesson in rally humil-
tario’s first event at the Mosport GP        gratulations to him on a very successful         ity! Plenty of cute tricks got us good and
track. It will be a two-day event, with a   ‘03 season!                                      lost, but we sure had a good time doing
school on August 28 and a non-points              I’m pleased to announce that the Corel     it. At least John got some points towards
Solo 1 on the 29th. I will also be look-    Centre was impressed with how smoothly           his series standings and I learned more
ing for instructors for the Mosport         his events were run last year. We didn’t         about rallying, and had fun doing it. The
weekend. Other dates of importance          receive a single complaint from the public       day after the rally I headed down to Fene-
are the open house on March 28th and        or neighbours all season. Great job, Greg!       lon Falls for a RallySport Ontario (RSO)
Solo 1 school on May 8 and 9.               I’d also like to thank all the volunteers who    Board Meeting. I have included in this
                                            stepped up and made it a great season!           issue an extract from the Minutes of that
                                                  Looking forward to our ‘04 season?         meeting, which was attended by Terry
                                            Here’s the skinny. The Corel Centre wants        Epp, President of the Canadian Associa-
                        us back in BIG Lot #9. That’s great news,        tion of RallySport (CARS) and member
          (best 6 of 11 events)             and a reflection of how well we ran our           of ASN CANADA FIA. Terry was speaking
                                            events last year. The MCO plans to run a         solely as CARS President and filled us in
 March 28             August 7/8            full season in ‘04 with 10 events; however,      on the history of the revenue-sharing and
 Open House           Event #6/7            the Corel Centre is not allowing us to book      origin of CARS, etc. A very interesting
 CSC Racing           Shannonville          dates in advance so it’ll be touch and go        read about rival beer companies, motor-
                                            for ‘04. Not to worry, we were in the same       ing politics, and money (for Bernie E.).
 May 8/9              August 28/29          situation in ‘03 and we made it work!            That’s how we got here, apparently!
 Solo 1 School        School/Solo                 We’ll be having road trips to interest-          On December 6, 2003, Frostbite
 Mosport DDT          Mosport GP            ing venues in the area. Last year’s trips        Rally was run by KWRC out of Maberly.
                                            included a Corvette Club Solo II and Pro         The roads were so twisty and diabolical,
 May 29/30            September 11/12       Solo to make a double header weekend in          it’s hard to imagine they exist at all. There
 Event #1/2           Event #8/9            TO, a CADL event at the awesome PMG              was much puking of navigators (rallying is
 Shannonville         Shannonville          facility and an overnight trip to Central NY     such fun!). Several MCO teams competed
                                            SCCA’s annual event at Cherry Valley Mot-        in a very tough event. Of 29 starters, 10
 June 19/20           September 25/26       orsport Park. Each trip was well planned,        were DNF, braking zones were treacher-
 Event #3/4           Event #10/11          inexpensive and loads of fun. I promise this     ous, reading the road surface material
 Mosport DDT          TMP (Cayuga)          year’s will be even better!                      was often difficult, and it was plenty
                                                  There’s more but I don’t wanna give it     brisk. My best finish in an event of this
 July 17                                    all away at once. After all, I need to leave     magnitude came the next morning, plac-
 Event #5                                   myself something to write about next             ing 7th overall, 3rd in Novice (should have
 TMP (Cayuga)                               month. Keep reading The Link and stay            run Intermediate, would have been first
                                            tuned to the MCO forums for more.                in class!), and was the 2nd (unofficially)
                                                                                             place in an FWD car. It wouldn’t have

                                                                                             been possible without the very profes-
                                                                                             sional and accurate work of my navigator,
                                                                                             Ian O’Halloran. This event was the last

                                                                                             road rally in the 2003 Ontario Road Rally
                                                                                             Championship (ORRC), with champion-
                                                                                             ships at stake for two MCO teams. In the
                                                                                             end, Ryan Huber was the Novice Naviga-
  The next meeting of the Ted Powell committee is at                                         tor Champion and Robert Roaldi became
  Louis‛ Steakhouse Monday, Feb. 9th at 7pm. Please                                          Expert Navigator Champion (again, but
                                                                                             for MCO this time). Well done, guys!
  come to the committee meeting or see one of the                                                  The CARS AGM was held January 10
  committee members.                                                                         in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. A last-minute

                                            Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                         5
bout of the flu prevented my attendance,       the full 2004 National Series in Warren’s      next issue. Suffice it to say, if you want
but MCO’s vote was represented by Jim         Group 2 Golf (basically open class for         to be ‘crowned’ as an interprovincial rally
Morrow, and other MCO attendees were          2-WD cars). Good luck to them for 2004.        champion, compete in as many MCO and
Jean MacGillivray and Jane Lennox. Easily     Also, we are hoping to see the return of       SMCC road rallies as you can.
the post-AGM roundtable topic de jour         Greg Brady and Steven Frankovitch in                Check out the new RSO website
was concerning the insurability and legal-    2004 to contest the Regional Series and                                       /
                                                                                             (, main-
ity of rallying in Canada (Ontario, to be     a few National events. Good luck to them,      tained primarily by MCO member Ryan
sure). This is based on both the written      as well.                                       Huber. There is an online forum there,
word in the Ontario Standard Policy (see            If you want to know what successful      too. That reminds me, the ORRC is being
                             /) and the           rally co-drivers REALLY do, attend Mike        sponsored by Subaru Canada this year,
Ontario Highway Traffic Act (see: http://      Koch’s co-driving seminars. Ranked by          and awards for ORRC events will be as         CARS as a Master, Mike has racked up           follows (for all three classes): First in
English/90h08_e.htm). Does this mean          five Canadian Group 2 co-driving titles         class: $60.00 per vehicle, Second in
we’re bad people? No. But it’s time we        (1995-1999) and one Canadian Overall           class: $40.00 per vehicle. It’s nice to see
set the record straight about sanctioned      title, the Deak Trophy, in 1995. Students      the manufacturers paying more attention
motorsports with the powers that be. In       will get take-home notes and a certificate.     to the real grassroots level of the sport.
response to this situation, RSO asked         Many thanks to Mike for putting this           Thanks to RSO for facilitating those
Andrew Comrie-Picard (MLRC) and Jim           together. Here’s the list:                     discussions.
Morrow (MCO) to form a committee and                                                              The famous Subaru Snowy Safari
devise a strategy and action plan. This is    Co-driving Seminar #1, Mike Koch               (PMSC) runs out of Minden on January
going to be a LONG ride. We’ll keep you       – January 29                                   31, and the even more notorious Ontario
posted.                                                                                      Winter Rally (MLRC) runs out of Coe Hill
      Rallye Perce-Neige (http://www.lino.    Co-driving Seminar #2, Mike Koch – TBD         (south of Bancroft - Tall Pines-sort-of
com/~rallyperceneige/), to be held in                                                        country) on February 21. These are not
Maniwaki on February 6-8, is the first rally   Rally Organising Seminar #1, Craig             generally beginner-friendly events, and
of the 2004 Canadian Rally Championship       Hamm (Basic level) – February 26               true novices are advised to finish, and be
(CRC), and currently the only remaining                                                      glad of it! These are road rallies on some
full-snow event. This is due to both the      Rally Organising Seminar #2, Robert            of the most sinuous, slippery, remote
Rallye International de Charlevoix and Ral-   Roaldi (Advanced level) – March 25             roads in Ontario. Check the club web-
lye de Quebec being off the calendar (and                                                    sites for info, or results.
Bighorn Rally, Alberta, just pulled out of         This year the MCO Road Rally                   Finally, if the Canadian deep freeze
the championship). Get your carcass up        Championship is running fewer events,          is making your brass monkey do natural
to Maniwaki to see a full-blown perform-      but as it stands two events are listed         things, the World Rally Championship
ance rally on snow and ice! Spectator         in the ORRC, and we hope to resurrect          (WRC) has come to North America! Go
areas are fantastic, but always have a full   the Golden Pine Rally. Our rally friends       down to Mexico during March 12-14 to
tank of gas, and dress very warmly! Trust     in Montreal, the Sports Motor Car Club         see the best there is tearing up some
me.                                           (SMCC), have agreed to an MCO proposal         cacti (  /).
      Related to the CRC, Warren Haywood      to run a joint championship. I’ll try to get        Thanks for reading!
and Jodie Shay are teaming up to run          the basic series regs published for the

                                                      MCO members place their non-commercial

                                             advertisements FREE of charge.
                                                      MCO members may submit business card size

                                                  advertisements for their businesses free of charge.
                                                  These advertisements are published space

                                                All other commercial advertisements are placed
                                                  in full colour in the Web edition of the Link, black

                                                  and white in the printed version of the Link. A
                                                  year long placement includes direct sponsor links
                                                  from the MCO home page (
                                                  Contact the Link for more information.
6 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
                                                                   Paul Swinwood
                                                                   Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004
                                                                        I have sent a picture or two for a sample of
                                                                   the reason we cancelled the first Winter school.
                                                                   The school is all set, just waiting for snow.

Top: Winter Driving School Classroom
Bottom Left: Looking down oval straight
Bottom Right: No snowbanks on oval

     The winter is here, but that doesn’t
stop the driving fun. Winter driving
schools and Winter Solo 2 provide plenty
of activity during the cold months.
     The Ottodrome is the venue host-
ing the MCO’s winter driving activities
(directions available at http://www.mco.
     The course has been prepared and
groomed by our own Vice-president,
Bennett Leckie. Rest assured there will
plenty of challenges for the novice and
expert. There have been some rumours
of some unnamed member of the execu-
tive testing the limits of a Suburban on
the course. The turn banking was said
to be ”effective”.

                                            Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004         7
      I have been living in Ottawa for over     high- performance, expensive auto-             think they are the more attractive model.
a year now and I thought I would report         mobiles are sold mostly in large urban         Kia Rios and Hyundai Accents are also
on the car scene here. It is quite different    centres where there is less opportunity        very popular --- much more so than their
from Toronto and the rest of the GTA.           to enjoy them. It must be fun to brag          larger stablemates.
      One of the first things I noticed after    about the performance of your Infiniti 35,           I have seen quite a few oddball cars.
moving here was how thin the Auto Mart          I’m sure, but awfully frustrating to know      In my neighbourhood, there’s a high-
magazine is. This is the car-ad magazine        that you spend the majority of your time       school student who drives an early ‘80’s
that the local car dealers publish. The         in it idling at red lights. When I lived in    Honda Civic CVCC to school. I have seen
name and the look is the same as the one        Toronto, I maintained for years that the       a two-tone red and white Volvo 122, a
in Toronto, but it’s only the thickness of      most important components of a car are         Saab V4 with Cibie auxiliary lights, two
the Tall Pines spectator guide and is only      the seats and the stereo.                      Citroen Deux Chevaux, a recent model
published every two weeks. I was reading              Of course, there are Audis and           Opel Corsa with diplomatic plates, a
it quite a lot earlier in the year when I was   Benzes on the roads, but they are not          mid-70’s Corolla, several Ford Festivas
trying to sell my ‘97 Jetta, just to com-       as common a sight as in the big smoke.         and Aspires, and a couple of weird look-
pare prices. I saw the same car ads in it       I see lots of BMWs, though, and Volvos         ing micro-van-type vehicles that I didn’t
for months on end. Judging from that and        are not rare. By the way, although it’s fun    recognize. And the other day I saw an
from the fact that it took me nine months       to bash BMW drivers, I won’t gratuitously      early ‘50’s British Zephyr for sale on
and seven price drops to unload my
Jetta, I conclude that people here don’t
like to buy used cars.                                
      What I also noticed was that lower            
priced models are much more common                        
than in Toronto. I see more Accents than
Elantras, more Corollas than Camrys, etc.
This is almost certainly a demographic          do so here since it has become such a          someone’s front lawn.
thing but I don’t know if it’s because peo-     cliché. But, one of our neighbours owns              I think that Ford is the most-sold
ple are more reluctant to spend money           a Beemer 3-series, and watching him and        brand in the east end of Ottawa, where I
or just not inclined to spend it on cars.       his wife wash that car is like witnessing      live. Late 90’s Escort Wagons are all over
A lot of federal government employees           an erotic ballet. If they treat each other     the place and I still see lots of second-
are contract workers, so there may exist        as gently and tenderly as they wash and        generation Tauruses that haven’t rusted
a tendency not to spend much of one’s           wax that car, their marriage will last for-    yet. I may be stereotyping, but it always
disposable income on an automobile if           ever. I heard them pull away one day and       seems to me that those Tauruses belong
your job security is always in question.        the car is an automatic.                       to retired civil servants. They have grey
Another factor may be that, in general,              From what I can tell, the Toyota          hair and are never in a hurry. There are
distances traveled are less here so there       Echo is the official car of the National        Focuses everywhere. If you lump the
is less emphasis on luxury and comfort.         Capital Region. I have been waiting at red     hatchback, sedans and wagons together,
If you’re not in the car much, there’s no       lights when I have counted five or six of       they probably outnumber the Echoes, and
need for it to be as comfortable as your        them idling with me in various lanes and       that’s saying something. The number of
living room.                                    heading in different directions. It’s funny,   Focus Wagons on the road is a constant
      That last thought makes me pause.         but I have not noticed many of the new         surprise, unless you stop to realize that
Maybe it’s just me, but I find it ironic that    hatchback versions yet, even though I          there aren’t that many wagons on the
8 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
market these days. A Focus Wagon will
likely be our next car; there’s no shortage
of parts around here, I’m sure.
      Of course, there’s no escaping SUVs
. . . much as I’d like to. As with BMWs,
it’s easy to pick on SUVs and it’s quickly
becoming a cliché as well, so I’ll restrain
myself. Because of the close proximity
to water and cottage country here, a lot
of those SUVs have boat-trailer hitches,
so at least some of them are being put
to good use. But there are a fair number
of folks who own full-sized 4x4 pickup
trucks as their family vehicle. Why you’d
want an expensive and uncomfortable
gas-guzzler as the main family driver is a
mystery to me. One day the trend will end
and they will become an embarrassing
memory, like disco. Archaeologists will
scratch their heads in wonder.
      Driver behaviour here reminds me
a little of what Toronto was like in the
late’70’s when I first moved there. That
is, by and large drivers are courteous,
but there are more and more exceptions
to that all the time, surfacing especially
at rush hour. The reasons are the same
as always: gridlock, overpowered cars,
societal encouragement of aggressive
behaviour on TV, on the job, and else-
where. Most people’s jobs are crap, so
why are they in such a dangerous hurry
to get there?
      One of the benefits for us in moving
here is that public transit is so good in
Ottawa, and distances so much shorter,
that it has enabled us to get rid of one
car. Being a single-car family is such a
blessing that I think it would be difficult
for us to go back to owning more than
one again. Also, my taste in cars has
changed over the years. I no longer feel
the need that my car should entertain
me. We have a ‘96 Golf CL with nearly
200,000 km at the moment and although
we have vague plans to get a Focus
Wagon, or its equivalent, at some point
in the future, I feel no urgency to look
for another car. This is a new feeling for
me. At one time, I was willing to change
cars at the drop of a hat. I say that, but
at the same time I do enjoy occasionally
dropping into dealerships to talk to car
salesmen. It’s pure entertainment and                                          
free. In Toronto, I could always count on
Ed Richardson to come with me to test                                          
cars, but it’s not as much fun doing so by
myself so I am not harassing Ottawa deal-
ers as much. I hope they appreciate it.

