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									                                               Data analysis

ID     Country    ENIS name of the school
                       Realschule Graz-        Answer of principal, teacher and ICT admin. There is a mission plan and it mentions ICT. Because many future jobs
                       Webling                 will be impossible without ICT, we have to reflect about in education. External project Comenius “Intercultural learning
                                               through communication with Italy and Sweden. They have been contacted by the Italian school, decision from ICT
                                               administrator who is the webmaster. The teacher is responsasible for hw and sw in one computer room. Participation
                                               also into propjects of Austrian Bildungs server ( and “Museum on line project
                                      . Inside projects transdisciplinar . Support by ICT administrator for ICT projects, financial
                                               support from outside (private organizations, banks, ..)but the ICT adminn. Complains the passivity of colleagues. Only
                                               the principal has a computer at school, all have a internet connected PC at home. The teacher (35 years old) has had
                                               initial teacher training courses on ICT, the principal (52) in service courses and the ICT administrator (who was the
                                               initiator cfr ICT how and where) has “self training”. Principal and ICT admini learn through friends and colleagues
                                               about new product, th eteacher through the internet. All teach ICT to pupils, ICT admin and teacher see in teaching
                                               the use of ICT at school, the p[rincipal also administr. All recognize classes and labs where computer are used
                                               mainly. ICT mainly in informatic related topics, but for ICT admin the internet in all topics. Difficult fopr all to measure
                                               the benefits!!! Every class room at least 1 computer connected to the internet. Principal more use internet. Necessity
                                               more administrative development (this is explizit in questionnaire and in ICT document). Laptopclass as dream.
                                               Insufficient repair measures/rewards.
     13 Austria   yes                          On the web site homepages of children
                         Volksschule           Principal is also ICT admin. + 3 teachers. They say they are ENIS school, but they are not! Outside project supported
                         Ramingstein           by the Community, the project is about the village within the framework of . The principal
                                               has the pusher role, one teacher involved in the project explains she doesn‟t know which is her role! Two teachers say
                                               they don‟t enjoy to work in teams! Only one teacher has computer at home, PC mainly used in computer labs.
                                               Principal and a teacher say they have learnt about ICT through self training, one through evening course, and one in
                                               initial training (46 years old???), but she also says she can‟t use it well. Two teachers have never taught ICT to their
                                               pupils. Only the principal believes that all students benefit form ICT, the teachers one believes that only gifted
                                               students can benefit of it, one that administrative, the other teachers. Invasive role of headmaster (see ICT how and
                                               where document), but the school is so small… (62 pupils) how could diffusion process happen? ICT more used in
     14 Austria   no                           labs, but the classes are also without Internet connection. They don‟t measure benefit of introducing ICT
                         Ges. Vrije            Principal, teacher (religion teacher) and ICT admnistrator. The mission of school based on catholic vision. ICT
                         Basischool, Sint-     integrated in each domain of curriculum, only a tool also if “unique” Projects outside connected to EUN: ENIS and VS.
                         Amandus               Inside projects open to outside school collaboration! (cfr @team). Engagement for low economical children, use of
                                               computer at school for children who don‟t have it at home. Dissemination plan on the website. Enjoy to work in team
                                               for getting new ideas and the ICT admin. For skills development. Only the principal has a PC dedicated at school, but
                                               all of them has a internet PC at home. All of them have learnt through self training and the ICT coordinator is the
                                               source for new information on HW and SW. ICT used every where at school, They answer teaching as subject in
                                               which ICT is most used for. Importance of ICT for remedial teaching. All students benefit of ICT. Important the
                                               answer of Levin for measures “Not yet measurable but we discover some indirect benefits. So a new learning
                                               environment is arising.
                                               -Young children help each other and their parents, grandparents with ICT.
                                               -The motivation of the children is 'huge' when they learn with ICT...”All say they need more funding. Computer corner
                                               in each class room and each class has its own library, the PCs given also by parents and school-friends, but leader
                                               role of ICT admin who also likes computer assembling. Now the @team involve pupils in computer repair. From the
                                               naswer of the principal about his visibility “I thank you for the wishes for 2002. I also wish you a good and healthiness
                                               year. First of all „ I must say that my English is not so good. I‟m sorry, but I‟ll try to answer your question : Why I‟m a
                                               « connected » principal. My communication strategy seams like a strategy of a manager in a great enterprise. I‟m the
                                               leader of a group of 36 teachers and 525 children in a primary school. They are working in two buildings and it is not
                                               so evident to make school together. But I‟m a lucky men! I can work together with 2 teachers who have their own
                                               responsibility(a sort of assistant directors). The one( Stefan) is working like a didactical, the other( Lieven you know) is
                                               our ICT –co-ordinator. Both are free working for 6 hours a week. Stefan created workgroups for several events(just
                                               look at the web). For this all my function consists in being a supervisor who delegates and co-ordinates
                                               responsibilities. During the month may 2001 we passed an intern audit. The inspectors say in the report that this way
     31 Belgium fl yes                         of working was a fantastical experience with great success.”
                         St Vincentius en Vrij ICT administration work is shared, the teacher is webmaster and writes program for the administration, the ICT admin
                         Handelsinstituut      supports the other teachers and is responsible for ICT management and is the admin. Of the network. They have a
                         SVVHI                 mission statement, but it doesn‟t give a particular role to ICT. Outside project ENIS. The inside project are open to
                                               other schools. Each of them quotes a different project: KODAwebsite in participation with other schools; Open
                                               learning centre; ICT project primary school. The dissemination strategies don‟t use the web, but conference and so
                                               on. All enthusiast of collaborative working, the head teacher for skill development, the teachers for getting new ideas.
                                               ICT more used in scientific and informatic courses. The principal and teacher see benefit for all student, the ICTadmin
                                               for special needs. Benefit measured through success of Open learning center. Very early introduction of computers
                                               because of the characteristic of the school (a commercial secondary school) Strong connection with community, cfr
                                               ICT doc. They have an adult learning center and the Company committed to workplace…The principal cannot live
                                               without computer…They have subjects –room where there are computers available and “computer classrroms, with
                                               one computer for each pupil, connected on intranet and some of them on internet. These computers are renewed
                                               every year. Among the things they still need (funding, training..) they put Time!
     10 Belgium   no
                         Tuse School           Answers from deputy head master and a teacher. The ICT admin doesn‟t answer. Interesting responsibilities of the
                                               dep. Principal. Mission statement in Danish with attention to ICT. The goals about ICT are related to ICT teachers‟
                                               competences, integration of ICT in curricular topics, school ICT equipment. They have a steering group of teachers for
                                               realize these goals.” GOAL No. 1 – Learning plans for all subjects.
                                               We must lay down requirements of ICT knowledge for each subject.
                                               1. Danish, Social Science, History, Religion.
                                               2. Math, Physics/Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Science.
                                               3. Art, Textile Design, Domestic Science, Woodwork, Physical Education and sport, Music.
                                                4. English, German, French. We draw up requirements for each subject and for the individual classes/grades or for
                                               the three age-levels in which we Normally operate: 0. - 3.class, 4. - 6.class and 7. - 9.class (10.class). The three
                                               learning plans will be adjusted ultimo March each year, and the subject´s committees are responsible for this.
                                               Goal No.2 - The improvement of the teachers competence at ICT.
                                               The level of the teachers EDB knowledge must be improved so that they can meet the demands of the 1st Goal.
                                               Course activity starts in 1998/99 and continue according to the goals set. Internal as well as external courses will run.
                                               Each team of teachers should be able to cover the described goals in 1999, and in 2001 the individual teacher should
                                               be able to cover most goals.
                                               Goal No.3 - Equipment and purchases Hardware.
                                               The aim is to create a procedure for purchasing and placing of hardware and other equipment. It should be possible to
                                               open a “Multimedia café” in connection with the School Library as Service centre.” They are ENIS, but they don‟t
                                               quote this. The inside project is also originated from outside, Ministry of education (also Poseidon, cfr website) Their
     33 Denmark Yes                            website is only in Danish and they aim to reach the close community (parents) with their dissemination strategies.
                                         About support form outside they just suppose they could ask for money. Exchange with other people is very important
                                         for information about HW and SW, it seems that the ICT staff is in charge for this! The teacher wants “Danish good
                                         software: the issue of language! Measurements of ICT benefit, interesting answer of the teacher: “We evaluate in the
                                         team. The children get a form for written evaluating.
                                         We count how many classes, how many children and how many teachers use our computerroom. Wee also count
                                         how many projects from the children ICT are used.” Control of heat system through computer: why is this so
                                         important? Integration of ICT in curriculum: they quote also humanistish topics like Danish, art…
                   Bornholms             Answers from teacher, principal and ICT admin. The ICT admin is also half tiem teacher and inspector:. This school is
                   Amtsgymnasium         charge for the coordination of ENIS in Denmark. ENIS is quoted by the ICT coordinator. Also this is a Poseidon
                                         school. They also have a Danish ENIS project of 7 danish ENIS. Dissemination through the website. The teacher
                                         doesn‟t enjoy working in team, then but for skills development? Measure of benefit confused with measure of use
                                         (answer of ICT admnistrator: How is the benefit of ICT measured = BY on line time evaluations” answer of the iCT
                                         administrator. The teacher desires more technical support and the ICT adminin desires more good examples of
                                         pedagogical integrations. They pretend ICT used in almost all subjects (but cfr answer of ICT adminin. For the needed
49 Denmark yes                           supports!)
                   Rugkobbelskolen       The school was object of OECD case study research. 2 teachers (one is a librarian), the ICT admin and the head
                                         teacher have taken part to ewatch. The head teacher describes her responsibilities “As a headmaster I'm responsible
                                         for *the oeconomi of the school, *The Staff: 42 teachers, 2 pre-teachers, 1 secretary, 3 tecnical assistents and 6
                                         cleaning persons *The way the teachers teach: pedagogical responsibility * The way the teachers work together, ex
                                         teambuilding * secretary for the parents governing body” They have mission plan, ICT as part of Mission plan and
                                         also ICT plan! Ict as technique culture similar to writing and reading. Responsabilities of Headteacher about mission
                                         plan “I try to see to, that everybody works with the statement and in different ways. I try to keep the discussion
                                         floating, so that reflexion is an ordinare tool for each teacher” The teacher doesn‟t enjoy work team because “Because
                                         it cost too much time.This time you have to take from the time you have to work/be with with your students” Poseidon
                                         project, ENIS and other, important ICT jump: each teacher got a computer Enthusiasm of ICT administr. And of
                                         principal. Fundamental inside project about the intranet (li-net project) They have translated their website after our
                                         continuosly questions of documents in English ;-)) Measure of benefit the ICT adminstr: “we can‟t live without it” The
                                         subject where ICT is used “creative writing, working on homepages, picture processing, finding information,
                                         coomunication (by one teacher: a transformation of „school objects‟?), but the same teacher says: “I´m afraid that ICT
                                         soon will be used as a main-basis for all kinds of teaching and education, reducing the important direct contact
                                         between human beeings and their natural environment”Further need by the principal funding and technical Smart use
                                         of old computers (cfr ICT document). They say most use in labs, but in the ICVT document they don‟t present the
                                         labs, but the computer room = ICT used in every subject (they also have computer in each class) and not connected
                                         to a particular About measures they show their own web site and the products of pupils. Benefit= pupils
                                         achievements. At the same time no “objective measure”. The head teacher refuses to make a gerarchy of who most
50 Denmark yes                           benefit of ICT ICT important because it is the best way for sharing knowledge and communicate.
                   Ristin koulu          Very small school (71 children, 7 teachers. To be confronted with the Austrian ramingstein). The Ministry of education
                                         gave free computers (ICT how and where document) each class room has from one to 2 computers . The principal is
                                         very young and she was the initiator of ICT at school (teaching colleagues), she is also the webmaster . Outside
                                         projects ENIS, they want to develop a webmagazine as “part of work as Innovative school” No inside project. They
                                         get support from the community of Liperi and from Ministry of education. Use of school webpages for dissemination of
                                         projects. Mainly computers in class rooms. They are used for all subjects (searching information) and for English
                                         teaching. Teacher and head teacher ask for more pedagogical support . In the future they see they don‟t need books,
 7Finland    yes                         pupils working at home…All of them see an increase of distance education
                   Torangin yläaste      2 teachers, ICT admin and principal. The ICT admin. is also teacher and also the principal is a teacher too also if the
                                         school has 300 pupils. ICT present in mission statement: “The aims are to get the pupils know the modern ICT
                                         technology and the models of using it at school, teaching and learning. For pupils the ICT is one model to express
                                         himself/herself and to cooperate with other national- and international pupils and teachers.” They work in a Comenius
                                         for Finland, Island and Slovenia, have a national project, Povilus, The head teacher has no computer at home!!! Great
                                         support within the school, the role of ICT admin quoted by other teachers. On their website they have a section
                                         “information” in English with a lot of pictures which take a lot for downloading. Principal and a techer don‟t have PC at
                                         home an second teacher has one, but not connected to the internet, but the teachers room has 3 computers and there
                                         is laptop for the head teacher! Measures through achievement in ICT of pupils. Articulated plan for dissemination of
                                         projects “-Results and productions are seen in internet. -Special evening session for parents--Local newspapers. -
                                         Posters at school” They get money and technical support form outside and they ask for more pedagogical and
19 Finland   yes                         technical support. “training in use and more technical support”
                   Itä Porin yläaste     Teacher, head teacher and ICT admin. They have won eschola award 2001, now are working on their school website.
                                         They are taking part to a Comenius. Support and information through the national Office CIMO. Articulated
                                         dissemination “websites, inviting other schools to watch outcome, artistic performances for pupils, parents and local
                                         community. Inviting press” but only the involved teacher tells about! Reason of ICT learn for future, learn for labour
                                         market, modern society. Only the ICT admin. Speaks about measures of ICT benefits and he says “ we are the
                                         leading edge school in our region when it comes to ICT” but he also says that he needs “more funding and
                                         encouragement in introducing new innovations for the development of our school” The teacher claims for more
                                         personnel and funding and the same the head teacher. Both see in the future ICT more used for communication
21 Finland   yes                         among schools
                   Collège Olivier de la Teacher, principal and ICT administrator. From their website a Comenius project (but they don‟t speak about so I
                   Marche                believe it is finished) and ARIANE Dijon which is presented as
                                         inside project by principal and ICT admin, as outside project by the teacher. I have the feeling that the teacher speaks
                                         more about the Academy of Dijon than about the school (he says there is a mission statement and there is written
                                         about ICT in it, but nor the principal or the ICT admin. Recognize this mission statement). The project is among 6
                                         schools. It seems that music is among the topics which more uses ICT. But ICT admin and principal seem not have so
                                         much reasons to have introduced it at school (the principal says “because it is obligatory). The website is old and they
                                         have never participated actively (no email answer, we have called them on telefon) till the moment that the principal
                                         has written to us because he was waiting for a visitation by “VIP from Ministry of education”. Very few data, still
                                         missing ICT document The ICT administrator seems to be only the admin, but he works also in other schools.
                                         Computers repair made by teachers who are not extra paid to. About computer isle he speaks of free of charge
 9France     yes                         access, but always in presence of a teacher.
                   Lycée Charles De      A teacher, principal and ICT admin. The website is just a page of the web site of Ac. De Dijon. The principal has
                   Gaulle                written in November “Nous avons complètement réécrit notre site INTERNET... nous recherchons actuellement un
                                         lieu pour nous héberger qui soit compatible avec nos possibilités financières. Vous devriez donc très prochainement
                                         pouvoir disposer de tous les renseignements nécessaire y compris ce que nous réalisons au jour le jour mais peut
                                         être sans le portrait du proviseur !” The website should also be the inside project. The principal says that ICT are not
                                         in mission statement, but the ICT admnistrator sends us the mission statement and writes the sentence about ICT.
                                         “Mettre les nouvelles technologies éducatives au service de notre projet
                                         - Des moyens de COMMUNICATION, notamment par VISIOCONFÉRENCE, permettant de dialoguer en temps réel
                                         avec nos partenaires (cours reçus de l'étranger et inversement, forums d'échanges, analyses économiques vues des
                                         deux côtés de la frontière...).
                                         - Des moyens de PARTAGE de ressources communes par la mise en réseau des postes informatiques du lycée
                                         (INTRANET) et ouverture de ce dernier sur l'extérieur afin de mettre la connaissance à la portée de l'élève ou de
18 France    yes                         l'auditeur de formation continue jusqu'à son domicile ou son lieu de travail (Formation Ouverte à Distance)”. The ICT
                                         admin. Has sent a word doc presenting projects of the school, but nowhere is possible to get more information. The
                                         only project with URL is on the website of ac. De Dijon, but the link is not working. All agree they need more technical
                                         support. Measures through “better comprehension of courses”??? Form the ICT document they use computers in labs
                                         and for Science of the earth, geographie

                   Ecole Elémentaire De Principal and ICT admin. They answer contradictorily to mission statement: for the principal there is no mission
                   Belbèze les Toulouse statement, for the ICT admin there is one and ICT are mentioned in it for “helping reading and text creation”. They
                                        don‟t have any project but they say they have training and financial support also if exactly these are the things they
                                        say they still need (last answers). Computers used in computer laboratories. ICT have been introduced for writing a
                                        school magazine and they are used in French, but it seems that there is no really measure (the ICT administrat.
11 France    yes                        speaks of work done). They seems not having understood our questions also if they have had the French text.
                                        We have only the principal who says he has the 3 different roles. In the mission statement there ICT are presented as
                                        tool for fighting against social inequality, but also for make more dynamic the pedagogy. They take part into La main a
                                        la pate. As inside project a videoconference project with a Scottish school, but on the website there is no clue of it.