                                              Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004   9
                                                                       


                                            



                                                                                       Jodie Shay hasn’t known Ralph Grant
                                                                                       for much longer. An amiable transplant-
                                                                                       ed Aussie, Ralph was plagued with car
                                                                                       problems at last year’s TN. It was great
                                                                                       that he had such a good run this year,
                                                                                       with Jodie’s contribution.
                                                                                           These two teams did themselves
                                                                                       proud, finishing second in class
                                                                                       (Clarke/Gamblin) and third in class
                                                                                       (Grant/Shay). In fact, because of
      I figure the elements of a great      treal-South Shore area in the Classic       Glen and Evan’s standing, they, along
vacation include hot summer weather,       category, in his right-hand-drive 1970      with Craig and Steve, Jim and I, won
like-minded friends, motorsports, and      Volvo 142 GT (# 405).                       the President’s Plate Award for best
enough time away to forget about                The Targa started with a Demon-        team performance! All of us earned
the cares of the world. (Just think: in    stration Day for officials to assess driv-   finishers’medallions, and Craig and Jim
mid-September, Newfoundland was            ing talent and competitors to address       went a little further by creating a Bald
enjoying record hot weather, up to         any mechanical quirks. The next day’s       Head Racing Trophy (courtesy of our
37-degrees Celsius.) Great scenery, a      Prologue was to seed the cars (from         favourite designer, Mike Rouleau) that
welcoming population and droves of         the slowest to the fastest, to encour-      they awarded to the Novice Targa crew
little kids, starry-eyed about cars, are   age passing and reduce the time roads       with the fewest penalty points.
pluses. For these reasons and more,        were closed). Then there were five long          For the Targa veterans, Craig and
the 2000-km Targa Newfoundland             days of competition, with “offs,” a host    Jim, the story was a little different.
2003 was the perfect vacation!             of automotive failures and a lot of hot     Craig’s Porsche suffered hard-to-diag-
      In the Modern category, the MCO      competition. In the end, Glen and Evan      nose electrical problems on Day 1,
teams were: Jim Morrow and I in our        placed 14th overall, Ralph and Jodie        earning him a fistful of penalty points
1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS (# 908);        - 18th, Craig and Steve - 24th, and Jim     from which he never recovered. We
Craig Seko and Steve Carrick in Craig’s    and I - 28th. The Targa field amounted       knew our Subaru had brake issues
1990 Porsche 944 S2 (# 701); and           to 39 cars, four of which did not finish.    on Demonstration Day; despite be-
Glen Clarke and Evan Gamblin in Glen’s          Glen and Evan only met this sum-       ing bled, they failed on Day 1 and we
1979 Porsche 911 (# 602). Jodie Shay       mer, after Evan won a free entry to the     went off into the brush on a corner. We
navigated for Ralph Grant of the Mon-      event and began his search for a ride.      completed the stage just ahead of Car
10 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
99, who patiently waited while we were       age of us as “the fastest car,” driving      refreshing swim. Jim and I contented
pushed out by spectators. That night,        the stage behind this talented national      ourselves with pushing up the legs of
John and Clarke Paynter, kind-hearted        team. (They placed ninth overall.)           our driving suits and wading in up to
brothers who represented the national             My spookiest moment came on             our knees. Back on the pebbly shore,
Subaru rally team, loaned us their           Prologue day, when we passed the             we examined the little jellyfish that the
mechanic and donated a set of Ferodo         damaged 1965 Mustang driven by               tide had brought in. The smarter teams
race pads, which he installed. Thanks        Jeremy Hill and Lennox McNeely (who          had brought shorts to change into, and
to their generosity, the car performed       came second overall), part way up an         seemed to thoroughly enjoy their sum-
better, although we still carried those      embankment. Neither of them were             mer afternoon.
penalty points with us and accumulated       hurt, but still . . . knowing their compe-        It’s hard to nail down a “spirit of
others along the way. There were other       tence and experience, it was all I could     Targa” moment, as there were many.
situations that are perhaps best left for    do to keep my eyes on the TerraTrip          One of my favourites involves Peter
“the pot” at an MCO meeting, but com-        (our rally computer) and stay focused.       Ross, a.k.a. “Parking” Pete, he of the
bined they dropped our placement.            It turns out their brakes had failed,        loud voice and engaging personality
      But there are great memories, too,     which somehow foreshadowed our own           who was responsible for shoe-horning
and far more good ones than bad.             experience.                                  several million dollars’ worth of special-
      My favourite memory involves                                                        ized cars into arenas each night. On
driving the Gander North stage on Day
3. It ran through a subdivision and was
                                                                      the ferry both ways, we shared a cabin
                                                                                          with Richard and Rick Harper, a father-
like a huge autocross. The stage had
44 lefts and rights, with 29 turns at                                      and-son team who drove a beautiful
                                                                                          1969 Jaguar XK-E in Touring. Rick told
junctions over 6.85 km. The Impreza is                                                    me that at the awards banquet, he
set up perfectly now, and it responded
beautifully in the corners. I’m afraid I
                                                                        saw Parking Pete. Having earned two
                                                                                          medallions, for finishing and Touring,
forgot driver etiquette: as we crossed
the flying finish, I shrieked several                                         he asked Pete if he’d like one. He then
                                                                                          removed from his own neck one of
times into the headset and nearly deaf-                                                   these prized Targa medallions, and
ened Jim, who cranked up my happi-                My “this is heaven” moment oc-          gave it to an astonished Pete. What a
ness another notch with the news that        curred at Leading Tickles on Day 4,          tribute to someone who works so hard
we had beaten the Targa time!                where we spent a relaxed two and a           each year for the Targa!
      Another memory that still makes        half hours. It was 37 degrees Celsius,            At this point, I should mention that
me chuckle happened after our “off.”         so after lunch provided by the local         all the thousands of volunteers took a
Jim asked if we could run last, as I was     community, I stretched out under a           week off work so that we could go out
still unnerved by the experience. We         shady bush, listened to the live enter-      and play! And that doesn’t count the
went out after the Paynters, who, with       tainment and enjoyed the soft breezes        thousands of people who agreed to
their modified 2002 Subaru WRX, were          caressing my face. I may have even           have their roads closed down, including
the fastest car and thus scheduled to        drifted off a little . . . .                 the only road to Leading Tickles, which
drive the stage last. As we waited to be          Leading Tickles is a beautiful          was shut for about six hours. Only in
counted down, I heard someone shout,         spot and the water was so tempting.          Newfoundland, you say!
“Get the Subarus!”, so somewhere out         Rumour has it that the Dutch team                 Targa Newfoundland was an in-
there is completely unrealistic film foot-    braved the cold Atlantic for a brisk,        tense experience! It was physically and

       Jean MacGillivray driving this stage!                           Glen Clarke and Evan Gamblin in Gander.

                                            Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                  11
                                                                        mentally challenging, and sometimes
                                                                        emotionally draining. We were up by
                                                    Half MCO            6.00 a.m. each morning and in bed by
                                                    team of             10.30 p.m. if we were lucky. I spent an
                                                    Jodie Shay          hour or two each evening going over
                                                                        the next day’s route book, so there
                                                    (nav) and
                                                                        wasn’t much spare time. But it was
                                                    transplant          also very social, and we had wonder-
                                                    Aussie Ralph        ful meals with fellow competitors and
                                                    Grant (driver)      shared lots of laughs with friends new
                                                    in right hand       and old. There were more acts of kind-
                                                                        ness and support than I could possibly
                                                    drive car.
                                                                        mention here (e.g., Evan teaching me
                                                                        hand signals after our intercom failed;
                                                                        Parking Pete arranging for the three
                                                                        MCO cars to be parked together;
                                                                        Clarke Paynter comforting me after our
                                                                             It was great to meet the Newfound-
                                                     Craig Seko         land people, especially the little kids,
                                                     and Steve          who lined up for our autographs (it’s
                                                     Carrick            true!) and the small Bald Head Racing
                                                     in Gander          decals that Craig, Steve, Jim and I
                                                                        handed out. The whole thing was abso-
                                                                        lutely fantastic, and not a day goes by
                                                                        that I don’t long to be there next year.
                                                                             The Targa event cost $4500, with
                                                                        accommodation, travel and some
                                                                        meals being extra. The Touring event,
                                                                        which was more like a fast TSD rally,
                                                                        cost $3500 and attracted 15 entries.

  What: MCO Karting League
  Where: Top Karting, 200 D‛Edmonton, Hull (779-0000)
  Monthly Schedule: Thursday evenings only at 7:00 p.m.                                  
  Entry fee: $40.00. (The fee will be reduced if                                        
  numbers are sufficient.) Because of Top Karting's                                       
  business policy, entry fees will be collected at the                                    
  MCO monthly meetings prior to each event.                                               
  MCO members and non-members are welcome.                                                

12 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
Location                                      Dave Butler (Chair), Cindy Armstrong and
    Louis’s Steak House, Ottawa, Ont.         Jim Morrow for their outstanding work on     Treasurer
                                              the Nominating Committee. He also took            Bob Benson provided copies of his re-
PRESENT                                       this opportunity to introduce Dave as the    port (att.), and provided a verbal summary
                                              new Membership Chairman.                     as follows:
2002/2003 Board of Directors:                                                                   Total income for 2002/2003 was
      Ron Woltman, President; Bennett         Annual Banquet                               $111,925.41, up from $97,017.82
Leckie, Vice-President; Richard Muise,             Ron then noted that Sam Mandia was      the previous year, and expenses were
Closed Wheel, and Greg Kierstead, Solo        present and had tickets to the banquet       $108,994.63, up from $87,748.63. Net
II, Directors.                                for sale. Sam added that 58 tickets had      income for 2002/2003 was $2,930.78,
                                              been sold to date, and that those who        down from $9,269.19 in 2001/2002.
                                              do not have tickets can reserve them by      Accounts showing net income were: Rally,
Appointed Officers and                         contacting him through the e-mail address    $2,206.33; Membership, $6,608.35;
Members of the Executive                      on the Club web site.                        Race School, $8,477.37; Solo II,
Committee:                                                                                 $1,191.45; and Lapping, $1,446.15.
     Bob Benson, Treasurer; Jeff Graves,      Rally                                        Accounts showing net deficits were:
Solo I; Paul Swinwood, Karting; Dave But-          In the absence of Warren Haywood,       The Link, (-) $6,266.58; 50th Anniver-
ler, Membership; Aleida Dikland, Website      Bennett Leckie reported that the Lanark      sary Book (-) $4,770.08; Insurance
Manager; John Powell, Secretary.              Highlands Rally had been a success, with     Costs, (-) $6.633.00; and the TPSTR, (-)
                                              29 entries, some from as far away as the     $1,994.35.
Members:                                      Kitchener-Waterloo area.
    35 Full Members were present, which                                                    MCO Incorporation Papers
constituted a quorum.                         Solo II                                           Ron Woltman gave a brief overview
                                                  Greg Kierstead noted that it had been    of attempts, including those of Steve
ABSENT WITH EXCUSES                           generally a successful season. There         Greiner, to get the incorporation papers
                                              was a net positive income, although lower    up-dated by the Provincial government,
2002/2003 Directors,                          than previous years due to increased         with little success. He than asked for a
                                              expenses. Greg added that next year will     volunteer to take over this task.
Appointed Officers, and
                                              see a new car classification system, and
Members of the Executive                      the Club’s timing equipment needs to be      2004 Racing School
Committee:                                    up-dated. He then closed by introducing          Rob Microys announced that Shan-
    Warren Haywood, Director, Rally,          Charles (Chuck) Payne, who has volun-        nonville had been booked for April 24th
& Club Merchandise Co-ordinator; Jean         teered to replace him as Solo II repre-      and 25th, and Ron gave a brief up-date of
MacGillivray, Club Display Coordinator.       sentative.                                   progress so far.

NOTES                                         Closed Wheel                                 CASC Elections
                                                   Richard Muise advised members               Rob Microys, who is chair of the
     1) Copies of documents marked            that the will be attending the up-coming     CASC Nominating Committee, advised
“Att.” are filed with the original copy of     Drivers’ Meeting at the CASC AGM, and if     members that five positions on the CASC
these minutes.                                anyone has issues to bring forward, they     Board are up for election. He added that
     2) The 2002/2003 position of Past        should contact him or any other member       there has so far been one person nomi-
President is inactive and one 2002/2003       who will be attending.                       nated for each of these positions, but if
position of Director is vacant.                                                            members have any further nominations
     3) The Executive Committee positions                                                  they should contact him.
                                              MCO 50th Anniversary History
of Open Wheel representative, Editor of
The Link, and Public Relations are vacant,    Book
                                                    Crystal Pomeroy reported that pages    Solo I & II Competitor’s Meeting
and that of Club Display Coordinator will
                                              for the final text up to 1998 had been for-        Jeff Graves attended the Solo
become vacant effective at the close of
                                              matted, that 40% of the book has already     Competitor’s Meeting and noted that
the Annual Awards Banquet.
                                              gone to print, and that the remainder        there will be no major changes for next
                                              will be sent within the next week. Ron       year, except that a national set of safety
    The President opened the meeting for
                                              Woltman added that the team is working       standards and rules for lapping and driver
business at approximately 7:15 p.m. and
                                              flat-out and they are pushing for a Christ-   education events are intended to be
welcomed guests.
                                              mas publication date. Members should         implemented. Jeff added that four MCO
                                              contact Don Tarte for orders, and 15         members received trophies at the meet-
AGM Nominating Committee                      pages are still available for sponsorship.   ing.
    Ron Woltman opened by thanking

                                             Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                  13
Club Web Site                                 CASC Issues                                   The Link
     Aleida Dikland reported that there            Ron gave a brief account of the               Ron Woltman announced that we
have been just up-dates and no major          proceedings of the last ORO meeting,          need a new editor or co-editors for The
changes recently, but such changes may        including race dates, and advised that        Link.
be coming soon as a result of sugges-         July 3rd and 4th have been reserved for
tions received. If anyone has further         the 2004 TPSTR, but that August 15th               The meeting was adjourned at 8:10
suggestions, they should contact her.         and 16th remain a possibility. Changes in     p.m. on a motion by Nick Berry, seconded
                                              the administration of Affiliation Fees are     by John Blouin. Carried without discus-
Calabogie Motorsports Park                    expected to be implemented in 2004.           sion.
     Ron Woltman attended an official                                                             Note: The 2004 Annual General Meet-
Open House on October 25th, and gave          Membership                                    ing followed this meeting after a short
members a brief account. Ron has had              Dave Butler advised that we currently     break.
discussions with the track management         have 218 members, of which 182 are Full
regarding the possibility of MCO events       Members. He also announced that Albert        Prepared by John Powell, Secretary,
at Calabogie, including a race. Those         Cohoe has volunteered to be Assistant         MCO, November 16th 2003, amended
wishing to submit letters in support of the   Membership Chair, that 35 Full Members        December 17th 2003.
track may do so through Ron or may write      were present at this meeting, and advised
to local newspapers.                          those with membership problems to             Tel. 613-835-2910; e-mail,
                                              contact him.                        

Location                                      NOTES                                         published in The Link of December 2002.
    Louis’s Steak House, Ottawa, Ont.                                                       Paul Swinwood moved that the minutes
                                              1) Copies of documents marked “Att.” are      of the 2001/2002 AGM be accepted as
PRESENT                                           filed with the original copy of these      published in the December 2002 issue of
                                                  minutes.                                  The Link, seconded by Terry Dale. Car-
2002/2003 Board of Directors                  2) The 2002/2003 position of Past             ried without discussion.
    Ron Woltman, President and Chief              President is inactive and one
Executive Officer; Bennett Leckie, Vice-           2002/2003 position of Director is         2002/2003 President’s Report
President; Richard Muise, Closed Wheel,                                                     - Ron Woltman
and Greg Kierstead, Solo II, Directors.       3) The Executive Committee positions of
                                                                                                 Ron gave an overview of the year’s
                                                  Open Wheel representative, Editor
                                                                                            events, noting the financial successes of
                                                  of The Link, and Public Relations
Appointed Officers and                             are vacant, and that of Club Display
                                                                                            the Winter December 17, 2003 Driving
Members of the Executive                                                                    Schools, Winter Solo II (Slush ‘n Slide),
                                                  Coordinator will become vacant
                                                                                            and the Racing School. He added that
Committee                                         effective at the close of the Annual
                                                                                            the Ted Powell Summer Trophy Races
     Bob Benson, Treasurer; John Powell,          Awards Banquet.
                                                                                            were also a success despite a modest
Secretary and Clerk of the Board of Direc-
                                                                                            loss, which was offset by the net income
tors; Jeff Graves, Solo I; Paul Swinwood,          Dave Butler, Chairman of the Nomi-
                                                                                            generated by the Racing School, and the
Karting; Dave Butler, Membership; Aleida      nating Committee, opened the meeting at
                                                                                            costs of the Barbeque were well worth
Dikland, Website Manager.                     8:30 p.m., and the following business was
                                                                                            its positive acceptance by competitors,
                                                                                            officials and workers. He continued by
Members                                                                                     noting his satisfaction with the Club’s cur-
    35 Full Members were present, which       Opening Business                              rent financial position, our active voice at
constituted a quorum.                             Dave Butler welcomed those present,       CASC meetings, the progress of the Solo
                                              gave an outline of the purpose of the         II series despite an increase in facility
                                              meeting, and introduced the outgoing          costs, and the quality of the members of
ABSENT WITH EXCUSES                           Board of Directors present as noted           the Executive Committee, most of whom
                                              above. John Powell was appointed as           have volunteered to continue in their cur-
2002/2003 Directors,                          Secretary of the Annual General Meeting.      rent positions. He closed by stating that
                                              A quorum was established, also as noted       there is a good possibility that MCO will
Appointed Officers, and                        above.                                        be organizing a Solo I weekend next year,
Members of the Executive                                                                    and that, through his involvement with
Committee                                     Minutes of the 2001/2002                      the MCO 50th Anniversary book, he had
    Warren Haywood, Director, Rally,
                                              Annual general Meeting                        learned much about the Club’s history.
& Club Merchandise Co-ordinator; Jean
                                                  The Secretary informed those
MacGillivray, Club Display Coordinator.
                                              present that the minutes could be either      2002/2003 Vice President’s
                                              read in full and then voted, or approved as
14 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
Report - Bennett Leckie                            earlier in the evening at the November         Steven Fong
     Bennett noted that this was his               General Meeting.                                    Steven noted that he was a first-year
second term as Vice President, and                                                                member, and had competed in Solo II. He
that he has been involved in a variety of          Ratification of the actions                     mentioned that getting people to show up
disciplines, including schools and lapping         of the 2002/2003 Board of                      for events was half the battle.
events. He commented favourably on the
number of volunteers from the member-                                                             Craig Hamm
                                                       Nick Berry moved that the actions of
ship at events, which showed the depth                                                                 In the absence of Craig, Dave Butler
                                                   the outgoing Board of directors be rati-
of the Club, but would like to encourage                                                          briefly outlined his work on behalf of the
                                                   fied, seconded by Rob Microys. Carried
more of their involvement in disciplines                                                          Club, especially in Rallying.
                                                   without discussion.
other than their own. He next noted the
success of the Instructional Lapping Day                                                          Sam Mandia
and that he hopes to make it a stand-              Old and New business
                                                        There were no items under New                 Sam outlined his love of working for
alone event in 2004, and closed by                                                                the Club, and noted that his priority would
commenting on the help of the BMW Club,            Business. Under Old Business, Paul
                                                   Swinwood gave a brief overview of the          be to get more people involved.
which was reciprocated at their school at
Mt. Tremblant.                                     results of MCO members who competed
                                                   in various Karting series.                     Richard Muise
                                                                                                       Richard stated that he was just com-
2002/2003 Director’s Report                                                                       pleting his first term as Director, having
                                                   Election - Report of the
- Richard Muise                                                                                   previously been editor of The Link. He
      Richard opened by noting, amongst            Nominating Committee
                                                                                                  would like to finish a second term, as he
other items, that 12 of the 35 members                   Dave Butler reported that the Com-
                                                                                                  thought he now had a better understand-
present were active road racers, and went          mittee had approached a large number of
                                                                                                  ing of the issues, especially those regard-
on to give an overview of possible rule            members, and that this year an election
                                                                                                  ing racing.
changes for 2004. He asked that anyone             will be required for the Director positions.
with comments to make at the CASC                  The candidates for election to the Board
                                                   of Directors are as follows:                   Charles Payne
Driver’s Meeting send them to either                                                                   Charles noted that he thought that
Cindy Armstrong or himself. Other items                                                           it was important that each discipline be
mentioned were that Nov. 15th will be the          President - Ron Woltman (incumbent
                                                       - acclaimed).                              represented on the Board of Directors,
date of both the CASC and VARAC AGMs,                                                             and that he would like to see the Club run
Stefany Malanka is a finalist for assist-           Vice President - Bennett Leckie
                                                       (incumbent - acclaimed)                    events in all disciplines.
ance from the Driver Development Fund,
and that those worked at Regional events           Directors - there are six candidates for the
should submit their WRRC forms. For                    four positions; John Blouin, Steven        Election – Results
next year he noted that MCO will have a                Fong, Craig Hamm, Sam Mandia,                   After receiving the report of the
very busy schedule, that he would like to              Richard Muise (incumbent), and             Scrutineers, Dave Butler announced that
institute a bi-weekly e-mail bulletin to brief-        Charles Payne.                             the successful candidates for the four Di-
ly up-date members on important news,                                                             rector positions on the Board of Directors
and that he would like to be involved in           Election - Appointment of                      for 2003/2004 were John Blouin, Sam
                                                                                                  Mandia, Richard Muise and Charles Payne.
more aspects of race organizing.                   Scrutineers
                                                       Albert Cohoe was appointed as Chief
2002/2003 Director’s Report                        Scrutineer, and Alan Ritchie and Paul          Election - Destruction of Ballots
                                                   Swinwood as Scrutineers.                            There being no appeals or protests,
- Greg Kierstead                                                                                  Dave Butler called for a motion to destroy
      Greg stated that the past year had                                                          the ballots. This was so moved by John
been his second term as Director, that             Election - Candidates
                                                                                                  Blouin, seconded by Chris Krepski. Car-
it had been a great experience from an             Addresses                                      ried without discussion.
organizational perspective, and that it has
broadened his awareness of the Club’s
                                                   John Blouin                                         The meeting was adjourned at 9:30
activities and business. Although he is                                                           p.m. on a motion by Nick Berry, seconded
                                                        John mentioned that he thought that
not running for Director in the coming                                                            by John Blouin. Carried without discus-
                                                   it was time for him to “put his money
election, he will still be involved in Solo                                                       sion.
                                                   where his mouth is” and offer himself as
II, and would like to increase the number
                                                   a candidate for the Board. He gave a
of the core group of competitors in this                                                          Prepared by John Powell, Secretary,
                                                   brief overview of his 27 years in the Club,
discipline.                                                                                       MCO, December 3rd 2003, amended
                                                   stating that he was most satisfied with
                                                   his encouragement of the entry of new          December 17th 2003.
Treasurer’s Report - Bob                           competitors into racing through “Team
Benson                                             Pumpkin”.                                      Tel. 613-835-2910; e-mail,
    Bob reported that there was no                                                      
change from the report that he gave
                                                  Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                     15