                                        The website is very rich with a reserved area, parents area, presentation of work of pupils. In his questionnaire the
                                        principal says he enjoys working with other because this breaks the isolation. We still need the ICT document. In the
                   Groupe scolaire      questionnaire the principal asks for more training for all the personnel, maybe this is not a case that he answers alone
12 France    no    Eugene Poittier      to ewatch…
                   College Jean Moulin Till now we have just 2 teachers!!! The school participates to the laptop project of Les Landes
                                The teacher says about the measure: “au pifomètre !!! il semble que les
                                         études des chercheurs ne produisent pas de conclusions vraiment pertinentes ; et moi, je ne cherche pas à
                                         mesurer scientifiquement, mais à prouver plutôt le mouvement en marchant… ». We have now too few
40 France    no
                   Städtisches Louise-  Teacher, head teacher and ICT admin. The ICT admin. Is also teacher and he says “teacher” in the questionnaire. In
                   Schroeder-           the mission statement they say that ”school equipment and Pc-ork places as well as the intranet connection make
                   Gymnasium            possible teachers and pupils to use information technology as tool. They are pedagogically and technically supported
                                        by a schoolteam”. They particpate to projects of Pedagogic Institute of Munchen, InfoSCHUL and they are also
                                        promoter of projects for other schools. The principal speaks of dissemination during headteachers meetings Desire of
                                        innovation is the reason for taking part to projects and about team working the teacher recognizes that “the work is
                                        splitted and less, because other help me and I help the partners” The “teamcompetence” is quoted as a reason for
                                        introducing ICT, but no measure seems possible “It would be nice of, if You could tell me to measure the benefit. My
                                        feeling is, students are more motivated to work the same contents by ITC. I hope the results with ITC are better than
                                        without. But there are no empiric results, proved scientifical”. The same teacher quotes his students as important for
                                        his own training besides the self training “and my students help me to solve ITC-problems. So I have the profit in
                                        increasing my knowhow. selfstudy and by working together with interested students - they are teaching me” The
                                        support he needs is “more political support against the middle managements of ministeries. Less burocratic
                                        difficulties”The ICT admin quotes as further support he still needs “better adjustment of framework conditions
42 Germany yes                          (curriculum, timetable…)”
                   Dietrich-Bonhoeffer- Teacher, principal, ICTadmin.No projects for the principal. Reason for introducing ICT let pupils gain ICT competence.
                   Gymnasium            Further support: funding! Also the teacher no project, but dissemination through webpage. Measure of ICT” In the ICT
                                        classes by examinations, in the other classes the ICT skills support other skills such as gain of information on current
                                        subjects for special tasks such as papers, presentations etc.” No project, ICT used only in labs and for scientific
                                        topics. Pupils can use computers alone, but not go in the internet without a teacher. It is strange that they don‟t
                                        present any project, but on the website the ICT administrator offers a “service” for schools and schools intranets in
51 Germany no                           order to check the safe use of the ICT.
                   Astrid Lindgreen     Teacher, principal and ICT admin. They don‟t have mission statement, but they think they will develop it and it will
                   Grundschule          contain the part of ICT. Project with Apple+ project with other elementary schools of the region of Berlin. Also project
                                        inside . The principal doesn‟t participate to the projects. Only idealistic teachers participate to projects . ICT in all
                                        topics. No support, just after then they accepted to participate to projects. In future ICT for autonomous learning. Also
                                        for the teacher there is no support Subjective measures of results. Classes with wireless technology for 25 laptops.
                                        Computer not aimed to teaching, but creative and rich tools for creative learning and for extarnalisation. Strong
                                        collaboration with Research Institute. The wireless laptops permit teaching in open space. Nobody repairs the
53 Germany                              computer and this has to be done by teachers selves.
                   Doukas School        2 Teachers, ICT administrator and a teacher who answers as headteacher, From one message of the ICT admin
                   Private Educational “About Eleni, I think that the problem is about the "role" of headteacher. Eleni is the most qualified informatics teacher
                   Institute            in our school, for the informatics subject of primary school. Probably we have no a special category "headteacher", or
                                        our Primary headteacher would not be able to answer to this questionnaire.” The role of this “headteacher‟ is
                                        supporting relatively the other teachers “(suggest projects for students on various subjects combining extend use of
                                        computers, searching for information, means of development and appropriate technology”)about measures she
                                        answers: “If the question is about the pedagogical and cognitive "benefits" for children then -to be honest- that' a
                                        VERY difficult question and requires a long discussion” and about future development of ICT in education :” ICT will
                                        not be used as a stand alone procedure of computer literacy but as a subject integrated with on – line learning
                                        resources on almost all aspects of curriculum.” She recognizes they need “evaluation techniques” Need of
 3Greece     no                         pedagogical supports and of “ more structured information” (the ICT admin.)
                   Fjölbrautaskóli      We have only one person who answers for all roles. In this school is the ENIS coordinator and she is very available,
                   Vesturlands          but they are overloaded with work. The person si also deputy principal. He teachs computer programming, he ahs
                                        made the favourites and he choices all math websites and says he was before a math teacher. There is the mission
                                        statement, but only in Icelandic. About what in mission statement on ICT he writes the informatical infrastructure,
                                        where is used computers, and that they plan to give laptops to every teachers, increase the use of ICT in each
                                        subjects. The schools particpate to European (ENIS) and skandinavian (ODIN) projects. But for both he doesn‟t
                                        explain anything because he is not personally involved. Is Odin like ENIS? The inside project” A group of 5 teachers at
                                        Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands are now experimenting with a model called "distributed education" where the teachers are
                                        sometimes present in the classroom but also communicate with students through e-mail and an integrated web-based
                                        teaching enviroment. One of our teachers is working on a web-side with information and tools for Icelandic techers
                                        who want to use the world wide web. (The url is The same teacher has created a number of web-
                                        based resources on Icelandic literarture that is used by many secondary schools. One of our teachers is working on a
                                        computer science curriculum that is already used in more than ten schools. A textbook on programming in Java has
                                        already been published and a textbook on computer science is on the way. The school is cooperating with a computer
                                        company (Nýherji hf.) in Reykjavík on developing wireless solutions for local area networks in schools.” In the
                                        dissemination activities he quotes participation to meeting organised by the Ministry. Ha also has support from the
                                        Ministry for training and funding relatively to ICT projects. Reasons for working in team: “The ICT revolution in
                                        Icelandic schools is fascinating. When people from many schools come together to discuss their jobs one always
                                        learns something new and interesting.” Reasons for ICT in schooling “Prepare students for participation in a society
                                        that is to an ever increasing extent shaped by information and communications technology.” Needed support teacher
                                        training, funds to buy hw and sw, to pay technicians.
                                        They have separate teaching for special needs pupils. No traditional class organisation. All administratives and
15 Iceland   yes                        management staff is skilled in ICT, dream more computers and laptop for teachers
                   Fjölbrautaskóli       A terrific school! teacher, head teacher and ICT administ. She is also English teacher and she made the favourites
                   Suðurlands á Selfossi choosing English and ICT resources. Innovative projects on behalf of Ministry of Education for trying to test educative
                                         use of laptops. Very interesting the picture of ICT innovation class. Also the teachers‟ room and and the etiquette in
                                         Students computer room (ICT document) They have a Comenius project about selevalution of schools.They use
                                         report for making public their work “Every year an ICT report is written and put on the Internet. Within this report are
                                         the projects the school takes part in, innovative use of ICT in courses, findings of ICT surveys (student and teacher),
                                         lectures on ICT in seminares and conferences, a plan for ICT courses for teachers, and other related issues.” And
                                         ICT is measured with “students and teachers surveys” More technical and pedagogical support, but they rercognise
                                         the support of Ministry and of Comenius project. Role of ICT admini” I am responsible for 1)laptop/computer service
                                         for teachers and students, this includes repairing and installing software. 2) ICT (pedagogy, webdesign etc.)
                                         assistance/advice for teachers. 3) Organize and teach ICT courses for teachers. 4) Reports /correspondence with
                                         administry in relation to innovation in ICT. 5) Organize lectures outside school and visits to our school in relation to
                                         ICT. 6) Etc.” she also teachs English!! Reasons of using ICT at school for the principal “Keeping the school at least
                                         up with wha is happening without schools, preferably ahead of it (in terms of computer skills etc.) In recent years as a
                                         tool for encouraging various life skills, communication, working in teams, solving problems, etc.” role of the principal
                                         in the project “Writing up the original applicatioin, negociating prices etc., encouraging innovative use of laptops for
                                         educational purposes.” He is the diffuse principal who reacted to my message about his invisibility A lot of projects
16 Iceland   yes                         during eschola
                   Barnaskólinn á        Teacher, principal and ICT administrator. They don‟t have mission statement , but the ICT administrator says “I am not
                   Eyrarbakka og         totally at ease with saying that my school does not have a mission statement. Even though we do not have such a
                   Stokkseyri            statement per se, we have a clear view of our goals and intentions. The two main points in our mission is to develop
                                         understanding of human values among our students and then we also put weight on teaching our students how to
                                         study and work with information and knowledge using modern technology. We believe that those are the two most
                                         important factors our students need to bring with them into their adult life in the information society.” They have a
                                         Comenius , but they call it an inside project! And they have projects “Some projects have been referred to us by the
                                         ministry of education, in other cases we have been contacted by outside parties because of our participation in ENIS
                                         (f.ex. BBC - A Virtual Library for Multi-Media Authoring and Global Leap 2000 that we participated in last year)from
                                         ICT admin quest. Also from him the answer why they decide to take part to the projects “As "Developing school in use
                                         of ICT" we have responsibility to explore the possibilities new technology gives in our schoolwork. I also believe that
                                         our pupils, teachers and the school community have very much to gain from international cooperation.”” An
                                         assumption of responsibility as EINIS school!!!also the Comenius project starts because they already know other
                                         ENIS schools and then they developed the project. Support within the school for projects” We try to use peer help as
                                         much as possible. Experience in participating in cooperation projects is building up rapidly and for technological
                                         problems there is an overworked deputy headmaster with a diploma in computer science.” dissemination “We try to
                                         put all our work on our web and describing how and what we are doing. We also use every change to give lectures at
                                         conferences and write articles about our opinions and experience.” reasons for team work “I believe that teamwork is
                                         going to be even more valuable in tomorrow's society than it is today. We need to practice our skills in working in
                                         team, inspiring those around us and use every talent to the fullest so we can manage our society the best possible
                                         way” the principal supports collaboration she writes about support within school for projects.” In the teacher´s work
                                         schedule time has been allocated for cooperative and innovative projects and those who are leaders receive extra
                                         payment and a reduction in teaching to help them perform their tasks better. Whenever teachers are invoved in
                                         project work away from school relief teachers are provided.”Support by the local municipalityfor innovative projects.