16 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004

                      Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004   17
Location                                    2003/2004 Appointed Officers                      Ron next advised those present to
                                                                                         send their contact information to the
    Louis’ Steak House, Ottawa, Ont.        and Members of the Executive
                                                                                         Secretary, and that this should also be
                                            Committee                                    shown on the masthead of The Link.
PRESENT                                         Bob Benson, Treasurer; Craig
                                            Hamm, Rally; Albert Cohoe, Assistant
                                                                                         The Link
2002/2003 Board of Directors                Membership Chairman; Warren Haywood,
                                                                                              Ron asked Allen Ritchie, the new
      Ron Woltman, President; Bennett       Club Merchandise Co-ordinator.
                                                                                         Assistant Editor, to contact Mark Atos,
Leckie, Vice-President; Richard Muise,                                                   the previous Editor, to arrange for the
Closed Wheel, and Greg Kierstead, Solo                                                   transfer of equipment and files. He
II, Directors.                              NOTES                                        also asked that members of the Execu-
                                                                                         tive Committee ensure that they submit
2002/2003 Appointed Officers                 1. Copies of documents marked “Att.”         monthly reports to The Link for publish-
and Members of the Executive                   are filed with the original copy of        ing. He closed by noting that Jean
                                               these minutes.
Committee                                                                                MacGillivray had offered to assist with
                                            2. The position of Past President            the proof-reading of Link submissions.
     John Powell, Secretary; Jeff Graves,
                                               is inactive and one 2002/2003             Later in the meeting, Steve Fong, the
Solo I; Paul Swinwood, Karting; Dave But-
                                               position of Director was vacant.          new Editor, reported that the December
ler, Membership; Aleida Dikland, Website
                                            3. The 2002/2003 Executive                   Link is planned to be a catch-up edition,
                                               Committee positions of Open Wheel         and he is considering a new format for
                                               representative, Editor of The Link,       2004. It is expected that it will possible
2003/2004 Board of Directors                   and Public Relations were vacant.
    Ron Woltman, President; Bennett                                                      to catch up on outstanding Link submis-
                                            4. The 2003/2004 Executive                   sions within two weeks.
Leckie, Vice-President; John Blouin,           Committee position of Club Display
Closed Wheel; Sam Mandia, Open Wheel           Coordinator became vacant effective
and Public Relations; Richard Muise; and       at the close of the Annual Awards
                                                                                         Club Representatives for Major
Charles Payne, Solo II; Directors.             Banquet, November 8th 2003..              Meetings
                                            5. Sufficient members of the Board of              Ron Woltman advised that he would
2003/2004 Appointed Officers                    Directors were present to constitute      like to have representatives, and prefera-
and Members of the Executive                   a quorum for those matters requiring      bly also alternatives, delegated to attend
                                               a vote.                                   major meetings, such as the ORO, Race
Committee                                                                                Committee and RSO. He noted that he
     John Powell, Secretary; Jeff Graves,                                                usually attended the CASC Presidents’
Solo I; Paul Swinwood, Karting; Dave But-        The President thanked the outgoing
                                            and welcomed the new BoD and Execu-          and ORO meetings, Cindy Armstrong the
ler, Membership Chairman; Steve Fong,                                                    Race Committee, and Ryan Huber, who is
Link Editor; Alan Ritchie, Assistant Link   tive members present, and opened the
                                            meeting for business at approximately        currently residing in Toronto, RSO meet-
Editor; Aleida Dikland, Website Manager.                                                 ings. Richard Muise then volunteered to
                                            6:30 p.m..
                                                                                         be the alternate representative at ORO
Members/Guests                                                                           meetings. Ron next asked if it would be
    None                                    Executive E-mails
                                                                                         preferable for the Race Committee repre-
                                                 Ron noted that our e-mail practices
                                                                                         sentative to be a member of the Execu-
                                            are resulting in an over-use of the Execu-
ABSENT WITH EXCUSES                                                                      tive Committee, to which Paul Swinwood
                                            tive e-mail address. This address is for
                                                                                         replied that such an appointment would
                                            the purpose of conducting business, and
2002/2003 Board of Directors                is being over-used for protracted discus-
                                                                                         require a formal process.
    Warren Haywood, Director, Rally and     sions. He advised that it is not a discus-
Club Merchandise Co-ordinator.              sion forum, and such are best conducted      Business Cards
                                            in person at meetings, or on the Club             There was a brief discussion on
2002/2003 Appointed Officers                 Forum on the website. Also mentioned         the benefits of printing business cards
and Members of the Executive                by John Powell was that members should       for BoD and Exec. Members and the
                                            not use e-mails on old topics to discuss     information to be shown thereon. Sam
Committee                                                                                Mandia will coordinate implementation.
     Bob Benson, Treasurer; Jean MacGil-    new ones, especially without changing
livray, Club Display Co-ordinator.          the subject title, as this unduly compli-
                                            cates the keeping of Club records.           Executive Committee
2003/2004 Board of Directors                                                             Appointments
    None                                    BoD and Executive Contact                         The appointment of persons to the
                                            Information                                  various positions on the 2003/2004 Ex-
                                                                                         ecutive Committee was finalized as noted
18 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
in the Header to these minutes, and                    There will be a new layout, retaining   that she would like to include photos and
approved by the members of the BoD               two tracks, and volunteers are needed         videos of members in action on the web
present. The position of Club Display            for the coming Sunday to rough them           site, and asked for contributions.
Coordinator is still vacant, but later in the    out. Negotiations are also under way for
meeting Dave Butler advised that he may          us to dig a pit to provide water for laying   Monthly E-mail Bulletin
know of a possible candidate and will            an ice foundation for the tracks.                   From interest expressed in respons-
contact him.                                           The rental for 2004 will be             es to his post on the Club forum, Richard
                                                 $3,500.00 for our Club dates, with oth-       Muise suggested the institution of a pe-
Ottawa International Auto                        ers to be negotiated. The Ottodrome           riodical e-mail bulletin to members. This
Show                                             will retain two Sunday dates for winter       would contain brief up-dates on current
    There is a possibility that CASC             Enduros on the oval, and we will have to      information in a more timely manner than
would be willing to support the Club in          arrange our own snow plowing for our          The Link, and Richard volunteered to help
having a joint MCO/CASC booth at the             area.                                         in its implementation.
Ottawa International Auto Show. This                   Bob Armstrong has again volun-
show would be an opportunity to gain             teered to be Co-Chief Instructor.             Monthly Club Meetings
more exposure than at Speedorama.                                                                   During a discussion on this topic, the
Rob Microys has volunteered to investi-          Solo II (Summer and Winter)                   following points were raised:
gate further.                                         Chuck Payne reported as follows:              Sam Mandia stated that he would
                                                      A competitors’ meeting for Summer        like to get more members out to the
2004 Racing Events                               solo II will be held, probably in March,      Monthly General Meetings, and that per-
      Ron opened the topic by noting             and the storage shed needs a new lock-        haps we could make the January meeting
that July 2nd to 4th has been reserved at        ing arrangement.                              a “bring a friend” night, perhaps with
Shannonville for the Ted Powell weekend.              There was a brief discussion regard-     some incentives, although they hadn’t
There was some discussion on what to             ing alternate sites to the Corel Centre,      worked that well in the past.
do about the August 14th/15th reserva-           especially if the Senators reach the               John Blouin mentioned that we
tion. We could pass it on to the BMW             playoffs.                                     should get the business portion over
club or cancel it, and the general feeling            Repairs are required for the timing      quickly by just giving a summary of the
was to cancel the weekend and perhaps            equipment, and there is need for a new        main points, with the details published in
notify the BMW club that the date could          tent better suited to our needs.              The Link. We could then return the meet-
be available.                                         The status of the Winter Solo II         ings to more of a social occasion with
      Calabogie Motorsports Park should          (Slush >n Slide) rules has yet to be final-    guest speakers, movies, etc., as had
be ready for use by mid-summer, and              ized, and there was some discussion           been done in the past.
they are interested in having MCO                on this topic, including the use of RallyX         Ron Woltman suggested that
organize a race. Ron Woltman men-                rules instead of Solo II.                     another, more central location might be
tioned that this could possibly be done                                                        better, such as the St. Anthony’s club
in conjunction with VARAC, possibly with         Membership                                    on Preston St., and perhaps the topic
the FF1600 series present, but it would               Ron Woltman asked Bennett Leckie,        should be brought forward to a future
have to be “invitational” as it would not        Dave Butler and Albert Cohoe to develop       Exec. Meeting..
be part of the CASC Regional calendar.           options regarding the use of potential
Bennett Leckie suggested that we run a           savings from the new Affiliation Fee           Shoppers Drugmart Proposal
lapping weekend as a shake-down if we            structure to be implemented by CASC.              Ron has received a proposal from
had an open weekend, and John Powell             He also asked Dave to participate on the      Shoppers Drugmart to use some of the
suggested that we could try to revive the        Club’s behalf in the CASC pilot project       services offered by MCO as gift certifi-
“Thanksgiving Speed Weekend” that was            for on-line membership applications and       cate incentives. Ron will meet with their
run by BARC in the ‘60s, as this may ap-         renewals.                                     representative to discuss details and
peal to VARAC for its historical aspects.                                                      report back to the BoD/Executive Com-
Those present thought this event to be           Solo I                                        mittee.
desirable if it could be organized, and the           Ron next broached the topic of the
proposal will be investigated further.           proposal that MCO organize a Solo I               The meeting was adjourned at ap-
      Also discussed briefly was the pos-         weekend for 2004. Jeff Graves outlined        proximately 9:00 p.m..
sibility of assisting VARAC with an event        details of what the Club’s commitments
at Mt. Tremblant in 2004.                        would be as organizer, following which        Prepared by John Powell, Secretary,
      Later in the meeting Sam Mandia            the Members of the BoD present author-        MCO, November 24th 2003,
stated that he would like to see more            ized him to contact SoloOntario, confirm       amended December 17th 2003.
racing members on the Race Organizing            our commitment, and take a lead role in
Committee.                                       its organization.                             Tel. 613-835-2910; e-mail,
Winter Driving Schools                           Club Web Site
    Paul Swinwood reported as follows:               Aleida Dikland advised those present

                                                Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                   19
                                              including Mark Coughlin (?) of NCKC.
Location                                                                                         are performing a service for the sport.
    Louis’s Steak House, Ottawa, Ont.                                                            Ron answered that this question had been
                                              Club Incorporation Papers                          posed to CASC, and as they could find no
                                                   Ron Woltman opened by announcing
PRESENT                                                                                          reason in their records for its existence,
                                              that Albert Cohoe had volunteered to take          there will be no such fee in future.
                                              over the up-dating of the Incorporation
2003/2004 Board of Directors                  papers.
    Ron Woltman, President; Bennett                                                              Ted Powell Summer Trophy
Leckie, Vice-President; Sam Mandia, Open                                                         Races
Wheel and Public Relations; Richard Muise;
                                              Winter Driving Schools                                   Ron then gave a brief up-date on the
                                                    Paul Swinwood gave an up-date, in-
and Charles Payne, Solo II; Directors.                                                           race weekend, and noted that a decision
                                              cluding that there will be 5 events starting
                                                                                                 will need to be made on whether to run a
                                              on January 18th 2004, one school for the
2003/2004 Appointed Officers                   BMW club, and he is looking for volunteers
                                                                                                 test day or other event on the Friday. He
and Members of the Executive                                                                     also noted that there are still openings for
                                              as instructors and workers. Bennett Leck-
                                                                                                 volunteers on the Race Organizing Com-
Committee                                     ie added that there will be two new track
    John Powell, Secretary; Bob Ben-          layouts, with the Trackside course being
son, Treasurer; Jeff Graves, Solo I; Craig    longer than Treeline. Cindy Armstrong sug-
Hamm, Rally; Paul Swinwood, Karting;          gested that we consider offering student           Possible Race Weekend at
Dave Butler, Membership Chairman; Albert      discounts, to which Ron Woltman replied            Calabogie
Cohoe, Assistant Membership Chairman;         that this is an excellent suggestion, and it             This is under active consideration, and
Steve Fong, Link Editor.                      will be considered.                                if the event is to be held, it will probably be
                                                                                                 on the Thanksgiving weekend.
Members                                       Winter Solo II (Slush ‘n Slide)
    Sufficient members were present for             Charles Payne informed members that               At this point there was a break from
a quorum.                                     the dates have been set up but the rules           7:50 to 8:00 p.m..
                                              have yet to be finalized.
ABSENT WITH EXCUSES                                                                              Membership
                                              Rally                                                   Dave Butler reported that we currently
                                                   Craig Hamm gave an up-date, the               have 161 members, and that membership
2003/2004 Board of Directors                                                                     cards have yet to be printed. Ron Woltman
    John Blouin, Closed Wheel.                major points being:
                                                   Next year’s Lanark Highlands Rally will       added that the issue of what to do with
                                              be on the Regional calendar, there will be         savings from the new CASC flat rate affilia-
2003/2004 Appointed Officers                                                                      tion fee is currently under review.
                                              no MCO winter rally this year as efforts are
and Members of the Executive                  being devoted to the Winter Solo II, and
Committee                                     next year’s rally calendar is on line. The re-     Treasurer
     Alan Ritchie, Assistant Link Editor;     cent RSO minutes contain a history of the               Bob Benson mentioned the previously
Aleida Dikland, Website Manager;              development of CASC, RSO and CARS. The             reported income and expenditure figures
     Warren Haywood, Club Merchandise         Rally Group will be conducting seminars            for 2002/2003, and up-dated members
Co-ordinator.                                 this winter on rally administration, organ-        on the 2003/2004 situation to date as
                                              izing, etc., and will initiate investigations on   follows (notes att’d.): There is $35,896.44
NOTES                                         running a closed road performance rally in         in the bank, from which must be deducted
                                              2005. Ron Woltman added an up-date on              accounts payable of $17,559.00 for the
     1) Copies of documents marked “Att.”     the Waupoos Winery Rally/Tour, to be held          TPSTR, Racing School, and 50th Anniver-
are filed with the original copy of these      in the spring of 2004, and Richard Muise           sary History Book. Cash flow to-date for
minutes.                                      has volunteered to be the organizer.               this fiscal year are: income, $3,008.00;
     2) The position of Past President is                                                        disbursements (including the foregoing
inactive and the Executive Committee posi-    MCO Racing School                                  accounts payable), $34,166.30; leaving a
tion of Club Display Coordinator became             Rob Microys up-dated members on              balance of (-)$31,158.30. Disposable cash
vacant effective at the close of the Annual   progress to date, including that tuition           currently sits at $18,337.44, with up-com-
Awards Banquet, November 8th 2003.            fees will be the same as last year and             ing Winter Driving School expenses of
                                              registration is now available on line or by        $3,500.00 to $7,000.00 all totalled.
     The President opened the meeting for     downloading the form in PDF and mailing
business at approximately 7:00 p.m. by        it in. Ron Woltman added that there will           Public Relations/Marketing
introducing the new Board of Directors and    be a flat CASC fee of $500.00 for the                   Sam Mandia reported as follows: We
members of the Executive Committee in at-     school. Cindy Armstrong asked why there            currently have 30 active racing members,
tendance, and welcoming guests present,       is a fee for instructor’s licences when they       and they are invited to attend TPSTR Or-

20 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
ganizing Committee meetings and provide        MCO Information Bulletin                       CASC Race Committee
input on promoting the race to their fellow         Richard next announced that he is               Cindy Armstrong reported as follows:
competitors. Attendance at the Annual          looking at the introduction of a bi-weekly     The Race Committee was in need of a
Awards Banquet was sixty-six members           members’ e-mail bulletin containing late-      Training Coordinator, and Cindy has volun-
and guests, and 82 prizes were awarded.        breaking news and information.                 teered for the position. One of her objec-
Of those who were approached to donate                                                        tives is to develop an Operations Manual.
prizes, there were no refusals. Themes         The Link                                       For the 2004 season a registered number
were announced for some upcoming                     Steven Fong reported that a catch-up     will be required for drivers to score points.
General Meetings. For example, January         issue will be sent out in December, and        There will be no cost for numbers from
will be “Bring a friend”, February “bring      starting in mid-January a “new look” Link      00 to 299, and $50.00 for numbers
your wife or spouse” (an Hon. Member           will be introduced. He intends to include      outside that range. There has been a
“Or both?”, other Hon. Members “laughter       more “in depth” articles and a more organ-     huge increase in yellow flag infractions for
and ribald comments”), and so on. Sam is       ized lay-out.                                  2003, and new rules will be implemented
planning an MCO Karting League starting                                                       regarding disciplinary measures.
on January 15th at 7:00 p.m.. Informa-
tion will be on the web site. Post meeting
                                               Solo II
                                                    Chuck Payne up-dated members on           RSO
entertainment this month will be a video of                                                        Craig Hamm reported that RSO is to
                                               scheduling issues at the Corel Centre if the
the SCCA HP run-offs. Rob Microys gave a                                                      start training performance rally marshals.
                                               Senators make the play-offs, and that he is
brief up-date on the proposed MCO/CASC
                                               looking at getting a Regional event back on
booth at the Ottawa International Auto
                                               our calendar. Ron Woltman expressed the        NCKC
                                               Club’s appreciation to Pat Weightman for             Mark Coughlin (?), a new member of
                                               the use of his timing board.                   the NCKC executive gave an up-date on
Performance Rally School                                                                      the karting situation in the Ottawa area,
    Craig Seko announced that a Perform-                                                      and the need to grow the karting commu-
ance Rally School will be held in New-
                                               Solo I
                                                     Jeff Graves gave an up-date on the       nity.
foundland in October of 2004, and invited
                                               prospective MCO Solo I event on Septem-
members to express their interest for one                                                         The meeting was adjourned at 9:00
                                               ber 11th and 12th 2004 at Shannonville.
to be held in Ontario.                                                                        p.m. on a motion by Richard Muise, sec-
                                               MCO/VARAC Partnership. Ron Woltman
                                               informed members that there is a possibil-     onded by Craig Seko.
Closed Wheel                                   ity that we may partner with VARAC on an
     Richard Muise reported that Stefany       event in 2004, possibly at Mt. Tremblant,      Prepared by John Powell, Secretary,
Malanka has won a CASC Driver Develop-         and if not, at Calabogie.                      MCO, December 16th 2003.
ment Fund scholarship, and that there has
been some debate over possible Touring/                                                       Tel. 613-835-2910; e-mail -
GT Series rule changes including introduc-                                          
ing Rewards Weights.

Location                                       Aleida Dikland, Website Manager; Warren
    Louis’ Steak House, Ottawa, Ont.           Haywood, Club Merchandise Co-ordinator.        1) Copies of documents marked “Att.” are
                                                                                                  filed with the original copy of these
PRESENT                                        Members/Guests:                                    minutes.
                                                   None                                       2) The position of Past President is
                                                                                                  inactive and the Executive Committee
Board of Directors                                                                                position of Club Display Coordinator
     Ron Woltman, President; Bennett           ABSENT WITH EXCUSES
                                                                                                  became vacant effective at the
Leckie, Vice-President; Sam Mandia,
                                                                                                  close of the Annual Awards Banquet,
Open Wheel and Public Relations; Richard       Board of Directors                                 November 8th 2003.
Muise; and Charles Payne, Solo II; Direc-          John Blouin, Closed Wheel.                 3) Sufficient members of the Board of
                                                                                                  Directors were present to constitute
                                               Appointed Officers and                              a quorum for those matters requiring
Appointed Officers and                          Members of the Executive                           a vote.
Members of the Executive                       Committee
Committee                                           Albert Cohoe, Assistant Membership             The President opened the meeting
    John Powell, Secretary; Bob Benson,        Chairman; Steve Fong, Link Editor; Alan        for business at approximately 6:30 p.m..
Treasurer; Jeff Graves, Solo I; Craig          Ritchie, Assistant Link Editor.
Hamm, Rally; Paul Swinwood, Karting;                                                          Winter Driving Schools
Dave Butler, Membership Chairman;              NOTES                                              Paul Swinwood reported that the

                                              Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                       21
facility is all set to go; stone dust has      Event Flags                                   Shoppers Drug Mart Life
been put down where needed, plowing                  The Club’s current collection of flags   Experiences Program
has been arranged, etc. Sam Mandia             is in need of some replacements. Rich-             Ron Woltman gave an up-date on
added that information has been sent out       ard Muise will investigate the cost of two    the request from Shoppers Drug Mart to
to radio stations and newspapers. Paul         new Starter’s sets.                           include our events as “extreme sports”
then opened a brief discussion regard-                                                       in this program. Paul Swinwood volun-
ing tuition fee discounts. Bennett Leckie      Ottawa International Auto Show                teered to take the lead on this opportu-
questioned the possibility of WDS tuition           Rob Microys has advised the Execu-       nity and prepare a business plan, etc..
discounts but no reduction in the fees for     tive Committee that he has hit a snag
the Racing School which has also shown         regarding high booth costs, and this was
a very good return on investment. Ron
                                               discussed as follows:                               From page one of his monthly report
noted that in his opinion the two could not         Apparently CASC has offered their        (att.) Bob Benson presented his com-
be compared as the WDS is a service to         display set-up, but there has been no         ments regarding selected financial issues
the general public, whereas the Racing         firm commitment of funds to offset booth       for consideration as follows: Regarding
School is not. He added that we should         costs.                                        the issue of membership fees vis a vis
focus on the positive public relations              Bennett Leckie asked if there was        the reduction in CASC affiliation fees,
impacts of offering discounts to regis-        a firm dollar figure given to Rob that the      Bob noted that membership fees should
tered students. Paul suggested that we         Club can justify, and Paul Swinwood sug-      always be at least sufficient to support
offer the Club member’s rate of $125.00        gested that the show would be worth an        The Link. He added that the 2003 end
to qualified students and seniors over the      expenditure of $500.00, but not one as        of business year expenses shown for
age of 60 years, with no piggy-backing         high as $1500.00.                             The Link are lower than what they would
of discounts for those who were already             Bennett then suggested that we ask       have been if a full year’s issues had been
members. This was approved by the              Rob to submit a budget for $500.00,           published. On the question of a test day
BoD members present.                           with justification for any amount in excess    preceding the 2004 TPSTR, he noted
                                               of that figure.                                that this would expose us to the same
Winter Solo II (Slush ‘n Slide)                                                              financial risk as in 2001, when the net
      Warren Haywood reported as follows:      Club Flyer                                    loss for the event was $(-)5,015.94.00.
The Winter Solo II should be separate               Ron Woltman noted that he would like     He added that our loss of $(-)2,115.40
from the WDS for insurance purposes            the flyer to tie in with CASC’s “Take it to    for the 2003 event would have been
and be covered as a Solo II series. The        the track” booklet so that the two would      considerably higher had we paid a
flyer and Supplementary Regulations have        work together. John Powell noted that         worker’s subsidy as we did in 2001.
been sent out for review. The first event       so far only two rough drafts had been         Yearly cash flow has shown a downwards
will be run on January 11th ‘04, and there     prepared, one by Steve Fong and the           trend in year end net income since 2000,
will be an on-line registration form.          other by himself, and he and Sam Mandia       when we were paid for our assistance in
      There followed some discussion on        stated that this point would be included      organizing the Canaska Cup races. (Sec.
the topic of entry fees:                       in any design. Regarding printing of the      Note. The actual end of business year
      Bennett thinks that the fees of          flyer, Sam advised that glossy paper           net incomes as a percentage of gross
$30.00/members and $35.00/non-mem-             would cost more than plain, or we would       incomes were: 2003, 7.13%; 2002,
bers per event are too high, and that this     have to print fewer flyers for the same        9.55%; 2001, 8.50%; 2000, 31.69%;
decision should be reviewed. Warren            amount.                                       and 1999, 3.72%.) Bob closed by noting
replied that the fees were the same as for                                                   that our financial status to-date for the
Summer Solo II, and that we have 30 to                                                       2003/2004 business year is: income,
35 competitors currently interested with
                                               Public Relations/Marketing
                                                    Sam went on to report as follows:        $3,863.00; expenses and accounts
none questioning the entry fees.                                                             payable, $34,670.57; net negative cash
                                               Business cards for the BoD and Execu-
      Bennett responded that the Summer                                                      flow, $(-)30,807.57; and disposable cash
                                               tive have been printed and are available
Solo II faces higher facility costs than the                                                 of $18,688.17.
                                               to those present at the meeting, and that
Winter series, and he still disagreed with
                                               he can arrange for MCO event banners
the level of the fees.
      Craig Hamm noted that the differ-
                                               in order to present a more professional       TPSTR Test Day
                                               image. He reminded racing members that             Discussion on this topic was col-
ence between member/non-member
                                               they are welcome to attend Race Com-          oured to some extent by the Treasurer’s
event fees should be at least $10.00 to
                                               mittee meetings and offer their opinions      comments. The main points were:
promote the benefits of Club member-
                                               regarding promotion of the event. He has      Bennett Leckie observed that the TPSTR
ship. He added that he thought that this
                                               not received any refusals by the radio        date was not conducive to a financially
provision had been agreed upon in the
                                               stations and newspapers contacted to          successful test day, and that we need a
past, and was surprised that we were still
                                               publicise the Winter Driving Schools. His     decision now regarding changing it to a
forfeiting $5.00 to non-members.
                                               marketing goal is to have MCO consid-         Lapping Day/School. John Powell noted
      The consensus was that the entry
                                               ered as the main contact point in our area    that it was already on the CASC calendar
fees would be reviewed if problems arose
                                               for motorsports resources.                    as a test day even though it is still tenta-
with the number of entries.
                                                                                             tive, and that CASC should be informed