                                         Again about value of collaboration I think that it is very important to teach our pupils the basic skills needed for life-
                                         long learning in the information society. I believe that using modern technology in information processing is one of the
                                         most important skills that my students need to master. It is also my believe that cooperation with pupils and schools in
                                         Europe and all over the world is of high importance for a small nation as Icelanders. As the world gets smaller and
                                         smaller we need to strengthen our capabilities to work with others. Using ICT is a grate tool for such cooperation.
                                         Written by the IVT adminst. As reason for adopting ICT. Measure of ICT results Every year we make a self-
                                         assessment and write a report. That assessment mostly deals with assessing the changes that are happening in our
                                         school rather than measuring the benefits of those changes for our students. To measure the benefit of using ICT in
                                         today's school I believe it would be necessary to look at our students after few years and try to estimate the
                                         importance of their experience in use of ICT has helped them. That is probably beyond the capabilities of a small
                                         school like ours.
17 Iceland   yes
                                        Teacher, principal, ICT administrator. It is a catholic school, we don‟t have the mission statement, but the ICT
                                        administrator says “Pastoral care and the development of the whole individual is the responsibility of all. Promoting
                                        this by the use of different resources, including ICT. As a pastoral care teacher I haave responsibility for one class all
                                        through their time in our school. I hope to show, by a caring and dedicated example, what it means to live life as a
                                        goodd person.”What means “pastoral care”??? They particpate to a SIP project developing a CD for encouraging girls
                                        to study science (It is a girls school). They also manage an adult computer course. Support from retired staff or
                                        sources related to school (answer of the principal) Only the ICT administrator recognizes the support of NCTE.
                                        Dissemination aimed to the community (parents and local community). ICT administrator says she learnt about ICT
                                        quicker through colleagues than through books. Role of NCTE for training, but only the ICT administrator speaks
                                        about. Measured of students achievements for the ones who take the Leaving Certificate Applied. The principal sees
                                        the importance of ICT for gifted students, the teacher for special needs students! Funding and training as the most
                                        important supported needed. In the future: computer in classrooms. The teacher about the future: I see it as important
                                        in delivering subject matter, especially in mixed ability and student centered classes. It will also be used in examining
                                        and correcting students skills, as isdone in some universities currently. Of course it is invaluable in school
54 Ireland   no    Our Lady's College administration. Preparation of school reports by teachers will also be done using ICT in the future, I feel.”
                                        2 teachers, principal and ICT administrator. Catholic school, mission statement stresses the relationship with parents
                                        and close community “alls takeholders were aactively involved” (in writing the mission statement as a teacher says).
                                        They have a SIP project and all the answering persons are the ones involved in the project. The project aims to use a
                                        sw for procu\ing multimedia stimulating children to produce presentations, searching on th eweb, integrating into
                                        geography and History. Support they receive is “substitute days . They present the product self as dissemination.
                   Scoil na mBuachaillí Reasons ofr ICT at school always radicated in the future opportunities offered to the children. Need of more funding.
45 Ireland   no    (Clonakilty Boys NS) The future is just application to further curricular topics (science) or more pupils project.
                   St. Aidans CBS       Teacher, principal and ICT administrator. They have a very interesting SIP project (setanta project, th edocuemnt is
                                        extremely interesting) and they are also the school portraited in Dutsch schhol portraits in Ireland. Their Setanta
                                        project is created on th ebasis of a partnership with School of Computer Applications in Dublin. A long tradition of
                                        computers at this school which is the old school of the Irish prime Minister (they started already on 1980 with BASIC,
                                        then changed to Information technology and then to ICT). Description of ICT admin.‟s responsibilities” Development of
                                        school policy on Information Technology, Development of IT within subject areas, Co-ordination of course content
                                        within various programmes, Support to teachers using IT within subjects, Making available details of resources to
                                        staff, New teacher induction in IT, Maintenance and replacement of equipment, Replacement of consumables, Co-
                                        ordination of availability and use of computer room, Annual inventory” Ideological mission statement (again catholic
                                        school). They often complain about time constrains, and in the dream room of the ICT document they again ask for
                                        time” Time-it is not possible to do what to be done without freeing teachers from their class to do it”. Measures through
                                        “Anecdotal evidence from teachers and students indicate that both like classes where ICTs are used.” This is the ICT
46 Ireland   no                         admin, the teacher says” Very difficult to measure using any of the standard measuring instruments”.
                  ITI Majorana          2 teachers, principal and ICT administrator. In mission statement ICT are present because this is a technical school
                                        and ICT are a fondamental part of curriculum. They participate to a great project of Region Piemonte (supported by
                                        regional bank CRT, universities and so on) and since 2001 they have high speed line intranet with the Regional
                                        administration. This school is very interesting for innovation in infrastructure, connection to public administration and
                                        community. Very interesting the safe-net policy: technical solutions (firewall) and collaboration with students. In the
                                        afternoon a lot of activities with use of computers are offered to students. Repairing computer is connected to didactic
                                        for the particular specialization of the school. As inside project they organize extracurricular activities in the
                                        afternoon(cfr above). Pushing role for th eiCT administrator who is the animator of a lot of projects and creator of the
                                        inside project. Ict administrator says as reason for ICT at school “The aim is that they (students) will consider ICT as
                                        an ordinary instrument” and as support he says “Students who are more involved in the research and application of
 2Italia    yes                         ICT should officially awarded and evaluated better than now”
                  ITI Belluzzi          Teacher, principal and ICT administrator. The mission statement contains ICT because of the school specialization.
                                        The school was an avangard in 1996 providing internet services for other schools (Bologna is the first city in Italy
                                        where the municipality offered free internet access to all the inhabitants). The principal has no computer at home,
                                        about him is said in ICThowandwheredocuemnt”He is not very keen on computers, so he does not make a large use
                                        of ICT in education” They use different hw for special needs students ICT how and where document). The dream
                                        room “Teachers would like to have rooms where to study, make research and prepare educational material” also the
                                        ICT admin. Has no dedicated room. They irganise a resource center for other schools in the area. The project has
                                        been supported by the local authority for education. The English teacher is creator a project about cinema. The project
                                        has more participants (schools from Portugal, France, UK, Denmark) but it is not clear if it has an European support
 4Italia    yes                         (the teacher speaks of National agency, but on the website there is the symbol of Europe, but???
                  Primo circolo         2 teachers, principal, ICT administrator In the mission statement about ICT is said: they are tools like blackboard or
                  didattico Jesi Centro coloured pencils and they have to belong to everyday educational work in order to deliver products like movies,
                                        cartoons or webpages we couldn‟t make without ICT. The school is a network of schools (Istituto comprensivo) and it
                                        is the coordinator of other network of schools (Telescuola) at national level, national coordinator for a training center,
                                        documentation center (these projects are supported by Ministry of education and Aplle computers) Telescuola has
                                        more than 7000 didactical pages (the project was created by this school), the training center has developed on line
                                        courses for 800 teachers and face to face courses for 600. Ministry of education and apple computers), it manages .