22 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
of this in order to avoid the confusion               During a brief discussion on the         Solo I
regarding the test day that occurred in          advantage of using wristbands for the               Jeff Graves advised those present
2003. Paul Swinwood stated that the              Winter solo II series, Craig Hamm noted       that the next Solo I Organizer’s meeting
TPSTR Race Committee should be asked             that they will be used at Club rallies in     will be held on January 8th 2004, and we
give their input regarding the viability of a    2004. He then suggested that wrist-           will need to make a track deposit.
test day. Bennett then added that our rep-       bands should be used at all MCO events,
resentative at the next ORO meeting must         and it was agreed that this should be             The first meeting adjourned at ap-
have the authority to tell them whether          implemented.                                  proximately 9:15 p.m., but those mem-
or not we will be running a test day. Ron                                                      bers of the BoD still present re-convened
Woltman advised that he wanted a deci-           Rally                                         at approximately 9:30 p.m. to consider
sion by January 20th 2004 so that out                 Craig Hamm gave an up-date on the        a request for a special expenditure which
representative could inform the ORO at           rally situation, including that the upcom-    was missed during the BoD/ Executive
their meeting on January 21st. He added          ing CARS AGM will be held at Dorval,          meeting, as follows:
for information that the next TPSTR Race         Que., and that he would like to attend.
Committee meeting would be held in the           He added that Ryan Huber, our represent-      PRESENT
week of January 5th.                             ative at RSO meetings, will raise the topic
                                                 of having training sessions for perform-      Board of Directors
Membership                                       ance rallies in Eastern Ontario.                  Ron Woltman, President; Bennett
     CASC has sent us the information                                                          Leckie, Vice-President; Sam Mandia,
package on the new website including the         Solo II                                       Open Wheel and Public Relations; Richard
pilot project for central on-line member-              Chuck Payne reported as follows:        Muise, Director.
ship applications in affiliated clubs, and        SoloOntario is moving to adopt the CNAC
Dave Butler has downloaded it. Ron Wolt-         rules for the 2004 season. The organ-
man asked Dave if we could participate
                                                 izing of a Regional Solo II event by MCO
in the pilot, and Dave answered that we          is in question as the Corel Centre will not   1) Copies of documents marked “Att.” are
could.                                           commit to any dates this far in advance.          filed with the original copy of these
     There was a discussion on the delay         During a short discussion Chuck asked             minutes.
in issuing membership cards, and Ron             if anyone knew if Calabogie would be          2) Sufficient members of the Board of
asked if we were holding them up. He             acceptable for insurance purposes, and            Directors were present.
noted that we should get something tem-          Jeff Graves replied that it would probably
porary out to members on receipt of their        be acceptable. Ron Woltman added that
application or renewal, with a reasonable        at the present time Calabogie is unwilling
                                                                                               Donation to the Almonte
turn around time, possibly two weeks,            to commit themselves to event dates as        Amateur Radio League (AARL)
for the permanent card and membership            planning approvals are not yet final. Jeff           Craig Hamm reviewed for the BoD
package. He added that, as advance no-           Graves then noted that he has run Solo II     members present the proposal contained
tice was sent out for renewals, this would       events in the past on oval tracks, and the    in his e-mail of December 12th 2003 (att.)
only apply to such if they were submitted        discussion continued regarding possible       for a donation of $150.00 to the AARL.
in advance of their membership expiry            sites.                                        He explained that, despite motorsports
date, and the Club could not reasonably                                                        not being the prime area of interest of
be held responsible for the consequences                                                       the AARL, they have made a significant
                                                 MCO Recreational Karting
of late renewals.                                                                              contribution to the success of the MCO
                                                      Sam Mandia advised those present
                                                                                               rally series, and that a contribution would
                                                 that the series will be held at Top Karting
Financial Impacts of New CASC                                                                  not only be an expression of our thanks,
                                                 in Hull starting on January 15th 2004 at
                                                                                               but an indication to the community of our
Affiliation Fees                                  7:00 p.m.. Registration will be $40.00
                                                                                               good faith. The BoD members present
     Ron Woltman gave an overview of             per event, and must be paid in advance.
                                                                                               unanimously approved the donation of
the potential effects of savings due to
                                                                                               $150.00 to the Almonte amateur Radio
the new affiliation fee structure on Club         2004 Ferrari and Race Car                     League for the reasons noted above.
finances including a suggestion to reduce         Parade
membership fees. A study is underway                  Ron Woltman announced that the               The supplementary meeting of the
with a report to be submitted to the BoD.        two parties contesting ownership of this      Board of Directors was adjourned at ap-
Bennett Leckie is conducting that part           event will be brought together to settle      proximately 9:45 p.m.
of the review of the current affiliation          their dispute in the near future. The City
fee portion of membership dues, esti-            of Ottawa has said that no party can go       Prepared by John Powell, Secretary
mated to be $5.00 per member. He will            ahead with the event without the involve-     and Clerk of the Board of Directors,
liaise with Bob Benson to get other cost         ment of MCO. He closed by noting that         MCO, December 22nd 2003, amended
figures.                                          due to the high profile of the Ferrari and     January 2nd and January 9th 2004.
                                                 Race Car Parade, he wants a dedicated
Use of Wristbands at Club                        team for the event.                           Tel. 613-835-2910; e-mail,
                                                Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                    23
     The following is extracted from the      bodies. CARS had been formed just                   CARS now needed to reach agree-
Minutes of RallySport Ontario Board           in case a national Rally body would be         ments with the territories. The first
Meeting of November 16, 2003, held in         needed, and CARS was acting as organ-          agreement was with CASC-OR regard-
Fenelon Falls, Ontario.                       izing committee for Ontario’s Rally of the     ing licence revenue-sharing. This later
     Welcome from Terry Epp, President        Voyageurs. One by one, the Voyageurs’          became cumbersome and was discon-
of CARS, who gave a history of CARS           organizing committee resigned and              tinued, but other revenue-sharing (club
and its revenue-sharing agreement with        appointed a CASC National Rally Commit-        member levies) was agreed upon, as per
CASC-OR, a copy of which is distributed       tee member in their place, so now they         the existing contract between CASC-OR
to board members. Current contract            had national authority for Rally and CARS      and CARS. By signing the original agree-
distribution is as follows:                   was born. They signed up 76 people as          ment, CASC-OR validated the ASN Cana-
                                              the charter members of CARS and they           da FIA contract that gave Rally in Canada
    1. ASN Canada FIA + CASC-OR               continued to run Rally across Canada.          to CARS. CARS quickly reached similar
    2. ASN Canada FIA + CARS                       ASN Canada FIA did not like what          agreements with ARMS and WCMA. CARS
    3. CARS + CASC-OR                         was happening, since CARS would not            could not reach an agreement with FAQ,
                                              sign with them. ASN Canada FIA signed          as Quebec did not want to give sanction-
     Before 1991, CASC (National) was         up eastern Canada and that became              ing power to CARS. FAQ has a seat on
the sporting authority in Canada for the      ARMS. ASN Canada FIA also signed               the ASN Canada FIA advisory board, as
FIA and Rally was within CASC. CASC           with FAQ and now had four territories,         does CARS.
comprised of five territories: Atlantic,       but Rally was now outside of organized              The 27 clubs that are members of
FAQ, CASC-OR, CASC-West and CASC-             motorsport and operating on their own.         CARS control all rallysport in Canada.
BC. A conflict arose over who would            CARS needed to change its bylaws to            CARS member clubs, by five regional divi-
get the sporting rights for the Canadian      reflect their national perspective. They        sions, appoint the five directors of CARS.
Grand Prix. CASC had an opportunity to        required that licence-holders be mem-          Each CARS director is responsible for
sign with Molson’s as a sponsor for the
event, and went to FIA (who gave the              
race sanctions) to get approval. Labatt’s
also wanted to sponsor the event, and             
went to Bernie Ecclestone (who had the
teams and drivers). The result was that
the event would have been sponsored               
by two competing breweries, and a
stalemate arose. Bernie wanted to take            
sporting authority away from CASC to
end the stalemate. FIA then appointed an      bers of clubs. ASN Canada FIA wanted           rally where they were elected and could
individual, Benoit Mailleux, and sanction-    CARS to return to the regions, but CARS        form committees/organizations to effect
ing powers (ASN) for Canada were turned       refused. ASN Canada FIA continued to be        this. In Ontario, RSO was set up. RSO
over to him. Benoit called the organiza-      recognized by FIA, who were mainly con-        needed a committee, which was elected
tion ASN Canada FIA, and asked Roger          cerned with racing as major source of          according to RSO bylaws established
Peart to run it.                              money. After much brow-beating, CARS           on incorporation. RSO incorporated to
     CASC was displeased, and not all of      finally met with ASN Canada FIA.                protect directors under the Corporations
its regions were going to sign with ASN             In the end, CARS agreed to sign          Act. All member clubs of CARS must
Canada FIA. Paul Cooke established the        with ASN Canada FIA, with the condition        have ASN insurance. If a club has trouble
Western Canadian Motorsport Associa-          that all rallysport would be assigned to       paying premiums, they can ask CARS for
tion (WCMA) for all of western Canada.        CARS only, and that CARS sign agree-           help and they are prepared to pay.
Benoit agreed to give amateur sporting        ments with the ASN territories. CARS                The current revenue-sharing agree-
authority in the west to WCMA, that being     also agreed to abandon direct member-          ment with CASC-OR was altered twice, but
Regional Racing, Solo, Karting, and Rally.    ship and institute a club- membership          not formally changed. Agreements were
ASN Canada FIA approached Ontario re-         concept. CARS would not be an ASN              made in principle and verbally changed.
gion and wanted them to sign with ASN.        territory, and all CARS member clubs           Terry believes if RSO can become closer
CASC-OR agreed to sign (after a secret        in Canada would have to be members             to CASC-OR, there will be some advan-
meeting of five race-club president and        of an ASN territory. CARS had already          tages; however, certain protections need
the executive of CASC-OR).                    begun to create GCR’s, licences and            to be built in so that race clubs don’t end
     If it had happened, there would have     procedures. CARS has the mandate for           up running ally. RSO has not recognized
been no national authority for rallies, and   all rallysport in Canada, including national   enough advantages in aligning with CASC-
Rally would have be divided into regional     rally championships.                           OR at the present time.
24 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
                      Nigel Mortimer pictured above

  
      The Motorsport Club of Ottawa        I had just got my licence at the age of
 has currently 34 active road racers. I    sixteen, to see Jackie Stewart, Jackie
 recently posed a series of 4 questions    Ickx, Graham Hill, et al. at the Canadian
 to them.                                  GP.
                                                I got involved in racing at the age
 1) How did you get involved in racing?    of eighteen doing local slaloms. This
 2) Why do you race?                       led to helping some local slalom racers
 3) What are your short- and long-term     and then an offer from Ron Woltman
    goals?                                 to build the motor in his Datsun 2000,
 4) What have you learned from             which he then graciously allowed me to
    racing?                                drive. Subsequently, Martin Handforth
                                           asked me to prepare and drive his
     The following Link articles answer    Brabham sports racer and Chevron For-
 these questions. The first question-and-   mula Atlantic cars. I was able to afford
 answer session features open-wheel        a Formula Ford and never looked back.
 racer Nigel Mortimer.                          Racing has taught me numerous
                                           things, namely to control my temper
 Nigel Mortimer on Racing                  and have a methodical, organized ap-
      I race because it has been in my     proach, plus a multitude of mechanical
 blood since I was three years old. My     and analytical skills, and an ability to
 mother bought me a red pedal car,         function well under stress.
 and I used to amaze her with how fast I        My long- and short-term goals
 could corner on our walkway. She took     are to keep racing my Formula Fords
 me to see Stirling Moss race at Crystal   with Lew Mackenzie and to work on
 Palace in England and the die was         a Formula One team. I have already
 set. I didn’t know this until my father   achieved some dreams that I never
 introduced me to car magazines, and       thought would happen, such as rac-
 at fifteen years of age I spent my sum-    ing with my son, going to Goodwood,
 mer school vacation reading Car and       and testing a Formula Ford in the wind
 Driver and Road and Track. As a result    tunnel. I am a very happy man, which I
 my dad and I drove to Mosport, after      owe to racing.

   Jean-Guy Fournier, the recent winner of the Frank Hicks Open Wheel Award, sent
                             along his personal web site.

Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004             25
                                                                “Power to the People”                             “hydro”.
                                                                      Little did I know when I started this             All did not go exactly as the visionaries
                                                                piece in early September that some politico       intended. There were some concessions
                                                                would hijack the title for an election slogan.    made to industry, largely in the form of rate
                                                                Anyway, now that the August 2003 black-           discounts for large volume users, and many
                                                                out is behind us, at least for now, it’s time     rural and northern areas did not get electric-
                                                                for another of my “rants”, starting, as is my     ity until after World War II. There were also
                                                                wont, with a an historical overview.              some smaller private and municipally owned
                                                                      About a century ago, there were men         generating stations which were allowed to
                                                                of vision (sorry ladies, but given the culture    sell power into the grid, and later on, some
                                                                of the time …) who saw that an abundant,          coal fired steam generating stations had to
                                                                reliable and economical supply of electri-        be built to supplement the water powered
                                                                cal energy, available in all areas of the         generators due to increasing demand. By
                                                                province, was the way to economic growth          and large, however, by the late 1960s, all
                                                                and a better way of life for all sectors of       but the remotest areas of the province were
                                                                society. For several reasons, including the       receiving abundant, reliable, and reasonably
                                                                immense capital costs and the provision of        priced electric power, a large portion of
                                                                economical power to both industry and ordi-       which was still being generated by water
                                                                nary consumers, Ontario chose to generally        power. Then, beginning in the latter dec-
                                                                follow the European model of a publicly-          ades of the twentieth century, things began
                                                                owned utility rather than that of the privately   to go off the rails.
       November 2003
                                                                owned utilities of other jurisdictions, notably         Due to post war immigration, both
           I used to be a volunteer
                                                                those in the USA. The founders of our             domestic and foreign, and to the “baby
  interpreter at the Cumberland
        Heritage Village Museum,                                system deemed that electric power should          boom”, Ontario’s population ballooned
         and one of their buildings                             be a public good, and that its generation         to the extent that, nearing the end of the
        is the first Esso station in                             and distribution should be for the benefit of      twentieth century, it was greater by several
   Eastern Ontario (and perhaps                                 all and not for the private profit of individu-    millions than that of all Canada at the end
       the oldest still in existance                            als or companies.                                 of the nineteenth. With this also came
         in Canada). It was called                                    There were two main reasons for             industrial growth and a boom in electri-
 Watson’s Garage, and used to                                   this approach. One was that, in spite of          cal consumer goods, and together they
   stand at the corner of Queen                                                                                   resulted in an increase in demand for power
                                                                a plentiful supply of falling water to drive
        St. and Dunning Rd. in the
                                                                generators, the cost of developing and con-       far beyond that which had been projected.
 present village of Cumberland.
   It was moved to the Museum                                   structing the infrastructure for a widespread     The result was a rush to build more coal-
site around 1990, and Imperial                                  system was so high that it was largely            fired steam generating stations, the addition
   Oil paid for the moving costs                                beyond the means of domestic private              of natural gas and nuclear fired steam
      and provided some old gas                                 capital at the time, and the use of foreign       plants, and an extension of the transmission
  pumps. The photo was taken                                    capital, and thus foreign ownership of the        system to deliver the increase in capacity,
        sometime in the mid ‘90s                                system, was not favoured. On the other            all of which dramatically increased Ontario
 during one of the annual Herit-                                hand, government involvement in such capi-        Hydro’s debt load. At the same time, due in
   age Steam and Power shows                                                                                      some measure to political pressure, hydro
                                                                tal projects for the public good would be
  held at the museum, and I am
                                                                in line with previous projects regarding the      rates were not increased enough to cover
    playing the first owner of the
     garage, John Watson, in the                                construction of canals and railways, both by      the escalating costs, and this was espe-
    year 1925. I grew the beard                                 the former Colonial governments, and, after       cially true concerning the discounts offered
because I always wanted to try                                  1867, by the Dominion government, includ-         to large volume industrial and commercial
    one, and also so I could play                               ing Sir John A. MacDonald’s Conservatives.        users.
 various village old farts when I                               The other, more philosophical, reason was               Then there were the well known
           worked at the Museum.                                the concern that profit-oriented private           problems with the nuclear fired generating
             By the way, for anyone                             capital would concentrate on geographical         plants. The technology was innovative and
  interested in local history, the                                                                                expensive, and Ontario was a world leader
                                                                areas and types of users from which an
  museum village is a gem (and
                                                                immediate return on investment could be           in its practical application, but as with all
       one of this city’s best-kept
  secrets, it often seems). The                                 realized; in other words, industrial concen-      new technologies, there were teething
   Museum is located on Queen                                   trations, the rich, and large urban areas.        problems. Personally, I am not anti-nuclear,
   St. (Old Hwy. 17) just east of                               This would be in contradiction to the goal        but I must say that these plants have yet to
the present village, their phone                                of cheap, plentiful, and dependable electric      achieve their full promise. One reason for
number is 613.833.3059, and                                     power for all areas of the province, and all      this situation, and problems with other parts
            they have a web site at                             segments of society. Thus was formed a            of the Hydro system, stems from what I
           http://collections.ic.gc.                            provincial publicly owned utility, the Hydro      consider an unwise decision - and here
                   ca/cumberland/                                                                                 we’re starting to get into my “rant”.
                                                                Electric Power Commission, later Ontario
                                                                Hydro, which, by the way, is the reason that            In order to reduce costs and maintain
                                                                Ontarians generally refer to electricity as       lower rates, the bean counters at Hydro