                                        The ICT administrator explains the support they get ”economical support by Ministry, technical support by Apple
                                        computers and by the citizens‟ network of their town, moral support by colleagues”Measures of benefit like the other
                                        didactical measures because ICT are no separated topics. Reasons of the teacher “ICT belong to every day life, doing
                                        without them would mean to do an ancient didactic not convenient for actual needs. I also believe this tool permits to
                                        widen the field of knowledge and inquiry, to exchange information and thoughts in real time with faraway partners, to
                                        go on with self learning and personal management of worktime”One teacher is teacher of a Kindergarten and her
                                        project is about the added value of ICT for learning how to write and to read to children (she teachs 4 years old
                                        children). Role of headteacher “ to inform and to awaken parents and teachers, to organize the teacher training, to
                                        promote projects aiming to innovative use of ICT”. Importance of documentation for cooperative work, this is the focus
                                        of telescuola. All of them ask for more time and in the dream room they desire laptops for permit a real integration of
                                        computer. The pictures of classes are very interesting: real learning environment and really a laptop could make the
                                        work of the child searching on internet for her class mates more integrated with her school friends!. They claim they
                                        need more financial funding! From the answer of the principal about her “invisibility” “I'm an invisible principal because
                                        in our schoolwebsite no particular room for headteacher has been foreseen. Our website is born on 1995 and it aimed
                                        to document the didactical projects
                                        delivered by our pupils and to support their communicatios; later it has supported also teacher training. We have
                                        never addressed human and economical resources for making institutional showcases, but for supporting the every
                                        life at school. The school is a community (formed by pupils, teachers, parents): a special room for the principal on the
                                        website is meaningful only if it can add clar and if it can help for understanding the work within the school. However I
                                        understand that it is important for the "outside school" having just one contact person and this also on the website, so
                                        I think it is now necessary we will bridge this institutional gap in order to present themselves and to facilitate the
 5Italia    yes
                  ITC Vivante           Teacher, principal, ICT administrator. Computers more used for scientific subject. Outside project with the local press:
                                        students make the online pages of the local newspaper section dedicated to schools: the school is national center for
                                        ECDL examination and they also have a project for adult education supported by the university for old people (third
                                        age university). The future” distance learning for workerstudents” Through the newspaper online they collaborate with
                                        many schools in the area and they publish projects of other schools. The ICT administrator has made also the
                                        favourites and she has selected math websites because she is math teacher! She collaborates with University where
                                        she is teacher trainer in the new teacher training centers. In th efuture more communication to the families. The dream
 6Italia    yes                         room is a room where they will reuse old computers with linux
                  ITI A. Malignani      2 teachers, principal, ICT administrator. The school has significative cooperation with University of Udine, physics
                                        department. They have cooperation with European colleges, USA colleges and Australian ones. They have a project
                                        for developing a science parc. They teach scientific topics in English. They belong to a minority language community,
                                        Friulan. A good inside support for the existing good technical staff. They have local support. Traditional way of
                                        evaluating.ICT administrator vision of the future “In this moment we use videoconference to teach to a student with a
                                        long illness. In a future ideal school students can be in touch with teachers beyond the lesson hours In my opinion
                                        teaching at distance will be very efficient with wide band connections” the same concept is in the answer of the
                                        teacher “In this moment we use videoconference to teach to a student with a long illness. In a future ideal school
                                        students can be in touch with teachers beyond the lesson hours In my opinion teaching at distance will be very
                                        efficient with wide band connections” her reasons for using ICT “As a teacher I think that ICT are an efficient
                                        instrument which helps develop the students' autonomy and stimulate their creativity. The use of ICT has three types
                                        of aims: cognitive, socio-affective and operational ones. As for the first ones, it involves the activation of complex
                                        mental processes, like organizing, selecting and categorizing knowledge and information; it also involves the use of
                                        rigorous procedures and helps develop organizational and learning skills. From a socio-affective point of view, the use
                                        of ICT allows for an individual learning pace, thus lowering the levels of anxiety in less gifted students; besides, it
                                        increases motivation, promotes responsibility for their own learning process and favours cooperative learning. From
                                        an operational point of view it optimizes operations such as information filing, presentations and exchange of
                                        materials.”The school has a very advanced infrastructure. Part\icular important the laboratories. And they have a very
 8Italia    yes                         advanced administration sw. The dream room ampong other things has to serve the distance learning
                  Scuola Infanzia       Teacher, ICT administrator, principal. The school is made up by a kinder-garten, an elementary and a low secondary
                  Gorle-BERGAMO         school. Till one year ago they were 3 different schools and this year they are unifying them selves as one school. At
                                        the beginning they had 3 different mission statement, now are trying to find a mix of them. ICT were used in all 3
                                        schools and the school has a “funzione obiettivo” (= a teacher in the staff management) dedicated to multimediality.
                                        They have many projects and they also try to relate their activities to the new trend in pedagody (training courses for
                                        the teachers on “cooperative learning and project “cooperative learning” at school, project Multilab) but they are more
                                        enthusiast than efficient and also and they suffer under the constrains of a inefficient infrastructure (dial up line, too
                                        few computers…) and they are still waiting for funding from Ministry which other schools were able to get soon. They
                                        ask more funding and more training. Their motivation for using ICT are connected to the possibility of ICT of
                                        customized learning paths. They have an experimentation about special needs and it seems they are trying to use
                                        ICT for socialization. Focus of using ICT is on development of individual capacity not on communication. They always
                                        speak about “multimediality” and never of ICT, but for them the insufficient infrastructure is a big constrain. About
25 Italia   no                          measures of benefit they speak of results of learning, the children achieve more social behaviours, and finally they
                                        can have a feedback through observation of school‟s choices of the students who have finished the primary education
                                        and leave the school. They quote as inside project elearning award during eschola because they could apply with their
                                        own project. They have no dissemination strategy, just documents of children for their parents
                    Scuola Media Dante Teacher, principal, ICTadministrator. The principal recognizes he learns about ICT from his teachers! He says he still
                    Alighieri           needs “funding and good trained teachers” and he says that measure of ICT benefit are the International
                                        acknowledgments (they have been rewarded during eschola, but with different project in other international awards for
                                        ICT in education like Netdays, Global junior challenge, Pirelli International awards). The ICT administrator is also a
                                        teacher and he stresses the many and many courses on ICT he has followed and he desires more funding and more
                                        training opportunities! Qualitative measures (“pupils are more willing to learn and their learning is better”). The mission
                                        statement speaks about ICT just because the ICT infrastructure is presented. It is interesting that beside the mission
                                        statement they have a “carta dei servizi” (customers charta) where the website is presented as the communication
                                        tool with parents and stakeholders. They assure quick answer for e-mail and so on. They have projects with outside
                                        partner, for example they are one of the examination place for mathematics Olympic games, but it is not strictly about
                                        ICT and their ICT projects are all inside projects, originated by the creativity of individual teachers. They are selling to
                                        publishers their best projects! The teacher (the creativity of the school) says about dissemination: “I promote my
                                        projects through the internet. I use the newsletters in order to know the different opportunities (awards,…)and portals
                                        where I present my projects” and also for the favourites she has done so: first she presented her own projects and
                                        then the math and science websites she uses! Very interesting the special needs section in their ICTdocument: they
                                        don‟t show the children working,, but what special needs children have done with ICT. The ICT administrator among
26 Italy     yes                        his task speaks of looking for local sponsors.
                    Liceo classico Meli Teacher, principal and ICT administrator. The headteacher speaks of support by the University of Palermo and of
                                        Federalist Movement (??) he partipates to project of the Ministry of education for evaluating the language skills of
                                        students. He sees in the futeure “distance learning, virtual classes, network with far away classes” His office is the
                                        prrof of the contradiction of the old principal‟s role as public relation in front of outside and power symbolt (the big
                                        desk, the couch…) and the actual role of “coworker” in all day life (the small desk full of papers and computers. The
                                        teacher speaks of a Comenius project (about European citizenship) newly she has sent to us a project on old greek,
                                        “King Oedipus” they have used the internet for searching websites about Sofokles and the greek tragedy. The work
                                        was done with the English teacher. They use ICT only in laboratories, have a look at the classes with the computer
30 Italia    yes                        closed in a cabinet. They speak about Comenius as of an inside project.
                    Zernike College     Teacher, headteacher, ICT administrator. They have a laptop project funded by Ministry of education, UCLO of the
                                        RUG (??) and STOAS-Automation. In the project is stressed the possibility of “individual learning”, indepence of pupils
                                        is one the main task of this school. The school presents itself as the catalisator of different projects and supports: they
                                        have the laptppclss project, but they also try to use a particular ic learning environment (ELO) and a test system
                                        (“QuestionMark perception”). They propose other schools to partecipate and work with the University, they are aware
                                        of their “avant-garde” role, the teacher says “I'm very enthousiastic about ICT and education. I know it will play a very
                                        important role in the near and far future of schools and education. I like to think I will contribute a very little to speed up
                                        the process. I think ICT will provide the technical means to give children exactly the individual education they need.”
                                        As reasons for ICT at school and about the reasons for taking part to projects “I'm very interested in the following
                                        points: 1) What role will ICT play when a teacher has the possibility to use ICt whenever he or she feels like It. 2)
                                        What materials will evolve from the capable hands of the teacher. 3) How will the use of ICT influence the
                                        effectiveness of education.”and later “It is an 'natural' part of working intensivly with ICT in educatiion. One of the great
                                        advantages of ICT is managing a lot of information. Not only questions but also the results are very important in
                                        adportant the curricula to the individual student” It is strange, but also if they have this “Questioning Mark perception
                                        and they try to use it they don‟t speak about when asked about ICT benefits measures. They just speak of confront
                                        among paralle class. It si interesting th eICT document where they explain th euse of the mediateque as a classroom,
                                        but it is very deluding the laptopclass. But they are try to test a virtual learning environment, maybe it is worth to see
                                        further about. The laptopclass computer was presented also in eschola and the principal says he has initiated the
   Netherland                           project and also in the ICT mission statement he presents the school offering to the ministry of education this project.
20 s          yes                       Again a school looking for sponsor of own creativity.
                    College Greijdanus Teacher, headteacher, ICT administrator. The school was object of Dutch schoolportrait. In the mission statement:”
                                        ICT is important in creating a activating environment for learning. ICT is important for differentiation in education in
                                        order to meet individual needs. It is essential that ICT will be developed in combination with the development of the
                                        school as a pedagogical institution, i.e. an institution in which social aspects are recognized and where (moral)
                                        reflection is being stimulated.”. It is very interesting in this school the staff management (cfr schoolportait). This is what
                                        the principal says about his role in delivering mission statement “Initiating and stimulating strategic policy. Stimulating
                                        (as a sparring partner) the ICT-consulenten as we call them. A ICT-consulent is a teacher who has a special
                                        responsibility for ICT and education in his part (sector) of the school.” The 2 teachers and ICT admin share the role of
                                        ICT administrator in the reality. They present so their responsibilities” -teaching French to pupils aged 15 to 17 at
                                        intermediate level:- developing implementation of ICT in all subjects:- functioning as a consultant for my colleagues:-
                                        representing teachers in ICT-board” (this is the teacher who was indicated as ICT administrator) and the other one
                                        “(1) Teacher Computer Science;=> HAVO 4,5 / VWO 4,5,6 ;(2) Information Coordination ;(3) Information
                                        Consultancy;Both on college level.” Their project are for teacher training or for producing material for othe rteachers
                                        “The final E-learning content will be available on The end-product of the project (from my
                                        point of view) is a (zipped) website that contains theoretical information and practice material that can be installed on
                                        an intranet, a pc or on the internet itself.” The teacher presents his own training “It 's a pity it is not possible to choose
                                        more than one answer her. My basic skills I have acquired through self training, but from 1998 - 2000 I followed a very
                                        intensive training in order to obtain an official license to teach Computer Science. At the moment I am following a
                                        intensive training in E-learning. So, the pattern is: self-training first, but if possible augment this by formal training.”but
                                        also if they are so advanced there are still problems with measures “How is the benefit of ICT measured?
                                        I don't know. How do you measure a thing like that?? There is no formal measuring of ICT skills in the examination
                                        programs, although more and more students use ICT or want to use ICT in final papers, personal projects and things
                                        like that. The bottleneck here is that a lot of my colleages find it difficult to 'grade' that kind of papers or projects”.They
                                        still need funding ”the government pays half of our spending on ICT”and time “The funding is never enough. :-)
                                        A big problem is TIME. When you want to develop new ways of using ICT you need a lot of time and the 'normal'
                                        operation of a school does not always make it possible to do this. The pedagogical aspects of ICT use is a fascinating
                                        subject. The course in E-learning I currently attend is somewhat focused in this direction. Terra Incognita.”about the
                                        future” web based learning” and “ 1. Support for all the activities (planning, searching, studying, collaboration, contact)
                                        outside the 'standard' classroom thus enhancing the effect of the 'standard' classroom lessons; 2. Support for all
                                        possible activities in the classroom that could benefit from ICT (e.g. demonstrating, presenting, collaboration); This
   Netherland                           makes it clear that I do not think that ICT will take over the classroom completely. It will/should be a Great Facilitator,
47 s          no                        but it will/should not replace the teacher.”
                    Åmot ungdomsskole Teacher, principal, ICT admin: a wonderful school! From the mission statement “Every student and every teacher can
                                        through Internett get information and knowledge from all over the world. The classroom has no walls. In principal
                                        students and teachers can communicate with the whole world. New technology can give all students the possibility for
                                        teaching at their own level. Computers in a network with Internet connection is today a tool in the learning process
                                        which is unique. Students can today make and publish works which is interesting far out from their own classroom and
                                        local society”. They participate to projects of Ministry of ed. It is an ENIS and they have started an own project on web
                                        based learn environment. The ICT administrator says about the outside projects: These two projects are nationally
                                        funded projects which have the potential to develope our school. They will give new ways of organizing our school and
                                        put emphasis on problem based learning, self directed learning, better assessment strategies.” They cooperate with
34 Norway    yes                        Hedamrk college (an University??) Multiple strategy of dissemination “We use Internet actively, especially our
                                          We us national school web sites;We tell about our school to other schools, lecturing and visits;We try to use
                                          newspapers” About measures: “Research show that pupils are more interested in the schoolwork when they have the
                                          possibility to use ICT”. The reasons of principal for ICT “Self directed learning; Learning at the students own level;
                                          New assessment strategies” It is very strange that at the question in which topics are most used ICT at school all
                                          answer “Norvegian language” and in the future they wish ICT used in all topics “I think ICT will be used in most
                                          situations and in most school subjects in the future. In the secondary school the pupil still needs personal contact with
                                          the teacher. As a teacher it is imortent to integrat ICT as a part of other learning programs.” In ICT how and where
                                          interesting pieces about computer repair and special need. Wonderful website with students‟ poll and very important
                                          the role of schoolwebsite (ICT document).
                    Røyse skole           Also OECD case study. Teacher, principal, ICTadmin. They are winners at elearning award 2001 with their Comenius
                                          project in the cathegory myEurope. From the document ICThow.. “We have an ICT-coordinator in full job, 37.5 hours
                                          per week. He is partly a technical and partly a pedagogical person, and I think he is the most important ingredient in
                                          our successful integration of ICT in school.” We have for many years cooperated with schools across borders, and
                                          ICT is great in that connection. We have since the very beginning stressed the fact that ICT shall be a tool, not a new
                                          subject. To fulfil it it has been important for us to have enough computers, to place them in 'the right places', to have
                                          the right programmes and to give good education in using both the equipments and the programmes. It has also been
                                          important to let the pupils decide (not the teachers) when and to what exercises they want to use ICT.” They have got
                                          computers in 1999, circa 1 for 3 children and laptops for teachers! From the answer of the principal about to be
                                          invisible “ Yes, we are doing a lot of interesting things at our school, so interesting that we have visitors almost every
                                          day throughout the schoolyear. There are principals and teachers, but also researchers, students from High Schools
                                          and Universities, from the Department, journalists from newspapers, radio - and TVchannels, politicians (both our
                                          Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs have been here, and the Minister of Education is about to come)
                                          computer-firms (The leader of Microsoft/ Norway for instance) etc., etc. Last year we had 1000 people visiting us. So
                                          we all have a lot to do. I have worked out most of the schools web-page, so I don't feel unvisible, although I haven't a
                                          greeting or/and a photo. Last year I had my homepage connected to the schools web-page, but I want to edit it before
                                          I open it again, and I never have time for it. So there I am:-)”. They make a test for children “ how to behave on
                                          internet” before to give them free access to the computer (ICT how and where). So the principal presents her role in
                                          the selected project: “Do it possible for teachers and pupils to take part, work out plans together with the teachers and
                                          pupils and 'control' if we fulfil the plans. To be a coordinator between our school and the researchers.” And her
                                          answer about “what help within school for facilitating projects “Computers in network. Internet, web-server, mail-
                                          server. ICT-coordinator. A good educated staff with much competence related to projectworking and the use of ICT.”
                                          Reason for ICT at school “ICT is now everywhere, why shouldn't it be in school. It's important to let it be a natural tool
                                          when it is the best tool. It gives us new possibilites and getting first-hand information, in communication and
                                          cooperation across schools and borders” They are making a cooperative project with a Greek school, they have
                                          begun to write in English, but now the norvegian pupils are making a course of Norvegian language for the Greek
                                          children and the Greek children one of Greek!! They have also a project with a Norvegian school. All the projects they
                                          present are collaboration projects with far away schools! They recognise it is difficult to measure, but they see the
                                          interest and so on…The responsibilities of the ICT administrator: “System administrator, Educational responsibilities
                                          regarding ICT abilities of students and teachers, Webmaster, Mailserver, Listmanager, Outsourcing pedagogical
                                          software, Library (lending, finding new books, guiding students in search of knowledge), All Audio/Visual equipment -
                                          projectors, digital cameras, MD, earphones, CD-players, Walkmans, Overheadprojectors, Speakers, cables ++.”It is
                                          interesting that they have a series of Comenius projects starting from 1998. For the inside project they have the
                                          support of researcher of Aslo University. All are deeply convinced of the importance of collaboration! “School is about
                                          cooperation - both when dealing with students and teachers. We create our knowledge together with other human
                                          beings in a far better way than when we isolate ourselves”. The teacher has done the favourites selecting website for
37 Norway     no                          working with ICT with children.
                    Holmlia Skole         Teacher, head teacher, ICT administrator. They have an ICT plan “ICT plan states: All should have a minimum level of
                                          ICT use. ICT as integrated part of all subjects. ICT available for all ( students and teachers)as much as possible.”
                                          They participate to a project proposed by local school authorities. They are a ENIS school. We have too few data and
48 Norway     yes                         all the documents are in Norvegian (the website seems also not to be uptodated since last school year.