26 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
   convinced management to reduce the                       nothing right, and their “free-market” god      in the Federal Public Service. In fact, it has
   workforce and cut back on maintenance                    was the divine benefactor of all mankind.       been my experience, both personally and
   at generating plants, including the nuclear              The founding belief of classical liberals was   gathered from other sources, that when
   fired plants, and of the transmission sys-                and is that the rational man, acting in his     public services or enterprises do perform
   tem. I can remember when Hydro works                     own self interest (the “free” market), will     inefficiently or ineffectively, it is because
   crews routinely trimmed back tree growth                 automatically act to the benefit of all. Have    there has been political interference at the
   around local feeder lines and regularly                  these people learned nothing in the two         behest of some pressure group or vested
   replaced older transformers, but I haven’t               hundred and fifty years since the inception      interest, or unwise decisions by political ap-
   seen much of this for the last fifteen years              of their ideology? Although humans can be       pointees in senior management who know
   or more. And when was the last time you                  educated in the benefits of rational behav-      little or nothing of the operations under their
   saw a Hydro helicopter flying along the                   iour, and do occasionally use reason, the       charge, and who ignore the advice of their
   high-voltage transmission lines scanning                 classical liberal idea of such perfection is    “in house” experts. It is my view that, as
   them for problems? You can’t remember?                   frequently brought to nought by baser in-       demonstrated by the privatization of electric
   Neither can I. I have often wondered if the              stincts such as greed and selfishness. The       utilities in other jurisdictions in recent times,
   damage from the Ice Storm of 1999 would                  proofs of this are the facts of history which   and our experience to date with hydro
   have been so severe if the maintenance                   categorize the failings of the “free market”    privatization, there is no guarantee, or
   had been kept up. In my experience, and                  and private capital since the dawn of the       even likelihood, that such privatization
   I’ve had a few years of it, any skimping on              Industrial Revolution. Some failings were       of Ontario Hydro will result in greater
   regular maintenance is “short term gain                  in the economic sphere, but most involved       efficiency or produce any benefit to
   for long term pain” to reverse a common                  “human capital”. There were stock swin-         consumers! Furthermore, electrical
   saying. So we had difficulties with new                   dles, short-sighted abuse of resources, raw     energy today is not a commercial com-
   technology, a heavy debt load for new                    materials and the natural environment, child    modity, but an essential public service.
   infrastructure, reduced maintenance, and                 labour, long hours, low wages, suppression      As such, its management and opera-
   incompetent management due to the policy                 of workers’ rights, abuse of the political      tion belongs in the public sector where
   of governments to appoint political hacks                power which resulted from their wealth and      it can be under the control of, and
   to executive positions at Ontario Hydro. No              influence, and, well, the list goes on.          operate for the benefit of, society as a
   wonder there were problems.                                   Now to the best of my knowledge,           whole, and not just for private gain. If
         Instead of fixing the existing organiza-            there is no natural law or economic prin-       they had concentrated on better manage-
   tion, the simplistic answer of the recent                ciple which guarantees that private enter-      ment of the existing structure, maybe the
   Progressive Conservative government                      prises are more effective and efficient than     Conservative government wouldn’t have had
   was privatization. With the election of the              public ones. Members of my family have          to resort to such slight-of-hand as subsidiz-
   Harris government, there came into power                 worked in the private sector all their lives,   ing lower electricity rates for consumers
   in Ontario a gang of classical free-market               mainly in small and medium sized business-      from taxes paid for by those same consum-
   liberal ideologues masquerading as tradi-                es, and their horror stories of inefficiency,    ers. They were bribing us to support
   tional Canadian-style “Conservatives”. To                ineffectiveness, waste, nepotism, and poor      them with our own money!!!!
   these idiots, private enterprise could do no             worker relations, to name a few, top any
   wrong, government enterprises could do                   that I ever encountered in thirty-seven years   Speaking of power …
                                                                                                                 Ever wonder where the term “horse-
                                                                                                            power” comes from?
Paul Sontrop Photo – from Ontario Farmer, Sept. 30, 2003

                                                                                                                 These horse powered treadmills were
                                                                                                            once common on farms, and were used to
                                                                                                            power a drive belt for other stationary farm
                                                                                                            machinery. They were eventually replaced
                                                                                                            by stationary steam and internal combus-
                                                                                                            tion engines, tractors, and electric motors,
                                                                                                            and gave us the term “horse power” as a
                                                                                                            unit of measure of the rate of doing work.
                                                                                                            There were similar treadmills powered by
                                                                                                            other animals, such as oxen, men, and even
                                                                                                            dogs. So, how much dog power (dp) does
                                                                                                            your car’s engine produce?

                                                                                                            It’s over …
                                                                                                                  …at least for this year. The length of
                                                                                                            my rant on Ontario Hydro precludes here a
                                                                                                            full season wrap-up, so I’ll content myself
                                                                                                            with an outline of our misadventures during
                                                                                                            the Test Day and Celebration weekend
                                                                                                            at Mosport, the last race meeting of the

                                                           Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                           27
season.                                           to hiccup again, this time in the corners,      behind which turned we part way around
      We started still on the “sh*t wagon”        and the first suspicion was that it was low      and I went off sideways. Apparently a GTA
mentioned in October’s column. After a            on fuel. A few laps later the old miss at       Porsche coming up to lap me had also
complete check of the ignition system back        high revs reappeared, to the consternation      locked up in trying to avoid my lock-up,
in the shop, I found what I thought to be         of all. Back in the paddock the first thing      and bumped my hind end. Again I watched
the cause of the misfire, a faulty distributor     we checked was the fuel level, and it hardly    traffic go by and lost another two class
rotor. Jeff Graves was along for the Test         registered on the dip-stick. And no, the        positions, finally finishing 7th in class thanks
Day and the Saturday of the race meet-            fuel gauge isn’t working, but that’s another    to two cars breaking out.
ing, as he had rented the RX7 to get some         issue. We filled her up and checked that              In my second race I managed to cope
racing experience and a signature on his          gas flow, and got a stream that would do a       with the lack of grip and locking front
Novice licence. In the first test session,         peeing drunken elephant proud. Problem          brakes a little better by not pushing quite
with me driving, the car seemed to run            solved.                                         as hard. I started and finished 4th in class,
fine, although I did notice a slight hiccup              Saturday was Jeff’s race day, and         although my times averaged about 2 ½ sec-
near the end. Jeff drove the car in the next      other than the pouring rain and fog, things     onds slower than what I was normally capa-
session, but after a few laps the gremlin in      went well and Jeff got his signature for his    ble of. But the car otherwise ran fine, with
the engine returned. As Jeff needed some          licence. The car ran fine, and Jeff quali-       no hint of a miss throughout the rev range.
track time, he finished the session, and           fied 6th in GTC. In his race, in the rain and    Altogether it was another weekend of mixed
then it was back to the head-scratching.          mist, Jeff did a best time of 2:01.893,         blessings. We cured the engine problem
After checking the ignition system again,         which was 3rd fastest in GTC and 7th fastest    and Jeff ran well on the test day and in the
which included replacing the older of the         overall. He started 7th in class, gridded       wet on his race day. I had problems trying
two coils, I became convinced that, while         behind the car that qualified in that posi-      to convince the grid marshal that I was
the faulty rotor was indeed part of the prob-     tion. Why I don’t know, as he qualified 6th,     really me, lost several class positions in
lem, there was also something going wrong         but the gridding was not the best organized     my first race by not coping too well with a
somewhere else.                                   all weekend. During the race he picked up       green track, but recovered reasonably well
      Going on the assumption that if an en-      three places, one in a pass, and finished a      in my second even though I was slower than
gine isn’t running properly, and there are no     well-deserved 4th in class. And I think I now   I would have liked to be.
expensive mechanical sounds, the fault lies       have him converted to racing.
in either no spark or no gas. I had checked             My turn came on the Sunday. During        Parting Shot
the fuel system back at the shop, and             the warm-up, the weather was dry but the               “They” haven’t given me much “ammu-
noticed that the fuel flow, although higher        car didn’t have much grip, which I put down     nition” lately, but seeing how we’re putting
than the stock specification, was lower than       to the cold temperature and the lack of         military terms to civilian use here, I’ve often
I thought it should be for a bridge-ported        rubber on the track due to all the rain. It     wondered about the origin of the term “a
engine, so I decided to check it again at the     was pretty much the same in my first race,       parting shot”. Well, a little while back, as a
track. The fuel flow was less than someone         with the addition of an occasional front-end    birthday present to myself, I bought a book
with kidney stones trying to pee! As there        lock-up under braking, which was to cost        on sale at 50% off (I can’t resist a bargain
were no fuel leaks this could only mean           me four class positions. As I didn’t qualify    on a book) called “Swinging the Lead &
a problem with the pump, the filter, or a          the car, I was supposed to start at the back    Spiking his Guns: Military and Naval Expres-
blocked fuel line or pick-up. We first tested      of the grid, but they tried to line me up in    sions and their Origins” by … hmm, they
the flow after the pump but before the filter,      9th spot. We found out that they still had      don’t give the author’s name here. Anyway,
and got a beautiful, steady stream, so we         Jeff as the driver and hadn’t been informed     it’s a compilation by Castle Books, of
took out the filter and could hardly even          that there was a second one-day entry for       Edison, New Jersey, published in 2002, and
blow through it! What? I was told that these      me (something that they didn’t get right all    in it I found several expressions of interest
are supposed to only require replacement          day). Eventually they told me to wait and       which I may share with you later. There was
once a year, and this one’s nowhere near          they would wave me off when everyone            one, however, which reads as follows:
due. Time to re-examine the filter replace-        else had gone through. They didn’t. After I            “Parthian shot
ment schedule (they’re cheap enough) and          pulled out on to the track for the formation           In the ancient world Parthian warriors,
clean out the gas tank during the off-sea-        lap, I noticed there were still cars coming     who at one time held sway over a large area
son. Anyway, a quick trip to Canadian Tire        out behind me. Well, figured if there was a      of Asia stretching from present-day Iraq to
in Bowmanville for a new filter, and the next      protest, we could at least show that we had     Pakistan, were renowned for their skill as
flow test back at the carburetor produced          tried to be honest.                             mounted archers. While riding away from
a stream that filled a one litre drink bottle in         That first race was pretty much an         an enemy, either in a real or feigned retreat,
about twelve seconds. Problem solved in           adventure in searching for grip and coping      they could turn back in the saddle and fire
time for the last test session.                   with locking front brakes, with mixed suc-      arrows at their pursuers. So a Parthian
      As Jeff needed the seat time, we            cess. On lap six I locked up going onto         shot became, by analogy, a ‘parting shot’, a
nominated him as Team RRSP’s “test driver”        three and slid straight off. This cost me       final remark passed in such a way that your
for the last session. The car ran fine, and        two class positions as I watched a whole        opponent has no chance of responding.”
after several laps Jeff got down to a time in     bunch of cars go by before I could re-join.            So, I guess that this is my “Parthian
the mid 1:40s – a little over a second faster     Then on lap nine I locked up going into nine    shot”, but think you now, are my retreats
than my best time in the car. Towards the         while trying to pass, and was yet again         real, or feigned????
end of the session, however, the car began        headed straight off when I felt a bump from