                    ESCOLA BÁSICA         Teacher, principal, ICT administrator. They don’t have a real website, but a series of slides on the website of
                    N.º1 DA PONTE-        Ministry of Education program NONIO. In the mission statement ICT is not mentioned “Because only in
                    VILA DAS AVES
                                          1992/93 we include ICT in school, and this mission statement comes from 1976” They present ENIS as the
                                          outside project and about the point of development the head teacher writes “THE FINANCIAL SUPPORTE
                                          (FOR MEETINGS ETC...) HAS END. BUT THE PROJECT CONTINUES IN SCHOOL BECAUSE IT IS
                                          DISSOLVED IN PRATICS.” They say they have disseminations plans, but they don’t describe them. About
                                          the school subjects in which are ICT most used: “SEARCH IN INTERNET. CORRESPONDENCE WITH
                                          OTHERS SCHOOLS (E-MAIL)LANGUAGE EXERCICES, TEXT,.. (PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH), NEWS
                                          later about the reasons why using ICT she says “ICT ARE TOOLS WITH GREAT CONDITIONS AND
                                          BUT IN A PRESPECTIVE OF PROJECT.” I suppose this means they don’t use ICT in “every day didactic”
                                          , but only on projects…About measures: “THROUGH SELF-EVALUENTION (STUDENTS DO IT EVERY
                                          TEACHERS. ALSO FROM EXTERIAL PERSONS (NEWS PAPER, PROJECTS)” about the still needed
                                          support : “TEACHERS NEED TO MODERNIZE THERE KNOWLEDGES ALL THE TIME. SO MY
                                          ABOUT HOW TO MAKE WEB PAGES”. And the teachers say “training in integration” and “more, more
                                          training, namely as far as hardware knowledge is concerned” and is interesting what the principal says
                                          about the future of ICT “In future, where do you think ICT will be most used in school situations? IN
38 Portugal   yes                         DO THIS OR THAT"-
                    Escola secundaria     Teacher, head teacher, ICT administrator. They have a long mission statement about the school in general and a
                    com 3 ciclo do ensino document about ENIS they call ENIS project, in which they adapt the green book for Information society making a kind
                    básico Emidio         of ICT plan. The school is an industrial and commercial school, students use many different laboratories for the
                    Navarro               technical subjects, they have electronics, biology using sensir for the labs measures, mechanics with CAD and so on.
                                          In the classsrrom they don‟t have computers and they “dream” of more laptops. In the ICT document they present a
                                          resource center under “teacher training” where they have a Projectwork Team on Production of Multimedia didactic
                                          material. Very interesting the website and the way they organize didactical digital resources on it. They run a very
                                          interesting Comenius about the technical profile of the school “An engineer for Europe” they were directly invited to
                                          take part and they are webmanager of the project website. Reasons for ICT at school of the ICT administrator: “ICT is
                                          a didactic resource tool permits the access to information, the simulation of real situations, and promotes cooperative
                                          work and develops communication skills”. And about measures of ICT‟s benefit “ICT activities are developed as a
                                          teaching strategie and beneficts are measured by the enrichment of these classroom works.” The teacher is involved
39 Portugal   yes                         in a project named “Teaching of mother tongue language and ICT promoted by the International Association in mother
                                        tongue language”. Again the main subjects where ICT is used at school are scientific subjects.

                                        Teacher, head teacher and ICT administrator. They have a 5years ICT plan (2000-2005)!” For keeping the leader
                                        position, we are aware of the eLearning Tendencies in the world and we have developed an ICT plan for the following
                                        5 years. This plan try to manage the principal tendencies in the domains like: access and connectivity, the
                                        development of the new learning environments, redefining the curriculum in the 21 century, digitally literacy and the
                                        new dimension of the school for the community”.The school is a mixed school (primary and secondary) because is the
                                        only school in the town. The Ict are present in the mission statement “The school mission is to offer a complex and
                                        echilibrate education to our students offering a complex access to information and to transform this information in
                                        knowledge. The complex access to information means to use active educational methodology based on the active
                                        searching of information using the resource centers and the virtual libraries on the Internet.” The ICT administrator
                                        asked about reasons for always answers “because it is my job/because it is my job” The projects at school reflect the
                                        culture and interests of headtecher (a physics). A lot of project are about environmental education or astronomy and
                                        they are international projects like GLOBE, with a strong interaction with international scientific research. Computers
                                        are most used in laboratory and for scientific subjects and language. The head teacher has presented his favourites
                    Carmen Sylva high   and they are the websites of scientific projects. I believe it is characteristic this looking for international project through
44 Romania    no    school              the internationality of scientific community.
                    Trnovo Primary      Teacher, head teacher, ICT administrator. In the ICT document appears clear that the school needs more support:
                    School              more computers and technical equipment (funding), but also a stable ICT technical employee This is their “dream
                                        room”: “The room which our teachers and ICT coordinator would like to have is a computer lab, space with more very
                                        good computers connected to Internet, a scanner, a very good printer. The teachers would have more possibilities to
                                        prepare their lessons and all kind of materials. The teachers participate very much on-line projects and such room
                                        would enable them to do all tasks. We would like to have more LCD data projectors in classes and more computers in
                                        each class. We would also like to have an optical connection to the Internet provider. And the last but not the least it
                                        would be very nice and much more easier to work if the school would have a qualified person for equipment
                                        maintenance.” In the mission statement about ICT “to give to every pupil and school employees an opportunity to
                                        develop a strong, self confident and well-read personality, which will be able to solve problems within their personal
                                        lives as well as within their professional areas. In order to achieve this goal the school will use all suitable teaching
                                        methods and modern ICT technologies as well as knowledge on communication and educational area”. About the role
                                        of ICT administrator as pedagogical consultant “What part do you play in delivering the mission statement? Quite
                                        a responsible one. I motivate teachers and pupils, teach them, take care about news, develop new taching methods
                                        how to use ICT, help teachers wheen they have problems.” They are very envolved with EUN (my Europe, eschola..)
                                        and they also run a Comenius project. ICT related to scientific subjects and projects. The measures of benefit :” By
23 Slovenia   yes                       better quality of products, better knowledge od pupils, computer skills, quality of projects, reaction of parents”
                    Solkan Elementary   Teacher, head teacher, ICT administrator. The school participates to a lot of project and is very active with EUN
                    School              (Virtual school, myEurope). International environmental education projects (ENO). About support from out side
                                        “Ministry supports us if necessary, but mostly with approving not with financial support. Indirectly they help us with the
                                        technology equipment - schools can apply for certain equipment each year and those active in projects are better off
                                        with it.” Presentation of projects to the community, conferences. This is the answer of the teacher who is very active
                                        and belongs also to an evaluation SW group set up by Ministry of education. Reason for using ICT of this teacher “It's
                                        challenging for me and students, information is available on the net, it gives information supported by voice, written
                                        texts, graphics etc..- helps students to use more intelligence, gives opportunities for self study and individual work with
                                        individual peace, is interactive and userfriendly (if so), does a lot of work for us teachers if we are clever enough to
                                        use it properly. It helps you contact persons and schools far way from you.” And about measures “I don't know if the
                                        measurements for this are already known, but you can quickly find out that students' knowledge becomes more life
                                        oriented and meaningful. In some cases (students with difficulties in certain subjects, find computers more friendly,
                                        because 'they' don't criticise them and they permit them to redo the exercises if they are not successful. They compete
                                        with the machine and not with the schoolmates.)” and about the supports she still needs: “About the needed support a
                                        novel could be written, but let's say, that we would like to have certain software which is sometimes too expensive, our
                                        equipment should be updated every now and then and this is very expensive too, and last but not least we need a
                                        fresh information on tools, software, projects etc…”. Dissemination for the community1 Measures (the head teacher):
24 Slovenia   yes                       “by the number of accomplished exercises and knowledge increasement on specific areas”
                    IES Sabadell        Teacher, head teacher and ICT administrator, but this is not a complete school, but the English department of a
                                        secondary school. This is what the ICT administrator says about supports for projects “We try to give each other
                                        support, but sometimes it is unfortunately very limited. We rely on our own efforts to bring something forward. We
                                        should have lore computers and a better assistance when compuetrs do not work or have viruses or have run out of
                                        ink, or simply have a problem with the navigator” and about team working “When we work in a team in our department
                                        I have the feeling that the efforts of the different teachers all lead to the same place and the students are more
                                        benefitted”.. The head teacher of the department says that they use ICT once the week in English lessons…They
                                        have a project , the self access room, which it seems, made them famous (TV…). This is a language lab. Where
                                        students can use computers, surfing in the internet , listen to tapes, recorder their voice and so on. There is a system
52 Spain                                of evaluate their work (the have a particular notebook. But this is all, not enough data about this school.
                    Kastanjeskolan      Teacher, ICT coordinator and deputy principal. About what the mission statement says on ICT ICT is a natural part of
                                        the everyday work for the pupils. Every pupil shall be able to handle e-mail,search on the internet, use of programs as
                                        Word, Power Point and Excel. Communication with schools in other countries, project-planing. A description of the
                                        schools ICT-group, what they shall pålan and work with. How to maintain a high standard on the computer park and
                                        the education. It is the first time that ICT students‟ achievements are clear defined within such documents (which sw
                                        they should know and so on). The school has a very particular organization: students are organized in “team” , each of
                                        them circa 100 pupils and 7 teachers. “Each team has their own computers which they can use during the school day
                                        for fact-finding, writing, communication or composing music” this is a very interestinf model of computer in secondary
                                        education, but not in a technical school: but they have totally reorgnaised classes and curriculum!!!! “During their first
                                        term at Kastanjeskolan the pupils take computer classes to learn the fundamentals about using a computer. In many
                                        subjects ITC will of course also be used as a natural part of learning, already from the start. By the eighth grade every
                                        pupil should know how to use wordprocessing, send and receive e-mails, how to play a CD-rom and how to use the
                                        Internet for fact-finding. Many pupils can also make a powerpoint presentation , use a scanner and a digital camera.
                                        Every student has a space for work, homepage etc on our server. Each student will alsoget his/her own e-mail adress
                                        at the school. During the years many of our pupils have created homepages for sportclubs, companies and even a
                                        homepage for Tomelilla municipality. Some of them have held courses for senior citizens, mothers and children aged
                                        7 to 10 in different subjects concerning the use of computers.”. The head teacher about where he learns about new
                                        HW and SW “And of course, from pupils and from my own children. The only thing i know more of than them is DOS !”
                                        and about how disseminate the results of the projects “A brochure has already been made. Reports in the local
                                        newspapers. Reports to The Ministry of Education. Reports and speaches to our collegues in other communitys
                                        around Tomelilla. Reports to the City council. Reports to the PTA.” The organization of team work reflects on the
                                        enthusiasm for team working of teacher and the team organization is quoted among the “supports” from inside for
                                        projects. The reasons of head teacher for ICT “Communication. A natural tool. A must when you go for higher studies
                                        or work” Measures of benefits “By contacts with the senior high school in Ystad where 90 % of our pupils start. By
                                        yarly evaluation forms to pupils and parents. By evaluation talks that teachers hold every year. By discussions in the
22 Sweden     yes                       ICT-group.” Connected principal.
                    Ormstaskolan        Head teacher (deputy principal), 2 teachers and ICT administrator. Really there are 2 ICT administrators. About safe-
                                        net rules at school “There‟s no free access to the computer for the students. We have a firewall, but no programs that
                                        limits search words on Internet. We try to build up a backbone in each child, where they automatically know what is
                                        right or wrong. This means lots of discussions with the students. One way of keeping them in the right track is to be
                                        there when they work with the computers. The big thing for us is to get the discusion between pupils and grown ups.
                                        If they have the teachers permision and superviced by him/her it's okey to use the machines for prepare or finish
                                        ongoing school work. They are not aloud to chat or mail privat. All should be tasks in school work. Play computer
                                        games, chat och privat mail they can do at home. Most of our pupils have computers at home, many of them have a
                                        computer of their own.
                                        The statistics in Sweden say that 71% of the population is connected to the Internet today.” This is in ICT document
                                        and same concept is presented in ICT plan. The 2 ICT administrators have almost the same role: “I'm involved in
                                        making the ICT plan for the school, I'm responsible for the school website and the school webpaper, I hold courses for
                                        the staff to increase their ICT knowledge and skills and I have a say in what to buy in the ICT area. I am also a
                                        teacher's guide in the ITC in school project.” And “Teaching children and staff in the handling of computers and
                                        softwear programs sutible to their work. Collaborate with the teachers in how to put ICT into their normal every-day-
                                        work with the children. Planing the ICT work in the school, handle acquisitions, partly responsible for the service and
                                        usability of the computers and webmaster of the internal information website” It is interesting this role of teaching ICT
                                        to the staff: this is a primary and low secondary school and is interesting that both the ICT administrator among the
                                        still needed supports quote training in use, the teacher and the head teacher funding and technical support: that
                                        means ICT administrators recognize teachers need more training and head teacher and teacher are satisfied of the
                                        support and they look for a different one! They are involved in it is and get support by the National Agency for
                                        education. About measures: “We have an ICT group, representing all the different parts of the school. Together we
                                        evaluate the work done during the year through discussions”.iCT is clear integrated as tool “for presentations, writing
                                        and skill training” (ICT document class rroms) and “It varies; mostly because of the teachers‟ ITC know how. But we
                                        have a program called Lexia for helping students who need more practice in spelling and reading, which can be used
                                        on every computer in school.” (special needs teaching room. They need /dream of more computers for having all class
28 Sweden    yes                        rooms equipped and connected to the internet.
                    Karrtorps gymnasium Teacher, head teacher, ICT administrator. The data about this school are contradictory: in questionnaires we get very
                                        few information about projects (only one about exchange Stockholm/Avelino (Avellino? If yes it is a very small and
                                        conservative provincial town in south of Italy) and an inside project about razism. In the ICT document they say they
                                        “participate in a project evaluating wireless LAN and have 62 connected laptops” nowhere in thi sdocument is
                                        possible to see where these laptops are?. Again in this document they present the Ict area “Kärrtorps Gymnasium has
                                        two main ICT areas who are intended for students that don‟t have lessons. The first ICT area is located at the centre
                                        of our aula where most of the students gathers on breaks. Here we have two circles with eight connected computers
                                        each. Students have the opportunity to access the Internet for a quick search or check their email. The second ICT
                                        area is a quieter place where students may sit down and work with homework, projects or other interests.” Looking at
                                        the picture this is the “dream room” of the Romanian school (innovative schools as model, but also as dream…), but
                                        they write following in their own dream room “This would be a new room open all hours for students. The room should
                                        be arranged with adjustable desktops arranged as circular islands. This way students can adjust their work area to fit
                                        individually, work individually but still communicate with each other. Due to space shortage is this dream room not in
                                        the near future. But since we got wireless communication an idea is to create a mobile unit that takes advantage of
                                        free classrooms.” And I don‟t understand why thay should dream what they already have (ICT island and laptops)?.
                                        The website is very enthusiastic about the school. Fotos of students saying nice comments about the school turnover
                                        on the homepage. They are aware of their leading role (they say of themselves they are one of the 4 best schools in
29 Sweden    yes                        Stockholm). They have ICT and multimedia as focus and they say they measure within “our evaluation program”
                    Sekundarschule      In this school we have just a person, he selects Head teacher in the questionnaire, but presents himself as ICT
                    Minerva             administraot in SMC where we get the name of the “trus” head teacher. He is Math, informatics, Geographie,
                                        Technicla rok, draw teacher! The eschoal liason selected his school also for the schoolportait in the eschola 2002.
                                        From his questionnaire is interesting to look at the relationships among “innovative” schools and awards or other
                                        international or national project like eschola or netdays. He presents for example Netdays as an “outside” project, He
                                        presents in it a school project “aninmierte schuler portraits” he presents also for eschola. He present as mission
   Switzerlan                           statement the brochures for parents. The brichure are also the dissemination strategy. They compare scores with and
43 d          yes                       ICT for measuring benefits. It is strange, but he say he needs no further support.
                    St Mary and St      Teacher and ICT administrator. We miss the answer of the principal, also if it seems she is willing to answer. The
                    Andrew's Catholici  school is very involved in myEurope, and through this in projects with other Euroepan schools, known through EUN,
                    primary school      but these are all “volunteer projects” , like the school in Spoleto or the Minerva School, we have a teacher hero”, a
                                        good internet browser who finds ideas and start with collaborations for loving new thins, curiosity and so on. The ICT
                                        document is very inspiring: “We do not have a dedicated ICT suite at the moment so our other computers are installed
                                        in the staff room temporarily. This photo demonstrates the disadvantages of this arrangement; the computers are in a
                                        very cramped area so that children are squashed together as they work. Each year group has between 14 and 22
                                        children but there are only six computers and in such a small area it is not possible even to ask two children to work
                                        together on one computer. Occasionally to demonstrate a new program or teach a new skill all the chairs are removed
                                        and children are asked to stand and watch one computer used with a magnifying screen but this is far from ideal. The
                                        computers in the staff room are linked to the Lancashire Intranet and have access to the Internet through this. There
                                        are some disadvantages to this system particularly that if the Intranet site is not available (which seems to happen
                                        quite frequently) we cannot access the Internet either” and later describing the classes she says the computers are in
35 UK        no                         “role play area”
                                        This is the strangest situation! We got positive answers, but we have just the questionnaire of the ICT administrator.
                                        He says that he has worked for a project of EUN and BBC for evaluation of MM resources. We had a lot of problems
                                        in communication because his server was often down. He quotes the old project as finished, but “Further development
                                        is progressing as part of the internal piloting of video and sound creating by the pupils for inclusion within their own
                                        work”. He was contacted through EUN (the school was an ENIS). About support for facilitating projects within the
                                        school he says “good will of the school” and from outside “good will” and about dissemination “Outline only as this
                                        would take up time which is difficult to find.“ about the measure: “Frequency of usage by individual pupils and
                                        amound of free computers at any given moment. Presentation of work. Current work done my subject staff evaluated
                                        as part of the learning within that subject. Annecdotal evidence related to ability to find relevant information, present
                                        this information and using multimedia techniques the presentaion and expanation of concepts in a concrete format. I
                                        am hoping to start on a research project (if I can obtain the funding) into measuring learning and development of ICT
                                        across two schools. factors suchs as motivation by using new technology has a 'bluring' effect on ability of learning
                                        throught the use of ICT.”and about support he still needs “As there is ample willingness on behalf of the school to
                                        utilise and develop ICT within the school. Implementation and development is not the problem the problem is time to
                                        spend on the development and implementition strategies. This time is invariably tied up with funding. Who would take
                                        my place if I were tied up more with development and implementation”. I don‟t believe we can use this school, but
55 UK        yes    Bishop Gore school maybe something is interesting to have!

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