28 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
                                                                                                                  by John Powell
                                                                                        January 2003
Don’t “dis” the Navvy                            gradient instead of perfectly level ground,          kicks in, giving a nice, relaxing foot
      The term “navvy” has a long history.       they turned to the “navigators” for their            massage as the brake pedal pulsates.
The “mechanicks” who built and worked            expertise. With the coming of the railways           For those of you without ABS, it’s a
the canal network of the early Industrial        there was a decline in canal building, and           chance to stretch your legs.
Age in Britain were called “navigators”.         so many navigators, from what we would          7) Never pass on the left when you can
Because inland navigation required long          now call civil engineers down to common              pass on the right. It’s a good way to
stretches of water at a constant level,          labourers, found new employment laying               scare people entering the highway.
they became expert at choosing suitable          out and constructing railway road beds,         8) Speed limits are arbitrary figures,
routes through varied terrain and, where         tunnels and viaducts. At the same time               given only as a suggestion, and are
necessary, building locks, aqueducts, em-        there began the trend to professionalize             apparently not enforceable in Toronto
bankments, cuttings and tunnels in order         the higher trades, and the term “naviga-             during rush hour.
to maintain such constant levels. With the       tor” came to be used mainly for semi- and       9) Just because you’re in the left lane and
introduction of steam-powered railways           unskilled labourers. And, as is com-                 have no room to speed up or move
in the early 19th Century, the builders          mon practice with users of the English               over doesn’t mean that a Toronto driver
of the lines faced similar topographical         language (at least it was until the coming           flashing his high beams behind you
challenges to those of the earlier builders      of modern techno-babble and politically              doesn’t think he can go faster in your
of canals, and perhaps even more so,             correct English), the term was soon                  spot.
as the first such railways were built from        shortened to “navvy”. Although it remains       10) Always slow down and rubberneck
remote areas down to sea ports in order          common in British usage, and despite its             when you see an accident or even
to transport coal in bulk.                       crossing to North America with Irish and             someone changing a tire.
      The initial solutions of the railway       English railway labourers in the mid -19th      11) Learn to swerve abruptly. Toronto is
builders were to use cable systems               Century, the use of “navvy” in Canada and            the home of high-speed slalom driving
powered by stationary steam engines to           the U.S. is almost unknown today. Except             thanks to the Provincial Highway
pull the cars up inclines and to control         in rallying, where once again it is used as          Department, which puts pot-holes in
their descent on the down slopes, or to          an abbreviation of “navigator”.                      key locations to test drivers’ reflexes
build larger and more powerful locomo-                So, rally drivers, don’t “dis” your             and keep them on their toes.
tives. The first of these was cumber-             navvy. He or she is the successor to a          12) It is traditional in Toronto to honk your
some, expensive in terms of plant and            long line of those skilled in finding the             horn at cars that don’t move the instant
equipment, and slowed the movement of            best route to your intended destination.             the light turns green.
the trains of coal cars. The second was          (Hear, hear! Ed. Jean)                          13) Remember that the goal of every
limited by the technology available at the                                                            Toronto driver is to get there first by
time, as prior to the introduction of steel,     Basic Rules for Driving                              whatever means necessary.
locomotives were built of wood and many          in Toronto                                      14) In the Toronto area, “flipping someone
cast-iron parts, which made larger ones               (E-mailed to me by a friend who lives in        the bird” is considered a polite Toronto
extremely heavy. At the same time, most          the Big Smoke.)                                      salute. This gesture should always be
locomotives still used vertical cylinders,       1) Turn signals will give away your next             returned.
which limited the conversion of the power             move. A real Toronto driver never uses     15) At least four more cars should proceed
of a downwards- moving piston rod into                them.                                           on a left turn after the light turns red. If
rotary power at the driving wheels, which        2) Under no circumstance should you                  you fail to do so, you will be rear-ended.
was required for tractive effort. There               leave a safe distance between you and      16) The highways can also be used to
was also the problem of controlling the               the car in front of you, or the space           dispose of any messy garbage that
train when descending steep grades,                   will be filled in by somebody else,              may be lying around. These items are
as the braking systems of the day were                putting you in an even more dangerous           better off cluttering the side of the
rudimentary at best, and in fact would                situation.                                      road than cluttering your car’s interior,
remain little improved until the adoption        3) The faster you drive through a red light,         where they may distract you and cause
of the Westinghouse air brake late in the             the smaller the chance you have of              an accident.
century. Finally, the design of and mate-             getting hit.                               17) If someone cuts you off, you should
rial used in the tracks and roadbed of the       4) Never, ever come to a complete stop               return the gesture by speeding around
day could not stand the weight of larger              at a stop sign. No one expects it and it        them on the right, pulling in front of
locomotives, nor the pounding caused by               will result in you being rear-ended.            them and slamming on the brakes. This
the vertical force of the piston rods when       5) Never get in the way of an older car              works even better when your car is of
on the downstroke. So what to do?                     that needs extensive bodywork. Ontario          lesser value.
      As the early railway builders realized          is a no-fault-insurance province and the   18) Never make eye contact with
that the challenges they faced were simi-             other guy doesn’t have anything to lose.        another driver when passing through
lar to those of the canal builders, except       6) Braking is to be done as hard and late            Scarborough. ’Nuff said!
they could accept slight changes in                   as possible to ensure that your ABS
                                               Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                           29
I’ve Decided to Buy a Cell                        annotated; a 500-name directory,             immediately available to answer the
Phone ...                                         with full personal and business              phone, and that they would lose their
      (I hear a chorus of yawns and “so           details; wireless e-mail capacity; a         “image” if they weren’t “connected”,
what” from my readers – come on, you              palm computer with keyboard and              which leads me to the conclusion of
should know me by now. There has to be            web access; a calculator that does           this rant.
a story or rant here somewhere, right?)           fractions, percentages, logarithms,
      … but not just yet. Well, Susan’s           and even walks your dog; and                  Most modern “high-tech” electronic
old “big box” cell phone, and by that I           soon to come, no doubt, a view-          goods are marketed on the basis of
don’t mean where she bought it, died              phone and who-knows-what other           image and conspicuous consumption,
at the CASC Celebration weekend last              gimmicks. However, I don’t need          or even over-consumption, and not as
September. Its use was mandated by the            them, and there are probably many        household tools. Although image is a fac-
Terms and Conditions for Returning to             more like me. What we would like         tor with items such as freezers, washers,
Racing which I was given (married men             is a reasonably priced phone with        driers, vacuum cleaners and other such
understand these things), the other main          greater range and area of coverage       appliances, i.e. tools, they are marketed
item being preparation of a Will. I’ll get        instead of the “image” and “tie-me-to-   mainly on the basis of efficiency, utility,
around to that eventually, too. No, really,       the-office” toys.                         reliability, longevity and repairability. Even
I will, honest! In any event, I dutifully     •   Then there is the fee structure. Why     motor vehicles, once the pinnacle of
lugged “the lump” around all season in            should I pay for incoming calls from     “image” marketing, especially in North
order to check in as required. Except, of         god knows who? I don’t pay for these     America, are now paying more attention
course, when the battery was flat or the           calls on my regular phone, and I         to practicality. Not so with “high-tech”
air time hadn’t been topped up.                   shouldn’t have to on a cell phone.       tools and appliances. Here the marketing
      Now as those of you who’ve read my          And the service access plans are         concentrates on emotional responses
previous rants will know, I am decidedly          confusing. None of them can be           – keeping not just up with, but ahead of
“underwhelmed” by modern electronic               directly compared with ease when         the Joneses. And the Smiths, Tannen-
“high-tech” gadgets as tools, and cell            making a choice, even on the one         baums, and whoever. If you don’t have
phones are no exception. Up until re-             web site that I found that lists them    the latest (insert here the name of any
cently, their range and area of coverage          side-by-side.                            “high-tech” item), with all the bells, gongs
was seemingly limited to the GTA and 25       •   Finally, there is the issue of idiots    and whistles (most of which you’ll prob-
miles each side of the 400 series of high-        who insist on driving with cell phones   ably never use, especially as the user
ways. The cost of the phone and usage             glued to their ears. They’re not         manuals are written in such a way that
fees were high, batteries could run down          entirely to blame, as they have been     you’ll never figure them out), then you’re
quickly if you didn’t keep on top of them,        conditioned by the marketers of cell     a (shudder) “technology challenged” no-
and their replacements cost an arm and            phones to be paranoid if they’re not     body who is to be scorned or pitied! Oh,
a leg. In an emergency, there was the
same issue with unanswered calls and
busy signals as with regular phones, and
so on. To me, a CB radio was a much
better tool for emergency use, and has
been since the mid-1960s. It had better
range and coverage; cost of the unit was
comparable, and in some cases still is;
air time was and still is free; they worked
off your car battery, or the electricity
mains for a base station; and someone
always monitored Channel 9 for emer-
      True, some of the early deficiencies
of cell phones have been addressed. Ar-
eas of coverage are now better, and the
cost of the phone itself is much lower,
with more features, but there are still
points that irritate me:
• Cheaper units seem to have more
      limited range and coverage.
• Most phones, including some less
      expensive ones, have a multitude        And if you want an original, real, REO Speed Wagon … this
      of features, but are they really        classic 1948 stake truck, from an ad in the January Eastern
      necessary? Some may have a use          Ontario edition of the “Ag Dealer”, can be had for a mere
      for call answering and waiting;
      a 10-year electronic “day-timer”,
30 Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004
the shame of it all!! Oh, how this irrational

claptrap insults my sense of logic!!!! And
yes, someday I will be looking for a cell
phone that meets by needs, but …“Aux
armes, citoyens! Formez vos battaillons!
Marchons! Marchons! A bas le market-
ing, regagnez votre vie!”

Before pop-rock bands …                                                                       Pay Attention to
      … there was the real REO Speed                                                          the Road Signs
Wagon! In 1904 Ransom Eli Olds founded
the REO Motor Car Company in Lansing,                                                         Location
Michigan, after leaving the Olds Motor                                                        Pretoria, South Africa
Vehicle Company, which he had organ-                                                          (also the home of the
ized in 1897. Olds Motor Vehicle were                                                         personal car flamethrower
makers of the famous “Curved Dash” Old-                                                       security system)
smobile, and later became a division of
General Motors. Ransom Olds is credited                                                       Guess the hi-jackers can’t
with building the first automobile factory                                                     read
to use the assembly line (Henry Ford was
a pioneer in making popular priced cars,
but was not the first to use an assembly
line), and with offering the first practical
automatic transmission in 1933. As a re-                                                          Name that Part!!!
sult of the Depression, the car company
was closed in 1933, but the sister truck
company continued to operate.
      The REO Motor Truck Company
dates from 1910, and soon introduced
the “Speed Wagon” line of trucks, which,
as near as I can determine, lasted until at
least the late 1960s. The company was
merged with Diamond T Trucks in 1967
and became the Diamond REO Trucks
division, maker of “The World’s Toughest
Trucks”, of the White Motor Corpora-
tion. Despite its excellent reputation, the          friction vs. solid valve lifters for better engine efficiency and higher revs!
division folded in 1974 due to financial              Who cares?: The simple additonal roller bearings greatly reduces valvetrain
problems, and the rights were sold to                Answer: Roller rockers for a VTEC camshaft (S2000)
private investors in 1975. Production
was resumed shortly thereafter in Har-
risburg, Pennsylvania, and as late as
1995 they were still producing 150 Class
8 Diamond REO trucks (highway tractors)
per year.

Parting Shot                                          Where
     This one’s for long-suffering wives              in the
and girlfriends. I was driving up the 5th
line (Dunning Road) one day in Novem-                 World?
ber, when just past Innes Road a tour
bus with a male driver passed by going
the other way. The thing about this that                  Paris
caught my eye, though, was what was                       France
displayed on the route sign of the bus                    Europe
– “WE’RE LOST”. Well, ladies, at least                    Answer:
there’s one male driver out there who’s

                                                Motorsport Club of Ottawa The Link Jan/Feb 2004                   31
                                  From: “OTC Invitations” <>
                                  To: <>
                                  Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 5:58 AM
                                  Subject: 5 Tracks, 5 Days: 2004 Paul Mumford Memorial Open Track Challenge

                                    Welcome to the world’s premier time trial and “season in a week” racing program, Open
                               Track Challenge (OTC) Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Formula One, World Challenge,
                               or LeMans team? Do you think you have what it takes to be competitive with some of the best
                               drivers in North America over a week of non-stop motorsports decision-making and racing?
                               Open Track Challenge (OTC) will put you to the test as we compress an entire season of rac-
                               ing and team strategy into one week. The OTC Grand Prix (OTC GP) was designed to accom-
                               plish two things:
                                    1. Provide a simulated racing season for the top club racers on the cusp of turning pro (a
                               development program for the “Stars of Tomorrow”, if you will.)
     April 19 (Monday)              2. Incorporate the best practices of all the major motorsports programs around the world
Willow Springs Int’l Raceway   and put it in one endurance event.

                                     The format for the The OTC GP calls for one practice, one qualifying session, and one
                               race each day. The first four races will be 30-minute sprint races from a rolling start. The last
                               day’s race will be a 50-minute race from a standing start.
                                     OTC’s Touring Challenge was designed to be the ultimate test of production vehicle com-
                               petition. There are a number of magazine tests out there but they all sell the process short
                               through some component of subjective criteria. Other motorsports venues that try to do the
                               same, but lack the duration, environment, and sheer track time to fully distinguish a winner.
                               Using our format, OTC Touring Challenge has become the benchmark in street car competi-
     April 20 (Tuesday)        tion. Each car will be given roughly two hours of track time at each venue to lay down its three
        Thunderhill            best laps. Those three laps are then added together and your cumulative time is your score
                               for that day. As soon as you have three laps that you are happy with, you are free to begin
                               traveling to the next venue. OTC’s
                                     Unlimited Challenge was designed to be the ultimate test of the weekend track day partic-
                               ipant. While the Touring Challenge is limited to road-going production vehicles, Unlimited Chal-
                               lenge opens the door to all closed-wheel vehicles and allows the competitor more resources
                               to compete. Each car will be given roughly two hours of track time at each venue to lay down
                               its three best laps. Those three laps are then added together and your cumulative time is your
                               score for that day. As soon as you have three laps that you are happy with, you are free to
                               begin traveling to the next venue.

                                    Visit for more information about the hottest motorsports
   April 21 (Wednesday)        series in North America.
   Sears Point/Infineon
                                        OTC GP Requirements                        Touring Challenge Requirements
                               • You must have a Competition License             • You must drive the car from track to
                                 from a major sanctioning body (FIA,               track.
                                 SCCA, IMSA, NASA, BMWCCA, PCA, etc.)            • All track competition is on street tires with
                               • Your car must have a full roll cage as            a treadwear rating of 140 or higher.
                                 well as meet our other safety items. See        • 3 sets of tires allowed for the week.
                                 Rules page for more information.
                               • DOT-R or slicks required.                        Unlimited Challenge Requirements
                               • You must submit a driving resume to the         • Cars may be trailered to each track.
                                 Organizers evidencing a safe competition        • Tire choice is open, DOT-R and slicks
                                 history.                                          allowed.

   April 22 (Thursday)
   California Speedway

                                2003 Unlimited Division Champion                   2003 Touring Division Champion
     April 23 (Friday)                 2002 Radical SR3                                 2002 Mosler Photon
 Arizona Motosports Park       DJ Johnson/Mark Dalen/John Morris                   Rupert Bragg-Smith/Mike Vietro

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